Kagome's Life Changes

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Kagome sat in a clearing; far enough from the village, and from the others to be alone. She had eyes that were glassy and clear, water stains down her face and cheeks with a bit of a rosier tint to them then they usually did. Inuyasha was full of rude comments and snide remarks that day and he'd gone too far.

The first couple times, Kagome would just use Osuwari on him. Then when she got tired of doing that and hearing him complain about how his back hurt, she just flat out ignored him. This just annoyed Inuyasha further, so when he threw a really nasty comment her way, she walked off into the forest without a word. Kaede shook her head at Inuyasha; Miroku glared at him. Inuyasha growled at them both and went to sulk in a tree.

Kagome looked at the sky, noticing it was becoming dark. Sighing, she wiped the tears from her eyes and face. Standing up slowly, she jumped at the sound of a rustle in the bushes behind her. Turning around cautiously on her heel, she asked with an unsure voice, "Inuyasha? Miroku?" Her reply wasn't what she was hoping for.

With a low growl, a demon that looked like a mix of a dog and a wolf stepped into view. Kagome held her breath, and her hand slowly reached to touch her shoulder, searching for her bow and arrow that she realized wasn't there. Her eyes widened a little bit; her mouth slightly open in shock. The demon that was crouched in front of her was growling again, and taking little cautious steps towards her. Kagome took slow steps backward, always keeping an eye on the demon. When the demon crouched down lower Kagome turned and started to sprint towards the village. The demon's breath was hot on her heels.

She was starting to lose her breath and swore at herself for not running track at school more often, and for riding on Inuyasha's back, or on her bike when in the feudal era. It wasn't that she didn't have strong legs because she did, it's just that her lungs couldn't handle a lot. Knowing she shouldn't, but not being able to resist, she turned her head to see where the demon was. Her eyes and mouth opened wide in terror, for it was not even an inch behind her, and it leaped at her. As she fell to the ground, she let out a scream.

When she fell the wind got knocked out of her, and this made it even harder to breathe. The demon was panting, and it clenched its teeth around her ankle. A scream rang out as the icy hot pain shot through her ankle and spread throughout her body. It was unbearable, and her vision was blurring. Its fangs dug in deeper, and it felt like it had hit bone. Something wet was dripping down her ankle, and she was trying to picture it being the demon's saliva and not her own blood pouring out of her. She felt sick, and like she was about to faint. She couldn't hear the dog demon's panting breaths anymore and hoped to Buddha it was gone.

She felt little strength left as her vision became spotted with blackness. Taking a ragged breath, and using the last of her energy, she whispered, "Inuyasha..."

Awhile later;

"Is she going to be all right Lady Kaede?" Kagome heard a voice ask as she started to wake up. She kept her eyes closed as she felt eyes on her; she didn't want to reveal that she was awake just yet, so she stayed still and listened.

"I child, she be alright. She needs a bit of rest, though." Kaede answered.

"What do you supposed happened to her?" A voice said, and Kagome could tell it was Miroku who asked. 'Where's Inuyasha?' She wondered to herself.

Kaede began to speak again, "I can see that she has been bitten, by what it seems a dog demon. There is venom in her blood, and I have never in my many years of living have seen or smelled any like it." Kagome's body tensed at the information and decided she was going to announce that she was awake.

Her eyelids fluttered open to pretend she just awoke, just in case they were watching her. When her eyes adjusted to the lighting, she got up on her elbows and she gasped as a sharp pain shot up her back. As she fell back down wincing, there was a scuffling sound, and Miroku standing above her in a matter of seconds. "You shouldn't move around Kagome." He said voice full of concern.

"I'm alright, really," Kagome said with a small smile as she stood up more carefully this time. She looked down at herself, and saw bandages around her arm, and ankle; she could feel bandages around her ribs as well. Kagome thanked Kaede for tending to her wounds.

"Ye welcome child." Was Kaede's reply as she got back to whatever she had been doing beforehand.

Miroku looked to the reed door, "Maybe you could use some fresh air Kagome."

She looked at him, and then to Kaede for approval. Kaede just nodded and went back to mixing herbs. Kagome turned back to Miroku and smiled, "Yeah that sounds like a good idea."

As soon as she stepped outside, Kagome heard someone say her name, and she turned towards the tree that was by the stream in front of Kaede's. Inuyasha jumped from the tree and stepped out of its shadow. His bangs were hiding his eyes, and he whispered, "I'm sorry Kagome." Kagome just smiled.

"It's okay Inuyasha, I'm fine." She said.

"No, it's not." He said, angrily, but it was directed to him, not at Kagome. "It's my fault you even ran into the damn demon. If I hadn't said the things I did, you wouldn't have walked off and got into that situation in the first place."

Kagome was about to argue with what Inuyasha said again, but Miroku placed a hand lightly on her shoulder and said, "He does have a point Kagome." Kagome looked at his face and was surprised to see him glaring Inuyasha with such intensity. Miroku has blamed Inuyasha about many things before, but this time he seemed more serious than usual.

She turned away from him and nodded. "Well I'm going to bed; I'm still a bit tired." She waved them goodnight and headed into the hut to lie down. Soon the dream realm took over her.

Kagome's dream

Kagome was in the same clearing she was this morning, but this time the dog demon was sitting across from her, calmly looking at her. 'I must be dreaming' she thought to herself, and she relaxed a little as she realized that. The demon cocked its head at her, with a questioning look on its face. "What do you want?" She asked, a little hotly.

The demon's mouth opened to show its teeth, and it looked like it was grinning. The sight gave Kagome the creeps. Then, it suddenly opened its muzzle and began to speak. "Hello, Kagome. I'm here to explain some things to you, and when you wake up whatever I've told you will be true." Kagome jumped at its manly voice, and then it continued speaking, "You're probably wondering why I bit you this morning." It wasn't a question.

Kagome gave it an angry look and replied, "Yeah, actually I am!"

The demon gave her another creepy grin, and stated simply, "You're parents requested it."

"What do you mean?" She asked even more confused.

"Your father was a full-fledged dog demon, and your real mother was a half demon." He said, trying to be clearer.

Kagome's jaw dropped, "That means the mother in my era isn't my real mother, and that basically means that my whole life has been a lie…"

"No not exactly, she isn't your biological mother, but she is your foster mother. You foster grandfather, is friends with your biological grandfather. It's a really long story." The demon said.

"How exactly do you know this?" She asked him, wanting more answers.

"How about I show you instead of telling you? It's more convenient." It said with a smile, and a mist suddenly covered him. Kagome cringed, hoping it wasn't all some big joke, and at the same time she wished it was. The mist was starting to clear, and Kagome started to pay more attention. Behind the fading mist was a tall, slim, male. At first, she thought it was Sesshomaru because just the silhouette looked like him, but as the mist completely disappeared, she saw him.

He had long brown hair, tied up in a high ponytail, sort of like the way she had seen Inuyasha's father wear it in a picture. His bangs hung across his forehead lightly. His eyes were an emerald green color, rimmed with a sapphire blue. His kimono was just like Sesshomaru's, only with emerald green patterns. His face was nice and slender, shaped and etched with beauty, for a guy of course. His sword was at his back.

"I am actually your Uncle. Now, the reason you aren't a demon is because the venom wasn't fully in your blood stream. So I bit you, and I honestly don't know how long it's going to take you to turn demon. You'll just have to be patient, and it's best you don't tell Inuyasha and the others yet. They'll think the venom went to your head." He started to laugh.

"What kind of demon will I be, and will my appearance change?" She asked him.

"You'll be what people call a "special demon". In your case, it is where a half demon and a full demon have a child. Which people used to believe wasn't possible. So you are a rare one, possibly the last of your kind. Your mother was half human, half wolf demon, and your father was a full-fledged dog demon from the Northern lands."

He waited for Kagome to grasp the information and then continued. "When your mother got pregnant with you many things went wrong. Demons and even humans came forth to find your mother, planning to kill her in order to kill you; still only a baby in the womb."

"It wasn't so bad until you were born. Demons came more often, and they were more ferocious than before. Your parents knew that they couldn't keep running, and raise you healthily at the same time, so they wrote a note explaining things and placed you in the well. You went through thanks to the sacred jewel that was inside of you. Your foster mother heard a baby crying in the well house, and that's when she found you and cared for you ever since." He finally finished explaining.

"Wow, that's a lot to absorb," Kagome said. "I think I get it, though, but where are my parents?"

Her uncle was silent as he thought for awhile, and then he answered, "We don't really know exactly. All we do know is that they disappeared after they left you in the well house, and haven't been seen or heard of since. I believe they're still alive, your parents were strong. They wouldn't let measly demons kill them so easily." He looked up at me smiling.

Kagome looked back up at him, and with a small smile she said, "Thank you, Uncle…" She never did get his name.

"Tamaki; your mother's name was Rengee Ikozawa and your fathers was Karu Ikozawa. I'm your father's youngest brother." He smiled back at her.

"Thank you for helping me understand who I truly am. I never really thought I belonged with the Higurashi's. It never really felt right." She smiled once more, and Tamaki walked towards her and embraced her in a hug. When he pulled away Kagome had a sparkling bracelet on her wrist. She gasped at its beauty and hugged her uncle again.

"That's for you. When you wake up it'll be on your wrist, and then you'll know that this isn't really just a dream." Tamaki said. "Now it's time for you to awake, we shall speak again my niece." With that, her uncle disappeared into the forest with a wave. (end)

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