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Chapter one- Collision

Inuyasha pounced on the unsuspecting Green Pheasant, hopping silently from the tree branch above to where it had been feeding on the ground.

“All right, Inuyasha!” clapped the little red kitsune from where he remained seated in the tree.

“It was ‘cause you kept your trap shut this time, right?” Inuyasha called up reproachfully while snapping the flailing bird’s neck.

“Right! I was real quiet this time,” Shippo puffed out his chest proudly. The last few times Inuyasha had taken him along to hunt, he had grown exasperated in boredom, scaring away any potential prey with noisy games or whispering questions to the hunting inu.

The little kitsune jumped down from the branch when the hanyou sat on a nearby boulder and scampered beside him. He watched avidly as the hanyou plucked the bright multi-colored plumage from the limp bird, salivating in anticipation. They had not come across a bird in a long while! It would be a nice change from fish. Fish were one of the few things Inuyasha had successfully taught him to catch on his own so far, and as he had scared away all of the prey when they had gone hunting, it was the only thing they had been able to catch.

Shippo was so excited to be finally learning how to hunt and was glad that Inuyasha was around to show him how. Inuyasha had always said, before Kagome had left, that she babied him too much. Shippo was not too sure about that. He had loved being cuddled by Kagome. It had been almost like being with his mother. He missed her terribly since she left to go back to her own era.

He was not too terribly sad, however. He still had Sango, Miroku, and Kirara, though they did not travel with him and Inuyasha anymore. They had settled with Kohaku in the old taija village once they had married and were working to rebuild it and start a family. Kaede-baba was still around to visit, as well, and Shippo was not worried about her being lonely, now that she had taken in Sesshoumaru’s human girl, Rin.

It was ok, though, that they chose to settle down. It was kind of nice to be out here and alone with Inuyasha. They got along pretty well without the strain that being among humans seemed to have put on their relationship. Out here, Inuyasha was the alpha, his dominance unchallenged by anyone else and lessening the confusion resulting from fluctuating pack rank. Because of this, they had been able to grown to care for each other as family. Inuyasha cared for, protected, fed, and taught Shippo the ways of the canine youkai, and Shippo treated him with the respect deserving of a father figure.

Inuyasha tore off a lean leg from the carcass of the pheasant. Damn, birds! Stupid feathers make ‘em look so much bigger than they actually are, he thought grumpily. This one was a tough old bird and the little kitsune would not have the bite power to tear the flesh from the bone. Resigned to having to feed the kit, he bit into the sinewy meat, biting off a small chunk and handing it to the waiting youngster before biting off a chunk for himself.

They ate in silence, well Inuyasha ate in silence, Shippo ate noisily, slurping up the warm blood and juices and humming his pleasure. The sounds of singing cicadas and squawking birds hidden in the tall grasses of the open field combined to create a symphony of music that relaxed the high strung and increasingly agitated hanyou.

Where the soothing melody of the wild had calmed him, a sniff of a familiar odor served to bring tension back into his slumped shoulders and relaxed guard.

It was him again! The insufferable jackass just would not take a hint. The youkai had followed them, appearing out of nowhere for weeks now and bothering Inuyasha. Inuyasha supposed what the bumbling idiot was trying to do was seduce him, and the hanyou had turned him down flat every time, but every time he came back to try again.

He was the most persistent, but he was not the only one to try.

Inuyasha had been thoroughly embarrassed to discover a week ago that he had come into his first heat. His body had become overheated and he paced their campsite, both antsy and drained of energy at the same time. Most humiliating of all, however, was when Shippo had told him that he smelled different now, a sweet, gentle odor. Myouga had informed him that he was in fact an uke.

Inuyasha had raged at that, after it had been explained to him what, in fact, and uke was. No one was going to claim him! He would be no one’s breading bitch! The rage, however, masked his true feelings; fear, vulnerability, panic. He had fought his whole life to live free, to find a place where he would not be seen as simply some abomination, but a valued comrade. He could not survive the life of a concubine toy; the life he imagined belonged to a freak, a man born to be used by another man, an uke.

Still, he continued his days as he had always done, ignoring the warm tingling and the sense of longing he felt within his body, as well as the urgent warnings by the old flea demon to not go out alone. He had scoffed at that. Just because he was supposedly an uke did not mean he could not take care of himself, as he had always done. Myouga had warned that his strength would lessen, that his own body would work against him if his youkai found a desirable seme. Inuyasha continued on anyway. He had made his way in this cruel world as an untrained, and unprotected child, he could handle himself.

He had soon found out that things were not that simple. All kinds of youkai came pouring out of the woodwork, sniffing him out and attempting to woo him. Some were more amiable than others, and their ideas of “wooing” ran from food offerings to attempted rapes. No one got very far. Inuyasha was far too strong, even in his weakened state, and far too stubborn to succumb to their attempts. He had rid himself of all of them, all of them except this asshole.

Said asshole was “hiding” across the field, just inside the tree line.  The dumbass is trying to shroud his self in the shadow of the trees and is dressed in a bright yellow kimono. This guy is pathetic.

Seeing the hanyou at rest and eating, the youkai deemed it the appropriate time to approach his desired mate. Exiting the dark of the forest, he puffed himself up (ridiculously reminiscent of Shippo, if you asked Inuyasha) and walked forth with what he assumed to be a regal air.

Inuyasha watched the youkai get closer with cool eyes, barely suppressing a growl. Dressed in a fine silken sun-yellow kimono with orange tiger lily designs along the hem and neckline, and cinched by a deep purple obi, he oozed wealth and privilege. The bright ostentatious colors of his clothing did little to make up for his extreme lack of physical beauty. His skin was the mottled brown that was the marker of his race, the salamander youkai. His copper colored hair hung in straight sheets, partially hiding a broad, short face, nearly half of which was taken up by a wide mouth. He was heavy and ungraceful, his flabby body trembling with each step and his obi barely able to tie around his pot shaped belly.

Stopping before the still sitting duo, he stretched his wide mouth into an impossibly wider smile. “Hello, there, my beautiful hanyou!”

Without taking his glaring golden eyes from those of the lustful gaze of the demon in front of him, he calmly spoke.


“Hmm?” the kit hummed, concentrating on his tasty piece of meat.

“Tree,” Inuyasha ordered and narrowed his eyes at the irrepressibly cheerful youkai.

Shippo wasted no time clamoring back up the tree he had climbed down from, knowing that when Inuyasha told him to get up in the trees, it meant danger.

Inuyasha menacingly stared the youkai down as he pushed aside his dinner and stood nose to nose with him.

“Didn’t I tell you to scram, asshole?” Inuyasha growled.

He stiffened as the beady-eyed demon locked his arms around his waist.

“Now, now, precious,” he admonished, ignoring the hanyou’s growing hostility. “I have come to take you home. We have been playing this game for long enough, and it is time for you to come and take your rightful place as my mate.” He smiled toothily and leaned in for a kiss.

Inuyasha’s eyes widened. Is this guy out of his mind?! I’ve done nothing but beat his ass for breathing the same air as me and he thinks I’m about to be his mate?! His eyes narrowed, however, as he saw the idiot try to kiss him and wasted no time in punching his fist into the side of his face.

The youkai stumbled to the side, releasing his hold on Inuyasha. He rolled to the ground with the force of the impact and landed ass over end in the tall grass. He sputtered and, after righting himself, sitting sprawled out on the ground, he glared reproachfully at the hanyou.

“Now, precious, that wasn’t very nice,” he admonished as if Inuyasha were a particularly naughty child. He stood back up, with a great amount of wheezing and huffing, planting his hands on his considerable hips. “Come love. You can even bring your stray.”

“Hey!” Shippo yelled indignantly from his perch in the tree.

Seeing Inuyasha continue to stand there, attempting to kill him with the strength of his glare alone, the youkai huffed, flopping his hands to his sides in exasperation and stepped toward him to grab the hanyou by the wrist, wanting to drag him back home for that first taste of that fine ass.

Finally Inuyasha had had enough. He snared as he drew Tetsusaiga. The mighty sword transformed in a flash of light and was pointed in the demon’s face, before he had a chance to take a second step. His eyes crossed looking at the tip of the sword that was inches from his nose.

“Do you want to die, asshole?” Inuyasha barked.

“Now, precious...,”

His gentle admonishment was interrupted by the prick of the sword against the quivering flesh of his neck.

“Leave,” Inuyasha commanded.


“NOW!” Inuyasha nudged the sword a little deeper into the demon’s thick neck. The sharp tang could be smelled in the air as the blade pierced the tough salamander skin, liberating a trickle of blood.

The youkai backed up a step and rose up to his full height, which only reached Inuyasha’s nose, and puffed his chest out importantly.

“Very well, my precious. It appears you are still not ready,” he said as he back stepped from the fuming hanyou. “I will return later, and then you will be on your best behavior!”

The bumbling youkai turned tail and ran back into the distant trees, leaving an incredulous inu in his wake. Inuyasha heaved his sword over his head and swung it into the nearest tree with a roar of frustration. The hanyou felt a little better as the tree fell to the earth with a thunderous crash.

“Let’s get out of here, kid,” Inuyasha sighed, placing Tetsusaiga back in its sheath.

Hopping from the branches, Shippo landed on the hanyou’s shoulder and the two ran into the forest.

The next morning found the two sojourners camped on the shores of a large pond. Shippo sat on a fallen log munching away at one of the apples he had helped to gather for their breakfast. Inuyasha sat next to him, stripped to the waist, with his kosode soaked with the cool waters and alternately draped over his head and wiped over his face and chest, in an attempt to cool his body. In his heat, he felt as if his blood was on fire.

He was trying to teach the kit the proper way to weave a small basket out of the reeds that surrounded the shallow waters. It was a difficult task, as the little kitsune was hard pressed to sit still and pay attention, but Inuyasha figured that if he had been able to learn it from his mother when he was much younger and more energetic than the young kit, then so could Shippo.

Both canine youkai paused, however, when a musky scent wafted over them. Inuyasha’s ears flattened as he concentrated on the smell. It was undoubtedly yet another demon who would try to mate with him, but underneath the musk of heat, was something familiar.

Well whoever it is, Inuyasha thought, slumping in resignation and stashing his half-finished basket away, they aren’t going to be catching me sitting around waiting for them.

“Go find somewhere to hide out, kid,” Inuyasha told the kit, cursing himself for not having made sure to settle where there where trees nearby.

“Right!” Shippo scurried off into the tall reeds and grasses at their back.

Meanwhile a demon was approaching quickly. His youkai had finally broken free after having been tightly controlled for decades. He had refused to give in to his heat, to roam around pouncing on anything that moved and degrading himself to hump like a… well, like a dog in heat.

But now he had lost control and, as he feared would happen, he was ruled by his hormone driven, primal youkai. His once pale golden eyes were now awash in red. His always immaculate clothing were torn and dirtied, his armor discarded, and his hair disheveled. His youkai had roamed the wilderness for days now, searching for a potential mate. He knew, trapped inside of his body and unable to see what his youkai was doing, all was lost. He had hoped to avoid being forced into a mating with an unworthy beast, and there was no telling what his youkai would claim.

The raging youkai, however, had indeed found the enticing scent of a potential mate. The scent of the being curled up his sensitive nose. It was a clean, sweet, alluring scent that lay over top a strong, fertile musk.  It sparked instant desire in the wild youkai and he began to hunt for his mate. This youkai was powerful and healthy. It would be the perfect mate for this Sesshoumaru.

Faster than Inuyasha could unsheathe his sword, the demon was there. He burst through the waist high grasses and stepped a bare, clawed foot onto the sandy beach. Inuyasha’s eyes widened in surprise as he recognized his brother, dread filled him when he finally took in the wild and unkempt appearance and demonic eyes.

Instantly he was hit with a wave of his brother’s powerful youki. Inuyasha’s tense, defensive stance relaxed against his will, as the youki beat against him, cut through him. Sesshoumaru radiated strength, dominance, and untold power, something that no other being had ever experienced, as no other being had been found worthy of Sesshoumaru’s attentions.

The youkai was very pleased with what he saw. Water droplets sparkled in the sunlight as they dripped slowly down his honeyed skin. His bright hair shone in stark contrast to the tanned body, falling over his shoulders, the ends just reaching his pink pebbled nipples, erect as the gentle wind blew across his wet skin. Despite this, he face and chest were flushed in heat, and the air pulsed with the scent of an unmated bitch in heat, both calling to the youkai like a siren.

Now Inuyasha recognized the muted scent of his brother, hidden under layers of other scents; musk, virility, arousal. Inuyasha could not have stopped the high pitched whine of submission that escaped his throat if his life had depended on it - which he rather thought it did.

The youkai approached, walking tall and graceful, despite his wild nature, his eyes never leaving those of the frightened hanyou in front of him. As he stood before the hanyou, breathing in his ambrosial aroma and gazing down at the soft snowy white tresses and the sun-kissed skin of his neck and shoulder, a purr escaped him, rumbling deep in his chest. Inuyasha whined again, this time in need, and felt himself bare his neck to the youkai.

 Inside he was panicking. He was baring his throat to Sesshoumaru! He was presenting his most vulnerable place to the one being on this Earth that had vowed to kill him (the one being left alive anyway) and had tried to do just that his entire life. What was going on? This was his half-brother. How could he be aroused by him, a lowly hanyou uke? It’s not right, he knew that much, brothers were not supposed to mate!

And what the hell was wrong with him? He was stronger than this! He wasn’t afraid of Sesshoumaru. He had fought dozens of youkai off in the past week alone.

Inuyasha began to tremble when the youkai lowered his head to his neck. His tongue swiped a slow hot trail up to his jaw, where he stopped to nibble at the tender flesh, the demon’s hands rising and settling on his waist, circling his hips. Inuyasha whimpered as he felt himself responding to the intimate touch.

Suddenly, the purr turned into a growl and the hands on his hips tightened. Inuyasha abruptly found himself spun around and pushed to the sandy ground, splashing as he was driven to his hands and knees, half in and half out of the water. He felt the heavy weight on his back as his brother descended on top of him.

No! No, this could not be happening! Inuyasha’s panic reached new levels as he felt his brother’s clawed hands grappling with his hakama, the same clawed hands that had driven through his body, inflicted his acidic poison into his blood stream, made his very life hell. His fingers clawed into the sand, fisting and scraping as if to crawl away but his body worked against him and stayed where the seme had put him.

Above him, the youkai drew down the thick fabric of the fire-rat hakama, pulling them down to pool around at the hanyou’s knees. He could feel his own arousal, thick and wet, trapped in his own hakama. He worked his way free, rubbing the throbbing member, hot and painfully engorged with blood, on the soft mounds of the uke’s ass. He grabbed at the flesh harshly, pulling a pained moan from the hanyou, and spread the inviting globes apart to reveal the small puckered entrance.

Rubbing the pad of is finger on the sensitive bud, he was rewarded with the delicious juices of his uke that lubricated the virgin entrance soaking his fingers. Yes, this one was ripe.

Without preparation, he placed the head of his thick cock at the twitching entrance. The uke whimpered at the feeling and he draped himself over the hanyou, as he thrust inside to the hilt in one strong movement. The little uke groaned in pain and pleasure, exciting the youkai further with his exquisite voice.

Inuyasha couldn’t hold back the moan. It hurt so badly! Nothing had ever prepared him for this. Yet, he was also overcome with pleasure as well. He felt so pleasantly full and, somehow, complete. The hot throbbing member inside him, felt like it belonged there.

The youkai began to move, thrusting deep inside of him. He braced his hands on Inuyasha’s back, pushing his chest and face into the sandy ground, fully dominating him, owning him. His cock, hot and dripping, bounced between his legs with the force of the pounding tempo the seme had set.

He had touched himself before, alone in his tree late at night, but he had never felt arousal like this. He was frightened beyond anything he had ever felt, but his body seemed to have detached from his mind and reveled in the thorough fucking he was receiving.

He panted harshly beneath the heavy weight of the youkai, moaning each time that hot length slid inside him. The demon’s claws dug into the skin of his back, unmindful of Inuyasha’s pain, grasping viciously at his back and shoulders, using them as leverage to pound into him harder and more brutally. Despite it all, his body seemed to ignore this and all too soon, he could feel the tell-tale warmth in his lower belly and his balled drew up.

“UHGN!” Inuyasha came with a hoarse cry, harder than he had ever come before. He slumped forward, his muscles unable to hold him up anymore, but rather than fall to the ground, he felt strong arms wrap around him and pull his back into a broad chest.

“Oh, Fuck!” he moaned as the motion drove his brother’s cock deeper inside him and a warm wetness painted the walls of his channel as Sesshoumaru came inside of him. Immediately Inuyasha was distracted form the curiously fulfilling sensation by pain in his neck.

Growling possessively, the youkai pulled Inuyasha’s head roughly to the side and sunk his fangs into the delectable flesh of the uke’s neck, as he came in torrents, his cock squeezed and milked by the contracting walls of the hanyou’s warmth. His mate tasted so sweet, so delicious, and he lapped at the mating mark he had made, never loosening his jaws from the hanyou’s skin. As his youki invaded the mark, infusing his mate with the mating powers and protections and linking them together for eternity, the red began to bleed out of Sesshoumaru’s eyes.

Inuyasha sat, impaled on his brother’s softening cock and limp in submission and exhaustion, in his brother’s embrace. His breath came in ragged pants as he fought of tears of sorrow. His brother had marked him! Marked him as his mating bitch, and given their relationship up until now, he was certain that would only mean the worst for his future.

 He stiffened when a growl began to rumble at his back as the surge of youki began to trickle to a stop. His eyes widened. That was not a good growl; it was a growl of warning, a growl of anger, of attack.

Automatically whining in submission, Inuyasha yelped as he was thrown from his brother’s lap, yanking the soft cock out of his sensitive hole and flinging him into the cool waters of the pond. He sputtered and trashed, at the unexpected meeting with water, but stopped and tried to scuttle away as he saw his fully aware and fully enraged half-brother marching his way toward him.

Unable to get far in the water, Sesshoumaru caught up with him quickly, painfully grabbing him by the hair and lifting him to his knees. He slapped Inuyasha hard across the face, pulling a yelp from the hanyou, before slapping him again and again. Inuyasha whimpered in fear, he had never seen his brother lose control of his stoic mask like this before.

“You vile hanyou, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!

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