Bizarre Love Triangle

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One: Mysophilia

Kagome rushed through the deserted outside corridors. It was the third time in as many weeks that she was late. Discreetly, even though no one was around, she lifted her arm, pretending to stretch even as she jogged toward her destination, and lightly sniffed her underarm. Her nose wrinkled in disgust and she stopped by the water fountain, leaning her hip onto the button and wetting her hand before swiping it against her armpit. Looking around again, she was still embarrassed even though she could see no one near her. Not many people took night classes at this school unless they were completely freaking crazy or had a job they absolutely needed. Kagome fell into the latter category and had since last month.

Entering her classroom as inconspicuously as she possibly could, she went directly to her seat at the back, accidentally passing too close to someone's desk and knocking their phone down and then stumbling over a backpack. After the snickers died down, she felt brave enough to look up to the professor, only to see her gazing at her worriedly as she continued to lecture and change PowerPoint slides. Belatedly remembering the notebook she left in the car, she asked the girl next to her for some paper, and asked the girl on the other side of her for a pen. The latter one mumbled something about "dirty fucking stoners" but gave her what she needed anyway, a simple Bic that she had used as some sort of chew toy.

Trying to ignore the damp saliva still on the pen, Kagome scribbled away eagerly. Class had gone from being a necessary chore that was sometimes occasionally maybe borderline interesting to the highlight of her day. She only had one class left after dropping all her others, and it was her favorite. Western Civilization. As a history major, it was necessary. To her, history had always been just as interesting as novels. Real novels, like The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Gone With the Wind. None of that paranormal romance shit or those dystopian teen novels that seemed to be so popular among the practically lobotomized youth of her generation. She had always known, ever since she was five years old, that she wanted to be a historian. It was just what she was supposed to do.

Class ended sooner than she would have liked, and when she looked at the clock hanging above the whiteboard, she noted with disappointment that the professor had ended class a whole half hour early. Then she felt angry, cheated. She was paying for this, dammit! The other kids might have had parents paying for them or whatever, but she needed this. Her education was the most important thing in her life now. It was everything. Sighing resignedly, she rose from her seat, waiting for everyone near her to leave first so she didn't have to stand close to the mass of humanity and reveal her not quite fresh scent.

"Kagome?" came a voice from the front.

Her shoulders rose and tensed, a nervous habit. "Yes, Professor?"

"I would like to have a word with you, if you have the time."

"Yes, Professor." Even to her own ears, she sounded less than enthusiastic.  It upset her. She liked this professor and she wanted her to like her back.

The older woman smiled gently at her and gestured to the door. "Shall we? My office is just at the end of the hall."

Kagome nodded and followed the woman she both respected and admired down the dimly lit hallway. It was autumn and unseasonably cold, chilling her fingers and nose. She could see her breath, something she had loved as a child, pretending she was a dragon or smoking a pipe, sometimes even a dragon smoking a pipe. But now she could no longer find it in herself to care. Squinting, she could just make out that it was drizzling. Great. She didn't have enough clothes to pile on to make that bearable. Her brow furrowed without her noticing it. If it was this cold now and she was suffering, how would she survive the winter?

"In here, Kagome."

Skittering to a stop, she blushed and noticed that she had passed the warm-looking office while her professor remained in front of it. At least the woman was polite enough to pretend it was normal. She settled down behind a desk and slipped off her glasses as Kagome watched, unsure of whether to sit or stand, not wanting to embarrass herself further. What if she only wanted to say one thing? If she sat and just had to get up again, that would be weird. But her legs were tired and her feet ached, so she sat down in the almost comfortable chair anyway.

"What did you want to see me about, Professor?"

"Please, Kagome, I thought we were closer than that. ‘Professor' is such a masculine-sounding word. So irritating." She said it with a warm lilt to her voice that had Kagome smiling with her.

"Alright then, Mrs. Taisho, what-"

"I don't need any kind of title!" she protested playfully, eyes lighting up. "Just call me Kikyo. We're friends, right?"

Were they? Kagome nodded. Before now, she had doubted that Kikyo had even known her name. She was a kind woman who made time for all her students, but she was always a little aloof. Before she could say anything, the history professor began to speak again.

"You've been very late to the past three classes. We're just past mid-terms, and you were always so punctual before. Are you having any difficulties with the material? Perhaps my lecturing style?"

"Oh, no!" she said, emphatically shaking her head in the negative. "Not at all! I just- I recently, uh, made some changes, and it's, um, more difficult for me to get places on time."

"Are your other professors as accommodating as I have been?" Kikyo asked, leaning forward and staring at her, studying her with that piercing gaze, like she was the only real person in the world and everyone else was just some character in a boring book. It was one of those things that Kagome wanted to emulate about her. "I can't imagine so. Those old bats lock their doors to late-comers."

"Uh, well, I no longer have other classes."

"Why not?" she asked, genuinely curious.

Kagome began to fidget, taking one thumbnail and scratching the other with it, making an annoying sound. Another nervous habit.

"I just can't anymore..."

"Why?" she asked again. It was obvious this was (for some indiscernible reason) of great interest to her and she would persist until she got what she wanted.

Kagome said nothing. It was too warm in the room and she was sweating. She was sure the lovely, refined woman could smell her, that she'd light a scented candle or four the minute she left. Her face turned red and she wished her professor would just hurry up and get it over with so she could bolt out of there and into her car and find a place to park and sleep for the night.

Kikyo continued, "You're a very bright girl, Kagome. I knew it from the moment you walked into my classroom. I know we haven't been acquainted for very long, but even so, I've noticed a distinct change in you, and it is not a good one. I'm very worried. I care a lot about you."

She couldn't help it. The tears just came. Kikyo pulled a box of tissues out from nowhere, and instead of just handing them to her across the desk, got up and knelt next to her, wiping her face in a way that was somehow not invasive.

"I-I'm sorry!" Kagome sputtered, trying to control her breathing and not hiccup and sob like a baby. She wanted to be strong. Kikyo was so strong. "My family shrine burned down." She hadn't intended to say that, but Kikyo nodded, her eyes full of sympathy. "My mom and little brother survived, but my grandpa didn't. It took everything we had to pay for the funeral. The house wasn't insured, and we don't have any money to rebuild. Mom and Sota are staying at a motel and I had to drop my classes to get a job and help out."

"Oh, poor girl," Kikyo murmured, stroking her greasy hair back without an ounce of disgust. "There's more, isn't there?"

Kagome nodded. Might as well tell her everything. It actually felt kind of good. She blew her nose, clumsily grabbing for another Kleenex when the mucus to tissue ratio wasn't as even as she would have liked. Wiping her nostrils and fingers distractedly, she began again.

"I got evicted from my apartment. I just couldn't pay all of the rent and I didn't find a roommate in time. I've... I've been living in my car since the end of September. I have three jobs and it's still not enough and I'm just so tired." Hearing her own story made her cry again and her shoulders shook with the effort of trying to keep her sobs inside. "M-Mama and Sota live across the country. I can't go back to help them even though I really want to. I don't have enough money for gas or a plane or bus tickets. And even if I had money, they want me to stay here and go to school more than anything!"

To her surprise, Kikyo hugged her. Kagome wanted to push her away. She didn't want her stench to linger on the elegant woman's silk blouse and wool skirt, her navy cashmere cardigan. More ashamed and embarrassed than she had ever been and in so much pain she didn't even feel human anymore, she sobbed in her arms.

Kikyo pulled away and tipped Kagome's chin up so she would look her in the eye. "Let me take you to dinner. It looks like it's been forever since you've had a proper meal."

Suddenly, anger in response to her own feelings of humiliation overtook her and Kagome shot to her feet, face burning red. "Look, Mrs. Taisho, I don't want to be your little charity project. If you really want to help, you can just give me the money a meal would have cost and I'll send it to my mother."

Rising to her feet like an especially graceful ballerina, Kikyo stared at her with that same, piercing look. "You misunderstand. I don't give to charity. Do I really look the type?" she waved a hand at herself, and her everyday gold and diamond jewelry glistened in the light, complementing her obviously expensive, classic clothing perfectly. "I'm going to interview you over dinner. I want to give you a job."

A little embarrassed by how the night had gone so far, Kagome said, "I already have more jobs than I can handle. I don't think I'd be able to do my best if I took on whatever you want me to do as well."

Kikyo waved her hand dismissively and she caught a faint whiff of her perfume. Chanel No. 5, of course. Lovely. "I'd pay you more than your other jobs combined and give you a place to stay. At least let me interview you."

Kagome went completely still and stared at her, afraid to hope. "R-really? Would I be working for you?" That would be a dream come true. Observing the woman she wanted to become, maybe seeing her notes, getting to pick her brain. Maybe they'd really, truly become friends. "Is it a live-in job? Do you need a nanny or a maid or something?"

Kikyo laughed at the "nanny" part. "No, I don't have children. We'll talk about it over dinner, after the interview, which is really just a formality. You've got the job if you want it, I'd just like to know more about you and have you learn about me. I want you to see me as a woman, not just your professor."

Kagome nodded, not wanting to appear too eager even though her heart felt like it was beating at the pace of a Eurotrash pop song. "Okay. Um, should I follow you, or-"

"I'll drive you. We can start the interview sooner that way."

Kagome nodded and valiantly attempted to silently suck in snot, having emptied the box of Kleenex. Kikyo smiled at her and grabbed a coat from where it hung over her desk chair before strolling out the door with her quiet, natural confidence. The teen started after her, stumbling when she realized her left leg had fallen asleep. She stomped on it a few times, not wanting to look like an idiot yet again in front of her favorite professor. When Kikyo looked back in with a confused frown, wondering why Kagome had not immediately followed after her, she shot her a bright smile and trotted out to join her, pretending that she wasn't calling herself all sorts of names internally. Did such a woman really want to hire a complete idiot like herself?

The ride was quiet. She had tried not to act overly impressed at Kikyo's sleek, white car. She sat awkwardly on the leather, wishing she could levitate so as to keep the seats pristine. The car was just so cool. Some sort of sports car convertible thingy. She didn't know enough about cars to be able to identify it, but it was obviously very new and extremely expensive. Her brother would know, though, without a doubt. A smile made its way onto her face as she thought of Sota, of how excited he'd be to learn that she had actually ridden in the sports car thingy. She'd have to ask what kind it was later and make an effort to remember the name.

Kikyo concentrated on the road and Kagome kept silent, not knowing what kind of driving quirks she had, if any. She would have enjoyed some music though, a bit of talk radio, even. Anything but the quiet. For some reason, she felt like her BO would be more potent when it was quiet. Finally, they arrived at the restaurant, which was some classy sit-down place just a few miles away from school. The lighting about the place was muted and the parking lot was in back, which was probably how she had passed it so many times without really noticing it.

Nervously, she got out of the car. Even if she was at her best, she never would have fit in at an establishment like the one her professor was currently entering without her. Scrambling to catch up, she made it just as the hostess was leading Kikyo to the table. She got a few looks, or at least she thought she did, but no one tried to stop her. She slid in across from Kikyo in the cushy booth, not hearing what the hostess said as she gave them the menus. Hands shaking, she flipped it open. No prices. That wasn't good. Her eyes scanned the expensive, thick paper, admiring the beautiful calligraphy. People actually ate stuff like that? One item on the menu claimed to have gold flakes in it. Was that safe? Did it even taste good, or did people just do that because they were stupid and rich and they could? And caviar. She was tempted to order some just to see why people made a big deal about it, but thought better of it. She didn't want to put Kikyo out too much. She was just a college professor, after all, and maybe an appearance of smart thriftiness would help her qualifications.

"See anything you like?" Kikyo asked, and Kagome looked up to see her staring at her, her hands folded on her unopened menu.

"Uh, yeah, it all looks awesome," she lied, not wanting to tell her that the contents of the menu disturbed and appalled her. She finally understood the bloodiness of the French Revolution, though. "What would you recommend?"

She smiled at her and seemed to perk up a bit, like she enjoyed being asked for her opinion and wasn't used to it. "Like you said, everything's good. Just pick whatever you want. I usually get the duck with a salad, but today I feel like just a tarte Tatin. Maybe I'll have a bit of vanilla ice cream with it as well."

Kagome nodded like she was comfortable. "Cool. I guess I'll get the steak and potatoes, then." Closing her menu and placing it carefully to the side, she asked, "So you come here a lot?"

Kikyo shrugged. "Well, it's free, so yes."

Kagome gaped at her. "Free?!" Was that why there were no prices on the menu? This restaurant was just a secret free place for rich people?

Her professor laughed at her expression. "I own it. I come here for lunch and dinner most days."

"Wow," she breathed.

The waitress came over to their table and chatted with Kikyo familiarly but with a great amount of respect. Kagome mumbled her order and handed the menu to the older girl, almost missing the sneer of distaste on her face.

"How old are you, Kagome?"

The question made her nervous. So, they were starting the interview. This was happening. It was real. She prayed to God and her grandfather that she wouldn't mess up. "Eighteen. My birthday was a couple months ago."

Kikyo nodded and seemed pleased. "You are a history major, correct?"

"Yes! I love history so, so much. I feel closer to the people we read about than people I pass on the street most times."

"You remind me of how I used to be," the woman across from her murmured with a small smile. Kikyo reached up and took her hair down from its flawless bun, and Kagome was surprised to see her hair flowed almost to her rear, just like hers, although it lacked the rebellious, bouncy waves her own mane possessed. "I knew you were perfect the minute I saw you."

"Perfect for what, exactly?" Kagome was very curious, almost as curious as she was hungry.

The answer, if she had been planning on giving one, was interrupted by a waiter serving them wine. It was a dark red and in the dim, intimate lighting of the restaurant looked to be the color of blood. She realized how very thirsty she was. No sooner than he placed her wine glass on the table and she reached out to grab it did the waitress come back with their food. Grumbling inwardly, she drew her arm back to her side, giving the waitress room to place her plate. Her face fell as soon as she got a good look at what had been laid out in front of her. There were three thin slices of steak next to one spoonful of mashed potatoes. True, there was some pretty swirly design with some oils or whatever and the mashed potatoes were shaped like a flower, but still. What the hell was this trickery?!

Kikyo laughed and she glanced up, unable to keep the look of disappointment off her face. She had been really, really hungry. She grabbed her wine and drank it all down, not knowing what else to do.

"Consider this just the appetizer, Kagome. You'll have more at home. Don't you worry, I have no intention of disappointing you tonight."

Kagome nodded and blushed, not liking that she had been read so easily. Putting down her glass, she stabbed at the steak with her fork, watching Kikyo cut her apple dessert into small triangles before placing a piece in her mouth.

"Um, how old are you? If you don't mind. You don't have to tell me," Kagome said, her face heating even more.

Kikyo sighed and took her wine glass in hand, swirling the liquid before placing it down again without taking a sip. "I, my dear, am thirty. Thirty, thirty, thirty." Her smile showed off her perfect teeth but it did not reach her eyes.

"You don't look thirty!" Kagome exclaimed honestly. Kikyo smiled at her in a way that told her she thought she was lying. "I'm serious! The first day of class, I thought you were a student. It blew my mind when you began to lecture, and then your lecture blew my mind again. And it's not like thirty's old, anyway."

The woman smiled and broke eye contact to take her napkin off her lap. Kagome thought she saw her face color a bit, but she could have been mistaken. For a minute, she looked sort of girlish. Cute.

"You finished in a hurry," she remarked, looking at Kagome's scraped clean plate. "Would you like mine as well?"

She knew Kikyo wasn't being mean, but it still made her feel bad. However, living like she had the past few months had taught her that she couldn't waste an opportunity, even if her pride screamed at her. What happened if Kikyo changed her mind about employing her, or if she had been joking or something? Kagome would be back to one small meal a day. Plus, the tart looked delicious. Mind made up, she nodded and her professor pushed the plate towards her. She ate in silence, glancing up at Kikyo every other bite. She had a faraway look in her eyes, and though her gaze was on her, it was also through her.


Kagome nodded, a little startled. Kikyo had seemed so out of it, but apparently she had still been observing her.

Kikyo stood and put her jacket back on. "We're going to my house, alright? I'll tell you more about the position and you can meet my husband."

Kagome followed after her, her heart beating hard. If this worked out, she could live a good life again. Maybe, if Kikyo kept her on for a while, she'd make enough to start repairing the house. And she could finally go home and visit! She tried not to get her hopes up, but a little smile still somehow managed to find its way to her lips. The car ride was easier this time, with Kikyo having turned on NPR (of course). She suddenly found herself becoming very tired. She had been so on edge for so long. Things were finally starting to get a bit better, and the stress she had been holding inside seemed to be gradually melting away.

"You live by the beach?" Kagome remarked, impressed, noticing the direction they were driving. The ocean had been one of the main reasons she'd chosen that particular university. She had gone her entire life without seeing it prior to a few months ago, and when she'd finally observed that glorious mass of water for the first time, she wasn't very impressed. It was dirty, it was smelly, it was cold. And seagulls were mean creatures.

"On the beach," Kikyo corrected. "My husband and I have our own private bit of it."

"Woah." She was quickly feeling overwhelmed. The beautiful, successful college professor not only taught her favorite subject, but she owned a friggin' rich people restaurant and she lived on the dang beach. "You're not afraid of like, tidal waves or sharks or anything?"

She laughed, and Kagome smiled too, even though she knew she was being laughed at, not with. She wasn't being cruel, so it was alright.

"No, Kagome, I'm not worried. My husband said the same thing when I found the house, though."

She pulled into a driveway Kagome had not even noticed. Looking around, she saw nothing but some cliffs and rocks, a few tidal pools, and beach. The house was large, modern, and painted white. That was about all she could observe in the darkness, with the only lighting coming from the lone streetlight on the private road and the glow from inside the house. Kikyo exited the car and went in through the door that led to the house, oblivious to Kagome's nervous hesitation. Wanting to appear grateful and confident and not screw things up, Kagome pushed aside her reservations and followed after her, only to walk directly into what felt like a wall.

Looking up, she realized it was a torso. A male torso. A defined male torso, which possessed muscles plainly visible through the clingy fabric of the t-shirt it was enveloped in.

"S-sorry!" she squeaked. Already she'd screwed up. She lifted her head and saw that the man, whom she assumed to be Kikyo's husband, had a surprised look on his face. He quickly covered it up and walked away from her. Closing her mouth, which was open in her own surprise, Kagome moved forward to look for her professor.

A half-demon! Kikyo was married to a half-demon! That just didn't seem to fit with the rest of Kikyo's personality. Mixed marriages were still sort of rare, but they did happen. Relationships were more prevalent, but usually did not carry over into anything lasting. Relationships between humans and demons were portrayed in popular media as something one did during their wild days, not permanent. That Kikyo, her elegant and proper professor, was married to a half-demon just made Kagome admire her more. She not only taught history, she lived it!

"You must be so tired, Kagome," Kikyo said, finding her before she could venture further into the house. "Why don't you take a shower and we can talk afterward. I'll set up your room in the meantime."

Curious, she was about to protest, but stopped herself. She'd been "bathing" in gas station bathrooms for longer than she cared to admit, and a real shower would be nice. Plus, she might not get the job. She had to keep reminding herself that that was a real possibility, despite what Kikyo had said earlier. So she just nodded and accepted the lavender-scented and lavender-colored towel from her professor.

"You can use any of my soaps, I don't mind. My bathroom's the room at the very top of the stairs."

"Thank you," Kagome whispered before hurrying up the stairs. Kikyo had said "my" bathroom. She had her own bathroom, separate from her husband? When she thought about it, it made sense. Kikyo must not want to chance exposing her more indelicate activities to her incredibly hot husband. Surely even someone as regal as Kikyo had to drop a deuce from time to time.

The bathroom was small, but lovely, done in soft lavenders and creams and grays. Everything was so perfect that it looked like something out of a magazine or a movie. It could only have been professionally decorated, unless Kikyo was more talented than Kagome had ever thought. The shower itself looked more like a time machine or something rather than just a place to rid oneself of filth. Kagome had never been in a shower larger than a phone booth before. She bet five people could comfortably wash themselves without even bumping elbows. There were a good many more knobs than she was used to. What the heck were they for?

She decided not to assuage her curiosity, instead turning the knob with an "H" on it. Water came spraying at her from all sides and she stumbled and sputtered, only just righting herself and avoiding what would have been a very disastrous fall. Kagome had neglected to notice the showerheads on all sides of the structure. Keeping a hand on the wall for balance, she looked around for shampoo, wanting to get clean and get out as quickly as possible, though she did love bathing and had missed that particular luxury even more than regular meals.

She looked around for soap, and raised a brow at what she found. Freaking Alterna 10. This she recognized. A long time ago, her father had gotten it for her mother on her birthday. Her mother had gasped and covered him in kisses. After she used it, she had remarked that her hair had never been nicer, and her mother's hair had always been her best asset. Just last year, Kagome had looked into purchasing some for Mother's Day, but was horrified at the price tag. A hundred and fifty bucks for just the shampoo. True, it wasn't the most expensive shampoo in the world, but for that price the bottle should have been solid gold and filled with a wish-granting genie. At the time, she had rationalized to herself that her mother would be unhappy when reminded of her father, and she wouldn't have much use for it anyway. After her husband had died, Mrs. Higurashi had cut her hair short as a sign of mourning and had kept it short ever since. Kagome had taken her mother out to mini golf instead. The fifteen dollars that had cost her had been much more comfortably in her price range.

With so much shame she almost cried, she used the ridiculously expensive product to wash her hair, secretly loving how it was already so soft and smelled so lovely. She used the conditioner and since she didn't want to use Kikyo's bath brush, she just lathered on the body wash of a brand she did not recognize, probably foreign, into her skin, pleased with the lovely jasmine fragrance. It was heaven, and she knew she could stay like that forever, but she was anxious to get back to Kikyo and find out what duties her job entailed. Rinsing herself off with cold water in order to stay alert, she shivered and turned off the relentless sprays of water, reaching outside to grab the towel. Wrapping it around her body, she looked around for her clothes.

That was strange. She had folded them and placed them on the tile. Now, they were nowhere to be seen.

"Kagome, could you come down, please?" Kikyo called. "I put your clothes in the wash. I hope you don't mind."

Kagome jumped. Her voice was coming from downstairs but was still easily heard through the door. She didn't want to go out with only a towel, but what other choice was there? Also, when the heck had Kikyo come in and how had she done it without her noticing? Obviously, she had been much more absorbed in getting clean than she had thought.

"I-I'll be right down!" she called out. Hopefully her husband wouldn't be around. The towel was large and thick, but she still didn't consider herself decently covered. Taking a deep breath, Kagome opened the door and carefully stepped down the stairs, feeling more nervous and more refreshed than she could remember.


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