Only Human

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     Rin sat by the campfire humming a sweet tune. Her fingers busied themselves with twisting and weaving the long flower stems into a braided crown. It was a hobby she had started when she was a small girl needing something to do with all the flowers she picked. The first few crowns had disintegrated in her hands when she had made them but now her skilled fingers worked efficiently producing a lovely floral arrangement. She chuckled to herself leaning over to place the crown on Jaken’s sleeping head. The little toad demon did not wake. His eyes remained closed and the croaking-like snores continued to leave his throat. She glanced over at the resting form of her Lord. He barely spared a glance to discover what amused her. He sat in the dark forest leaning against a great tree his face lite by dancing firelight. He might as well had been sitting in a grand throne room he held such a regal air about him. He should have been glancing over a multitude of subjects instead of the imp toad demon, a dragon, and a human woman.

    Rin smiled at him and he responded by turning his gaze back into the distance. She continued to stare at her Master studying the image of him. She had spent most of her life with the demon Lord however she never had gotten used to the sheer beauty of him. The fabulous features of his face accented by the crescent moon on his forehead and purple markings on his checks. The pure white curtain of hair accentuating his movements. Those long locks had always tantalized Rin when she was younger she had always wished to braid his hair the way she did the flower crowns. She had wondered what he would look like with his hair in a braid or high ponytail but she had always been afraid to ask. Now asking to touch his hair seemed to have gained a certain intimate undertone to it that she knew she should avoid.

     She couldn’t remember when she started viewing Lord Sesshomaru as something more than a powerful Master that should engender nothing less than the highest respect. As she looked at him now his body drew her in a way that she didn’t want to admit. It wasn’t derived from the respect that her Lord and savior deserved. It was disgustingly human and shameful for one of his follower to objectify his body. She couldn’t help it though she wanted to see what the nude form of his chest looked like draped in his hair. She was curious about the purple marks on his checks. Did they extend lower to cross his chest? Did they encircle his arms and legs? Then of course there was the slenderness of his hips. She was drawn to that area often finding her eyes lingering on the mystery of his manhood. “Stop! I can’t be thinking of Lord Sesshomaru in such a way,” she thought to herself.

    She had grown used to her shameful thoughts and often found herself unable to stop them from flooding her mind. For at least her thoughts were safe from the outside world. It was the other things that worried her.  The physical reactions of her body was something she always worked to suppress. She didn’t want to make the stoic Lord Sesshomaru even more distant that he already was.

    He had always been a silent and unyielding man but things between them now were different and more stained. Every word he spoke to her seemed measured. The atmosphere around them seemed to hold currents of tension and frustration of things thought of and left unspoken. It had begun when she had started feeling differently toward him…no it was earlier than that even. It had started when her body started changing. Rin had barely noticed it at first. She had just felt that Jaken looked shorter and that she could run faster. She liked being taller it made teasing Jaken easier. She hadn’t really cared about the bumps that seemed to be taking form on her chest. To her the changes in her body were unimportant compared to her journey with her Master. She was simply happy to be with him and go on adventures as they always had been doing.

    That all changed when the bleeding started. She had known about it from somewhere in the back of her mind. She was aware that it was normal and nothing to worry about. If it was left to her she would have ignored it happening and continued on her merry way. The demons around her didn’t see it her way.

    The day of her first cycle. She woken up like she always did with the sun. She had stretch her arms over her head yawning and went about kicking herself lose from the blanket wrapped around her. She had seen the blood on the sheet and felt the stickiness of it on her legs. She had innocently checked her arms and legs to see if she had somehow cut herself in her sleep. She turned to look at Jaken opening her mouth to ask him about it but the words died before they left her throat. She had never seen such a strange expression coming from the little imp. He looked at her with disgust painted on his face. His body shrunk away from her like he did when he was expecting Lord Sesshomaru to strike him. She glanced at Lord Sesshomaru to find herself staring into the golden orbs of his eyes. They were normally disinterested but now they held a deep menacing predatory look that made Rin want to move away from him.

    His voice was its usual deep smoothness, “Rin go wash yourself in the river.”

    She nodded her head and obeyed his order. Everything started to make since after she had learned where the blood was coming from. Upon her return Jaken took her on Ah-Un to go visit Inuyasha and his mate. Kagome taught her how to deal with her cycles. Lord Sesshomaru had disappeared and didn’t come back until it had ended. He had continued to do so to this day.

    Rin shivered as a cold breeze rushed through the forest and she scooted closer to the fire.  She rather liked the woods at night. It was peaceful and calming with all the beautiful pinpoint of light staring down at them. She often found herself gazing into the sky trying to make out images in the stars like she did with the clouds during the day. She looked over at her Master’s still form and wondered what captured his attention in the evenings. Was it the stars or was he pondering over his next conquest in his unending journey for power? She turned her gaze back to the fire and sighed. He was still such a mystery even after knowing him for so long. Maybe she’d never solve the puzzle. It was part of that air of mystery that had made her so fascinated with him. It was her own conquest to unravel the secrets of her Lord and savior, if that could even be done.

    The crackling sounds of the fire and the drifting light was starting to make her sleepy. She reached for her blanket and found a comfortable spot on the ground next to Ah-Un and let sleep take her for the evening.

    Sesshomaru ever so slightly slide his gaze back to his ward without turning his head. He had been pondering over what to do with her when she place that silly little crown on Jaken’s head. The girl had grown considerably since he had first met her in the woods. She was a grown human now and that was nothing to take lightly. The day she crossed the bridge into maturity had been a shocking one for him. It had really never occurred to him that Rin would get older. In the recesses of his mind he of course knew that one day it would come to pass but he hadn’t expected it to happen so soon. Demon females don’t go into heat until at least they have matured passed 50 human years. To him Rin was supposed to stay frozen in her age forever young and innocent. Yet here she was. She had blossomed into a beautiful creature.

    She was distracting.

     In all the years of his life Sesshomaru had never met a female that he couldn’t do without. When he was a young pup he had gone through a phase where his body ached for the comforts that only a woman could give. He had found plenty of sources. It was easy to bed the female demons. He had learned from them that he was quite attractive. He had physical appeal and power. They practically begged him to alleviate his desires on them. The peak of his youthful heat had long since passed and he lusted after greater things now. The need for power and the desire to surpass his father drove him to more important ventures. He had thought that he was well over needing the pleasures the female body could bring him.

     Yet there was Rin.

     It didn’t make sense to him and it didn’t fit into any of the goals he had set for himself. In fact it infuriated him to no end that he even gave the child so much as a second thought other than as a faithful follower. She was Jaken’s female counterpart, his understudy but at the same time the little demon never even came close to comparing to her in the back of his mind. She was somewhere far removed from him on a completely different plain but how did the human get there and what exactly that plain was he did not know. Nor did he want to admit the possibility of her being the only female to ever get close to his heart. Her humanity demanded his denial of any such ideas. It simply couldn’t happen. She wasn’t in the same league as he was not even close.

    Even so she still had her effects. She still demanded his attention. Her first monthly cycles made it clear to him that she was a danger to him and to his pride.  She had smelled so delectable and the weakness of her human form had somehow made her appeal even more to him. She would have been so easy to take. Her youth had prevented him but now she was fully grown and even more inviting.

     Her body was tall and slender and very athletic for a female. She had well rounded curves and jet black hair that gilded down those curves. Her face had matured with full lips and creamy skin. Her legs were strong and shapely.

    Her eyes were the same.

    The same sweet innocent accepting eyes that she had had the day they meet. Those eyes that showed unending kindness had never changed. They still watched him with adore and the silent understanding she had always gathered about his will and emotions. Jaken had only ever gathered enough comprehension about his Master to know that he had an unyielding pride. He never lost a moment to bolster his knowledge of that but Rin had somehow gathered more. Through her innocent eyes she somehow saw passed his pride and deeper into his being. Exactly what she saw he didn’t know but he did know that the human female saw more of him than any other creature alive. Her ability to do that alone was also dangerous to him and adding that to her ever growing appeal made her quite the problem.

     Sesshomaru focused his eyes back into the distant trees watching and listen for anything that may approach their encampment but his thoughts stayed on Rin. What was to be done about the woman? He had entertained the idea of sending her back to a human village again to live her out the rest of her life as she was meant to; however, it was clear that she wanted no part of a human village. Her time living with Inuyasha and his friends hadn’t been enough to change her view on human life. Of course her feelings did not matter if she ever became a true hindrance to his plans than she would have to leave him. He was confident in his control and in her obedience of him that she would not ever become such a burden but still was it really fair for her to continue living like this? A human alone living a nomadic lifestyle with demons? It was strange that she even lasted this long but won’t their come a point when she craved the need of closer companionship? Won’t she want offspring? Stability?

    His inner demon would not allow someone so directly under his care to be left with just anyone. Leaving Rin with the old miko and half demon was satisfactory. An annoyance at best and a mark on his family name at worst. Inuyasha at least proved himself a capable demon. Enough so to allow his existence until he did something to change his mind again. To leave Rin with the humans now would mean to leave her with a husband. She would need one to insure her safety and protection. However, the thought of her bedding such a man left him snarling in silent rage.

  He shook his head letting his mind go blank of the subject. His thoughts doing nothing more the doubling back on themselves agitating him even further. If she truly did needed those things he would certainly know when the time came.  


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