Secret Possession

BY : SakuraAngel1
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Secret Possession

By: Sakura Angel

******WARNING: This chapter includes rape, so if you don't want to read it, I suggest you turn back now. You have been warned.******


Chapter 1: His


“She is ready, My Lord,” A middle aged hawk youkai servant informed as she bowed lowly on the floor to the stoic Taiyoukai; her dark brown hair with large gray streaks cascaded around her before she sat up straight again.

She looked up in time to see him give a slight nod and took it as a silent dismissal from him. She stood up and bowed again before she quietly exited the large study.

Sesshoumaru sat in silence as he stared at moonlit sky through the window next to him. He took a moment to gather his thoughts before he gracefully rose from his seat on the pillow and slowly proceeded to leave room.

He had arrived at his castle not too long ago, hours after he had executed the order to retrieve her.

Kagome…she belonged to him and no one else.

Sesshoumaru had sent his strongest men to go spy and kidnap the little miko that had travelled with his pathetic half-brother, in order to avoid being detected.

Not that he really cared that the hanyou and his companions would find out that he had taken her, but for now, he wanted no interference…

….At least, not until she was fully settled into her new life.

Sesshoumaru had intended to mate with her once Naraku was defeated, however, each day that drew closer to the final battle proved to be more dangerous than the last and he wanted to make sure that she was out of harm’s way.

Unfortunately for him, things had not gone the way he had expected and now he was forced to mate with her sooner than he had planned.  

Of course, she wouldn’t understand his intentions, but eventually he would make her see that a life with him is much better than what his half-brother was offering.

Sesshoumaru took his time walking back to his private quarters. He was a bit frustrated that his plans had been sped up due to the impending battle, but nonetheless he was grateful that he still had this opportunity to mate with her.

Kagome would understand…one day.


“Hey, you can let me go now. This isn’t funny!” Kagome shouted as she stared into nothing but darkness.

She had woken up to a blindfold with her arms suspended in the air prior to waking up.

Before Kagome had been kidnapped, she had just finished taking a bath in the hot spring that was not too far from Inuyasha and the others.

It had been several days since they had properly rested; they had been battling hordes of demons almost every day, which led them to believe that they were getting closer to Naraku’s location.

Because of that, they had been on constant alert every day and every night with very little or no rest.

Of course Inuyasha had wanted to find Naraku as soon as he could, but couldn’t he remember that they needed to rest in order to defeat Naraku?

With much convincing and a lot of “sit” commands, Kagome had managed to get Inuyasha to let them take a break for a while. He had agreed to let them rest during the night, but told them that they would resume their search at dawn.

As soon as Inuyasha told them that, everyone had gone off to set up camp. Sango and Miroku had gone to collect firewood, Shippo and Inuyasha had left to go hunting, while Kagome went to go search for fresh water.

While she was searching for water, she had discovered a hot spring in the middle of the forest and decided that a quick bath wouldn’t hurt as long as the others weren’t too far away.

Kagome didn’t realize that she had been followed and just as she had finished dressing herself after the bath, someone had covered her mouth with their hand.

Before she knew it, she had blacked out.

When Kagome had woken up, she had found herself unable to see anything with her hands shackled together above her head while she was in a standing position.

She could tell that she had been here for a little while because her arms were going numb from being held in that position for some time. She also knew that her clothing had been changed, since her uniform’s material had never felt that soft. But as to who had changed it, she didn’t know.

Kagome shuddered and hope that it wasn’t a man that had changed her, because she was absolutely certain that she no longer had her underwear on.

Even though it was very warm in the room, Kagome could still tell that there were a few important articles of clothing missing because of how the thin layer of sweat rolled down on certain parts of her body.

She blushed as that thought occurred to her, but she shook her head and was trying to focus on how to escape.

Kagome tried to yank on the shackle above her and concluded that she was indeed chained from ceiling. She also tried to use some of her power to break the chains on her wrists, but she merely ended up hurting herself with the small surge of power.

Whoever had wanted her was probably after the Shikon jewel shards that she had, because she no longer felt the bottle that she had kept as a necklace around her neck and they were taking extra precaution to make sure that she didn’t harm them.

If they had the jewel shards, then why did they still need her?

Before Kagome could even think about the possible answers, she heard a door quietly slide open and close a several feet in front of her.

Sesshoumaru silently entered into his bedroom and as he did, his eyes were immediately focused on the erotic sight in front of him.

There she was, just as stunning as ever, dressed in a bathing yukata; helplessly waiting in submission for him.

He watched as she nervously inhaled and tensed up. The opening of her yukata was low enough to reveal her cleavage and he stared as a tiny bead of sweat rolled down in between her round, pale breasts.

Because of her position with her arms of above her head, her yukata was raised a little higher; exposing the full length of her long, silky legs and the tops of her smooth, creamy thighs.

Granted, he didn’t want to take her this way, he had hoped to develop some kind of relationship with her or at least declare his intentions towards her, but because of their current situation, he couldn’t allow this opportunity to pass.

“You have the jewel…you can let me go now,” Kagome huffed as she impatiently pulled at her chain.

She didn’t want to try and use her miko powers to break free, because she didn’t want to hurt herself again, not to mention that she had no idea where she was or if there were more enemies around.

Since she was running out of options, she might as well talk her way out of it. Heck, she might even convince them to free her!

It had worked before, so it was worth a try.

Sesshoumaru silently crossed the room and approached Kagome with quiet admiration. She had no idea who had taken her and despite her current position, she was still putting up a brave front.

It was one of the reasons why he had chosen her as a mate.

Very gently, he reached out and cupped her cheek before he tenderly stroked it; Kagome tensed even more under the unexpected contact.

Sesshoumaru knew that if he went through with this, Kagome might not forgive him in the beginning, but the more time she would spend with him the more she would grow affectionate towards him.

He wanted Kagome to love him and show him affection the same way she did with his useless, hanyou half-brother.

Kagome didn’t need him… Inuyasha didn’t even want her.

Inuyasha had always broken her heart, so he couldn’t possibly deserve her or her love.

Her place was by Sesshoumaru’s side. He could offer her the entire world if she had asked for it and she deserved to be treated like royalty.

What could the hanyou possibly offer Kagome? He could barely protect her as it is.

Tonight, he would end Kagome’s misery and claim her, so that he could give her a much better life.

“What do you want from me?” Kagome asked uneasily as she stiffened even more under his gentle touch.

Sesshoumaru took a step back from her before he moved to stand behind her. His little miko was nervous, but he found her body so tempting, even her sweet scent was enticing him.

Unfortunately, she was nowhere close to being in heat, so he would be unable to have her pupped tonight, but there was always a slim chance that she could be.

The thought of Kagome carrying his pups in her swollen belly made him smirk. He would make sure that his little mate would be pupped properly during every heat, by traditional inuyoukai standards and not like what his own father did.

Sesshoumaru leaned forward and pressed his much larger body against her smaller one. He held her tiny soft form against his powerful, muscular frame and fought back a primal, satisfied growl as he felt her soft rear press against him.

Kagome gasped when he pressed his growing erection against her back; he was allowing her to feel what she was doing to him, despite the fact that they had minimal contact before now.

He reached forward and wrapped his hands around her hips before slowly trailing them up to cup her soft breasts through the fabric of her yukata.

“Stop it!” Kagome yelled as she struggled against his touch, but with her struggling so close to him, it was only making his erection harder and adding on to his own desires.

Sesshoumaru ignored her as he leaned in closer and inhaled the sweet scent of her dark, raven colored hair before he brought his lips to the crook of her neck; kissing and nibbling the area of where he would mark her as his.

He had expected her to resist. Had it been any other male touching her, he would fully expect her to do the same, but once she accepted her role as being his mate, he would expect her to submit to him whenever he wanted.

Sesshoumaru smirked even more as he thought of Kagome acting obediently as his mate; spreading her long, delicious legs open for him as she waited for him to take her like a good, obedient mate would do.

“Let me go! Stop it!” Kagome shouted as began to thrash around a bit.

Sesshoumaru growled softly in warning as her struggles increased, but when she wouldn’t stop, he gave her a small, yet sharp bite on her shoulder, which caused her to yelp in pain, as another warning for her.

Sesshoumaru had not intended on causing her pain, except in one inevitable way, but he didn’t want Kagome to go and hurt herself by blindly thrashing around.

So, he decided to end this quickly instead. Taking his time would only result in Kagome being hurt, either by him or her own self.

Sesshoumaru released her breasts temporarily to undress himself and as he did, he made sure to noisily toss his clothes to side onto the wooden floor.

Kagome inhaled sharply as she heard the ruffling of clothes being dropped onto the floor and began to struggle against the chains even more. There was no way that she was going to be raped like this, she had to escape and get away from this psycho.

If only Inuyasha was here… Kagome thought as tears began to form in her eyes.

Maybe he was somewhere close? If he was, then she had to try…

Kagome braced herself and began to shout at the top of her lungs.


Sesshoumaru cut her off from shouting by placing his large, clawed hand over her mouth. His little miko was already proving to be trouble and he definitely didn’t need to hear her scream so close to his sensitive ears.

He was angry that she had decided to call for his half-brother, but he should’ve expected that. After all, Inuyasha used to be her only protector and it would only be natural for her to call him for help.

But it still made him angry, not at her, just the fact that she still relied so heavily on him, despite the fact that he had mistreated her.

Now, he had to keep Kagome quiet. If she was going to continue to make this much noise, he needed to silence her, at least until the mating was over.

Sesshoumaru glanced around to see if there was something that could keep her silent and spotted his obi lying on top of the pile clothes he had just thrown.

Swiftly, he leapt over to the obi and returned back to Kagome before she could utter anything else.

He quickly tied the obi around her mouth before he proceeded to caress her all over her body from behind. As much as he would love to hear her moan and cry in pleasure for him, he needed for her to relax under his touch.

She couldn’t relax while she was screaming.

As he finished caressing her clothed body, he decided to untie her yukata’s obi that was tied neatly in front. While he did, Kagome continued to scream into his obi even though her cries were mostly muffled.

Sesshoumaru unceremoniously tossed her white obi to the floor and pulled open the front of her robe, before he walked in front of her to face her exposed body.

He gave an approving growl as he eyed her naked body; his erection growing harder by the second.

Gently, he reached out to once again cup her naked breasts, but this time he chose to massage the very soft pieces of flesh, before he knelt down to capture one of the small, pink nipples in between his teeth.

He began to tug at the tiny, pink bud lightly with his teeth, carefully avoiding the use of his fangs, while he started to knead her other breast with his free hand.

Kagome stopped her struggling and began to moan into the piece of cloth as she felt his mouth enclose around her nipple; alternating between sucking and biting. This was not what she had wanted or had thought her first time would be.

She didn’t want this happen, especially with another man…a man that was not Inuyasha. She didn’t want whoever this was putting his disgusting hands all over her.

Kagome was upset that she might be losing her virginity in this manner, but she prayed that Inuyasha and the others would come here soon to find her and destroy this monster before it was too late.

Her body was responding to these foreign touches and she didn’t like it. Kagome tried to prevent herself from moaning, but even with something tied around her mouth, the sound still managed to escape from her.

Sesshoumaru decided that it was time to give her other breast the same attention, so as soon as he released the first one from his mouth, he immediately replaced it with the other; suckling at the creamy mound of flesh like a hungry, newborn pup.

He could smell the delicious, sweet scent of her arousal as he tended to her breasts and knew that it would soon be time move on to a different area of her body…one that would require plenty of attention from him.

As he continued to suckle at her naked breast, he stopped playing with her other taut nipple and began to move his newly freed hand further down her soft, silky body.

Sesshoumaru softly trailed his claw along her flat stomach and lazily traced the outlines of her hip bone before proceeding to place his hand in between her soft, creamy thighs.

Kagome gasped against the cloth and began to struggle as she felt someone touch her there.

No, no, no, no... this can’t be happening! Kagome thought frantically as tears threatened to fall underneath her blindfold.

Where was Inuyasha? Shouldn’t he and the other be there right now? Then, a thought occurred to her as she felt her own heart sank into the depths of her stomach.

She had blacked out earlier, which meant that they could be miles, perhaps even days away from her traveling group, which meant that the possibility of being rescued was very slim.

This time, Kagome allowed the tears to quietly fall as she struggled against her assailant.

Sesshoumaru could barely contain a groan as he trailed the wet, outer petals of her womanhood. His little miko was more than ready for him, he could tell from the slick, wet heat of her.

He wanted to be inside of her, but first, he had to put his tiny miko at ease. Sesshoumaru could smell the tears coming from her and he wanted to provide her some sort of comfort. Her first time was going to hurt, but it didn’t mean that it shouldn’t be pleasurable for her.

Sesshoumaru removed himself from her breast and decided to watch Kagome’s reaction as he slowly placed a finger inside warm, damp folds.

Kagome whimpered as she felt herself being invaded in her most private area.

No, she didn’t want this. This was wrong! This person was going to take away her most precious asset.

She had to continue fighting, even though it was leading her nowhere, but even now her body was beginning to betray her mind.

Very slowly, Sesshoumaru began to pump his slender, delicate finger inside of her womanhood and immediately bit back a moan filled with need.

Never could he imagine how tight she would be and he was only using one finger. He could see that his vision was becoming a red haze and could feel his fangs begin to elongate as he added another finger to stretch out her the tight walls of her body.

His tiny bitch felt so good to him and he had felt fortunate that she never been intimate with another male before, not that he would’ve allowed it anyway.

There were plenty of times when she had gone into heat and had caused the surrounding male youkai to go insane with lust. He made sure to be around her and her group when it was time for her cycle in order to secretly fight off the lust-crazed youkai; unbeknownst to her.

There were even a few times where he had to fight against himself in order to prevent him from mating with her too soon. It had even become increasingly difficult to not claim her when he had once accidentally discovered that she learned how to pleasure herself.

Of course, Sesshoumaru had only himself to blame for neglecting her. Kagome’s heat would only get stronger if she hadn’t mated or pupped during her previous cycle.

He would make sure that she would become pupped during her heat cycles, not only for her own sake, but to also restore and stabilize the inuyoukai population.

Kagome was completely capable of giving him full-blooded heirs, not only because she was a powerful miko, but because she was the miko that protected the Shikon jewel. However, he didn’t want her for that sole reason.

Sesshoumaru slowly removed his fingers from her warmth and as he did, he examined the sticky, wetness on his fingers before tasting the sweet and tangy deliciousness that her body provided for him.

He growled with satisfaction as he decided that he wanted to taste even more.

Sesshoumaru knelt down completely to access her better and started to inhale her sweet, mouthwatering scent at its source, before he tentatively licked the moistness in between her soft thighs.

Kagome arched her back as she felt something hot and wet lick her slowly down there. At this point it was becoming harder to fight against her assailant because her body was becoming more receptive to his touches, despite her best efforts to fight it.

Sesshoumaru found it hard to pull away from her, even though he had his own needs to fulfill. He could hear Kagome’s heart rate and breathing speed up as he started to lap at her warm, moist entrance.

He skillfully traced his tongue along the outer folds of her womanhood before his tongue began to delve inside of her, tasting her sweet juices as he cupped her smooth, round behind to gain better purchase of her.

Kagome did her best to resist against her body’s urges, but the more she fought against it, the more her body reacted as she arched toward the exploring fingers he had re-entered inside of her.

Sesshoumaru wanted her to come for him. He had wanted to taste more of her delectable juices and offer her divine pleasure before he took her.

So he chose to increase the tempo of his fingers and as he did, Kagome immediately arched against his hand; bucking her hips as his tongue and fingers skillfully pleasured her moist womanhood.

It didn’t take long for Kagome to reach her climax and when she did, she cried out loudly against his obi as she released her womanly juices into the waiting mouth below her.

Sesshoumaru swallowed every delicious drop as he stood up and wiped the corner of his mouth; silently preparing himself.

Kagome was going to finally become his mate; his and no one else’s.

She would belong to him and he would do anything to keep her happy by his side. He would be able to provide for her and protect her unlike anyone else and the very thought of that filled him with pride.

Kagome tiredly slumped forward after her orgasm and hoped that this incident was completely over. However, she was disappointed when she felt a finger tilt up her chin as a thumb lightly caressed against her cheek.

Swiftly, Sesshoumaru reached behind Kagome’s head to untie the obi around her mouth and before she could even have the chance say anything, her lips were captured in a very hungry kiss.

Sesshoumaru groaned against her trembling, swollen lips just before his tongue slipped in between them.

Kagome whimpered as his tongue quickly found hers and when he did, his tongue danced and curled around hers; allowing her to taste the remnants of her own sweet juices that she had provided him just a moment ago.

When he had pulled away briefly to let Kagome catch her breath, she took the opportunity to try and cry for help again, but as she began to shout, Sesshoumaru roughly captured her lips again; annoyed that Kagome was still trying to resist him at this point.

Had he not been gentle towards her?

He could’ve mated with her brutally, like most youkai did while claiming a resisting, potential mate, but he chose not to; putting her pleasure above his to ease her into the mating process.

However, Kagome still chose to fight against him, despite receiving pleasure from him. Sesshoumaru knew that Kagome didn’t know it was him that was doing this to her, but it displeased his demonic side that his bitch was defying him while he intended to become her Alpha.

Sesshoumaru mentally tried to calm himself before his demon side tried anything drastic; reminding himself that it was only natural for her to fight him in the beginning.

As he tried to focus back on Kagome by reclaiming her mouth, she attempted to bite him, which did not settle very well with Sesshoumaru.

Although Kagome didn’t hurt him, he still reacted to her disobedience by showing her who was the dominant one.

As soon as Kagome tried to bite him, he broke away from their kiss with a low growl to violently yank at her hair and bite fiercely at the crook of her neck.

This earned a cry of pain from his bitch and when he thought that she had enough of his little punishment, Sesshoumaru took his obi that he had held in his hand and tied it back around her mouth again.

Kagome was beginning to infuriate him by challenging his dominance, even if she was unintentionally doing so. She was causing him to hurt her and he didn’t like that at all.

Therefore, to spare her from more unnecessary pain, Sesshoumaru decided to end this now.

With newly found resolve, Sesshoumaru grabbed Kagome by the hips and lifted her up to the height of his waist. Kagome started to resist against him even more, now that she realized what was going to occur next.

He felt a bit guilty about doing this to her, but it was something that had to be done.

Even if it took centuries for Kagome to forgive him for this, it would be worth it to him because he was essentially protecting her for her own good.

Sesshoumaru leaned forward and started to gently nuzzle the juncture of Kagome’s abused neck in an apologetic manner.

Although Kagome’s words were muffled, he could still understand her final plea to him and it nearly broke his heart to hear them from her.

“Please, no…” She begged from behind the obi as he could smell the salt from her freshly formed tears.

Naraku would pay dearly for ruining his plans with Kagome.

Sesshoumaru would make the dark hanyou suffer for forcing him to mate with her in this manner. Should he ever get his hands on Naraku right before he died, he will ensure that his death will be very painful and very slow.

Sesshoumaru would make Naraku suffer for Kagome’s pain and his own pain that he will have to face from his new mate before she learned to forgive him.

Carefully, he lowered her onto his large, hard shaft, while Kagome continued to violently struggle against him.

As Sesshoumaru slowly entered into the tight, depths of her wet womanhood, he bit back the urge to moan from the sheer tightness of her inner walls and continued to enter into her slowly as he started to fill her with his thick, engorged manhood.

Sesshoumaru wasn’t even halfway inside of her when he was immediately greeted by the barrier of thin flesh that was her hymen and Kagome knew that was the reason why he had stopped.

Kagome had prayed that he would stop there. That maybe, just maybe the person had a bit of compassion left in their soul to stop them from going through with this, but somehow she knew that they were merely hesitating.

Since her words and body resistance did not seem to affect him, Kagome decided to shake her head frantically to let him know that she didn’t want this.

The muscle in Sesshoumaru’s jaw tensed as he watched Kagome shake her head in a desperate attempt to stop him. He knew that she didn’t want this…even he didn’t want this for her, at least not in this way.

But still he had to do this for them…for her and for the sake of their future bloodline.

“Forgive me,” Sesshoumaru whispered against Kagome’s neck before he bit down hard into her flesh with his elongated fangs while he internally filled her in one swift motion; quickly breaking the barrier of skin as she screamed out in agony.

Kagome started to ferociously thrash against him as she was screaming into the obi at the pain and loss of her precious virginity. Her tears that she was shedding were being absorbed by the cloth of her blindfold; making the cloth warm and wet with the constant tear-shedding.

Sesshoumaru did his best to soothe his newly claimed mate by softly licking the spot he just bit and by gently stroking the back of her hair with his free hand, but even he knew it wasn’t enough to erase the damage he had just done.

Yet, he wasn’t even finished with the mating process.

It took a few moments for Kagome to wear herself down, most likely due to the fact that she had spent some her energy fighting him and from the exhaustion of her earlier climax, but when she did calm down, Sesshoumaru took it as a cue to continue.

Very slowly, he started to thrust himself deep inside of her; his huge, swollen staff stretching the walls of her tiny body as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her awaiting core.

At first, Kagome was non-responsive to his thrusts as she had just tried to ignore and push away what was currently happening to her, but her body started to act on its own accord; moving in response to his rhythm.

Soon, Sesshoumaru could no longer hold back his own desire from being inside of her very tight womanhood, so he decided to allow his instincts to kick in; steadily increasing the tempo of his thrusts until her body could no longer match his.

He could feel their climax approaching rapidly and before it did, he positioned his fangs over the spot he had bitten just moments ago.

Kagome cried out as she came with such soul-shattering intensity, that she emptied her love juices all over the massive erection inside of her; coating him so much that her fluid even trickled out onto the floor below them.

Immediately after her climax, her body became limp as she blacked out from the intensity of the whole event.

Simultaneously, Sesshoumaru bit down on the juncture of her neck and shoulder; completely marking her as his mate.

Sesshoumaru gave a harsh groan of masculine satisfaction as he felt his hot seed spill into her awaiting womb and gave a slightly disappointed sigh as he felt his seed slowly seep out of her; dripping onto the wooden floor.

Kagome would not be pupped tonight.

He had hoped that there would be a chance, but outside of a female’s heat, the chances of conceiving offspring were minimal.

…Even more so with a human mate.

Cautiously, Sesshoumaru reached up to unhook the chain from the ceiling of his sleeping quarters, but chose to let the chains on Kagome’s wrist and her blindfold remain as he carried her limp, exhausted body over to their massive futon on the floor.

Gingerly, he placed her amongst the soft, comfortable covers of their bed before removing his obi from her mouth and as he began to tuck her in, he noticed a strange presence of blood on one of his hands.

Sesshoumaru delicately sniffed around his resting mate for any immediate signs of damage, in case he had accidentally injured her during their mating.

It was indeed Kagome’s blood, but he couldn’t detect any significant injuries on her.

As a precaution, however, Sesshoumaru still wanted to check her physically to see if there was harm done to her body.

It didn’t take him long to discover that the blood on his hand had actually came from the drying blood streaks running down her thighs. Sesshoumaru made a mental note to have Kagome’s personal servants give her a proper bath as soon as she woke up.

Sesshoumaru covered Kagome’s body with a few of their bedcovers and proceeded to leave their sleeping area to go bathe.

While he was bathing, Sesshoumaru’s thoughts fell on the plan he had made while he was waiting in his study for his servants to prepare his mate.

He had decided to keep Kagome in his castle while he went away to go hunt down and kill Naraku. Kagome would be much safer from harm in her new home and if something did happen to him, at least she would be out of harm’s way.

Sesshoumaru did hope that she would become pupped tonight, since he would be leaving her side for a while as he went on this dangerous mission. If she was to become pregnant and something was to happen to him, at least Kagome would be able to carry on his legacy through their pup.

He knew that she would look after it and raise it well, regardless of who the father was. Kagome was meant to become a mother and Sesshoumaru knew that she would love their children no matter what.

Now that Kagome was the Lady of the Western Lands, she would have to remain behind in order to rule their lands while he was away. Sesshoumaru had already arranged for her personal servants and his own advisors to guide her in governing their lands, so there was no concern there.

Even the castle was well protected by the most powerful barriers and spells ever existed, courtesy of his father, so her safety wasn’t an issue.

However, his main concern was her emotional stability. Surely, she would be upset about what had just happened to her, but he wouldn’t be there for her to explain as to why he had done it.

Sesshoumaru wanted to give her space as she came to terms about being mated and he wanted her to experience all that he was offering, so that when he returned back home, she would be more accepting towards him.

That was why Sesshoumaru concluded that he would keep his identity a secret to her; until he returned back home.

When he had finished bathing, he returned back to their bedroom and put on a new set of robes. After he was finished, he summoned his head servants to his room and in seconds, they had arrived at his main bedroom door; bowing deeply to him before they entered into the room.

The middle aged female hawk youkai servant had entered into his room along with another male hawk youkai around the same age.

Sesshoumaru quietly ordered them to keep his identity a secret from their new Lady and told them that it was imperative that she did not find out before his return. He instructed them to tell the other servants and employees of the castle of his order.

It was an odd order from their Lord, but the pair of them did not question it. No one dared to question their Lord and his intentions, unless they had the desire to die.

Sesshoumaru dismissed the male servant and began giving direct orders to the female one; orders regarding the care of his new mate.

Earlier, he had assigned Atsuko to become Kagome’s head personal servant; her Lady in Waiting. Atsuko was one of the best and loyal servants to have ever graced his castle, so he wanted Kagome to be taken care of by the best.

Once he was finished with his orders for Atsuko, he had dismissed her and waited until she left the room to return back to his sleeping mate.

Sesshoumaru knelt down beside her sleeping form and reached out to brush the raven locks of her bangs away from her sweaty forehead.

He wished for this to have happened in a much gentler manner, but it was for the best.

Before he rose up to leave her side and to set out on his journey, he leaned forward to give Kagome a very chaste kiss on her soft, pink lips.

Sesshoumaru promised that he would make this up to her by presenting her with Naraku’s head and the rest of the Shikon jewel as his mating gift to her.

It was the very least he could do for her.


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