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BY : GayleNightingale
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Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha. Rumiko Takahashi does

Disclaimer:  I don’t own InuYasha, nor the character from it. I don't make any money from the writing of this story..

Author:  Gayle Nightingale

Prompt:   Diamond stores’s commercial Ever Us

Word Count:

Rated:  M

Genre: Romance/Family/Humor

Pairing:  Inuyasha/Sesshomaru.  Yes I’m writing a yaoi story.


InuYasha sighed as he watched yet another commercial spouting the “Ever Us” -- One diamond for your best friend.   One diamond for your true love.  How romantic, he sighed.


No one I’d rather hit the road with

No one I’d rather have dinner and a movie with

No one I’d rather lean on.

Being in love in an amazing thing.

Being in love with your best friend is everything.

Introducing the Ever Us two stone ring, one for your best friend, the other for your true love…


The commercial droned on while Inuyasha’s mind wandered.


Sesshomaru and Inuyasha had been mated some 450 years by this time.   They were best friends and lovers that was certain, however, it seemed that their love life waxed and waned.   Currently it was plain. 
To Inuyasha it seemed like a million years since Sesshomaru had done anything spontaneous, romantic,  Sure they had sex daily sometimes more but when had they last made love?!  Inuyasha sighed again, pondering the rut his life had slipped into.


The door jangled and two noisy kids rushed in.  They were arguing with quite a bit of passion that was clear.  It was the subject of the argument that Inuyasha couldn’t catch.  The two walked passed their dad without acknowledging him, wrapped up in their own world.   Inuyasha contemplated stopping them but rather just sighed again and laid down on the sofa with his forearm over his eyes.  He was starting to think he was invisible until he felt a four year old hand touch his cheek.  He moved his arm slightly to peek at his baby.   She was rubbing her eyes.

“Did they wake you up, Suzy?”   Inuyasha cooed.

Suzy crawled up on her daddy’s chest and curled up, nodding and pouting.

“Then come here and I’ll make it better,” Inuyasha whispered as she nuzzled under his chin, thumb in mouth, and the two drifted off to sleep.


Twenty minutes later the door opened quietly and a tall, weary, young adult walked in burdened with college homework.  He looked around, noting the two napping snugly and slid down the hallway quietly to his younger siblings’ room.   The twins had settled their argument and had buckled down to their homework.   The argument was easily solved when they opened the internet blackboard and the actual homework assignment was identified.   Bobby prided himself on having all the details and was telling Barbie that they needed to work together as this was a partner project.  Barbie was annoyed that he would assume she would be his partner without even asking her and even then she thought the teacher offered a solo project as an option.    Once they sorted out the details including the fact that the solo project was harder, and Barbie got Bobby to ask for her help they were breezing along.


“Suzy and Dad been asleep on the sofa for long?” Steven asked.

The twins looked up at their older sibling.  “I don’t know.  Why’d you ask?” said Bobby.

“Because it’s dinner time and I don’t smell anything cooking,” replied Steven.

“Where’s Dad?” Barbie asked.

Steven’s eyebrow raised sharply.  Steven shook his head.  These two were supposedly the smartest of any of his siblings and yet they seemed to lack common sense.

“Never mind.  I‘ll give Father a call and see if he can pick up something on his way home.”   And with that Steven dialed their father as he slipped out of the room.”

The twins looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and went back to their project.


The cocker spaniel Dolly watched as Steven walked into the twins’ room and then out again minutes later.  She jogged up to him attempting to get his attention but he strode past rapidly and she gave up.  Sitting on her haunches she surveyed the house.   Her master and the little one were in the big room on the sofa, the look-a-likes were behind that wall, and the long leg one just left without even patting her head.   Where was the Alpha?   Dolly cocked her head to the side contemplating the situation, whimpered briefly, and settled down on the floor with her paws covering her muzzle.  Something wasn’t right but she wasn’t sure what to think.


Sesshomaru Takahashi was leaving the clinic when the phone rang.  He debated stopping and returning to the building but decided he would just answer the phone first.  Thankful for blue tooth he pushed the answer button on the auto console.

“Hi Father,” came the disembodied voice of his son Steven.

“Son,” was the simple reply.

“Dad is sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him.   There’s nothing to eat.  Can you pick up some takeout?”

“Understood.   I’ll be home in 30 minutes.”   The Alpha shifted lanes and quickly turned at the next right and pulled into his favorite BBQ restaurant.  The waiters were accustom to Dr. Takahashi and were quick to fill his order.   Per his word he walked into their home 30 minutes later, the smell of BBQ wafting in with him.  Immediately relieved Dolly jumped up from where she laid and barked a happy welcome home to her beloved Alpha.   The moment Dolly barked the greeting the doors opened to the children’s’ rooms, Suzy lifted her head from her daddy’s chest and Inuyasha awoke.


Sesshomaru bent down and scratched behind the ear of the cocker.  He then straightened with the grace only bequeathed to him and surveyed the scene.  Striding smoothly over the foyer and into the living area he approached his husband and kissed him.  He then picked up Suzy balancing her on his right hip, carried dinner into the kitchen.   Bobby, Barbie, and Steven followed.   Inuyasha watched.    He was slightly disoriented from waking.

As he walked to the kitchen he noted that everyone was eating and talking spiritedly, but mostly and utterly ignoring him.  He sat down at the end of the table.

Sesshomaru was busy explaining a particularly challenging biochemical equation to Steven while feeding Suzy.  Bobby and Barbie were have a rib eating contest and were being exceptionally messy in the process. Dolly was running around the floor looking for scraps which were abundant due to the twins’ game.

Barbie looked over to her daddy.  She had a mouth full of food with a rib hanging out of her mouth, and bbq sauce dripping down her chin.  The second she had her dad’s attention she motioned for a glass of water.  Immediately the other three children barked their drink orders.   Inuyasha pushed back from his chair and went to the sink.  He filled a water pitcher and put five glasses on the table.  No one thanked him but all grabbed and went back to their discussions.  He looked around but no one was looking at him.

Sighing again he slumped out of the kitchen and headed to the master bedroom where he flopped on the bed.


Sesshomaru didn’t miss any of Inuyasha’s actions but was unable to quickly extricate himself from his progeny and their needs.  As soon as Steven understood the principle of the equation Sesshomaru changed subjects.

“Steven, I need to go take care of my mate.  Watch your siblings.   You are responsible,” Sesshomaru rose from his seat.

“Is Daddy okay?” Suzy looked worried.  The others quieted to hear the answer.

“I will find out.   In the meantime, listen to Steven and clean up after yourselves.   We did not raise piglets.”  Sesshomaru stared at the twins with a meaningful look.

“Yes sir” was the brisk response.



Sesshomaru washed his hands before walking into the master bedroom.   He opened the door while untying his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.   The room was dark and the atmosphere depressed.  He searched the room for his love, but didn’t see him immediately.  His nose directed him to the bathroom.   Opening the door slowly he quickly found Inuyasha sitting on the shower bench under a cascade of water.  Stripping the rest of the way Sesshomaru walked into the shower and kneeled in front of his mate.

“What’s wrong, dearest,” Sesshomaru cupped Inuyasha’s cheek.   “Are you ill?”

“Nothing’s wrong.  I’m just…,”   Inuyasha paused.   What was wrong with him anyway?   His life was great.  His husband was perfect.  His kids amazing.   He dipped his head.

Sesshomaru observed Inuyasha’s responses.  He grabbed the lavender shampoo and started gently massaging Inuyasha’s head, following the beautiful strands and soap bubbles as they dripped off on to his tan torso.

“You’re beautiful, Inuyasha,” Sesshomaru breathed in his ear.

Inuyasha started to cry.   “How can you say that?  I...”

But before he could say anything Sesshomaru covered his lips with a passionate kiss.   Inuyasha responded like a starved and thirsty man, his tongue plunging into his lover’s mouth.   The tongues twisted and battled for dominance.   Sesshomaru pulled back and gazed into Inuyasha’s eyes.

“I always tell the truth.  You are beautiful.    Tell me little one.  What ails you?”

“Make love to me,” Inuyasha pleaded, his eyes conveying more than words could.

Sesshomaru lifted his lover to his feet and maneuvered his body over Inuyasha.   Washing the soap from his body and Inuyasha’s he gently touched Inuyasha’s collar bones, leaning in to kiss his lips, neck, and shoulders.  His hands traced down Inuyasha’s sides resting on his hips.

Inuyasha was happy.  He was more than happy.  He was euphoric.  He gazed into Sesshomaru’s eyes and only saw love.  He grabbed a hold and hugged Sesshomaru tightly to his chest.  Tears leaked from his eyes, but they were from happiness.  Sesshomaru leaned back and licked the tears away making his way back to his sweet little husband’s mouth.  As he attacked his mouth with passion he noted their erections rubbing against each other.  He slipped his hand between them and made a quick grasp around them both.  Inuyasha moaned and Sesshomaru swallowed the moan with another battle of tongues.

The cascades of water, clean smells of soaps, and shampoos added to the romantic environment and Inuyasha soon broke from the kiss with more groans and moans.   Sesshomaru dropped to his knees and engulfed his beloved.  The heat was unreal.  Inuyasha panted and closed his eyes, reopening those seconds later to stare in the face of his older brother/lover.   The look of love on Sesshomaru’s face was all he needed to see and he came suddenly.   He was weak and propped himself up against the wall of the shower.    Sesshomaru stood gracefully and pressed his chest to Inuyasha’s back, his erection honing in between the two pillows of muscle.  Inuyasha pushed his buttock back into Sesshomaru.

“Love me more,” he begged while he looked over his shoulder.  Sesshomaru entered him in one move, hitting Inuyasha’s prostate and overwhelming the inuhanyou with the fullness only possible from a daiyoukai.    Sesshomaru’s power and aura of calm covered Inuyasha completely.  He waited but Inuyasha pushed against him.  The dance began, the two moving together with grace and power, quickly escalating to a point of ecstasy and rapturous delight.    Both mates were satiated.  Inuyasha full of his mate’s ejaculate now collapsed into his mate’s arms.

Sesshomaru rinsed and dried them off and then walked to the bed, gently depositing his love on the bed.   Inuyasha beckoned him to join him and Sesshomaru crawled onto the bed, kissing his mate, and whispering loving words in his ears.

“The children were worried about you, dearest.   I must reassure them all is well,” Sesshomaru cooed.

“Tell them I love them and I’ll make their favorite breakfasts tomorrow,” Inuyasha stretched.  The scene cute and sexy and Sesshomaru had trouble tearing himself away.

“I’ll be back in a flash.  Don’t sleep without me.” And with that Sesshomaru dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and went to see their children.


Steven had followed his father’s instructions perfectly.   The younger ones were clean, leftovers put up, and the kitchen returned to its sparkling condition.  He had them all in the living area telling them a story of when he was younger and their oldest siblings were still in the house.   Barbie was hanging on his every word, Bobby annoyed with her lack of attention to him, and Suzy patting Dolly when Sesshomaru walked in.  Steven looked up at his father.   “Is Dad doing better now, Father?”

All eyes were on their Alpha.  Sesshomaru nodded.

“I suspect we need to pay a bit more attention to your Daddy now.   I will confirm my suspicions tomorrow at the clinic.   Until then, do not take your birther for granted, am I understood.”

Five yips echoed in the living area.




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