Somone Worthy of This Sesshomaru

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Ok People... This is my first Lemon. I took a break from my other story to use this as practice... and because it was just plain fun to do.

I love comments and happily welcome constructive criticsm. What did you like? What did you dislike or find problematic? I'm mostly wrighting my fanfictions as practice, so this is very benificial to me. hard to get better while working in a bubble. If you wan't some pointer in how to give constructive criticism, (yes, thats, .co NOT .com) gives good pointers.

I hope you injoy! :D


Sesshomaru was many things: Strong, regal and controlled being some of his best attributes in the Dayoki's personal opinion. Knowing this, it both thrilled and perplexed him to find himself in his current position; running in a blind frenzy, compelled as it where by the most intoxicating scent the demon lord had ever smelled. It is not as if he had never smelled a bitch in heat before, though never did it drive him like this. The scents coming off the other canines were always minor nuisances to the Great Lord of the West. Their need had  turned his stomach more than it had offered even the slightest arousal, given the weakness and utter worthlessness that was carried along with the smell of their heat.

THIS one was different; Sesshomaru could tell. Whoever she was, she had to be exquisite. Her scent spoke of many things, all undeniably pleasing to the Lord of the West. This bitch was clearly very fertile but more importantly she was strong, the kind of strength born of both superb lineage and physical exertion. Her scent betrayed her youth, as this was clearly her first heat and he would venture to guess she had yet to be spoiled by anothers touch as he could not catch even the slightest scent of sex from her. He shivered at the prospect.

The demon lord suddenly found himself stopped in a clearing, listening as he scented the air. She was close now and headed in his direction on her own accord. He would wait. There was no reason to startle the poor thing, not when he hoped to be taking her back to the western palace after the initial rut. Needless to say, a weary (and potentially spiteful) mate was not something the Dayoki wanted to deal with.



InuYasha was traveling aimlessly through the forests of feudal Japan; no ties left to bind him in one place, yet nowhere to truly go to either. The mid morning sun was shining brightly on the hanyo's back as he stepped into a small clearing, not truly paying any attention to his surroundings.

Something seemed to tug at the young mans mind, causing his eyes to travel over the clearing and settle on the figure of his brother standing still just within the tree line, staring as if he had been waiting for the Hanyo's arrival. InuYasha took a few more steps forward before coming to an uneasy stop. Though their feud had ended over half a century ago, he could not shake the uneasy feeling that came over him at the sudden sight. To most anyone else who could have stumbled upon the demon lord he would be the image of perfection, but InuYasha's perceptive eyes knew better; eyes well trained to read the subtle shifts in the DaiYokais expressions and body language out of a shear need to survive. There was definitely something... off with Sesshomaru.

His breath came inpercivably deeper and quicker than usual; his hair, ever so slightly disheveled. His normally icy stair seemed heated  like a river in early spring, still frozen, but slowly rolling over with the force of some unknown emotion. On top of this, his body seemed visibly tense as his arms were held a fraction of an inch out from there normal placement.

Slowly, the demon tilted his head to the side, never taking his eyes of his brother before scenting the air, then speaking in an uncharacteristically soft questioning tone he asked "Ototo, is that you?"

InuYasha threw his chin up in his usual cocky manner, trying to hide his uneasiness and confusion with a snort. "Who the hell else would it be, ya bastard?"

Sesshomaru licked his chops like a dog at the dinner bowl. "Interesting little brother; I did not realize you were the bitch in heat."

The wind shifted bringing the smell of the demon lords arousal to InuYasha's nose causing him to stumble back a few more paces on suddenly shaky legs, his eyes widening with shock and recognition. He cried out in both anger and trepidation to his brother  "I'm no Bitch Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru was on top of him before he even had a chance to blink, forcing him against a near by tree. A disturbing smile crossed the yoki's lips "indeed."

InuYasha tilted his head to the side embarrassed at there sudden proximity. his mind was swimming at the heady smell of arousal and his heart beat pounded loudly in his chest like a caged bird. He had no idea what was happening to him and it scared him. "You Don't have to be so damn close Sesshomaru."

"We will be getting even closer Hanyo."

InuYasha swung his head back to glare into Sesshomaru's eyes, opening his mouth to protest, but before he could speak, Sesshomaru crashed their lips together in a heated kiss. His tongue forcing it's way into the Hanyo's mouth, dominating it passionately with a soft growl at the back of his throat. His knee went between the boys legs pressing against the budding erection it found there.

InuYasha's body went lax in his brothers embrace, whimpering in submission as he began to return the kiss instinctively; their tongues dancing around each other seductively. His hands slowly moved up to rest on his brothers chest as his hips bucked lightly against the older males knee.

Sesshomaru pulled back from their kiss, smirking to himself at his brothers reaction if InuYasha continues to be so receptive, this will be a more pleasant experience than I would have imagined the demon lord thought to himself as he gently forced the boy onto his knees. InuYasha complied easily enough before looking up to his brother with adorably confused eyes. Yes, this will be pleasant indeed. Sesshomaru loosened his hakamas, pulling out his massive erection from between the folds of silk. He set the head before his brothers face in silent invitation. InuYasha still looked a bit confused as his eyes began to glaze over at the scent of Sesshomaru's erection so close to his nose.

"Suck." the Dayoki ordered, pushing his cock even closer to the hanyo's face.

Slowly, InuYasha opened his mouth as his eyes fluttered shut allowing Sesshomaru to slide the head of his cock past his lips. Instantly, the boys tongue went to caress the turgid flesh moaning out as he sucked it further into his wet cavern, reveling in the taste and feel of his brothers cock.

The demon lord gently began petting the fuzzy ears of his brother turned lover in encouragement as the boy began to bob back and forth on the massive length of flesh moaning and whimpering as he went. Sesshomaru watched on from above the boy, enjoying the scene as wet slurping noises came from the boys mouth. "You are quite the eager puppy, aren't you Ototo?"

InuYasha's eyes fluttered open at the daYoki's words, looking up into golden pools that so match his own as he continued his ministrations. Watching his brothers eyes intently, the demon lord pulled his cock out of the boys mouth with a loud smacking noise before kneeling down in front of him. "Perhaps you deserve a reward for your effort little one?"

Sesshomaru deftly began to untie InuYasha's haori, loosening and slipping his juban out of the way as he kissed and sucked on the boys neck. InuYasha shifted his head to the side his bangs covering his eyes as he gasped out at his brothers hands finding it's way to his uncomfortably warm, sweaty chest. Sesshomaru's hands  ghosted over smooth skin, finding it's way to the boys nipple, eliciting another gasp as he rubbed his fingers in circles, giving the perking bud a gentle flick.

"Sessh... What... why are we..." InuYasha said in a breathy tone, too far gone to put a coherent thought together.

"Your heat has called to me little brother. You should feel honored, this Sesshomaru is not normally effected by such lowly things." Sesshomaru spoke in a sultry voice as he slipped off both layers from the boys torso. He proceeded to Shift himself down to lick and suckle InuYasha's untouched nipple as his hands began to remove his own obi and cumbersome armor, letting them fall to the ground unceremoniously.

InuYasha whimpered out in desire, bucking his hips towards his brother, but only meeting air. "Patients InuYasha." The DaiYoki spoke, grasping the hanyo from behind his knees, forcing him onto his ass as he pushed his legs up and apart, licking his way along the boys jugular. "Do you want me to relieve this for you? Hm, InuYasha?" Sesshomaru said before running his finger over the boys clothed erection, eliciting a shudder and a noise of lust laced uncertainty from his brother. His voice became more demanding and authoritative, "Well, speak honestly InuYasha, do you want this Sesshomaru to relive you from this maddening heat and longing within you or not?" Sesshomaru proceeded to palm the boys manhood with a firm touch.

The smaller male rolled his head back, moaning out at his brothers touch as his hips bucked up against the hand. "Oh please, Sesshomaru! Yes!" he cried out before having his words cut off by the daYoki's lips crashing into his own in a heated kiss.

With sudden passion diametrically opposed to his normal icy demeanor, the demon lord removed his brothers hakama's, wrapping his arm around the smaller mans waist before quickly removing his own clothes one handed in order to press his bare flesh against the heated moist skin of his younger brother, moving the boys body to lay down upon the soft grass. "then I shall indulge you InuYasha. Simply remember that I did give you the option to deny me this." The full demon nipped at the hanyo's neck, letting his hands ghost over the boys sides as he rubbed their erections together.

InuYasha's arms curled around  his brothers solders, pulling him closer to his chest, gently licking and placing open mouth kisses on the underside of Sesshomaru's chin with a small breathy whine.

There was a small rumble in the DaYoki's chest as his heart expectantly warmed to the boy. Never had he expected his brash little brother would ever offer such a submissive sign of endearment to the elder Inu and it pleased him greatly. The daYoki licked at his brothers face in a more demanding fashion, answering his brothers act of submission with his own reassuring dominance.

Sesshomaru ran his hands down the hanyo's thighs to grab and squeeze the boys firm ass kneading it in his hands as he bit and nibbled across the boys neck and collar bone nearly purring. InuYasha whimpered and moaned out, dragging his claws across his brothers back, as his head fell to the side, presenting his vulnerable flesh completely. His brother smirked against his skin before nipping at it lightly.  "All in good time pup, we have more invigorating activities to indulge in beforehand."

The daYoki moved his hands to InuYasha's hips, flipping him onto his knees without hesitation. He tightened his grip on the boy who weakly tried to move away from him. Sesshomaru moved one of his hands along the boys ass, sliding his finger down the cleft before gently pressing its way past the wet quivering hole it found there. The boy instantly went rigid, gasping out as his eyes went wide "sess?.."

Sesshomaru proceeded to roll his finger over his brothers internal muscles, smirking slightly. "Mmm... your already so wet and relaxed for me here," he wiggled his finger, causing his brother to let out a soft moan and buck his hips against the intruding finger, "so don't act as if you wish to run from me little brother." With this he slipped out his finger, replacing it with the much larger head of his cock slipping in at an unusually gentle pace.

InuYasha moaned out heavily, backing his hips into the massive flesh and bucking involuntarily at the intrusion as a trail of saliva wined is way down from his gasping lips. The feel of his brothers cock being sheathed within hims was almost too much to handle as the unbelievable pleasure caused his heat to flair, making the boy sweat and tingle profusely as he panted out heavily.

Finally, Sesshomaru's cock was fully sheathed within the boys body, but as his brother stilled, InuYasha whined uneasily, not sure what the overwhelming feeling in his belly demanded be done. Sesshomaru buried his head in his brothers hair as he pulled out half way, and slowly pushed in with a soft grunt causing the boy beneath him to whimper more, tilting his hips up in invitation.

"Is this the first time you have been taken in such a fashion little brother?" the demon lord spoke as he continued thrusting into the ass beneath him, picking up the pace a bit.

The boy simply arched his back further, angling his hips instinctually to achieve something; The boy did not yet know what. Noticing  this, Sesshomaru,  pulled out further before thrusting in hard, causing the boy to scream out in ecstasy as his prostate was pounded by the eager cock. "well, InuYasha? Answere me; Is this your first, or have you allowed annother man to touch you in such a manner?"

The boy moaned out loudly, as the DeYoki wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking it firmly as he continued to pound that pleasure spot. "ugh, no..... I...." InuYasha said between moans and grunts caused by the massive flesh pounding within. "Ses.... sho...mmm... You, sesh... only you."

At this the demon lord began to lick the boys neck as he continued pounding him into the ground. "Good, and I will make sure it remains that way InuYasha... No one but me. Never little brother. If that ever changes, you will wish you had never been born."

His answer was a gurgling moan as his brother tried thrusting himself harder onto his massive cock. "FUCK, more!"

Sesshomaru chuckled, dragging his fangs against InuYasha's shoulder. before building to a maddening pace. There bodies pounded together with bone crushing strength as claws bit into hips and teeth sunk into sensitive neck tissue. InuYasha screamed out heavily, painting the grass beneath him with his essence as his muscles squeezed his brothers cock to oblivion, causing him to release his seed into the welcoming ass of his brother with several intent thrusts into that hot inviting hole. With a grunt he pulled out, dragging them both onto the grass, as sleep took them over.



InuYasha stirred at the feeling of  warm arms pulling away from him. Slowly he awoke from his hard earned slumber, though he had no wish to move from the spot.

"InuYasha, It is time to rise and dress yourself. we have a journey ahead of us I do not wish to dally on."

the boy grumbled, scrunching his face as he rolled to his hands and knees, wishing to get up to hide his nudity. He winced as the skin at his shoulder pulled, bringing his hand to press on the tender spot. His eyes widened with realization; "You fucking bit me!"

Sesshomaru turned slightly to look at the boy over his shoulder as he finished dressing "indeed."

"WHY!!!" InuYasha screamed, rolling himself to sit on his rump, hand still on his neck as he looked at his brother in a mix of horror and anger.

Sesshomaru turned himself to fully face him, raising his eyebrow as he tilted his head, regarding his brother as if he were a moron. "I will not have you further disgrace our bloodline by having you birth our potential pups as bastards."

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