My Rival's Brother

BY : Neptunesdemon
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Author: C-Chan2 aka Neptunesdemon

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Category: Romance, drama

Pairings: Kouga/Sesshomaru

Rating: M

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Warnings: Yaoi, OOC, uke Sesshomaru, alternate universe.

Author's Note: This is what popped up into my head after my dry spell of writers block. Pure smut for smut’s sake. Enjoy!


“It’s called capture the flag, dumbass, not give our flag away to the enemy!”

Kouga only scoffed at Inuyasha’s griping, sending two rounds of bullets into his fellow man’s head just to spite him.

“What the fuck!” Inuyasha was nearly screeching, jumping out of his seat and flinging his hands up in frustration.

He turned and sent a kick to his friend’s shin, Kouga yelping out in pain as they lost their mini game of capture the flag in the background.

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a condescending ass there wouldn’t have been any friendly fire.”

“Man, fuck you!” Inuyasha snapped, throwing his remote at the ookami-youkai, and flopping back down onto the couch to pout and cross his arms like a child throwing a tantrum.

Kouga only snorted, using his remote to turn off the gaming system and cut off the sounds of the online players gloating about their win. The television was soon switched back to the cable output, and then he was channel surfing, still grouchy where Inuyasha continued to stubbornly pout.

Three months ago, Kouga would never have thought to find himself sitting next to none other than Inuyasha. The two were the top rivals of their college and had even hated each other to a point where fights and trips to the dean of students were regular. After having been sentenced to be each other’s peer mentor for the rest of the school term, they had found themselves having more similarities than differences.

Enemies became fast friends, but the occasional rivalry stood. The latest had included none other than the school’s top academic star, Kagome. Inuyasha had been the victor there, and there was still some bitterness on Kouga’s part but he was getting over it.

“So, how’s the love life?” He was questioning his friend, whose puppy-dog ears twitched at the sudden break from the monotonous drone of the TV. “You two fucking yet?”

“I wish.” Inuyasha said with a snort, though he turned to Kouga with a wolfish grin. “But she’s sucking my dick, so I guess I can let it slide. She wants to stay a virgin until she’s married.”

“Pfft!” Kouga exclaimed, looking to Inuyasha with a roll of his eyes. “What, not even in the ass? Her hymen stays intact that way.”

“I’ve tried, but she’s one of the smart ones.” Inuyasha grumbled, shifting and letting his eyes settle back onto the television, currently tuned in to same sort of game show. “That’s alright; I just fuck Miroku if I want some good anal.”

Kouga stopped at that. There was no way in hell, that he was fucking this year’s senior class valedictorian, who everyone knew was in an exclusive relationship with Sango, Kendo team captain extraordinaire.

“How the fuck did you manage that?” He was demanding, Inuyasha giving him that damned grin again.

“Said I needed to be tutored in math and he offered.” Inuyasha began explaining, Kouga eagerly listening. “Went by his place and when I got too bored to pay attention anymore I asked him if he wanted to fuck.”

“You’re kidding me.” Kouga said in disbelief. “It was that easy?”

“Well, he wasn’t certain at first and I told him we could try making out first, thirty minutes later he was screaming and begging me to fuck him harder.”

“That’s it! I’m convinced that you’re either lying or just one lucky son of bitch. How the fuck do you manage to get so much ass without really trying?” Kouga was asking him and Inuyasha only shrugged, leaning further back into the couch to relax in smug satisfaction. “Don’t tell me you’re fucking Sango, too?”

“That prude bitch? Nah. But she’s messing around with Kagome and they think I don’t know.”

“I give up!” Kouga said flopping back in defeat. “Everyone in the whole damned school is sexing it up, and I’m having nightly dates with my right hand!”

“Dude, it’s not that serious.” Inuyasha told him with shake of his head. “You just have to accept that being inukai, I’m superior and I have way more success in people pleasing than you do.”

“Oh shut up!” Kouga growled, kicking out at his friend who merely took the attack with a laugh. “You’re only half inukai. That makes it even more unfair.”

“Don’t hate the player hate the game.”

“Oh, shut up!”

The two were disturbed by the sound of the apartment door opening and closing and soon Kouga had to stop his jaw from hitting the floor as the epitome of sex on legs came gliding into the den.

“Don’t you have anything better to do with your pathetic life than sit around and entertain other lower life forms, otouto?”

“School was fine, thanks for asking.” Inuyasha said with a growl. “And fuck you, too.”

Inuyasha’s older brother only ignored him, flicking silver hair over his shoulders before turning to assess the company that his little brother had dragged in. Kouga was frozen solid as the amber eyes focused on him and suddenly he felt naked and exposed. He gulped as the look turned predatory and laughed nervously and waved, not knowing what else to do.

It seemed to snap Sesshomaru out of whatever he was in and his eyes returned to looking at Inuyasha.

“The wolf’s an improvement from the ningen filth you waste your time trying to get to mate with you.” Sesshomaru was announcing, Kouga’s muscles locking again as those ambers eyes were giving him an appreciative glance over once again.

Inuyasha’s snort of disgust had them both looking back at the hanyou, who was standing from the couch as if to distance himself and prove the point of the words that followed.

“He’s not my boyfriend, and what business is it of yours who I try to fuck?”

Sesshomaru gave a sound that was too regal to be a snort, and he turned his back on them as a physical sign that he was done and was dismissing him. Although, the way that ass slowly sauntered out of the room gave Kouga his doubts and he let himself think it was so that he can appreciate the sight.

“Asswipe.” Inuyasha sniffed, before he was looking down at Kouga.

The wolf demon was obviously enchanted, and. . .was that drool? This was sad.

“Hey!” Inuyasha cried, snapping Kouga out of it and laughing at the youkai’s reaction. “You were not just checking out my jackass brother.”

“I can check out who I want.” Kouga grumbled, before he was glaring up at Inuyasha’s teasing smirk. “Besides, I think he thinks I’m sexy.”

That had Inuyasha bursting out in a fit of laughter that earned him a punch to the gut by an embarrassed Kouga.

“What the fuck’s so funny?”

“Your sad little daydream that Mr. Numbnuts actually has a sexual drive, that’s what.” Inuyasha chortled, as if he hadn’t been punched in the stomach. “God you must be desperate if you think that his royal asswipe has the hots for you. It’s sad. I can hook you up.”

“The fuck you will.” Kouga snarled, punching Inuyasha away from him. “I’m not letting you touch me with your fast and loose penis. It’s probably disease ridden.”

“Hey! I wasn’t talking about me, ass!” Inuyasha snapped, pushing back. “I like em pretty, guys and chicks both. Your face is too manly, and that’s a nice way of saying ugly.”

Kouga punched, and he punched back. Soon enough the two were tussling on the floor of the den. Five minutes later, Kouga was hollering in victory as he sat atop Inuyasha’s back with one of the hanyou’s arms wrenched far enough back that his friend had conceded.

“If we did end up fucking, at least we know who’d be the bitch.” Kouga teased, smacking Inuyasha on the back of his head before finally letting him up.

“Whatever, asshole.”

Inuyasha’s cell rang and the hanyou was jumping up and heading for the side table, answering the phone without bothering to see who it was.

“Kagome, what’s up?” He said after a while, looking to Kouga with that damned grin again. “Nothing, I’m just chilling with Kouga. You remember him, right? The one you rejected after he asked you out?”

Kouga feigned punching Inuyasha in the groin and was satisfied when the hanyou flinched, before he was standing and walking out of the room to head for the kitchen. He didn’t want to stay and hear Inuyasha babble on with his girlfriend.

He entered the kitchen and flicked on the lights, heading straight for the fridge and pulling it open to have a look inside. For a moment, he was plagued with the problem of having too many choices that he didn’t know what he wanted. He decided to just reach in and take the first thing his hand touched. He opened the gallon of milk and took it to the head, manners and etiquette aside as he was in no mood to search for a glass.

That’s when he heard a throat clear and he nearly choked and spluttered, coughing up milk from his lungs as he looked to where the sound had come from. He was laughing nervously around his fit of coughing as he took in the sight of a towel clad Sesshomaru, freshly showered and still wet enough that droplets of water were running down his skin.

“Sorry, I should have probably taken a glass.” He finally managed.

Sesshomaru said nothing, only continued to stare as he stood in the doorway. His intense gaze caused Kouga to gulp and the wolf demon used the back of his hand to wipe at his suddenly dry mouth, hoping to get rid of any residue of milk that was on his lips.

He was envious of the hard planes of muscles that were Sesshomaru’s chest and abs, the older youkai the vision people worked years at training to reach. It was a war he was fighting with his libido and his conscious when it came to looking down past the beginning of where the towel covered Sesshomaru’s nakedness.

That was thoroughly ignored as the older youkai was suddenly walking in and Kouga’s breath left him as he watched the sensuous roll of hips, the seductive gleam in amber eyes, and the faint, very faint start of a smirk on playful lips. He lost his voice as he found himself leaning back against the counter, Sesshomaru’s body a hairsbreadth away from his own as the inu-youkai was reaching into a cabinet above him.

Kouga was swooning as he took in the scent of soap and male musk that was now up close and personal with him, and his fingers clutched at the countertop in a vice grip, trying his best not to touch, even though the temptation was there and so ripe for the taking.


That word alone could have had him melting into a puddle on the floor. The soft thunk of a glass being rested on the counter top pulled Kouga’s eyes away from the sex god hovering over him and then Sesshomaru was shifting. Kouga stood straight and turned to face the youkai, who was now leaning back on the counter, body displayed.

Blue eyes traveled from the bottom up, and Kouga couldn’t help himself. His eyes stopped on Sesshomaru’s, the amber orbs inviting him to keep looking and enjoying himself.

“So, Kouga was it?”

The sentence had him rushing back to reality and Kouga nodded.

“How do you know my brother? And why would anyone with free will want to associate themselves with him?”

“Hey, your brother may be a dick at the best of times, but he’s my friend.”

“How noble of you to stick up for him.” The sarcasm was hard to miss. “But I know my brother. And if you aren’t sleeping with him then I doubt you’re truly his friend.”

“Yeah, well we weren’t always friends.” Kouga muttered before he was crossing his arms defensively. “Not that it’s any of your business, though.”

“I agree with you, it isn’t, nor do I care.”

Kouga was about to open his mouth to bite back with a snippy remark when Sesshomaru was straightening and lifting himself to be seated on the counter. It caused his towel to shift and split up a well-toned thigh, and the squeak was hard to stop as Kouga lost his voice. With more sensual movement, Sesshomaru was leaning in to say in a low voice, “I just wanted to be certain you weren’t taken.”

The nervous laugh had Sesshomaru frowning, and Kouga stopped shortly at the sharp glare that focused onto him. Satisfied with the reaction, Sesshomaru was then moving closer, so that his exposed leg was pressing against Kouga, his hand reaching out to toy with a loose strand of dark hair that was at the moment no longer in its ponytail. It had gotten to that state as he and Inuyasha had their little bout back in the den.

“Though, I do admit, I had liked the thought that I’d be taking what was his right under his nose.” Sesshomaru said, his eyes tracing over Kouga’s form as he had back when he had first come in.

Kouga didn’t know what made him, but he took a step away from the demon who was so obviously throwing himself at him, or at least he tried to. The grip on his arm was unexpected and he was squeaking again as he was pulled back. His eyes were drawn to the sight of legs spreading apart and Sesshomaru was sliding over so that he was positioned with the younger youkai now in between his barely covered lap.

“You seem nervous.” Sesshomaru was murmuring, now close enough that Kouga was tempted to lean in and press their lips together. He hissed as hands slipped under his shirt and up his back, a hum of appreciation leaving Sesshomaru’s throat before he was gently raking nails down the golden skin. “Are you a virgin?”

“No! I just don’t know if we sh-sh. . .shit!” Kouga original statement was deterred, as Sesshomaru leaned in and found his right ear, mouthing, nibbling and licking at the appendage in a way that had Kouga’s eyes slipping closed and his tail wagging happily. Sex god, Kouga’s mind came to the conclusion. Sesshomaru most definitely was a deity gifted in physical pleasure.

Kouga growled as claws traced a wicked trail up his stomach, before the touch became gentle, fingertips tracing the lines of his abs that he prided himself in. As good as all this was feeling Kouga knew this had to be wrong. This was his friend’s brother. . .

All thoughts stopped as a mouth was pressed to his and Kouga was eagerly kissing back. He was moaning at the feel of a wicked tongue gently prodding into his mouth. It all tasted so good . . . too good.  Hands on his waist pulled him to press closer and he pulled back a bit to hiss as his groin made contact with the counter. He was fully erect already, thank you young adult hormones, and the hard edge of the counter was not a good thing to be pressed against at this particular moment.

Sesshomaru was easily fixing that as he was shifting lower, and then Kouga was aware that the pitched tent in his jeans was rubbing up against a hardened member threatening to peak out of its only barrier. His libido was too busy cheering him on for sex that he barely had a thought that he was about to fuck in the kitchen, where anyone could walk in, including Inuyasha.

He stopped then and Sesshomaru was rudely awakened from his drunken, pleasurable stupor at the now absence of a horny ookami-youkai. He looked to Kouga for an explanation, obviously not amused and showing it.

“Like I was trying to say, before I was so unfairly distracted, I don’t think we should.”

“I do not care what you think, ookami.” Sesshomaru was growling, before he was calming himself and let his foot reach out to tease the inside of Kouga’s thigh and trail up to toe at the bulge in jeans that fit far too well for the inukai not to enjoy the sight. “I am more interested in what you can do.”

Kouga stepped away again; his sex-crazed half of himself screaming in rage that he was backing away from a demon that was willingly offering himself.


“Is gone.” Sesshomaru cut him off, leaning back on the counter and throwing hair over his shoulder, impatience riddled in his voice. “There is no one to interrupt us.”

“What?” Kouga asked stupidly, but he didn’t wait for an answer.

He was spinning and leaving the kitchen and heading for the den. It was empty and he frowned at that. That jerk left him without telling him he was going? Who leaves home when they have a guest? That was just fucking rude!

His cell phone chirped the tune he programed it to notify him of a text message and he pulled it out of his pocket to read the incoming text.

Went to see Kagome. I’ll be back later. Feel free to stay. Wish me luck. Might be going all the way.

Kouga scoffed and plopped down onto the couch as he finished reading the text. Great, Inuyasha had left him behind with his sex-crazed brother to go and get him some ass. Some friend.

‘How is this bad?’ His mind was asking him, and he had to stop and rethink that last statement.

“I do not so easily offer myself to just anyone, ookami.”

At Sesshomaru’s voice he looked up and found the still towel-clad youkai looming over him, ambers eyes heatedly staring down. Kouga gave him a nervous smile and tried to stand, but the taller youkai was lifting a leg and pressing him back into the couch with his foot.

“Sit. Still.”

He nodded to show he would comply and Sesshomaru hummed in approval. And then Kouga’s lap was straddled by a mostly naked inu-youkai, whose eyes were threatening to have him up in flames with the predatory stare.

“Am I unattractive, ookami?” Sesshomaru was asking, leaning over Kouga, arms holding him up on the back of the couch.

He smiled as the younger ookami shook his head and he shifted so that their groins met, his mouth falling open to let loose a barely there gasp while Kouga groaned outright. He started rolling his hips slowly, writhing to a rhythm that Kouga couldn’t hear but could damn well feel.

“Then why resist?” Sesshomaru was murmuring, a moan trailing his words as he continued to grind against the wolf demon. “You should consider yourself lucky that I have any interest in a demon lower than myself.”

“Jeeze, large ego much?”

Kouga’s sarcasm was ignored as Sesshomaru’s hands were busying themselves with pulling his shirt off. With Kouga halfway undressed, he looked down to drink in the sight of a young body, just out of adolescence and yet not fully matured. Kouga was well muscled and fit, and Sesshomaru let his hands run over the tan skin, not one to hold back when he had something he wanted in his sight.

“Yes, very large.” Sesshomaru said in answer to Kouga’s last question, his voice dropping an octave and his hips continually moving, torturously slow and sweet. “What about you, ookami? Is yours very large?”

And if that wasn’t innuendo, then Kouga’s brain was going dumb due to blood loss, as it was all rushing down to his engorged dick now straining to burst free. He let his hands do as they wanted and grabbed hold of Sesshomaru’s hips, stilling them so that he could focus on thrusting up against the terry cotton covered ass. He couldn’t help the grin at the delicious groan Sesshomaru gave off, trying to grind back but forced to keep still.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” Kouga said, hands working to finally remove the damned towel.

The wolfish grin was hard to stop as he took in the rest of Sesshomaru’s body. There had to be gods as they had to have granted him a gift. Sesshomaru was just as toned and cut under the towel as the rest of his body. Kouga was quite appreciative of it all, especially for the prize of a large cock that was so much at attention that it was standing straight up and pressing against the inukai’s stomach. It was leaving delicious little smears of precum on the skin now damp with a light sheen of sweat rather than water.

“So, how do you want to do this?” Kouga was questioning, his hands moving from Sesshomaru’s hips to trace up and down his thighs, causing the muscle there to quiver.

“I don’t care.” Sesshomaru was gasping, wanting to keep his calm, serene façade but beginning to fail. “Just as long as it is done, I don’t care.”

That had Kouga raising his brow in thought, and he wasn’t sure why it hadn’t hit his head since the youkai had started seducing him back in the kitchen.

“Are you submissive, Sesshomaru?”

Golden eyes locked with his, thighs tightened over his own legs and the older youkai was writhing harder, more desperate against him.

“I think you and my brother are a perfect pair of friends. You two seem matched in cluelessness.”

Ok, he’d let that slide, only because the way Sesshomaru was moving was way too awesome to stop him so that he could defend himself. Beside there was a way to shut the snarky, condescending mouth up, well two ways, but he'd ease into the second.

Sesshomaru was moaning as one of Kouga’s hands reached up to grab him behind his neck and pull him down into a kiss. Mouths dueled and tongues battled, Kouga enjoying the way their mouths moved against each other. His hands took the chance to map out the flesh he had only been admiring with his eyes, enjoying how Sesshomaru’s body responded.

And then his fingers found them, the small mounds of flesh that sat already hardened on Sesshomaru’s chest, and his fingers pinched carefully. Sesshomaru let loose a muffled sound of shock, his body shuddering and hands clenching the back of the sofa. Kouga pulled back from the kiss to grin up at the flushed and panting youkai, pinching again and gently rolling pert nipples between his fingertips. The inukai’s body was trembling then, eyes rolling closed and mouth falling open but the sound caught in his throat. Kouga’s grin grew wider and he pinched harder, cock throbbing at the sight of Sesshomaru arching into the manipulative torture, stomach tightening as he let out a long moan, blue eyes dropping to watch precum gather and then dribble down the now deep-red cock.

“You’re just as sensitive as a woman there, huh?”

“Do not compare me to a female!” He was able to growl out before it turned to a groan as Kouga pulled teasingly on his nipples again, and his body shuddered heavily at the mix of pain and pleasure. “I do not appreciate teasing!”

He had meant his words to sound aggravated, but he could hear the undertone of pleading and so did Kouga.

“Well, I get to have some fun now, don’t I?” Kouga asked, “I mean, I did put up with your insults to my intelligence.”

His head was bending forward, tongue peeking out and Sesshomaru jumped as the hot, wet appendage traced the outer ring of his left nipple. Damn it all, he always hated that he was so sensitive there. It was a cruel trait of his. The couch was tearing as sharp claws tore at the fabric and a load moan escaped him, both the result of Kouga’s lips closing about the sensitive bud and suckling it to further hardness.

“Stop.” The command was weak and it was easy to ignore since Sesshomaru was moaning again as teeth grazed over the nipple, while the other was rubbed by nimble fingers.

Though his head fell back again, swimming through a haze of pleasure and heightened nerve signals, Sesshomaru refused to let the wolf get the upper hand. Even if his erection was straining that the simplest touch would probably send him over the edge. Kouga’s tongue licked a path to his right nipple so that he could lavish the same attention that its twin had received, and Sesshomaru was soon beside himself.

His dark secret of craving to be taken, to be ravished, and to give himself to another youkai he had kept to himself. His father was well convinced that his son was a dominant Alpha. He kept the illusion up for the sake of his sire, but Alpha or not, he craved to be dominated, craved the feel of a male’s girth pushing into him and right now, so close to his end, all he could think of was divesting the young ookami-youkai of his jeans and riding the eager demon until they were both screaming in delight.

He was given a quick reprieve as Kouga finally thought his overly-sensitive nipples had had enough. He would imagine that the trembling little whimpers were not coming from his own lips. Kouga was nuzzling his ear soon, hands kneading his quivering flesh before traveling down to grab at his ass and possessively palm the well-shaped cheeks.

“Hey, you want to help me with something?” Kouga was murmuring into his ear and Sesshomaru mindlessly nodded, already losing his hold on the competent side of himself.

He watched Kouga lean back, his arms spreading out over the back of the couch as he motioned with a point of his chin to his bulge hidden behind the fly of his jeans.

Sesshomaru was moving with ease, slowly lowering to the floor on his knees, between Kouga’s legs now spread and waiting. His hand traced up the jean-clad legs, his left stopping to palm the ookami-demon, who growled eagerly at the contact, and Sesshomaru’s right hand easily unfastened and unzipped his pants.

Kouga couldn’t help how he watched as Sesshomaru slowly pulled down his pants, the wolf-demon lifting his hips without having to be coaxed so as to help. He thanked all that was that he always went commando, and did feel his ego grow large as Sesshomaru’s eyes honed in on his erection. The gleam of lust and anticipation was making Kouga quite happy.

“Oh, yes.” Sesshomaru was saying in a low murmur, amber eyes looking up to lock with Kouga’s blue. “Very large indeed.”

His grin was unavoidable, and Kouga reach down to wrap his hand around the base of his cock, teeth gritting as he grunted, enjoying the self-inflicted touch. It got the result he was looking for, as Sesshomaru’s hand reached out to join his, the two beginning to slowly pump and stroke the swollen flesh.

He let the older demon have his way when Sesshomaru pushed his hand away, leaving it so that it was just him pumping at Kouga’s cock. It was obvious that Sesshomaru had done this before, as the skilled hand rose and fell at a rhythm to both pleasure and torture. Carefully he played with the flared head of Kouga’s penis, smearing the beading precum and slicking the skin to make his work easier.

Kouga sat back and enjoyed it, just happy that for once in what had to be months, someone else was jerking him off. His head fell back with a groan as Sesshomaru did good to build him up closer to his peak. But then he was shouting out a swear as the head of his penis was pulled into wet, molten heat.

He dared not look down. He knew he’d cum way too fast if he watched that pair of hot, pliant lips stretched out over his cock. He’d come undone if those heavy-lidded, lust drunken eyes stared up at him. Instead he closed his eyes, let his hands reach down and pet encouragingly at the bobbing head and enjoyed the obscene sounds of slurping as Sesshomaru gave him one of the best blowjobs he had ever received.

He jumped suddenly as his cell rang and he swore and lifted his head, before looking down to where Sesshomaru had pulled back enough just so that he was running his tongue over the top of his cock, teasing at the leaking slit and licking up whatever dropped out for him.

“Mind if I take that?” He asked, and Sesshomaru’s answer was the teasing scrape of teeth over the glans of his penis and Kouga contemplated his choices. He lifted his phone and looked at the caller id, and swore under his breath at the name.

“It’s your brother.” He said, and Sesshomaru only grunted in dismissal before he was focusing on the treat he had been occupied with before the damned electronic ringing interrupted them.

Kouga only rolled his eyes and took the call, pressing the phone to his ear and leaning his head back again.

“Hello?” He was answering before he was biting back a yelp as his cock was suddenly engulfed again, and he peeked down at the not too pleased stare of Sesshomaru.

What a fucking waste, man. She didn’t even blow me today, just some fucking heavy petting. I was gonna stop by Miroku’s, but Sango’s being all fucking clingy. Are you still at my place?”

“Yeah, I’m still here.”

“Doing what?”

Getting my dick sucked seemed like the right thing to say and was in fact the truth, but he decided against it.

“Nothing. Just enjoying your brother’s company.” He said with a hint of sarcasm, and he grinned at the vibrations Sesshomaru’s muffled chuckling caused against his cock.

Well I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Black Ops?

“Sure, see ya then.”

He ended the call and looked down to the wonderful sight of Sesshomaru’s head bobbing over his cock, now glistening with saliva and nestled so deliciously between stretched, pouting lips. He had every urge to just cum inside Sesshomaru’s mouth, but he had other plans.

“Your brother’s going to be here soon. So. . . want to fuck?”

The wet “pop” as his cock was released was so deliciously lewd that it made him shudder. He deeply enjoyed the strand of saliva that connected his cock to those devilish lips before it finally broke, his hand reaching to wipe the traces of it away from Sesshomaru’s bottom lip.

“Not here.” The older youkai said standing and pulling Kouga with him.

They trudged naked out the den and down the hall, where at the back there was a stairwell that they ascended. Kouga hadn’t realized that Inuyasha lived in a two story apartment. How rich were they to afford a place like this?

Useless questions left his mind as they entered a bedroom and Sesshomaru was once again pressed against him, mouths meshed passionately and hands groping eagerly. He was pulled along until they reached the foot of the bed, Sesshomaru pulling away to sink onto it, eyes calling Kouga to follow as he shifted back until he was propped up on a mountain of silk covered pillows.

Kouga followed and soon found himself settling in between quivering legs, his hips grinding down so that their hardened cocks met, Sesshomaru moaning and his lips seeking Kouga’s so that they were feverishly kissing again. Hands were feeling, groping and pulling, and Kouga was groaning into their locked lips as Sesshomaru’s hand was wrapping around his cock again, the other reaching lower to knead at his balls.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he had to move this along so that he was finally pushing into Sesshomaru’s ass and fucking him until they were spent and doing it all over again. He pulled away from sinful lips, smiling down at Sesshomaru who was growling a sound of objection at the separation, before he was lifting a hand and resting two fingers against his lips.

“Suck.” It was a simple command and oddly enough, Sesshomaru was instantly compliant.

His mouth opened and eagerly accepted Kouga’s fingers, treating it just as well as he had Kouga’s dick earlier. Those burning, amber eyes kept locked with Kouga’s as he took to coating the ookami-youkai’s fingers with saliva, knowing full well what the next step was.

“Fuck, I can just get off watching you do that.” Kouga admitted, Sesshomaru pulling back to glare up at him.

“If you dare to finish before having properly pleasuring me, I will be certain to make sure you will have trouble ever having any form of sexual relations ever again.”

“Jeeze, I didn’t mean it literally.” Kouga said with a roll of his eyes, shifting so the he was lower on the bed. Lying on his stomach, he let one of Sesshomaru’s legs settle over his shoulder, pushing the other aside so that it was somewhat spread. This close he could see the hidden little pucker that was the entrance to sweet nirvana, and he sucked in a sharp intake of breathe as he watched it twitch as if anticipating his next move. “Eager little slut aren’t you?”

He was crying out in pain as Sesshomaru lifted and dropped his heel onto the younger youkai’s spine, dangerous eyes glaring down a silent threat and promise for pain if Kouga dared to demean him in such a manner again.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” The wolf hissed out, glaring back up at the dog-demon. “No need to try and paralyze me, ya prick.”

“I am growing impatient wolf, I have many alternatives if you find you are unable to fulfill your current task.”

Kouga only rolled his eyes, before he was letting his now drying fingers circle about Sesshomaru’s entrance.

“If you have so many dicks waiting around to fuck you, why even bother?” He was questioning, but not giving Sesshomaru the chance to answer as he pushed both fingers in at once. He watched up as Sesshomaru was unwillingly spewing out a swear, his face a mixture of shocking pain and sexual relief. Fuck that was hot to look at.

Kouga turned his head to press a kiss to the thigh draped over his left shoulder, and he enjoyed the way it began to tremble as he began moving his fingers, trying to stretch out the incredibly tight passage. He was gonna love feeling that tightness around his dick.

“I haven’t gotten new batteries, yet.” Sesshomaru was managing to finally answer after a gasp, but falling silent again. His hips were moving in hopes that Kouga would match the physical demand to move faster, but he was growling in frustration as Kouga stopped altogether.

He propped himself up to demand that the wolf start again, but found wide eyes of disbelief staring back at him.

“No, shit!” Kouga softly exclaimed, pulling his fingers out completely and sitting up, all the while Sesshomaru’s warning growl getting louder. “You use toys? Where are they?”

“That is unimportant. You will return to preparing me, now!”

Kouga only scoffed and jumped off of the bed, heading for what he suspected was the closet.

“I want to know what you have.” He said, ignoring Sesshomaru’s heated glare burning through his back. “They in here?”

“Kouga!” Sesshomaru was snapping but the younger youkai further ignored him.

With the door open, Kouga was met with a large storage chest, which he quickly knelt in front of and threw open, eyes widening at the large variety of vibrators he had suddenly come across.

“God damn.” He said in disbelief, hand reaching in and pulling out a rather large one, a jumble of beads encased in pliable plastic near the base. “You’re an undercover freak, aren’t you?”

Sesshomaru only flopped back on the bed and let out a frustrated sigh. He should have known better than to try and expect sex from one of Inuyasha’s friends. The wolf had the attention span of his younger brother, if not one that was shorter.

The sudden dip of the bed had him looking to the foot of it and he found Kouga crawling back over him, a dildo he had long forgotten about clutched in an eager hand and a half empty bottle of lube in the other.

“May I?” Kouga questioned, holding up the fairly big dildo.

“Do you not wish to take me any longer?” The inu-youkai asked, and Kouga snorted.

“Fuck yeah! I just want to see you use this on yourself, or let me use it on you. It’s about as big as I am, so it’ll loosen you up pretty nicely.”

Sesshomaru couldn’t stop the shudder, or the way his legs parted in his eagerness and Kouga caught it, because the damned cocky basted gave him a dumb grin. It was a look that so reminded him of his arrogant little brother, that he wanted to wipe the look off with a firm kick to his face. He restrained his anger however and merely reached out for the dildo, before laying back and spreading his legs. He would amuse the child, anything to finally get what he wanted.

Kouga’s grin grew wider and he eagerly poured some of the lube into his hand before handing it to Sesshomaru, slipping two fingers back into the older demon’s ass without warning. Sesshomaru gave a sort of yelp at the feel of that, but was happy to feel his ass being fingered again.

“Do you think you’re ready?” Kouga was asking, eager to get to the part of watching Sesshomaru impale himself with his dildo.

Said demon only scoffed, before he was reaching down to pull Kouga’s hand away, and bringing the dildo down to his now flushed opening. Slick with lube, he rubbed the head of the toy against his bud for a few moments, before he was looking to Kouga, whose eyes were focused on the sight in front of him. Sesshomaru moaned at the entranced facial expression, the young wolf-demon clearly enjoying the view. He slowly began to nudge the toy in, gasping a bit at the stretch, but pulling out again, to circle the ring of muscle again. It went on this way a bit, Sesshomaru teasing not only himself, but Kouga as well, who was now slowly stroking himself as he watched Sesshomaru working the dildo in and out of him.

He was close to working half of the thing into him, when his wrist was grabbed, and Sesshomaru groaned as Kouga took over, slowly pushing the false cock into him until it was buried as far as it could be. Sesshomaru was whimpering then, eyes falling closed as he clenched around the intrusion, enjoying the feeling of suddenly being full.

“Your ass is good at taking cock.” Came Kouga’s voice, and he opened his eyes to watch Kouga’s intense, blue-eyed gaze staring down at the obscene image of his opening stretched around the thick object. He was groaning as it was slowly pulled back, Kouga licking suddenly dry lips and smiling as he stopped with just the tip barely inside of the older demon’s ass, the bud clenching around it as if trying to make sure it wouldn’t be pulled out all the way. “I’ll take the injury for this, but you really are a greedy, little slut.”

Any objection was transformed into a loud cry as the dildo was forced back in, angled to slam against his prostate. And before he could breathe it was moving again, pulling out and pushing back in, faster and faster until all Sesshomaru could do was writhe and moan and fist his sheets as the pleasure built.

“Hey, let me know when you want the real thing.” Kouga was saying, his free hand pulling at his cock at the speed he had begun fucking Sesshomaru with the dildo.

“Now.” Came the almost screamed demand. Sesshomaru was pushing back against the toy eagerly, a sheen of sweat having broken out over his skin. “I want it now.”

“You want what now?” Kouga teased, letting go of his cock so that his hand could still the writhing hips and let his other hand thrust the toy cock into Sesshomaru’s body faster, on point with keeping a steady assault on the demon’s prostate. “My cock?”

His calm and cool went out the window at that point, and Sesshomaru was arching his back, toes curling and claws tearing his sheets as he gasped and moaned. Words escaped him and he could only nod, hoping that it would suffice. Kouga’s reprimanding tsk was proof that it wasn’t.

“No, you have to talk to me.” The younger demon insisted, leaning in close so that he could run his tongue over the skin of Sesshomaru’s chest. “Tell me.”

“I want it.” Sesshomaru repeated, wanting to keep some semblance of pride.

“No, no.” Kouga was saying, letting go of Sesshomaru’s hip to reach up and toy with a nipple. The effect was remarkable to watch, as Sesshomaru was screaming out a swear, body jerking as if he had been hit with a bolt of electric pleasure. “Tell me exactly what you want.”

“Your cock!” It was almost a pleading sob, as golden eyes looked up at him with a hidden plea.

“Why do you want it?” Kouga was enjoying this far too much to not draw it out a bit longer. His fingertips circled round the nipple, only giving direct stimulation when Sesshomaru took too long to answer.

“Ah! I want to cum!” The older demon was admitting, body moving to find some way of getting relief.

“I don’t know.” Kouga said with a shake of his head, though he didn’t stop what he was doing or slowdown in any manner. “I think you can ask nicely.”

“No!” Sesshomaru growled, refusing to beg some power-drunk pup who was even lucky he had gotten this far.


The fiery look from Sesshomaru was his answer and he scoffed before he was leaning down again, capturing an already tortured and overly sensitive nipple between his teeth. Sesshomaru was crying out then, fighting between pulling away and arching closer.

His eyes rolled back into his head and it was getting harder to gain his breath, his panting shallow as Kouga alternated between biting and sucking his nipples, his hand pushing the dildo in and out of Sesshomaru, his prostate pummeled mercilessly. It was suddenly too much and no amount of writhing or pressing back or trying to rub his cock against the body above his was helping. He would concede to stop the sweet torture.

“Please!” He was suddenly belting out, hands making marks over Kouga’s back as he pulled him closer. “I want to cum.”

Kouga lifted himself partly, his hand slowing the movement of the toy but not stopping, blue eyes looking down at the begging amber eyes, the pouting lips mouthing the word please, over and over again, and he grit his teeth to keep focused.

“How do you want to cum?” He was asking, this time Sesshomaru answering quickly.

“With your cock inside of me.” He was panting out, voice shaky.

The whine was the result of his ass feeling too empty as the dildo was pulled out but he waited as patiently as he could manage as Kouga shifted and moved them so that his hands were holding Sesshomaru’s legs spread open with one under each knee. The blunt tip of his dick pressed teasingly against Sesshomaru’s now thoroughly stretched opening and he looked down at the older youkai, still a bit unsure if he wasn’t just dreaming.

“You know your brother thinks you’re celibate.” He was saying, slowly beginning to push in. The part of his brain that deciphered pleasure burst in celebration, as even after being thoroughly fucked by a toy, Sesshomaru was still tight. “Holy fuck, you feel good.”

“Inuyasha is oblivious.” Sesshomaru huffed out in between pants as Kouga’s cock, thicker than the dildo had been, slowly stretched him open.

Kouga could only grunt in agreement, before he was sighing contentedly as he settled fully into Sesshomaru, groin pressed closely to the inukai’s ass. He pulled back only when Sesshomaru began to impatiently wriggle and set a slow rhythm that he was thoroughly enjoying. The low grunts at each thrust in from Sesshomaru was a steady motivator and he savored the delicious sight of his cock now thrusting in and out of the older demon’s ass.

“Did you not ask me if I wanted to fuck?” Came Sesshomaru’s breathy and yet somehow demanding question. Kouga merely raised a brow and Sesshomaru growled impatiently. “Move faster, wolf. Fuck me!”

The deep growl in his chest surprised even him, and he was pushing Sesshomaru’s legs until they were pressing against his chest and opening him up wider to the cock impaling him.

“Fine”! Kouga snapped, the sharp thrust in emphasizing the word. “But this just proves how greedy of a slut you are.”

He gave the demon no chance to reply as he began to thrust at a pace that rendered the inukai speechless. Sesshomaru could only manage a variety of moans, cries and whimpers as his ass was taken hard and with fervor. Skin slapped again skin, the bed groaned and violently knocked into the wall, and if Inuyasha were to come home, they would have been oblivious to it.

Sesshomaru, though not technically a screamer, was quite vocal. If the walls weren’t sound-proof then he was sure that the neighbors were getting quite an earful. Kouga was grunting and moaning himself, body now sweating with the exertion, their skin slipping against each other in a way that added more sensuality to their almost brutal coupling.

As Kouga pressed closer to bring their lips together, it helped him push deeper and Sesshomaru moaned into their kiss, tongues gliding over the other while Sesshomaru’s hands clung to Kouga’s shoulders. It would be over soon, he could feel it. He wanted to feel it, wanted his orgasm to wash over him and send him into a temporary high.

Kouga pulled back to watch as Sesshomaru writhed and moaned, eyes heavily lidded and looking back at him. He was going to cum and soon, he should probably pull out. He tried, but Sesshomaru whined, legs quickly shifting to wrap around him and lock him into place.

“No.” Came the word on a breath rather than spoken.

“I’m going to cum.” Kouga warned, and Sesshomaru groaned at that. “I got to pull out.”

“I’m not a blasted female, wolf.” Sesshomaru was growling out before it turned into a whine as Kouga’s cock settled back fully into him. “Cum inside of me.”

And Kouga’s head nearly imploded while his cock very nearly prematurely exploded. He asked no questions and made no objections, he merely began thrusting again, one hand reaching down to begin stroking Sesshomaru’s heavily dripping cock and enjoying the older demon’s sounds as he was fucked and jerked. They were both so close; it was hard to call who would tumble over the edge first.

Sesshomaru won that race, and Kouga’s grin was large enough to hurt his cheeks as the older youkai came screaming, back arched and head flung back against the pillows as cum came gushing out of the tip of his penis. Kouga was able to last through it, but not for long because as Sesshomaru fell limp, the older demon giving short, quiet cries at the cock still pounding at his prostate, that when he heard the sentence, “Kouga, please, cum in me” he couldn’t stop himself.

With a guttural cry of his own, Kouga’s thrusts turned into clumsy jabs as his cock emptied the cum that had been building up in swollen balls for quite some time. Sesshomaru was humming contentedly as his ass was filled with more than a cock and Kouga was then slumping forward, barely stopping himself from smashing his forehead into the older demon’s nose as he bonelessly collapsed.

The two laid there panting, Sesshomaru’s body still jerking occasionally while his muscles trembled with the fading pleasure and Kouga would halfheartedly thrust into the ass still clenching about him every few seconds or so.

“Holy shit!” He was huffing, his words somewhat muffled as his face was pressed into the juncture of Sesshomaru’s neck. “That had to be the best fuck I had in a while.”

“Hmm. I will admit that I did quite enjoy it.”

Kouga was lifting himself on shaky arms, to smile down at his friend’s older brother, who only pulled him back down so that their mouths could meet in a slow kiss.

The phone on the bedside table started ringing and interrupted them, Sesshomaru rolling his eyes as he pulled away and then reached for the receiver. Kouga carefully pulled out, enjoying Sesshomaru’s hiss, before he answered.


What the fuck, Sesshomaru! I’ve been buzzing to be let in for like ten minutes now! I forgot my keys by Kagome’s, now let me in!”

Sesshomaru only snorted before hanging up on his annoying baby brother and looking to the hanyou’s friend who was now watching almost entranced as his seed leaked out of Sesshomaru’s hole.

“You should get dressed.” He suggested, closing his legs and sitting up and therefore cutting the wolf off from the view. “My brother is here. You can buzz him in once you’re decent.”

Kouga grunted at that, watching as Sesshomaru turned over onto his stomach, eyes falling closed and ready to fall into a well-deserved sleep.

“Thanks.” He was saying, causing the youkai to open his eyes again and look up at him.

“For what, ookami?”

“For the awesome fuck, of course.”

The older demon only snorted, before closing his eyes again.

“It was my pleasure.”

“Inuyasha’s going to shit bricks when he hears-”

“You will tell Inuyasha nothing or you can return to your hand tomorrow.” Sesshomaru was growling in warning, eyes barely opening.


“Mmhmm. Inuyasha visits his mother’s family on the weekend.” Sesshomaru murmured, settling in further. “I don’t work weekends. And I’ll have batteries by then.”

Kouga could only grin at that, before he was leaning over and kissing the older youkai on his temple and then climbing off of the bed.

“See you tomorrow, then.”

Sesshomaru was already asleep and he left the room, climbing down the stairs to the main floor of the apartment and heading to the den where he redressed himself. He was then heading to the door to buzz his friend in and left the door unlocked before returning to the den, where he flopped on the couch after turning the TV and game system on.

He heard Inuyasha’s griping as the hanyou entered the apartment and was soon stomping into the den, gold eyes glaring in at his friend who seemed far too into the game. That would explain why the dumb fuck hadn’t buzzed him in earlier. He let it go, not in the mood to argue or fight, too let down that Kagome hadn’t put out and that Miroku hadn’t been available. He had run across an old classmate of Sesshomaru’s and managed to get his number. He didn’t remember if Naraku and his brother had messed around, but he was not in the least bit troubled about fucking his brother’s past exploits.

“Capture the flag?” Kouga was offering as Inuyasha settled in beside him.

“Sure why not?” Inuyasha said with a shrug, grabbing the other remote for himself. “So, back to what I was saying earlier. I know this guy named Jakotsu, he’s pretty easy. I fucked him once and now I can’t get him off my back, maybe you can take him off my hands.”

“I’ll pass.” Kouga said with a grin. “I already took care of the problem.”

“Dude, is that why you smell like that? You’ve been jacking it in my apartment? That’s sick.”

Kouga only rolled his eyes and shot Inuyasha in the back of the head, ignoring his friend’s objections and loud insults.

Sesshomaru had been right. Inuyasha was so oblivious.


Well, what did you think? Let me know. I have this new obsession with Sesshomaru being a needy, horny uke. And it helped me get back into the groove of writing after my rut. Please leave reviews. They will be largely appreciated. Thank you!

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