He's Spun from Nightmares

BY : ChaoticReverie
Category: InuYasha > Het - Male/Female > Naraku/Kagome
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Rating: T

Naraku smiled as he observed his captive, her bravado endlessly amusing to him. Her expression was carefully crafted, displaying her obvious distaste with a sort of annoyed apathy. Her eyes followed him as he paced leisurely around her, though she did not move as he passed, holding fast to her dignity and refusing to let him intimidate her.

How long would it be before she faltered; before her indifferent facade slipped? His grin spread. Perhaps he should test her resolve?

Stopping just outside her line of sight, he waited a moment longer, and when she did not turn he reached out and fisted a hand into her hair, wrenching her head back. He curled over her from behind, the top of her head brushing the center of his ribcage, just below his chest. A soft laugh escaped him. Not a chink in her mask, her expression still firmly in place.

Naraku was impressed. He'd expected her to waver at that.

Then, as he continued to stare at her pursed lips, he wondered to himself if they tasted as bitter as the look she wore? Seeing no reason to go against the compulsion, he indulged. Using his free hand he gripped her jaw firmly, lowering his head to capture her mouth in a swift, greedy kiss.

The miko's resolve shattered, a sound of shocked protest leaving her. Hands tied behind her back, she was unable to push him away, but when he pressed his tongue between her parted lips she did not hesitate to bite him. He was unsurprised by the act, and casually released her from his grip. She twisted out from under him, taking a few steps away as she spat out a mouthful of his blood, wiping her mouth on her shoulder. When she did finally look back at him, she was glowering.

Pleased with himself, Naraku smiled at her, a thin trail of red slipping down his chin. He turned and left the room without another word, reflecting on the taste of her with intrigue. He had not expected her to be so sweet.

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