Don't Leave two Ukes ALone

BY : HyugaPrincess
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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or Yu Yu Hakusho, nor do I make money from this.

Don't Leave Two Ukes Alone

YYH/IY Crossover

Inuyasha x Kurama

Warning: Yaoi and OOC

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or Yu Yu Hakusho, nor do I make money from this.


InuYasha and Kurama sat on the bed in Kurama’s room, drawing and chatting. They were wearing thigh-high socks, Kurama’s were pink and InuYasha's were stripped blue and pink, and t-shirts, Kurama’s yellow and InuYasha's was sky blue, and they were wearing panties, each matching their shirts.


They were alone. Sesshomaru left to attend to some business and Hiei went to go do something he considered ‘fun’. Kurama suspected he went to some bar not too far to start a fight. It didn't matter to him as long as he didn't cheat on him.


InuYasha was drawing, his face showed his concentration and his eyes only focused on the paper. He had stopped talking mid-sentence, leaving Kurama to imagine what had truly happened.


“Hey, what are you drawing?” He questioned.


InuYasha never responded, he only kept drawing as if he didn't hear him. ‘I’ll just have to repeat myself,’ he thought.


“InuYasha, what are you drawing?” He asked again, a little louder.


The puppy-eared boy looked up. He had placed his pencil down and covered the drawing with his arms. His gold eyes were bright and wide, and full of wonder. It was adorable.


“What?” He asked.


Kurama sighed and repeated himself. “I said, what are you drawing?”


The silver-haired hanyou paled and blushed. He looked embarrassed and his bangs began to cover his eyes.  


“U-uh, nothing,” he lied.


Kurama continued to stare at him. He was obviously lying, but why?


“It doesn't look like you're drawing nothing. Show me.”


InuYasha moved away from the sketchbook, grabbed it, and ran away into the living room.


“No! I can't!” He shouted.


“Get back here!” He yelled after him.


Kurama ran after him. Their footsteps were loud and the furniture shook with every step. Kurama tackled him, both boys fell on the ground and rolled around. Kurama tried to grab the book, but InuYasha kept it away.


Finally, Kurama snatched it from him and flipped to the page where he was drawing.


“No, please don't look!” InuYasha pleaded.


He got to the page where the hanyou was drawing. It was of two guys, one had red hair and green eyes, much like himself, and he was on his knees. The other had white hair and gold eyes, much like InuYasha, and he was also on his knees. They were nude and kissing.


“InuYasha, is this us?” He asked.


The boy held his head down, his ears laid flat upon his skull. His face was as red as Kurama’s hair. He was ashamed of himself.


Kurama knelt down in front of him and pet his head. “There's nothing to be ashamed of,” he comforted, “I actually like it.”


InuYasha lifted his head and faced Kurama. “You do?” The boy questioned.


He nodded. InuYasha grabbed the book from Kurama and placed it next to him.


“I, um, I really like you,” he admitted.


Kurama’s eyes widened. “W-what?”


InuYasha nodded. “It's been like that since I met you and Hiei. But I couldn't say anything since I'm with Sesshomaru.”


“Do you still love him?”


He was taken aback. He didn't expect him to ask that. It was no question that he loved Sesshomaru more than anything.


“Well, yes. Why?”


Kurama was disappointed. He had hoped he would deny his love for Sesshomaru so he and Kurama could get together. Yes, he was with Hiei, however, his interest in Hiei was only for the sex. He didn't necessarily love him as he did InuYasha.

However, since he truly loved Sesshomaru, then he could only imagine their relationship.


“No reason,” he lied.


InuYasha moved closer to Kurama, his cheeks flushed. “That doesn't mean we can't do anything,” he said.


Kurama blushed. He never thought of cheating on Hiei, not a single thought like that crossed his mind. But, now that InuYasha brought it up, he was sort of okay with it, as bad as that sounds.


“Uh, well,” he stammered, “I guess that's o-okay. As long as Hiei doesn't find out!”


“Alright,” InuYasha agreed, “the same for Sesshomaru. He gets too jealous.”


Kurama nodded. He knew how that was. Hiei was the same way.




The boys stood and headed off into the bedroom. Kurama closed the door behind them and sat on the bed. The two stared at each other for awhile, both unsure of what to do. InuYasha began fidgeting with the hem of his shirt and Kurama began biting on his bottom lip. Since the both of them are ukes, they never had to start off the foreplay, so this was a foreign concept to them. They had never even dreamed about being on top of anyone, and now the opportunity to try it out was right in front of them.


“Okay,” Kurama announced, “we should get started.”


InuYasha nodded and slid closer to Kurama until their noses touched. They could feel each other's breath upon their face. Their hearts were beating fast and their stomachs filled with butterflies. They only stared into each other's eyes for a brief moment until Kurama broke the stare and pressed his lips against InuYasha's. His lips were soft and warm. He felt like he was kissing a flower or a feather. This was what he always wanted. A pair of soft lips pressed against his.


It was long and deep and semi-romantic. Kurama’s lips were as soft as he imagined. InuYasha could feel himself become light headed from lack of air, but he refused to break away. He wanted this more than life. He had dreamt of kissing Kurama several times. There was nothing going to ruin this moment for him. Not now.


Kurama broke away, panting heavily. His face was flushed and he felt light headed. It was a good thing he pulled away before the both of them passed out. He looked at InuYasha who frowned and panted.


“W-hat’s…wrong?” He questioned.


InuYasha continued to pant for a few minutes. He didn't want to seem selfish and tell Kurama that he shouldn't have stopped, but what choice did he have? He couldn't lie to him, he would detect it right away! He sighed. ‘Might as well get it over with.’


“I didn't …want you to stop.”


Kurama raised an eyebrow. How many times has InuYasha dreamed of this? Why would he sacrifice air for a kiss?


“InuYasha, we need to breathe.”


“I know.”


Kurama chuckled and pressed his lips on InuYasha's once again, this time shoving his tongue into his mouth.

Their tongues swirled around in his mouth, causing saliva to slowly fall out. Their faces were flushed and their arousals were beginning to awaken.


InuYasha pulled away from Kurama and sat in his lap. He kissed his neck and shoulder, leaving red marks on his skin. Kurama reached down between their bodies and rubbed InuYasha's erection through his panties.


“Ahhh,” he moaned out. He thrust against Kurama’s hand, his head laid on the crook of the boy's neck.


Kurama chuckled and slipped his hands into the boy’s panties and continued stroking him. InuYasha's body was trembling from pleasure. He continued thrusting against Kurama’s hand, moaning into his neck and gripping his shoulders. Kurama stroked the boy faster, making sure to make long strokes.


InuYasha’s body continued trembling, he was beginning to drool because his couldn't close his mouth. He moaned loudly and held tightly to Kurama’s shoulder. He felt like he was about to burst if he didn't get release soon. He felt like his entire body was a bomb and he was about to blow.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuck!” InuYasha came, semen coming out his cock and pooling in his panties. Some of it was on Kurama’s hand and wrist, some were on his thighs and the bed.


InuYasha was panting hard and he lied back on the bed, his body still trembling. He felt so much better.


“InuYasha! You made a mess!” Kurama yelled.


InuYasha blushed. “I'm sorry,” he apologized.


Kurama sighed and crawl on top of the collapsed boy's body. He kissed his forehead, then his nose, his lips, his jaw, and his neck. He nibbled on it, leaving a mark on it. His erection bumped into InuYasha’s flaccid penis, causing it to regain a little life back.


“Hey,” InuYasha managed to pant out, “that's not fair.


Kurama lets go of his neck and looked at him. “What do you mean?”


InuYasha smiled. “It's my turn.”


He pushed Kurama off his body and rolled on top of him. Kurama lied on his stomach, trying to push InuYasha off. “Stop! I want to be on top!”


“No!” InuYasha pulled off Kurama’s panties and tossed them to the side. He grabbed Kurama’s erect cock and stroked it slowly.


“Ooh fuck,” Kurama moaned.


InuYasha continued stocking and Kurama began thrusting against the offending hand and moaning loudly. It felt so good. Hiei had never made him feel this way.


“InuYasha, quit it!” He whined.


InuYasha ignored the boy's pleas and continued jerking him off. Kurama bucked and moaned, trying to find friction between InuYasha's hand and the bed.


InuYasha rubbed his slowly awakening erection on Kurama’s ass. Precum began to slowly pour out of the tip of his cock and landed on Kurama’s perky ass. It then slid down into his crack, past the hole, and down his right thigh.


Kurama shuddered as he felt the liquid glide down his leg. It was warm and he wished that it was inside of him. He wanted it so badly. All of those nights when Hiei left him begging and unsatisfied. He needed this.


“I-InuYasha,” he stuttered.


InuYasha slowed his strokes. “What is it?”


“Please fuck me.”


InuYasha felt something in him snap and he positioned his face in front of Kurama's hole. He stuck out his tongue and slowly licked it, stopping at the end of his crack.


Kurama moaned and shuddered. The minute InuYasha's tongue touched his puckered hole, he knew he would have a fun time. His back arched, his moans were loud. He could feel his skin tingling from the pleasure. He could feel himself lose control of his body. This was bliss.


InuYasha circled his tongue around the hole. He grinned when Kurama moaned.


“Enjoying yourself?”


“Sh-shut up!” Kurama stuttered.


InuYasha smirked then gently penetrated his tongue into the hole.


Kurama arched his back and moaned loudly.


He moved his tongue on and out, his cheeks red and face sweaty. His tongue was beginning to cramp, but it was totally worth it.


Kurama moved in time with the intruding tongue. His mind was fogged with lust and his body moving on its own. He could feel an orgasm creeping up on him at a fast pace.


“I-InuYasha, I-”


The tongue was removed and replaced by a head. InuYasha’s rubbed his dick against the hole, teasing Kurama.


He didn’t appreciate that. He wanted him to take him all the way. He turned around with puppy eyes.




Coerced by the eyes, InuYasha slowly entered him. He bit his bottom lip as his penis became engulfed in the tight, warm ass. His cheeks were dusted with red and his movements stiff. He waited for a minute until Kurama was comfortable and his haziness disappeared.



“Just fuck me already.”

On command, he pulled himself out completely, then slammed back in. Kurama moaned loudly and arched his back. Every pound hit his prostate and caused him so pleasure. He could only wish he could do this more often.


InuYasha felt like his dick was going to explode. Kurama’s tightness made him feel so much pleasure, yet so foreign. He should’ve been top a long time ago.


Kurama could feel his body melting with pleasure, his dick ready to cum. The precum had already begun leaking onto the sheets. He held them in his grip and buried his face in them, muffling his moans. He was so close, so close.




A warm liquid filled Kurma’s ass and traveled down his leg. Feeling InuYasha’s cum inside of him was his breaking point.




Cum squirted out his dick onto the sheet. Kurama’s body shuddered as his body emptied out. InuYasha collapsed on top of him, heavily breathing.


The two sat in silence, only breathing. They were exhausted and only wanted to take a nap. InuYasha slowly moved, removing himself out of Kurama.


Suddenly, the door swung open.


“What the hell!?”


InuYasha’s eyes widened.



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