Her Eighteenth Birthday

BY : Alistrina
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          Kagome stared in shock at Inuyasha, he had pushed her buttons a little too harshly this time and she was going to make sure he felt it. He was staring at her, angry as a hornet, while she stood outside Kaede’s hut with her yellow backpack slung over her shoulder. It was her Graduation five hundred years in the future, she was supposed to have been back the day before but it had taken longer to travel back to the village than they thought it would. She was supposed to be jumping in the Bone Eaters well right now but here was Inuyasha, screaming at her that she wasn’t going home again.

          “Inuyasha. I HAVE to go home! It’s my graduation!” She tightened the hold on the strap of her backpack, narrowing her eyes at the man that stood in her way looking smug with his arms crossed over his chest.

          “You ain’t goin wench! We got jewel shards to find and I’m done letting you waste time on the other side of the well for some stupid school! THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT!” He glared at her shorter form.

          “Inuyasha….” She let his name hang in the air. His ears twitched and she could tell he was fighting pinning them to his head. “I am going. That is final. And if you try to stop me, I will S-I-T you so many times you won’t be able to get up until I come back!” Her voice had taken on the edge of a growl, she was visibly shaking. Not only was it her graduation, but a few days after was her eighteenth birthday though she had never told the group when it was because it seemed rather silly in the feudal era with the mission they were on to celebrate a birthday. “MOVE!” he cringed.

          “NO! DAMMIT KAG-“ he was cut off by the very loud scream of sit. He was face first in the ground a blink later, the rosary around his neck glowing slightly.

          “You selfish, SIT, stupid moron, SIT, this is, SIT, the last time, SIT, that I have to go back, SIT, for school! SIT SIT SIT! Don’t you dare, SIT, come to get me! SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!” She was huffing slightly as she finished, though she wasn’t done. She closed her eyes and forced her mind to focus, forced her body to calm down, forced everything about the situation to the back of her mind and began to chant softly. A barrier formed around the crater that was Inuyasha, she opened her eyes a few moments later to see him securely locked inside the bubble that gave him room enough to pace but that was it.

          Sango stared in shock while Miroku shook his head; Shippo was snickering from his place on Miroku’s shoulder. Inuyasha had truly messed up this time. The girl they had watched grow into a woman turned to them, the anger dissipating instantly as she smiled at them. “Please tell Kaede that unless the village is in danger or a shard is close by, that isn’t Kouga, to not release him. He needs to learn a lesson about being told where someone can and can’t go. Let’s see how he likes being forced to stay somewhere.” She glared at the crater shaped form of him, assuming he was unconscious. “I will be back in a few days. But I have to hurry! Bye!” She was already running off, waving to them as she did so.

          She reached the well, after what seemed like forever in her hurried mind, and jumped in without a bit of hesitation, the purple-blue glow and suspension catching her falling form. She drifted in the void of space for a moment then was guided down to touch the bottom in her own time. She quickly rushed the edge of the well, climbing the ladder Gramps had put there for her. She dropped her bag by the door and burst through into the sunlight. “MOMMA!” She was calling out, watching as Mrs. Higurashi rushed out of the house and visibly sighed in relief.

          “Hurry! I have all your clothes and gown laid out for you. Shower quickly or you’ll be late Kagome!” Her mother was perfect! She barely managed a hug before her mother was pushing her off towards the house. Mrs. Higurashi watched as Kagome disappeared and laughed softly to herself, she was proud that her daughter had managed to graduate with her Feudal Era adventures, but she was equally glad that school was over so the stress would decrease on her daughter. With that thought the older woman began to worry, she still had a lot to tell her daughter before her birthday in two days, but today was a happy day and not a day for old histories.

          By the time Kagome had scrubbed herself clean and dried her hair Mrs. Higurashi was walking into her room with lunch that could be eaten easily while Kagome put her make up on. “Thanks momma. I’m sorry if I worried you... It took longer than we thought to get back to the village.” She smiled at her, beginning to nibble a rice ball. Her mother only smiled and gave her a light squeeze on her shoulders before leaving her to do her make up and straighten out the now knee length hair. Thirty minutes later Kagome came down the stairs in a dress that stopped at her mid calves but was free flowing around her from her waist down, the top was form fitting with built in padding to hold her breasts which had filled in nicely since her travels began. It was strapless, yet tasteful and the color of golden honey. It reminded her of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s eyes, she suddenly felt a little guilty for sticking the stubborn half demon in the barrier, but when her mother started to cry it quickly went away.

          “You look amazing Kagome.” She wiped her eyes, “Gramps and Souta are already there so it’s just us in the car on the way.” She quickly found her purse and took hold of the red graduation robes, again reminding her of the demons beyond the well, before she was out the door. Kagome fumbled for a moment, the heels were only three inches high but she wasn’t used to wearing such things anymore, then she was out the door and hurrying to the car with her mother.

          Now, Kagome had been on Kirara’s back countless times, ridden on Inuyasha’s back just as many but the speeds her mother were going at in traffic had her gripping the side of her door and seat belt tight enough that her knuckles were white. Apparently Mrs. Higurashi didn’t want to be anymore late than they already were. Record time, that was the only way to lightly describe how fast they had gotten there and swerved into the parking lot. Kagome was glad to be alive and Mrs. Higurashi was humming a soft happy tune. “Get inside! I will park and join Gramps and Souta.” Kagome was scrambling out of the car with her gown and cap in hand. She was slipping them on as she entered the building and had it not been for the make up the paling of her skin would have been noticeable. All the students were already sitting in the stadium!!!!

          She scrambled to find her seat, stepping on a few toes in the process but she finally did and when she sat down it was like a massive weight was lifted off her chest. “Thank gods.” She breathed, watching the row ahead of hers stand up and line up to accept their diplomas. Hojo gave the valedictorian speech and she was near tears when he was done, applauding as loudly as the rest of the students. She was finally done with it, no more lies, no more lugging books around, no more tests, no more burden of trying to balance the two eras. She was done. She threw her cap in the air with the rest of them, though to Kagome it was more of a final act of her modern world. A final step towards her destiny. A final step towards, what she now viewed as, normalcy.

          She watched as her old group of friends squealed and mingled, she ducked away from them. They all seemed so young to Kagome now, so inexperienced in life that she just couldn’t see herself being around them happily now. Souta barreled into her, startling her out of her realization with a loud shout of congratulations and ramblings about soccer. She followed his conversation for as long as she could before the familiar tingle of demonic energy swept up and curled around her spine. Souta’s voice became distant and she was turning around, searching with chocolate toned eyes to find the source of the power she knew was staring at her.

          The world around her seemed to narrow down to white noise and static as she pushed her senses outward in a ripple, she could feel the holy powers tucked in her caressing each soul around her and then moving on. She had to find the source, the power was so vast that it filled the room full of excited graduates and families. She had only ever felt one power that could rival this one, Sesshomaru. She brushed that off as impossible because it didn’t feel like the stoic lord that had slowly become an unwilling ally. Souta kept talking to her, she knew he was because his excitement kept fluctuating in his energy right next to her, but she wasn’t there anymore.

          As quickly as she had felt the presence it was gone and she was pulled back into her body fully. “It was AMAZING sis! You shoulda seen it!” her brother kept rambling, she nodded, pretending she had been listening when her mother came up to them escorted by her Gramps and Hojo. She groaned inwardly but didn’t show a bit of it.

          “Kagome! I am glad you felt well enough to come today! I was going to bring by your diploma if you didn’t make it.” Hojo was his normal cheery oblivious self, eyes only for her and the hope that he could take her out. “If you aren’t too busy, we can go out for dinner and celebrate.” His eyes closed as he smiled, and she felt bad for him.

          Gramps was about to talk, to tell her to go; she could see it in his facial features. Hanging around Sesshomaru and Inuyasha had done wonders for her skills at reading people. “Actually, I promised my family that we would all go out together since I am feeling so well. I wanted to take advantage of it before I go to America.” Hojo was stunned into silence for a moment before he recovered, her mother as well; thankfully Souta and Gramps kept silent and played along. Higurashi’s; the family that was so good at lying to the world that it came natural now.

          “A-America?! But Kagome..” He was visibly heartbroken and the pity that was lingering earlier was gone. She was nodding softly. “Why America?”

          “They have an excellent college program that will work with my health. And the doctors there are doing some break through research on Immune System Development. I applied for the experimental program and was accepted. I leave in a few days, so I will be busy packing and spending as much time with my little brother as possible before I leave.”  She feigned excitement and sadness in her voice and demeanor, watching him nod softly before he wandered off to absorb everything she had said. Her mother shot her a look and she quickly shook her head. “I will be in the Feudal Era more often now, I won’t have you all lying for me constantly. This is easier.”

          Her mother nodded softly then ushered them all out before her other friends could come and try to convince her not to go, it would have been a nightmare trying to get away from the giddy girls and she could tell Kagome simply didn’t fit in here anymore. As much as it saddened her, she knew it was for the best; everything was about to change for her daughter and cutting ties to this time was best.  As they were leaving Kagome felt the same pressure of demonic energy as earlier settle over her form, she stopped walking, turning towards the mass of people inside the building and surrounding it. Her family kept walking, figuring Kagome had stopped to say a goodbye to a friend.

          “Where are you?” she whispered to no one, her eyes searching the area frantically at this point. She had only ever felt one demon in her time, besides when she brought back the dried demon bits, so this was unusual to say the least. She was sure that demons were not in this time at all, and if they were they were hiding every bit of themselves since humans had come into such power and numbers. The power flared after she spoke and she sucked in a breath, it wasn’t an assault on her but more of a temptation trying to get her to go to it instead. She took a step towards it then stopped, balling up her fists; maybe she shouldn’t have locked Inuyasha in a barrier after all.

          A horn startled her enough that she stumbled and rolled off her heels with a sharp sting that faded pretty quickly. “Shit!” she mumbled, cringing a bit as she thought the silver haired boy was rubbing off on her too much. She climbed into the car, feeling the presence billow out then pull back on itself to vanish once more. “Mom. Can you drop me off in the shopping district, I need to get a few things for when I go back. Better to do it now and relax the next few days than scramble for it later.” She was lost in thought, barely registering her mother’s words. It didn’t take too long to get there since the district wasn’t that far and her mother decided to drive normally since the rush was gone, she was pulled out of her internal musings about the demon presence by a plastic card being waved in front of her face.

          “Here ya go Kagome. Take your time, and feel free to catch a cab back whenever you are done. We have a few errands to run before we will be back at the shrine.” Her mother smiled at her, Souta groaned and Gramps was rambling to himself about how young women shouldn’t go out unaccompanied when they looked as pretty as his granddaughter. She smiled and thanked them, getting out of the car and heading towards the buildings, she hated shopping but she had to get everything she would need for a longer stay in the Feudal Era. 

          She wandered for a little bit, trying to get used to the mass amounts of people all around her, she preferred the Feudal Era completely now. She would only miss a few things about this time, such as indoor plumbing, hot water pressure, and a few specific food items that simply couldn’t be made five hundred years ago. She made sure to get snack items for Shippo and treats for Kirara that she would leave in the well house so when they passed by Edo she could pop over and have everything right there in the storage shelves she was going to be putting in the well house. She had to be sure to stock up on everything she could possibly need, even if she could only pop in for a few minutes she could get everything.  Ramen was another thing she would have to have in stock so she made sure to get a variety of flavors, she even grabbed a good amount of chocolate covered potato chips since Sango had discovered the amazing properties of salt and sugar during that time of the month.

          When she paid for all the food, snacks, and treats she ended up having to rent a cart from a station that had wheels that would lock outside a certain area of the district. It was half full of grocery items, now it was time for eco-friendly soaps, shampoos, razors, tampons, laundry soap, candles, rechargeable batteries, and a particular item that was most embarrassing to buy in the adult store since she was obviously old enough to purchase the items in the store. She decided, while passing a booth, that she would also miss the technological advances of this era as she took note of a rather large back pack that had a built in solar panel so you could charge items. She bought two of these moved on to the clothing store, making sure to get a doubles of everything just in case. Her final purchases were not necessary, but she thought everyone would like them; crayons, coloring books, pens, notebooks, sketch pads, books for children and other genres, she even bought an ipod and speakers that plugged as well as headphones, and the best camera she could find so that she could have as many memories as possible to share with her family on this side of the well.

          She called a cab and it was only then that she noticed it was starting to get dark, her stomach let out a rumble and she sighed softly. She had forgotten to eat, and the cab was already helping her load up her stuff in both the trunk and in the back with her. The driver kept staring at her, she blushed and ignored his gaze as she rode back to the shrine. He helped her unload everything at the base of the stone steps leading up to the shrine and she paid with the credit card, tipping him with the cash back she had gotten at the stores earlier. “Thank you.” She spoke clearly, leaving no more room for conversation. She looked back up the stairs and started the daunting task of carrying a few bags up several steps then going back for more so nothing would risk being stolen. It took ten minutes to get everything to the top of the stairs and that was when she felt the demonic energy practically slap her in the face.

          “It’s time to tell her!” the voice was raised, but not yelling. “She needs to know the truth Aiko!” She heard her mother’s soft voice but couldn’t make it out. “I will give you one more day, but I will be back on her birthday, make sure she knows.” A bright light burst throughout the courtyard in the distance and Kagome was running despite her heels, she found her mother standing by the Sacred Tree crying silently, though her energy only whispered of sadness, not fear.

          “Momma…” Kagome called out, watching her mother wipe her tears quickly as she turned to her with a smile. 

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