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Story: Hashtag: #courage


Summary: Kohaku wants to marry Rin. This is fine, until Inuyasha points out what he had to do in order to do that: ask Sesshoumaru’s permission. RinKohaku Sessinu

Chapter 1



Not to fear where there is occasion, is as great a weakness as to fear unduly, without reason.... Fear is a kind of bell, or gong, which rings the mind into quick life and avoidance upon the approach of danger.

Henry Ward Beecher, Life Thoughts


Being an able ruler and a good General, there were no more than a few things Sesshoumaru was blind to. Rin growing up was one of them.


The peasant child Rin, with missing teeth and a lopsided pony tail somehow failed to turn into peasant woman Rin in the village where Sesshoumaru had left her to learn human life. Instead, she became a half-wild young woman with deep eyes and a strangely regal bearing. She still chased butterflies, and laughed like a 6 year old, but even her childish antics had an elegance, and when she smiled, she looked so uncannily like Sesshoumaru that it frightened the other villagers.


After it became obvious that Rin did not want to live amongst humans, Lord Sesshoumaru did not hesitate to bring her back to the palace with him, and Rin finally came home to find her Lord happily mated with the half-demon Inuyasha.


The time Rin took to go from a small, frail girl to a beautiful woman was like a drop of water in the ocean for a taiyoukai like Sesshoumaru, and despite the strange, fearless girls’ many suitors, it did not seem to have occurred to the demon Lord that Rin had come of age.


His mate, Inuyasha, Rin had found out, was more perceptive than he seemed, and was usually a good way to get to her adoptive father when said demon Lord had dug in his metaphorical (and sometimes literal) heels.


For example, more than one smitten young men owed their lives to the hanyou after they made the mistake of proposing to the woman who was Lord Sesshoumaru’s charge. The fact that they did not seem to understand what this last bit meant was a clinching argument against their worthiness as Rin’s potential husbands. Inuyasha couldn’t, and wouldn’t save the few idiots who tried to touch the little girl without her permission from being claw-sharpeners for the demon Lord, but he managed to conceal a fair amount of harmless suitors from his murderous mate on Rin’s request.


So her step-father, Inuyasha, was the first one Rin chose to tell her good news to. Ultimately, it was Sesshoumaru’s blessing that mattered, and Sesshoumaru was probably the one person who knew Kohaku well, but Inuyasha came a close second, and with a child’s unerring judgement, Rin decided that said hanyou was the parent she was more likely to get the desired response from.


But when Rin told Inuyasha that she and Kohaku were planning on getting married soon, Rin didn’t immediately recognize the look on Inuyasha’s face.


“Is Inuyasha-san unhappy?” she asked carefully, trying not to be hurt. Inuyasha was the first one she had confessed their plans to and his approval, though not essential, was still important to her. The half-demon had been like a second father to her since he and Lord Sesshoumaru had mated, and had treated her with no less affection than his adopted son Shippou.


“I’m damn happy for the both of you,” Inuyasha said, still with that odd look on his face. Early morning sunlight was streaming in through the large, transparent wall of the room where Inuyasha had been enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet while his mate attended to business.


“Though I hope you know what this means,” Inuyasha added, searching Rin’s eyes for some indication of the anticipation of arduous days ahead.


Rin frowned and bobbed her head to the side, a habit she hadn’t lost since she was a child with a pony tail on one side of her head. “It means we’ll live together and be happy?”


“It means you’ll both have to be alive to live together and be happy,’ Inuyasha clarified, folding his arms on his chest, and the sunlight suddenly made his dirty gold eyes glitter oddly.


Rin froze. “What do you mean?”


“In order for you to get married, Kohaku will need to ask for your hand in marriage,” Inuyasha clarified still further, taking a purposeful step forward.


Rin frowned, involuntarily stepping back. “So?”


“Kohaku will have to ask Sesshoumaru for your hand in marriage,” Inuyasha explained slowly, wondering how such a normally sharp girl could be so thick.


“I-I’ll have to what?” came Kohaku’s stuttering voice from the doorway.


Rin turned around to greet her fiancé with a smile. Kohaku was standing there, covered in blood and remains of some demon. He had what looked like a bloody harpoon in his hands and his clothing and shoes were torn and worn out. But what made the smile slide off Rin’s face was how pale he had become.


“Are you ok, Koi?” she asked, taking a few steps towards him.


Kohaku was pointing one accusing, incredulous finger at Inuyasha.

“I’ll have to what,” he repeated.


“It’s traditional,” Rin answered carefully. “You’ll be fine.”


Kohaku looked at Inuyasha. The hanyou was grinning in a way that was at once rueful and resigned.


Kohaku closed his eyes.


A/N: This story will consist of relatively short chapters (compared to my other stories) chronicling Kohaku’s attempt to ask Sesshoumaru for Rin’s hand in marriage. Review and let me know what you think. Ja ne!


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