Kept Woman

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Kept Woman


Chapter 1: The Break Up


Tonight was the night.

She had to put an end to this and only she could do it. She knew it would come sooner or later, from the moment the affair became complicated.

Kagome sighed heavily as she thought about what to do; anxiously adjusting the strap of her schoolbag across her chest as she stood waiting on the elevator that was heading to the top floor of the apartment.

She had never wanted this to go too far. He was married by the way and was much older than she was. He was also a well-known CEO of one of the most successful businesses in the world and was married to one of the richest and famous businesswomen in Japan.

Kagome knew she should’ve ended it the moment he kissed her.

Kagome, herself was simply a high school student intern of his and if knowledge got out about their affair, the media would have a field day ruining their lives.

So, tonight was going to be the night to break up with him.

The chime of the elevator rang and caused Kagome to be startled a bit out of her thoughts. She removed the plastic, gold-colored card from the elevator panel and the sleek, metal doors slid open; revealing the living room of her penthouse apartment.

He paid for her entire penthouse and its lavish furnishings, just so that she could live alone and they could carry on their affair in secrecy.

Kagome glanced around at her surroundings and noticed that the apartment’s curtains were drawn closed and had several candles lit throughout the living and dining rooms. She sniffed the air as she noticed a delicious aroma in the air and looked towards the open kitchen that was also dimly lit.

“Welcome home. Did you have a good day at school, little one?” A deep, yet rough baritone voice asked from the kitchen.

Kagome swallowed nervously as she started to quiver.

He was here…and she wasn’t even fully prepared to break up with him, especially face to face.

She had hoped to send him a text message or an email in order to do it; something impersonal to make it easier.

But here he was…in the kitchen and he undoubtedly had plans for romancing her again tonight, if the large, fresh bouquet of red roses on the dining room table had anything to say about it.

Kagome shifted nervously as she slowly took off her schoolbag and shoes; leaving them by the side of the private elevator’s doors.

“Umm…yeah, school was fine today,” Kagome replied sheepishly; trying her best to pretend that everything was fine.

“Good. Because as you see here, I have something special planned for you.” InuTaisho smirked as he emerged from the kitchen with two plates of steaming hot food in his large hands; taking them over to the glass dining room table nearby as his waist-long, white hair placed in a high ponytail swished back and forth.

How could she possibly break up with him right now? Especially since he had gone out of the way to prepare this date night for her.

As much as she felt anxious, she was also beginning to feel aroused at the sight of him again.

InuTaisho had clearly came over to her apartment straight from his job, as he wore a pair of neatly ironed slacks along with his expensive and nicely polished shoes. His buttoned down shirt that was usually tucked into his pants was no longer tucked in and a few of his top buttons were undone in such a sexy manner that Kagome had to squelch the burning desire she started to feel in between thighs at the sight of his partially exposed, chiseled chest.

After he placed the plates onto the beautifully arranged table, InuTaisho gracefully sat down in one the chairs and gestured for Kagome to have a seat across from him.

It was only when Kagome hesitantly took her seat, that he took notice of how she was acting.

“Is there something wrong, little one?” InuTaisho asked in concern.

Kagome was so conflicted with her thoughts and her hormones that it took her a few seconds longer than usual to process his question and come up with a response.

When she realized that he was staring at her, Kagome blushed before she nervously looked away and started to twist a lock of her long, raven hair around her finger.

“Oh…it’s nothing,” Kagome mumbled.

But apparently, her answer wasn’t good enough.

Almost instantly, Kagome’s steel-blue gaze met his golden one as he reached across the small table and tenderly held her chin; forcing her to look at him.

“I thought we had sworn to never lie to each other, Kagome. You know how dishonesty displeases me,” InuTaisho chided gently.

Kagome nodded numbly; knowing that hiding anything else from him would be difficult.

Hesitantly, Kagome started to speak.

“Sorry. It’s just that, well… I don’t think us being together is a good idea. You’re a public figure and you’re still married. If someone finds out about this, it would cause such a big scandal and-”

InuTaisho gently shushed Kagome as he lovingly stroked her cheek.

“You are still worried about that, little one? There is no need to be concern, I assure you. And if such things did occur, I will fully accept the consequences,” He said softly as he pulled away from her and crossed his arms.

“But, this could ruin everything-” Kagome countered.

“I understand your fear, my love. But I have promised to take care of you. Out of all of the time that we have known each other, have you ever seen me break any promises?”

Kagome sighed and shook her head.

“No,” She replied quietly.

“I want you to trust me more, Kagome. You know that I will never hurt you and will not allow harm to come to you. Put your worries aside, little one. Tonight, I want you to enjoy yourself,” InuTaisho smirked as he reached for a bottle of wine that was sitting in a bucket of ice upon the table.

Internally, Kagome sighed heavily as she decided to give up on her resolve to break up with him tonight. She knew it had to come one day, but Kagome knew he wasn’t going to let her go without a fight and right now, she was too mentally exhausted from schoolwork to even put up a decent argument.

All thoughts of breaking up seemed to disappear as a glass full of white wine that was held out in front of her face instantly caught her attention.

“Umm…no thank you.” Kagome said.

InuTaisho flashed a bright fanged smile as he continued to hold out the glass of chilled wine.

“Take it, Koi,” He insisted.

Hesitantly, Kagome reached out and took the glass with her small hand; staring at its liquid content apprehensively.

“But…I’m not old enough to drink this yet. I’m 18,” Kagome replied worriedly.

InuTaisho gave a deep chuckle in amusement.

“Do not worry. No one will come here and arrest you. Besides, we are celebrating,” InuTaisho said.

Kagome tilted her head slightly as she glanced confusedly from the glass of wine to InuTaisho and back again.

Was it their monthly anniversary again? She could’ve sworn she set a reminder on her smartphone to tell her such things…

Maybe I forgot to set it. If I forgot to do that, what else did I forget to do, Kagome paled as a wave of panic started to flood her body.

“O-our anniversary…?” Kagome asked carefully.

InuTaisho smiled at her tenderly, before he shook his head and placed his glass down; gently taking her small hand into his much larger one.

“No little one, it is not our anniversary. I have wonderful news…for the both of us,” InuTaisho announced as he gave her hand a warm squeeze.

Kagome exhaled a breath she didn’t realize she was holding, out of relief.

“O-oh? Well, that’s alright. So, what’s the good news?” Kagome asked with a small, relieved smile.

But what he said next, Kagome would’ve never expected.

“In two weeks, Akane and I will have our divorce finalized,” InuTaisho said as he gave Kagome’s hand another gentle squeeze.

Oh. No.

Suddenly, the schoolgirl felt the color drain from her body and became lightheaded as InuTaisho’s words processed in her head.

“F-finalized? As in…final…for real?” Kagome stammered as dread began to fill her.

But InuTaisho didn’t seem to notice her nervous reaction as he was too distracted with something in his pocket.

It didn’t take long to find out what was in it, as he placed it onto the table and nudged it towards Kagome.

It was a very small white box, with a cute pink bow tied on top of it and it didn’t take much to guess what would be inside.

Kagome’s heart suddenly dropped into her stomach as a chill ran down her spine.

This was a huge mistake.

Without thinking, Kagome jumped to her feet.

“I can’t!” She blurted out suddenly as she backed away from the table.

How could she possibly marry him when she was just getting ready to break up with him? There was no way that she could do it, especially if he found out the reason why she wanted to break up with him in the first place.

This was all too much.

Kagome had to find a way out of this, but doing so was far more complicated than it seemed. Even more so, now that she getting proposed to.

However, one look at InuTaisho made her heart hurt.

He was putting on a strong mask of indifference, but Kagome could see the hurt and rejection he felt upon her refusal. Of course, being the sweet, kindhearted girl that she was, Kagome immediately felt guilty.

“Believe me, I want to…it’s just… isn’t this too sudden? I mean, I haven’t even met your kids yet and I don’t want to rush things. What if they don’t like me?” Kagome lied.

InuTaisho took one look at Kagome and gave a small chuckle of disbelief, before he sighed in relief.

Relieved, InuTaisho smoothed his bangs as he started to laugh at the confused young woman.

It took a moment for him to recover, but when he did, InuTaisho stood and walked over to Kagome; encircling her waist with his large, muscled arms.

He pulled Kagome into a warm embrace as he placed his chin atop of her head; inhaling the lovely scent that radiated from her long, raven locks.

Koi, you worry far too much. Just say ‘yes’,” InuTaisho smiled.

Kagome smiled wryly against his chest as he held her close to him; knowing full well that he couldn’t see her expression.

What have I done? Kagome groaned internally.

She loved him…she really did. It was just a really complicated relationship that she was in.

What made it complicated was that there was someone else that she also loved and now, Kagome knew that she had to pick between them.

It was either that or leave them all.

Kagome swallowed hard; she never expected InuTaisho to propose to her.

She needed more time to sort this and time apparently wasn’t on her side.

Slowly, Kagome nodded as she hesitantly returned InuTaisho’s embrace.

“Good,” InuTaisho murmured softly into her hair, before he pulled away.

InuTaisho glanced over at the table, before locking his golden colored eyes with Kagome’s steel blue colored ones.

“Perhaps dinner could wait tonight. I have something better in mind to help us celebrate,” InuTaisho purred seductively as he started to unbutton his shirt.

Kagome started to chew on the bottom of her lip as InuTaisho finished unbuttoning his shirt and cast it aside; giving Kagome a delicious eyeful of a steely hard and chisled, muscled chest.

How on earth was she supposed to say no to that?

Was it because she was still new to sex and had no idea how to control her raging hormones or was this a common occurrence that happened with all sexy men?

Either way, Kagome knew that she couldn’t resist him for very long, if the dampness that was growing between her thighs had anything to say about it.

Silently, Kagome cursed herself for being so weak-willed, as she allowed InuTaisho to scoop her up and carry her off to the bedroom.

InuTaisho didn’t bother to close the bedroom door behind him as he placed his new fiancée onto the large, California king sized bed and in one swift motion, his large hand slid up her pleated school uniform skirt and pulled down the dampened panties; carelessly casting them aside in the massive bedroom.

Kagome moaned softly as InuTaisho carefully crawled over her petite form and bent down to capture her plump lips in a hungry, passionate kiss.

The kiss lasted forever, it seemed before InuTaisho decided to move on to other delectable parts of her body. Impatiently, he slipped his hands under Kagome’s school shirt and unhooked her bra from the front; causing her perky, yet rounded breasts to burst free.

InuTaisho growled in approval at the site of Kagome’s breasts and he couldn’t help himself as he immediately covered one of her small pink, pert nipples with his mouth to hungrily suck from it; fondling the other breast with one hand to also make its taut nipple stay hard.

Kagome couldn’t help but to moan and squirm.

Her breasts were very sensitive. They were so sensitive that during her first few times having sex, she often achieved her climax just from having her breasts played with. She was starting to become better at holding back her orgasms, but as often as she had sex, she was still inexperienced with some things.

Kagome gasped sharply as InuTaisho suddenly changed sides; giving the other fleshy, round orb the same intense treatment as he did with the other as its wet, rosy pink nipple stood fully erect when it came into contact with cooler air.

“Ah! InuTaisho…please, you’re going to make me come!” Kagome breathed as she continued to squirm from the loving attention that he was giving her.

InuTaisho smirked against her soft, bouncy breast before he looked up at her face.

“Not so soon, little one. I haven’t made it to the good part yet,” He purred.


Painstakingly slow, InuTaisho took one of his hands and trailed it down Kagome’s lower abdomen; moving it along her hip, then way past her skirt and trailing it back up again against the smooth skin of her deliciously long legs, only to stop at the top of her inner thigh to rub the sensitive area.

Kagome whimpered as she repressed the urge to climax from his touch. She knew that InuTaisho was good at teasing her oversensitive body and that he would continuously tease her until he was satisfied.

But tonight wouldn’t be that night.

Tonight, InuTaisho was feeling impatient for waiting to touch his lover’s body and he couldn’t wait to plunge his massive, hard cock inside of her hot, tight pussy.

Quickly, InuTaisho reached under Kagome’s pleated skirt and gave a small, satisfied smirk when her found out how wet she already was. Slipping his fingers inside of her wet, heated core, InuTaisho’s fingers found the spot that they were searching for and began to stroke it rapidly.

Kagome arched her back from the bed as InuTaisho found her pleasure spot and moaned even louder as his fingers rubbed the spot inside of her entrance with such vigor and speed.

She had no idea what turned him on so much about it, but Kagome knew what he wanted and InuTaisho wasn’t going to stop until the bed was soaked in her juices and her pussy was left sopping wet.

It didn’t take long for the older businessman to get exactly what he was trying to achieve with his young lover.

Once again, Kagome arched her back from the bed as she cried out loud in pleasure; her juices spraying from her quivering pussy as she squirted her ejaculate liquid all over his large hand, his arm and leaving a large wet puddle that soaked through the covers.

Seductively, InuTaisho pulled his hand out of her wet core and raised his hand up, before slowly licking her warm juices off of his hand with his long tongue.

His cock was painfully hard now after seeing his bitch’s powerful climax.

Normally, InuTaisho would partake in devouring Kagome’s soaking wet pussy, especially after she squirted, but he feared he may climax just from the foreplay Kagome was receiving.

InuTaisho had been waiting patiently over the past couple of days for this and now, his body ached to fuck the petite young woman below him and he couldn’t hold back any longer from doing so.

He grabbed his swollen and throbbing, hard cock and rubbed it against Kagome’s wet entrance; causing her to moan loudly before he plunged his hot shaft right inside of her moist cave.

InuTaisho growled in satisfaction; nearly howling as he realized how tight she still was.

It almost felt as though her pussy was sucking him in further as its snug, moist walls tightened all around his massive, rock-hard cock. InuTaisho was in pure heaven at the feeling, especially coupled with Kagome’s soft moans.

InuTaisho began to thrust inside of her; pushing his large cock closer and closer to Kagome’s awaiting womb. He didn’t wish to spill his seed too close to her entrance, as InuTaisho desired to secure his future with his new fiancée in another way besides an engagement ring.

He growled softly as he picked up the speed of his thrusts; furthering his huge cock inside of her as he nuzzled the side of her neck. He would not mark her as his mate right now, but InuTaisho hoped that Kagome would be pupped soon with their child, despite the fact that she still wanted to finish school and attend college.

He knew it was selfish, but he had all the money she could ever ask for and once she married him, Kagome would never have to work another day in her life.

They could finally be happy together.

As InuTaisho increased his thrust to a new, vigorous speed, Kagome’s cries of pleasure became louder and louder in tempo to each powerful thrust; the sound of his cock pounding noisily into her soaked pussy seemed to bring Kagome closer to release.

Soon enough, Kagome’s inner walls tightened into a deliciously new intensity as it squeezed InuTaisho’s throbbing cock and caused the couple to orgasm simultaneously.

InuTaisho’s growled stridently and proudly as he released his hot seed inside of his young lover.

Mine!” He roared proudly, before he leaned down and captured Kagome’s lips again in a passionate kiss.

Although they had just climaxed, InuTaisho was far from over with fucking Kagome tonight.

Breaking away from their kiss, InuTaisho suddenly flipped Kagome onto her stomach and lifted her up slightly so that she could kneel on all fours in front of him.

Kagome tried to catch her breath and as she did, she glanced over her shoulder when she felt her skirt being lifted up; moaning a bit when she saw InuTaisho lick his lips and positioning his still hard cock right at her entrance.

Tonight was going to be a very long night.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Kagome, her smartphone vibrated inside of her school bag that was still out in the living room.

The screen of the smartphone lit up with a bright light and showed the contents of her screen:


Sesshoumaru (11 missed calls)

Inuyasha (8 missed calls)


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