Sweetest Taboo

BY : ChelseaTygers
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, nor do I own the characters from the series. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is your only warning. Turn back now, all ye who enter here! Extreme smut follows and I don’t want any of you bitches bitching.

As previously stated, these are mostly rejected scenes from Strictly Taboo which have been tweaked in order to become proper one-shots, or ideas that changed as the story evolved, along with some other stuff that’s pretty similar. Some of these ideas were taken out because I wasn’t comfortable writing them at the time. Originally in ST, Kagome was a few years older (in college) and Inuyasha was not Kagome’s dad and wasn’t even going to be anything other than her mom’s fiancé, but there were some instances of role playing and group sex and stuff that I felt crossed a line and I didn’t want to think about it let alone write it. But now I’m okay with writing a whooole lotta stuff I would have never even entertained before, so you’re welcome.

Where I’m not explicitly detailing their relationship, readers can decide whether Inuyasha is Kagome’s real father, step-dad, that infamous friend of the family who's always on the news, her legal guardian, just some older dude, or a guy she met on Craigslist for a raunchy round of role playing. I try to stay away from actual incest here, though (I usually do, in case you haven’t noticed. There’s always that twist, even in my current stories). However, that’s not a promise. Originally, I was going to take requests, but then a friend showed me the “Daddy” tags on tumblr and now I’m dead inside, so there won’t be any of that. Enjoy!

AoC Note: Originally, I didn’t want there to be love in Strictly Taboo, just sex and obsession. But then I actually started writing and couldn’t bear not to make them all mushy with each other but I still wanted the sex and obsession and so everything got really weird and pretty much all the characters ended up dead :’(. This is more of what I had in mind, though in every draft there was always that detail of her mother knowing her husband was after her daughter and not quite caring since she had only married him for a certain lifestyle. With this one, I decided to go in a slightly different direction.

One: Age of Consent

Inuyasha had first seen the girl who was to be his step-daughter walking on a crowded street with her friends. Bored, he had been sitting in traffic, idly wondering what to do with his night, which girl to call up from the long pages filled with cramped writing in his little black book. First, he had heard her laughter, something that sounded the way roses smelled, and his eyes began frantically searching for her before he could even process what he was doing. Again, she laughed, and he zeroed in on his target. A schoolgirl in a swishing short skirt, skipping ahead of her trio of followers as they tried to tell her a story about a boy who liked her. For the first time, he heard her name, unfortunately from the shrill voice of one of her friends.


His half-demon, half-human heart pounded in his chest and he abruptly changed lanes, cutting off a whole row of beeping vehicles. Inuyasha, to put it mildly, was very taken with Kagome. Taken enough that he followed her at a snail’s pace in his car, heedless of traffic, until they arrived at the mall, where he followed her again, this time on foot. Her friends did most of the talking, to his immense displeasure, quizzing her on her flavor of the week. She simply continued to look at the mannequins posing in nearly impossible to achieve positions in the shop windows, more or less ignoring her company.

When he first noticed her noticing him, he stopped in his tracks, barely feeling the man behind him walk straight into his back. Her eyes were sly, almost feline, as she watched him reflected in the glass of some boutique she was currently parked in front of. The tiniest smile turned up her lips and that was when he knew he wasn’t the only one playing a game. She’d go from cat to mouse soon, he vowed, breaking their eye contact and walking on ahead as though she was just a passing fancy. Turning a corner, he quickly backtracked and followed her for the rest of the day until she arrived at her home, a simple little run-down thing he must have passed a thousand times on his way to work without ever noticing it. She was greeted at the door by a weary woman who matched the house, old before her time. And just like that, he knew what to do.

It was almost too easy.

The following day, he skipped work and waited outside the dwelling place so far removed in quality from his own just a couple miles away. Inuyasha watched Kagome, the girl who had made him act like a predator for the first time in centuries, leave for school, waving to the woman at the door. The girl didn’t notice him, walking as she was in the opposite direction, and he was tempted to chuck the plan and just take after her, cornering her in an alley somewhere and ridding himself of the lust that had been boiling for what he deemed to be far too long. Instinctively, he knew that if he let it fester, let her become an infection, terrible things would happen. But a part of him wanted that, wanted something extreme. A big, bad part.

The woman, Kagome’s mother, left the house at precisely eleven o’clock to go shopping at a market that specialized in foreign products, passing several other stores in the process. He knew why when he saw the prices. Everything was cheap as shit (and probably past the expiration date). Grabbing a cart, almost hating allowing his hands to touch such filth, he quietly stalked after the woman, quickly becoming annoyed when he saw she was the type to go slowly, reading every single detail on every single label of every single thing she picked up. When half an hour had gone by and her basket was still empty, he muffled the growl that rose up in his chest and started down the aisle, seeming to ignore her until his cart bumped hers, sending it crashing into a shelf and causing a few glass jars to fall to the ground and break open, viscous fluids smearing across the floor and assaulting him with their combined smell. Yep, definitely rotten.

“I’m sorry!” he exclaimed quickly, trying to hold back a grin at the complete dismay on the woman’s face.

Kagome’s mother barely glanced at him. “Three jars of artichokes? I can’t afford this…” she half-mumbled and half-groaned to herself.

Inuyasha raised a brow. Who the hell was that poor in this city? Putting on an apologetic smile, he told himself it would only make things that much easier.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, waving his hand dismissively, not missing how the woman eyed his claws warily (bitch). “I’ll pay for it. It’s my fault, after all.”

The relief in her face appeared immediately. “Oh, thank you. I didn’t know people could be so kind.”

“Not a problem at all,” he said softly, searching her face to find a hint of the girl he wanted so badly and failing.

Not seeing a way to continue the conversation, the woman smiled shakily at him, somewhat unnerved by his suddenly intense stare, and began to make her way out of the aisle.

“Thanks again!”

“I didn’t catch your name!” he said quickly, hurrying to catch up with her.

She stilled, her sallow face studying him blankly. “Kun-loon. Higurashi.” Her surname was added as an afterthought.

“Inuyasha Taisho,” he replied with the most charming smile in his repertoire.

Kun-loon smiled back tremulously, and he knew she was hooked. They shopped together, which led to him asking her to lunch, which led to him giving her a ride home, which led to them swapping numbers, which led to a very complicated situation. But he reveled in it.

The first time that Kun-Loon had revealed their relationship to her children would always be one of his favorite memories, as all his victories were.

It had been months since the day he’d first seen Kagome. Since then, he had still followed her, of course he had, but he had taken extra precautions to make sure she had never noticed him. Every day, no, every minute that he waited only increased the lust, and he felt the madness that went along with denying himself pleasure hum through his veins. Since the first day they’d met, he’d been pressuring Kun-loon to introduce him to Kagome and Sōta. It had been so long that he was afraid that the reason for his new hobby had forgotten him.

He needn’t have worried. The moment he arrived, rather early for their planned family dinner, Kagome flung the door open. Inuyasha could hear Kun-loon fussing over Sōta, combing his hair in the bathroom upstairs. All the noisy chaos that normally would have made him cringe was nothing but white noise. Kagome was all he could take in. Her long hair was still slightly damp from the shower and she wore a tight tank top along with the tiniest shorts he’d ever seen. No bra. As always, she smelled delicious.

The girl smiled, the same smile he’d seen that first day. “Come on in. I’ll tell Mama you’re here.”

Her hips swayed provocatively and he followed them, stumbling slightly at the entrance. For a minute, he hated how she captivated him with her perfect skin and dainty features. Fucking human whore. But then she turned back to him, looking him up and down with those big coffee eyes, as though sensing his sudden weakness, his brief failure at the game. The arch of her brow and the turn-up of the corner of her mouth steeled his resolve as well as ensnared him further.

Kun-loon was wearing a pantsuit that might have looked all right when she bought it more than a decade ago. He wasn’t sure why she’d decided to dress up when no one else was, but mentally shrugged it off when she smiled nervously at him. The table was set with a roast chicken, rice, and green beans. Inuyasha was kind of impressed, knowing the family mostly lived off of tomato soup and cheese sandwiches and whatever else happened to be discounted. Sōta and Kagome set the table, the former sending him curious glances while the latter ignored him completely. As Kun-loon flitted here and there, tidying things until they were just so, he took his seat, muscles tense. Kagome sat down to his left at the circular table, Sōta to his right. Instantly, his posture became stiff. Having her so near after so long made his every pore feel electric. Inuyasha didn’t even notice when his girlfriend of three months began to serve him, painstakingly arranging the food on his plate.

The sound of utensils scraping against porcelain made him flinch, and he realized they were eating now. Picking up his fork, he stabbed at the chicken, wanting to bring it to his nose and sniff it, but knowing it would gross Kun-loon out, as all his vaguely canine tendencies and features did. Instead, he just plopped it in his mouth, immediately regretting it. It was overly seasoned, dry, and yet still greasy.

“How was your day?” Kun-loon asked, voice directed at him.

“Who’re you?” Sōta broke in, mouth filled with food.

Inuyasha decided to answer the more important question first, wondering why the fuck the woman hadn’t talked to her kids and prepared them.

“My name’s Inuyasha. I’ve been, uh, hanging out with your mom a lot lately.”

“He’s Mama’s boyfriend,” Kagome said, her voice tinted with something he wished he could believe was jealousy but was most likely a taunt.

“Oh.” Sōta loudly sucked in snot and went back to eating, no longer caring about the company or conversation.

“Yuka invited me to her birthday party this weekend. We asked her mom and she said I can sleep over.”

The wrinkles in Kun-loon’s face deepened in worry and disapproval. “You know I don’t approve of that girl. Will there be boys there?”

Kagome rolled her eyes, blowing her bangs out of her lashes as she pushed the food around on her plate. “Yeah. So?”

“You’re only fifteen! I know what happens at those kinds of parties, Kagome, and I don’t want you being put in certain situations…”

Kun-loon continued, but Inuyasha heard nothing, his ears ringing and the blood draining from his face.


The girl was a child.

His claws dug into his pants, almost but not quite tearing the fabric. All these months wasted on a kid. Of course he’d known she was a high school student, but he thought she was at least seventeen but close to eighteen, close enough to wait a little and make his move. He felt like punching the table in half and storming out of the house, but then her naked thigh brushed against his and heat flooded his entire being. No, this was too good to pass up. He’d invested far too much time and effort to give up now. He would have to go all the way with this.

She might object to his relationship with her mother. It was almost certain she would. Kagome might even talk about the way he looked at her, but hell, you couldn’t use a look in court. And he’d be careful to do nothing but look until the time was right. Nodding to himself, he continued to eat and make conversation, easily slipping back into the persona he’d created to win the game.

Within another three months, their shitty house was sold and the entire family was moved to Inuyasha’s apartment. In another year, he became engaged to Kun-loon (only after she questioned where their relationship was going and if she was wasting her time and if he was really committed to her, yada yada yada). He kept his primary residence, a cabin in a forest three hours away from the city, a secret from all of them. It was where he went on “business trips”. Sometimes he just went to relax and get away from the noise and stress of a family. Other times he called one of the women in his book and attempted to fuck Kagome out of his mind.

There were cameras in every corner of his spacious apartment, small ones that looked like everyday objects. Originally, he’d placed them there for certain intimate encounters, not wanting to end up like one of the sorry bastards he’d met who’d gotten slapped with the rare but powerful false rape claim. Not even a week after the Higurashi family had moved in with him, he’d been reviewing the footage, just as he always did. Oftentimes he was away from home for one reason or another and it had become a habit to check for break-ins or nosy landlords when he came back. What he saw on the screen as he fast-forwarded through the file made him spit out the mouthful of beer he’d been in the process of drinking.

The little nympho who had been such a bitch about “her space” (in his own goddamn apartment) was masturbating in his office chair, the very one he was sitting in now.

She wore her school uniform although the day had been a Saturday. Unlike her usual loose waves, her hair was twirled up in pigtails. Just a real life porno right in front of him. Quickly, he went back to the beginning, when Kagome had walked in. Tugging himself from his jeans, he began to stroke, so hard he thought he might burst right away. His eyes felt bigger than his face as he watched her sit in his leather chair, hooking her spread legs into the armrests and running the tips of her fingers up her slit, a wet spot showing on the crotch of her white panties. The vision on the screen bit her lip, her eyes drifting shut as she began to really get into it. She worked her panties down until they were hanging off one foot, but he hardly noticed as in the next few seconds she buried nearly her entire hand in her cunt, mouth falling open in a near-scream, body arching high as she brought herself to the brink.

Her other hand went to her nipples, raising her shirt and pinching on pink nub until it swelled and turned a beautiful red he wanted to bite and press kisses to. Her red scarf fell between her breasts, emphasizing the paleness of her skin and making him think of blood. As much as he wanted to fuck her, he wanted to hurt her, too. He just wanted to make her feel something. Make her respect him. Fear him. Adore him.

Just as Kagome squirted onto her hand, juices flowing down her arm, Inuyasha released the orgasm he’d worked so hard to hold back, the first jet of cum hitting his laptop screen right on her face and tits.

As the years passed and they became more comfortable living under the same rood, the acute sexual tension sparked many a fight between them. Most of them arose from Kagome going out with boys and staying out past her curfew, something which he and her mother both attempted to enforce without success. They might as well have been talking to a brick wall. Never once did she come home on time, and when she finally did arrive in the middle of the night or early morning, she always smelled of booze and cum. He always waited for her, fresh from fucking Kun-loon (or some other woman), and it seemed like she could sense it. Their fights were explosive, waking up her mother and brother, but both were timid personalities too frightened of getting involved and possible coming between the two of them, so they had their privacy.

Inuyasha and Kagome would behave brutally towards each other. Several times he came a shred away from hitting her, knocking some sense into her, but just barely restrained himself. Kagome possessed no such control, and frequently lashed out at him, calling him all sorts of names and slapping him, throwing at his head valuable objects he’d taken pains to collect and maintain over his many years. When they weren’t fighting, she was cold and ignored him. What made it worse was that her delicious body was always on display in the skimpy clothes she donned, a sign of the generous nature that lay beneath the monster she was to him. But she was usually so aloof he almost couldn’t stand it.


No matter what, though, no matter how bad things were between them, every Saturday she sat in his office chair and touched herself, knowing she was being recorded, eyes on the camera if not closed. Sometimes she used toys, sometimes she fingered her ass as well, but she always finished by mouthing his name.

Finally, the day he’d been waiting for, planning for, yearning for, arrived.

Inuyasha surprised Kun-loon and Sōta with tickets for a trip to Italy. Early on in their relationship, she’d told him it had always been her dream to see the country, so he took advantage of that knowledge and faked a contest win, giving her two tickets. Since he was so busy with work, he couldn’t go, and while that disappointed her, she wanted to go so badly she didn’t let it affect her much. It was the end of the school year and Kagome had a test to take, so her coming along was not even a thought. They left the night before what would be his reward for years of labor.

Taking the day off work, he stayed at home, entire body thrumming with energy. The closer the clock ticked to four, the more his hands shook. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the key turn in the lock. Kagome walked through the door, sighing as she flipped her hair behind her shoulder, eyes on her feet, posture relaxed. Not the least bit suspicious.

With the practiced strike of a wild, untamed predator, Inuyasha grabbed the ends of the hair he’d wanted to touch so much, yanking her back and into his chest. She screamed at the attack and attempted to leave, but he wrapped his other arm around her waist, imprisoning her.

“Not so fast,” he breathed, lips moving against the shell of her ear. She went quiet and stiffened, recognizing his voice. “You can go when I decide to let you go, but not a second sooner.”

She trembled. He laughed, the sound soft and almost tender.

“What are you going to do to me?” Her voice was hushed and breathy and he wanted to swallow it.

“Nothing you don’t deserve.”

Already having the zip ties handy, he made short work of binding her wrists and ankles. They left the apartment complex without any witnesses or foolish attempts to escape. It was like she could feel in the iron grip of his hand on the back of her neck that he was serious and fighting him this time would only result in her regretting it.

The windows on his car were tinted beyond what was legal, but he had never gotten pulled over or even ticketed because of it so he no longer worried. The backseat of the SUV was pushed down for once, doubling the space of the trunk. There he’d placed a large dog cage, lined with a plush purple throw, the color of royalty for his little princess. Opening the cage, he forced her inside, savoring the feel of her quaking muscles. She stared at him with pleading brown eyes, afraid to speak lest he react violently. Without mercy, he clawed her shirt and the bra beneath it into shreds, leaving the expensive uniform blouse in tatters. She gasped, small red lines appearing on her chest, the temporary flaw only making him appreciate her beauty all the more.

A couple days ago he’d gone to a sex shop and paid in cash for the object he pulled out of his pocket. Vibrating nipple clamps, gentle enough to just keep her sensitive and erect, not restricting blood flow. Inuyasha fastened them to her already hard nipples, switching them on. Next was the vibrator. It was a small one, unnecessarily loud, but it stuck to her underwear and had a light enough setting so that she wouldn’t be able to get off with just that. The sensations distracted her enough so that he was able to lock the cage before she noticed what he was doing. Slamming the trunk, he went around and sat in his seat, leaning his head back and allowing himself to savor his victory just for a second, peering at her through narrowed eyes in his rearview mirror.

“I didn’t gag you for a reason, Kagome. Go on and give me a soundtrack. We’re gonna be here a while.”

The entire drive to the cabin, he smelled her sweat and sweet arousal, the scent keeping him achingly hard and almost getting them into an accident. The girl never once moaned, instead whimpering and panting and begging him to release her, promising him everything he’d ever wanted if he’d only let her out. But he already had everything he wanted. He was making his wildest dreams come true.

By the time they arrived at his property, Kagome was dazed and nearly incoherent in her lust, pupils dilated and damp hair sticking to her skin, shivering in desire when he touched her. Inuyasha could barely contain himself as he carried her inside. They never made it to the bed. The second his hand inadvertently came into contact with the fruity-smelling girl juice that had run down her leg, he ceased to think. Tossing her face down on the counter like a sack of potatoes, he flicked the zip ties of her wrists and ankles with his claw, dragged down her underwear, spread her wide open, and did what he had wanted to do for three solid years, burying his face in her wet heat. His tongue tingled and he sucked at her clit, his ears ringing with the sound of Kagome’s screams as she came all over his face. After being teased so long without fulfillment, even a puff of air against her clit would have set her off.

Not patient enough to unbutton his jeans, he clawed them off, too, not thinking of anything other than how badly he wanted to be inside her. The sound of the vibrators on her nipples was buzzing loud against the tile, her shouts for him to fuck her hard were deafening, but as soon as he drove home, splitting her apart and filling her in one stroke, he could hear nothing, all the power in his body focused on watching her and feeling her. Kagome was fluttering around him, so tight and wet he almost couldn’t believe it. All the times he’d caught her with a boy, all the times he’d had to answer Sōta’s incessant stupid questions, all the times he’d had to deal with Kun-loon’s complaining and low sex drive, all the times he’d had to find a hooker that bore even a slight resemblance to his almost-step-daughter… It was all worth it for this one experience.

Inuyasha pulled Kagome back against him hard, barely withdrawing before he was humping into her again, balls deep in the bitch that had been the most difficult to conquer in all his years on earth. The feeling was so sweet he leaned forward, pressing his front to her back, licking a bead of sweat from her neck. An idea came to him and he straightened, keeping one hand on her hip and rearing the other up, bringing it down swiftly and spanking her ass hard, a small revenge for all the times she’d used her ridiculous human strength to hit him.

“Seventeen more,” he growled, his hand following his command, each slap making her flinch and tighten around him.

Gradually, he resumed his former position of molding himself to her slight frame, completely dominating her with his large one. Inuyasha had lost count of how many times she’d come. Completely incoherent now, Kagome alternated between clawing at the tile and trying to kick him off of her and blindly grabbing at his hair and scalp, dragging him closer and begging him to fuck her harder, faster, longer, to pull her hair, to spank her some more, to turn her over and suck her nipples.

Inuyasha liked the sound of the last plea and somehow managed to summon the willpower to pull out of her and quickly turn her over, disengaging the nipple clamps and tossing them, still vibrating, to the floor. Kagome wrapped her legs around his waist and grabbed his cock, guiding him back inside her, where he belonged. Somehow, facing her was different. It was no less intense, but somewhat less frantic. Making his thrusts as sensual as possible, he moved his hips in a circle before withdrawing a bit and repeating, picking up speed as he went. His mouth was almost magnetically drawn to her breast, and he moaned as he sucked her nipple for the first time. Kagome was close to another orgasm and she wept, trails of tears running down her temples and into her hair. Sobbing, she cupped her breasts and pushed them together, and he knew what she wanted. Opening his mouth wide, he took both tortured red nipples into his mouth and sucked hard before biting down. She screamed as she came, jerking uncontrollably, and shot his cum inside her, filling her up until it flowed back out. Somehow he just knew his seed would take root and be what tied her to him from now on.

Exhausted, he slumped on top of her, kissing her lips for the first time. “Happy birthday, Kagome.”

She smiled. “Took you long enough.”

Note: Birthday spankings are fucking weird.

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