When Mikos and Cursed Ones Join Forces

BY : Okibikitsune
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Ranma 1/2, nor the characters from them. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

When Mikos and Cursed Ones Join Forces

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Inuyasha or Ranma 1/2, nor the characters from them. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

AN:  I never thought I’d do a crossover fic, but I’ve always wanted to write something with Ryoga and my muse came up with this idea.  Besides, I love odd pairings, and I’ve never seen this one.  ^_^

"...." = Speech

'......' = Thoughts

Chapter 1:  Mikos, Demons, & Houshis, Oh My!

Ryoga sighed as he shifted his bulky yellow pack so the straps weren’t digging in as bad.  He looked around him, studying the city streets, hoping in vain to see and recognize something familiar.  He sighed despondently.  It wasn’t like he’d ever be able to find his way around even if he did see something familiar.

Thunder roared above him and he grimaced.  ‘Perfect’ he thought sarcastically.  Pulling his bamboo umbrella out, he opened it just in time.  Looking around, he saw some shrine steps.  That seemed like it would be a good place to wait out the storm. In his past experiences, shrines were always nice places to get directions, shelter and water from.

Pausing at the top of the stairs to catch his breath and take in the tranquil view, Ryoga’s eyes fell upon a huge tree with a rope wrapped around its trunk.  A light breeze stirred the mystic papers hanging on the rope.  Not a soul was to be seen.

Ryoga looked around at the huge shrine but didn’t see the priest or anyone else so he slumped to the ground under the overhang of a small wooden building.  He was just in time as it began to rain.  With nothing better to do, he looked closer at the small building and saw it was in a bad state of disrepair, yet it looked heavily traveled.  Curious, he slid the door open and peered inside.

Ryoga squinted into the dim interior finally seeing the well at the bottom, yet there wasn’t any bucket or crank around.  “It must be dry.”  He muttered to himself as he glanced about the interior, setting his pack to one side of the door.  There wasn’t anything else in the building.  Curious as to why a dry well would have its own building, he descended the small flight of steps.

Peering down he saw a rope ladder attached to one side and several sets of footprints on the bottom.  “Maybe someone fell in.”  He mused aloud unable to think of another reason for anyone to venture down there.  He had bent slightly to touch some ripped pieces of paper stuck on the sides of the well when he heard a girl yell something just outside.  He turned only to have a huge pack slam into his chest knocking the air out of him and toppling him backwards into the well before he could react.  He barely registered the thud of the door slamming closed above him as he wheezed trying to re-inflate his lungs.

Ryoga lay in a heap on the bottom of the well with a huge yellow pack almost identical to his own sitting on his chest.  Grunting, he heaved it off and set it on the ground beside himself stunned that it weighed as much as his did.  ‘Maybe the owner gets lost too.’  He thought as he reached up to grab the ladder and climb out.

“SQUEEEEE!!!!!”  Ryoga glared up at the hole in the roof as he tried to cuss.  This was very bad.  As a pig he couldn’t climb out.  He looked over at the pack.  The owner had to come for the pack, didn’t she?  Sighing in defeat, and getting cold from his dousing, he climbed into the one empty pocket he found.


Kagome hurriedly dashed to the well house knowing she had limited time before Inuyasha came to retrieve her for taking too long but a yell from outside had her frantically tossing the large yellow pack inside before shutting the door quickly and turning around with a forced smile.  “Hojo-kun!  What are you doing here?  I’m still contagious you know.”  She watched her classmate jog up to her carrying a small bundle.

“I know.  I was just bringing you some herbs my grandmother swears will cure everything.  She got them from some Chinese peddler a month ago on her trip to Jusenkyo.  She’d heard the hot-springs there were nothing short of miraculous in their powers.”

“Thank you Hojo-kun.”  Kagome said with a polite smile as she took the proffered packet and stuck it in her pocket.  “I really don’t want you to catch this, Hojo-kun so I’m going to go back inside now.”  Kagome quickly walked back to her house avoiding the largest mud puddles while inwardly fuming.

‘Who in their right mind brings over herbs during a thunderstorm to an extremely contagious person?’  Kagome thought as she sighed while she shut the door to her house and waited.  She watched as despite the rain, Hojo slowly walked away towards the shrine steps.  ‘Hurry up.  Inuyasha will be here soon if I don’t get over there.  I was supposed to return over an hour ago!’  She thought to herself as Hojo’s form finally vanished from sight.

“I’ll see you in two weeks, Mom!”  Kagome called out to her mother before she hurried through the rain towards the well. Kagome opened and shut the door as fast as she could in case Hojo returned.   “I’m late.  He’s going to kill me…”  Kagome muttered as she paused inside the well house, letting her eyes adjust to the dim lighting.  She quickly tossed the backpack beside her over her shoulder before she descended the stairs not seeing the bamboo umbrella lying on the ground against the wall. 

She vaulted the low side of the well before looking down.  Her eyes widened at the sight of a second yellow pack at the bottom just as they became surrounded by a violet light signaling her journey through time.  Kagome knelt on the bottom of the well as the light faded.  She had two packs at her feet.  The packs looked almost identical even to the battered and frayed straps.  The one exception was the huge liquid eyes staring at her from one of the pockets of the pack right before her.

“KAWAII!!!”  Kagome squealed as she reached carefully in the pocket to remove the small black piglet.  She giggled as it looked away as if embarrassed by her compliment.  “Aww, don’t be shy.  You are adorable.  How did you end up in the pack little one?  Why are there two packs?”  Kagome smiled as she stroked the soft skin under the piglet’s chin. 

Shoving the puzzle of the double packs mentally to one side, she said, “You need a name.  Are you a boy or a girl piglet though?”  Kagome lifted Ryoga and though he squirmed to avoid the indignity of having his naughty bits on display, it was too late.

“You are a boy.  I don’t think you’d appreciate a cutesy name when you get bigger, but a really macho name now will make people laugh at you.”  Kagome thought aloud as she pulled the piglet back against her chest, forcing him to prop his face on her breasts or have his snout planted between them.

Ryoga closed his eyes as he tried to keep from having a nosebleed at the close contact.  You’d think as many times as he was cradled against feminine chests in this form he’d be used to it by now.  If he was a guy, he probably wouldn’t react as strongly, but as a tiny piglet with a guy brain, it was like having two giant breasts as big if not bigger than his head cradling him in their soft warmth.  What guy didn’t fantasize about something like that?

“Oi, wench!  What took you so damn long?”  Ryoga’s head jerked up to view the owner of the pissed off voice. He felt the nice girl sigh silently.

“My name is KA-GO-ME!  Use it or I’ll use the S-word!”  Ryoga watched as the boy above paled dramatically. 

‘S-word?’  Ryoga finally noticed the odd thing bothering him about the boy above.  He had ears on his head like a dog.  “SQUEEEEEE!!!!!”  He began to squirm frantically in Kagome’s grasp. Her grip remained gentle as she cuddled him closer.

“Shhh… It’s alright, he may be a half demon, but he’s got a good heart.  He won’t hurt you.”  Kagome whispered as she rubbed his ears soothingly.  ‘Demon?  They exist?  For that matter, where did the rain and well house go?’  Ryoga craned his neck looking around at the slight change in his surroundings.

“If you are done cuddling your lunch can we go?”  Inuyasha asked sarcastically.

“Sit boy!”  * THUD * “This little guy is NOT lunch, dinner, supper, breakfast, or snacks, got it?”  Kagome eased the little piglet back into the pocket of the pack before slinging it over her shoulder on top of the other one.  Ryoga blinked in amazement.  He knew how heavy his pack was and hers.  She was strong.

Kagome quickly climbed the rope ladder and sat down beside the well.  She pulled off both packs.  “Let’s see whose pack I have now.”  Ryoga watched as she opened his pack and the half-demon knelt nearby sniffing.

“It belongs to a male ningen.”  Inuyasha said in a low voice.  “Why do you have it?”


“It was in the well house and I thought it was mine.”

“I smell the pig on it too.  He must belong to the owner of the pack.”  Inuyasha said while watching the pig as it looked back and forth from him to Kagome as they talked.  It was like he understood.  ‘Could the pig be a demon?’  Sniffing curiously he leaned closer to the animal.  It backed up at his slow approach, inching closer to Kagome.  He ‘fehed’ and sat back.  Smelled like a pig to him.

Ryoga didn’t like the calculating look the demon was giving him.  It was like he knew there was more to him than showed.  Ryoga turned as Kagome sorted through his belongings.

“Wow!  He is prepared.  Look!”  Kagome held up his battered tea kettle.  “He must really love his tea to carry this.  She quickly pulled out his rope, snacks, spare clothes, first aid kit, flares, a canteen, and he flushed as she pulled out the letter he’d just written to Akane.  “Oh, here it is.  The owner is Ryoga Hibiki according to this letter.”

“Feh.  Just throw all that stuff back in the pack and let’s go.”  Inuyasha said, standing impatiently.

“What about the piglet?  I can’t leave him here.”

“Why don’t you take him back through, then?  The owner is sure to come back and claim him.”

“I can’t.  Mom was running out as I left so no one is home and it’s raining there.  He was soaked.”  Kagome scooped Ryoga up and cradled him against her chest again.

Inuyasha sighed.  “Maybe Kaede can watch him and you can return him when we get back.”

“I can’t.  Kaede is gone so much what if one of the villagers got him?”

Inuyasha grinned as he glanced down at the piglet who was watching them again like he was following the conversation.  “He’d be someone’s lunch then wouldn’t he?”  Inuyasha watched as the piglet’s eyes widened and he began to tremble.  ‘So the little runt does understand.  How?  He’s not a demon.’

Curious, Inuyasha continued to bait the small animal, missing the telltale signs of Kagome’s building anger.  “He does look nice and tender.  I bet someone would love to gobble him up after roasting him over a spit.”  He grinned wider, exposing his fangs to the small animal for effect.

“Inuyasha?”  Kagome’s voice was saccharine sweet.

‘Shit!’  He realized his mistake too late. 

"Osuwari!”  Kagome said in a calm voice belying her anger.  She set Ryoga between her knees as she re-packed his belongings.  He mentally thanked every god he could think of that she had placed him facing out.

Kagome grasped both packs and slung them over her shoulders before kneeling to scoop up the well-behaved piglet.  She turned and began walking towards the village.  “I’ll leave this extra pack at Kaede’s until I go back home, but I’m bringing the piglet with me.”

Kagome marched off leaving the hanyou still planted on the ground.  Inuyasha sat up as Kagome walked off.  The spell had worn off long ago, but he wanted time to ponder the pig’s reactions.  It was obvious it understood them, yet it wasn’t a demon.  How then?

Kagome talked to Ryoga as she walked.  “I’m so sorry I pulled you away from your owner, little one.  I promise to return you in a few days.  I just can’t right now.  I know you are a long way for home. 

‘She does?’  Ryoga perked up his ears as Kagome softly explained her situation as she walked.  He found himself nodding as she spoke, totally focused on her.  He squealed in fright when a large fur ball jumped on him.

“Shippou-chan!”  Kagome said in a low, warning voice.

“Hai, Kagome?”  Shippou pulled on one of Ryoga’s ears as he looked up.

“Let go of the piglet now!  He is here temporarily and is to be treated with care not roughness.  Is that understood?”  Kagome watched as Shippou released the piglet’s tender ears.

“You mean he’s not dinner?”  Shippou pouted.  He jumped to the ground when Kagome gave him the glare she normally used on Inuyasha when he said something really stupid.  “Just kidding, really. He’s too small to eat.”  The kitsune said as he backed up far enough to turn tail and run.  Kagome mad was scary.

“You’d better stay as close to me as possible Kuro-chan.”  Kagome smiled when the little piglet nuzzled closer.  “You like your new name, Kuro-chan?”

Ryoga snuggled as close as possible.  Kuro-chan was better than P-chan any day.  He’d rather be called ‘Black’ than ‘Pig’.  He snuffled happily, enjoying the soft scent of Kagome’s soap.

“Here we are.  Let’s get this pack settled somewhere then I need to rearrange my pack some as well.  I wonder if Ryoga-san would mind if I borrowed a few of his things.”  Kagome tapped her chin with one finger as she knelt on the floor of the small hut.  She smiled at Kuro-chan as he nudged the bag then looked at her as if giving permission.

“Arigato, Kuro-chan.  I’ll reimburse Ryoga-san when I get back.”  Kagome swiftly opened both packs and dumped out the contents and began to decide what she’d leave and take.  Ryoga sat on his haunches as he compared their packs.  The only difference he saw was she carried school books and he carried a tea kettle.

Kagome began to put the first aid kits in one of the side pockets for easy access.  The ropes she tied to one of the straps.  The flares and matches went into another side pocket.  Kagome shoved her bag of soaps in her pack and hesitated over Ryoga’s.  She opened the bag and pulled out his shampoo.  Looking over her shoulder she quickly unscrewed the lid and sniffed lightly.

Ryoga stared at her odd behavior.  She blushed as she saw him staring.  “Gomen, Kuro-chan, but I’m rather tired of my soap and was thinking of changing to something else.  I just didn’t have time before I left today.”  She recapped the bottle and smiled.  “It does smell nice, but it’s definitely a guy shampoo.”

‘Guy shampoo?  How can you tell by the smell?’  Ryoga wondered.  It never occurred to him there were guy shampoos and girl ones.  He just bought what he thought smelled nice.  He watched as she repeated the gesture with his shower gel.  He saw the bright grin on her face as she recapped it and pulled out her bag and switched shower gels. 

‘I know there are girly gels.  Is that what she just put in my pack?’  Ryoga walked over to his pack and thrust his snout into his bag of soaps.  The delicate scent of berries wafted into his snuffling nose.  Sneezing violently, he backed up.  It was girly.  He grunted as he made a mental note to buy more soap when he got back to the proper time period.  It wouldn’t do to be caught smelling like a girl by Akane, or worse, Ranma.

He was mildly surprised at how accepting he was of Kagome’s story, but his own story was just as messed up in another way.  Curses have a way of screwing you once, but the results last a lifetime.  He heard Kagome giggling and turned his head, looking over his shoulder.  He blushed again; glad it didn’t show on his current body.

Kagome quickly refolded the smiley faced boxers and stuffed them in the proper pack.  Ryoga watched as she took his pants and stuffed them in her pack.  He grunted and butted her hand with his snout to get her attention.  “Nani?”  Kagome asked as the piglet butted against her a second time.  She watched as he looked at her pack then the clothes still on the floor of the hut.

“It’s been getting cooler and I forgot my warmer clothes.  I figured I could borrow his pants as well.  I will wash them.  You don’t mind do you Kuro-chan?”  Kagome asked feeling silly talking to the piglet like he understood.  The piglet shook his head.

Kagome gasped and picked up the small animal.  “You understand me don’t you?”  Ryoga stared into Kagome’s blue eyes.  He’d given himself away.  He was so used to Akane ignoring these slips that he hadn’t bothered to hide his intelligence.  Sighing, he slowly nodded as he looked away.

“How?  Are you a demon?”  Kagome watched as the little piglet shook his head vehemently.  He began to squirm so Kagome put him down but tensed ready to grab him if he tried to run away.  She watched as the piglet grabbed the tea kettle and dragged it to the bucket of clean water near the fire.  He looked over his shoulder at her expectantly.

“You want me to boil some water?”  The piglet nodded again.  Kagome slowly filled the kettle and hung it on the hook over the small fire she started for it.  “I take it we aren’t making tea?”  The piglet shook his head.

The two stared silently at each other as the water heated.  When the kettle whistled, Kagome pulled it off the hook and set it on the woven mat for hot dishes.  “What now, Kuro-chan?”  She watched the piglet look around finally walking over to the empty bucket they used to get water from the river.  He walked back to the kettle and stared.

“Put the water in the bucket?”  Kagome asked.  The piglet nodded.  “This is so surreal.” Kagome muttered as she did as the pig asked.  She watched as the piglet rose up on his hind legs to peer into the steaming bucket and cringed.  “What is it?”  Kagome asked as curiosity got the best of her.  The pig just shook his head while staring at the steam rising off the hot water.

Five minutes later the piglet again looked at the water and nodded.  Kagome shifted to her knees as she watched the piglet tense, getting ready to jump.  The piglet looked at her before quickly glancing away.  If she didn’t know better she’d think he was embarrassed. 

Jumping, the pig landed in the bucket.  Surprised, Kagome rose up on all fours to peer into the bucket only to freeze in a kneeling position before a very naked male crotch.  Kagome stared, stunned at the unexpected results of the water on the piglet.  Before either she or Ryoga could move much less flush with embarrassment, Miroku entered the hut and stilled, taking in the sight before him. 


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