Defensive Interference

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It had been a little over a week since they became “official”. Things were going well so far. Well, at least with each other.

Kagome’s meeting had proven to be fortuitous and now she was working on a huge project. Her client represented one of the large businesses in the city and they had a new product to introduce to the market. They were treating this product as a label all its own, which meant more work for her. The initial contract was for a full website complete with an online ordering process, a brand logo, promotional layouts, the whole nine yards. There was also a hefty paycheck to match.

It was, in theory, the perfect project.

If only the client wasn’t such an asshole.

He started the meeting out with sexist comments pertaining to her capabilities, had ideas going in every direction except one that made sense, and when she was finally able to quote him an estimate, he laughed in her face at being “such a female.” Then, after realizing she wasn’t joking, he cursed her up one side and down the other.

Thankfully, a second representative had shown up just in time to hear his tirade and put an end to it. An hour after the meeting, she received an email from him containing a half-assed apology and an agreement to her offer. Within forty-eight hours, she had a signed contract for well over her estimate and a second point of contact in the company, should the first get out of hand. Again.

Then, the real aggravation started. The man was polite and patient during business hours, but as soon as the weekend hit, he was a nightmare. What should have been a quiet weekend spent working with Kouga – him grading papers and her drafting the initial designs – instead ended up a disaster.

Kagome found an urgent email waiting for her requesting an immediate phone call when she woke up to take her pill. She quickly drafted a reply stating any and all correspondence on the weekend would be dealt with on Monday, as the weekend did not constitute business hours. He didn’t take that well and left her five angry voicemails during her morning romp with Kouga.

She was grateful for her solid phone case. After call number three, Kouga launched the phone out of the bedroom and into the hallway where it sat for the next two hours. The ookami then proceeded to flip her over and fuck her into the mattress.

Which had been fantastic.

After lunch, Kagome dared to listen to the voicemails, just in case there was an actual emergency that would affect the work she had already planned. It was message number two that had Kouga stalking out of the room after a particularly nasty comment his sensitive ears picked up. The slamming of kitchen cabinets told her exactly what he thought of that.

All of this brought her to her current location. Jackass just wouldn’t stop so Monday morning, she forwarded all emails from him to the second contact in the company and requested a solution. So, at ten o’clock on Tuesday morning, Kagome was dressed in chic business attire sitting in the waiting room on the twelfth floor of the company building, looking over downtown.

Her phone buzzed, distracting her from the view. Pulling it out of her purse, she couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face when she saw who it was.

Want to know what I’m thinking about right now?

Knowing Kouga, she had a pretty good idea. “What?

The reply was instant. “How sexy you’d look stretched over my desk in that skirt.

She never should have sent him that picture of what she was wearing this morning. “You have a room full of students. Shouldn’t you be thinking about something else?

They’re taking an exam.

She smiled and went to reply, but he shot out more texts.

Your skirt bunched up around your hips.

Ripping that shirt open to see your bra.

God, I can’t wait to see what lingerie set you’re wearing underneath that.”

Kagome muffled a laugh. Kouga had been thoroughly enjoying her underwear drawer all week. She glanced at the time and realized she wouldn’t be waiting much longer.

Meeting’s about to start. I’ll let you know how it goes. Be good and I might let you fulfill those thoughts later.

Come visit me and I’ll show you how good I can be.

She smiled one last time and turned her phone off, sliding it back into her purse. Last thing she needed would be a distraction from this meeting. Even with the asshole, this was a huge opportunity and would offer more than an awesome paycheck. She was definitely hoping the company would work something out.

“Ms. Higurashi?”

Kagome looked up to see the receptionist standing. She stood and approached the woman, taking in the warm smile.

“I apologize for your wait. If you could follow me?”

She followed the woman down the hallway and into a conference room. Rin, the woman she had forwarded the issue to, was already seated at the table. She gave Kagome a warm smile as the miko set her things across from her.

“Good morning, Kagome,” she greeted, standing to shake her hand.

“Morning, Rin,” Kagome returned, grateful for the smile. She had been slightly worried this meeting wouldn’t go too well, even though the two were on good terms. She took her cue from Rin and sat down in the chair, enjoying the plush leather. “I’m sorry to have had to contact you-”

“Nonsense,” Rin interrupted. “We greatly appreciate you bringing the situation to our attention. I’m sorry we didn’t prevent it from happening.” Sharp brown eyes glanced down at her watch. “I’m just waiting on Mr. Taisho and then we can get this meeting started.”

The miko’s blinked at her words. She was well aware of who owned this company, but all previous dealings had given the impression that this new branding was further down the ladder than he. “I wasn’t aware this fell under his direct purview.”

“Anything that concerns misconduct of my employees falls under my direct purview.”

The cool baritone washed over the room. Rin rose from her chair and Kagome followed, turning the see the tall daiyoukai entering the room.

Well shit.

“Ms. Higurashi,” he greeted, extending a hand.

“Mr. Taisho.” She shook his hand, keeping a strong grip and meeting his eye.

He walked around the table, nodding his head at Rin before taking a seat next to her. The two women followed, the air shifting.

It had been years since she last saw him and their last conversation was not one she wanted to remember. He looked well, a charcoal suit complimenting his colorings with his striking silver hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail. She was fondly reminded of his father.

“Kagome, there is much to discuss.” Rin cut right to business. “First, you should be aware that Mr. Ishida is no longer with the company, and therefore will no longer be working with you on this project.”

She couldn’t say she was surprised. The man had sent some obscene statements.

“Because of Mr. Ishida’s…tactless actions, we are restructuring this entire project. Mr. Taisho will be overseeing the branding personally.”

Blue eyes flew to meet gold, making sure to keep the surprise out of her expression. She sat back in the chair, hearing all the things they weren’t saying. “I’m assuming our contract will have to be revised?”

“Our expectations for your production remain the same.” His voice was a deep rumble, smooth and to the point.

“Am I still producing the same materials?” she responded, knowing she needed explicit answers before leaving this meeting.

“Yes,” Rin answered. “However, we would like you to work more intimately with our marketing and press teams.”

Kagome let her words sink in, then bit the bullet and dove straight in. “What exactly are you proposing?”

“Mr. Ishida’s role was to be the runner in between you, the marketing, and the press. Rather than replacing that role, we would like to cut the middle man and have you working directly with those teams, under the supervision of Mr. Taisho.” Rin pulled a sheet out of her briefcase and slid it over to Kagome. “We would be hiring you as an independent consultant as well as retaining your contract for the design work. We anticipate this lasting until the release next summer.”

The miko leaned forward and scanned over the document, which was a release schedule of all the things she would be expected to take part in.

“We would like you to take the time to consider our offer,” Rin continued, sliding another packet across the table. “I’ve put together all the information about the position for you to review.”

She looked at the packet, slowly thinking. It wouldn’t hurt to at least look it over. And this was huge. Slowly, she took the packet and schedule, sliding them with the rest of her things. “When do you expect an answer?”

“Next Monday. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you would like answered before then.”

Kagome nodded, and then gathered her things. “I appreciate you taking care of my issue, as well as this offer. I’ll see you next week.”

The three rose and Kagome followed the two out of the conference room. Rin disappeared into her office and the quiet miko began her walk down the hallway toward the elevator.

“Allow me to accompany you, Ms. Higurashi.”

She paused, looking over her shoulder at the golden eyes boring into hers. Nodding, she waited for him as he closed the door. “After you then, Mr. Taisho.”

They traveled in silence to the elevator and Kagome wasn’t sure what she was feeling. It had been…years. A pristine claw pressed the down button and the two waited momentarily before the door opened with a ding. He had pressed the floor button before she could and then the doors were closed.

“You reek of wolf.”

She froze. She knew he could smell Kouga on her, Kouga made sure anyone with youkai senses could smell him on her, but she was shocked he mentioned it.

“Am I to assume our business discussion has concluded?”

“Miko,” came the warning rumble as he turned toward her.

“Youkai,” she spouted right back, facing him as well.

They stared in silence, the atmosphere considerably warmer than their cold words.

“You look well.”

“I am well.” She studied him for a moment. “You’re wearing your hair back now?”

“At times.”

“It suits you.”


The elevator door opened and she took her cue, exiting into the first floor foyer.

“Until Monday, Kagome.”

She turned, one last time, then nodded her farewell. “Sesshomaru.”

The elevator was closed by the time she got out of the building and onto the street. She dug through her purse, turning on her phone instantly and calling the first person she could think of that would be able to talk.

“Sango. What are you doing right now?”


“Holy shit.”

Kagome nodded, taking a long pull from her coffee. The two had decided it was too early for alcohol, as they both had places to be later. “I know.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I have no idea.”

The taijiya looked down at her coffee, processing what she had just heard. “He said he’d never hire you.” Her best friend nodded. “You said you’d never work for him.”

Kagome sighed and nodded again.

“It’s been…”

“Five years.”

Silence again.

“Are you going to tell Kouga?”

Blue eyes reared up, pinning Sango with an affronted look. “Of course! This is a big deal, even without Sesshomaru.”

“Take Domineering Asshole out of the equation; would you take the job?”

Kagome swirled the cup in her hand. “I still want to look over everything entailed, but probably.”

The two watched quietly as a couple entered the coffee shop and slowly approached the counter. Their body language spoke of their nervousness, and it was cute to watch.

“If he can deal with this, then so can I,” Kagome said, turning back to the taijiya. “The meeting went well-”

“Except for his elevator comment.”

“-and he’s nothing if not professional. His company has always come first.” Her eyes flew around the shop, taking in everything and focusing on nothing. “I’ve already started the project and after it all, this would look great on my resume.”

Sango gave her a wry smile. “Sounds like you’ve already made up your mind.”

“No,” she groaned as she dropped her head onto the table. “I haven’t even looked at the proposal. I figured I would wait and see what Kouga thinks before I delve into it.”

“You’ve only been dating a week and his opinion means that much?”

“Like you and Miroku did any better.” She dodged a wadded up napkin Sango threw at her. “He’s the one who pushed me to report Ishida. I already promised to tell him the details and I can’t imagine considering this offer without telling him. I mean, wouldn’t you want to know if Miroku got an offer to work under one of his exes?”

“But you two didn’t date.”

“No, I gave him my virginity and he fucked me raw for six months.”

“I thought it was four.”

“I lied.”

Sango eyed her suspiciously. “You lied about when it started or when it ended?”


“Good.” Kagome looked at her friend in surprise. “I thought something was going on before you told me.”

She smiled, finishing the rest of her coffee. “So, I’m not insane for thinking this is a big deal?”

“Hell no!” Sango retorted. “This is a huge deal and I’m glad you’re going to see what Kouga thinks.”

The miko’s jaw dropped open. “You just said-”

“I was making sure you had your priorities straight.” It was Sango’s turn to duck from a projectile napkin. “It’s been a week! I had to see if you were being stupid and trying to delude yourself in how much you care about him.”

“Are you satisfied?” Kagome asked, dryly.

“Very.” Sango finished the rest of her drink and stood. “You mentioned shopping?”

“Yeah, I want to find a cheap pair of fake glasses.”


“To see what Kouga thinks of sexy librarians.”

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