Highway to Hell

BY : ChelseaTygers
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The last bell of the day rang and Kagome bit her lip to hold her smile in, her eyes connecting with the back of her boyfriend's head from where it was at the front of the class. Hojo, head and shoulders above every other boy, was still conversing with their teacher, as he usually did. He always went above and beyond when it came to academics. Even Kagome couldn't bring herself to pretend to be friends with their teachers, and she had been teased for being a teacher's pet for the entirety of her academic career. Mr. Hoshoku laughed loudly and clapped Hojo on the shoulder, squeezing before letting go.

Everybody liked Hojo, teachers especially. He was hardworking, responsible, attractive, trustworthy, bright, and... That was about it. Everything Kagome had ever dreamed of existing in a man, and he was all hers. Today, he had promised to take her out to a special celebratory dinner immediately after school. He had just gotten into Oshiri University (where he would major in Marine Biology) and was going to be graduating high school with honors next week at the ceremony. Kagome, whose grades were as good or even better than his, couldn't have been more proud. Sighing happily, she slipped her binder into her backpack, her mind on what she was going to wear to the undoubtedly expensive restaurant which he had not yet named, insisting it just had to be a surprise.

Kagome knew for certain he was going to finally propose tonight.

"You ready?" Hojo asked in his soft voice, looking at her from the head of the classroom.

She nodded, flipping her wavy hair over her shoulder as she rose to her feet, so overwhelmed by the brightness of their future that she was having trouble being herself, becoming only some simpering, awkward caricature of a schoolgirl in love with her high school sweetheart who would soon become her husband. The happiness that lived inside her would hardly even let her speak coherently. And that was all fine. They were finally going to be adults.

He held out his hand to her as she neared him and she grasped it, once again noticing just how soft and cold and somewhat damp his hands were. It had somewhat grossed her out in the beginning, but gradually she had gotten used to it and even preferred it. Rough hands meant a rough life, and she would rather do without the complications that came along with such things. Being on the water polo team, the rest of him was just as smooth, and the consistently smooth feeling of his skin comforted her as well as reminded her to never skip a day of shaving.

"Kagome!" came a trio of high-pitched voices from just outside the classroom.

"You took sooooo long! We were almost going to give up on you," Eri said, feigning disapproval but not able to hide the longing, envious light in her eyes when she glimpsed the couple's clasped hands.

Hojo laughed. "My apologies, ladies! I lost track of time when speaking with Mr. Hoshoku and you know Kagome always waits for me," he said, smiling down at her fondly.

"Just like Argos!" Ayumi piped up.

Kagome's beaming smile full of her perfect teeth faltered, not liking being compared to a dog, but she let it go. Ayumi didn't mean any harm, she just sometimes didn't really think about what she said before it left her lips. Occasionally, Kagome wanted to strangle her without really thinking about it, but there were witnesses milling about, so such things would be entirely impractical.

"I told you guys you didn't have to wait for me! We're going out to dinner as soon as Hojo takes me home to change," she reminded them, a chiding note in her voice. All the time they spent talking about nothing was time she had to wait to be presented with a giant diamond ring that would cost more than an entire town in Guatemala, labor included.

"About that..." Hojo started, taking both her hands in his and drawing her a bit away from her friends. "Something came up and I can't make it tonight. We'll reschedule, yeah?"

Stuffing her crushing disappointment away for later when she could feel all her feelings in private, Kagome just forced herself to smile at him. "Sure! What happened?"

"Just last minute college stuff," he insufficiently explained, taking his hand from hers and waving it dismissively.

"Alright," she nodded, trying to keep from grinding her teeth. "So, I'll see you tomorrow, I guess..."

"Definitely!" he said enthusiastically, doing that weird bobble-head nod thing he sometimes did that used to annoy her but definitely, totally, really didn't anymore. She thought she felt her tooth chip and ran her tongue over it just to make sure it was intact. Why didn't they make invisible mouth guards to wear all the time?!

"Bye!" she said, not able to think of anything else to say that wasn't a Very Bad Word.

Standing up on her tiptoes, she gave him a light kiss on the lips that he did not return. Hojo didn't appreciate public displays of affection and had told her multiple times that intimate things were for when they were alone together, but they hadn't been alone since last summer in his car at the drive-in, and all they had done then was kiss for three hours, his hands never once leaving the middle of her back. Just thinking about it made her face hurt.

Hojo ran off, waving to her as he did so, and was soon replaced by her friends.

"Did he stand you up again?" Yuka asked, her brows drawn in worry, disapproval thick in her voice.

Kagome sighed, not wanting to be lectured yet again. Whenever Hojo had something else to do and had to cancel their dates, she tried her hardest to keep her friends from knowing. They always thought the problem was her, that she just wasn't trying anymore, that she had grown too comfortable in the relationship and he was losing interest. But that wasn't true! Everything she did she did because she had him to do it for...or something. Her brain wasn't in the best place, what with the rage humming in her blood. All her friends were worried about was losing their popularity. Well, to be honest, they were only popular because she associated with them, which, in her book, meant they weren't actually popular. Maybe popular in the second degree, but not like her and Hojo who were at the top of the hierarchy. No, she worked hard to become the girl she was, harder than they could comprehend. Hell, she had listened to Hojo talk about dolphins for years, his only interest, and went with him to the aquarium every goddamn weekend. They went whale watching bi-monthly just for the possibility of dolphins deciding to swim alongside the boat, and she put up with it even though she got terribly seasick and even Dramamine didn't help much. Anyone who could manage to bear that deserved all the good they got.

Putting on her not-a-care-in-the-fucking-world face, Kagome laughed, unknowingly waving her hand dismissively as Hojo had done to her just seconds before. "Oh, no, nothing like that. He's just really busy right now with college and everything. You know how it is."

"I remember when you used to stand him up, not the other way around," Eri said, her eyes on Kagome's mid-section. "Are you sure you're not making yourself, er, too available?"

Not able to hold back her scowl, Kagome tried to make her voice as pleasant as possible to make up for it. If only that was the problem. Teenage pregnancy would be a relief. At least then she'd actually be able to spend time with him.

Smile still plastered on her face, she responded, "Well, we're not in eighth grade anymore. Things have changed and we're both very busy these days."

"I think it's romantic how long you've managed to stay together so long considering you pretty much only see each other in class," Ayumi said dreamily, probably fantasizing about Hojo right that very second. All the girls wanted him, and Kagome was very prepared to fight them all off. She didn't watch Flipper eighteen times for nothing.

"And I think it's very romantic how you've put your studies before boys all these years," Kagome said sweetly. "You're like Heloise, but I'm sure your Abelard will leave you to peacefully drown in your books since touching you would require communication and God knows that's not one of your many skills."

Before her friends could puzzle out what she said, Kagome turned tail and practically skipped towards the exit, pushing her way out the double doors and into the bright sunlight, wishing she could rip the sun from the sky and set the entire world on fire with it. All she wanted to do was go home and ask her mother to make chocolate chip cookies with extra chocolate. She'd eat an entire plate in her bed while watching cartoons, maybe follow up with some ice cream and perhaps more cartoons, and then she'd go to sleep without brushing her teeth. It was something she only did when particularly distressed.

The walk home was long and did nothing to better her mood. Hojo usually gave her a ride, and when she was in the car it always seemed like she lived practically next door to her high school, but three miles in unseasonably hot weather was taking its toll on her. Normally, she'd put her hair up, but the curtain of waves was the only thing protected her skin from being burnt or freckled. The smell of the sweat between her breasts wafted up and she wrinkled her nose. She was going to stink up the house and get boob acne, the worst kind of acne. Now she'd have to have a bowl of chips and dip and a few sodas in addition to her cookies. She'd take a jog and do crunches for eight hours straight to make up for it.

Kicking open the large front door after she unlocked it, Kagome slammed it behind her, reveling in the slight bit of misbehaving. When the loud echo didn't immediately summon her mother, she ran up the stairs, trying to hold back her tears. A nice, long talk, a bath, and then the food. That was what she needed. She opened the door to her parent's room and walked into their private sanctuary, only to see her beautiful mother rubbing some stranger's shoulders as her very masculine father tongued his balls.

What. The. Fuck.

Kagome just stood there in shock, looking on at the scene she still couldn't quite make herself believe was happening. Her parents, who had always seemed so thoroughly in love, absorbed in and obsessed with one another, were swingers?!

It was something she had never told anyone, not ever expecting them to understand, but she didn't know her parents very well. They were just two space cadets wrapped up in orbiting each other. Kagome felt more like a pet than a daughter. And not a fun pet, either. She was like a fish. They fed her, make sure her tank was clean and working, and sometimes even stared at her, but that was about it. They never even tapped on the glass. Her entire childhood had been spent with various nannies and babysitters, none of them staying very long due to her parents' rigorous standards, and yes, she had been a spoiled brat longing for any kind of attention, even the negative kind. It had never worked.

Still, her father giving a man a blowjob as her mother gave the stranger a massage just seemed very out of character. Somehow, the man looked familiar, but she could not quite place him. Kagome shook her head, the tears she had been holding back finally escaping and running down her face, wondering how she was supposed to react to this rather surprising revelation. Was that why her parents were always gone here and there, telling her that her father was going away on business and wanted her mother to accompany him when really they were just going to crazy swinger party orgies? Was that how they kept the spark alive? Was that why Hojo-

The stranger looked up at her with golden eyes, a sneer on his face. "What the fuck is that?"

Izayoi looked up. "Oh, that's just Kagome. I was feeling that seven hundred year itch a while back and I cashed in on that free pass Toga gave me."

The stranger removed himself from the group and was in front of her in an instant, his hand holding her chin and tipping her face up. A cold sweat covered her body and she felt herself begin to tremble slightly, not enough to make a noticeable difference. The stranger seemed to notice, though, and he loosened his grip on her chin just the slightest bit. For some reason, the only thing she could comprehend in that moment was that his hands were riddled with callouses yet still managed to be warm.

"How old is it?"

Although offended by him referring to her as an object not just once but twice in the few seconds they had been acquainted, Kagome just continued to stand still, minus the uncontrollable trembling. She wanted to scream and push him away, but she was pretty sure she just had the shock of her life and she was going to vomit and if she did anything to increase her heart rate, she would certainly die, which would just further her embarrassment.

Toga wiped his mouth and sat on the bed next to his wife. "Seventeen, I think."

The stranger smiled at her, revealing his fangs, the dog ears on top of his head flicking in interest. "Sweet seventeen, huh?" When she didn't respond, his smile faded, and he peered at her as though she were a statue instead of a girl on the verge of hyperventilating her way into the afterlife. "Where'd you get those eyes, little girl? I've never seen such a dark blue before."

Izayoi tied her robe securely and laid her head on her mate and husband's shoulder. "Her father was truly an Adonis, quite rare. We had quite the time together."

The man let go of her chin, the feeling of his touch lingering, and turned back to her parents. "So she's completely human?"

Her parents nodded in unison, already back to paying more attention to each other than to anything else in the room or the world.

Finally finding her voice, Kagome choked out, "W-who are you and what is going on?!" She never did like being the last to know something. It made her feel stupid rather than just plain old ignorant.

Izayoi smiled brightly. "That's your big brother, baby bunch! Inuyasha hasn't been home in 250 years."

"...Brother?" she breathed, her eyes darting back to the naked man, who, once he realized her eyes were on him, smirked and posed proudly, hands on his hips, manhood on display.  Kagome shivered in disgust.

Toga frowned briefly. "Not really. Inuyasha is a half-demon, true, but only full siblings are viewed as siblings in demon culture."

Kagome didn't hear Toga over the pounding over her heart. Her mother had told her a lot about Inuyasha. Her parents had only had one child together, and even though Toga wasn't biologically her father, he had always been there and she had always felt like his daughter. But all that information just made what she had walked in on that much worse. Was this just a demon thing she didn't know about, or was her family one of thosefamilies, and if so, why didn't they live in a cabin in the mountains in West Virginia with nineteen other family members? Her stomach hurt with the knowledge and her ears began to ring.

Inuyasha turned to her parents. "I'm keeping her."

Again, the blissfully happy and eternally twenty-something couple nodded as one.

Izayoi generously managed to find the will to tear her gaze away from her husband's and looked back at her, beaming cheerfully. "I'm baking pizza for dinner, baby cakes! What kind of toppings do you want?"

And with that, Kagome fainted.

How's that for a rather fucked up beginning?

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