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Sephiroth has spent his adult life working for the mob boss Kenpachi Zaraki. However, his latest assignment will complicate his life to the point of the destruction of something precious to him.
Sesshomaru was content with running his fathers marketing company and helping his half-brother pull his club out of bankruptcy until Sephiroth walks into his life. Now he yearns for more but the silver-haired man is hiding something from Sesshomaru. A secret that will turn his world upside down.

This story will contain Yaoi (Man on Man action XD), incest, threesomes, and much much more. As far as couples go, well the main couple will be Sesshomaru and Sephiroth, The rest..... I'll leave that for the story to tell you. Muhahahaha.
You have been warned, if these things bother you, please feel free to press the back button. For those who will stay, please enjoy.
Remember the characters are manipulated to fit my vision, so some of the characters may be different from the way they are in the games, Anime, etc.


Sesshomaru sat at the counter rubbing his tired eyes. "Come on bro. I'm sure we can make it happen."
Inuyasha his younger half-brother whined.

"We do not have the financial ability to do that." Sesshomaru said for the fifth time. Seriously how did his idiot brother think they could hire such a popular band for the club. Inuyasha had purchased the Aftershock one year ago and after six months had come to his financial genius of a brother to beg for his help to pull him out of his crisis. It had taken Sesshomaru five months to fix the mess his brother had made.

"But we need someone famous to take the patrons from Pyro." Inuyasha said dropping his head against the counter-top.

Sighing deeply Sesshomaru patted his brothers white hair. "I know you want to compete with them, but we need to start out slowly. Zaraki has the financial backing to pay for the top bands, but we do not. Give me about six more months and we should be able to bring in some big names."

"Why can't father back us." Inuyasha said, his dog ears laying back in irritation.

"Father already made his views clear about you running this club." Sesshomaru said quietly.

"I know." Inuyasha hissed, then mimicked his fathers voice, "Never ask me for help running your business. I do not help, Inuyasha, I take over."

Sesshomaru let a smile work its way to his face, "Precisely."

"Seriously, could you imagine it? The club would be some throwback from the uncool past he lived. The place would go under in two days." Inuyasha said, a look of disgust on his face.

"I think you underestimate our fathers taste." Sesshomaru responded.

"Hey boss, everyone is out. I'm going home." Mugen said as he turned away, giving them a half wave over his shoulder.

"See ya Friday." The short hyperactive demon, Goku, said from the door. Inuyasha waved at them as they left.

"Get home. I'll go over the books and tell you what we have to work with, then you can plan around it." Sesshomaru said, standing and heading to his office.

"Thanks Bro." Inuyasha said as he walked to the door into the arms of Miroku, his boyfriend and one of their best waiters.


A loud buzzing sound jerked Sesshomaru awake. He knew it was his brother by the insistent rings coming one after another. Groaning he rolled from his king sized bed and padded across the plush white carpet to the intercom box. "Inuyasha, it is ten a.m. I have told you never to come to my house before noon on the weekend."

"I know but it's an emergency." Inuyasha said quickly.

"Fine." Sesshomaru said with a sigh buzzing the door to let the pest in.

Pulling on a pale blue night-shirt, Sesshomaru walked down the stairs to meet his brother. He saw Inuyasha jump from the floor to the first landing, furrowing his brow, Sesshomaru took in his brothers frantic appearance. "What is wrong?"

"Someone broke into the bar. The place is completely trashed." Inuyasha said panting.

Sesshomaru hissed, he had expected something like this for about a month now after receiving threatening letters. Sesshomaru was positive that the owner of Pyro, Kenpachi Zaraki, had something to do with it. He had paid for an advanced security system and it was scheduled to be installed today by his technician friend from his father's company, but it looked like he was a bit late in his plans.

"What are we going to do?" Inuyasha whimpered.

"Did you call the police yet?" Sesshomaru asked calmly.

"No." Inuyasha answered.

"Return to the club and call them. I'll make a few calls and meet you there." Sesshomaru said turning towards his room.

"On it." His brother called as he jumped over the rail and ran from the house.

Changing into a comfortable pair of slacks and exchanging his plain shirt for a button-up dress shirt, Sesshomaru tied his hair back at the base of his neck, pulled on his shoes and grabbed his jacket. That bastard Zaraki had just declared war on the Aftershock, and Sesshomaru was going to show him who would win.

Six calls later Sesshomaru had some of the best workers in town ready to descend on the club as soon as the police had finished cataloging the scene.

"There was a witness, one of the homeless people who has taken up residence in your alley said they saw a pony-tailed blonde with a man wearing an orange mask. Their description matches the two members of the Akatsuki gang, Deidre and Toby. We are on our way to pick them up for questioning." The officer said, putting away his notebook in his shirt pocket.

"Thank you officer. When will your men be done here so we can begin repairs?" Sesshomaru asked.

"We are done now. We just need to pack up our things, give us twenty minutes." he said turning to leave.

Sesshomaru walked outside to tell the construction crew foreman and his security tech friend that they would begin as soon as the last officers left the building. Both men nodded then began their preparations for the mass chaos of the reconstruction. Turning back to the club Sesshomaru knew the budget would cover this little set back but he still wanted to go over the numbers once again to be certain.

Heading to his office, Sesshomaru could see Inuyasha on the phone talking to the workers who would be on shift this afternoon. They would most likely be upset over the loss in pay but there was nothing that could be done about it.

Reaching the office he had procured for himself, Sesshomaru took off his suit jacket and dropped it on the back of a chair. Sitting in his chair behind the desk, he rolled up his sleeves and booted up his computer. As it chimed during its start up, Inuyasha walked into the room and dropped into one of the guest chairs. "So the Akatsuki." He said.

"Yes." Sesshomaru answered as he popped open the top couple of buttons on his shirt.

"Looks like Zaraki wants us to close up the club." Inuyasha mumbled as he dropped his head back on the chair. Everyone knew that Zaraki was the financial backer of the gang known as the Akatsuki and they never acted without his approval. Looking at his little brother, Sesshomaru knew this was only the introduction to the war between the clubs.

Sesshomaru dropped his gaze to his computer, narrowing his eyes he swore he would make sure that man did not ruin his brothers dream.


Zaraki sat in his office staring out the window at the city below. He owned most of the clubs, bars, strip clubs and a few other legitimate companies. That was just the surface though, underneath all the lights and glamor was his real power. Everyone knew he was in control of the second biggest gang in this city, not to mention about a third of all the drug and prostitution rings. There was only one jewel he needed to posses to control this city and it sat across from his highrise office building.

The fifty story building of gleaming glass and steel was Demon Dog Marketing, the largest company here in this city with ties to different companies around the world, but that was just the icing. The truth was the demon lord Inutaicho controlled the underworld with an iron fist, much like the mafia's godfather. It was his power Zaraki desired but it was the one thing Zaraki was unable to get his wicked hands on. Inutaicho owned the company along with the other two-thirds of the financial power of this city. Growling Zaraki downed another glass of bourbon. That man had what Zaraki wanted and since he was a demon he would be running things long after Zaraki died of old age. There was only one way to gain control and that was through Inutaicho's son, Sesshomaru. Zaraki may not know Inutaicho's weakness but Sesshomaru was another matter. His half-breed brother owned a club in the better part of the city and after a half a year of disastrous decisions he called his brother to bail him out.

"What has you in such a good mood?" Itachi asked as he entered the room.

"Knowing that Sesshomaru has a heart and therefore a weakness to exploit." Zaraki answered.

Itachi smiled at Zaraki then turned to look at the sky as it began to darken, "The police have already arrested Deidre and Toby."

"No matter. Have them taken out as soon as possible." Zaraki said as he finished his bourbon.

"As you wish." Itachi said as his gaze moved to Demon Dog Marketing with its lighted windows just out of reach. Soon. He thought to himself.

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