Love\'s Consequences

BY : Sylean
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor do I make any profit from this story.

Love's Consequences

Summary: All actions have consequences, and Kagome's decision to mate Naraku is far from an exception. With her friends suspecting betrayal, suitors suffering broken hearts, and her new mate's many enemies now out for her blood as well, how will Kagome handle her new position by Naraku's side? Will the soul of one particular cold-hearted demon ever be touched? Or will he destroy the happiness they finally found?

Sequel to In a New Light.

(Kagome X Naraku) (Sesshomaru X Rin/OC) (Sango X Miroku) (Kouga X Ayame) (Inuyasha X Kikyo/Shiori?)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor do I make any profit from this story.

Warning: Spoiler alerts! Just make sure you've seen the whole series, Final Act and Movies included, for I touch upon pretty much everything at one point or another.

Warning: There will be lemons in this story later on. Also, there will be character deaths in this story at a later time.

(A/N: The first 5-ish chapters bounce between times. This is to express that with time, Naraku and Kagome's friends at least became civil with each other, but without the mass of monotonous scenes with only minor advancements. Honestly, I'm more excited for when I get Naraku into Kagome's time and so on, rather than going over how upset Kagome's friends are.

To help simplify which time everything takes place, I will use "+years," ie. five years from the end of In a New Light and the date Kagome and Naraku mated, will be written as +5yrs.)

Chapter 1: Catch Me If You Can

Warning: This chapter contains sexual insinuations.

(A/N: +3-5yrs)

Kagome's legs were burning and her lungs ached; her pursuer was hot on her heels as she fled with all of her might. Her fragile human body had not a chance against the sadistic, bloodthirsty demon. Glancing over her shoulder revealed just how much her strength and speed paled in comparison; he was only a few strides behind her and gaining fast. Grabbing hold of the corner of a building for support, she swung herself around, hoping that by taking sharp corners she could shake her follower. Right in the nick of time, her sprint brought her to safety; crashing into Inuyasha, she quickly positioned herself behind him, pointing him towards the incoming demon.

"Kagome, what the hell?" he met her desperation with his own. "What's wrong?" She was gasping for air far too hard to speak and could only point in the direction she had come from; the direction that was still blocked by the building's corner before leaning back over, hands on her knees. Her panic was enough to send her best friend into attack mode and he had his Tessaiga out in an instant, waiting for the unknown enemy to show themselves. They only had to wait a few seconds before stepping out of the building's shadow, was Naraku with an amused smirk on his face. Inuyasha was briefly confused, before sudden anger took over, assuming the demon had finally shown his true colors and attacked his best friend, as he knew he would. "Naraku, you bastard. What did you do to Kagome?"

"Nothing she didn't want me to," he answered without missing a beat then turned his attention to his little mate hiding futilely behind the village guard dog. "Now dear, do you honestly think that is a sufficient shield?" She cowered behind Inuyasha further, seeking a little bit more time to catch her breath. "You know I am not opposed to exhibitionism; it would not be the first time Inuyasha would have been at the wrong place at the right time." The merciless gleam in his eyes, that did it. Inuyasha's confusion shattered, leaving him shell shocked at having just been placed in the center of their little "game." Kagome squeaked in surprise and swiftly took off at a full run, followed by Naraku laughing deeply at both of their reactions. A few steps in chase, he heard the telltale clang of Tessaiga thumping to the ground. Inuyasha would not forget this trauma for some time.

'Why did I have to say that?' Kagome thought back over what had landed her here in the first place. 'Because its insanely fun playing with him, why else.' It had only been a few minutes ago, even though she felt like she'd been running for miles by now.

They were just casually walking through town, gathering a few food items for what was sure to be a lust-filled evening in, as it always was, when the playful urge to get a reaction out of her straight-faced mate hit and she couldn't stop her hand as she pinched his backside. Quickly turning her face away and whistling didn't fool him, but only earned the murmured remark, "You're playing with fire." He would gladly satisfy her unspoken request, here and now.

"Awfully hard to get burned when you're soaking wet," the words came out of her mouth in an equally hushed manner before her brain could filter her thoughts. She slapped her hand over her mouth as if that would retract the filthy comment. It was too late and he heard it. The challenge didn't need to be stated in official terms, they both understood, and the chase began.

People followed her with their curious gazes as she rushed past, only to resume their daily routines. This was nothing new. "Do you honestly think that is a sufficient shield?" Kagome heard Naraku's words echo in her mind as she pressed on, weaving around buildings and looking for a place to hide. She was thinking frantically about how to win their little contest when she nearly crashed into Miroku, interrupting who-knows-what with the village girl he was talking to. Sango would thank her later, after beating Miroku half to death. 'Shield, that's right.' Without sparing words she grabbed him by the shoulders and issued her command through ragged breaths, "Miroku, barrier. Now!" Forcefully shoving him to the ground in meditation position, legs crossed, she mirrored the position in front on him and the two began praying. Kagome had learned long ago that her powers had no effect on her mate; she could not keep him out of her barrier, because she really wasn't scared of him getting in, but Miroku's powers were different. The only drawback was her friend was not powerful enough to hold a strong enough barrier on his own for long and required her to strengthen his powers. Together, they had trained to erect a nearly impenetrable barrier; such as they were doing now.

From around a corner, Naraku watched on, having the experience that this barrier was beyond his abilities to break from the outside, but not from the inside. A plan formed. 'She should know by now that she cannot escape me,' he mused. She certainly kept things interesting.

Between their prayers, when nothing happened, Miroku inquired, "What had you in such a rush, Lady Kagome?"

"I was being chased," she looked around, knowing he would try something, but what?

"Miroku!" an irritated feminine voice called, scattering birds from their roofline perches and making the monk's shoulders tense in mild fear. It was a voice he had grown far too used to, Sango, and she sounded upset at him. "Get back here now!"

Kagome could see the war going on in his mind, he didn't want to leave her, but Sango… when the woman's form stomped into view, baby on her hip and scowl on her face, that was all he could stand, "Sorry Kagome." His rushed apology was accompanied by the barrier shattering as he stood to heed his wife's call.

"No, Miroku, that's…" but she couldn't stop him before the barrier crashed.

"Sango, my dear, whatever is the problem?" he turned on the charm full force as his hand inched around to grab her bottom.

"Not happening, Monk," the normally alto voice came out sounding far too baritone for her slight form, just as the lithe body transformed back into who it belonged to, Naraku.

"Wh-what?" Miroku yanked his hand back as quick as possible and nearly fell on his backside in shock.

"I tried to tell you," Kagome recapped.

"Shouldn't you be running?" Naraku teased Kagome as she dusted off her legs. "Or are you ready for me to catch you?"

"I'm not giving up," she retorted before taking off once again, knowing her body would not let her do this all day. She needed a fool-proof plan this time around.

"So you and her, she was just, and…" Miroku was still disgusted that he almost groped Naraku. He shuddered at the horrible thought.

Naraku just chuckled at Miroku's distress; no further response was needed. He may no longer be hurting them physically, but that didn't mean he couldn't leave a little anguish in his wake.

Not a minute passed after Naraku's departure, in further pursuit of Kagome, than did Miroku hear his name called again, and this time it was the real Sango. Seemed he was in trouble after all.

Her steps were faltering, nearly causing her to fall onto the dirt ground of the village. The reminder of what happened last time she lost their wager entered her mind. The scrapes on her knees nothing compared to the subjugation of the leather collar and leash as he kept her as a sexual pet. Who knew which undiscovered kink he'd cash in on this time, and a part of her, almost wanted to lose just to find out, almost. He certainly knew how to keep things interesting, and the scrapes had healed that same night when he tipped her over the edge into orgasmic bliss. His expert touch never failed. Even so, desperation swelled to win this time. He'd surely satisfy any request she had if she would only ask, but it'd be fun to gloat for once.

Turning her mind to discover a solution to the problem at hand, using only her limited abilities against his innumerable, she nearly ran right past her answer. Sitting on the edge of the stream and tossing petals into the water, was one who could bring her plan to life. "Shippo," she wheezed out, "can you do a favor for me, please? I'll give you a whole bag of lollipops."

His eyes nearly popped out of his head at the magnitude of the treat she offered, "Of course Kagome! What do you want me to do?"

Naraku knew Kagome was tiring, and there was little point in rushing after her. Her scent alone would tell him the way, and she couldn't keep up this pace for long. All he had to do was wait for her to tire herself out and foil whatever novice scheme she came up with.

She was close, her scent was growing stronger with every step, and he could sense her brilliant aura right around the corner. This would be the end of one game, and the beginning of another to his design instead. A swift bound up to the roof gave him a vantage to see her futile hiding spot behind the bushes lining the stream banks. She must really be running out of energy, and ideas, to resort to something so basic. Oh well, all the better for him though; he'd make swift work of exposing her plot. Slipping around the opposite side of the hut than which she was watching, and slinking like the very shadows that cloaked him, Naraku made silently closer before springing onto his startled mate and declaring, "I've caught you now." No sooner than the words left his mouth did Kagome disappear into a poof of smoke, revealing a panicked Shippo and a fluttering green leaf. It had been an illusion.

Her laugh rang out over the gurgling stream, drawing attention to where she had really been hiding, under the nearby bridge. Naraku had to give her due credit, as simple as her plan was, since he underestimated her resourcefulness, she had fooled him. But this "game" was not over yet; it had simply gotten a bit more interesting.

Shippo caught on quickly once Kagome took off again, realizing they were playing a grown-up version of tag. "A-aren't you going after her?" the fox child asked timidly. He was still a bit unnerved around Naraku, even though he harbored less distaste for the dark demon than the others held onto.

"Patience. I have to give her time to spin her next web, yes?" Naraku responded casually. The kit had been adopted by his mate, so therefore, he was required to at least be nice to him, a chore made easier by the boy's residual fear, and thus, respect. "This is turning into a battle of intellectual acuity, not physical aptitude."

"So, what's the point?" the fox asked, knowing Naraku did not simply play, and not understanding the implications of his question. "What do you get if you win?"

"Should I catch her," Naraku spoke uncensored, since the kit wouldn't understand anyways, "that ass is mine."

"What does that mean?" Shippo questioned again.

"Go ask InuYasha; I'm sure he will know," Naraku suggested with a cruel snicker before walking off in the direction Kagome fled. "And Shippo," Naraku turned to speak over his shoulder, "your illusions have improved immensely." Coming from Naraku, someone who specialized in trickery and illusory tactics just as the foxes do, this was a huge compliment, and Shippo couldn't help the pride he felt at the praise. He hadn't always been so comfortable around Naraku, but things were different now.

(A/N: +0yrs)

When Kagome had first declared her decision, some years ago, none of them wanted to believe it. Simultaneously, none of them could go against her. Inuyasha learned the hard way just how powerful she was when she was protecting someone she loved. Not that Naraku needed protection, but Kagome was not one to just sit on the sidelines and watch helplessly.

The instant Naraku's barrier came down, Inuyasha came rushing in, sword drawn, and convinced Kagome would have come to her senses by now. Naraku had felt the near constant attempts to break through, and was not surprised by the pup's actions, but what did cause a reaction, was Kagome immediately jumping in front of him, arms spread, blocking Inuyasha's attack with her barrier. The commotion caused by her tirade of accusations drew the rest of the group and Shippo could remember vividly just how furious she was.

That was a hard time for the child, both wanting to be close and garner comfort from his mother, but not wanting to be near Naraku, the fear still far too insistent. He felt like he was being drawn in and pushed away at the same time. It didn't help matters that he was constantly hearing Inuyasha's theories and guesses about what Naraku was up to and how this was probably just a trap to kill them all, or Sango's continued contempt for the tortures Naraku put her brother through, or even Miroku's sudden cross manner. Without Kagome among them, they were falling into a dark spiral of negative emotions. She still came around, but things were not the same anymore, even when she would come alone. Her friends couldn't help but harbor distrust for her actions. Was she really one of them anymore, or was she working for him; was she only his means to get close to them? They didn't want to believe their pure friend capable of such atrocious goals, and her aura had not darkened, but still, she was with Naraku! How could she possibly be so pure still, unless, she really had genuinely fallen for him. It was not an easy concept to grasp.

(A/N: +3-5yrs)

In the earlier part of the village, Shippo was doing as recommended and seeking out Inuyasha, a task made all the easier by the commotion the half-demon was making in his rant to Sango and Miroku about his earlier shocking, and disgusting, encounter.

Completely ignoring what Inuyasha was saying, the small fox leapt to his shoulder and asked the question he had been trying to figure out the whole way over here, "Inuyasha, what does Naraku mean by when he catches Kagome, 'that ass is his'? Are they fighting over a mule or something, I don't understand." Inuyasha's ears and shoulders slumped and his face went pale at the visual. "Are you okay, Inuyasha? You look sick."

(A/N: I intend to update weekly, as I had before. I would love to get ideas about anything really, critiques or suggestions. Tell me what you want to read and I'll try to fit it in.)

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