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Nominated for Best Oneshot, Feudal Association, 1st Quarter 2008.

This story is a colaboration piece between myself and the great Come Hither. There is mention of M/M 'inucest' activities, but nothing is shown directly, which is why I didn't select those tags. I would hate to disappoint, for those of you looking for vivid Inu/Sess action. However, even if that is your preference, I recommend giving this story a try, anyway. :-)

~*~*~ Strapped ~*~*~

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood; a beautiful day for a neighbor...who wasn't an irritable hanyou, that is. Everyone else in Kaede's village was positively giddy with preparations for the upcoming festival, while a certain grouchy someone couldn't give two flying fucks about the whole fiasco.

He should be happy. They were celebrating his group's victory, after all. Naraku had been reduced to a smoldering pile of entrails, yet he had barely managed to quell his scowl when their futuristic miko had merrily flung herself into an unwanted embrace. Now, don't get him wrong. It wasn't as though he was put off by Kagome's touch. Far from it, actually, but at that time...

Catching a scent on the wind, Inuyasha leapt from his perch in the Goshinboku, and quickly ran deeper into his forest. He had company.


There he goes again, Kagome sighed.

Honestly, she wished that she had been the one to bring him out of his slump, but she supposed that sparing with his brother was better than nothing. Rin had been injured by one of Naraku's minions during the final battle, Kohaku nearly giving his life to save hers, and now, the Daiyoukai was sticking around the village while his ward recuperated, the girl making quick friends with Sango's brother along the way.

Kagome was honestly grateful for the distraction the youkai lord was providing for her hanyou friend. Before he'd joined their group around two months ago, Inuyasha had still been stuck in the same melancholy gloom he'd fallen into ever since Kikyou's passing. Now, don't get her wrong. She understood perfectly well how Kikyou's death was sure to cause the poor guy a heap of pain, in the beginning, but it'd been months. She hadn't mourned her own father for as long as Inuyasha had pined after that broken clay pot, and quite frankly, Kagome had been at a loss. She wanted to ease his pain. She truly did. But everything she'd tried had always blown up in her face.

At first she'd just tried to back off; give the guy his space. She'd figured that when he was ready, he'd come to her. Apparently, he'd mistaken her caution as rejection, or some crap like that. Or at least that's what Miroku had believed, anyway. One thing was for certain, he hadn't seemed to be getting any better, remaining in the same depression week after week, and she was getting damn tired of her Miss Cheery Cherry Muffin routine, always keeping that stupid smile on her face, no matter what. She knew it hurt him to see her in pain, and she hadn't wanted to add to his guilt by having him realize that she was miserable, too. The future-born-miko had been so desperate to keep the others from knowing that she was also suffering, that it was a wonder they hadn't contracted instant diabetes with as thick as she'd laid it on. But despite her best efforts, she had apparently been more transparent than she'd realized, or at least she had been to the fellow humans in her group, and after Miroku's rather eye opening heart-to-heart, she had given the matter some serious thought. After finally accepting the error in her logic, as it would undoubtedly be considered a 'weakness' were Inuyasha to express his desire for her comfort, Kagome had decided to take matters into her own hands, and approach him on her own. That confrontation had of course resulted in a lot of posturing, followed by a lot of accusations, followed by a lot of insults, followed by a lot of yelling, followed by a lot of Inuyasha-sized craters that may even still be around in her century. Even Operation: Ramen = Happiness had been a complete failure, leaving her with nothing but a collection of empty Styrofoam cups and unanswered questions.

Sighing again, Kagome headed back inside Kaede's otherwise empty hut, preparing a small fire. Even the elderly miko was currently living it up in the heart of town, but before she left to join her friends in the village square, Kagome had decided to be nice and prepare some boiling water for whenever a certain somebody was done sparing with his brother. Because of the festival, there were many foods being prepared throughout the entire village, but she knew that none of the local dishes would entice her friend's taste buds quite like a certain 'ninja food' from the future. Operation: Ramen = Happiness may have been a failure, but that didn't mean she would suddenly stop fixing the guy his favorite meal.

If she had known she was going to end up missing all of that evening's festivities, she may have forgone cooking in the hopes of getting some celebrating done with the villagers. Although, a quiet night indoors, bandaging her best friend's wounds, had a certain appeal to it all its own.


This wasn't how he'd pictured spending his evening. Hell, this wasn't how he'd pictured spending any evening. It was bad enough when Kagome always insisted upon treating his battle wounds, but how was he supposed to look the miko in the eye while she rubbed herbs on those scratches? Of course, she had no idea how those scratches had really gotten there.

"Honestly..." she spoke up in a soft, yet scolding manner, "Can't you two learn to get along?" she asked, sounding not unlike a disappointed mother. "All you two ever do is fight."



What the hell was his problem? Not only was dinner ruined, but so was her entire evening. Oh sure, she knew that his wounds would heal up just fine on their own, but she just couldn't allow herself to let the poor guy suffer unattended to in the mean time. What he called 'just a scratch' would be a life threatening injury to a human, and she still loved him, damn it.

"Just hurry it up, will you?" he grumped, hoping she'd mistake the flush of his cheeks for anger.

It had all happened so...suddenly, but he was now a welcomed member of the pack. He hadn't told anybody yet, knowing quite well how humans felt about certain...activities, but it was different for inu-youkai. It didn't matter that they were brothers. Anybody who'd ever owned a pair of un-neutered dogs, that happened to be siblings, could tell you that blood relation had nothing to do with any decisions along those lines. It also didn't matter that they were both male; such a thing was never looked down upon in youkai society. It was a matter of dominance vs. submission, and thanks to him finally acknowledging Sesshoumaru's strength over a very painful and pleasurable way...he was now a welcomed member of the pack.

It had actually started a couple of months ago, before Naraku's destruction. That was the only way he had been able to get that bastard of a brother to finally agree to help them defeat the dark hanyou in the first place. He'd had to swallow his pride, among other things, and submit to Sesshoumaru as the alpha male. It was the ultimate sign of dominance for Sesshoumaru to finally get his brother down on his knees, where he belonged, as he was so fond of reminding him. It wasn't truly about the sex...well, okay, it wasn't only about the sex. With inu-youkai, such a thing was actually quite common; it was what helped to form the pack's hierarchy. But even so, Inuyasha just knew that his brother was getting off on...well, getting off.

Flushing, the hanyou desperately tried to get the erotic images out of his head. Especially considering what he knew just the mere thought of their activities together did to a certain portion of his anatomy.

Praying that Kagome hadn't noticed the bulge rapidly forming in his hakama, Inuyasha swiftly shifted position, deliberately releasing a loud sigh while doing so in the hopes of feigning irritation at her attentions. Was it really necessary that she treat every damn injury he'd ever failed to hide from her? It wasn't like getting injured by Sesshoumaru was anything new. He'd always walked away from his encounters with his brother with more things wounded than just his pride. The injuries had just gotten more creative as of late, was all, which was the main reason why he had mentally cringed at Kagome's embrace after the fall of Naraku. He had been...sore.

Although, he still felt an ache in his heart whenever he thought of the miko from the future, as well.

Inuyasha had been crushed after he'd been unable to save Kikyou, and he just knew that the same fate had awaited Kagome, unless he did something about Naraku, and soon. That was why he had approached his brother in the first place, asking...pleading for his help. And Sesshoumaru had come through in the end, no pun intended, the Daiyoukai actually playing an intricate part in the dark hanyou's destruction.

So, now that that was taken care of, why did he keep going back for more?

Sesshoumaru had made it perfectly clear that he held no emotional attachment to him in that fashion, and that as soon as Rin was fully healed he was planning on heading back to the West. While Inuyasha was invited to accompany him, it had been clearly stated that the choice remained the hanyou's to make, and that if he wished to remain in his pathetic human village instead, he may do so. If he wished to rut with his pathetic human female, he may do so.

In a twisted way, the hanyou appreciated his brother's detached perspective regarding the whole thing. Only problem was...Inuyasha had discovered something about himself during his escapades with his brother. Damn human emotions...

Sighing a genuine sigh that time, he was temporarily unaware of the girl currently observing his behavior, as the answers to his inner most questions came rushing to him.

He knew why he always went back...

It was true that there was no long-term commitment between himself and his brother. He had merely needed to submit the once, to prove that he acknowledged Sesshoumaru's superiority, and that was it. But with Kikyou dead, so too died his only chance of ever being loved by another. Kagome could never possibly want a filthy hanyou such as himself...especially with what he'd most recently reduced himself to. At least this way, he could still pretend that somebody cared.

Inuyasha wasn't stupid. He knew there was no way in all the ten hells that his brother could ever have any sort of feelings for him, but he could still dream. It wasn't even as if he really wanted his brother to have a romantic attachment to him; he certainly didn't possess any romantic feelings towards Sesshoumaru, but it was just a nice fantasy to believe that anybody cared about him, regardless of who it was. In reality, the hanyou knew that it was nothing more than a cheap fuck...and he had realized long ago that he was indeed the bitch his brother had called him. But, it was still better than nothing; it was better than solitude. At least he wasn't totally worthless... 'cause if he was, then Sesshoumaru never would have dirtied his hand with him in the first place.

Hehe...hand...he still loved ripping his brother about his missing arm.

(Yes, I know Sesshoumaru got his arm back in the manga, but my story, my rules :-P)

The truth was, Inuyasha realized with a gulp, he liked it. He liked it. He was sure the desire came from his human side, because inu-youkai were supposed to be emotionally detached regarding that sort of thing, just like his brother was, but damn him to all the ten hells...he liked it. Where all that left Kagome, he honestly hadn't a clue, and his heart panged just thinking about it. He still loved her, damn it, but could she ever possibly love him in return? With Naraku gone, and the jewel completed, he was dreading the day that she finally decided to return to her world once and for all. It had only been about a week, after all. The village was still celebrating, and she may want to stay to witness Sango and Miroku's wedding, but after that...he was certain she would literally drop out of his life, forever. But even if she did return his feelings...even if she did decide to stay with him...a part of him also ached at the impromptu realization that they could a woman she could physically never... Shaking his head, Inuyasha knew that entertaining such thoughts was utterly pointless.

So now here he was, topless, alone with the woman of his dreams, who was currently treating the wounds inflicted by his...lover? No, scratch that. Fuck buddy? Nah...too chummy. Dominator? Mmm...too erotic.


Her voice was like a bucket of ice water, which he was honestly thankful for at the moment.


"It pains me to see you in so much pain." she confessed quietly, continuing to rub medicinal herbs into the various claw marks on his back. "You and your brother have gotten rougher these last few days."

You have no idea...

Blushing, he was ever so grateful that she was currently behind him. Glancing downward towards his lap, he cringed. Very grateful.

"What of it?" he snapped in a tone he prayed to the kami sounded normal. "That bastard has to learn his place."

Gods...if he heard me say that, he'll be teaching me MY place for a week.

"Well..." she mumbled thoughtfully, wondering if she should dare risk saying what was on her mind, but then quickly realizing that they likely wouldn't have another moment alone to themselves for a while... "I'm glad you found somebody to help you."

Nani!? "What!?" She couldn't have meant that the way it sounded!

"You know...with getting over..." Real smooth Kagome, why not just blow her ashes right in his face for crying out loud!

"Feh." he muttered, relaxing. "You read too much into stuff, wench. I ain't in no sorta depression, and I ain't fighting with that bastard to pull me out of it." Chuckling a little at the absurdity of her logic, he asked "What made you think somethin' so stupid?"

"Well I'm sorry!" Kagome snapped, applying a bit more pressure to one of his wounds than was necessary. He cringed at the contact, but little did she know that the pain actually held pleasant memories for him.

Speaking a little quieter this time, she continued. "Fine, you want the truth? I'll admit it; I'm jealous, okay? I tried so many times to talk to you, and you always just ignored me. Then he comes along, and suddenly you're spending every waking moment kicking each other's asses."

Don't think 'kicking' is the right word...he thought, even as she continued her rant.

"Don't try to deny that you were all messed up when Kikyou died, I'm not that stupid. And I'm glad you found yourself a distraction, really, I am, but it seems like you'd rather fight with your brother than say two words to me. What's wrong with this picture? What's wrong with me? Am I truly so horrible of a person that you can't stand being around me any more? Do I just keep reminding you of her? Is that it?"

Her voice had grown softer and sadder as she'd continued her rambling. Fearing she was on the verge of tears, Inuyasha somehow managed to find a speck of courage to respond to the girl who was still treating his wounds despite her emotional breakdown.

"There ain't nothing wrong with you, okay? You've got a kind heart, and I was just being a bastard. As for that asshole brother of mine, well, truth is..." He couldn't do it. He couldn't tell her the truth.

Unaware of what he'd failed to tell her, Kagome focused on the first half of what he'd said. Attempting mild humor in the hopes of staving off her tears, she forced a smirk, even though she knew he wouldn't see it, as she jokingly asked "What's Sesshoumaru got that I haven't got?"

He gasped, and started choking.

"Are you okay?!"

"Just..." *cough* "...peachy." he managed, quickly gulping down a nearby cup of water.

Puzzling over what she'd said that would cause such a reaction in him, Kagome continued to rub herbs into his various wounds. Noticing a patch of drying blood marring his beautiful silver mane, she swept his hair aside, and instantly gasped at the wound on the back of his shoulder.

"How did you get this...?" she whispered, her voice trailing off as she carefully fingered the punctured skin.

"What?" he asked, irritated. He could feel the soreness of the tender flesh she kept prodding with her stupid fingers. Why did people in the medical field always do that? They poke your injury and then ask you if it hurts. Of course it hurts! You just poked it!

"This looks..." the miko trailed off once more, continuing her gentle torture. Suddenly, the color drained from his face at the realization of what she'd found.

"This looks like a bite mark." she stated uncertainly.

"Feh, you're imagining things, wench." Maybe we went a bit too far...

Unfazed by his harshness that time, Kagome proceeded as if he'd said nothing at all. "This is definitely a bite mark." she confirmed, slowly starting to treat it with the same mixture of herbs. "How on Earth did he get close enough to bite you?"

Why on Earth would he have bitten you in the first place?

"Don't know what you're talkin' 'bout, wench."

His denial of the bite mark clearly visible on his shoulder peaked her curiosity. Why would he deny it? Was he that embarrassed over it? Studying the angle of the wound very closely, she suddenly pulled back, paying closer attention to all of his wounds. She didn't know why she hadn't realized it sooner. After all, he did have an awful lot of scratches along his back and chest, while his suikan and kosode had both somehow remained remarkably intact. That should have been a huge clue in and of itself. It should have also been a bright red flag that he'd actually limped back into the hut already topless, obviously having believed that she was going to be gone, just like everybody else. Glancing further downward as she continued to sit behind him, Kagome mentally cringed at the sight of very distinctive puncture wounds marring his right hip, visible through the open side of his hakama. She knew claw marks when she saw them; she had similar scars adorning her upper arms, after all.

"Oh gods..." she whispered, as her tears returned full force.

"Kagome...?" Aw crap, way to go, baka! "Kagome,'s not really what it loo-"

"Oh Inuyasha!"

She flung herself at him, causing him to yelp in surprise and pain as her clothing roughly came into contact with his many tender scrapes and scratches.

"I'm soooo sorry! I'm sorry I wasn't there for you! I can't believe he...why didn't you tell me?! No...I understand why you didn't. Oh didn't want me to know, did you? I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said anything..."

And on and on she went. He was getting dizzy.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I...I can't believe he... forced..." she whispered more to herself, her voice shaky.

She thinks he RAPED me?

"Oi, wench!" he snapped, turning on his butt to face her. "Quit your freakin' out. Sesshoumaru ain't done nothing I didn't submit to willingly!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, he cringed. Her expression shifted from confusion, to understanding, to confusion again, all in a matter of seconds.

"Wait...what?" she asked, her tears having come to a complete stop, which was a good thing at least.

Sighing, he slowly rubbed the back of his head, knowing he had no choice but to come clean now.

"You see...the thing is..." Come on baka, just TELL her!

"You and your brother?" she asked, and his heart sank at the sadness in her eyes. Wait, only sadness? No disgust?

"It ain't like some romantic tryst or nothin'." he muttered under his breath, but loud enough so that he wouldn't have to repeat himself. "Inu-youkai got a different set of rules for some shit than humans do. Don't matter that we're brothers, and we ain't lovers neither. Just...I just..."

Silently, she reached forward, placing an encouraging hand upon his own. Maybe she wouldn't have wanted to touch his hand, if she knew where it'd been, but the gesture was still greatly appreciated.

"I...I needed his help...Not with that!" he quickly amended at her widening eyes. "I needed his help against that bastard Naraku, but Sesshoumaru would only aid my pack if it was his own pack; only if he was my alpha. I had to submit to him, to prove my loyalty."

"Your brother made you..." she started, but he shook his head and she closed her mouth.

"I told you, inu-youkai got a different set of rules. He ain't some twisted letch that made this shit up for his own jollies. It's our way. I knew that."

"Okay..." she said slowly, attempting to wrap her brain around this new information. "So...why are you still submitting to him, now that Naraku is dead?"

Good question. She's too fucking smart for her own good. "Uhh...." Oh, very intelligent answer, baka!

"You know what, never mind, I don't want to know." Kagome said quietly, suddenly standing up and exiting the hut.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Taking two seconds to grab his robes, haphazardly wraping them around himself as he went, Inuyasha quickly followed the miko outside, not surprised to find her heading towards the well. At least she wasn't leaving for good, yet. She'd never leave without telling Sango and the others goodbye. Right?




Landing in front of her got her to stop, but her emotionless expression scared him. Did she hate him now? Could she no longer even bear to look at him? It sure seemed that way, what with the way her eyes were currently staring at her own shoes. He wouldn't have been surprised if her feet had suddenly burst into flames with the intensity of her gaze.

"I never meant to hurt you." he blurted before he knew what he was saying. "I did it for you!" he added, cringing as a flicker of pain flashed through her down turned eyes.

"For me...?" she asked him slowly, and he released a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding.

"You're right, it killed me when I couldn't save Kikyou, but not for the reasons you think. I owed her. I had promised her I'd protect her from Naraku, and I failed. What would stop me from failing again? From failing you? I was beating myself up because I realized I was weak. I was worthless. I couldn't stop the ones I loved from getting killed! I needed my brother's help, and he helped me. Naraku's dead now, and you're safe. I finally did something right for a change."

"You love me?" she asked, and he gasped. Had he said that? Damn it!


"And you submitted to your that he would help you protect me? Protect all of us?"

"Uh...yeah, well..."

"So why do you keep going back to him?"


"I...thought you said you didn't want to know?"

"I changed my mind."

Blushing ten shades redder than he'd ever blushed before, Inuyasha could feel the heat burning his cheeks, and was fairly certain that his face had disappeared into the fire-rat of his suikan.

"I...that is..."

"I see." she mumbled, and then she asked him "Do you like it?" You should at least be happy with your choice.

His face darkened to a purplish shade of red that even Sherwin-Williams would have trouble matching. "It's not what you think!" he insisted. "I ain't in love with my brother!" Oh hell the fuck no wench, if that's what you're thinking!

Observing his reaction, Kagome could tell he was extremely embarrassed by this conversation, but yet also, slightly aroused. Though it pained her slightly, and understandably so, she still found that she was glad for him. She was glad that he at least found pleasure in his activities with his brother. She would hate herself forever if she had been the cause of him making a decision that he would loath for the rest of his life. Despite her heartache, it was also arousing her, somewhat, to think of her presumably nave Inuyasha having sex, even if it was with Sesshoumaru. Kagome wasn't as innocent as most people believed. While she supposed it was true that she was technically still a virgin, as she'd never been with another 'person' before, she was most certainly well-versed on the subject. She did live in modern-day Tokyo, after all.

"There's nothing wrong with admitting you enjoy physical pleasure, Inuyasha." she answered him finally, sounding surprisingly detached from her own emotions, like a psychiatrist.

What the fuck?!!

He was so shocked by her statement that it took him a few seconds to realize that she had walked passed him, and was once again heading for the well. Bolting into action, he quickly dashed towards the retreating girl, gently yet firmly gripping her arm.

"Please, don't leave me." he whispered harshly, loud enough for her to hear.

"But you're the one who left me, remember?" she asked, her voice remarkably even. "I understand what you're saying about needing Sesshoumaru's help, really, but even so, what about before that? Before he joined us? Why did you keep turning me away?"


"And then I thought it was me, because I reminded you of her, but if that wasn't it, what was?"


"Love you." she interrupted. "I love you, and I always have. If you wanted me, you could have had me at any time."

He gasped at the implication of her words.

"So now what, you're Sesshoumaru's? You said it was for domination, that he's your alpha, and it's not about love? How sad, that there's no love there. Surely still, he is your alpha forever now, right? Why else would you keep going back, if you didn't have to? And to think, you did it all for me."

Suddenly, Inuyasha thought he understood where most of her jealously induced depression was coming from.

"Sesshoumaru don't give a fuck about me." He cringed, then added "Uh, figuratively speaking, anyway." Recovering, he continued to explain "It ain't like we're mates or nothin'. I told you, inu-youkai have different rules. We don't pick just one mate for life like the stupid ookami do. Fucking each other forms the pecking order!"

He'd raised his voice a little louder than intended, but fortunately, everyone, including the brat, was still in the village celebrating Naraku's demise.

"So you're allowed to be with other people?" Kagome asked for clarity in that moment. "You're not tied to Sesshoumaru alone?"

"Fuck no! Fuck that bastard." Cringing once again at his choice of words, he amended "Yeah, I can be with other people."

"Okay then..." she said, deciding to test a theory. "Let's go, right now."


Slowly backing away from her, the hanyou carefully swatted at the delicate hands that reached for the front of his hakama.

He was a virgin before, I'm sure of it, and now, all he knows is being the submissive.

"Ka-Kagome...have you lost your fucking mind?"

"Do you know how to be the man, Inuyasha? Do you know how to be with a woman?" she asked him point blank.

"Of...of course I know how! I...Hey!"

They were both surprised when she purposefully wrapped her hand around the bulge in the front of his hakama, and they were both even more surprised when he roughly shoved her away.

What the fuck's the matter with you!? She's fucking offering herself to you, you moron!


The pain in Kagome's eyes was back with a vengeance.

Get over yourself already! So what if she doesn't...can't...she's Kagome! Sexual details aren't as important as true love! And I love her, damn it!

"I think I understand now." the teenager mumbled more to herself, her eyes somewhat vacant, as though she were remembering something. "I understand what Sesshoumaru has that I don't."

Guilt flooded him at her words, and with the way his eyes softened, and his ears lowered, she knew she had hit the nail on the head.

"Kagome, I..."

He didn't know what to say. How do you apologize for something like that? I'm sorry, but I realized that I enjoy receiving anal sex, and you're a girl? That sounded so heartless. I'm sorry, I truly do love you, but I'm physically attracted to men?

But...he was still attracted to her as well...wasn't he? Of course he was! Just because he never got caught like that perverted letch always did, didn't mean he never spied on her when she bathed. He wasn't worried. He knew nobody would ever suspect him, since they all seemed to think he was practically allergic to nudity. Hell, maybe he was. The sight of her definitely caused something to swell, that was for sure. He loved every inch of her body. Her creamy, smooth hips that had filled out over the last two and a half years. Her perk, round breasts that looked like they'd fit perfectly in the palms of his hands. The scent of her arousal still made his blood boil. The sound of her laughter still made his heart flutter. There wasn't a doubt in his mind. He loved her.

Maybe he was just bi? That was a real thing, wasn't it? So maybe he just liked it both ways, so what? So he got hard at night thinking about Sesshoumaru's rock hard abs, perfectly sculpted chest, insanely chiseled legs...Damn it. That line of thinking wouldn't help matters any.

Inuyasha was so caught up in his thoughts that he missed it when the girl in front of him slipped away again, that time successfully disappearing into the well. He missed the look of determination that had been present on her face as she did so.


Kagome didn't waste any time when she emerged on her side of the well. Fortunately, her family wasn't expecting her back for another couple of days, at least, and she was able to sneak into her room unnoticed. Fingering the completed jewel that hung around her neck, she knew that Inuyasha would be unable to follow her through the well, which was a good thing. She didn't need him barging in on her while she gathered her thoughts. Or was that gather her wits? Was she really going to go through with what she had in mind? Oh you better believe it. Squaring her shoulders in renewed determination, Kagome retrieved her money, then headed back outside as quietly as possible. Grabbing her bike, she turned to head into that part of town; she had some shopping to do. Inuyasha wouldn't know what hit him.


She wasn't coming back. He just knew she wasn't coming back, and it was all his fault! How he had managed to avoid the third degree when everyone else returned later that night was beyond him, though it probably had a great deal to do with the fact that everyone, excluding Kaede, had had a few too many sips of sake. Shippou was out cold, Miroku was mesmerized by the smooth flesh on the palm of his right hand, and Sango was glaring wearily at Miroku, making sure his uncursed hand didn't suddenly decide to still act cursed.

Kaede had asked, in her soft, grandmotherly fashion, where Kagome had gone off to, and gulping, he had replied that she "Went home for a bit." The elder miko had eyed him suspiciously, probably wondering what it was that he'd done this time, but other than that, she hadn't seemed too worried.

Kagome wouldn't really have left forever without even saying goodbye to her friends, right? She had left a lot of her stuff behind, like the sleeping bag Shippou was currently passed out on. So maybe...maybe she would be back, in a few days, after she cooled off. He just hoped she could find it in her heart to forgive him.

He was such a fucking bastard! He was a fucking bastard who'd been too busy fucking that fucking bastard of a brother to fucking notice the girl who fucking loved him, fuck. He couldn't get over the fact that her initial reaction to finding out about him and his brother had been depression over the thought that they were somehow bonded as life-mates, or some bull shit like that. She hadn't seemed to care one bit that his brother had taken him over and over again like a bitch in heat. All she was worried about was whether or not that meant that he was now off limits to her, and if he had been able to get his head out of his ass for a moment, and accept the fact that nothing else could be up there for the time being, he could be screwing his brains out right now, instead of pouting by himself up in a tree.

"Gods damned fucking human emotions!" he hissed...and it was nowhere near the new moon.

Oh gods...that had been an experience and a half. He never knew his brother could be so...careful...with a mortal's body. The hanyou wondered if that crap about submitting when he was 'most vulnerable' being some kind of ultimate sign of loyalty was really true, or if Sesshoumaru had just wanted to taste human flesh. Maybe it had been a practice round for when Rin was old enough to receive him? Why else would he allow a young human female to follow him around? It only made sense that he planned on rutting with her one day, and if so, he would need to practice, having never been with a human before. After all, if the Daiyoukai accidentally injured him very badly, he would still heal up at sunrise, and if the damage was too severe, Sesshoumaru could always revive him with Tenseiga. Since Rin had no youkai healing abilities, and had already been revived using their father's fang, he had to be extra careful with that girl's mortality.

Shuddering at the memory, in a good way, Inuyasha immediately started kicking himself for feeling such longings. He just knew that screwing his brother during his human night would fuck with his head. He'd actually had the audacity to pretend that he was loved that night, fucking idiot that he was. And then of course it turns out that he was loved after all, only, he was loved by the girl he'd just chased away with her realization of his physical desire for male sex. Perfect. Abso-fucking-lutely perfect.

Suddenly sensing a strong pull on his youki that he instantly recognized as being the sacred jewel, he rejoiced. She was back!

Thank the kami Kaede and Miroku had erected a powerful barrier around the village, well, and surrounding forest. The last thing he needed interrupting him now was some crazed lower youkai seeking the jewel. Actually, Inuyasha was somewhat amazed that he no longer desired the jewel. Sure, it was appealing, but he knew first hand what evils that bobble could bring, and he'd realized long ago that it simply wasn't worth it. But what was worth it was the miko around whose beautiful neck the jewel currently resided. She'd come back, and he wasn't about to pass up this opportunity to make things right. Apologizing had never been one of his strong points, but under the circumstances, he would find a way, damn it.

Leaping from his perch and rushing towards the well as fast as his legs would carry him, without appearing too desperate, the hanyou skidded to a stop at the confusing sight before him. There was Kagome, still dressed in the same clothing she had been wearing when she'd run off earlier that night, but carrying a plastic sack that he didn't recognize as ever having seen before. What had she brought back with her? And for that matter, what was she doing returning in the middle of the night like this? He wasn't expecting her any sooner than sometime the following morning, if at all. Part of him had honestly still feared that she wouldn't bother coming back, or that she'd at least wait for a hell of a long time before finally returning, probably doing so only to retrieve the belongings that she'd left behind in her hasty departure. Though Inuyasha was confused in that moment, he was glad to see that he'd apparently been wrong in his assumptions. If she were merely back to collect her things, then surely she wouldn't have brought anything new with her, right?

"Kagome?" he voiced quietly, the simple utterance asking several questions at once. Was she all right? Could she ever forgive him? Was she back? Was she leaving?

The brilliant smile she flashed him was not the reaction he had been expecting.

"Good!" she spoke up brightly, "I'm glad you're out here. That makes this so much easier."

She then proceeded to walk right passed him, not towards the village, but further into the woods. She reached the tree line before cocking her head and glancing over her shoulder, stating "Well, come on." when she noticed he was still standing where she'd left him.

Reluctantly, he followed her. What did she have planned? It couldn't be anything good.

Once they were a reasonable distance from the village, Kagome plopped herself down on the soft, cool grass, clutching her plastic shopping bag to her chest in a nervous manner.

I will not puss out, I will not puss out, I will not puss out.

Inuyasha sat down before her, observing her carefully, and as though she were talking something over within herself, her expression suddenly became much more confident in that moment, as she sat the bag she clutched aside on the grass and began her speech.

"I'm sorry for getting upset earlier." she started, which promptly flabbergasted her hanyou companion. Why was she apologizing to him?

"You can't be blamed for liking what you like." she continued, unfazed by his increasing look of shock at her words. "I understand...really, I do. And I've got the perfect solution to our dilemma."


"You love me, right?"

Releasing a shaky breath, he managed to stutter out "Y-yeah...I...I do."

"Do you trust me?"

Where had that come from?

"Of course I do." he answered without hesitation.

With that, Kagome nodded before promptly pulling out the contents of her bag, and Inuyasha's enhanced night vision had no trouble identifying the very 'distinctively' shaped object that was currently resting not so innocently in her hands. If his eyes got any wider, one would think that they'd been drawn on by some anime artist who had the perpetual shock expression down pat. As he stared, drop jawed, the vibrant red...thing...stared right back at him. Was he hallucinating? Just what exactly had Kagome put into those herbs? He wasn't seeing any pink elephants, yet, but detachable cocks the color of fire-rat fur couldn't be much better. He quickly snapped out of his daze when Kagome began stroking the object, as though it were living flesh.

"Ka...Kagome...?" he managed to squeak out in uncertainty.

Shrugging nonchalantly, the miko continued to twiddle with the dildo in her hands. Finally, she answered, "I love you, I've always loved you, and I've always wanted to be with you. At first I thought you could never love me because of Kikyou. Then, when I found out about Sesshoumaru earlier this evening, I'd feared, at first, that I'd lost you forever. But you explained that wasn't the case, right? You can choose to act on your feelings for me?"

"Ye-yeah..." he answered, his eyes following the movements of her hands as though he were in some sort of trance. He had a much better use for those hands of hers than that damnable piece of plastic!

" enjoy your activities with Sesshoumaru, don't you?" she asked him next, and once again, as though she had him thoroughly hypnotized, he merely answered her with another "Yeah...", even as he licked his lips in anticipation of what those hands would feel like upon his person.

A little slow on the uptake, he hadn't quite put two and two together yet, nor had he noticed the strap-like attachments connected to the artificial object in her hands. Her next statement was a sharp thrust into reality.

"I want to give you what you want."

Not a single iota of hesitation was present in her voice.

"What?!" he snapped, reality slapping him up-side the head. "Just what do you think-"

"Sit!" she cried, and his tirade was instantly cut off due to a mouth full of forest floor.

"If you want to be dominated, I got no problem with that." Kagome stated calmly, uttering another soft 'sit' before the spell had a chance to fully wear off.

By the time Inuyasha was able to pry himself out of the dirt and turn to glare at her, his glare instantly became yet another expression of shock at the sight of her rapidly undressing.


"After playing second fiddle to that ventriloquist's dummy for over two years, I'm not about to let a little thing like gender roles get in my way." she explained, even as she continued to disrobe herself.

Inuyasha instantly found that the sight presented before him was more powerful than any sit command could ever be. Kagome in her naked glory definitely ranked number one on his favorites list. And she was just standing there, letting him gawk at her. He wasn't going anywhere.

Suddenly, she spoke.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked, in a very seductive, and wholly not Kagome tone of voice.

She wasn't stupid, she knew he had become aroused by the sight of her stroking the artificial penis in her hands, and she also knew that the sight of her naked would only seal the deal. After all, while he may think that she hadn't been aware of all the times he'd peeped at her while bathing, the truth was that she had allowed him to look because it had been the only reassurance she'd had at the time that he actually found her attractive. Maybe it was a little underhanded that she was now using that knowledge against him, but to be perfectly honest, she just didn't care. Kagome knew that under normal circumstances, they would never be able to sit down and have a mature conversation about this, and besides, actions spoke so much louder than words.

Maybe if he had been thinking straight (no pun intended), then he would have realized how illogical it seemed to just suddenly up and do the nasty with her, without first having some sort of heart-to-heart. But, when it really boiled down to it, he was a man, and in a case of logic vs. erection, erection would always win.

As if proving her point, the miko could literally see the spark of sexual confidence that ignited the fire behind his eyes, as in response to her original question, he suddenly grabbed himself through the billowing fabric of his hakama, presenting her with the shape of his clad stiffness as he asked her in turn "This answer your question?"

Inuyasha had to admit, when he'd first realized what it was she had in mind, he had been shocked by the idea...mainly because it was so...shocking. After all, he hadn't known that such a concept was even possible. But now that he thought about it, now that he was observing her slip on that bright red...

When had he become topless again? Oh, that's right, he had just torn his robes from his body. Most of his shallower wounds had already closed, and the deeper ones would be easy enough to ignore, under the circumstances.

"So screwing forms the hierarchy?" Kagome asked in a rather commanding voice, "Who's dominant vs. who's submissive?"

He merely nodded as she approached him, once again reaching out to grip his length through the fabric of his pants, only that time, he did not make a single move to stop her.

"And the big bad inu-hanyou likes to be dominated." she teased, which pissed him off.

Attempting to maintain some illusion of manhood, Inuyasha stated "You ain't strong enough to dominate me, bitch."

I accept your challenge... she thought, smirking, before she whispered "Sit."

"Bah!" And down he went.

Damn it, that hurt, he whimpered to himself, having thoroughly smashed his erection during his fall.

Hands yanking down his hakama to the point of exposing his ass gave him greater incentive to fight the subjugation spell. She wouldn't dare...would she? Squirming with all his strength, his defiance promptly earned him a swat on the butt, followed by the command "Stay!"

"Excuse you?" he muttered, which was promptly followed by a rather loud and exceptionally canine yip of surprise, when she gently nipped the flesh of his bare bottom with her teeth.

"I want to give you what you want." she repeated, perceiving the scowl he wore, even though she couldn't actually see his face from that angle. "Accept me." she cooed, this time kissing the rosy cheeks before her. "Submit to me." she commanded.

Permitting her aura to flare just enough so that he could sense the rise in her power, he instantly stiffened below her in a different way. Retracting her powers, the miko quietly repeated "Submit."

"Like I have a choice." he eventually griped out, "You could literally purify my ass right now, if you wanted to."

"I have much different plans than purification." she purred, "In fact, I plan on getting very, very dirty."

Growling huskily in approval of her words, Inuyasha crawled forward, while allowing her to pull his hakama the rest of the way off in the process. Rising to his feet, he turned to face her, and couldn't help but to glance downward, comparing lengths. He was glad to see that they were about evenly matched.

"I really do love you." he managed to rasp out between pants of anticipation.

"You better."

With that, she closed the distance between them, crashing her lips down upon his own. At first he hadn't known what to do. It wasn't as though he and Sesshoumaru had ever bothered kissing. But he just allowed her to dominate the action, as pussy whipped as that may have seemed. Although, perhaps 'pussy' whipped was the wrong expression. Her artificial erection pressed into his thigh, and the sensation made his real erection throb hungrily. He'd never felt such desperate passion before, even in all the times he and his brother had sated their physical lusts, but the realization of why everything seemed so amplified quickly came crashing into him, even as he felt her delicately wrap her fingers around his cock. She loved him. She loved him, and he loved her. That made all the difference in the world. The fact that her magical future world had a way in which they, yeah...that only added to his passion. What a wonderful world she lived in!

Getting the hang of things, it wasn't long before Inuyasha's tongue adopted a mind of its own, as he took the kiss to all new heights. Leaving the confines of her mouth, he trailed his tongue along her neck, earning himself her head tilting to the side to offer him better access. Didn't she realize that she was submitting to him with that action? Then again, maybe she did, and he would admit that the gesture was greatly appreciated. Lightly nipping her chin, careful not to puncture her delicate human flesh, he reiterated his compliant submission to her, even as he lowered himself further, taking a rapidly hardening nipple into his mouth.

Kagome gasped in pleasure and clamped her hands to his head, holding him in place as he suckled her as though he were a newborn pup. Accidentally grazing her sensitive flesh with his fangs, Inuyasha yelped at the way she flicked his ear in punishment, before carefully lapping at the droplets of blood that beaded to the surface. The scent of her arousal was a heavy perfume that permeated the air around them, and he found the fact that she was so into their activities utterly unbelievable. Was there no limit to the lengths at which this girl would go in order to ensure the happiness of those she cared about? Although, as he gazed hungrily into her passion clouded eyes, Inuyasha somehow got the feeling that she wasn't truly sacrificing all that much with this encounter. It was turning her on like nobody's business to witness her grumpy hanyou transform himself into a naked, obedient sex object.

Keeping his eyes locked onto hers, he couldn't suppress his mild chuckle when her expression became one of bewilderment as he continued to lower himself even further along her body. Kneeling before her, Inuyasha performed a few tentative sniffs of the wondrous device strapped upon her person. He wasn't stupid. He knew it was a completely artificial creation, in no way capable of giving Kagome any direct pleasure, but he still had to lubricate it, right?

If her eyes widened any further, she'd risk popping them right out of her head. Inuyasha had taken her man-made shaft into his mouth, in no way appearing like an amateur as he did so. Gripping the base of the shaft, he thoroughly bathed the object with his tongue, sucking and thrusting, and making an array of gurgling and popping noises that had Kagome's nether regions pulsing with envy. As though suddenly sensing this, he delicately palmed her warmth with his free hand, and he could not help but to meet her eyes upon hearing the gentle moans that flowed from her lips at the contact. He grinned up at her as best he could with his mouth currently so full, and to Kagome's credit, the deep red flush that stained her cheeks had nothing to do with embarrassment.

Deciding the object between his love's legs was beyond lubricated, he backed away slowly, a trail of spit hanging from its mushroom tip to his lips. The vibrant red shaft glistened with his saliva in the moonlight, dripping at her feet as though it were capable of feeling excitement. Thoroughly mesmerized, Kagome stared down at her soon-to-be lover, blinking slowly. At first, she had expected him to 'assume the position' as it were, but when he continued to merely sit before her crouched on his haunches, staring back up at her with a gaze of anticipation, the sight of all those healing scratches finally clicked in her brain.

Dominate him! her mind provided, and she grinned evilly.

Without warning, she lunged forward and shoved him to the ground. He landed on his side and stared back at her with a look of surprise...though if she were half as good at discerning expressions as she would like to believe she was, it was a pleased surprise.

Quickly lowering herself to her knees, Kagome crawled behind him, gripping his arms so tightly that her nails pressed crescent shaped indents into his skin. She knew she lacked Sesshoumaru's physical strength, but she didn't want Inuyasha to feel as though this was truly too much like role play, if he was subconsciously seeking genuine domination. She could hurt him, with her spiritual powers, and she momentarily proved as much by permitting her aura to flare once again, this time rising in power just enough so that he felt mild shocks equal to that of static electricity wherever she touched him. He whimpered, while secretly smiling, and promptly propped himself on his hands and knees.

Marveling at the sight of her love presenting himself on all fours, the miko slowly massaged his hips and ass, cautious of the claw marks still healing on his right. She didn't want to hurt him. She wanted to give him nothing but pleasure. Gripping the base of her staff, Kagome was surprised to feel how slick the object had actually become. KY had nothing on hanyou saliva. Slowly working the tip of her strap-on against his puckered opening, she was honestly surprised by its tightness. Especially when you considered that he had just been with Sesshoumaru a few hours ago. Pressing forward cautiously, ten and a half inches of molded hydrocarbon polymer, aptly dubbed 'The Punisher', slowly invaded the wanton hanyou's hiney, as Kagome rocked her hips forward to meet his perfectly sculpted and wondrously alabaster backside. She listened intently for any hint of displeasure, though the only sounds to escape him were those of ecstasy.

Inuyasha couldn't believe what was happening; he couldn't believe this was real. He was with Kagome, his Kagome, but with her in the dominating role. Not that he minded one bit, but it just seemed as though it shouldn't be possible, was all. He whimpered in pleasure as the object entering his body pressed against that certain special something that made his mind explode. He felt her firmly grip her left hand upon his hip for support, obviously attempting to be careful of the claw marks on his right, and for that, he was grateful. While a little pain was fine, he wasn't one of those guys that got off on nonstop excruciating torment. While pain was obviously something to be expected when dealing with Sesshoumaru, he would much rather that his experience with Kagome was lacking in that department. Although, a little roughhousing never hurt anyone. He hissed, in a good way, as her openhanded smack left his ass stinging.

Tentatively, he felt her start to withdraw, only to push back in again. He knew this was not pleasurable for her, and a small part of him actually felt guilty over using her like this, even if the whole thing had been her idea. Shifting his balance so that he could support his weight on his left hand, Inuyasha reached for himself with his right, prepared to help himself along, as he often did in that position. Only this time, his attempt was halted by the most wonderful sensation in the whole world. Kagome had beaten him to it, having reached around to grip him with her right hand, herself, as she continued to brace his backside against her with her left.

Finding her rhythm, she picked up her tempo, as she started pounding into him while furiously jacking him off at the same time. Okay, she negotiated within her mind, she would admit it, she was enjoying this. Not physically, maybe, but definitely mentally. To see him whimpering in pleasure before her was...exhilarating. Her heart soared within her chest at the sight of him lowering himself to his elbows, his arms elbow to wrist splayed out before him as though he were praying. He was enjoying this. His new position altered the angle at which she entered him, hitting something hidden deeply within that most men would deny even existed. Escaping his throat was a collage of dog-like whimpers combined with broken versions of her name, as well as general moans not to stop, and to go even faster. She was only all too eager to comply, and it wasn't long at all before the dam broke within his being, with him screaming her name...her he shot his white hot seed onto the unsuspecting forest floor.

Taking that as her cue to stop, Kagome remained within him for a moment longer, allowing him time to catch his breath, as she slowly released his softening organ, some of his lingering excitement coating the edge of her hand. She could feel him shudder as she slowly withdrew herself from his body, and it only took a moment of her absence behind him before his arms and legs seemingly gave out, as he collapsed to the side wearing a silly, sated grin.

Smiling to herself, she still could not stop the tiniest hint of disappointment, mixed with sad longing, that she felt for the man before her. Distracted by her thoughts, Kagome missed hearing the muffled movements behind her when she turned to replace her 'accessory' back inside the shopping bag before reaching for her clothing.

"Just where do you think you're going?" he asked, in the only warning he gave her before promptly tossing her down upon her back.

Aside from getting the wind knocked out of her, Kagome wasn't hurt at all, the ground in the area she had selected being soft and grassy.

"Inuyasha?" she asked, gazing confusedly at the hungry look in his golden eyes, eyes that were gleaming down at her with love and devotion.

"You don't honestly expect I'll let you go without first returning the favor."

It wasn't phrased like a question, which was a good thing, because even if it had been she wouldn't have been able to answer him, considering that upon finishing his statement he had promptly captured her lips with his own. What Kagome had just given him was wonderful beyond his wildest dreams. She had fulfilled a fantasy of sorts, and he would forever be grateful to her for it, but now, he would repay her by being the man he knew she wanted him to be.

Trailing his tongue along her neck once more, this time when she tilted her head in response, it was the flesh of her throat that he gently nipped with his teeth, rather than her chin. Having her submit to him now, in a sense, meant that they were equals. Taking turns dominating each other was not unheard of among those equally matched in inu-packs. It symbolized an understood partnership of sorts, that they would each listen to the other, and would each submit to the other depending on the situation, and who eventually backed down first whenever they deemed the other was right. If that didn't describe his usual squabbles with Kagome, then he didn't know what did. She truly was his equal, and now, he would prove it.

Recapturing her breast, Inuyasha was extra careful not to injure her with his fangs this time, keeping his jaw pulled back as he extended his tongue to lave across her sensitive skin. Her mewls of pleasure showed him that whatever he was doing, she was in approval of, and as the increasing scent of her arousal assaulted his nose, he suddenly had a much better idea when it came to the use of his tongue.

Kagome couldn't believe what was happening. While she was thrilled beyond words, she honestly hadn't expected Inuyasha to reciprocate in any way. Boy, had she never been happier to discover she was wrong about something. Maybe that crack she'd made earlier that evening about him knowing 'how' to be with a woman had gotten to him, and he was thinking to prove to her that he wasn't quite as effeminate as she may have presumed, especially given their recent activities. But whatever his reasoning, she wasn't about to complain. Not one bit. Especially when it dawned on her that his tongue was no longer circling her nipples, which were as hard as stone, by the way. No, his tongue was currently burning a trail downward across her belly, momentarily tickling her as he dipped it into her bellybutton, before continuing further still.

"Ah! Ah! Inuyasha!" she squeaked, as he wasted no time with getting right to the point, the point of his tongue dancing circles around her swollen clit.

She was primed and ready, her entire body on high alert from the excitement she'd just put herself through, and now, she felt as though she would explode at merely the softest touch. Being very careful of his fangs, he bathed her with his tongue, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. She tasted even better than she smelled! Well, that settled it. There was no way he was 'gay' with as turned on as the woman spread out before him was making him. He would settle for accepting that he was still attracted to men, as well, but the sight of Kagome wiggling and writhing in pleasure seemed to have no trouble getting whatever remaining blood there was in his body to quickly relocate to one very specific location. As experienced sexually as he may have been, there was still one thing he obviously hadn't done, and his newly resurrected erection was throbbing in anticipation at the thought.

But how far was she willing to go?

Ordinarily, when it came to male/female confrontations among inu, the way the female showed dominance over the male was by preventing sexual intercourse altogether. They obviously had no way of literally dominating the male the way Kagome had just done, and when it was the male who was stronger, they more or less just took what they wanted, if the female was unable to stop them. But he knew that Kagome, as well as any other human female for that matter, would view such an occurrence as 'rape', and that was the last thing he wanted Kagome to think him capable of. He had to make sure he had her permission first, just as she'd made sure she had his.

Subconsciously growling in the back of his throat in anticipation of what it would be like, he quickly realized that Kagome really liked the way that felt vibrating through her body, and it wasn't long at all before he did it again, deliberately, relishing in the harsh cries escaping her throat, as she pinched her legs tightly against the sides of his head.

Kagome could feel him starting to pull away, but she wouldn't let him, as she quickly clamped her hands down upon his head, fisting his hair tightly, as she continued to ride his face throughout her turbulence. It was clear that he didn't mind it in the least, when she felt him rapidly shake his head from side to side, growling like a dog with a chew toy. Screaming his name to the heavens, Kagome's second orgasm was even more intense, as blinding white bursts of light exploded behind her eyelids. She was grateful when he could apparently sense that she'd truly had enough, as he ceased all motion against her, waiting patiently until her fingers unclenched themselves from his silvery locks before finally backing away.

Tilting her head to regard him lazily, Kagome's eyes widened in surprise at the sight of his raging hard-on.

So soon? she mused, before chalking it up to hanyou physiology.

Seemingly deciding that it was now her turn to stare, especially when he realized that she hadn't gotten much of a chance to even glimpse at what she'd been touching the first time around, he stood there upon his knees stock-still before her, unashamedly allowing her to burn his image to memory.

As she stared, she could not help the low moan that escaped her throat as she imagined what it would feel like to have his pulsing cock buried deeply within her body. She wanted him. She was wetter than a slip-n-slide, and her body literally ached to be filled in a way that she knew only he could provide. She didn't even need to ask if he was willing to continue, the strained longing in his eyes speaking volumes.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she finally chuckled, smirking as his eyes frantically locked onto hers, his ears as stiff as his manhood as they trained on the sound of her voice.

"I...don't want to hurt you." he whispered softly, and her love for him instantly doubled.

"Just be careful, okay? You know enough not to scratch me all up on purpose; you know I don't have youkai healing. Just watch the claws. I trust you, and if a small accident happens, I promise I won't get angry."

Smiling at her words, he shook his head, and muttered, "Thanks, but...that's not what I meant."

Realization dawning, Kagome couldn't stop the laugh that escaped her. He frowned at her amusement, and sniffed her again. She certainly didn't smell like any other male had ever touched her.

As if reading his mind, the future-born-miko quickly waved her hand as she shook her head, explaining with a smile "No, I've never been with another male. You are my first, in that regard. But do you honestly think I've never played with one of those artificial devices before? This wasn't the first time I'd ever bought one of those things, you know. Trust me, you won't hurt me."

What was he going to do, get jealous over an inanimate object? Besides, it wasn't as though he truly had a right to be jealous anyway, even if she had slept with somebody else. That was his human heart running away with him again, 'cause his inu half honestly didn't care one way or the other. The only reason he always got so pissed off over the whole Kouga thing was because he knew that with wolves, Kagome would belong to him, and him alone, if that wimpy bastard was ever allowed to claim her. That Inuyasha simply wouldn't stand for. Nobody was allowed to take Kagome away from him. His human heart sang out at the prospect of what was about to commence. Kagome was his!

With that last thought suspended in his mind, he grabbed her hips, mindful of his claws, and thrust forward with all his might. He plunged into her hard and fast, until their pelvic bones collided like the cymbals on a drum set. The girl below him cried out at suddenly being so full, but not one ounce of pain was reflected in her eyes. She welcomed him, enveloped him, and he was, for once in his life, totally vulnerable. Every wall he'd ever erected around his heart came tumbling down, every barrier between them gone and forgotten. Not until this very moment did he fully understand the depth of her love for him, nor his for her. Not until this very moment did he realize that he had failed to take her in the customary position for inu, instead laying claim to her body in the position that human men used with their wives.

He wasn't about to correct that minor oversight now. Inuyasha trusted that his heart knew what it was doing.

Retracting his hips just enough to push back in, his eyes rolled back in his head at the intensity of it all. It was simply beyond his comprehension that anything could feel so exquisite. Jacking off, in comparison, was like fighting with Tetsusaiga before he'd mastered the Wind Scar. Hardly impressive, and barely worth the effort. Quickly picking up his tempo, he was glad he had already cum a few minutes ago, which should enable him to last a little longer now, otherwise he was certain he would have already shot his load.

"Holy fuck, you feel absolutely amazing."

Giggling below him at his words, Kagome was quick to thrust her hips in time with his movements, relishing in the feel of flesh on flesh. This was so much better than her imagination, and if she had her way, all her 'toys' could retire to the land of make-believe, never to be seen or heard from again. Well, maybe with the exception of her newest purchase, that is. Inuyasha growled in approval as she wrapped her legs snugly around his torso, arching her back, as he lifted her butt off the ground, holding her as tightly as he dared without piercing her flesh. She was unable to do much more than enjoy the ride in that position, and enjoy the ride she did, her breasts bouncing frantically as she struggled to catch her breath in between broken chants of his name.

"Oh! Oh! Inu...Inu-ya...yasha Oh!"

Feeling her third climax on the approach, she reached down between them and hastily started rubbing at her clit. Growling in approval of her action once more, Inuyasha wanted her to reach completion before he permitted himself to reach his own. It was getting more and more difficult to hold himself at bay.

"Oh gods, oh gods, Inu...Inuyasha!!!!!!!!!" she cried as her walls clamped insanely tight around his overly sensitized schlong.

"Kag...Kago...oh fuck! Kagomeeeeee!!!!!!!"

He erupted with more force than one would have thought possible, his earlier activities having apparently in no way hindered the amount of tangible lust that shot from his person, entering her womb with such ferocity that it flowed back out again, dripping between their legs. Everything became still then, as time literally froze. The crickets stopped chirping, the breeze stopped blowing, and our two lovers even stopped breathing, as they stared desperately into each other's eyes. Then, as if the gods had pushed a giant play button on life, everything resumed, as he crashed his lips down upon the mortal beauty's below him, his gradually softening member still resting snugly within her heat.

This was why he was supposed to take her from behind, because inu-youkai did not share moments of 'love' with their rutting partners, as he had, gazing into her chocolate depths. Youkai blood be damned, the hanyou decided in that moment. His heart was human, and he would love her accordingly, for the rest of his life.

In the distance, well beyond the limits of their senses, a lone Daiyoukai exhaled with a strikingly out of character sigh. He would admit, if only to himself, that a tiny part of him would somewhat miss the half-breed's company. Glancing downward, he amended, not so tiny.


Twisting her hair nervously, Kagome chewed her bottom lip, gazing up at the looming steps of the Higurashi shrine as though she'd just seen a ghost.

"Come on, you can do this." her husband encouraged, and smiling, Kagome turned to fidget nervously with the beads around his neck, using them as a means of distraction.

No longer did the rosary possess a spell of subjugation, but one of concealment, Inuyasha's hanyou looks currently masked by a glamour of his human form.

"But it's been so long, I don't know how to break the ice." the miko complained.

"Bah, to them, they're still not expecting you back for another couple of days." he explained, as he and his wife had both observed her younger self travel back in time, for the last time, the night before, carrying her adult store goodie bag.

He hadn't meant to purify the jewel, but as he'd proclaimed his love for her for the umpteenth time that night, he had expressed, aloud, his wish that she could remain with him, for his whole life. He had confessed how, even if she agreed to stay with him, which he wanted beyond life itself, he still dreaded the day that her mortality would eventually take her away from him. To him, it would have happened much too soon. A tear had actually leaked from his eyes at the confession, dripping upon the jewel that rested peacefully upon her chest. A blinding white light, and supernatural vision of Midoriko later, and Kagome's lifespan had been enhanced to that of a youkai.

She had been so happy that she and Inuyasha were officially 'together' that she hadn't even tried using the well until they'd run out of ramen, only to finally discover that her portal through time had apparently been closed. She hadn't been nearly as distraught over that realization as he'd feared she would be.

Inuyasha had also feared that the public knowledge of his relationship with the futuristic miko would be met with prejudice, but that fear had also proved ungrounded when Miroku, for once in his life actually acting like the monk he claimed to be, had promptly proclaimed that he would happily perform their wedding.

The hanyou had blinked at the foreign, human word.

"Surely you intend upon marrying her." Miroku had stated, in a tone more serious than he'd ever heard the lecher use before.

While Kagome openly accepted that her beloved Inuyasha was half inu-youkai, and that their ways were different, he was equally half human, and he had surprised her, and the entire village, by easily agreeing to abide by the ningen custom. Inu-youkai may not 'mate for life' the way ookami did, but no human man with an ounce of honor would ever cheat on his wife, and Inuyasha had been unwaveringly faithful to Kagome for over five hundred years now, his carnal desires for man-sex be damned. Actually, since a certain special something comprised of red plastic had been trapped in the past with her, it had honestly never really been an issue.

"Come on, we'd better not waste any more time. We have to pick Juro up at Sesshoumaru's at six." he pointed out.

"I wonder how Mama will take learning she's a grandmother ten times over."

Shrugging, he smirked "Probably pretty well, since they all have my ears, and besides, at least Juro's still young enough for her to spoil."

"Thanks for letting me space the boys half a century apart, or we never would have had a moment's peace."

Catching the gleam in his eyes, she balked. "What?"

"Well, I was wondering, now that we'd have your mother as another baby-sitting option, maybe we didn't have to wait quite so long this time?"

"Still hoping for a daughter?"

"Eleventh time's the charm, and besides, what with modern science and all..."

"You're an idiot." she smirked, leaning forward for a gentle kiss.

Pulling apart, he whispered "But I'm your idiot."


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