Vociferation From The Other Side

BY : SayonaraKuroi
Category: InuYasha > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or make any profit from this story. But I wish I could steal Sesshy...

Sesshoumaru stood in a hot spring, Rin playing in the flowers off to the side. He gazed down at his unclothed reflection, watching as his long hair swirled in the water, distorting the pale image.

"Staring won't make it go away, you know." Came an old voice as Totosai emerged from the trees. "That mark is one thing you can't glare out of sight."

"I was not attempting to do so. What is it you want, swordsmith?" Sesshoumaru asked quietly, not turning to face him.

"The usual. If you would come closer, please." Totosai said, rolling up his sleeves and dipping his hands in the hot water, scrubbing them clean as the taiyoukai neared.

When the tall inu stood directly in front of him, he knelt and gently coiled his aged hands around the Lord's pale neck, closing his eyes as he felt the light pulse flutter against his fingers.

Myouga, who had been safely stashed in his haori, hopped out to land on Sesshoumaru's chest, clinging to the damp skin.

Totosai's eyes opened slightly and he observed the youkai Lord through the tiny slits. "You've weakened further. What did you do?"

Sesshoumaru had his eyes closed and seemed unmoved. "I tried to cut it out."

Totosai sighed and rummaged a while in the sack slung over his shoulder before pulling out a small clay container. He opened it and scooped out a dollop of white goop, smacking it onto Sesshoumaru's chest. He began to rub it in, working the thick stuff into the pores of the demon's skin.

"Myouga?" He asked. The flea looked up and removed his needle-like mouth from pale flesh.

"From what little of it I can taste, his soul is very weak and fighting to stay within him."

"It is still being Called, then?" Sesshoumaru asked quietly.

Myouga looked up and addressed the taiyoukai as Totosai smoothed another white glob into his back.

"Yes. You may experience bouts of dizziness, immobility, nausea, and or headaches."

"It may also be uncomfortable for you to bend over, forwards or backwards. Being an inuyoukai, your abdominal area is already sensitive, and the paste may weaken you as it fights off the mark. Avoid strenuous activity and stretching."

Sesshoumaru raised a brow as Totosai scrubbed his hands clean and stood.

"Strenuous activity?"

"No sex, no fighting little brothers, no hunting evil hanyou, just sitting down and doing that moon watching thing you do or walking. Absolutely no swinging of swords of any kind or running. No acrobatics either."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes. "You said that intentionally even though you seem to be very well informed on my affairs."

Totosai giggled. "Yes, yes I did."

The taiyoukai frowned but before he could say anything, a naked blur named Rin ran full speed into the swordsmith, somehow knocking him headfirst into the water.

Totosai, however, was just too short to stand without drowning, so he grabbed hold of Sesshoumaru's hips, pulling himself up. Sesshoumaru jumped at the contact with his sensitive stripes and grabbed for Totosai's hair, trying to pull him away.

At that most inopportune moment, there came the voice of one loud, brash, obnoxious hanyou.


At that moment, Rin chose to surface, popping out of the water and landing on Sesshoumaru's broad shoulder, covered by his long, silver hair.

She spotted them. "Oh! Hello, Inuyasha-sama, Miroku-sama, Sango-sama, Kagome-sama, Shippou-chan! Rin and Sesshoumaru-sama and Totosai-sama are taking a bath! Do you want to join us?"

Luckily, Miroku managed to catch the unconscious hanyou by his shoulders before he could fall into the water.

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