At Death's Door

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Kagome was dead.  Kaede, Miroku, Sango, Rin, and Kohaku had died as well.  Age and disease catch up to humans, but Inuyasha still lived on.  Inuyasha tried to watch over his children and his friend’s children, but it was just too hard and the memories of past loves haunted him.


Inuyasha’s children would die before him as well since they were all quarter breeds and as they moved on with their lives mating with humans slowly removing the once powerful blood of Inu No Tashio.  That powerful blood was diluted just as Sesshoumaru predicted would happen when one dallied with humans which was why he was never fond of Inuyasha’s choice in a mate although he was not one to interfere in Inuyasha’s choices.  Sesshoumaru just assumed Inuyasha wanted weakness in his life and thus would always covet the companionship of humans.


Sesshoumaru left Rin with humans since although he loved the child.  The demon Lord of the West could not afford weakness.  Rin had been a weakness and had to be removed although Sesshoumaru still visited the girl as often as possible bringing her gifts.


Sesshoumaru approved the match between Rin and Kohaku thus leaving Kohaku as Rin’s new protector.  However, when Rin died Sesshoumaru promised her he would not only remember her, but also show the same compassion to children everywhere.  It was a simple request, but Sesshoumaru had been hesitant about such a thing since he still had a singular prejudice towards half breeds, but on his honor for his Rin he gave his promise as she died in his arms.


Everyone and everything died eventually, but for demons it was a long time before death would come especially to powerful demons like Sesshoumaru.  Sesshoumaru had over the years not only surpassed his Father, but his elders and was the singular most powerful demon in the world.  The only one to come close to beating Sesshoumaru was Inuyasha, but Inuyasha was also getting old.  His human side had aged slowly, but had indeed aged.  Inuyasha was now an old man in human years although his demon form was still quite young.


It had been so many years that Inuyasha had lived and Inuyasha was tired.  Tired of living and he missed Kagome.  Inuyasha missed his old friends.  There were few battles to be had except the few times Sesshoumaru came to try to end his life.  Inuyasha did not even know why he fought back anymore.  Wouldn’t death be welcome at this point in life?


Inuyasha tapped his trusty Tessaiga at his side.  It was time to battle his brother again and this time let Sesshoumaru win although Inuyasha would not ever let on that he was going to purposely lose this time.  Inuyasha would give Sesshoumaru the battle he asked for, the final one.




Sesshoumaru was bored out of his mind.  If he had to listen to the elders preach to him again about having no heir to his throne he was going to kill them all.  There were no worthy females of Inu blood and he was not going to mate with his Mother even if incest was an option.


Why couldn’t Father have sired a daughter?  A pure blood female of his caliber was what Sesshoumaru desired, but as with his Sire the males of the family were cursed to bear only males.  Mother was the last of her breed and had been a cousin to Father.  It was a forced mating, but at least it was between two pure blooded white Inu demons.


Just the idea of his elders mentioning his own Mother as a breeding female disgusted Sesshoumaru.  He also couldn’t stand his own Mother although he respected her enough not to kill her.  She thought she was funny when she was not.  The woman was a thorn in his side.


Mother too had brought up the fact Sesshoumaru was neglecting his duties to the throne.  Sesshoumaru pretty much told his own Mother to drop dead if she thought he was going to mate any of the females she approved of.  The Lady of the East was a buck toothed eyesore, the Lady of the South was ancient older than his own Mother, and the Lady of the North was already mated to young Prince Kouga.  Princess Ayame was attractive, but not powerful enough to pursue and Sesshoumaru was in an alliance with the wolves that he did not wish to break.


Mother mentioned Ayame’s daughter was almost of age, but Sesshoumaru refused to mate a mere child.  He could do better and would find a worthy mate on his own terms.


Sesshoumaru got up from his chair in his Mother’s study.  He was still the most powerful demon in the world, but he did not have a castle of his own yet.  Financially he was hurting and his Mother had once again told him that if he considered mating with one of the Ladies of the East or South he would be set for life with a castle of his own.  Thinking about this problem pissed off Sesshoumaru and when he was pissed off only a battle would calm him down.  It was time to seek out that pathetic half breed and make the boy suffer.  The only reason Inuyasha lived was that Sesshoumaru allowed it.


A slight smile lit the corners of Sesshoumaru’s mouth.  The sight of Inuyasha bloody and battered excited him.  Even though with Tessaiga Sesshoumaru couldn’t kill Inuyasha, he knew he could do some serious damage to the boy.  Well……..not boy anymore.  Inuyasha was a man in demon years although Sesshoumaru would always see his little brother as nothing more than a boy.  Inuyasha was always a dirty little hanyou boy who would always be under his elder brother.


“You’re leaving.”


It was a statement not a question from Mother.


Sesshoumaru did not answer her.  She already knew he was going.


“Tell me Sesshoumaru, when you see him do you still see your Father in his features?  Or is it Izayoi?  Does it bother you so much that you look more like me than your Father?  Come dear puppy, you can tell your Mommy.”


Mother pestered with a wicked smile behind the fan she carried on her dainty wrist.


Sesshoumaru gave his Mother a dirty look then strode out even more determined to beat Inuyasha’s face in this time.  It was true that Inuyasha looked more like their Father then he did and that alone made Sesshoumaru furious.


Without another backwards glance Sesshoumaru took off into the air and teleported in the direction of his little brother.

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