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“Higurashi!” The Swim Team Coach, Yukizawa Yokko,  shouted out. 

Kagome Higurashi quickly turned around to see Coach Yukizawa along with the Head Principal and Counselor standing alongside him. Rushing out of the school’s pool, she reached for her towel and hurried up to her coach and the other school teachers. “Yes, Yukizawa-sensei?”

“We want to talk to you, please follow us.” Yukizawa motioned her to follow along as they headed towards his office. 

As they reached the small office, they each signaled for Kagome to sit down as they circled around her. Feeling uneasy, she clutched to the towel on her lap and swallowed the nervous lump in her throat. “May I ask why you needed to see me sensei?” 

“Miss. Higurashi, we wanted to talk to you about your progress in this school.” Principal Hirashi spoke up. “We have reason to believe that you shouldn’t be here.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No!” Counselor Matsumoto Ayane quickly stated. “Nothing of that sort. What we are trying to say is, because of your progress in both academics and athletics, we believe it’s best that you attend a more appropriate school.” 

“With your high scores in class, and being the top swimmer here in Tokyo High School, we believe it’s best that you attend a more private school that will help push you to your full potential. I understand you want to get into Tokyo University for their swimming program and to get in Olympics, correct?” Coach Yukizawa asked. 

“Yes.” Kagome nodded, trying to cool the nervous nausea in her stomach. 

“Well, we believe K. International School will help you accomplish your goals. We both know your family won’t financially qualify you to attend, so we establish scholarship for you to attend. We believe it will be in your best interest, so starting Monday you will be transferred to the school.” Counselor Matsumoto replied. 

Eyes widening at the news, she sat there stunned with the news she was given. It was the greatest news she had received, but she suddenly remembered where she will be going and what she would be leaving behind. A school filled with pompous entitled rich kids, and leaving her best friends behind to follow a brighter future. It made her feel queasy inside, and scared. 

It was great news to hear, but she did not like the fact that she would be starting fresh and new in a strange scary place. The thought of it was intimidating.  

“And before you think you will be alone, the School Board and the Hayashi Scholarship Program decided best to allow Souta to attend the school as well. With his great academics and soccer skills in his school, they both agreed to sponsor the Higurashi family.” Matsumoto added as she placed a hand on Kagome’s shoulder. “And doesn’t your cousin Satomi attend K. International?” 

Still stunned speechless, Kagome nodded at the counselor’s question while she began to have a change of heart at the entire situation. The more she thought about it, the less intimidating it was beginning to sound. Smiling, she nodded again and looked up at the others. “Thank you for having me here in Tokyo High sensei Hirashi, and thank you for guiding me and sensei Matsumoto and sensei Yukizawa.” 

“We are glad to have a great student attend here, Miss. Higurashi.” The principal smiled warmly. “Oh, and the Hayashi family, who I believe is your uncle and aunt, have agreed to pay for your uniforms as well as Souta’s. So, there is no worries for financial situations for your mother to worry about. You will just need to remain a 3.7 grade point average to keep the scholarship.” 

“Yes sir, I understand.” Kagome smiled brightly as she stood up. “Thank you all very much for this opportunity.” Bowing her head, she finally left the office and walked quickly to the locker room to finally shout with glee. 

Twirling around with her towel in hand, she jumped a few times with a smile on her face as she opened her locker and began to grab her uniform and showering supplies to change for next class. After her shower, she quickly changed and headed for her next class. 

“Hey, Kagome!” Eri shouted out as her, Ayumi and Yuka hurried down the hallway. 

“Oh, hey guys!” Kagome smiled with a wave. 

“So, what did Coach Yukizawa want? We thought you got into major trouble.” Ayumi asked. 

Kagome took in a deep breath, gazing down to the floor she finally gathered her bearings. “I’m transferring to a new school.” 

“Oh my god, what did you do? If they are trying to blame you for that one incident in the showers, I will take the fall for that one.” Eri quickly grabbed Kagome’s shoulders and began to shake her lightly as with each word. 

“Stop shaking me, Eri!” Finally getting her to finally stop, she grabbed onto her friend’s shoulders to keep her head from spinning. Chuckling lightly, she swallowed down her stomach and finally explained. “I am going to K. International School of Tokyo.”

“Where the rich snobs go to?” Ayumi spoke up. 

“You’re leaving us?” Eri frowned. “Why? That school only has rich kids there! What is so good about that school?” 

“Eri, calm down. I am going because they have a scholarship program that me and my little brother got accepted into. It will also help me better my chances to get into Tokyo University’s swim team. It’s what is best. There is no worries though, I will always be your friend and we will always see each other after school and on weekends.” Kagome tried to calm her almost crying friend. 

“This is the saddest news ever, but I understand though. It’s what is best but don’t forget where you come from and who your true friends are.” Ayumi’s bottom lip quivered as she reached out for her friend into a hug with Eri. 

Yuka finally spoke up while the two gathered their small friend up in their arms. “That’s great news Kagome. I’m glad you will be attending there.” Giving a genuine smile and licking her bottom lip. “I was hoping they would give you the chance. If anyone deserves this chance, it’s you.”

They all paused as they turned to look at Yuka. “Yuka, are you the one who referred me?” 

Nodding and wiping a tear from the corner of her eye, she smiled and embraced all her friends as well. “Yes! I knew this was going to be a great chance, and I had to let Yukizawa sensei know too. And I am so glad you are getting this chance. Take it.” 

Feeling her eyes water, Kagome nodded and hugged her friends back as best as she could. “Thank you Yuka. I promise I will succeed.” 

“I know.” Yuka sniffled as she smiled along with the two other girls. “Make us proud, alright.” 

Nodding, the group gathered into one more last group hug before finally heading to class. Kagome knew that even if this was her last day in this school with her friends, she never felt so happier in all her life. 



“Hey Kagome, what’s going on?” Satomi replied over the phone call. 

“I have great news.” Kagome smiled as she gripped the cordless phone. 

A soft shuffle echoed over the phone followed by a quick grunt. “Alright, speak up. Spill it. Did you finally get a boyfriend?” 

Chuckling, she shook her head and replied. “No, I will be going to your school on Monday.” 

There was a long silence before Satomi finally spoke. “Am I hearing this right? You are coming to my school? Kagome, when did your mom get rich?” 

“No, it’s nothing like that. Your family’s scholarship program is letting me and Souta attend your school.” She added. “Are you alright with this news?” 

Gasping, “Kagome, that’s great! But word of advice, never let anyone at school know you are on a scholarship to attend there. Ever, you understand.” Satomi warned. “The kids in that school are not so kind to those who are not rich.” 

“Oh. Are they really that shallow?” 

“Yes and no. Most of them are very shallow, but there are very few who aren’t. But as long as you are related to me and know me, you won’t have any problem. Neither will Souta since Shippo will be with him in the same grade. I’ll make sure the principal will have them in the same class.” Satomi assured. 

“Oh, well that will help Souta out since he’s been nervous about it since we been home from school.” 

“Well, tell him no need to. I know him and Shippo are close friends, and I am sure Kohaku won’t mind being his friend either. He isn’t shallow like most of the kids there.” 

“That’s really great to hear. So, what about you? Will we be in the same class?” 

“I’m a second year, so we won’t be in the same class but I do know a few people who are first years. I’ll make sure you are in the same class with Sango and Miroku. They are really great people, just ignore Miroku’s perverted nature. Pass all his flirting and grope attacks, he’s a great person.” Satomi nervously laughed. 

Laughing along, “Alright. So, how will I be able to talk with you at school?” Kagome finally asked, feeling the feeling of intimidation and fear rising once more. 

“On the swim team for one. I am the team captain, so we will see each other daily and we will also have the same lunch period. So there is no worries. You won’t be alone forever, especially since I know for sure that you will make friends with Sango for one.” 

“Oh that’s great. I was really worried that I would be alone.” Kagome let go of a breath she didn’t realize  she was holding. 

“You’ll be alright Kage-san. There is no reason to worry, but there is one thing.” 

“Oh?” Her stomach tightened. 

“I hang out with a group of people who are shallow. Because of my title in the school and my family, I do have a reputation to hold. I know it sounds shallow, but the leader of our group has the power to chose who attends the school. So, if I happen to not show up or have to leave unexpectedly, it’s because I have to.” Satomi sighed. “And don’t believe all the rumors you hear about me, none are true except for one.” 

“Satomi, that is awful. Why would you be in a group like that?” Sounding appalled with her cousin’s choices and actions. 

Breathing into the phone, Satomi finally answered. “Because the Taisho family is the one family you never want to be on the bad side of. I am my father’s successor since Shippo is not able to because he’s adopted. There are some things I have to do that I am not proud of, but Sesshomaru won’t be nothing without me. His right hand.” 

“I don’t understand. I mean, can’t you just ignore them and still be on their good side?” Kagome asked, trying to figure out why her cousin would be in such a shallow position. 

“When you come from a wealthy family and you are the successor, there is nothing for you to do. And besides, they may be shallow but they are my closest friends. They aren’t that bad, just misunderstood, especially Sesshomaru. It’s why I am his right hand. Without me, he’d really be the Ice Prince.” Satomi confessed in a soft whisper. 

Sighing, she gave in. “Alright, I don’t understand it but I get it.” 

“I’m glad you get it, because if you didn’t I don’t know what I could say because even though they may be shallow people, I’ve grown up with them since pre-school and know them more than their own parents.” Satomi spoke softly. 

“You really care about them, huh?” Kagome asked while noticing the awkward distance between them. 

“Yeah. If you knew the stuff we have to deal with, you wouldn’t judge them so quickly.” Satomi replied matter-of-factly. “I’m not saying to give them a chance, because chances are they would look pass you in a heart beat. But I am saying don’t hate them without knowing them truly.” 

Nodding, “Alright. Well, I need to let you go. I have a lot to do tomorrow. I’ll see you Monday, Sato-san.” Kagome finished off feeling her good mood fading quickly. 

“Yeah, sounds good. See ya then. Ja ne.” 

Replying back, they finally hung up and Kagome continued to stare at the ceiling trying to comprehend everything she just heard. She wanted to believe in her cousin, but part of her felt that it was just wrong for shallow people to get a chance if they give none to others who meet their standards. Did they not have a heart? It made no sense to her. 

Getting up from her bed, she decided it was best not to dwell on it and to shower and get ready for bed. Tomorrow she had a big day to start her weekend which began with getting new supplies and figuring out the new train route to get to school. And after all that, she promised her friends she’d spend the remaining weekend with them. For now, she decided it best not worry about something that was not causing a great impact on her daily life. Yet. 


Both Kagome and Souta stared at their front door nervously until their mother finally found her keys and rushed up behind them. Today was the day they knew deep down everything would change. Their future depended on it, but it didn’t knock the nervous feeling away. 

“Are you guys ready?” Mrs. Higurashi asked as she placed on her sandals. 

Nodding, they both left the house and entered the small car heading to their new school. Silence surrounded them for ten minutes, knowing the driver there would take close to thirty to forty. Breaking the awkward tension, Mrs. Higurashi finally looked over to her daughter in the passenger seat. “So, were you able to get into contact with Satomi-chan?” 

“Yeah, she said she will meet me by the entrance to introduce me with my new classmates.” Kagome answered, feeling her stomach still tensing and clenching with butterflies. 

“What about you Souta-kun? Did you get a hold of Shippo-kun?” 

“Yeah, he said he’ll meet me with Satomi as well. I’m actually a bit excited to see this new school. I hear their soccer team is really the top in the country, and has a higher chance of going into the national leagues.” Souta spoke up excitedly. “I honestly can’t wait.” 

Smiling, she looked over to her daughter who continued to hold a worried look. “I am sure things will be fine, Kagome. You are going to be alright. Besides, your cousin will be there with you, and you did say she was going to introduce you to new friends.” 

“I know, but it still makes me nervous. I just never thought I would ever go to a rich private school that not only has Japanese students, but other students as well from other countries. It’s a new learning experience for me.” Kagome answered, clutching her book bag into her arms. 

“I know sweetie, but you will be alright. I have faith that today will go along greatly.” She smiled softly towards her daughter. 

With minimal talk, the ride to the new school was shared in silence as they finally reached the campus. Passing through the security gate, they drove another five minutes until they finally came to the front of the main school building. 

It was clean and held the sense of luxury, Kagome thought as she slowly opened the car door and stepped out. The air was even smelled fresher than anything, but what really made her feel awkward was the luxurious vehicles parked behind her mother’s car, dropping of their children. It reminded her of how very low class she was to these students. 

Swallowing her fear, she turned at the sound of her name being called from behind her. Looking around, she finally caught sight of a pair of grey orbs, surrounded by straight hair rushing her way. “Satomi!” 

“Hey, Kagome! Long time no see!” Satomi gave a short smile, something her entire was use to by now. She never expressed herself, but when she did, those close cherished the rare moments. 

“I agree! Your hair is longer than last time, and you got a little taller too.” Kagome chuckled as she clutched her book bag tightly. 

“Yeah, I get that a lot.” Satomi smirked. Pushing pass her cousin, she peaked into the passenger door of the car and smiled at her aunt. “Hey, obasan. It’s been a long time. Don’t worry about Souta or Kagome, they are in good hands. I give my word.” 

“I trust you, Mimi-chan.” Mrs. Higurashi chuckled using the little nickname for her niece when she was a toddler. 

Smiling, “You embarrass me obasan. Well, better get going. Don’t want Kagome or Souta to be late on their first day. I’ll have my driver drop them off after school. Good day, obasan.” She shut the door and waved as Mrs. Higurashi said her good-byes and waved back, leaving the campus. 

Turning around, Satomi looked over at the two Higurashi kids and chuckled. “No need to be nervous. The place isn’t that scary, just remember what I told you guys and you will be alright. Blend in, and no problem will come.” 

“Where is Shippo?” Souta asked as they began to walk towards the school building. 

“He’s up there.” Satomi pointed over towards the young boy with reddish wild hair, pulled back into a ponytail. 

It wasn’t moments after until the young demon came rushing towards them, “Hey Souta! Come on, I want you to meet someone.” 

“Alright! Later Kagome!” Souta exclaimed as he rushed off with Shippo towards the school building, vanishing through the doors. 

Smiling, she finally looked over to her cousin then around and noticed the strange looks she was getting from other students. “Does everyone always stare at new kids?” 

“They are staring at you because you are walking with me.” Satomi answered matter-of-factly. “I told you I have a reputation, and one I like to keep up with. Not only does it give me a title and respect, but peace and quite until the other heirs come into the picture. Than we just have crowds of loud people surrounding us.” She shivered in disgust. 

“Wow, you guys must really be popular.” Kagome stated quietly as they passed through the doors of the building. 

“It’s annoying. I hate people honestly, but it’s something that can’t be done. People fear me cause of my rep with Sesshomaru and my father’s company. Not only that, but my skills in marital arts as well.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I am also the only girl part of The Star. There are five of us, each of us a successor to our family.” 

“Wow. Sounds like a lot to take in, actually.” Kagome chuckled lightly. 

“It is. But like I said, don’t listen to all the rumors you hear. Not everyone single one is true. Now come on, I only have a short time until they get here.” She pressed her hand on the middle of her cousin’s back to help urge her along down the hallway to the Teacher’s Office. 

“Akiyama sensei!” Satomi called out as they both stood in the Teacher’s Office. 

A large, heavier set man turned his head with a scowling gaze. Realizing who had called him, his expression softened and he rushed over to the heiress. “Miss. Hayashi, what brings you here?”

“This is the new transfer student. I am sure Shippo brought the other in earlier, right?” Satomi cocked her brow while keeping her posture straight and her voice cool. 

Nodding, he turned over his shoulder and snapped his fingers. “Ms. Yukagawa! The folder for the new transfer student!” 

Within seconds, a manila folder was placed into his hand and quickly placed into Kagome’s. “This has all your classes for the rest of the semester, and next semester as well as after school activities and upcoming trips to look forward to. Everything you need, is in this folder. Don’t lose it.” Akiyama spoke quickly and firmly. 

“Yes sir.” Kagome bowed her head and looked over to Satomi who once again held the head principal’s attention. 

“Miss. Hayashi, will your father be hosting for this upcoming ball next month?” 

“Since Taisho-sama nor Shichiinitai-sama refuse to cancel their ‘business trips’, my father decided he will go ahead and host the party.” Satomi informed. 

“Excellent. We will make sure this goes towards your credit.” Akiyama stated before finally bowing his head and leaving the two young women alone. 

“What was that?” Kagome asked as they made their way back into the hallway. 

“Remember when I said there is more to us than you know?” 


“Because we are the heirs, our family is mostly in charge of most of charity events. Without us, this school would mostly crash and wither away.” Satomi shrugged as they made their way to the lockers. “Awesome, they did listen and made your locker right next to mine.” 

“Can they do that?” 

“You saw how the mean principal turned to a happy soft guy, right? There is a reason for that. He gets even nervous and kiss-ass when Sesshomaru is talking to him.” She chuckled lightly as they opened their lockers and grabbed their books for their upcoming class. 

“Why is that?” Kagome asked as Satomi began to lead to her to her first class and marking down on the little map of the school to help her reach other classes she might not have with Sango or Miroku. 

“Because Sesshomaru has a say on who can work here. He can actually fire the staff, and be done with it.” Satomi handed back the folder with the now written-on map of the school grounds. 

“He can do that?” Kagome asked stunned with the news. 

“Yeah, his father owns the school, and since Sesshomaru is the heir, he has just about as much say as his father.” She shrugged while walking side by side with her cousin. “Just be careful with Inuyasha. I know Sango and Miroku hang out with the hanyou, but be careful. The jerk as a anger problem, and can be quite unreasonable real quick if you get on his bad side. Obnoxious, if you ask me.” 

Eyes widen in shock, she nodded  as they got closer to her homeroom. “Anything else I need to be aware of?” 

“Stay out of the way when you see me standing with four other guys. Don’t look the silver hair youkai in the eye, or you might get detention.” She sighed reluctantly. “But for the most part, avoid being groped by Miroku.”

“Alright.” Kagome nodded, not feeling right with what she had heard. “I still can’t believe you hang out with such a group.”

“They really aren’t all that bad. They jut make it seem that way.” She smiled softly. “Anyway, here is your class. Oh, hey Sango!” She peeked in and pointed over to the dark haired, brown eyed beauty. 

Walking up to the two women, she smiled and looked over at Kagome. “Hey Satomi, is this Higurashi-san?” 


“Hi, I am Taijiya Sango, but you can call me Sango or Taijiya if it makes you comfortable.” She smiled softly at the new transferred student. 

“Taijiya?” Kagome asked curiously. 

“Yes, my family were descended from demon slayers eons ago. We inherited the last name, and are also worldwide known for our weapons and hotels.” She answered the curious grey eyed girl. 

“Oh wow! I am from a long family line of mikos! I am actually the only family member born a miko.” She softly whispered as if ashamed to say more. 

The slayer looked over to Satomi than back to Kagome. She chuckled lightly and leaned in to whisper, “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.” 

Blushing, she nodded than looked over to Satomi with a smile. “Well, I better get going before Sesshomaru throws a fit. Take care of her and see you in a few hours.” 

Rushing away, Kagome tried to say good-bye but found it useless when she peeked out form the corner to see a tall breathtaking male standing with such arrogance and pride, silver long hair pulled back to show his amber gaze and his uniform crisp and neat. Swallowing in attempt to slow down her heart beat, she watched her cousin rush to the male’s side. In a trance, she saw the two exchange knowingly looks before being met us with three other men. 

One had hair as black as night, with a blue gleam shining from the light hitting it. Braided into a long ponytail behind his back, he too stood with pride and arrogance, but held a more rougher wilder personality with dark blue eyes and a mark on his forehead. The other standing beside him seemed more feminine with he hair loose and wearing a girl’s uniform that he played off better than most females in the school. Clinging to the blue eyed male, he kept his gaze wondering around the hall way, while fixing his stockings and eyeing any male worthy of his attention. 

The other male though gave a shiver down her spine. She didn’t know why, but she felt a strange unwanted aura from him. His dark red eyes and wavy dark hair gave him a sex appeal of a god, just like the silver hair male standing with them. He too stood with the same demeanor as the others, but his eyes held a aura of darkness to him. Swallowing away the strange fear she felt inside, she watched as her cousin was swept into the arms of the braided male, and together they walked away having the remaining students in the hallway step aside for them to pass. 

“Yeah, those are The Stars. The silver hair one is Sesshomaru, the one with the braid is Bankotsu and his brother Jankotsu in the school girl uniform. He’s the only one who can cross dress and not get in trouble. And the other male is Naraku, the dark evil one. Or that’s what people say. Satomi adores him.” Sango informed with a shrug as they walked into class. 

Shaking away from her trance, she looked over to the slayer and gave a nervous laugh. “They are very handsome, especially Sesshomaru.” 

“Well, for a inuyokai, and prince of the yokais, of course he will be handsome. He’s father is drop dead gorgeous. And don’t get me started on how Inuyasha and their little sister, Rin, look like.” Sango chuckled as they waited up in front of the class room. 

“They have a sister? Satomi never mentioned that before.” 

“She usually keeps some stuff secret, simply because if it’s not her place to say, than it’s no one’s business. But with Rin, she had black hair with a moon crescent on her forehead. She is considered one of the most beautiful middle schooler’s here in K. International School. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are very protective of their little sister.” Sango nodded. 

“Wow, she must really be beautiful than.” Kagome spoke in awe while listening to all the information she was gathering. 

“Yes, you will meet her someday, especially since I have a great feeling we will be great friends.” She smiled softly. 

Kagome chuckled and nodded. “I have a great feeling about that too.” 

As the second bell rang, all the students went to their seats as Kagome continued to stand by the teacher’s desk. Seconds went as a female instructor came into the class with a confident stride. “Alright class! Open your books to page 256!”  She instructed until she finally latched her violet gaze to the new student by her desk. “Oh! You must be the transfer student! Please, introduce yourself!” 

Nodding she turned towards the class and gripped her book bag tightly. “Hello, I am Higurashi Kagome. Please take care of me.” She bowed her head and lifted up quickly at the sudden noise of the door opening to the class. 

Looking over, she felt her breath catch in her throat as she saw another silver hair, amber gaze, wild hair tied back staring right at her. “What are you looking at, wench?” 

‘This must be the infamous Inuyasha.’ She thought to herself as she tried to keep her cool at the name insult. 

“You def, wench? I said what are you looking at?” Inuyasha repeated as he stepped closer to the miko. 

“I am not a wench! I have a name, and it’s Higurashi Kagome. Get it, Higurashi.” She finally answered with a spite to her tone. 

Scoffing, “Still a wench.” he moved passed her and walked to the back of the classroom to his assigned desk. 

Feeling her blood boiling, she inhaled and exhaled slowly before bowing to her sensei than students and making her way to the only empty desk beside Sango and Inuyasha. Sitting down, she latched onto her bag, bringing her book out and turning it to the page she was instructed and ignored the glaring eyes burning a hole through the back of her head. 

‘Great, today is going to be a long day.’ 

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