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Title: Sweet Mates of Mine

Fandom: Inuyasha

Pairings/Characters: Story 1: Kouga/Hakkaku/Ginta, Story 2: Storm Shadow/Sesshomaru

Word count: 408

Warnings: nothing

AN: This is actually 2 different stories that I tucked into one because of reasons at the time. Thank you.



Watching his mates play fight with each other, Kouga lent back against his tree, eyes bored but rather happy. Naraku had been taken care of finally and his tribe was once more thriving, everyone having pups and finding enough food for them. He, especially, had hit the jackpot of life mates in his companions.

They were both very strong in their own right but they were still very loving and made good mates for him. They had found orphaned pups from another tribe that had met an unfortunate end by Naraku's hand. Ginta and Hakkaku had adopted the twin pups, both of who barely had their eyes open and had convinced him to make them theirs officially. So he had taken in the pups and it was one of the best decisions that he had made.

Smiling, he reached down and gently stroked one ear of his littlest pup, getting a sleep mummer from him as the little one curled up against his brother, making him smile lightly. They were taking their naps while their “mothers” play fought with each other nearby, making him laugh lightly under his breath.

Watching a rabbit hop up to the other two males Kouga winced when they pounced upon it and started to scold the small creature, quickly petting it gently. They knew better then to hurt the white rabbit, because no matter how innocent it looked, one day it would grow to protect their pups and advise them in the way of running a tribe.

“Give him over. No need to spoil our little white friend,” Kouga called out, smiling when Ginta came over with the rabbit. Taking him and a lingering kiss, the wolf prince smiled as Hakkaku padded over to get his own kiss before dragging off their counterpart to continue playing and having a bit of fun as Kouga put the small rabbit down next to the twins. Watching them grab it and cuddle the poor thing to death, he smiled and shook his head.

Looking up, he went back to watching his mates continue to pounce and play with each other. He was sure it was rather interesting in just how life had turned out. He had joined up with Inuyashas pack, watch Naraku be destroyed until nothing was left of him and had gotten a wonderful family that loved him, even knowing his faults.

Oh yes, life was good after all of the dark days before.

Title: My Love, My Mate

Fandom: Inuyasha/GI Joe: Rise of Cobra

Pairings/Characters: Sesshomaru/Storm Shadow

Word count: 361

Warnings: some smut



The slow thrusts drove him mad, body moving under the strong body, legs wrapped around lean hips as he tried to cling to his mate. With a low growl that trailed off into a quiet gasp, he came, spilling across his stomach, the wetness smearing across their skin as the slow thrusts contiued until his mate filled him with warm wetness.

Panting Storm Shadow smoothed his fingers over Sesshomaru's shoulders, pouting when his mate pulled out, entrance twitching at the feeling of emptiness and stickyness that escaped from his body. Sighing as his mate laid over him, Storm Shadow wrapped his arms around the strong chest of the stronger youkai, drawing him as close as possible. Nuzzling into his mate neck with a sigh of pleasure, the smaller male smiled, the larger of the two had to laugh at the sound of the content sound that came from him.

Shifting, Sesshomoru pulled the slim cat over his body, holding him close. Trailing his fingers down the lean back, feeling the sweet body arch into his hand and long lean legs fall onto either side of his hips, the inu pulled their blanket over them and nuzzled into soft, sweat drenched hair and took a deep sniff of their conbined scents.

Sesshomaru loved smelling the way their scents mixed together, even if they hadn't touched one another in hours, especially with the musk of sex. There was something about that musky spice that mingled with the pleasant darkness that was his Storm Shadows scent. It was a rather interesting combination, one that he had never come across in all of the times he had come together with various sexual partners. And one that he would forever associate with his gentle, killer mate.

Sesshomaru idly wondered what was going on with Inuyasha and his mate before putting aside the thought as the lithe hips wiggled and pressed against his own in temptation. Dark eyes looked up into golden, watching them darken as Storm Shadow wiggled again, trying to arouse his mate once more.

“Naughty kitten,” Sesshomaru drawled as he flipped them over again, starting to love his mate into the bed once more.

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