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 “Rin do not follow” he ordered in that emotionless voice that she was more than accustomed too. Lord Sesshomaru didn’t turn to face her. He wasn’t sure if it was because he hated the pain in her voice as she begged him to go with her. He felt the human child’s arms wrap around his leg.

“Please my Lord don’t leave me” Rin pressed her face against his leg as she hugged him with all her might. “I promise I won’t cause any more trouble for you”

He didn’t move and told her “It is too dangerous to take you along with me. Once you are of age you can begin traveling with me if you so wish.”

Since Naraku was destroyed demons have been out of control and began claiming the western lands he could not take her into danger.

Kagome went over to her and tried to pull her away. “You will be happy here. There are many children your age.” She kneeled and rubbed her back like any consoling young mother would do.

Jaken held his staff and jumped around, “Rin you are getting in Lord Sesshomaru’s way! He has important business to attend too.”

Sesshomaru glanced down at the tiny demon and snarled, “Jaken!”

“Yes my Lord?” he asked jumping abruptly.

“Take care of Rin or I will kill you”

“Yes my lord” he said.

“She will be well protected here Sesshomaru I assure you.” He answered with nothing but silence but knew that he left her here because he was certain that she wouldn’t be safe anywhere else.

Kagome pulled a reluctant Rin as she wrapped her arms over her neck. She felt her tiny whimpers as she laid her head on her chest. She saw Kohaku run to her.

“I am sorry I am late Rin. I just returned from training.” She threw herself from Kagome’s lap and jumped into Kohaku’s arms and cried.

“Please tell Lord Sesshomaru to take me with him please” Kohaku rubbed her head staring down at the tears that fell from her pretty face.  Kohaku looked at Lord Sesshomaru that was beginning to walk.

“I can’t do that. He is doing it for your own well being” She looked up at him as he gave her a kind smile.

“Rin aren’t you going to say good-bye to Lord Sesshomaru before he leaves?”  Kagome asked holding out her hand.

She heard Jaken yelling his goodbyes and saw Lord Sesshomaru walking slowly in the distance.  She grabbed Kagome’s hand and ran to where Jaken was jumping and waving.

“Please don’t forget to come for me Lord Sesshomaru! Please take care! I’ll miss you so so much!”

“Yes my Lord, please come back for us!” he yelled simultaneously

Her vision was blurred with tears as she squeezed Kagome’s hand and felt Kohaku’s gentle pat. She could’ve sworn that she saw him turn around at the sound of her voice. Before she knew it Lord Sesshomaru had disappeared.

Even after he had left and night had come she sat there. Hoping just for a bit that Lord Sesshomaru might return back for her every time she saw the shadow of someone approaching, her heart would burst with glee only to be disappointed when the shadow ended up being a village man returning after a long day of work. Kohaku held her hand and whispered.

“We have to go in. If you are out here with this breeze you are going to catch a cold”

Rin lowered her head to her knees. “He left because he knew I was going to be a bother. I can’t do anything”

Kohaku squeezed her hand and exclaimed “Don’t say that!”

He hated to see her so sad even worse yet, hear the pain in her voice. He wanted to protect her so bad but not even the best of training could help him keep her tears from falling.

“He left because he didn’t want you to be in danger. Not because you would be a bother Rin.” He told her meeting his brown eyes with hers. “When you care for someone all you want to do is protect them. You would do anything in this world to keep them out of harm’s way because they are special to you.” He saw her brown eyes widen and smile.

“You think Lord Sesshomaru really cares for me?”

Kohaku nodded. “Yes of course”

They didn’t know they were under the watchful eye of Kagome and Sango that stared at them outside the window of Kagome and Inuyasha’s hut.

“Poor Rin. She looks devastated.” Kagome sighed as Sango nodded.

“Indeed. It must be hard for her to get accustomed to human interaction” Sango winced and touched her pregnant belly. “This one is a kicker”

 Kagome laughed and rubbed Sango’s tummy. She couldn’t believe that Sango would be a mother soon. Time was passing quickly.

“Could you guys keep it down please? Some of us are trying to sleep” Inuyasha glared.

“That’s right! Be quiet!” Jaken added as he quickly got smacked to the ground

“I am the only that gives orders around here toad!” Inuyasha growled.

Sango and Kagome rolled their eyes and continue peering outside the window.

Rin placed her head on Kohaku’s lap as he blushed. Her long wavy hair spread around him.

“Could you train me to be strong like you? I want to wield a weapon. I want to kill evil demons that attack the village. I want to be big and strong by the time Lord Sesshomaru comes for me”

Kohaku smiled. “Sure but it won’t be easy. It takes a lot of commitment and will power.”

“I am up to it!” She sat up abruptly and hugged him. He couldn’t be any redder feeling her warmth all over him. He hated it when she did that. She caught him off guard and made him weak on the knees. Sometimes he thought she did it on purpose. “Please pretty please!” she began to bounce against him and felt that his head was going to fall of his neck.

“Yes Rin. I’ll train you.”

That night she looked out the window at the big full moon. She was going to give it her best and become strong so Lord Sesshomaru never had to leave her ever again. She closed her eyes and hugged Jaken tight. She couldn’t wait till the day she saw Lord Sesshomaru entering the village. She could see him now, standing tall and handsome with his long white hair and his golden eyes. His cuirass shiny and his sword at his side and with Lord Sesshomaru in her mind she drifted to sleep murmuring “Don’t forget to come for me….my lord...”

5 years later

“Come on Rin teach me a lesson!”

 Kohaku grinned wickedly as he dodged every high-kick and punch she threw at him. Rin’s long wavy hair flowed in the wind as she jumped to kick that annoying grin of his face but he was not only stronger but a lot faster than her. He threw himself back into a back flip as he landed back to his feet. She glared at him as he tightened his ponytail putting that amber long hair back in place. She sprinted to him giving him a handful of short ranged kicks that he blocked with his palms.

“You can do it Rin! Kick his ass!” Jaken yelled from above a boulder. “Show him who is boss”

Kohaku ignored Jaken’s rant as he took hold of her leg and tried to throw her to the ground. With her free leg she jabbed his arm off with the toe of her flat boots freeing herself and back flipping back in place. Her beautiful black waves were everywhere and that defiant look he gave her almost caught him off guard. She was so beautiful. Especially wearing that body suit against her body that defined every tiny curve that her kimono would hide. He swallowed. She was breathtaking standing there sweating with her chest heaving. He felt like such a pervert.

“What is it?” She asked after noticing the way Kohaku stared at her. He chuckled and rubbed his head.

“Oh it’s nothing. It’s just that you’ve gotten a lot better.”

Dashing to him she yelled, “Not good enough! I can’t get my weapon until I defeat you and I am planning on doing that today”

“That’s the sprit!” Jaken yelled

 She gave him a straight hand jab to his hard stomach that he quickly dismissed by kicking her feet and dropping her to the ground. She growled and began giving him a series of high-kicks and one-two punches. He tried to kick her on the side of the head but her dodging skills had also developed and she quickly ducked and punched his leg out of the way. The young warriors didn’t notice that they kept backing up close to the edge of the hill that was a long roll down to the flower meadows

“You kids be careful!” Jaken screamed waving his tiny hands up in the air.

They were so enthralled in their training that they didn’t hear him. Kohaku flipped over her and landed behind her.

“Better luck next time” He winked as he grabbed her in a chokehold. She gasped and tried to pull way. After the chokehold it was always over. She felt anger fill her she was going to beat that smug look off his face.

“You know what you have to do for me to let you go” he told her as he brought her to her knees. She grunted as she began to stand up. Kohaku’s eyes widen as she started backing him up.

“Not...Today...” she said between clenched teeth as she sprinted and took hold of his neck with her legs and squeezed as he let go. She threw him in front of her as his flat boots slid as he tried to catch his fall.

He stood up ready to attack as she yelled, “You are mine! Kohaku!” She kicked him right on the chest as he stumbled back and looked back over the edge.

Rin gasped as she grabbed his hand and with a scream both went downhill. Jaken screamed.

“Rin!” he jumped off the boulder and ran to where they had just been.

Rin and Kohaku rolled down the hill not able to control their fall. Rin plummeted first under the blue sky and surrounded by flowers. She shrieked when in an instant felt Kohaku fall on top of her. She stared into his amber eyes. His mouth so close to her, he was so handsome. Even cuter up close. Kohaku swallowed as he stared into Rin’s dark eyes her mouth slightly parted almost tempting him. He gulped when his body became aware of her breast against his chest and his senses of her scent mixed with the scent of flowers. She was beautiful under him like she was now, staring up at him with loose hairs stuck to her forehead. Their mouths so close all he had to do was lower three inches. Three tiny inches and he would be able to taste her lips. She saw the confusion and the frustration in her eyes as he felt how her body tensed against his. He was certain that she was feeling the same agony of should I’s as he was.

 She tried to ignore how she felt his hardness begin to poke her hipbone. He was so strong and so big caging her like he did. What scared her was how much she wanted to be near him like this to kiss those full lips. Their heads began closing in as they closed their eyes waiting for the unexpected and just as their lips were about to touch. They heard Sango yelling from the sky.

“Are you kids alright?!”

Reality synced in as soon as she heard Sango’s voice. She pushed Kohaku away from her with all her might. She was about to make out with her best friend! She rubbed her face trying to keep it from falling off from embarrassment. How could she let herself get caught up in that? She glanced at Kohaku that quickly turned his gaze away from her just as flustered as she was.

Sango descended with Kirara and jumped off slowly with another pregnant belly in tow.

“Are you guys alright?” She repeated.

“Yes!” Rin exclaimed trying to hide her nerves. Sango cocked an eyebrow and looked at Kohaku that was red as a tomato.

“What did you kids do?”

“What do you mean Sango? We just fell off the edge that’s all.” He explained rubbing his head and standing up.

Sango gasped. “Did you guys do what I think you did?”

Rin and Kohaku screamed simultaneously, “No of course not!!!”

Rin felt like she wanted to die or hide under a rock, “He is my best friend. We would never”

Kohaku nodded. “We are just in shock because Rin finally beat me. I am going to go see Totosai tomorrow morning.”

Sango wailed with excitement. “Oh my! Is this true Rin?”

Rin nodded as Sango pulled her into a hug. A very awkward hug since her huge tummy pushed against her. Rin heard Jaken running to her.

“Thank goodness you are okay Rin. Lord Sesshomaru will have my head if anything happens to you”

She nodded at Sango before turning to Jaken and rolling her eyes at his concern, “Of course I am okay Master Jaken. I wouldn’t get killed over such a small fall” She glanced at the height of her fall which wasn’t as small as she had first suspected.  Thank God I didn’t.

Breaking from Sango’s embrace she began walking back to the village. “I’ll see you tomorrow then Kohaku.”

 She gave him a quick smile as he returned the gesture and turned to Sango. “Don’t worry so much Sango you are about to have another baby. I’ll see you later”

They waved at her retreating back as Jaken trailed behind her. She rubbed her head. “Let’s go take a bath Master Jaken and find something to eat. I am tired”

 She inhaled deeply, that fight with Kohaku had winded her. Not as much as the awkward moment they shared. She bit her lip. She hoped that nothing would change between them. She remembered his handsome face so close to her and felt her heart begin beating. In just a few inches Kohaku would have been her first kiss. Snap out of it. She thought to herself. Lord Sesshomaru is the only man you are loyal too. She stretched her neck and let out a shrill scream when she felt the Staff of Two Heads hit her straight in the head.

“Ow!” she groaned turning back to glare at Jaken. “What the hell was that for Master Jaken?” she held down the pain on her head.

“It seems you have lost all respect for me Rin. I have spoken to you various times and I am answered with silence and a retreating back.” She looked down at the small Kappa demon that shook his staff at her in emphasis. She took a step back before he hit her again and apologized.

“I am sorry Master Jaken. I did not hear you. It wasn’t my intention to ignore you, it’s just I was lost in thought. Please forgive me.” She gave him and apologetic smile.

“Fine fine...” Jaken uttered before scolding her once more, “But don’t let it happen again. I have raised you for five years and I deserve a bit more respect”

She sighed. She had hurt his feelings and now he was going to rant over sacrificing a life with Lord Sesshomaru to take care of her, a mere mortal. Call her and ungrateful human female that had forgotten the times he protected her and had stayed up late the days she was sick. How he had wiped her tears when she started missing Lord Sesshomaru. She lowered when he tapped her down her shoulders with his staff until they were eye-level. Waiting for an earful she shut her eyes but instead was surprised when he told her.

“I simply wanted to congratulate you on your victory today. Lord Sesshomaru will be proud of me…of us...” he corrected with a chuckle “when he sees how strong you are becoming.”

She giggled happily as she grabbed the Kappa into her arms and hugged him “Oh Master Jaken thank you! You really think Lord Sesshomaru will be proud?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” he yelled from the top of his lungs as she hugged the daylights out of him. He began whacking her with his staff “Now put me down this instant! You stink!”

She dropped him as a blushing Jaken walked in front of her. She saw the beautiful sunset illuminating the sky with a wondrous orange glow. She would finally get her weapon tomorrow. She muffled her squeals of excitement, she couldn’t wait to use it. As she removed the wondering hair the breeze placed on her face she smiled to the sky thinking of Lord Sesshomaru and how happy she was here, but happier if she were beside him.

“Rin don’t just stand there in a daze! Hurry the sun will set soon” 

“Coming” She said catching up with Master Jaken and began walking beside him. “Isn’t the sunset beautiful Master Jaken?”

 Jaken nodded, “Yes indeed.”


“You and Rin seem to be spending a lot of time together” Sango told her brother as Kirara flew them to the village. Kohaku stared up to the sunset trying to erase the image of her slightly parted lips so close to his.

“Of course” he answered “I’ve been training her all these years”

She arched a brow at her brother’s obvious answer, “You know that’s not what I meant. Besides you guys seemed pretty close down there.”

Kohaku blushed trying to find the right answer for his sister. Not even he wanted to come to terms about what he felt for her. She was his best friend and he didn’t want to ruin their friendship by admitting to her what he felt every time she was around him; every time she smiled. He shook that thought of his head but couldn’t avoid that image of her beautiful wavy hair spread over the grass. Her beautiful eyes wide and waiting.

“Rin is my best friend Sango. Something between us is simply impossible” Sango noted the confusion and frustration in her brother’s eyes.

“All I am saying is that is not uncommon for friends to fall for each other. Just look at me and Miroku and Inuyasha and Kagome. I am about to give birth to my third child with my best friend and husband.” She placed her hand over her belly.

Kohaku smiled trying really hard to keep his face from melting of embarrassment. The possibility of Rin and him spending a life time together flattered him and scared him for many reasons. Lord Sesshomaru being one of them. The short time he had traveled with him as children he had noted that look of hers when she saw him, it was a look of admiration and love. Her eyes brightened even if he only gave a glance at her. She had never looked at him that way.

His sister interrupted his thoughts by placing a hand over her brother’s shoulder as they descended to the village. “If you love her and you are sure of it, you must tell her soon before Lord Sesshomaru comes for her. You can stop her from going. You have nothing to lose Kohaku.”

He turned to face his sister as she placed her hand on his hot cheek. “Love is nothing to be embarrassed about and definitely worth fighting for”

The gleam in her eyes showed she spoke from experience and from her heart. Her words resonated inside him as his heart began beating at the memory of her beautiful eyes in that meadow. A pang of pain soar through him as he imagined never seeing those brown eyes again. He would never forgive himself if he allowed her to leave the village without telling her how he felt.

He pleaded.

Give me the courage to confess to the woman I love. I don’t want to lose her.


Rin let out a long relaxing sigh as she submerged herself inside the river. It felt like heaven. She turned to gaze at Jaken that was looking around and peering for peeping Toms.

“Come, Master Jaken. Let’s take a bath. No one is peeking” She assured him diving under the water and enjoying what was left of the sunlight.

Jaken turned to her and scowled at her as she popped her head back to the surface. “I can sense those lecherous fiends here. Let me find them and they will suffer the wrath of my Two Headed Staff!” 

With a rustling only a demon could hear Jaken whipped his head back forward to see a sandal sticking out from a huge tree. He signaled her to be quiet as he tiptoed towards it. You are mine pesky human! he thought. He hissed when stepped on a branch and a group of boys began to run away, tripping and bumping on each other.

“Oh no! You don’t! You lecherous fools!” He screamed as he unleashed the fire from his staff.

 The boys screamed in fear as they begged, “Please Master Jaken forgive us!”

He ran after them as some boys kicked off their sandals to get away faster. After all it’s not about outrunning your enemy, but outrunning the one in front of you.

 Catching his breath he yelled “I better not catch you peeping again or I will char you!” He saw the boys quickly disappear out of the forest.  Rin floated face up staring up into the darkening sky and turned to see Jaken returning from his chase. He dropped his staff and his kimono and jumped in the water.

“I swear they never learn!  One day I will have to burn them to crisps” he fumed swimming to her.

“I am glad I have you to protect me Master Jaken” She laughed.

Since she reached puberty male attention rushed at her more than what she could have imagined and Master Jaken spend his better half of the day chasing away ANY boy that came near her. Not like it matter to her anyway, she belonged to one man only.

“Of course! I wouldn’t allow anyone to put a finger on you. Do you have any idea what Lord Sesshomaru would do to me if something happened to you?” He told her with a bit of fear tracing his words.

She swam to him and smiled, “Oh Master Jaken what would I do without you.”

He placed a scaly finger on the tip of her nose and told her, “I just wish you weren’t so beautiful Rin. It would make my job a whole lot easier.” He patted her cheek and added, “Now hurry it up so we can get going!”

Nodding she dived back in the water.












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