Breaking Ties

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    Some memories are never forgotten, even when years have passed and life has continued to go along its own way, memories remain. Like permanent stains of ink on an intricately woven tapestry, they stand as a reminder to those who look closely. The young woman with midnight hair was no exception, a small breeze toying with the strands much like a child would. Kagome was a loving and forgiving soul, but all together human, and when faced with the ultimate betrayal to her heart, the tarnished memories floated to the surface of her thoughts. The miko stood with her back to the now inert well, the symbol of the relationship between her and a certain hanyou, the relationship he had destroyed in less than a heartbeat.

    Earlier that day Kagome sat with Shippo in their hut, brushing the growing kitsune’s hair while he rambled on about one thing or another, her mind only half listening. Today was supposed to be a special day, it marked the third anniversary of her returning home, the day the well re-opened for her, and her chosen life on this side with Inuyasha. Normally today would be filled with her and the hanyou spending time alone, a date in their own little way, followed by usually some of the most spectacular sex they had each year. Having taken in Shippo, and every now and then Rin, alone time wasn’t such a prominent thing anymore. However over the last few months Inuyasha had grown more distant, and it was as if today had been forgotten completely. This was not lost on Kagome, but she tried to put faith in her husband, though ever since her return he had never been the same. Then again, neither was she, time had done it’s work and aged her, though her love for him was still as strong as it ever had been.

    Today however, today something tickled at the back of her senses, urging her to follow the quiet half-demon. Once she finished with Shippo’s hair, she sent the young teenager out for his lesson with Kaede, and stood up herself. Inuyasha had left only fifteen minutes prior, and on a normal day Kagome wouldn’t have thought twice about it, instead setting to work on chores and to tend to those in need, but after all the last few weeks and today, she needed to know. Slipping on a pair of stout boots under her miko garb, she strode off in the direction the hanyou had gone. He’d said hunting, but they had enough meat to last a week, so she knew there was a lie in there somewhere. She could feel faint traces of his youki as she followed him, her own miko abilities hovering just within reach just in case. Some lessons were hard earned, and being well defended was one she would not forget any time in the near future. Soon she heard a sound upwind of her, and making sure to stay downwind, she soon found herself creeping up on a small clearing, the sound of rustling bodies reaching her ears. What met her eyes tore her heart in two, for there in front of her was Inuyasha, pinning a female to a tree and thrusting hungrily into her. The woman was letting out soft throaty moans, her nails leaving red marks along the hanyou’s back. It wasn’t until she saw the woman fully that the break in Kagome’s heart was complete, for Kikyou was one she would recognize even at a distance.

    More calmly than she thought she felt, Kagome turned and left the scene, knowing that it would forever be imprinted on her mind, showing itself every time she closed her eyes. That was how she ended up at the dried out well, her mind going over every detail after her arrival back into this era, filling the missing details and hidden secrets. Somehow she still hadn’t cried, only gripped the roughly crafted silver wedding band in her fist. Her musings were interrupted by the approach of a familiar youki, the soft caress against her skin a familiar warmth.

    “Lord Sesshomaru,” she murmured in greeting, hearing footsteps to her right.

    “Miko.” His reply was just as quiet as hers, his responses still as short as her time before, it was as if the stoic demon had not changed at all, which she supposed he hadn’t. She felt the wood shift a little behind her, her mind dully realizing that he had settled in to lean against the well next to her, patiently waiting for her to speak. Over the years they had developed a respectful friendship, mostly due to Rin and her protection of the now young woman.

    “I have come to collect the fox kit,” he stated after a few minutes, as if he knew she needed to be prompted into speaking.

    “Thank you Sesshomaru-Sama, but that will not be necessary today.” Never once did she have to remind the demon lord of this day, he always knew and showed up to baby-sit. Slowly she turned her  head to face him, his stoic mask broken only by a single raised eyebrow. She never cancelled arrangements on today, and for her to do so emotionlessly was against her own very nature, thus inciting curiosity in the normally unflappable Daiyoukai.

    “Where is my half brother?”

    “Preoccupied.” Her response bordered on toneless, rivaling Sesshomaru’s own stoic response, if it had not been for her voice cracking slightly as she tried to keep it together.

    “So I see,” he murmured, his voice pausing momentarily, “that explains why he did not mark you.” Kagome’s stifled tears began to flow now, running silently down her cheeks to drop off of her chin unhindered. He had spoken the one thing that had bothered her since her wedding, that Inuyasha had not taken her as a Mate, only as a wife. He had claimed it was because he was half human, but in reality an unmarked mate was only a dalliance in youkai society. To be reminded of such only broke the mask barely held in place, and her tears flowed silently but freely. Slowly she closed her eyes, willing the hurt and pain away, wishing the tears would stop, but betrayal is a hard thing to forget.

    When a large warm hand began wiping the tears away, her eyes flew open to see Sesshomaru standing in front of her, gently wiping the moisture from her eyes and cheeks. Her blue orbs traveled up to his amber ones, her hands coming to grip his obi in an attempt to ground herself.

    “He is not worthy of your tears, Miko,” came his soothing baritone, his strong hand continuing to wipe away her tears, “he is not worthy of you.” Her head fell forward to rest on his chest, her tears coming just as freely as they had a few seconds before, however this was release, the grief, rage, and hurt all escaping her system through the tears that poured down her face. Soon she felt her crying subside, Sesshomaru’s warm hand caressing her hair softly as she composed herself. Slowly she turned her head up to him, her bright orbs studying his golden ones.

    “Am I pretty?” She whispered to him, her voice afraid to get any louder.

    “Yes.” His response was as quiet as hers, as if he were afraid to break the moment,

    “Am I not as good as Kikyou?”

    “The living woman you are shines like the sun compared to the moon that the dead woman once was.” Kagome was becoming acutely aware of her proximity to the stoic demon lord, her chest resting against his.

    “Am I not good enough?”

    “Just because my imbecilic brother does not value you, does not diminish your worth Miko.”



    “Kiss me” she barely whispered out, her eyes pleading into his. Sesshomaru found himself in shock at her request, his eyes traveling from hers down to her lips, the way they parted, the way her porcelain skin framed them and felt beneath the pads of his fingers, to the way her body pressed against his. He had respect for the onna before him, her strength and knowledge only increasing his indecisiveness. No longer was she the chatty teen he had first encountered, what stood before him was a matured woman, a woman who wanted him. Not his title or land, not for favor, him. She was beautiful for an Onna, her body clean and well taken care of, and he hesitated. Surely if it were to comfort her a single kiss wouldn’t hurt, and his hesitation vanished, his lips pressing softly against hers, his touch a gentle caress. He felt her lean further into him, her hands coming up to curl her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer, he could almost smell her hunger, her desire growing, yet he knew it had to stop. Too soon for his liking, he pulled away, caressing her cheek with his thumb as a comforting growl rumbled in his chest.

    “This is not right Miko, you are grieving, and seeking any positive thing you can grasp on to. This Sesshomaru will not be something you regret later, just because you were emotional.” He could feel the distress bubbling in her chest, and he delicately stemmed any future words with a single finger upon her lips, silencing any protest. “This Sesshomaru will not be used in such a fashion, however you and the kit will accompany me back to my palace, since your home is no longer valid here.” The authority in his voice told her she would not argue, not that she wanted to anyways. With a silent nod, she turned around, and placed the silver band on the edge of the well, her eyes going over it once more. She memorized every detail, her hand resting against the sun warmed wood, trailing her fingertips over every groove and knot in the rugged wood. Without a word she turned on her heel, and walked resolutely towards the village below, her mind realizing that it was no longer her home. Once she reached her hut, she was relieved to discover Inuyasha had not returned, it would have made for a very emotional farewell, one she wasn’t ready to deal with yet. Taking only a few minutes, she soon was striding towards Kaede’s hut, the large yellow backpack slung over one shoulder as she forced herself to think of one objective at a time. The young kitsune was surprised to see her, but did not question her when she said it was time to go. He could sense something wrong with his Mamma, and he knew that in her own time she would tell him. The young teenage boy followed her to the edge of the village, where a familiar scent hit his nose, and a silly grin plastered on his features. He had forgotten what day it was, and he would get to see Rin, and the somber atmosphere lifted considerably. Not more than a few yards outside the village, Sesshomaru stood quietly, his hand holding the reins of the twin headed dragon Ah-Un.     

    “Sesshomaru-Sama!” Shippou called out, trotting to the inuyoukai and giving a deep respectful bow. The stoic lord merely gave the slight inclination he heard the fox kit with the barest of nods, his eyes remaining focused on Kagome.

    “Are you ready Miko?”

    “Yes Sesshomaru-Sama,” she stated firmly, reminding herself why she was leaving, the image of Inuyasha and Kikyou rutting against the tree burning brightly in  her mind’s eye.

    “You’re coming with Momma?” Shippou was confused, she always spent this day with Inuyasha, and it was so unlike her to be so formal with Sesshomaru in recent years, as well as she had her yellow backpack in tow.

    “Yes baby, now hush so we can leave” she said firmly, giving the kitsune a leg up onto the dragon’s back, and helping him settle in before handing him her backpack. With a nod to Sesshomaru, he lifted the young woman into the saddle behind the kit, his hand lingering on the small of her back for a split second longer than it should have before he stepped away.

    “I will be beside you, the journey will take a few hours,” he said impassively, his tone as devoid of emotion as if he were talking about the weather, and without much further ado his cloud formed beneath him and the three of them ascended into the sky.

    “Momma?” The voice of Shippou prompted Kagome out of  her reverie, her arms coming around and hugging her fox child close to her body, her nose resting in his hair as she gathered her emotions and thoughts into one single linear story she could relate to the pre-teen. Soon her voice found its courage, her words lost on the wind behind them as she relayed the tale of Inuyasha’s betrayal, her voice for the most part remaining calm, cracking only a few times during the telling. Sesshomaru could smell some distress in the Miko, but he told himself that such emotions were normal, and that she would  need to heal on her own. Many hours later, the trio touched down in the courtyard of his home, the gardens blooming around them in all of their summer glory. Shippou immediately hopped off and after the fastest bow one could give while still being respectful, darted off to the interior. He knew his way to the guest quarters, and he wanted to see Rin, earning a soft chuckle from Kagome. She turned to face the Daiyoukai next to her, once her feet were planted firmly on the ground and her equilibrium had returned to her.



    “Thank you.”


    “All of this. For taking Shippou and myself in, for, for not letting me make a fool of myself earlier. Where I am from we have a term for that, it’s called a rebound, and highly frowned upon. I should not have put you in that position, and I apologize deeply for doing so.” Her voice which had started confident, trailed off to almost a whimper at the last bit, a blush staining her cheeks a crimson red. He deserved better, she deserved better, no one in their right mind deserved a rebound, and she was ashamed of herself as she recalled her earlier actions.

    “This Sesshomaru will require your services Miko, consider it not charity but employment.” At this her shoulders relaxed, her mind letting out a igh of relief. She did not take to charity well, and the idea of earning her keep sat well upon her.

    ‘What a strange Onna’ he thought, as most humans he regarded as lazy and unworthy, and yet here she was thankful to him to let her earn her own way. Without another word, he turned and lead her to the guest quarters, her footsteps calm and quiet behind him.


One Week Later


    “Sesshomaru-Sama, these figures appear to be…” Kagome’s voice trailed ooff at the sight before her, her breath catching in her throat as if she had forgotten how to breath. It had been a week since Shippou and her had left Edo to come to the palace of the west, and the Inuyoukai had treated the both of them with the utmost respect. He had outfitted them both, one of the kimono’s on Kagome’s person at that exact point. The dark blue silk with white blossoms embroidered on the sleeves and body was finger than everything she owned combined, and it was one of several kimono’s she now owned. The silk gleamed dully in the sunlight filtering through the window, giving the young miko an almost ethereal glow. What had stopped her in her tracks though was something she was not prepared to face yet.

    “Keh, there you are! Do you know how long it took me to find you? What’s the matter with you woman?” Inuyasha’s words came out almost as if he were spitting at her, his hands clenched in fists at his side.

    “Do not address one of my scribes as such half-brother, lest This Sesshomaru teach you a lesson in Manners.” Sesshomaru’s voice was always smooth and calm, as if he didn’t even noticed the storm brewing inside the younger hanyou.

    “Scribe? That’s my wife and she’s comin’ home with me!” Each word was louder than the last, his eyes turned to the infallible Daiyoukai and glaring daggers at his general direction.    

    “Ex-wife,” Kagome’s calm voice cut through the tension like a hot knife through butter, her eyes leveling on the hanyou before her. The scroll at her side was forgotten as she squared her shoulders and prepared for the fight of the year, her eyes glaring into his.

    “Like hell woman! You’re my wife an’ yer comin’ home with me!”

    “No, Inuyasha, I am not. I will not be in a marriage where my husband fucks a dead woman behind my back, on my anniversary, and then doesn’t have the balls to admit it.” The young woman watched Inuyasha go from the crimson of his fire-rat robe to the sickly pale of white that accompanied near death.

    “I don’t know…” he started to stammer out, his twitching with nervousness.

    “I saw Inuyasha. On Our anniversary, I saw you, and her, rutting like animals against a tree.” Kagome’s statement was calm but forceful, cutting off any protest the hanyou might have started to work up in his favour. Inuyasha’s shoulders slumped, his ears drooping slightly in defeat. “However since we are now no longer married, you are now free to pursue Kikyou to your hearts content.”

    “You won’t even think about it Kags?” His voice wasn’t much more than a whine, a pitiful whimper from a kicked puppy.

    “Think about it?” Her voice trembled with the strain of remaining calm. This wasn’t the Kagome he knew, this Kagome was colder, more distant. This is what heartbreak turned the loving young woman into, one who did not love or trust easily. “Think about it? I left Kikyou with a portion of my soul because I THOUGHT she deserved a second chance at life! I trusted you and your secrets when I came back because I THOUGHT you loved and trusted me!  I accepted you didn’t mate me because I THOUGHT you couldn’t, and now I find out you could, but didn’t! No Inuyasha, I will not THINK on it, THINKING is what landed me here in the first place!” Her voice had risen to a shout by the end, Inuyasha looking like a struck puppy once she was done. He half expected her to “sit” him into oblivion, and he would have taken as many as she’d given him in her anger over what she chose to do instead. Setting the scroll on Sesshomaru’s desk, she approached the quivering hanyou and raised both arms, and with a single move removed the subjugation beads from his neck. “Now go Inuyasha, run  back to Kikyou.”

    He paused as if to argue, but one more look at her cold angry eyes convinced him to go while he could, and without another word he turned and ran out the door. Kagome felt her shoulders sag in relief, her eyes closing as she pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to ease the headache that was threatening to blossom and fighting the tears that threatened to spill.

    “Very well handled Miko” came the soothing baritone of the then forgotten Daiyoukai. He could sense her distress, and with his words she opened her eyes and refocused on him. Taking a deep breath, she reminded herself that this was bound to happen sooner or later, and the sooner she dealt with it the better. Clearing her throat she approached his desk, setting down the beads and picking up the then forgotten scroll.

    “Now about these figures..”


One Year later


    Sesshomaru prowled the hallways of his home, his body restless as he left one wing for another. It had been a year since the Onna had moved into his home, and in that time she had risen to be his personal scribe, her neat handwriting and knowledge proving useful to him. Unfortunately that put her at his side every day, her sweet smell invading his senses ever sun for the last four months. It had been nine months since she stopped grieving, engrossing herself in her work and the two young teens that looked up to her like a mother. He no longer sensed a heartbroken woman, but a woman full of life and light. Growling he abruptly stopped and spun on his heel, striding in the other direction.

    How could he be falling for the same mistake his father did? Such things were beneath him and he hated himself for wanting the little onna that had wormed her way into his heart. She was smart, beautiful, she did not crave power or money, only his companionship and the work he gave her. Surprisingly he found himself in front of her door, his hand clenching and relaxing at his side. Much to his surprise, the door slid open and there stood the object of his desire, clad in nothing but her sleeping kimono clutched together at her chest, her shoulders bare to his sight.

    “If you’re going to stand there at least come in” she said warmly, her smile wide and genuine. Realizing she had sensed his youki, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. “Tea?” she had paused at the steaming kettle, awaiting his answer. When he shook his head, she placed the clay pot back on its bamboo mat, pausing, she adjusted the kimono so her shoulders were covered, her legs folding as she took a seat on the plush cushions. Kagome wasn’t stupid, she could sense his unease amongst other things. She was human, and female, and to say the youkai before her was not attractive would be a bare faced lie. “How can I help you Sesshomaru-Sama?”

    He found himself in a precarious position, for he did not know how to explain why he was at her door. Slowly he sank down on the other cushion, crossing his legs as he pondered how to answer her question. Kagome as no fool, and as he sat there lost in his own thought, she slowly crawled over to where she was a mere inches from him. She understood his conundrum, he had taken her in as a sign of charity in her grief, and though she had proved herself useful, she was still human. Being near him had left a desire inside of her, and as time had gone on, the fire had only grown more intense. Slowly she raised a small delicate hand, running her thumb over the crescent moon on his forehead. His eyes snapped to her, so still she could see the individual shallow breaths he took. Slowly her fingers explored the markings on his face, her body inching closer to his as the pads of her fingers traced over his features.

    “I’m not the same heartbroken woman I was a year ago” she murmured, boldened by the fact that he had not stopped her, “you are no rebound to me.” Her voice was a soft whisper, pausing to look into his golden eyes with her own cerulean ones. He stared intently at her, his eyes traveling down her form to her bare shoulders where her kimono had slipped off once more. Slowly he raised his hand and cupped her cheek, feeling her warm skin seeping into his own, his eyes glued to her lips.



    “Kiss me,” she whispered, her eyes gazing hotly into his own. At that moment all his walls disappeared, and without a second thought his lips came crashing hungrily to hers. By the gods she tasted as sweet as honey, her soft lips moving against his with a hunger he did not know she possessed. His arm snaked around her waist, dragging her into his lap with a fervor his mind could not match. Soon their tongues were battling for dominance, their bodies pressed so tightly they were trying to become one being. A soft moan escaped her throat, her hands tugging at his kosode to gain better access to his skin. With as much effort as if he were lifting a single scroll, he stood with her in his arms, taking a few short strides and depositing her gently on the bed. Slowly he kissed his way down her throat, pausing on the point between her neck and collarbone, nibbling and kissing the pulse point.

    “Sesshomaru” she moaned softly, tilting her head to the side in a show of submission.

    “Kagome,” he murmured, pausing his ministrations, “This Sesshomaru does not know how much I can give you.” she stopped him by pulling up and placing a finger on his lips.

    “Give me tonight, that is all I’m asking” she muttered huskily, her fingers leaving his lips as she nodded to him, understanding his reserve as well as his desire. Sex was a hungry, needy act, and though Kagome had started in her sexual forays with the idea of it was for one person you loved, she had long since abandoned the notion. The Daiyoukai above her was offering release, offering her the physical touch she craved, and at this particular moment? That was the sole thing she craved, his warm hands and his tempting kisses, she wanted all of him. Her words seemed to resolve some inner conflict within him, his lips returning to the heated skin of her neck. Slowly his mouth began to trail a series of warm kisses down her collarbone, his tongue trailing back up the path his lips had cleared, his eyes hooding at the divine taste of her skin. The feel of her fingers curling into his hair with unabashed lust, her other hand pulling at the obi that held his kosode on.

    Sesshomaru paused, sitting up and back onto his heels to let the small onna disrobe him. Her hands untying the offending garment off in a fraction of a second, carelessly tossing it aside. Normally the impeccable demon would chastise any being who dared treat his clothing in such a disrespectful manner, however he was more entranced by the sight before him. Kagome’s kimono had fallen open to reveal her sleeping attire beneath, which was to say nothing. Low light glistened along her bare shoulders, down to the valley between her breasts, across the smooth planes of her stomach, to the thatch of curls that barely covered her sex from his eyes. He did not need his eyes to know she was aroused however, the scent of her musky netherlips invaded his nose and clouded his mind even further. In that moment he lost himself, his eyes hooding as he savored the aroma, letting it seep into his mind and the very feel of her hands on his skin imprint perfectly into his memory. If this was going to be the only time he had her, he was going to savor every moment so he could relive it forever at his him. By the time the moment had passed, kagome had his kosode off, her fingertips skimming over the smooth planes of his chest. As he glanced towards her eyes, he saw the slight hitch of her breath, the warm flush of her cheeks as her fingers explored the contours of his person. He found her almost innocent desire spurning him forward, his hand reaching out of its own accord to pull at the kimono covering her form from his view. His hand seemed to snap her out of the trance, she was in, her other hand grabbing his wrist. She was holding his hand in place, neither rejecting him or guiding him, but merely telling him to wait. Slowly the petite woman released his wrist and stood, taking a step away from him to let him get a better view.

    The candlelight flickered over her form as she turned her back to him, slowly tying the useless knot at her waist and unwrapping the fabric from her body, letting it fall and pool at her feet. His eyes roved over her back side, his body slowly coming to his feet as he admired the way her skin glistened under the light in the room. Without making much sound, he stripped from the rest of his clothing, taking a step towards her as she turned around to face him once more. Using speed that was not human, he reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her hungrily into his embrace, his raging erection trapped against her abdomen.

    “You tempt me Miko” he grumbled out, surprised as she began to place hot open mouth kisses along his chest, his breath hitching with each little bundle of fire she left behind with her lips. Slowly her tongue circled his nipple, flicking it once, twice, three times with the tip of her tongue, feeling his cock jump with each little ministration her tongue gave him. His arm began to slack around her waist a bit, her hands braced on his sides as her kisses trailed lower upon his stomach, until she was kneeling before him, his manhood jutting out in front of her. His eyes cracked open, looking down at the miko who had enraptured him so clearly, her hands traveling from his legs, her fingertips tracing small patterns along his thighs until she had reached the object of need in front of her. Taking him into her hand, her mind couldn’t help but muse about the size difference between the brothers, and in this case, Sesshomaru definitely did not draw the short straw, literally and figuratively.

    Feeling her small hand wrap around his cock elicited a hiss from the normally stoic Daiyoukai, his eyes hooding once more as he fought the urge to thrust into her hand like a teenage pup, his fingers slowly threading their way into her hair. Deciding she had teased him for long enough, Kagome leaned forward and slowly licked his shaft from the base to the tip, her tongue circling the head before wrapping her lips around his member hungrily. She felt the fingers tighten in her hair, and his hips jerk slightly as if to push further past her lips and into the moist cavern that was her mouth. Sesshomaru himself was having difficulty keeping his hips at bay, the little minx would be his undoing, her lips slowly descending, little by little over his engorged member. Her tongue managed to find every groove, every vein as her lips took more and more of him into her mouth, his throat releasing a throaty groan when she could take no more, his eyes opening to stare down at him. She stared right back up at him, his cock deeply seated in her mouth, her eyes twinkling with a mischievous grin as she began to hungrily bob her head along his length, her eyes hooding as she focused solely on the task at hand.

    Kagome could feel the Daiyoukai begin to become undone as she used the flat of her tongue to trace warm languid patterns over his shaft with each thrust of her head, her hand pumping what her mouth couldn’t handle. She found the power she had over the most powerful creature she knew to be intoxicating, his groans and thrusts of his hips spurring her to increase her pace, her tongue flicking over the slit as she felt his legs begin to tremble. Sesshomaru realized what she was doing too late, his body taking over his mind as he felt his balls tighten, his hand gripping her hair and thrusting wantonly into her mouth. No longer was he the controlled youkai, now he was a lust driven man who needed completion, completion with this woman right in front of him. He could feel her trying to not gag as his thrusts became erratic, and with a single moan he came deep into her mouth, thick spurts of cum shooting into her mouth, a dribble leaking from the corner of her lips as she tried to swallow everything he gave her. As he came down from the high she had given him, he opened his mouth to apologize when her scent hit him, she was more aroused now than when they had started, the little minx enjoyed using her tongue!

    With a soft growl he hoisted her up and tossed her back onto the bed, stalking towards her like a starved dog, his tongue licking his lips as he gained his own devilish smirk. Kagome sat up on her elbows to look at the inu, but lost him as his arm tugged her legs forward, his body settling between them as his lips began to press warm kisses down her abdomen, circling but never touching her breasts. Once again she found her fingers laced into his hair, the tips of his long locks tickling along her body as his mouth trailed paths of fire along her skin. Soon she found her back arching, aching for his lips and tongue to be in the one place he had avoided, and with a soft chuckle his tongue circled her areola, causing her impossibly pertnipples to tighten almost painfully. When his lips closed around her nipple, she let out a long breathy moan, her eyes closing as her back arched, trying to push more of her breast into his hot mouth. He spent his time worshipping her breasts, switching back and forth between them with a hunger that could rival hers.

    “Sesshomaru, please” she whimpered, a  grin creasing his features as he trailed his lips down her navel, past her thatch of curls to her throbbing womanhood. The scent of her arousal invaded his nose, her curls wet from his ministrations with his tongue. With a swell of male pride, he slowly licked her inner thighs, around her outer labia, taking his time to avoid the area she most wanted his mouth. At her impatient whimper, he chuckled softly and, using the flat of his tongue, licked her slit from bottom to the throbbing bundle of nerves that was her clit. The moan that reached his ears was enough to encourage him further, his tongue delving into her warm channel to taste her juices, the feel of her fingers tightening in his hair only spurring him on. His long slender digits replaced his tongue as he moved upwards to the flower that held the sensitive bundle of pleasure he so sought. Pumping one finger into her sopping channel, he wrapped his lips around the hood of her clit, lapping at the sensitive bud that protruded. Her cries began to grow more frantic beneath his lips and finger, and with a devious grin to himself, he added a second finger, curling them upwards into her channel and rubbing the delectable g-spot inside. Her legs nearly pushed her hips away from his hungry mouth, but he would not relinquish his prize until she came for him, her incoherent moans growing louder with each passing second. With one last grasp into his hair, he felt her walls grip onto his fingers as if she were trying to take them with her, her voice a scream, his name upon her lips as she spiraled into oblivion. Removing his fingers from her channel, he lapped up all of the essence she could give him, his eyes hooding as he reveled in her musky sweet flavor, only stopping once she became a pile of goo underneath him.

    Crawling up to her parted lips, he placed a warm kiss upon them, tasting his release mixing with her own, her lips kissing him back with a slow hunger that belied her orgasm. Nudging her legs apart with his, he reached down and positioned the tip of his now raging erection at her sopping entrance, giving a soft thrust to give her the warning she needed. Kagome, instead of tensing like he assumed she would, instead wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him deeper into the confines of her body. Giving a low growl, he pushed forward until he was fully sheathed inside her, a louder snarl escaping his throat. By the gods this woman was so tight, gripping his cock like a hot wet vice, holding him so tightly he didn’t know if he’d be able to continue without cumming like a virgin pup. Slowly her hands left his hair, running over his back as she shuddered hungrily, her body stretching to accommodate the large youkai on top of her.

“Sesshomaru, please” she whispered, her voice breaking him of any self control he hoped to have for this. Instead he withdrew his hips, slamming into her with a feral quality he’d not let out in some time, repeating the motion to hear her cry out beneath him. His thrusts were hungry and fast, his moans coming out as snarls half of the time he managed to make a sound at all. He was claiming this little onna, right now she was his, and hells be damned if he didn’t claim her properly. Kagome was lost in a world of bliss at this moment, his rough thrusting awakening a sexual being she was unaware existed up until this point. Her hands on his back curled, her blunt nails leaving dull marks in his back as she urged him for more, her cries lost to his growls as they  copulated with the hunger of a starving animal.

    “Be careful miko, you do not know what you awake” he ground out between thrusts, her groans and marking of him enticing him all the further to lose himself in his baser, more feral side.

    “Give me all of you Sesshomaru” she groaned back, her blunt nails digging further into his back. Without a single warning he pulled out of her warm channel, and flipped her on all fours, resheathing himself without so much as a warning. This new position allowed him deeper access, but more certainly, more control, and as his thrusts started back up with just as much hunger as before, his hand reached up and moved her hair away from her neck, his eyes focused on the smooth column of skin.

    Kagome’s fingers gripped into the sheets of the bed, her head tilting submissively to the side as she felt her body began to pulse, her body reeling as she climbed to her second orgasm of the night. She felt the warmth of Sesshomaru’s chest on her back, his arm circling around her waist as his fingers reached between her folds to play with her sensitive nub, his growls echoing so close to her ear.

    “Cum for me”  he growled out, his thrusting increasing in speed as he felt her shudder beneath him. He wanted to feel her come apart from him, around him, and because of him, and with one last high pitched moan, he felt her orgasm. Her walls gripped his cock like a vice, squeezing and milking him, calling forth his own orgasm from his body like a torrential flood. He moaned as his cum began to coat her insides, rope after rope of thick ejaculate filling up her womb, his forehead resting against her shoulder. Slowly he managed to ease up on his thrusts, instead holding her to him while he nuzzled and licked along her neck, his inner beast wanted so desperately to mark the female before them, and it was with much effort he managed to keep himself at bay. A soft groan escaped her lips as he laid them down on their sides, his shaft still embedded deep within her, as he was loathe to leave her warmth. The two lay in companionable silence, Kagome running her hand over his arm, her fingertips trailing over his hands.



    “What now?” She was genuinely curious. She had not lied when she said she did not want anything from him but the moment, but now she wanted to know how it would affect their working friendship, and hopefully future encounters.

    “This Sesshomaru does not know, however I would not be abject to this, pastime, happening again” he murmured with a soft nuzzle of her hair. He did not know what the future held, but he was content with her being in his arms at this very moment, and that, that was all that mattered.

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