The Trust of an Alpha

BY : GayleNightingale
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AN - This is a loose continuation of Sonja Jade's "Inner Peace" and Ravyn Skye et al's Rinucest Universe specifically "Learnng to Share".    This story can stand on it's own. However, if you haven't read those stories get to it!  They are Hot!

Rin returned home from shopping with the understanding that her mates would probably had started their afternoon sexy time before she got there.  However, she was going to surprise them with her new sexy lingerie and they would know she was the alpha female.   The three of them had been mated for decades at this point but sex was still amazing.  She did not have to go buy lingerie to "spice up" their sex.  She did it to remind them who the pussy was in this dog house.


Sex was in the air, along with Inuyasha's moans and Sesshomaru's grunts when she stepped into the love den.  The males in her triangle with heavily engaged in the act when they saw her.   Inuyasha looked over his shoulder to Rin after getting a nod from Sesshomaru and said, "Hurry up Rin.   Sesshomaru has more cum to dump and I'm getting full."  His last comment and a breathe of air whooshed out as Sesshomaru made a particularly hard thrust in retaliation for the cheeky comment.


Rin enjoyed watching her mates copulate.  Inuyasha was on the bottom facing the bed while Sesshomaru was leaning over him protectively pounding into his ass.  The sculpted muscles, flowing hair, and flawless physique of her mates was such a turn on.  She dropped the bag and started undressing.  Forget the lingerie for now.  She wanted in on this action.  Both men turned their heads to watch her.  She realized it and put on a bit of a strip tease for them.


Just as she dropped the last of her underwear, Sesshomaru blew his wad.   Inuyasha whined.  "Not fair Sess.   I'm still full and not ready to blow."


"I can help," Rin sultery said as she stepped over to the bed.   "I have a request Mates.   Rin laid on her back in the bed.  "Sesshomaru,   Inuyasha's right, baby, You need to dump cum and I have the hole for that.  So get in there my sexy Alpha."   With that command Sesshomaru seated his wagging penis into Rin's dripping pussy.


Inuyasha looked on prepared to watch for now.  His hand went to his hard cock and started pumping.

"You can do that," Rin pointed at his masterbating hand, "but I need to help you make more space for Sesshomaru's cum.  So get your butt over here!"

Inuyasha dashed to Rin's side. 

"What do you mean Alpha?"  Inuyasha quirked his head to the side and looked lovingly at his female mate.

"I mean," Rin said as she grabbed his hips and pulled him closer, "sit on my face and let me lick your ass like an ice cream cone."  The tone of Rin's voice, her appearance as she lay on their bed, her hair spread out like a halo around her head, and Sesshomaru's steady pounding in her femalehood turned Inuyasha on so that he was near his climax before they started.    Inuyasha climbed onto Rin's face and she started licking his ass.

The second her tongue touched his anus he moaned.  Turned on by Inuyasha response and Sesshomaru's thick rod Rin panted and moaned into the crevice that held her Alpha's seed.  She pushed her tongue in further to get more of his precious bodily fluid.  The further she pushed the more Inuyasha moan, the more turned on Sesshomaru got.  Sesshomaru reached out for Inuyasha and teeth hit teeth as the two dogs kissed over their alpha female.   Rin, unable to see the men kiss but well aware that's what they were doing, imagined it and squirted her own lubrication.

Sesshomaru noticed the heat increase and the moisture and broke apart from the kiss with a great moan.  The saliva strand between the two dogs spanned over Rin and then dropped.   Inuyasha had met his climax and with a loud vocal sound of satisfaction sprayed his cum on Rin and Sesshomaru.   At the same time Rin climaxed, screaming her completion into Inuyasha's ass.    Sesshomaru lasted two more pumps and knotted into his mate's hot oven.  Rin flopped back on the bed, Sesshomaru falling on top of her with Inuyasha's seed sticking them together.

Inuyasha was on his knees at their side.

After a couple of breaths and slowing of heart rates, Sesshomaru beckoned Inuyasha closer.   A quick kiss to Inuyasha and then Rin, he turned his head and started licking Inuyasha's cock to clean up the wayward seed.   Sesshomaru's thick rough tongue only turned Inuyasha's semi erect penis back to full staff.

"No fair Sess," Inu whined.   "You're knotted and can't take care of this!"  Inuyasha pointed to his purplish member.

Sesshomaru winked at Rin.  "Can you take the weight of the dog-pile Love?"

Rin smile conspiratorially, "gladly my Alpha."

Inuyasha tilted his head watching his mates and trying to figure out the cryptic line of discussion.

"Mount up, Baby brother," Sesshomaru murmured as he looked over his shoulder through a curtain of silver hair.  His vision went from Inuyasha to his own ass.

"Really?!" Inuyasha's penis was dripping cum by this point.

"Now, or never!" Sesshomaru growled.  He did not like indecision.   However his growl triggered a long moan from Rin and a tightening of her cunt around his member and his anger was dissipated as quickly as it came.

Inuyasha used his dripping semen to lubricated Sesshomaru's ass and quickly thrust it in.   His eyes rolled up in his head.  The heat and tightness were amazing.  He would not last long here.  He remained in one place while his alpha got comfortable.


Rin had only felt Sesshomaru's knot when they had mated the first time and when the dogs were in heat.  She knew that it could last quite a while and would end up in her being pregnant but she was ok with that as they all three wanted more pups.  The knot would secure them together for 20 minutes or more and during that time Sesshomaru would ejaculate many times fulling her waiting womb with his potent seed.   She was beyond happy.  She was the beloved alpha mate of two magnificent male specimens and now she was going to bare them more precious pups.    She had never been on the bottom of the dog-pile before though and it made her horny.


"Move Beta," she moaned.  Sesshomaru moaned as well, fighting the initial pain and odd feeling of fullness.   Inuyasha took in a deep breath and started grinding his hips.  It took several angle changes but soon he found Sesshomaru's prostate and then he hammered it.   Sesshomaru came undone.   He ejaculated and ejaculated until his balls shrank up and Rin's womb was leaking, but Inuyasha wasn't done.   Inuyasha was on top and enjoying it.


"Don't cum in me", Sesshomaru warned, but Inuyasha couldn't hear him and with that and a great moan Inuyasha emptied his load into his big brother's pristine, virginal ass.   The knot shrank immediately and the great dog demon pulled away from his mates. 

"You want to be Alpha? Inuyasha?  Is that the issue?"  Sesshomaru had jumped into a fighting stance, complete with poison dripping from his fingers.


Both Rin and Inuyasha stood, mouths hanging open, and shocked.   They had just had the best sex ever and now their Alpha is barking at them?!

"No Alpha, no, no, no...". They both adopted submissive positions, Inuyasha falling to the floor prostrate and Rin kneeling, head tilted and eyes pleading.

"Then get it out, NOW!" He barked and turned his ass to them. 

They both crawled to him and started licking his ass.   He leaned forward a bit for them.

Inuyasha had the longer tongue and he pushed his tongue in to grab his own seed.   Rin soon realized she would be better help on the front of Sesshomaru so she started licking and sucking Sesshomaru's dick.   The action of the two caused the Alpha to have another convulsive climax, sucking in Inuyasha's tongue further and filling Rin with Sesshomaru's seed.

"Don't swallow, Rin" he said.   "I need that."

Rin whined but opened her mouth to show Sesshomaru her full mau.    He leaned down and pulled her up to him as he sucked the semen from her mouth.  Then he grabbed Inuyasha by the hair and pulled him to eye level.

"Open, Mutt!" He mumbled around a full mouth.

Inuyasha, still in a subservient mode, obeyed.    He was happy in his brother's home.  He didn't want to be alpha.  He just got carried away.  Tears welled in his eyes but had his mouth wipe open.    Sesshomaru didn't miss the tears but sealed their lips together and pushed the wad of semen into his brother's mouth.   As soon as he did he quickly said, "Don't swallow.  Just put that in my ass."   And with that he winked at his male lover and bent over to show his ass to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha jumped to and delivered the load of semen to the Alpha's ass.  Sesshomaru sensing the action was done lay down on the bed on his stomach.


"I don't understand Sess.  What gives?"

"Just a test of your loyalty, Lovers," Sess murmured.  "Come to me, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha crawled into bed next to his brother and licked his adam's apple.  "I love you, Sesshomaru.  I don't want anything but you and Rin and our pups.  I'm so happy here.   Don't throw me away.  I'll die without you."  Inuyasha was crying by the end of this.  As  Rin watched on she started sobbing too.  Rin nuzzled into Sesshomaru as well. 

"Please Alpha.  Love Inuyasha.  Love you.   Please."  Her sobbing caused her sentences to be broken and almost inaudible.

Sesshomaru sighed.   What had he done.  Now he'd have to explain everything to them quickly before the negative emotions stopped the fertilization.  He growled, mostly at himself but also the situation.  Communication with mates was always his weak point.

"Silence!" He grumbled.

Both mates immediately stopped their vocals but tears still fell.

"My beautiful mates, stop the tears.  Give me a moment to explain.  As you know I detest explaining myself.  But you must stop the negative emotions now."  As he said that he rolled on to his back and grabbed both mates in a tight hug.  The hug helped ease the tension in the room and both Inuyasha and Rin relaxed as they put their noses to Sesshomaru's chest and took a big scent of their alpha.

As the hanyou took in the scent his ears twitched.  He smelled again.  The ears twitched again.  When he did it the third time Rin noticed and commented.

"What is it, Inuyasha?"

"Yeah!  What is it, Sesshomaru?!"

"What do you think, little brother?!"  Sesshomaru smiled.

"I think you're in heat.  But how's that possible?"  Inuyasha asked genuinely confused.

Rin watched the interactions between the men in her life.   They were looking at each other eye to eye, peace on Sesshomaru's smiling face and confusion written all over Inuyasha's.  Then it all clicked in for her as she reviewed all her demon history, and mating training and she started smiling.  As a giggle slipped from her mouth, she reached out to give Sesshomaru a quick kiss.

"I understand, My Lord and King,"  and then she turned to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha,  Allow me to explain for our lord as we both know he detests explaining himself."

Sesshomaru nodded his approval and smiled at both his mates with the kind of smile that one only gets when they are truly satisfied.  He leaned back into his pillow, squeezing his mates close to his heart.   The atmosphere was clearing, the positive emotions were flowing.  This would work.  All would be perfect.


Inuyasha, although somewhat relieved from his initial fears, was still not sure what was going on.

"Do you remember the lesson Jaken taught us on the history of mating, Inu?" Rin began.

"Probably not." Inuyasha bent his head in shame.  "Squeaky little green turd.  Drove me jealous listening to him talk about mating.  Like he was fantasizing about mating with our man!  I just spent the time fantasizing about killing the creepy thing!"  Inuyasha's voice started raising.

"Now now," Rin took on a calming voice, quickly checking over Sesshomaru.  "Keep your calm, our mate and pups need you to be on your best behavior.  Besides look in this bed.  Jaken's not here.  Just my puppies and me."  Ron cooed as she licked and kissed her men.

Inuyasha placated again asked, "why did you bring that up?"

"Because my love, it has everything to do with what happened just now."

Inuyasha's ears perked up and his head tilted and both Rin and Sesshomaru smiled.

"Kami, You are so sexy, " they both said.

The blush covered his whole face.  "Keh!"  He turned from their smiling faces as he tried to get his blush under control.

Sesshomaru found his words, "Inuyasha."

The hanyou turned to him quickly.  Once Sesshomaru was sure he was listening he continued.

"Inuyasha, As you know Rin has been the only one in this relationship who could bare us pups."

Inuyasha started looking sad and started turning away.

"But no longer," Sesshomaru continued as he grabbed his mate's chin.

Inuyasha stared at him.

"I am in heat and I am fertile."

"How is that possible?  You are Alpha.  You are the center of our world."

"It is only possible because of that," Sesshomaru continued.  "I am fertile because of your great love for me."

Rin picked up the explanation.  "Long ago the gods declared that in every mating there would be an alpha.  That alpha would rule his mates.  He would care for them, love them, provide for their safety and protect their offspring."

"Keh, I remember that," Inuyasha huffed.

"But it's what comes next that's important here," Rin admonished.  "Once in a great while there would be such a perfect match that the alpha could step down to bear the future alpha because he trusted his mates so much.   This situation was said to be very rare and history has never recorded it.  Others have tried to achieve this goal but they failed.   Our alpha has gone into heat because of us and our love for him and his love for us."  And with that Rin smiled and hugged Sesshomaru.  She nuzzled into his side and settled in to watch Inuyasha.

Inuyasha stared.  And stared.  And stared.  He tried to speak but failed.  He opened his mouth to speak and then closed it several times.   He looked onto his lovers and studied their faces.  They glowed as they stared back.  He shook his head and tears were flung across the room.  Finally realizing he would never find words, he grabbed his brother and hugged him with all his might, crying the whole time.  Sesshomaru smiled the whole time.   Finally he whispered in his brother's ear, "Come sleep with me and I'll explain more when we wake."

The soft, commanding voice of his alpha was all he needed and the pup fell asleep next to his mates.

Rin turned her body into Sesshomaru's molding her form to his.  "Race you to see who delivers first," she smiled as she teased her mate.

"This Sesshomaru never loses," the daiyoukai bragged.

"We'll see," quipped Rin.  "I already have maternity clothes from last time.  And I know about morning sickness, and mood swings, and ..."

"Stop that right now, Alpha.  I need positive vibes to assure the pup plants securely." Sesshomaru muttered, a coy smirk flashing over his visage.

"Wait until Inuyasha realizes he's the sire.  You're impregnated from his seed and not yours that you had him insert.   Why did you do that anyway," Rin queried.

"Because it felt amazing" Sesshomaru sighed.  "Can't wait to be bottom boy again!  Will you lick me out like a ice cream cone too?"   Two horny pregnant mates eyed each other and a sleeping dog and laughed.  "I'll let the sleeping dog lie for now.  But he going to be worn out when he wakes."

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