Sesshoumaru's Pet

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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I woke up to feet kicking me.  I was in chains, my body small and fragile.  I was dirty though, so dirty from the ground and those feet kicking at me bruising my sides and back.


The voices yelled at me in some kind of language I didn’t understand.  I was afraid as I scrambled away from those kicking feet.  One of the strangers grasped me by my long black hair.  It was an inky blue black as far as I could tell, but it was night out and I couldn’t see well especially with the hair falling over my face as it were.


The stranger threw me forward onto the ground again then several hands tore at my clothing as I fought to get away.


Finally stumbling free of them I ran through the forest ignoring the rattling of the chains as I could hear them catching up to me.  I ran and ran until I saw someone standing in the forest alone.  He was elegant dressed in splendid armor in white.  It was hard to tell at first if he was a man since his face was youthful with a slightly feminine curve to it, but the prominent Adam’s apple quelled any question to his being a female.


The man had knee length beautiful silver white hair, golden eyes, and markings upon his face.  His lips were slightly pouted, but quite masculine.  His nose was not as large as most men’s and it did turn up a tiny bit at the end.  His features were chiseled to perfection giving him an aristocratic air about him.  He had dark eyebrows and eyelashes that contrasted with the paleness of his hair and his skin was alabaster looking similar to stone yet also seemed to have a softness to it.


Both the hands on this creature were graced with claw like fingernails, but the strangers who grabbed me and my own nails were similar.  I assumed this had to be normal although the situation I was in was far from normality.


I called out to him for help, but he only looked my way for a moment with a look of distaste on his regal visage.  I realized I must look hideous to him, but I needed someone’s help and he was the only one standing here.  One word fell from his lips as he regarded me.




It was a low baritone voice that came from this being and in hearing the footsteps come closer I hid behind him praying to God he would help me.


As the footsteps came closer to the man he did not make a move to show help to me or to the strangers chasing me.  He simply waited as I huddled behind him feeling a whimper rise from my throat and out involuntarily.


The men who were chasing me stopped in front of this man and spoke to him gruffly.  I did not understand a word of what they said, but it was of Asian descent.


The men yelled at this man and pointed at me although they did not approach this regal creature.  The man spoke to these men who were yelling and one of the men came forward reaching around him grasping my arm only for the regal man to speak again.


They pulled me away from this man as I screamed and fought to get free.  The man threw me on the ground and started tearing at my clothes.  The men around him watched and laughed as I struggled.


The man above me opened his pants and I knew what was coming.  I refused to be raped though and put up one hell of a fight recalling some of what I learned in Kung Fu class tossing him off of me after kneeing him in the groin.


The man from what I did understand cursed.


“Mesuinu! (Bitch)”


The man yelled.


The other men came at me to hold me down, but I started to lose control of myself.  It was either fight or die so I fought them ignoring the pains of their claws scratching at my arms and legs finally using my claws to rip one of their throats out and grasp a knife from the dying man’s hip.


I cut at them as they came for me and screamed at them to leave me alone.  I could hear their heavy breathing and could see their fangs gnashing as they attacked while the regal man simply stood by watching as if waiting for something or someone.  Either it was that or he was being entertained by watching my suffering.


Suddenly a young girl arrived humming softly to herself.  The strange men around me stopped and immediately went after the girl.  The girl screamed as she rushed behind the regal man just as I had done however this time the regal man flicked his wrist at the men and they all fell in pieces at the man’s feet.


“Gurache (thank you) Sesshoumaru-sama.”


The girl said.


The man simply nodded.  The girl moved forward towards me, but the man grasped her arm.


“Rin nain (no).”


The man said and the girl argued with him pulling away walking towards me.


I was afraid and a growl flew from my throat since I was unsure of what this girl would do to me.  The men tried to rape me and that regal man did nothing.  This girl might hurt me to for all I knew.


“Bonsowa-ru (good evening).”


The girl said although I did not understand her.  She still continued to talk to me as though I should understand.  From what I could see she was human and around her mid teens.


“I don’t understand.”


I said to her.  Still the girl chattered on.  It was beginning to get irritating.  I wished she would stay silent, but she kept talking.


My clothing was ripped and in ruins.  I was wounded in multiple places and all I wanted were some clean clothes, a proper bath, and the chains off of me.  It would also be nice to know where I was and how I came to be here in this strange place.




Sesshoumaru’s and Rin’s POV


Sesshoumaru had been waiting for Rin since he took her from the human village to spend a few days with her since although odd for a demon he missed her.  Rin had been a constant in his life and lately that life had become mundane.  There was little to do and after years of an unspoken peace between himself and his brother, Sesshoumaru could not find the foe he sought for ultimate conquest and power.


Sesshoumaru had smelled something off today, but ignored it.  That was until a dirty little hanyou girl came running through the forest in his direction.  It was another Inu hanyou with black ears upon its head and the scent of weakness and fear in its skin.  The foul dirty blooded little thing was in chains running from something or someone.  Either way it was not Sesshoumaru’s concern.




Sesshoumaru had said simply to see if the creature knew what she was.  She looked confused and afraid.  The fear was intoxicating, but the weakness of this creature was revolting.


Sesshoumaru was about to walk away, that was until the creature ran towards him and hid behind him like the coward she was.


Five demon males came from the forest that had been chasing after this creature.  He recognized the leader.  It was a hanyou hunt, for sport.  These demons were well known in these parts for chasing, hunting, raping, and killing off hanyous.  Inuyasha had dealt with them before and had handed them their asses on a silver platter.  They did not come after his brother anymore, however they were hunting on his lands.


“Give us the bitch!”


The leader yelled at Sesshoumaru.  Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at the demon who spoke to him with such a lack of respect.


“She is our prey!”


Another man yelled.


“Still preying on the weak Hayu?  Pathetic prey if you ask me and you are poor hunters for letting this thing get away from you.  Take your sport off my lands before I destroy you.”


Sesshoumaru said.


“So you are not protecting her then my Lord?”


Hayu said.


“I would not lower myself as you do.”


Sesshoumaru said.


Hayu grinned and grabbed the girl by her arm.  He was going to have some fun with this one right in front of Lord high and mighty Sesshoumaru’s eyes.


The demon men licked their lips in anticipation.  They all wanted a piece of this girl before they ripped her apart.


Sesshoumaru simply watched since he had nothing better to do and he had not seen a good rape in a long time.  He also was not against the carnage that would follow.  Half breeds were a stain to themselves and to others.  She deserved her fate.


As the girl’s clothing was being ripped from her body Sesshoumaru licked his own lips.  Part of his inner beast wanted to tear into the girl, be the first to rape her, dominate her, and rip her to shreds.  Still Sesshoumaru kept himself in control and simply watched waiting for that first scream to rip from her throat.


Instead the girl did something completely unexpected and fought back kneeing her attacker between his legs and flipping him off of her.




Hayu yelled seething in fury as he cradled his damaged balls and cock.


Sesshoumaru watched the wild little animal fight tearing out one of the attacker’s throat with her claws.  Still she was weak.  She couldn’t fight all these men off as his brother had done and the men were being stupid in just grabbing at the girl rather than truly attacking her.


Hayu got up from the ground and with blood red eyes was ready to tear into the girl who was simply cutting at the demons with a knife.  Unfortunately the game ended as the demons smell fresh ripe virgin human girl.  That was much better prey then a hanyou and the men’s inner beasts came out for a new hunt.  They would feast on this human’s soft flesh and she smelled clean which was rare for a human.


As Rin came through the forest to where Sesshoumaru had been waiting for her she hummed a happy tune since she loved Sesshoumaru and was so happy he wanted to spend time with her.


Rin didn’t notice the danger until it was almost upon her, then she did as she always had done.  She screamed in terror then hid behind her savior as the demons that had come for her were killed in a matter of seconds.


Sesshoumaru was disappointed.  He hadn’t expected Rin to return so soon and had hoped to at least see the little beast killed.


“Thank you Lord Sesshoumaru!”


Rin gushed and Sesshoumaru simply nodded.


Of course then Rin saw the wounded hanyou.  Rin’s first thoughts went to her dear friend Inuyasha and the poor girl was obviously scared to death.  Rin walked towards the bleeding creature and like Sesshoumaru had done when she found him wounded the girl growled.


Sesshoumaru knew what Rin was about to do and was completely against it.  This wasn’t him or his brother.  It was a wild untamed beast and although not dangerous to him this hanyou could hurt his Rin.


“Rin no.”


Sesshoumaru said grasping her arm to stop her from getting any closer.


“Let me go Lord Sesshoumaru!  Can’t you see she needs our help?!”


Rin argued feeling sorry for the poor girl in chains.


“She is a wild animal Rin.  She will attack you just like those demons I killed.”


Sesshoumaru said.


“No she won’t!  Now let me go!”


Rin said pulling out of Sesshoumaru’s grip.


“You are being foolish.”


Sesshoumaru warned.


“I know what I am doing!  I’m not a little girl anymore!”


Rin yelled.


Cautiously Rin walked towards the hanyou that was bleeding.  She kept her eyes on those clawed hands and the knife just in case.  Smiling she put her hands behind her back and tried to be as non threatening as possible.


“Good evening.”


Rin said and noticed the hanyou’s ears perk up.  That was a good sign.  When Inuyasha’s ears perked up it meant he was listening.


“What is your name?  I am Rin.  I see you are injured.  We can help you and maybe find some keys to get those cuffs off.  I am sure you would like new clothes since yours are ripped and I know you probably could use a bath.  I know where a hot springs is at.”


Rin said to the hanyou.


The hanyou said something in a different language.  Rin knew what it was like not to have people understand you and felt bad for the girl.  Still she kept talking in a cheery voice to try to calm the hanyou’s frazzled nerves and knew that talking sometimes helped people who were afraid not to be afraid anymore even if the person did not understand them.


“Oh I will teach you our language and you can teach me yours.  It will be good for us both since Lord Sesshoumaru is always saying it is important to keep up ones education.  I will help you catch fish since you look like you haven’t eaten much and we will be just like sisters.  Kind of like Kagome and Sango back in my village.”


Rin said continuing on making both the hanyou and Sesshoumaru both feel terribly uncomfortable.  Sesshoumaru was about to tell Rin to be silent since she did not understand that demons were not like humans.  Too much talking hurt their ears and as pleasant as Rin’s voice was it was grating on his nerves.


The hanyou he noticed was gritting her teeth and starting to flatten her ears against her head.  Whatever calm was there was quickly being destroyed for both demon and hanyou.




“Rin mugon (silence).”


The man this Rin person called Sesshoumaru-sama said making the girl suddenly stop talking.  However Rin did not stop searching the bodies of the dead men.  She suddenly made a ah-ha sound as something jangled in her hands.


Rin ran in front of me with a set of keys and then I understood what she was doing and was grateful.  I still hung onto the knife since I did not know what these two had planned for me, but I did hold out my wrists for Rin to unchain me.


The girl tried different keys until one finally clicked and the chains came off.


“Thank you.”


I said to her and she tried the words.


“Tank ewe.”


Rin said with a smile.


I nodded since that was pretty good for a beginner.


Rubbing my wrists from the ache I prepared myself to leave.  The girl grabbed my wrist though and pulled me along.  Sesshoumaru-sama frowned.  It was obvious the regal man did not want me to come with them and thus I tried to pull away however Rin held onto me firmly pulling me with her despite my struggling.  For a human the girl was strong.


Sesshoumaru-sama followed Rin and me through the trees to a place where a hot springs lay.  She immediately took off her clothing not seeming to care that there was a man with them.  I could smell something in the air coming from Sesshoumaru-sama.  It was a strong masculine scent with a hint of something else I could not describe as he watched the young human girl intently.


Rin pulled me over to her and started babbling on again.  I tried to fight to keep my clothing on since I did not wish to disgust the man, but the girl was quick and I was soon standing nude trying to cover myself as best as possible.  The scent from Sesshoumaru-sama got stronger and there was a glimmer in his eyes of something familiar I could not place.  Still I did my best not to look at him as Rin dragged me to the hot springs.


The girl then pulled out something from the ground.  It was sweet smelling and looked like simple roots.  She started to wash herself with the roots and they formed a strange lather.  She handed some to me and I did the same as her washing my skin as it was caked in dirt.  I also washed my hair with the roots following Rin’s example as she talked to me in her language.


I ran my claws through my hair trying to get out the tangles and dirt.  Rin ran her fingers through her waist length onyx hair seeming to do the same as I was trying to get the tangles out.  Then she put part of her hair up in a tie on the side of her head.  It was rather silly, but I didn’t say anything to her about it.


Rin then whistled loudly hurting my ears as I laid them flat against my head.  A two headed dragon appeared above the treetops than landed next to Sesshoumaru-sama who was watching us bathe.  I had my back turned to the man since I did not want him to see me and luckily my hair was long enough that it covered most of my backside since the tresses were down to mid thigh.


As Rin got out of the springs she went straight to the dragon’s saddle where she pulled out a cloth and something else.  Then she came over to the springs and pulled me out.  I covered myself again and Rin giggled.  She said something about Sesshoumaru-sama and shook her head.  I heard Sesshoumaru-sama make an ‘Hn’ sound to whatever the comment was.


I dried off with the cloth she handed me and then she handed me something in ties.  It was silk and had flowers printed on it.  I opened it up to see it was a kimono, but it was far too fine for someone like me so I tried to hand it back to her to gather my clothing.  She pushed it at me again with a more urgent tone then dressed herself in a fine kimono of orange, white, and green.  It seemed to suit her and brought out the tan of her skin.


Rin picked up my clothing and looked at it.  It was mere rags and dirty.  She set it on the ground and then proceeded to gather wood.  I decided to help her since she had helped me.  I also was hungry, but I was afraid to go into the woods alone.  When I looked up Sesshoumaru-sama was standing in front of me.  He grasped my arm roughly.


“Hanyou forou ware (follow me).”


Sesshoumaru-sama said only for Rin to say something to him as if scolding him and then turn back to her task of gathering wood.


The regal man pulled me along with him until we were far enough away from Rin that no one could hear us.  He stopped and removed his armor.  Then he growled at me, but I did not know how to respond.  Sesshoumaru-sama’s scent grew strong again and that glimmer once again was in his eyes.  It made me afraid so I backed away only for him to move faster than I had ever seen a man move before and grasp my hair pulling it roughly as I cried out in pain.


Sesshoumaru-sama sniffed my neck and skin like a dog might.  His eyes narrowed and his fangs scraped my neck as I shook in fear that he might tear out my throat.  I whimpered in fear and every instinct said to run.


He shoved me to the forest floor and I scrambled to get away only for him to pounce on me and grasp my wrists with one strong hand holding them above me.  I still struggled only for him to growl then bite my ear making me cry out in pain.


Sesshoumaru-sama then kicked my legs open as he settled between them.  I tried to move my legs to knee him as I had done to that other man, but he sunk his claws into my leg and dug in making me scream in agony.


I was shaking and I tried to buck him off of me only for him to growl then place his fangs at my throat biting down just enough to cause some bleeding as a warning that if I did not stop he would rip my throat out.


I stopped moving although I was still shaking in fear.  I could hear rustling of clothing and then than he opened my kimono.  I could feel something long and hard against my thigh and I knew then that this man planned on raping me.  I once again struggled to get away, but this time instead of stopping me with his fangs he roughly grabbed my hip with his clawed hand holding my hips down with his ungodly strength and aimed his cock against my opening.


Without preparation or care Sesshoumaru-sama roughly shoved his entire length into me as I screamed in pain.  Apparently I had still been a virgin as I felt something deep within rip.  Without mercy he pounded his cock into me as I sobbed trying to fight the pain.  I used my inner muscles to try to push him out only for him to moan and pant as he moved within me.  As my walls tightened he seemed to move faster and pump harder.


Sesshoumaru-sama seemed oblivious to my suffering as he continued his assault on my body.




Sesshoumaru-sama panted out as he came and for some reason he seemed to get larger within me.  I could feel him filling me up continually with his seed.  There was so much of his seed that some of it was leaking out.


It was insult enough to be raped by this bastard, but when Sesshoumaru-sama said her name I felt even more violated.  It was like it wasn’t me he raped, but that nice human girl.  It made me sick and I looked away from him in both anger and sorrow.


Instead of getting off of me when he was done he took me three more times.  He kissed my face although I tried to avoid his lips.  Sesshoumaru-sama snarled and bit my lip eventually causing it to bleed.  He sucked the blood there and kissed me roughly.  Instead of holding down my hip he grasped my hair and yanked hard enough for me to gasp as he plunged his tongue into my mouth.  I tried to bite it only to be bitten again by him with a warning growl.


After the last time of cumming within me Sesshoumaru-sama let go of my wrists.  He pulled out of me, adjusted himself back into his fundoshi and pulled up his hakumas tying them back in place.  He put his armor back on and looked down at me as I pulled my kimono over myself feeling dirty and used.


Sesshoumaru-sama said something to me and then grasped my wrist roughly pulling me up from the ground and dragging me back with him to where the girl was sitting with a fire started and some kind of vegetables cooking on a stick in the fire.


Rin smiled at me, but I did not feel like smiling.  I felt hate, anger, sadness, and fear.  I went to leave only for Sesshoumaru-sama to get in my way and growl grasping my arm and shoving me down next to the girl.


The little human girl smiled and gave me one of the sticks with the vegetable on it.  I didn’t feel hungry, but from the look in Sesshoumaru-sama’s eyes I was afraid if I did not take it he might hurt me even more.


I worried for Rin.  She was so innocent and she seemed oblivious to the danger she was in.  This Sesshoumaru-sama would hurt a mere human with how rough he was.  I knew I could heal, but this girl was not made like I was since I noticed the scratches on my arms and legs were almost healed.


The girl spoke to me by pointing to herself first.




She said then pointed to me as if to ask my name.  I did not remember my name so I shook my head sadly.  Rin simply sat back as in deep thought.  Then she smiled and pointed to me.




Rin pointed to herself.




Then she pointed to me.




Then she giggled a bit and I smiled.  I didn’t know what the name meant, but it was better than not having a name at all.




Sesshoumaru and Rin’s POV


“Rin, silence.”


Sesshoumaru said since he was tired of her babbling on and on about nothing.  It was obviously upsetting the hanyou and it was grating on his nerves as well.


Rin who was obedient as always silenced herself and started looking for the keys to free the hanyou girl.  There was not much left of the demon bodies and Rin hoped Sesshoumaru’s acid whip did not cut through the keys since she wanted to free the hanyou of her chains.


Suddenly Rin found the keys and the only thing she said was a quick ah-ha since she did not want to upset Lord Sesshoumaru.


Rin ran in front of the Inu hanyou and unlocked her cuffs although she kept her eyes on the knife in the hanyou’s hands as well as the claws.  Sesshoumaru-sama would most likely kill the poor girl if she attacked so she hoped that her instincts were right with this hanyou.  She didn’t seem threatening, just very afraid.


Trying different keys, Rin was able to finally unlock the chains and with a click they came off falling to the ground.


The hanyou said something out of gratitude and Rin tried to repeat it.


Tank ewe.”


Rin said with a smile.


The hanyou nodded with a smile on her face.


Rin did not want to let the hanyou go off on her own.  She had a feeling the girl needed them and she always went with her gut feeling.  Rin didn’t want the girl to be alone and the forest was dangerous at night.  It was best that the hanyou stay with them until they got to Inuyasha’s village again.


Sesshoumaru followed Rin and the hanyou through the trees to a place where a hot springs lay.  Sesshoumaru wasn’t surprised that Rin knew of this place.  They had been to this hot springs several times when she was a small child.


Like usual Rin did not think twice about getting undressed in front of Sesshoumaru.  He was her protector and he used to watch over her when she bathed before.  Rin saw Sesshoumaru as her guardian, almost as a Father figure or big brother.  She trusted her Lord Sesshoumaru with her life.


Sesshoumaru almost growled at Rin to stop so he could turn around.  She wasn’t a child anymore, but his throat stopped working for a moment as he laid his eyes on her beautiful nude body.  Rin had perky little breasts, the soft swelling of womanly hips, and a patch of perfect little black curls between her legs.  Immediately Sesshoumaru started to harden and did not hide his scent of arousal or the lust in his eyes.  Still he kept complete control.  Rin was his ward and she was human.  Sesshoumaru as much as he wanted the girl, refused to mate with a human let alone rut with one.  He would not sire hanyous, he would die first.  Still the scent of virgin female filled his nose and he almost whimpered in need at the desire to fill the girl before him.  It wasn’t fair that Rin was completely clueless to his desires none of which were either Fatherly or brotherly.  His needs were that of a man that wanted a woman to relieve the ache between his legs.


“This hot springs will be so good for you.  I love coming here so I know you will love it to.  We are going to do so much together you and me.  We are indeed going to be like sisters, I just know it.  Now let me help you get out of those dirty clothes.”


Rin said pulling the hanyou over to her and finding it difficult to remove the girl’s clothing with the hanyou struggling so.  Still Rin was not one to give up.  Soon she had all of the hanyou’s ripped and dirty clothes off although the girl tried to hide her nudity with her hands.  Rin thought it was strange since it was just them and Lord Sesshoumaru.  It wasn’t like her Lord would do anything bad to them.


Sesshoumaru looked at the hanyou girl’s body and found it pleasing even with the dirt caked on her skin.  The hanyou’s breasts were larger than Rin’s which he liked and she had a little more of a curve to her hips than Rin.  The hanyou smelled like a virgin also.  Sesshoumaru had to admit that he was lucky to have acquired an Inu hanyou bitch to relieve his needs.  Usually Sesshoumaru would go into the woods finding demon females who practically threw themselves at him for him to rut.  Rin had seen him go into the forest many times with a bitch that needed a good rutting.  He would do the same with this hanyou when she was clean since she did not smell of one in heat and she owed him for sparing her pathetic life.  The hanyou needed a use after all if Rin was going to keep it.  It was a mere pet after all, nothing more and nothing less.


Rin remembered there was soap root growing around this particular springs and it had a pleasant smell to it.  It would work well in removing the dirt and for cleaning their hair.


Handing the hanyou some of the roots, Rin explained they were for washing with as she showed the girl how the roots worked.


“You see they get all foamy and they smell so nice.  You will feel so much better after we are done here.”


Rin said as she used the lather from the roots to clean her body.


Rin watched the hanyou girl who had her back turned to Lord Sesshoumaru as she went from dirty to beautiful.  Once Rin could see the girl’s face from all that dirt she reminded Rin of a Princess.  The hanyou girl had pretty wide golden eyes, a slight blush to her cheeks, full pouting ruby lips, long thick eyelashes, and lightly tanned skin.  The hanyou’s skin was smooth and soft looking.  Now that her hair was clean, the hanyou’s hair was shining in the moonlight and it was so long like Lord Sesshoumaru’s except the hanyou did not have bangs.  She had straight long onyx black hair that curved around her face.  The only thing that looked bad were the scratches on the hanyou’s arms and legs from those evil demons who were trying to hurt her.


Realizing they were done with their bath, Rin whistled for Aun to come with their clean things in his saddle as well as a drying cloth.  The loud noise seemed to hurt the hanyou’s ears as she flattened them against her head.  Rin quickly apologized and then got out of the springs to get the clean clothing and the drying cloth.


Rin watched as the hanyou girl covered herself as she got out of the springs.  Rin giggled since the hanyou was so very shy.


“It is just me and Lord Sesshoumaru.  You don’t need to be afraid of us; he won’t hurt you I promise.  He is just guarding us so he has to insure we are safe.  You don’t need to cover up around him.  He won’t hurt you like those men wanted to.”


Rin said as she shook her head at the hanyou.


Sesshoumaru wanted to laugh.  Rin must have thought he was a saint and he was far from it.  Now that the hanyou was clean she was indeed a lovely sight.  She rivaled the beauty of his brother and he indeed wanted to harm her as those men had.  If it were not for the fact Rin would be unhappy without her new toy, Sesshoumaru would have easily raped the girl and ripped her to shreds just to see blood on that lovely skin.




Sesshoumaru said thinking to himself of how he could get what he wanted without Rin finding out about it.  It was just a good thing that the hanyou did not speak their language or it might be a problem to do what he was thinking of doing to her.


After Rin dried off with the drying cloth she handed the cloth to the hanyou who dried herself while still trying to keep her back to Sesshoumaru.  Then Rin handed the hanyou an old kimono of hers that Lord Sesshoumaru had given her.  It was in good shape still, but she had others and this girl needed clothing since hers was ripped by those men.


The hanyou tried to give the kimono back after looking at it and Rin realized that the hanyou probably didn’t own anything other than the dirty clothes she had.


“No, you need this.  Take it.”


Rin ordered not taking no for an answer.  Rin dressed herself in a new orange, white, and green kimono similar to the first kimono Sesshoumaru had given her.  He seemed to like orange and white on her and thus Rin wanted to please him.


The blue kimono with the flowers on it looked beautiful on the hanyou and now she definitely resembled a Princess to Rin.  The gold in the flowers brought out the hanyou’s eyes and the blue silk looked exceptionally lovely against her skin.


Rin picked up the hanyous clothing looking at it.  It was fine at one point, but now it was dirty and mere rags.  The silk that was clean looked costly and it made Rin wonder where this girl was from.  Rin decided although she was curious to who this hanyou was and the costliness of her clothes she did not want the girl to suffer bad memories from it.  Rin would give her a whole new life and she would burn these rags in the fire she would build for their supper.  Lord Sesshoumaru would not eat with them, but that did not mean that this girl was not hungry.  Inuyasha ate with her and he liked vegetables so she would find a few of the potatoes that grew around here for them to cook over the fire.


Deciding to gather wood, Rin started picking up small sticks and larger ones since they would be needed.  The hanyou followed suit and went to the other side to pick up wood.


Sesshoumaru decided that enough was enough.  He wanted to rut and he was done waiting.  Rin could gather up the wood with Aun watching over her.  Rin would not remove his tension, but this little bitch would do.


The hanyou was gathering wood still when she looked up and Sesshoumaru got a good look at her face.  She was stunning up close with her skin cleaned and Sesshoumaru wanted her right then and there.  Sesshoumaru grasped her arm roughly not willing to take no for an answer.


“Hanyou follow me.”


Sesshoumaru said and Rin looked at Sesshoumaru’s hand as it was bruising the hanyou girl’s skin.


“Lord Sesshoumaru, you don’t need to be so rough with her!  Can’t you see she has been through enough?”


Rin said and Sesshoumaru lessened his grip on her arm for Rin’s sake although he did not let go.  Rin watched as Sesshoumaru took the hanyou into the woods with him as he had done with other demon women.  Rin wasn’t stupid, she knew what he was planning to do and it pissed her off.  Still, men were men and Sesshoumaru was a Lord.  There was little she could do for the poor hanyou girl who was going to possibly be raped if she did not give into Lord Sesshoumaru.  Most women came for him, but Lord Sesshoumaru would only go with the ones who were beautiful.


Lord Sesshoumaru had his pick of females that was for certain, but Rin did not see her Lord as a possible husband.  Rin wanted to marry Kohaku, but she also knew Kohaku was a man.  Men tended to do things even with unwilling women and Rin knew just because she saw Kohaku as a good man did not mean he really was.


Sango told Rin do not expect loyalty from a man, you beat it into them.  Miroku certainly had the slap marks to prove that theory and whenever Inuyasha’s eyes strayed Kagome would sit him.  Rin sometimes wished she had those beads on Lord Sesshoumaru.  He was capable of such good, but did some really evil things sometimes.  Right now she would have loved to sit him until he couldn’t think about sex.  Rin swore if Sesshoumaru hurt her new friend other than what a stupid man did when they were ‘horney’ as Kagome would say, she would never forgive him.


Sesshoumaru took the hanyou into the woods far enough away that Rin could not hear them.  He assumed Rin knew enough from the females in Inuyasha’s village about rutting that he at least did not have to explain what he did on occasion with demon females nor explain what he was about to do now.  Females were bred for relieving a man’s tension and it was their duty to please him.


In demon females, Sesshoumaru had his share of good sex and horrific sex.  All the bitches he had rutted with were beautiful, but none ever pleased him long enough to keep them as a mate.  He was pretty certain he had pissed off the majority of Japan’s finest demon women including Princess Abby who was dead, but had been among the list of horrific sexual encounters.  That woman did not have one clue on how to please a man.  He definitely did not mourn her passing.


When Sesshoumaru stopped with the hanyou he decided to remove his armor for this encounter.  Usually he kept it on, but the hanyou was not a threat to him.  She was weak and he would easily conquer her.


Placing his armor next to a tree Sesshoumaru then growled to the little Inu hanyou.  He wanted her to lay on the ground.  It was an order that she did not understand, but his brother would have.  It was obvious this Inu hanyou knew nothing of her species.  She was probably raised by humans as well.


Sensing the hanyou’s fear at his growl Sesshoumaru felt himself harden again and sent out his scent of arousal as well as his youkai to let all know he was in the area and busy rutting which meant death for any creature who dared disturb him.


Sesshoumaru didn’t hide the lust in his eyes as he looked at the frightened hanyou bitch.  As the hanyou backed away Sesshoumaru felt himself become even more excited.  Sesshoumaru loved the scent of fear and hers was intoxicating.


Grasping those long silky black tresses before the girl could get away rough enough to make her cry out, Sesshoumaru wanted to smell her fear, her confusion, and that soft sweet skin of hers.  The hanyou smelled magnificent and he longed to plunge his fangs into her throat to make her bleed just for him.


As Sesshoumaru smelled her and tasted her with his fangs the girl whimpered in fear.  It was a beautiful sound to Sesshoumaru’s ears.  It was the sound of submission.  No other female had truly submitted to Sesshoumaru, but this one did and his demon purred in happiness.


Sesshoumaru decided it was time and roughly shoved the girl to the forest floor.  The hanyou tried to scramble away, but Sesshoumaru was not having that as he let his demon play a bit and pounced on the girl.  He grabbed the little hanyou bitch’s wrists with his left hand using his strength to subdue her only for the little creature to struggle under him which both excited him since she was rubbing herself unconsciously against him and pissing him off since she was not getting away.


To reprimand his little bitch, Sesshoumaru bit her ear knowing how sensitive dog ears were making her cry out in pain.  Her little cries also turned him on as he was slowly dominating her and showing the little hanyou where she belonged, under him, always.


Sesshoumaru kicked the hanyou’s legs open and settled in between them.  When she moved her leg to try and knee him in the crotch Sesshoumaru almost laughed.  She would not pull that trick on him and he would show her pain for even trying to harm him that way as he sunk his claws into that offending leg and dug in deep pulling up to tear into the flesh as she screamed in agony.  Sesshoumaru enjoyed that scream as it was music to his ears.  He loved causing pain and wanted to cause her more to gain more of those screams, but knew how Rin would feel if he damaged her new pet too much.


The little hanyou was shaking in fear and pain.  She tried to buck Sesshoumaru off of her like she did with that other man only for Sesshoumaru to growl at her since he was not so easily thrown off and he was a hell of a lot stronger than Hayu.


Sesshoumaru reprimanded his hanyou again by biting down on her throat just enough to cut into the flesh so she knew that he was serious about hurting her if she continued to fight him.  The little bitch was to submit and accept her fate.


The hanyou stopped moving although she was still shaking in fear.  Sesshoumaru decided it was time to take what he wanted.  Now the bitch would be his and if she was good he might even rut her for life as his personal sexual plaything.


Sesshoumaru would have preferred them both being nude, but he did not want to waste time.  Unlacing his hakumas as he had done several times with one hand alone he loosened them to fall over his hips and down his thighs.  Then Sesshoumaru reached into his fundoshi pushing it down so to free himself from the confines of his clothing.  Sesshoumaru knew she was wearing nothing under that little kimono.  This would be easy.


With one hand Sesshoumaru untied the little bitch’s kimono and opened so he could see that lovely body that did not belong on a hanyou.  No, this hanyou was beautiful and that was sacrilegious.  She should be ashamed of having such charms that a man like him would become bewitched enough to sully himself in her depths.  When he had more time, Sesshoumaru would suckle those lovely breasts and perhaps if she was a good girl he would delve between those legs someday and enjoy her sweet essence.  Sesshoumaru rarely found a woman he wanted to indulge in giving pleasure, but for his pet he might just have to make an exception since even that little cunt of hers was attractive.  He was tempted to use his fingers to play a bit, but his cock was getting impatient for some action.


As his hard cock slid along her thigh the hanyou panicked and started struggling again.  Sesshoumaru was trying his best not to laugh.  She just figured out now what his plans were?  It was too good.  This was indeed entertaining, but the time had come for him to enjoy this bitch and he was no longer in the mood to play a game with her.  Sesshoumaru grasped the hanyou’s hip holding her down ignoring her struggles.


Sesshoumaru had done this enough with females that he knew exactly where to aim himself to penetrate although this would be only his third virgin conquest.  Unfortunately many of the bitches he fucked had already been taken by another male.  Virgins at first were the best as far as having sex was concerned, but unless they learned to squeeze him snugly in the beginning the fun rarely lasted.


Usually with a virgin he would have them use their mouths on him first, but this was the first time he was taking an unwilling partner.  He did not want his cock to be bitten and he did not have time this time to teach the hanyou the fine art of fellatio.  As his pet got used to him he would perhaps teach her this skill, but for now she would suffer and he would thoroughly enjoy himself.


Sesshoumaru usually went slow with a virgin, but this was no ordinary virgin and the demon in him wished to cause some pain to the hanyou.  She had fought him so why be gentle?  Instead he shoved all 12 and a half inches into the hanyou causing her to scream again making him feel even more pleasure.  He also felt the tearing of the membrane and the blood flowing from this first penetration.  It was perfect.  Sesshoumaru couldn’t have asked for better with such a nice response to his assault.


Rin heard the screams and felt for the hanyou.  She knew Sesshoumaru wasn’t one to be gentle and wondered if for her first time it was going to be painful.  Still she did her best to try to ignore what Sesshoumaru was doing and continued on with trying to get the wood to spark as she rubbed the flint against the other stone as Kagome taught her to do until a large spark fell upon the small grass pile she was using to light the fire.


Blowing on the spark gently the spark grew and a small fire began as she continued to add grasses and small pieces of wood until it grew and then she added the bigger pieces before going out to where she knew the potatoes were growing to gather at least two big ones for dinner.  She would at least start them for the poor hanyou girl.


Rin swore she was going to get Sesshoumaru for this too.  She may not be a demon, but she hung out with Shippo long enough to know how to make a demon’s life miserable and Sesshoumaru would regret touching her new friend.


Sesshoumaru had never felt this good.  He moved deep within his hanyou pounding his cock into her feeling incredible pleasure.  He ignored the sobbing of the girl and found himself moaning and panting.  Gods she was so tight and she seemed to tighten even more squeezing his cock and milking him.  The blood that coated her inner walls worked perfectly as lubricant.  If it was not for her hanyou blood he would have mated the bitch then and there.


Moving faster and pumping himself harder into her sweet little pussy, Sesshoumaru felt great pleasure in her suffering.  Then just as he came he had a horrible thought of this girl being Rin under a demon man.  He would have pulled out except for the fact he knotted deep within the hanyou’s inner core.




Sesshoumaru panted out as he kept cumming and grew very large inside the little hanyou.  It was also something new for him since he had never knotted before in a lover.  His essence was spilling over since there was so much of it.  Then Sesshoumaru realized he was being foolish.  No demon man would dare touch his Rin unless they wanted to die and this was a mere hanyou.  The girl was a pet, nothing like his precious Rin.


Sesshoumaru suddenly felt the woman beneath him start to feel revulsion, anger, and sadness.  He assumed this was normal for a recently raped victim so he chose to ignore it.  Besides he wasn’t done with her yet.  Sesshoumaru would take her until he was sated and for him that meant at least two to three more rounds of rutting.


When his knot subsided Sesshoumaru started to move within the girl again.  He took his time with the last three rounds and wished to taste those ruby lips.  She tried to avoid his kisses, but Sesshoumaru would have none of that.  It pissed him off she would refuse a kiss from him and thus he bit her bottom lip in reprimand causing it to bleed.  Then she stopped fighting his kisses, but he wasn’t anywhere near satisfied with simple kisses.  Her lips were like ripe cherries and he wanted to taste that tongue, but she refused to open her mouth.


Letting go of her hip, Sesshoumaru knew of one way to make a woman open her mouth and he grasped a handful of her long hair yanking it hard enough for her to gasp as he plunged his tongue into her mouth tasting the sweetness within.  It was like honey, her mouth was so sweet.  However she quickly recovered and tried to bite his tongue.  Sesshoumaru growled at that and bit her lip again in warning not to do that again.


Sesshoumaru finally came for the last time that night feeling completely sated and good everywhere.  As a dog he felt like rolling around happily on his back, but that would be completely undignified in this form.


Letting go of her wrists, Sesshoumaru pulled out of that wet core soaked in his essence.  She would smell like him for days letting all know that she was his pet, his plaything.  Sesshoumaru had full ideas of what he would do with her including a jeweled collar and leash.  He would dress her in fine clothing to show her off and never share her with anyone especially his stupid little brother.


With no emotions in his eyes, Sesshoumaru adjusted himself back into his fundoshi and fixed his hakumas inside though he was thrilled to death to have his very own hanyou pet.  Rin would just have to find another hobby since Sesshoumaru decided this little beast was now his.


Looking down at the girl on the ground he felt no remorse, not a single negative thought filled his mind.  Sesshoumaru just knew he would be envied by demons everywhere and then they would want their own hanyou pets, but theirs would not be as docile or as beautiful as his.


“Get up hanyou.  You are my pet now and you will learn to obey me.”


Sesshoumaru said as he grasped his hanyou’s wrist roughly pulling her up from the ground and dragging the poor little hanyou girl quickly through the forest back to Rin.


Rin frowned at Sesshoumaru who chose to ignore her.  He did not care if Rin was happy right now, he was and that was all that mattered.  Rin would be going back to the human village soon and then Sesshoumaru could do what he desired with his new toy.


Rin smiled at the girl, but could tell the little hanyou was completely depressed and sad.  She understood, but still tried to remain cheerful since she knew she would get back at Sesshoumaru somehow.


Sesshoumaru watched as the hanyou went to leave, but he was not going to have any of that.  His new pet was not going anywhere so he got in her way growled at her to show her his dominance again and grasped her arm roughly shoving her down next to Rin.


Rin wanted to tell Sesshoumaru to be nice damn it all, but she knew he was not going to change just because she wanted him to.  Rin would get back at him later though when he least expected it.


The potatoes had been cooking for a while, but still needed a bit more time so Rin decided to distract the little hanyou with getting her mind off of her problems for a while.


Sesshoumaru saw the hanyou look back at him as she went to hand Rin the stick back, but he narrowed his eyes at her that he would make her even more miserable if she did not humor Rin.  As long as Rin was happy Sesshoumaru could set his mind at ease for a while.  The young human girl for years had him wrapped around her little finger, but now that she was older he was learning to let go a bit more.  Rin would always be a part of his life, but he chose what part of it, not Rin.


Rin decided as they cooked potatoes she needed to do introductions.  It was only polite to at least know someone’s name.  Rin decided to do the point test to see if the hanyou understood her.  Pointing to herself she said her name.




Rin then pointed to the hanyou who looked sad and shook her head no meaning she did not have a name or did not remember hers.  That was easy to fix though and she would come up with a good name for her.  Since this was an Inu hanyou she assumed Inu should be part of her name just like Inuyasha.  It suited him to have Inu as the first three letters of his name so she would do the same for this hanyou.


Thinking up good names was a game she played when she thought about having babies.  Rin and Shippo spent hours just making up names for fun.  Then she thought of a good name and smiled.  Pointing to the hanyou she said the name.




Rin then pointed to herself.




Then she pointed to the hanyou again.




Rin then giggled a bit and the hanyou girl now named InuKinu smiled.  Someday when InuKinu learned to speak Japanese she would tell her what the name meant, but it was better than not having a name at all.


Sesshoumaru thought the name was ridiculous, but remained silent.  Rin had named the two headed dragon Aun so who was he to say what Rin named his pet?  It was definitely better than Inuyasha, but that was his Father’s idea.  Either way he had something to call her now although he thought of a good pet name for her as well.  Karei meaning beauty.  Yes, he would call her Karei not InuKinu.  Rin could call her that, but when he was alone with his Karei she would know her true name.

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