The day love found me.

BY : Solaris
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from InuYasha, just the plotline to this story. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

The day love found me.

Author: Beth Brownell

Rating: Adult+

Summary: When things get bad they can get worse, a challenge issued may be a blessing or a curse, when a modern girl must face herself in a world and time so different from her own, will the chains from her past bind her or will she entangle herself in the moment?

Pairings: Sesshomaru/OFC

Author’s Note: This story came from a dream that I had. I own any original characters not seen in the Anime or manga.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from InuYasha, just the plotline of this story and the original characters. I do not make any money from the writing of this story, if I did, I would be one of the writers for the Anime or the Manga, which I am not.

The day love found me.

The door slammed once again as the angry male stormed down the hall. ‘This Sesshomaru has the skill to find her and this Sesshomaru will find her, on my own.

“Come back here!” the male voice snapped off.

“This conversation is over, father.” The white haired demon glared back at his father as he continued down the corridor. ‘You don’t have to keep hounding that this Sesshomaru should have a bitch by this Sesshomaru’s side and pups already.’

“Sesshomaru, come back here!” yelled a male voice from within the room Sesshomaru walked out of. “I am not done talking with you!”

“Yes, you are, father!” The white haired demon stalked to his bedchambers and out onto the balcony to gaze up at the full moon. ‘She is out there, waiting for this Sesshomaru to find her and this Sesshomaru will find her.

He turned his attentions to the guards on the wall as they made their walk past the wall that they guarded. He wished that his teacher was awake to spar with but he was off with his own mate. He heard the slight sound of wood creaking as he glanced down at his hands to see the wooden railing on his balcony starting to strain under his grasp. ‘Maybe a good ride in the night sky would help me cool my temper.’

Sesshomaru headed for the stable to get his mount to ride into the night sky, all he could hope for was that his ride would not be halted by his father as he knew not what he would do if it was.


“I wish you would find someone to be with,” spoke a female voice over the cell phone. “I have all the engagement cards ready to be sent out, all I need is the name of your husband to be.”

“Mother! You know I do not have a boyfriend since you so love to hinder my search, mother! I try to find one but you refuse to even let me go out without you being with me! Do you know what that looks like when I go clubbing, you immediately turn the men away from me? I will find him on my own! And when that day comes, mother, I will no longer be living in your home and you won’t be invited to the wedding either!” I snapped as I closed my cell phone and turned it off. ‘Bitch, if I was not the sweet loving daughter, I would slaughter your bloody ass!

I glanced over at the reception that my sister in spirit was holding for her Shinto wedding that they did at the local zoo’s Japanese garden in Winnipeg, I could tell she was watching me converse on my cell phone.

I gave the moon a glance before I returned to the party in my light purple silk kimono, I quickly placed my cell phone back in my purse, stashing it under my top. I picked up the sake bottle and headed for the main table to serve them. As I poured some of the sake into the small cup, I felt a rough but smooth hand on my chubby arm. I glanced to see my brother in law’s brown eyes gazing up at me.

“It was your mom on the phone, wasn’t it?” He asked. “She’s giving you trouble again?”

“Its okay, Lucien, my mom is being her typical bitchy self about my single status even at my age.”

“Why isn’t she trying to encourage your brother to find a woman, like she’s doing to you?” Lucien asked.

“They cater to him all the time, whatever he whines for from money to borrowing the only other car we have, he gets and yet when I ask for something, I am flat out refused. But when the house requires money to pay the light bill or the mortgage I am the first to be asked. They will not ask my older brother for help in paying the bills as he claims that he’s broke so they turn to the only one who has money – me.”

“That is plain wrong of them,” Lucien stated, his eyes shone his fury as did his temple around his right eye shake with fury.

“Didn’t you tell them you could not loan them?” Manta asked.

“I did and they told me that they’ll pay me back within the month. Guess what happened?” I picked up the sake cup in my left hand filled it with sake.

“They didn’t pay you back for the loan?”

“No, Lucien, they gave the extra money that they had to my older brother who I had also loaned money to.”

“Did he repay you?”

“Neither of them has paid me back for the loans I gave to them,” I replied, as the sake cup that I held in my hand broke.

“Sis, easy does it. I don’t have many more of the cups,” Manta chided her, as she took the pieces of broken cup from her hand.

“I’m sorry,” I replied, as I tried to repair the damage done to the cup itself. “I feel like that they do not respect me and yet when they need the money, they come to me for it.”

“Have you told them till they pay you back no more loans?” Lucien asked.

“Yes, I told them that and still they asked for a two thousand dollar loan, which basically wiped my savings and checking account out of funds. I barely had enough funds to afford the plane ticket,” I groused.

Manta looked over at her. “You know that the old man would have paid for your plane ticket, sis. He did offer it to you.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t as he had taken me into his home as a guest and I didn’t want to accept something like that,” I replied. “Besides, I managed to save enough funds.”

“So why do they cater to him and not to both of you equally?” Lucien asked. “I just don’t understand your folks, Nat,”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “I really do not know beyond he cannot get work because he’s a lazy fucking asshole who thinks only for himself and not anyone else and I get rent from the land notes that I get each month to which my dad says that they’re supposed to be my nest egg and not to be spent, but he didn’t obey what he had told me that they should be.”

Lucien looked over at his wife shocked and then back to her. “So does she nag on your brother to find a woman?”

“Nope, not at all but yet she nags on me, even if I did find someone, she would find a way to chase them away from me. But seriously, who would love this fat, ugly woman. I am nobody special and I can’t even get out of my family’s home without having them bitch about me leaving?”

“Sis,” I barely heard my sister’s voice as I thought of all the times that my mother had promised to let me go out and date when I was up in Canada, but as soon I got back she would retract her promise, as she puts it, I do not need a job and yet, for me to get a man, I needed to get a job. I just shook my head knowing that it was totally hopeless, I would never find him.


I heard Manta’s voice through my thoughts as I glanced over at her and smiled a sheepish smile. “Sorry, I got distracted.”

“It’s okay, but seriously, look at me and my husband, we’re both chubby and we love each other so you are not ugly or fat,” my sister stated.

“There is just a lot of you to love,” Lucien added.

I appreciated that they were trying to cheer me up with the comment, but I knew that no man would ever consider me anything special. “I’m just a no body, who would in their right mind fall in love with me,”

“I wish you were able to remain here in Winnipeg a bit longer, sis.” Lucien said, as he looked at me, I could tell he felt sorry for me as it shone in his eyes. Even with the fine kimono his wife made for me, I still looked unattractive. “I’m sure one of my cousins here would like to get to know you.”

I smiled at him as I filled his cup with sake. “Thanks, Lucien. I have only a day and two nights left before I head back to the states. Not enough time for me to get into a relationship,”

“But it could be a long distance relationship, sis,” he said.

“I know,” I started to say, as I picked up the sake bottle up again to go serve another guest.

“Sis, he’s out there, just waiting for you to find him. Who knows he might be searching for you,” Lucien said.

“Why don’t you go enjoy yourself and mingle with our guests, sis? Who knows? You may find the one who might make you happy,” Manta said, as she looked at me.

I looked to the dance floor to see everyone mingling about, talking instead of dancing. I sighed, “I’m not even in their age group, sis.”

“Age is just a number, go enjoy yourself before I call my cousin over and have him start introducing you to everyone,” Lucien replied, as he stood up from his seat.

“Okay, fine. I’ll go,” I replied, a bit annoyed as I placed the bottle down next to him and started to walk towards the crowd. I noticed a tall male standing on the edge of the crowd, looking like he wanted to approach me, but he didn’t make a move come any closer.

He looked handsome from where I was. I could tell he had to be one of Lucien’s attendants as he wore a red kimono with stripes of purple within it. I gave him a smile, to which I found that he returned as he started to approach but then halted as one of the other men bumped into me nearly making me fall. I looked away and then back to the gentleman to find he was gone. I shrugged and headed back to the main table.
“Sis, I’m going to head back to the old man’s place.”

“You know which bus to take?”

“Yeah,” I stated as I switched the foot I was putting the most weight on.

“I’ll take care of the kimono sis,” my sis said. “You sprained your ankle didn’t you?”

“Yeah, when the man bumped into me, I’m going to go and get some water and ice before it swells up,” I said as I walked towards her mother to let her know that I was leaving and went to the old man and told him I was heading back to the house. After I hugged them, I headed off to the bus stop.

It was not long after I left the view of the tent, I decided not to return to the old man’s home immediately but go to the Teepee of Light to calm my temper down since I felt calmer within the Teepee than anywhere else in the city. I waited for the bus that would take me to that location.

The 68 crescent pulled up to the bus stop, it would get me close if I remembered the routes correctly. Unlike my sis, I would probably never get use to the hundred something bus routes. It was a short trip which dropped me off between the two bridges. I crossed the street and was going to go over the main street bridge when I remembered my sis had once taken me on a different path through the native holy grounds. It would be an upward climb but I'd be able to bypass most of the commercial buildings.

Besides, the old rail bridge would take me to where the two rivers’ met - the Assinaboine and the Red. I gritted my teeth when my ankle started to swell, I should have just gone back to the old man's but I wanted to go the teepee of light, and the night was clear so I could see the constellations from the inner circle.

I smiled as I approached its somber stage. For a change, no one was there. I reveled in the silence as I hobbled down to the inner circle, looking at the stars as I sat down on one of the monuments I shook my head. ‘I wish I was able to break free from her hold on me. I just wish I could.’

I took a deep breath. With the mess my life was in, it was nice to stand below them and try to forget. What power did I have to change it, the harder I fought the more I lost, like loosing a small part of myself every time she threw my dreams into the ground.

"It's a quiet night tonight, especially with the full moon." A young native man said with his long ebon hair braided back but complementing his bronzed skin. He seemed to be wearing a raven shawl over his everyday clothing.

I gave a polite nod to him as sis told me to be polite to the natives here because even a good one could take a bad reaction the wrong way and that the mythical spirits of Canada were in fact real and the chances of encountering one of them was rare but very much possible.

"What brings you to this sacred area? I saw you take the path though the holy grounds."

"I didn't mean any disrespect, sir. I just took that route to help clear my mind and try to forget myself among the starry night."

He took a seat on one of the information plaques. "At this hour it must be something pretty bad to want to forget it. But forgetting won’t change anything when the sun rises. You’re just one voice in the rolling wind of voices and spirits."

“You wouldn’t understand,” I stated.

"I probably don't. The passage of time is different for everyone. Only the great spirits really know anything."

I just shook my head as I took to sitting in front of one of the plaques. “They are probably laughing at me with how rotten my life is.”

"Probably. I never said the great spirits had any taste in what they do. Besides it's not like you could bargain with them, what would you offer to them for a chance?"

“What do you mean for a chance,” I stated, as I looked up at him.

“Just what I mean, a chance.”

“A chance at what?”

"A chance to peck away at your chains, even when trapped in a hunter’s trap a wolf does not hesitate to chew off its own leg to be free."

“How do I peck away at my chains?” I asked, as I looked at my body searching for any chains that could be on my person only to find none. “And what chains do I have?”

The young native man pointed to his chest. "The worst kind, the ones you can't see. No one is perfect, but many are blind, deaf and without a voice of their own. Prisoners to the world they live in."

“Or more like a prisoner to someone who lets you have very little freedom and when you try to get more, they yank you back and keep you close to them.” I stated.

"So you are saying you are lacking the strength? Or will?"

I looked up at him and nodded silently before I lowered my head and started to show my own emotions. I wiped the tears from my face with the sleeve of my kimono. “I’m sorry but I must look like a pathetic human who cannot even escape from her family.”

"That seem to be exactly it, you're a pathetic excuse for a human, you don't fit or belong anywhere, you are probably a burden to everyone around you, and can't stand up for yourself." He sighed as he stood up and took a deep breath. "Fine, let's play a game," he said as he held out what looked like a water pouch that the native Canadians would use in the old days. "The herbal drink will help break those chains, but it comes with a price. You must give up your humanity." He grinned darkly. "Are you ready to give it up?"

I stood up and took a few steps towards him accepting the water pouch from his hand. “I am not a burden.” I poured the liquid into my mouth and started to swallow, gagging on its bitter taste.

"Good. Go to the old rail bridge and finish the drink there under the light of the stars and the moon, give the last few drops to the great river spirits. Leave by the holy grounds if you truly wish to surrender your humanity, leave by this man made area and face the world without restraint. Just remember it won’t break your chains unless you give up your humanity along with your soul."

I looked up at him. It was the first time he had mentioned that other part. "Who are you?"

He smiled darkly before walking away. "I think you know who I am, by the shawl I wear," he said over his shoulder before the night wrapped him in its embrace.

I thought back at what he wore over his shoulders, and gasped as I knew who I was speaking with. ‘The Master Raven, he’s one of the tricksters of Canada. Should I continue with drinking this drink or let it go now.’ I mulled the decision over my mind for the next few minutes before I walked to the old rail bridge the way he had told me.

Once I was there, I knew once I took in the rest of the drink, my decision would be final. I looked up at the stars and made my decision as I finished the drink, leaving only about ten to twenty drops. “This is for you great river spirits, per the request of master Raven.” I turned the container upside down, letting the drops fall from it.

It was at that moment, I felt pain in my stomach. It seemed to grow outwards towards my entire body. I cried out as the waves of agony made the world start to spin.

I didn’t know where I was heading as I walked. I looked at the holy ground and the man made area. I felt my feet make the choice as they took to the path leading towards the holy ground as the spinning world grew worse. I felt myself go limp as I fell towards the ground, darkness overcoming me. Finally, I heard a voice speak out to me. "Now you are free to be who you really are."


When I came to, my head ached as did my whole body. My nose could smell grass and leaves along with the normal smells that belonged to a forest, but the smells of the animals that had passed there. Every single smell that I smelled was ten times stronger, I moaned as I knew what just happened, I had started my menses and lost in the woods too. I looked around to see that I was in a forest but I was not sure how I got to this spot. I walked towards where I had been coming from I figure I would head back to the old man’s place, when I came to where I should be at the road, I was staring at more woods. I figured that I got turned around and headed back the way I had came from. I reached into my kimono to get my cell phone and purse only to find that both were gone. ‘Great, just fucking great, I lost my phone here.
It took me a while to calm down before I continued on till I finally reached a small river. I decided to follow it to the bridge and then go to the street and get on the bus. But as I walked along the river, something bugged me about the area as it was nothing that I had seen in Winnipeg.

I paused to catch my breath, as I did so I glanced about to find that I was within a valley and realized that the city of Winnipeg had become a small village and the lands around the town was something that was not in Canada, not where Winnipeg was located at. I approached the wooden bridge, as I started to walk across it but something in the back of my mind told me this was not Winnipeg as there was only one wooden bridge that I knew of and that the people that I saw was wearing kimonos and Winnipeg was not of that fashion.

It was as soon as I stepped off of the bridge, stones and other missiles were thrown in my direction. The villagers were yelling, “Inu-yokai!”

I knew what the word meant – dog demon in Japanese. “But I’m not!” I started to cry out, raising my hand up to stop them when I noticed that I had claws. ‘Don’t just stand there, stupid, run!’

Trying to calm them down was useless as they were now throwing spears in my direction, one had barely missed me. I turned and fled into the forest again with them hot on my tail. I ran as fast as I could, hoping that I could flee from them before one of their weapons hit me as I knew I was in a great deal of danger in a world I knew nothing about. I had no support system here, I was now totally on my own, it was something that I had always wanted to do, but being transported into the past to a land I knew about and what was happening to me to make me changed from being human to that of a dog demon was not what I had in mind as I fled deep into the forest hoping to get away from the humans before they kill me.

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