A Royal Pain

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Sesshoumaru thought hard about many things after Naraku was destroyed. Inuyasha and his group owed him. They had yet to pay him back for all the times he had saved them even if he denied it.

Out of everyone who owed him that warrior woman who had tried to kill his ward to save the foolish Monk owed him the most. Especially with him knowing that he couldn’t revive his little Rin again. She would pay and should be honorable enough to accept her fate. If not, he would make sure she regretted promising him her life and he would make her suffer for such dishonor.

Giving away her protective mask was not good enough and it was after she tried to kill Rin. Sesshoumaru was still unsure that leaving Rin in that human village with those people was a good move, but it seemed that if his ward was by his side at all times she was in even more danger from his enemies. It was the only viable solution to that particular problem and it was a good way to force Inuyasha to have some responsibility since Inuyasha would know the repercussions if anything were to happen to his Rin.

Still it didn’t sit well with Sesshoumaru that the woman who tried to kill his ward was there within reach if something similar happened again. He was certain that if it came to Rin or the Monk, the Monk would live. To think that Rin’s life was forfeit to anyone infuriated Sesshoumaru.

Inuyasha had better protect Rin or there would be nothing left of the pup to bring back. He would skin him alive, ripping Inuyasha apart piece by bloody piece until there was no more of that shame on his family.

Even thinking about the humans in that village that Inuyasha protected made Sesshoumaru’s blood boil. It was bad enough that Inuyasha was a half breed, but to mate with a female human and a miko? He was dishonoring his bloodline. The least Inuyasha could do was to stop contaminating their Father’s blood.

Sesshoumaru had been in a more, promising position after the defeat of Naraku to take his little brother in. Perhaps even finally accept him as a brother and perhaps even find him a suitable mate. There were plenty of eligible Inu females, even a few hanyou who had a decent amount of Inu blood in their veins if one were to look hard enough. Inu’s kept their secrets and there were many more of them than his little half brother would ever know since it was best to keep in the shadows unless you were royalty which Sesshoumaru was indeed.

The Inus were a group of assassins that like himself kept their distance from humans and did not bother with pathetic low demons. They would only seek out those who would be a challenge.

There was only one way to save his brother from making a fool of himself with that miko and that was insuring Kagome remained only within Inu territories. She could be useful and perhaps Kagome’s powers would breed into their strong blood although considering Inuyasha’s half blood it would be a rare occurrence for one to be born strong enough. If not Sesshoumaru would hunt the quarter breeds down and destroy them one by one. There was no room for error.

Sesshoumaru would monitor his brother’s pack’s lives and Inuyasha would find out from him how cruel he really could be if the pup thought he could just get away with going against tradition. If Inuyasha tried to use the excuse he did not know about their tradition then Sesshoumaru would crush him completely. It was always up to the elder sibling if a child was worthy or not to be born into the world if ones parents were deceased. Inuyasha was just damn lucky he was useful or else he would have been six feet under already.

How many times had Sesshoumaru had the opportunity to kill the impudent brat that was his younger sibling? He could have killed him hundreds of times, but no. A part of Sesshoumaru stopped him every damn time. A part of Sesshoumaru wanted to accept his brother and love him as a brother should. It was that damn mouth though that made Sesshoumaru want to rip out Inuyasha’s guts and force them back down his throat.

Sesshoumaru was tired of using the idea of a new kimono for Rin to check on Inuyasha’s pack. This time he would infiltrate them remaining downwind where Inuyasha’s keen nose would not detect him. He would also disguise his scent just as he had done other times when such occasions presented themselves.

Teleporting toward the village, Sesshoumaru had his plans set out. First would be to capture the demon slayer when she was alone and most vulnerable. This would be his first priority.

Approaching the village Sesshoumaru could see that he was in luck. The demon slayer and the miko were preparing to go to the hot springs that were located by the village while Kaede and Rin watched the little ones.

There was no sign of Inuyasha or Miroku. Knowing the monk’s pattern pretty well by this point they had to be out trying to swindle more goods from some rich village that was having a demon problem. It was a waste of time and energy for Inuyasha to mess with such low class demons, but the silver tongued monk was always good at making people do things even if they didn’t want to do them originally.

As Sesshoumaru followed the two women he was surprised at how relaxed they seemed to be. It was as though with the death of Naraku they had nothing to worry about. Sesshoumaru smirked at how wrong they were.

Suddenly a splendidly evil idea came to Sesshoumaru’s devious mind that would of course go against his original plan, but he could always do a work around.

Moving swiftly ahead of both women, Sesshoumaru reached the hot springs. It would take the female humans a few more minutes to arrive so he had just enough time to insure that this part of his new agenda would be fulfilled.


Kagome listened to Sango’s triad about her husband and the fact she was starting to feel like a brood mare. She was always ending up pregnant and there was no time in between births to relax. Miroku was apparently insatiable and refused to be far from his wife’s bed.

“I mean I did agree to have twenty or more kids with Miroku, but I didn’t think he was serious. He keeps using that excuse of rebuilding the people of the slayer village and wants me to go with him back there so we can seriously build it up, but how am I supposed to even train my children when I am always round and tired?”

Kagome sighed.

“Well at least you have a family going Sango. Inuyasha is so timid at times afraid he will hurt me that I wonder if we will ever consummate our marriage. I hear all about all these wonderful things you and Miroku do, but when I try such things with Inuyasha he shy’s away. All he seems to want to do is play with my boobs and then he grunts telling me he needs to go for a walk when he is done with this shocked look on his face. Have you heard of anything like this before?”

Sango shook her head no.


Sesshoumaru listened to this conversation after removing all of his armor and clothing. He almost laughed at Kagome’s situation, but he decided it was best to try to keep a straight face for what he was going to do.

“So Inuyasha is still a virgin as is his bride? Hn……..”

Sesshoumaru whispered to himself as he quietly slid into the hot water moving behind a boulder where he would not be detected. He would take care of that little problem later as well.

Watching the girls undress Sesshoumaru smirked a bit enjoying the view. It had been a long time since he had been around young beautiful women and although human there was no denying the beauty he was basking in now.

Sesshoumaru like a snake in the water slid himself out from behind the rock as the two girls entered the hot springs, still unaware of his presence.


“Ah, this is so nice don’t you think so Sango? Sango………………”

Sango suddenly felt a strong demonic presence as Sesshoumaru let out his scent to fill the area. No one would disturb him now, not if they wanted to live.

“I sense a strong demonic presence Kagome……..oh my…………….”

As Sango went to scream Sesshoumaru captured her in his mokomoko using it to cover her mouth and grabbed Kagome putting his hand over her full lips insuring that she did not make a racket either.

Both young women struggled, but to no avail as Sesshoumaru silenced them both with one deadly claw placed against Kagome’s neck.

“Scream and I will kill her.”

Sesshoumaru warned the slayer who just nodded her head in acknowledgement.

Loosening his mokomoko from around Sango he kept a firm hold on Kagome.

“We won’t scream, just let Kagome go.”

Sango promised. Sesshoumaru looked down at Kagome who nodded her head as best she could.

Sesshoumaru nodded and allowed Kagome to speak, but kept her body against his own just in case one of them changed their minds.

“You can let me go now.”

Kagome ground out, but Sesshoumaru refused so she started to struggle again.

“Stop your struggling Kagome.”

Sesshoumaru growled causing Kagome to stop although she wished to the gods that she had clothes on since she could feel that male part of him against her bottom.

“What do you want Sesshoumaru?”

Kagome snarled.

“I came for the demon slayer although since you are here you will also be of use to me. I have come to collect on a debt. In fact I am here to collect on many debts owed me.”

Sango’s eyes went wide and Kagome just looked confused. What debt was he talking about? They didn’t owe him anything.

“We don’t owe you a damn thing Sesshoumaru………”

Sango lifted a hand to silence her friend who like Inuyasha apparently forgot everything during the battles with Naraku and the band of seven.

“Lord Sesshoumaru, you did not free me from my life debt to you? I had hoped that my actions would not need to be repaid, but I understand. Have you come to take my life?”

Sango stated carefully. She did not want to anger Sesshoumaru further and Kagome wasn’t helping the situation as usual.

“I have not come to take your lives. That I could have done many times before and have I not been generous? Dose a simple show of gratitude mean anything to a demon like myself? You should know that demons do not forget what is owed to them demon slayer and no amount of pretty words will pacify what is owed to me from you or the others.”

Sango nodded.

“I will take Kagome’s debt upon myself as well. Please let her go.”

Sesshoumaru laughed at that. It was a deep, disturbing laugh that frightened both young women.

“You will both repay me, but for now you may sit by your friend miko.”

Kagome was roughly shoved over to Sango and Kagome clung to the girl trying to avert her eyes from the naked demon man before her.

“Yes………so innocent you are Kagome. Still I will not have you shy away from what is natural to behold so do not avert your eyes like a child unless you wish me to treat you like one.”

Kagome reluctantly turned around to face Sesshoumaru. Why was it that she got herself into these situations all the time? It was so damn unfair and wasn’t her husband supposed to save her from shit like this? Inuyasha was never around when she really needed him lately it seemed like.

“All I ask for this one time is for you to bathe me.”

Both young women looked uncomfortable as hell with this request, but finally Sango shrugged and looked for the soap roots they had along with what was left of Kagome’s shampoo.

Kagome was ready to freak out completely, but Sango sighed and looked at her terrified friend.

“If all he requires is a bath than help me give him one.”

Sango stated dryly as Kagome frowned.

“I don’t want to touch him. He isn’t my husband.”

Sesshoumaru smirked.

“Kagome if you bathe me I might tell you the secret to your husband’s disappearing acts. I am not asking you to molest me. I am in need of a bath, that is all.”

Kagome gritted her teeth, but finally sighed giving in. Really, what choice did she have? The only part she thought she might enjoy was drowning the man, but knowing how Sesshoumaru really was she didn’t want to piss him off.

“I am going to smell like you. Both of us are. How are we going to hide that from Inuyasha?”

Kagome complained as she started to wash his mokomoko. She was a bit nervous from being this close to Sesshoumaru.

“You will not carry my scent. I am not your mate. You truly know nothing about demons do you little girl?”

Sango frowned at Sesshoumaru.

“She is highly educated in other areas Lord Sesshoumaru. I will teach Kagome more about demons when it is necessary.”

Sesshoumaru leaned into the demon slayer who was massaging his scalp and working the soap through his hair. This felt so nice. It had been so long since he had someone wash his hair and he refused to let Jaken do it. The little imp was too fascinated with him as it was and it freaked Sesshoumaru out a bit wondering if loyalty was enough to keep the annoying creature.

“She is mated to a half demon, she should know at least basic principles such as mating rites and what is expected of a female during the times Inuyasha goes into his heat cycle. There are many traditions she is lacking knowledge in and thus it is time to teach her these things since they are indeed a necessity if one wants to survive a demon mating.”

Kagome became a bit curious almost forgetting that they were all naked. It was as though someone opened a novel and she had just glimpsed the cover. Sesshoumaru would of course have more knowledge than even Sango. If Sesshoumaru would speak more than a few words perhaps she could do something about her problem with Inuyasha.

(By the way, readers, I just have a quick interruption here for a moment. Why is it that Kagome has issues with seeing Inuyasha naked, but Naraku is like always naked and no one says a damn thing about it? I mean in the Inuyasha the Final Act he is sitting completely nude in his barrier just chillin letting everything fly in the breeze like it is cool to do that. Is it just me thinking that Naraku probably never wore diapers as a baby, maybe was Scottish in a past life, or what? Ok done with that thought. Carry on.)

“So why is it that Inuyasha runs to the woods every time……….not that I think it is polite of you to listen into other people’s conversations big brother.”

Sesshoumaru scowled for a moment. He didn’t take well to Kagome calling him that. He was not yet a big brother to anyone including Inuyasha until that brat brother of his stopped disrespecting him in front of others.

“You may refer to me as Lord Sesshoumaru. As for your issue with Inuyasha it is that he has released his essence before proceeding to intercourse and because he is a virgin he will continue to have this problem unless one intervenes. I am certain that with a bit of training he will be able to control such things. Perhaps the demon slayer can relay this information to her husband and the monk can help him in that area.”

Kagome was confused for a moment, but then she suddenly understood and blushed. Poor Inuyasha, it was no wonder they didn’t go very far.

Sesshoumaru suddenly had his hair pulled a bit and frowned at the slayer.

“I need you to lean back so I don’t get water on your face Lord Sesshoumaru.”

Sesshoumaru did as he was told as Sango poured a small bowl of water over his hair rinsing out the soap. Then Sango put all his thick long silvery hair onto his right shoulder as she washed his back.

Sango was gritting her teeth while doing this for Sesshoumaru. What did the man really want? Was it just to embarrass them or was there more coming? She didn’t trust this situation at all. Sesshoumaru wasn’t being completely honest with them and it made her want to tear his hair out by the roots. This was too easy a task and she was concerned for Kagome.

Sango was from this era and knew the true meaning of bathing a Lord. Sesshoumaru was so far being a gentleman, but that never lasted. It was the same with any Lord. They all wanted more. Her Father taught her that much and although she was a Lady in her village, to a Lord she was just another female that could be used to release a man’s tension in all ways if asked to do so. The harsh truth was a female of her rank in life was nothing more to most men than a concubine or whore.

Kagome would never understand the ways of women in this world and would be hurt if Sesshoumaru decided to force them to complete all the bathing rites of a Lord and he was well within his rights to do such a thing. Neither Inuyasha nor Miroku could change that either. They would just be forced to accept it.

Sesshoumaru sighed as Sango gently washed his back while her pert firm nipples teased his back. Inside he was aching to taste those large breasts full of delicious mother’s milk. Unashamed he let his long thick shaft to become hard as a rock.

Looking at Kagome he was tempted to take the girl’s virginity for all he had done for her and Inuyasha. However he was not that shallow and refused to debase himself since the miko would most likely consider any form of sex as rape. She was much too high strung and he had no tolerance for coddling a young woman after such a seemingly traumatic event. He had done that enough times that he lost count of who he had been with or when such things had occurred.

Kagome tensely grabbed a cloth and washed Sesshoumaru’s arms not sure if she was even doing this right. Sesshoumaru just kept that impassive look on his face although he was trying his best not to laugh at the girl who was barely washing him.

Sango looked at what Kagome was doing and frowned.

“You need to scrub his skin Kagome, not just slide that rag over him or we will be here all night. You won’t hurt him. In fact most demons have tougher skin than we do so you need to really wash like you wash your clothing on the wash board. Here let me show you.”

Sango wandered over to Kagome and took her hand showing her that she needed to really scrub Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru felt content as Kagome started to get the hang of it. Soon she was washing his arms the correct way and Sesshoumaru felt much better.

Kagome looked like she was going to burst into tears any second. Here she was washing Inuyasha’s half brother and she was doing it wrong. She just wanted to forget this night and Sesshoumaru along with it. How the hell could she look at Inuyasha after doing this? She would never be able to look at Sesshoumaru again without blushing. It was positively indecent.

Sango could see the pain on Kagome’s face and sighed as she continued to clean the demon Lord’s back.

“Lord Sesshoumaru you need to stand so we can finish.”

As he nodded then did so Kagome got the full effect of Sesshoumaru’s…….mood…….in her face. He was huge! Kagome almost passed out at the sight. She had seen Inuyasha naked a few times, but it never looked like this. It was always shriveled like a raisin. Kagome wondered if Inuyasha did take his clothes off and was hard would he be that big? How would it fit?

“Kagome you wash his legs up to his knees and I will take care of the rest.”

Seeing Kagome’s face Sango couldn’t take it anymore. She would finish washing the demon Lord and if he needed anything else taken care of she would deal with it.

“Lord Sesshoumaru, please release Kagome from the rest of her duties so she may wash herself and get dressed.”

Sesshoumaru’s brow furrowed.

“What is the problem? Is she incapable?”

Sango kept her temper in check. How could she explain Kagome was not from this time without going into details that need not be brought up?

Kagome’s face as she washed his feet and legs were filled with tears. Something inside told her this was wrong, but Sango was doing it so she didn’t know why she was getting so upset. It was just washing and not like he asked anything more of her. She just felt so damn vulnerable and afraid. She didn’t want to lose Inuyasha. Her heart couldn’t take that.

Sango finished washing Sesshoumaru’s back, firm buttocks, and then his legs where Kagome had not been.

“No I just feel it would be best if I finished the job since it is indeed my life that is on the line.”

Sesshoumaru nodded as he looked at the crestfallen young woman. The foolish girl was in tears and for what? He had not asked for anything unreasonable.

“Why are you crying Kagome?”

Sesshoumaru demanded.

“I just……….just…………Inuyasha……”

Sesshoumaru frowned as Kagome started bawling.

“Inuyasha is not here and he would not have an issue if he were. I am a Lord and as such I can demand many things. I did not ask you to do anymore than what any Lord would ask of his people or family.”

Kagome burst into more tears.

“I don’t want to cheat on my husband!”

Kagome wailed and then Sesshoumaru realized the problem.

“Silence your tears woman.”

Sesshoumaru demanded which only made Kagome wail even more. It had always worked on Rin.

Sango rolled her eyes.

“You are not cheating on your husband Kagome.”


Kagome said looking like a lost little girl as she tried to wipe away her tears.

“You are not cheating on your husband Kagome.”

Sesshoumaru growled at Kagome.

“As if I, Sesshoumaru would deflower the likes of you, a simpering whimpering child who knows nothing of what a Lord needs. No wonder Inuyasha is having problems. It is obvious your Mother and Father did not train you properly miko.”

Sesshoumaru felt his erection subside a bit now. How foolish could this child be? Just because he was an able viral male did not mean that he bedded just anyone.

Kagome got angry and wanted to slap Sesshoumaru but Sango held her back.

“Kagome, stop it. You will just get yourself into trouble. Now go do as I stated.”

Sango stated angrily wishing that Kagome was from this era so that she didn’t have to treat the girl like a lost child. Fact was Kagome was indeed just that. A lost little girl in a world that didn’t understand her and that she would not survive if she didn’t soon understand what was going on around her and it was all Inuyasha’s fault. Sango swore when she gets back to the village she was going to have a one on one talk with that hanyou of theirs.

Sesshoumaru looked completely disgusted. His whole bath had been ruined and now he was tense again.

“My Lord, is there anything else you require?”

Sesshoumaru’s plan wasn’t complete yet, but he was too angry with Kagome to finish.

“Let her do as she pleases. I am done with her for now. You will remain.”

Sesshoumaru waved his hand for Kagome to leave his presence as he laid back in the water while Sango escorted Kagome to the back of the hot springs while Kagome looked daggers at Sesshoumaru who was now lounging in the hot water frowning.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed Kagome? He is a demon Lord and the way you act matters. You are lucky he did not pick you up and spank you like a child. Lords have certain rights and you need to know them before you mouth off. I know you are not from this world and you don’t know how things work here. Women do not have the same privilages that they do in your time. You have to understand our ways so I am imploring you to go back to the village without me. Wash and dress yourself. Tell Miroku what is going on and why I am behind. Do not tell Inuyasha anything until I return. Do you understand me?”

Kagome nodded her head as more tears came down her face.

“Yes, but how can I leave you here like that with him no less?”

Sango hugged the girl who was like a younger sister to her.

“I will be fine Kagome. If he wanted to kill us he would have done so. I will explain more when I get back. For now just do as I ask.”

Kagome nodded and didn’t bother to wash herself since she pretty much was cleansed by the waters when bathing Sesshoumaru. Her hair wouldn’t feel as nice, but it was ok. Getting dressed Kagome left.

“Where does Kagome fair from? Where is her place of residence since I wish to speak to her parents?”

Sesshoumaru stated looking Sango in the eyes.

“It is a long story my Lord.”

Sesshoumaru sat back into the hot springs.

“I have nothing but time.”

Sango frowned, but then told everything she knew about Kagome to Sesshoumaru. She owed him that honesty.

Sesshoumaru was very intrigued and curious.

“So the bone eater’s well is a passageway to her time. I see. Does it work still?”

Sango shook her head no.

“You have given this Sesshoumaru much to ponder. You may go now, but next time I will request from you the full attentions that are bequeathed to me due to my station as you are well aware. You will meet me in two days at sunset.”

Sango’s heart sank, but she nodded to the demon Lord while deep inside wishing him a place in the darkest recesses of hell.

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