Beyond Friendship: Be Who You Are

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Story – Beyond Friendship: Be Who You Are

Summary: Inuyasha is a new transfer student in the human-youkai highschool. For the first time in his life, he finds a group of accepting friends but Inuyasha has a secret and he cannot afford to let anyone find out. And it seems Sesshoumaru, with his knowing eyes, will be his undoing…YAOI.

Warnings: This story will contain yaoi, oral, anal, lemons, HARDCORE SLASH, D/s, slave, BDSM, violence, fluff, a little angst. There may be more codes added later. Each chapter will contain the appropriate warnings.

Chapter 1 – First Day and That Guy

Inuyasha sighed as he made his way through the throng of students into the high-school hallway. Triangular ears flickered irritably as derisive whispers flooded the air from snickering demons.

It was surely the height of having the crappiest luck ever to be the only half-demon enrolled in an all-youkai high school. The stuck up, snotty full demon brats were obviously going to treat him like crap; he had expected that. But that did not make this experience any more pleasant.

“Hey half-breed,” someone taunted as he inevitable against someone in the crowd, “Watch where you’re going. Or can’t you even see a person 2 feet from you?”

“I’m not blind!” snarled Inuyasha as he slung his bag on his back and walked away. “Asshole,” he muttered.

“Yeah, no kidding.”

Inuyasha turned with a frown to see that a guy had fallen into step with him...a human. Yes, there were humans in this school but Inuyasha had not considered that important. Between ostracism in both youkai and human circles, it had never actually occurred to Inuyasha to even consider interacting with humans- it was just one of the things that just did not happen- like a wolf befriending a deer.

“I’m Miroku,’ the human grinned, seeming quite at ease with the hanyou, apparently not at all concerned that the latter could finish him in one swipe. “You must be the famous Inuyasha.”

“Hi,” Inuyasha said shortly, not slowing down. What was wrong with this guy? What kind of a human approached a hanyou with such familiarity?

“It’s ok, you know,” Miroku told him, ignoring his brusque response. “I know how hanyou are treated here. You can hang out with us.”

“Thanks but no thanks,” Inuyasha scowled. “I don’t need your charity. I know humans don’t welcome hanyou any more than youkai do.”

Even in the 21st century, the attitude towards hanyou had barely changed even in big cities, like the one Inuyasha had come from. This small town was obviously nothing better. It was very surprising that one of the so called best, elite schools was in this small, quiet town.

“Well what’s the matter with you then?” Inuyasha asked rather rudely. “You have a deathwish or somethin’?”

“No,” Miroku said. “Some of us just know that not all hanyou and youkai are monsters just as not all humans are the opposite.”

Inuyasha looked at his eyes searchingly and found him quite sincere. When he remained silent, Miroku continued, “I’ll give you a tour of the place if you want.”

“Thanks,” Inuyasha muttered and then left before Miroku could reply.

It turned out, Miroku was not bluffing. Next day, Inuyasha was greeted warmly by an admittedly odd bunch of humans. There was Miroku and some other guy Inuyasha didn’t know and there were three girls. Inuyasha had awkwardly and rather brusquely introduced himself to them but they did not seem to have minded. A loner by nature, the rough hanyou found a strange sort of comfort with the humans.

I’ll have to be careful not to get too close to them, thought Inuyasha. If they find out…but he was really not worried on that front. Inuyasha had had a lot of practice hiding things and usually, his rough, crude exterior was enough to keep everyone away but he had to admit to himself that he was tired of being all alone.

So, Inuyasha got to know the others bit by bit and in the break, it seemed only natural that he headed to their table for lunch. While eating, Miroku and the others told him about some of the people in the school and in their classes.

“Who’re they?” Inuyasha asked nodding towards the table in one corner of the cafeteria.

Despite the crowded, messy seating arrangements in the rest of the room, that one table sat apart from the rest, a comfortable distance away from the crowd. Students cast longing and envious glances there from time to time, as subtly as possible. The inhabitants of the table hardly seemed bothered.

There were three guys and two girls there – all of them obviously powerful youkai. The first guy had an arrogant grin on his face, lounging easily in his chair and gazing lazily at the occupants of the room. He had a gorgeous tanned body, sparkling blue eyes and long hair tied up high in a pony tail. Even his school uniform seemed to be made out of a different material as compared to other normal students and his watch was obviously of the most expensive brand. He turned slightly and Inuyasha saw that he had a piercing in one ear. On anyone else, the ensemble would have looked gaudy and weird but it made him look sexy.

He said something to his silver-haired companion in low tones. The other youkai showed no more emotion than a slight glint in his eyes yet the third guy – a short, stock boy with large, cunning eyes, green skin and a frog-like hand – burst into loud, cackling laughter. The other looked at him in amusement yet he did not seem to realize that they were entertaining themselves at his expense. A moment later, the guy with silver hair like Inuyasha’s said something to the green boy. The latter jumped to his feet and bowing a little, hastened towards the coke counter.

Inuyasha turned back to Miroku and the others, waiting for them to answer his question. Miroku pulled him close and whispered very softly in his ears.

“Stay away from them, Inuyasha. They’re the most powerful youkai in this place.”

When Inuyasha gave him a skeptical look, he continued; “The guy with the pony-tail is the wolf-demon Kouga, son of a stinking rich noble; the light blue haired girls and the red haired girl are cat demons – they were princesses of a distant land but rumor has it that their father died and they were taken in by Sesshoumaru’s father.

“Sesshoumaru?” Inuyasha asked.

“He’s the one with the silver hair.”

Inuyasha glanced at him and found he could not look away. There was something about that guy; from his perfect, but relaxed posture to his inscrutable golden eyes …he seemed to be perfection made flesh – angelic. Inuyasha tried to focus on his youki. He could feel youki from the various demons in the room crackling and sparkling and flickering but his youki seemed the most stable, unreadable.

The plump green boy returned with a coke and handed it reverentially to the guy called Sesshoumaru who took it without a word, but the other guy did not seem to be expecting any sort of thanks. As he brought the cool drink gracefully to his lips, Inuyasha stared, mouth dry. His fingers clutched the edge of his table.

Oh god no…he thought, mind going into the familiar, hazy state. No, no, no…not now please…

Miroku looked at him in concern as Inuyasha turned pale.

“Inuyasha? Inuyasha! Are you ok? Hey!”

Inuyasha rapidly blinked his eyes and forcible looked away from the silver-haired male.

“Hmm?” he asked, not entirely back to himself yet.

Miroku snapped his fingers in front of his face. “What happened? You almost fainted there.”

Inuyasha looked down miserably. If only that was it…

“N-no I’m fine,” he assured them quickly. “Who’s the green joker with the guy?” he smirked, changing the topic and trying to inject his usual confidence in his voice.

Miroku gave Inuyasha one more careful look before turning to look at the man Inuyasha pointed out.

“That’s Jaken,” Miroku told him. “He’s Sesshoumaru’s bitch.”

Inuyasha’s head snapped to Miroku, eyes wide. Miroku laughed.

“Not like that, baka. He’s…more or less Sesshoumaru’s servant, the way he follows him around and does everything the guy says.”

Even as they watched, Jaken shifted to the edge of his seat, moving to get up, and whispered something to Sesshoumaru, one hand on his bag. Sesshoumaru shook his head slightly without looking at him and Jaken settled down in his chair, looking rather petulant, but not arguing any further.

“I bet he wouldn’t even go to the loo if Sesshoumaru didn’t give him permission first.”

Kagome and the others laughed at this and Inuyasha joined in but his attention was somewhere else. He had to know more about this guy.

“So all of them are some rich royal brats,” Inuyasha summarized after the laughter had died down. “You didn’t tell me about the silver-haired guy. Who’s he?”

Miroku looked at him blankly. “I told you. That’s Sesshoumaru.”

Inuyasha waited for him to elaborate but everyone was looking at him expectantly.

“What?” he asked finally.

“That’s Sesshoumaru.” Miroku told him again, as if that explained everything.

Inuyasha frowned. “Who’s Sesshoumaru?”

All of them stared at him in shock. “That is the Sesshoumaru,” Kagome informed him. “As in, Lord Sesshoumaru, future ruler of this country.”

Inuyasha looked at her as if she were retarded. “Umm…Kagome, no offence but are you ok? Future ruler? Lord? You do realize these aren’t the feudal times, right?”

“Don’t you know anything about youkai?” Kikyou asked condescendingly. “Where have you been all your life?”

Inuyasha glared at her. “I know a hell of a lot more about politics than you, wench and I’m damn sure there ain’t no real youkai ruler anymore. Youkai are only like leaders in name while humans do the actual ruling…like there’s a symbolic human monarch and a symbolic youkai monarch and that’s about it. There’s no…well superiority shit.”

Everyone burst out laughing. “You really do live in a world of your own, don’t you?” Sango chuckled. “Humans ruling over youkai?? Wake up, kiddo.”

“What the hell are you guys on about?” Inuyasha asked irritably. It ticked him off that these small town brats thought they knew more about the world than he did.

“Sesshoumaru is the son and heir of Lord Inu no Taisho, the current ruler of Japan and essentially, the most powerful man in the world.” Kaogme explained.

“Ruler? Lord?” Inuyasha asked as if Kagome was retarded.

“I guess you haven’t been around humans and youkai mych,” Miroku noted.

Inuyasha scowled. “Where the hell do you think I’ve been then? On an isolated island?? Of course I’ve been around humans and youkai! Ya can’t not be around them!”

“I mean where humans and youkai co-exist,” Miroku explained patiently. “You’ve obviously never seen humans and youkai interact much.”

Inuyasha turned slightly red. Damn, was it that obvious?

He had lived alternately in a human and demon society but not in a mixed one; it didn’t really matter – hanyou were treated like shit in both communities. Youkai scorned and despised them, humans were afraid of them. He spent his early childhood years with his father in a demon society and later years with his mother after his father died. Times were hard for a single human mother with a hanyou child. Employers refused to give either of them a job and soon, the financial situation had become so dire that they had to worry about where their next meal would come from. Inuyasha had worked unbelievable hard and obtained a scholarship to this school and although it broke his heart to be away from his mother, he consoled himself with the fact that it would, in the end be beneficial for both.

Since his very early years with youkai, he had had no interactions with them. The only source of knowledge for him were human newspapers and media which swore that youkai were all but obsolete now and that humans were the dominant species of the planet. Rumors of youkai power and strength were scorned as superstition and Inuyasha had begun to question even his early, dim memories of his childhood when he had known his father – someone he remembered as a powerful demon.

“In youkai society, there’s a very strong hierarchy. And Sesshoumaru’s at the top of the foodchain.”

Inuyasha stared at the beautiful demon. “He doesn’t seem like a bloodthirsty warlord.” Hair that looked as if it was made of spun moonlight and inimitable grace in every movement… “He actually looks more like a gir-umunh!!”

The last word was muffled as a panicked Miroku clapped a hand over his mouth. “Don’t you fucking dare say it!” he hissed.

Inuyasha raised his eyebrows since he couldn’t speak.

“A bunch of tough guys taunted him like that once,” Miroku explained, removing his hand once he made sure Inuyasha had calmed down sufficiently to not start yelling.

“Well that’s to be expected, the way he looks,” Inuyasha reasoned. When it came to appearances and such, Inuyasha knew that youkai were ruthless; it was suicidal to look anything less than menacing.“So what happened?”

“They were never heard of again.”

Inuyasha tore his eyes away from the gorgeous creature to stare disbelievingly a Miroku. “What? Did they like change schools or something?”

Miroku shook his head and gave him a meaningful look. Inuyasha laughed. “No way! That guy couldn’t hurt a fly.”


As the day progressed, Inuyasha believed more and more strongly in his first impression of Sesshoumaru. Despite what Miroku and the others said, Sesshoumaru behaved in nothing other than an entirely polite and correct manner. There were no hints of bullying or showing off or anything. He was quite and kept mostly to himself. Kouga, on the other hand-

“Kagome! Howz my woman doin’ today?”

Inuyasha raised his eyebrow as Kagome sighed. “I’m not your woman, Kouga. Would you stop already?? You have a girlfriend!”

“Kouga-kun, love! Where did you disappear to??” Inuyasha winced at the shrill voice of the lavender-haired female who had appeared and latched onto Kouga’s arm. Kouga tried to shake her off impatiently.

“Get away, woman! You’re not my girlfriend.”

The girl pouted. “Oh but sweetheart-“

Kouga and the girl began to argue and Inuyasha and the rest walked away.

“What was that all about?” Inuyasha wondered.

“That’s Ayame,” Kagome explained. “She insists that she’s Kouga’s fiancé.”

“What?” Inuyasha laughed. “How can that-? Kouga obviously doesn’t like her very much.”

“Kouga’s after Kagome,” Sango informed him. Kagome shook her head. “I told him he’s not my type but he won’t let up.”

“That’s because Kouga can get any girl he wants except for her,” Miroku grinned.

“And me,” Sango chimed in.

“And you,” Miroku conceded.

“So why doesn’t he hit on Sango?” Inuyasha asked smirking.

“Because he’s not suicidal,” Miroku said and Sango smiled dangerously. Inuyasha gave her a deliberating look. This girl was something else.

As they all reached the lockers, opposite Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru was about to open his locker when a thin, nervous-looking bespectacled girl came hurrying towards him and stood uncertainly near him, clutching some books to her chest. Inuyasha looked pityingly at her. A geek and a human at that trying to interact with the ‘cool’ kids. This would not end well.

But to his surprise, Sesshoumaru responded quite civilly to her. She was blushing and stammering throughout but Sesshoumaru seemed not to notice. Finally, she handed a flower to him which Sesshoumaru accepted gravely. The girl’s face lit up with pleasure and she bowed quickly and almost ran away.

Inuyasha looked at the silver-haired demon with new respect in his eyes. The guy really seemed alright.

“That’s Rin,” Kagome told him before he could ask. “She has a huge crush on Sesshoumaru but it’s more like puppy love. Sesshoumaru’s never encouraged her but she can’t get through the day without at least talking to him for a few minutes.”

Inuyasha nodded absently, staring at the silver-haired demon in front of him. He felt the same joyful sensation in his stomach as before, as if he could look at him forever. He smiled wryly to himself. He was developing a crush on the guy, no doubt like a hundred other humans and demons sighing after the perfect demon. Of course, he knew he stood no chance but there was no harm in wishing, was there?
Inuyasha returned home to his small apartment and threw his bag down on the couch. Slipping his feet into slippers, he quickly grabbed some clothes from the closet and headed into the shower.

As he turned on the hot water, Inuyasha sighed and felt the day’s tension drain out of him. Another day of pretending…it really took it out of him, left him exhausted but there was no other way out- he had to pretend.

The street was silent except for the occasional car passing by. Inuyasha was extremely grateful he did not have any loud, obnoxious neighbors who kept the T.V. volume way too high because at the end of the day, after keeping up his daily façade, the hanyou needed to unwind, needed silence and peace. He really was not a people person and did not like being around twittering, chattering people all day long but it was inevitable in any school, in any place. His mother had worried about him and he had reassured her that he would grow out of it because how could he tell her the real reason?

Inuyasha closed his eyes and allowed his hand to trail down to his groin and his half-hard cock. He moaned in relief and pleasure at the long awaited touch on his dick. His mind conjured up images of the silver-haired god in his school. But unlike any normal guy, the images were not of soft caresses and a sweet kiss – no the hanyou imagined Sesshoumaru’s hands trialing down his ass, fingers prodding the opening roughly, stabbing in brutally-

Inuyasha’s hand sped up and his ass muscles clenched

-cold golden eyes looked down at the desperate, begging hanyou on his knees in front of the regal youkai-

Inuyasha clenched his teeth, fists gripping the showerhead-

-Sesshoumaru’s dick choking his throat as Inuyasha was forced to pleasure the demon with his mouth-

-Sesshoumaru’s cum filling his mouth and throat, dripping down his chin, on his face, in his hair-

-Sesshoumaru pressing his head into the mattress as he pounded into his ass with abandon-

-sharp fangs tearing ruthlessly into a helpless half-demon’s neck-

Inuyasha’s knees buckled and he came with a cry, panting heavily with the force of the orgasm. He had never cum this hard before.

He sat on the floor of the shower, catching his breath. Hot water cascaded down his back and through his hair. Damn, this really sucked! How many ever times he came, however hard, it wasn’t enough. There was always something missing, something incomplete. The pleasure was there but it was like being on the brink of fulfillment and then it was snatched away – he never went over it. Yes, he came hard- his leg muscles locked and his knees were weak – but it was like there was something…something that he needed and mere fantasy was not enough for that – he needed a real man and he knew that no one other than Sesshoumaru would do.

As he picked himself up and quickly cleaned himself and finished showering, he smiled at how ironic it was. He always had to pine after the unattainable. There would be no one for him except for Sesshoumaru and he could not go out with the guy even if he agreed because he could not let anyone, least of all the lord of the school, find out about his secret desires and if he were to be intimate with any guy, they would doubtlessly find out.

He would have to learn to live with the fact that he would always be alone. He had too much pride to be someone’s – anyone’s – bitch. That was not what he desired, after all. His submission was only in the bedroom, with regard to sexual matters.

And there was really no one who would be able to fulfill all his depraved fantasies and still not treat him like a bitch…right?


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