One More Time

BY : Angoli
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Yu Yu Hakusho or any of its characters. I do not make money doing this. This is for my pleasure only. This is blood, guts, gore, yaoi, Yuri, threesomes, smexy fundome. Read at your own risk.

People quickly moved out of the path of the young woman who was currently barreling down the middle of the sidewalk as she muttered to herself, her body language screaming 'Don't fuck with Me' as she glared at the ground in front of her. "For a freaking clay doll that smells like grave dirt..." 


Kagome clenched her hands into tight fists as she continued on her way to her favorite bath and body store, her eyes still on her black heels as they clicked almost angrily on the pavement. She raised one fist to the sky as she stopped in place and screamed. "My favorite fucking lotion!! Ugh!!!" Taking a deep breath she dropped her hand and smoothed the slightly short skirt of the too tight sky blue dress she was wearing. 


Her shoulders dropped as she continued on at a more sedate pace, her anger abating. After four years they only had a few jewel shards left to find, and the final battle was coming. She complained to Inuyasha about wanting to train more but he always made complaints about wasting time. "Can waste time making mud with my lotion, the bastard." She grumbled under her breath.


After stopping at Kaedes for a rest and restock, Kagome figured she would surprise Inuyasha by showing up a few days early. Instead, he surprised her. With a view of him doing the nasty with Kikyou just off the path on the way to the bone eaters well. The best part? Next to them, lay innocently Kagome's favorite body lotion that was 'lost' a few weeks ago. Now she couldn't bathe with her matching Sakura scented body wash without wanting to hurl.


Kagome shivered violently at the memory before wrinkling her nose. She gave up. After years of unrequited love, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. How could he want a cold, dead clay pot over a warm, living and breathing person? Less than a week ago, Kikyou had tried to kill her... Again! Kagome just couldn't do it anymore. She was tired of feeling second best to living dead girl, tired of getting her feelings trampled. She wanted to feel desired and wanted and sexy damn it!

She was a nineteen year old virgin who had kissed, but never been kissed. Who never got any tongue action or heavy petting or oral or ANYTHING. She was starting to feel really curious about the opposite sex and so far the only guy she really ever wanted was into necrophelia. Unless you counted Sesshomaru but let's face it, THAT was never gonna happen.


Kagome narrowed her eyes as her back straightened and she marched forward. She knew.she was attractive. She had all kinds of admirers. It was all about picking one. Nodding her head she noticed with a bit of surprise a group of three demons, one man, and two women heading her way. She noticed the one demon with slicked back hair was talking to the brunette girl who was laughing. The loud red headed guy was gesturing wildly and making kind of a fool of himself as he tried to catch the other girls attention. Kagome wrote him off quickly, not even glancing at the girl. She looked between the tall red headed demon with longer hair and the demon who was about her height with wild black hair that was standing straight up with a star burst of white around his forehead. 


Without missing a beat she glared her aura a bit and tested them, watching as they glanced around in surprise before zeroing in on her. She smiled brightly and felt the wariness from the fire and ice demon. The clashing elements was curious, but something she would think.on later. The Fox demon was showing more of a positive vibe and was less likely to kill her for what she was about to do. 


She stopped right in front of Kurama, her head tilting to the side and her her side. "Hi."


Kurama blinked, his head tilting to the side as he looked down at the attractive young woman. He could not help but smile back as he took in her uncommon bright blue eyes as he pushed his youki against hers as he tried to remember where he felt this kind of energy before. "Hello. My name is-"

"Not important." Kagome said softly before she grabbed both sides of his head and crushed her lips against his hard, her head tilting to the side as she leaned into him.

Kurama opened his mouth in shock, a gasp coming from him when her tongue invaded his mouth and he tasted her sweet honey flavor as he wrapped his arms around her arms to steady her as she leaned into him. His brain shirt circuited when she curled her tongue over one of his fangs and the sweet ambrosia that was her blood hit his taste buds. Growling roughly Kurama moved one hand to the back of Kagome neck and took control of the kiss, his other hand moving to wrap around her waist as he felt the girl thread her hands through his hair.


When air became a necessity they broke apart panting, both with cheeks painted red as they stated at each other for a few seconds. Kagome licked her swollen lips and cleared her she stepped away from the demon, a smile on her face. "Um... Thanks!" She waved one hand before brushing between Kurama and Hiei as she continued on her way.


The Spirit Detectives stood in a semi circle around Kurama, all in various levels of shock. Yuusuke was of course, the first to break the silence. "Damn, Kurama. Please tell me you hit that. Ow! Keiko!!"


Kurama turned his head, looking back to see if he could spot the woman who just pleasurably assaulted his person. " I have... Never seen her before in my life." He said slowly, his voice husky. He quickly took off in her direction when he realized she had somehow hid her aura and scent from him.

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