Demon Nature

BY : Shardetector
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Demon Nature

Chapter One


Screams echoed all around and flames were starting to engulf structures from where at some point during the commotion a fire had started.  But the terrified cries and roaring heat from the blazes didn’t register with him.  All he could focus on was the jewel; dangling from the necklace held tightly in his grip preventing him from physically touching it.  A menacing look seized his features and he couldn’t stop the vengeful smile that spread across his face.

“So there!”

After all the bull shit he had been through, all because of this jewel, he finally had it.  He knew he should have stuck with his original plan from the start.  Amber eyes narrowed, dodging yet another weapon thrown his way.  Quick and sure on his feet he glanced down at the pink gem again.  His smile widened and his voice deepened.

“A way for me to become full demon at last!”


Hot white pain seared through his chest as his forward momentum came to an abrupt halt; his body magically pinned to the tree behind him with a hard thud from the arrow running him through.  However, his golden eyes never left the jewel; mesmerized as it fell forward out of his grasp.  His face now a mixture of shock and pain as he watched the pink orb falling so slowly to the ground… 

He was so close.

The thick metallic odor of blood hit his nose, causing his gaze to venture past his prize.  His vision was filled with the sight of a familiar woman standing in the tree line, still poised from firing her arrow.  The sight of her both enraged and concerned him.  Enraged by her betrayal, by how foolish he now knew he had been for having trusted her.  Concerned from the affection he once felt for her.  However, the black hard stare coming from her icy brown eyes rid him of any lingering concern and triggered his own eyes to flash scarlet.


His mind raced, trying to put all the pieces together.  Furious from being betrayed, deceived, rejected, the longer he looked into that emotionless gaze the more hatred consumed him.  His demon half was screaming, clawing more and more at the surface demanding to be released.

“How could you?!”

Abruptly, his eyes softened for a moment as the spell started to take effect, essentially muzzling his demon and allowing something else to take control of his heart.  The human part of him now pleaded, begging to understand.

“I thought…” 

The priestess’s dull eyes never wavered their cold hate filled stare, causing his youkai energy to surge and his eyes to flare crimson once more.  As his mind slowly sank into the heavy darkness of a forced sleep, his demon roared with anger at the cage he had been placed in.  His eyes began to flutter close, pulsing between scarlet and gold, his demon seething with rage.




Kagome could not have imagined her 17th birthday taking such a turn.  As cold hands forcibly turned her face the last thing she saw before a mysterious blue light engulfed her was her brother crumbled on the floor of the well house, looking frail and terrified.  She couldn’t contain the gasp that left her as she now took in the sight of the monstrous creature before her eyes, shaken and frightened at its…her?…appearance.  

The only way she could describe the creature was to say it appeared as if someone had hacked the top half of a naked woman off below the navel, a very well-endowed naked woman at that, and replaced her lower half with the nasty body of a centipede.  It was a demon straight from hell and the visual alone was sickening, but her skin absolutely crawled when the thing spoke.  Its voice was undeniably female but sounded almost ghost like.

“Already my flesh returns to me! You have it then, don’t you?” 

Kagome examined the creature’s face anxiously, the words on her lips fading out to a whisper after seeing the inhuman mouth on the centipede woman.  Especially after catching sight of its large menacing fangs.  Even she knew she sounded terrified and insignificant.


Give it to me!”

The monster’s voice deepened, its raspy hiss of a voice now resembling a snake, and its numerous hands on her small frame gripped tighter. Kagome felt her stomach drop and she squeezed her eyes shut as she began to struggle against the hands restraining her with a nervous bravery emerging to the surface.  

“I don’t have anything!” 

Feeling herself being pulled closer to the monster, her eyes flew open to find the creature’s mouth getting closer and opening wider.  Saliva stretched from its fangs as it hissed darkly once more.

Give it to me!”

When the things slimy tongue ran up the side of her face, giving her an epidemic case of the heebie jeebie’s, Kagome kicked into survival mode.  She was able to pry her right arm free from its clutches and then promptly rammed her palm against its face in an attempt to create distance.   The only thought she possessed was getting this creature to release her as she screamed out with all she had and as forcefully as she could, demanding that it stop!  

Her eyes widened in fascination as she then felt and saw a powerful force shoot from her hand, the energy shimmering a light blue.  Instantly the vile thing released her from its grasp, crying out in pain.  Looking past the hypnotic radiance of her hand she watched as the thing vanished from her sight, its disembodied voice still echoing all around her.

“I must have the Sacred Jewel!”

Stormy eyes wide and whirling with confusion, Kagome whispered to herself as she gradually floated down to the ground.

“Sacred… Jewel...?”

Once she was safely on her hands and knees, she panted heavily trying to regain her breath and calm her racing heart.  Her eyes jerked around searching, trying to make sense of everything that had occurred.

“Maybe I bumped my head or…”

Trying to reason with herself proved to be futile as her gaze landed on the severed arm of the centipede monster.  Her heart leapt back up into her throat and her eyes widened comically.

“Or maybe not!”

Standing up gingerly to get her bearings, Kagome called up from the well for her brother.  Urging him to go retrieve their grandfather so she could get out of this creepy old well!  Her eyes kept drifting back towards the severed arm keeping tabs on it.  She was astonished that it wasn’t gushing blood, but she noticed it did appear that the flesh had been scorched.

After receiving no response from her brother; and not being able to tolerate the thought of being so close to even part of the creature that attacked her, she decided he must have ran off from fright and began the tedious task of climbing the walls of the well by the thick vines growing up its’ side.   She soon noticed the closer she ascended to the top how much brighter it seemed to get, too bright to be inside the well-house.  As if on que, a small yellow butterfly glided down to lit softy on her shoulder before taking flight once more.

Growing more confused Kagome rushed to quickly reach the lip of the well, and the view she found herself facing caused her eyes to widen and her breath to catch.  The scene before her was stunningly beautiful; rich greenery was everywhere from the trees to the grass and a pure blue sky illuminated everything.  Chirping birds and other animals scurrying about in the woods could be heard all around.  It was like a fairytale.

‘I could be wrong, but Toto… I don’t think we’re in Tokyo anymore.’

Cautiously she started to walk around inspecting her surroundings and her humor started to fade as she saw no sign of her family or the shrine.  She started calling out for her family praying for a miracle, to find someone, anyone to save her from this weird dream.

“It’s like the family shrine isn’t even…”

Gasping as she caught sight of the Sacred Tree looming over all the rest, it quickly became a beacon of hope in her eyes.  An excited smile spread across her face as she sprinted off in the direction of the tree she knew so well. 

‘The Sacred Tree! That means I’m practically home!’       

Pushing her way past some shrubbery, Kagome gazed up optimistically to the familiar aged tree only to have her smile falter.  There, pinned to the large and noble tree…was a boy… with an arrow piercing his heart.  Yet, he appeared only to be sleeping, with his features relaxed and so at peace.  Instantly he enchanted her, and for a moment she just stood there taking him in.  

Hypnotized, she watched as his long silver white hair caught on the small breeze that passed through, delicately dancing with the wind.  Her sight then followed the shadows the trees cast on his bright red outfit; following them down to the roots that threated to engulf him and back up to his serene face. 

Feeling a strange pull her feet moved on their own accord, something about him calling her closer.  Childish curiosity or something more, she wasn’t sure.  Kagome just felt as if his soul was crying out to her.  In no time she had started to climb up the thick roots that wrapped around him.  Not wishing to startle him in case he was just merely sleeping, she softly called out to him.

“Hey there… whacha doing?”

She paused as she was now close enough to the boy to make out his strange ears.  Two white furry triangles sat atop his head, curved slightly in with the insides a light pink flesh color.  They reminded her of something, not quite like Buyo’s but they almost looked like…

‘Like dog ears… I think I want to, touch ‘em!’ 

Slowly her hands inched forward until both gently took hold of a small triangle. Like soft velvet under her fingers, Kagome smiled in childlike delight as she gave them each a few tweaks.  This simple yet strange act comforting her some, helping her to forget about the nightmare she had just been through. 

Her happiness was short lived, however, when arrows rapidly came flying at her from the forest.  Deep voices shortly followed, bellowing at her demanding her not to move.  Instinctively, Kagome flung herself over the sleeping boy, tucking herself up tightly to him as if he could somehow protect her.

Once the barrage of arrows stopped, she turned her head just slightly enough to see three men cautiously approaching her.  They were muttering between themselves and while she couldn’t make out everything being said, what she caught being repeated several times was ‘she looks like Kikyo-sama’ and ‘dark priestess’.

In no time the very bizarrely dressed men had all advanced on her and had her surrounded.  Commanding that she get down, two of the three began aggressively reaching up and grabbing at her wherever they could reach when she refused to obey their demands.  Batting and kicking at their hands, Kagome vaguely noted that while the two brutes were acting like savages, the slimmer of the three men merely stood back observing worrisomely.

Momentarily distracted, it wasn’t long before one of them managed to get a firm grip on her leg.  Next thing she knew, they were forcefully dragging her from atop the root she was standing on and onto the ground.  Anger filled and powered her as she kicked, elbowed, and jerked away at them.  She had no problem fighting back with a bunch of human men, she had already seen and apparently fought off much worse.  

Unfortunately, she was outnumbered and they soon had her flat on her stomach tying her hands tightly behind her back.  A hot panic blanketed over her, causing sweat to bead up and coat her entire body.  What were these dirty men planning on doing to her?  She couldn’t let this happen!  Kagome resisted even harder, dread starting to consume her, only to receive scrapes and scratches for her efforts. 

The man who had yet to assist in her capture spoke up then, his voice sounding kind as he sympathetically requested that the other two not be so violent with her.  After his request she heard the deep stern voice of the man who seemed to be the one in charge mutter something about her being a dark priestess again.  The man assisting the leader was quick to back up his statement by pointing out the odd way she was dressed.  The voice of the kind man still persisted trying to reason with the others, saying they should at least take her to the village and let Lady Kaede determine what the peculiar girl was.

Seeming to have convinced the two thugs that his plan was the correct course of action, her body was tersely lifted.  She was forced to her feet and barely had time to regain her balance before being shoved forward, a stern command to “walk” barked from the obvious leader of the trio.  With her initial fear now gone and her panic simmering down, she no longer feared she was about to be ganged raped, Kagome stiffened her entire body out of spite and glared heatedly straight forward at nothing in particular.  She absolutely refused to be pushed around with orders being snapped at her!

With another hard thrust to her shoulder, the same bossy man who had previously ordered her to walk spoke again, his voice lowering an optical clearly not fond of being defied by what he thought was a dark miko.

“I said walk.”

Kagome turned her head just enough to catch sight of the ox of a man, her jaw set and stare hard.  The man humpf’ed before her vision went black, pain searing across her face as she fell back to the ground.  Unable to catch herself, more pain exploded from her chin as she landed squarely on it.  Eyes squeezed shut, willing herself not to cry and appear any weaker in front of the men, a small whine escaped her.  She dimly made out the kind-voiced man speaking up in her defense over the ringing in her ears before the large ox silenced him with a threat.

“You don’t wanna walk? Fine, then I’ll drag your ass to the village.”  

Addressing her again the large man didn’t shout his words in anger, he just stated them as fact.  It was as if he saw nothing wrong with the manner in which he treated her, she was after all a dark miko.  When the nasty man then leaned down and seized both her ankles, Kagome kicked and fought against him as he tried to bound her ankles together as well.  In no time of course, he succeeded.

The man’s arms were as big as one of her thighs, she knew going in she stood no chance against his strength.  Though at least she got some satisfaction out of knowing a few of her kicks had landed.   As the horrible man stood up he glared irately down at her before snatching her by the back of her shirt collar.  It was then that the shaken voice of the sympathetic man tried to attempt a small protest once more.

“What if she isn’t a dark priestess?”

Even Kagome recognized that the timid man was grasping at straws to find a way to prevent the other two from abusing her so extensively.  Regrettably the giant boulder wasn’t as dull as he looked; he evidently had at least a few sharp edges and saw the smaller man’s scare tactic for what it was.  So, she was left trying to block out the world as she was dragged.  Her high school uniform getting torn and covered in filth as her ass and legs were sliced up even more by the many sticks and stones in the forest.  All she could do was keep her eyes squeezed shut and pray she would wake up from this nightmare soon.

It wasn’t long before the temperature felt cooler and she could hear the faint commotion of a large group of people, along with some thunder, in the distance.  The kind man, walking next to her and slightly behind the beast who was dragging her, commented about the village being close.  Having glanced down at her as he said such, she got the impression the man was trying to comfort her; mercifully trying to let her know that there was an end to her suffering in sight.  The other man, boss man’s lackey, agreed.  Although he seemed more fearful than concerned for her.

“It is best we hurry, we don’t want to be caught in the rain nor out after dark so close to InuYasha’s Forest.”

No sooner had the lackey spoke, a thundering sound shook the earth causing the leader to release his grip on her; resulting in her falling at an odd angle on her back.  Raising up the best she could, Kagome opened her eyes to find her earlier nightmare had returned.  The monstrous centipede woman was towering over them from the forest’s edge. 

Unable to move thanks to the tightly knotted bounds around her wrists and ankles, all she could do was stare.  Strangely though, she was at ease.  Instead of panicking right off, she was getting a twisted thrill at how terrified the ‘tough’ men were of the monster.  Funny how all that toughness disappeared when it wasn’t a petite woman they were facing.

‘Serves them right.’


All three men screamed in fright and shakily drew their weapons.  They sent their arrows flying at the demon woman but none struck her as she spun her entire body like a cyclone, easily deflecting them.  The eerie screech she let out made Kagome’s blood run cold.

“The jewel! The Sacred Jewel! I must have it!”

The demon advanced towards them, crawling much faster than one would think a centipede could be able to, causing the men to scatter.  The bosses lackey took off in the direction they had been walking, with the bellowing voice of their leader screaming at him to run to the village and get more men. 

Kagome, incapable of getting up in order to run, helplessly watched in horror as the demon woman charged right for her.  Unable to avert her eyes, she watched wide-eyed as the centipede grew closer, the distance between her and the monster getting far too short.  Fixated on her impending doom, she was startled when calloused hands from behind swiftly lifted her up.  She vaguely processed a slight pain as the rope tying her hands together was hastily cut free, nicking her wrist in the process.

Immediately, she recognized the kindhearted man who had tried to protest her mistreatment as he came into her line of sight stretching forward to slice the ropes bounding her ankles.  As soon as the restraints were disposed of the man turned his panicked face to hers shouting at her to run.

Quickly gathering herself Kagome and the man were barely on their feet before the demon centipede slammed into the earth near where they stood, throwing them all to the side and back to the ground.  Over all the chaos, she could hear the despicable man who had abused her bellowing at the generous man who had freed her.  His brash fuming voice causing the centipede woman to turn her attention to them.

“Why would you release the dark priestess?! Don’t you realize this is all her doing?!”

Kagome seized her opportunity.  Legs springing forward, her muscles screamed as she ran as hard and as fast as she could.  Absentmindedly she ran into the forest, not daring to look back from fear of losing her speed.  Her eyes closed wincing as her foot caught on a root causing her footing to faltered.  Panting for breath as she regained her balance and continued to run, she began to pray. 

Wanting so much for this all to be over, to be rescued from this nightmare and finally be saved, she dug down deep into herself.  Lifting her face toward the heavens as she ran, she cried out in desperation from the depths of her soul.

“Whoever you are! Please help me!”




His scenes came to life all at once.  It wasn’t a slow climb from sleep, as everything gradually came into focus.  Nor his body being sluggish as it regained function.

No, he was jolted awake.  Abruptly.  Violently.  Body screaming with energy, senses alive and ready.  His demons rage fueling him; his claws flexed as his nose picked up a familiar metallic scent.  His eyes flashed red.

“I smell it, the blood of the woman who killed me.”

With a fanged smile, he reached for the arrow pinning him in place.  His voice deep and guttural from his anger and from having been unused for so long.

“And it’s coming this way.”

As his clawed hand extended to grip the arrow it began to glow a bright blue, singeing the flesh of his palm.  Grunting he jerked his hand away and glared at the arrow.  Annoyed at still being caged, his rage grew.

His ears perked up at the sound of a loud crash close by.  Soon after, a girl emerged from the darkness of the forest as she was thrown forward.  Turning his eyes and attention to the her, InuYasha smiled darkly.

“Hello… Kikyo.”

Wheezing for breath on her hands and knees, Kagome was startled to hear a voice. A very deep voice that despite the situation almost instantly put her at ease.  Looking up in the direction the voice had come from, she was surprised to see the once peacefully sleeping boy now staring at her.  Initially she felt a spark of joy at knowing he was indeed alive; however, as her eyes fixed with his, sadness stabbed her heart from seeing such hate in his beautiful molten gold stare. 

She gasped softly as she thought she saw the whites of his eyes flash scarlet for a moment. 

Captivated by his eyes, she once again found herself being enchanted by this man.  To the point that she almost missed when he started to taunt her.  Asking her in that husky voice of his, why she taking so long to kill it?  Kill it?  It took a moment for her to comprehend what he was saying, having been distracted by the sound of his voice and not completely paying attention to his words. 

When it finally donned on her just what the beautiful man was referring to, she was left baffled and stunned.  Kill it?!  She was barely succeeding at running from it!  Let alone killing it!  Perplexed as to how exactly he believed she should kill the large monster that had been after her all day, Kagome nearly missed him spitting out his next words with venom in his tone.

“Just do her like you did me, Kikyo.”

Like she did him?  Who the hell is this Kikyo?  And why was this handsome man spitting that name at her with such revulsion?

Before she could speak, the man’s eyes left hers to stare behind her into the darkness.  Stating simply, ‘she’s here’, as if to warn Kagome and give her a fair chance at defending herself.  However, she didn’t have time to act before the demon appeared from the darkness advancing towards her once more. 

Rushing to gather her feet under herself to run, Kagome slipped forward on the wet grass, her muscles giving out with all the exertion and not enough recovery time.  She squeezed her eyes shut as she waited for the pain that was sure to come, but only heard a sickening thud instead.  The kind of sound made by a weapon piercing flesh.  Jerking her head up she could see a large group of village men pulling at the demon with ropes tied to spears embedded in its flesh.

“So, I was saved...?”

Her voice was small and uncertain, but she had whispered more to herself than for anyone else’s benefit.  Unexpectedly, a disgusted grunt was her answer as the golden eyed man scowled down at her, his eyes definitely flashing red.  His voice was taut and dark as he spoke; his words somehow stinging her.

“You’re pathetic Kikyo.”    

Growing tired of being accused of being someone she wasn’t and things she wasn’t today, Kagome let out an annoyed growl of a sound as she pushed herself to her feet.  Squaring her shoulders, stormy-blues locked onto enflamed-gold.  Forgetting about the demonic centipede woman and the village men, she moved purposely towards the man pinned to the tree with her fist clenched.  Making her way to him, she never broke their eye contact even as she climbed the large root growing around him.

“That does it! Kikyo! Kikyo! I’m not her! Whoever her is!” 

A fire had ignited in Kagome as she adamantly defended herself from these accusations.  Now confronting the silver haired man face to face, the man only snarled at her words and leaned towards her arguing that she had to be Kikyo.  Saying there was no way she could smell so much like her otherwise.

Smell?!  What about her smell?!  She’d been dragged across a forest for crying out loud!  Incensed that he had the audacity to comment about her smell, she was just about to lay into the man when the sight of his nose twitching caught her attention.  Curiously she watched as his eyes became clouded in confusion, the small traces of crimson in them slowly starting to bleed away.  He strained to lean even closer towards her taking two deep purposeful sniffs.

“You’re not her.”

He stated this simply, but his face showed how truly astonished he was to be mistaken.  Thinking the man was finally done arguing with her, a sigh of relief left her as she agitatedly yelled at him.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! My name is Kagome! Ka-Go-Me!”

Her relief was cut short though, when the silver haired man shifted his eyes from her and sighed softly.  At first it seemed he was agreeing with her as he started off with saying, “You’re right” and the smallest of smiles almost reached Kagome’s lips, glad that they could come to an understanding.  Until what he said next reached her ears.

“Kikyo was much cuter.”

InuYasha smirked inwardly as he watched the girls face fall, but he quickly noted that the poor thing looked as if she’d been through hell and back.  Her strange clothes were torn, her chin was split, there was the beginning stages of a nasty bruise on the right side of her face, and she had various cuts and nicks all over her body.  He couldn’t reasonably explain why he had felt the need to tease her and he was a little ashamed for doing so now that he had looked her over. 

Childishly though it may have been, he simply hadn’t wanted her feeling like she had won or outsmarted him.  But it was getting hard to remember why that mattered with her so close to him.  Her intoxicating scent consuming his every breath, he found his rage was starting to dissipate and that intrigued him.

Fed up after the day she had had and in need of a good outlet, Kagome was about to unleash it all on the man for insulting her, but her seething words never came as she suddenly felt the familiar sensation of cold hands clutching her from behind.  Having momentarily forgotten about the demon in pursuit of her and mistakenly believing that the village men were capable of dealing with it, she had let her guard down.  

Her hands now shot out grasping onto the first thing she could find in a desperate attempt to keep herself out of the clutches of the monstrous centipede.  Crying out for the centipede to let go of her, she then noticed just what exactly she had grabbed hold of as the man’s voice cried out after hers.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! You let go!”

Panicking, Kagome released her grip on one of his silver forelocks and turned towards the demon.  Swinging her hand out to push it away like she did back in the well she yelled out in terror as she felt a familiar sensation consume her.

Stop it!”

For the second time that day, she watched as a fierce blue energy escaped her hand, even stronger than the first, to dismember even more of the centipede’s arms. 

With the arms of the centipede no longer holding her up, she fell to the ground and landed with a hard thud.  Trying to wrap her mind around what had happened, she reacted too slowly as the demon screeched at her and charged.

“Give me the Sacred Jewel!”

InuYasha watched stunned as the young woman emitted a spiritual blast at the demon, a powerful blast too.  Although the raven-haired youth seemed to be in shock that it had happened.  He watched her intently as she landed harshly on the ground.   Eyes, ears, and nose all on alert searching for signs that said she was injured, one ear twitched as he overheard some of the men cowering and discussing if they should just run.  

‘Useless vermin, leave a helpless girl out here alone?’

InuYasha realized she wasn’t completely defenseless, but she was obviously inexperienced and extremely frightened.  The smell of her fear was coming off her in waves now tainting her lovely scent from before.  While she may have possessed spiritual capabilities, he got the impression she didn’t know how to use them.  She was out of her element and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that she was definitely out of place here.  One look at her outfit told him that much.

Just as he was fixing to shout at the girl to tell her to snap out of whatever trance she was in, the demon’s words stopped him dead.

‘The Jewel?’  

With his brief hesitation he watched as the girl was slung violently into the air, her eyes wide in horror as her body could do nothing to defend itself.  The sound of her flesh ripping clogged his ears and he winced as the smell of the girl’s blood grew stronger in the area. 

To her credit though she didn’t cry out, instead Kagome just stared awestruck by the small pink orb that was jerked from inside her body.

‘It came from inside me…’

A little delirious from blood loss she didn’t even notice when she had landed, her body taking yet another hard hit.  Her gaze never left the pink gem; its soft glow keeping her attention.   Numbly she sat up with a hand holding her side.  She thought she heard the beautiful man demanding her to give the jewel to him but her brain was rattled.  Was this the jewel?  The Sacred Jewel…

Before she had a chance to come to her senses, Kagome was forcefully thrust into the man and the tree by the large body of the centipede.  A sharp pain burst up her from her side and she clenched her fists onto the mans red robes, screaming out in agony.

“It’s crushing me!” 

Panic was starting to take over her mind once more.  Over her jumbled thoughts she heard the man cursing at the demon, but she couldn’t concentrate on his words.  All she could focus on was the pain ricocheting through her body, before the man’s calm voice called her back to herself.

“Hey… can you pull out this arrow?”

InuYasha stared straight ahead glaring hard at the demon bitch as she taunted the both of them.  He could sense the girls dismay and knew she was probably getting close to her limit.  Funny how he had hated the sight of her when she had first fallen at his feet, only to now be concerned over her safety.  

When thinking she was that damn priestess, he would have been rejoicing in the pain she felt, wanting her to suffer for all the pain she had caused him.  Except this wasn’t the bitch who had caused him so much pain.  This young woman was innocent and terrified.  Something in him changed and the hatred that once consumed him started morphing.  He knew if he didn’t do something this girl was probably going to die.

With that thought in mind he barked out at her once more to gain her attention.  He knew he had it after hearing her small murmur of “what?” as she slowly came back to reality.

“Can you pull out this arrow or not!?”  

His voice was probably rougher than he meant for it to be, but he was slightly on edge.  It was surprising that his demon was kept under control given his current state.  He finally heard the woman hesitantly give a small, “I don’t know…” before the demon centipede laughed wickedly and started taunting them again.

“I had heard some half-demon spawn was after the jewel.”  

Spitting out the word ‘half-demon’ as if it was vile on her tongue, she raised herself above him so she could literally look down on him, her face appearing from between her breast.   InuYasha’s hackles rose.  This lowly demon bitch demeans him and then has the audacity to stare down at him as if he were beneath her?!  A low growl made its way from his chest as he fired back at her.

“Half’s all I need to kick your scaly ass.”

Pressed into the man Kagome was clinging to his robes trying to hold on to something solid as she tried to ground herself.  Her mind was racing and she was staring at the arrow sticking out from his chest debating on if she should listen to him and remove it, when she heard the demons comment. 

‘Half-demon? What is he?’

She peered up his body to his face; his features were strong with pride, his eyes hard challenging the demon, and then she noticed his ears again.  What was he?

Catching the end of what he spat back at the demon, a small ray of hope built up in her.  She quickly sucked air into her lungs in order to speak loudly enough to catch his attention.

“Hey! You talk big, but can you back it up?!”

His amber eyes glanced down at her for a moment, the only sign of acknowledgment he gave before he cast them back onto the demon centipede tracking its every move.  Kagome’s intentions quickly became clear to the village men.  Her and InuYasha could hear the immediate protest they gave over the demon’s taunts, begging her not to remove the arrow sealing the demon InuYasha. 

The centipede youkai only laughed at the display as she lowered herself closer to the jewel, ignoring the half-demon’s barks as she swallowed it whole.  Almost instantly her power grew and her flesh was ripped off replaced with a horrid red and black skin like armor.  Her garbled laugh shook her body, her voice a ghoulish sound.  InuYasha yelled out to the men as they now cowered in fear whimpering.

“At least with me you have a chance! Whereas that thing is going to eat you!”

Turning his head to look down to the girl so intimately pressed into him, he lowered his voice just slightly and spoke to her sincerely.

“And you…are you ready to die yet?”

Kagome’s eyes widened as she watched the transformation of the demon woman, but after hearing InuYasha’s words she closed them to block out her fear and the pleas of the village men as they cried out to her.

‘I don’t know what I should do… but…’ 

Taking a large gulp of air into her lungs readying herself for the coming pain, Kagome stretched herself upward and reached for the arrow.  The pain went running throughout her body, from the centipede continuing to crush her, to her torn open side.  She screamed out as she pulled back on the arrow with all her might.

“I choose to…live!”

InuYasha watched in amazement as the arrow began to shine brightly, almost as if it had an inner flame igniting within it.  With all of her might, the girl pulled back on the arrow but it didn’t budge.  He didn’t become discouraged though, because from the pulsing sensation of her power he knew she sure as hell was ridding him of the damn thing!

He could feel the energy she was emitting from inside his chest where the arrow pierced him through.  An odd phenomenon; as it did not burn him but sent tingles down his spine and set his soul ablaze.  With freedom so close, his demon impatiently awaited his release.

Kagome put all she had into getting rid of that arrow.  Her eyes shut tight, she paid no mind to the world around her.  The village men screaming at her to stop her black magic, the horrid screeching of the demon centipede while it discarded its own flesh as it grew in power, the pain that consumed her entire body, the sound of the rolling thunder as it grew closer…She ignored it all. 

She called on all the energy she could harvest.  Focusing instead on the warmth of the man she was so intimately pressed into, for she felt he was the only one she could trust.  If this InuYasha could put an end to all this, then she would free this man, and he would be her savior, all she had to do was remove an arrow.  She wanted to go home, she wanted the nightmare to disappear, she wanted to live!  

Time had seemed to have slowed down and a small magical explosion set it racing forward once more.  All eyes looked toward the flash of spiritual light, all seeking out the tiny arrow which held such a large enchantment.  As the light from the blast faded everyone could clearly see is it was gone, vanished, disappeared as if it were never there. 

InuYasha’s demon soared, his wild soul unleashed.  Ducking his head, his body began to shake, unable to contain the dark laughter ripping up out of him.  His mind clouded with vengeance.  They would all pay; he couldn’t wait to tear his claws into their flesh!  Every last one of them would suffer as he unleashed decades of built up rage on their miserable souls!  

Feeling as the demon bitch moved her insect body in a quick attempt to crush him, he smiled sensing the desperation in the force in which she used to capture him.  His mind was running rapid with ways to torture the creepy crawly bitch when a small whimper caught his attention.  Though he couldn’t see her with the centipedes’ body wrapped all around him, he was reminded of the young woman.

He felt her being crushed into him at what was for him a small inconvenient pressure, but as he heard the air squeezed from her lungs he knew it was much worse on her small delicate human body.  His anger morphed into a carnal protective rage.

His course of action changed.  The storm inside him came bursting out with a demonic roar and the flex of his iron claws.  InuYasha tore free from the demon whore’s flesh ripping it into pieces.  Blood, arrows, and cold wet drops began to rain from the sky as the looming storm finally found them.  But knowing they couldn’t pierce his demonic skin he paid no mind to the arrows.  Focusing instead on sinking his claws into the centipede woman’s flesh, he began tearing piece by piece away searching for the jewel he knew was hidden somewhere inside. 

Blood splattered up onto his face, but his smile never wavered as he hunted.  Viciously he tore the demon apart not allowing its tissue the time it needed to regenerate.  His bloodlust had started to take over, but a small cry of pain broke through to him.  Ears twitching in the direction of the sound, stealing his focus away, InuYasha spun around to see the girl Kagome slumped against a tree.  With an arrow sticking up out of her leg.  The scent of her blood hit his nose once again, causing his eyes to bleed red.

His demon swore he would kill every last one of the humans for harming that girl. He didn’t understand why he felt the need to protect her like he did, all he knew was that her scent had calmed him and she had set him free.  He owed her that much.  Hearing the comments from one man in particular, enraged his demon that much more, especially since he could smell that piece of filth all over the woman. 

Having hesitated just long enough for the jewel possessed demons flesh to begin to regrow and giving the bitch time to retaliate, he snarled as he felt the youkai attack.  With some distance now between himself and the wench; her blood thick in his nose and being so close to the jewel his demon was finally granted its wish as it took over with deafening roar.

Kagome had watched the scene unfolding in front of her eyes in amazement from her spot on the forest floor.  Sitting up in the mud from the place where she had landed when her silver haired savior had broken them both free of the demon’s death grip, her eyes followed his every move.  She knew she should be frightened by his ferocity, by the way in which he tore apart that vile creatures’ body.  At this moment he truly appeared to be the demon the village men claimed him to be.  Yet, she only found herself praying for him to succeed.

As she was finally able to catch her breath some, a hard task to do when the frigid rain kept pounding down on her stealing it right back, she began to shakily rise to her feet.  She knew being out in the open with a battle raging on mere feet in front of her was dangerous.  There were arrows flying everywhere, not to mention blood and flesh as her demon knight tore away at that awful centipede, and she really didn’t want to add to her list of injuries.

Thinking it was best to seek shelter from the fight, she tucked her right arm around her gapping side and used her left to push against a tree holding herself steady.  Cautiously she began to turn herself around and move away from the battle on trembling legs.  She was concentrating hard on not slipping and falling back into the wet earth, when a sharp hot pain spread out from her inner right thigh.  Crying out as she slumped against the tree, she tried her best to keep her injured leg straight.  Hoping to not cause more damage by moving the arrow that was currently jutting out around too much.

An inhuman, animal like roar caused her to jerk and had her whipping her head back around to the battle.  Her gaze locked with the blood red stare of a true demon and her eyes widened as she took in his features.  His mouth was opened wide in a snarl with his fangs extended.  The whites of his eyes were now crimson and his once warm golden irises were replaced with an electric blue.  Dark purple markings ran jaggedly across his cheek bones.

Her stomach dropped and for a split second, Kagome feared him.  She saw his nostrils flare as if he was scenting something before shouts from the village men caught both of their attention.  The demon man seemed more enraged at the sound of the men’s voices, his attacks growing in speed.  While she could barely make out their words over all the fighting taking place, between both the two demons and the two men; she was able to identify the men by catching a glimpse of them through the pouring rain.  She quickly pieced together that the man who shot her was nonother than the brute who had abused her before, still determined that she was a dark miko. 

Fearing that the large thug would retrieve his bow from the same man who had defended her earlier, she focused her attention on her leg.  She couldn’t walk with an arrow poking out of her leg, least of all run, and she wanted nothing more than to run home.  Resolve set, she grit her teeth as she broke the longest part of the arrow in half on the back side of her thigh, grunting as she did so through clenched jaws.  She stilled herself as she prepared for what came next.

Gripping the remaining half of the arrow on the front side of her thigh, right below the sharp point, Kagome’s breath left her in a hiss as she yanked the broken weapon from her tender flesh. 

Without delay, she ripped the bottom part of her already torn shirt off and quickly tied it tightly around her bleeding thigh.  Not stopping for fear of letting the pain set in, she pushed herself to her feet once more.  Her body screamed at her as she pushed forward, falling from tree to tree unable to keep her balance.  She vaguely realized the sounds of battle were further away than before as her feet kept trudging forward, wanting as much distance from that nightmare as possible.

Night had truly set in, as the darkness and the pouring rain made it even harder for her to find her way to her destination.  Home.  She had to find her way home.

Staggering, she leaned against a tree as hope filled her and gave her new strength.  For there in the open field, barely able to be made out in the dark and rain, was the well.  Her ticket home.  Because surely if she came here that way, it was the way home.

Kagome put all her remaining strength into pushing herself off the tree and running the best she could to that well.  Who would have ever thought she would be so happy to see that creepy thing?  Running into the side of the old wood, her hands out to catch herself, she didn’t hesitate as she slung her legs over the wet moldy rim.  

In the not too far distance she heard screams crying out, both human and non, and she paused briefly thinking of her savior.  She hoped he was alright, and she truly wished she could thank him.  As an image of his demonic face entered her mind, she shuttered.  Still she whispered a small thank you into the night, hoping somehow, he knew how grateful she was.  

More than ready to leave this place, Kagome pushed herself from the lip of the well and rejoiced in the weightlessness that she felt as she fell towards the bottom.  Expecting any moment to see the soft blue light engulf her once more, disappointment hit her hard as she landed at the bottom with a wet thunk.

Laid over on her side with her face in the mud, her ankle now being added to her list of injuries, she began to weep as she slowly realized the magic of the well hadn’t taken her home.  All her strength faded away as hopelessness consumed her.

‘Some birthday this had turned out to be.’  

She couldn’t help as a pitiful laugh broke through the sobs for a moment.  And as exhaustion took over her body and pulled her down into darkness, her last thought was full of wishful thinking.

‘Maybe I just bumped my head…’  




InuYasha stood snarling over the corpses of the centipede bitch and one particular human.  He had only allowed the others to live simply because he didn’t smell any strong trace of the girl on them.  Now his scarlet eyes stared transfixed to the glowing pink jewel he held between his bloody claws.  His fanged smile grew as he felt a pulse of power leaving the gem and entering into him.  

‘At last… it’s mine.’

Abruptly his ears swiveled around at the faint sound of soft words reaching him, gently coaxing him out of his battle won euphoria.  He tucked the jewel safely into the inner pocket of his white kosode as his keen ears heard the soft ‘thank you’ of the woman child that had set him free.  Glancing around he saw her muddy tracks disappearing into the trees where she had wondered off during the battle.  Eyes squinting as he stared out into the darkness in the direction her foot prints lead, an image of her bloody and beaten body shot across his minds’ eye.

That wench would get herself killed roaming the demon infested forest at night.  He supposed he understood her wishing to put distance between herself and the fighting, but she had unknowingly put herself at even more risk by separating herself from him.  How could he protect the weak little wench if she wouldn’t stay put?

Lightning fast on his feet, he followed the smell of her blood to an old rundown well with little effort.  He was curious at how his demon both receded and flared to life the closer he got to the woman child.  It made him wondered if it was her spiritual nature that calmed his beast?  Taming him so that his mind may think more clearly, yet his demon stayed just below the surface allowing his strength and enhanced senses to stay.

Red eyes peered over and down into the dark well spotting the fainted wench crumbled at the bottom.  Fleetingly he wondered why she would jump into a dry well.  Growling softy and observing as she didn’t so much as flinch, he effortlessly leapt down into the dried-up thing.  Feeling his demon receding even more as he came closer to her, he considered that perhaps her powers weren’t just working on him but the jewel as well?

Landing softly beside her, he leaned down over her assessing her state of being with red encasing now golden irises.

InuYasha knew that the wench had taken a lot of damage and had lost a lot of blood.  It appeared her body had finally reached its limit.  He was oddly proud at how hard and long she had fought though.  From the start he could tell she had spunk, fondly remembering the fire she had inside as she had stood up to him.  She had definitely lasted a lot longer than he expected her too.  Apparently, she had a lot more fire than he thought and he found he was eager to see it burn more.  

Gently he scooped the battered woman into his arms, pausing to wipe the mud from her cheek with his sleeve.  As the rain slowed, he watched as droplets washed away blood and dirt from her bruised face.  Despite his earlier remark she was truly beautiful and he couldn’t stop his eyes from roaming her features.  She was a vision with her wet raven hair clinging to her delicate face, with her lips slightly parted.  But the vision shattered when he noticed the bluish-purple color starting to take residence on her lips.

In one fluid motion InuYasha stood and he spoke low and gently to the woman even though his voice was gruff with his demon still so close to the surface.

“You saved me wench, now I’ll repay the favor.”

With that, his muscles bunched in his legs as he sprung up and out of the well, a red blur in the night as he made his way through the forest to his destination.  His precious cargo held safely to his chest, as he raced to save her with his demonic speed.

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