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Perfection was a demanding mistress. Nothing ever pleased. There was always something more. Something better. It was this constant drive to do better that gave Inuyasha is strength. His hands should be quivering from the strain of such minute movements. Yet they were still. His back should be howling in pain from hunching over in his seat. Yet there was no pain. His hands barely moved as he guided the fine tip of the paintbrush. The single dot of pain smoothed out over the surface. Red merged seamlessly with the surrounding paint until there was a unified surface.

Perfect. Only then did Inuyasha pull himself away. He cast a proud gaze over his creation, like an approving parent dotting over their child. Standing at just over 12 inches tall, the model was 1/60 the scale of the actual machine. Weapons bristled from its red armor as the head gazed towards a distant enemy. A perfect replica of his beloved Valiant machine. Yes, it was piloted by the villain in the series Distant Colony, but that wasn't the point. The machine was not the villain, only the one who piloted it. It was hardly fair to blame the machine. It had been a physical blow watching the hero blow it apart in episode 88. Yet the villain survived, thanks to the extra armor around the cockpit. Even in defeat, the Valiant performed its duty and protected its pilot.

Sighing, he rubbed his tired eyes. Now that his focus was broken, the aches and pains assaulted him. Glancing over at the clock, he groaned. Another short night. As he scooted off towards the bathroom, he gave one last look at the model and smiled. It gleamed under the light of his desk lamp. Maybe I should skip classes tomorrow…


"Good morning~!" Miroku chirped happily, draping his arm over his shoulders. They felt like a sack of grain as his fatigued body struggled to hold his body upright. Inuyasha grumbled something in response. It wasn't even intelligible to him. Miroku frowned. "You do know it's nearly noon, right?"

"What of it?" he asked, staring straight ahead. One foot in front of the other… At the very least, he would get attendance today.

"Let me guess, you were up all night finishing that model."

"Finishing the Valiant, thank you. And yes. It's glorious."

Miroku rolled his eyes, letting his arm fall away. Already Inuyasha felt several pounds lighter. "That stuff was cool in high school but… come on. We're in university now."

Inuyasha cleared his throat. "Assembling models is a perfectly acceptable hobby."

"Hobby, yes. Not life." Frowning, Inuyasha looked at his friend. His black hair was pulled back into a short rat-tail. There were many who found his indigo eyes offsetting. On the other hand, there were just as many who found them fascinating – that many of them were female was a bonus. His friend had always had a lecherous streak since they found Sesshomaru's secret stash their freshmen year. And he thinks my hobby is bad. Miroku had walked a long path littered with broken hearts. And yet the girls flock to him. Not that it really concerned him. Sure, a girlfriend would be nice, but he was content with his life as it was.

"And what do you suggest I do then?"

"Socialize for one," Miroku answered. "We finally got out of that shithole of a town and into a bigger city. There are so many people around." He rubbed his chin before brightening. "And there is networking. Always a good thing to network."

"We just started."

"All the more reason to get to it. Graduation is a long way away, but who knows what will be waiting for us then? Jobs are hard enough to find now. There could be another crash." Inuyasha shrugged, causing Miroku to sigh. "You're killing me here… Would it hurt you to get out for one night? You just finished your model right? How about instead of starting a new one…"

"Go drink and party instead?" He wrinkled his nose. "Pass."

Miroku frowned. "You think that's all we do?"

"Yes," he answered immediately.

"You wound me sir." With dramatic flair, he held a hand against his chest. He took a deep breath, looking over at Inuyasha. "But seriously. I think you'll enjoy this group. There are a good bit of members, but the meetings are always small."

"Bet there are a fair amount of girls there too." From the way Miroku smiled, he was spot on.

"Come on. It's not that bad."

Inuyasha sighed, shaking his head. "What is it?"

"A study group."

"Study group?" That was the last thing he expected Miroku to be in. It immediately made him suspicious.

Miroku was already warming up his defense. "Now, I know what you're thinking."

"Do you?"

"A study group is the last thing I would join." Inuyasha nodded. "But this isn't a study group per se, but rather a unwind group."

"Then why not call it that?" he asked with a frown.

"Because a lot of the members study too." He sighed. "The point is, you can't spend all day every day studying. You need time to relax and catch your breath. Know what I mean?" He stepped in front of him, causing Inuyasha to stop. "Just one meeting. I promise you I'll stop bugging you if you attend one meeting. You can decide if you want to continue or not after that."

There was a long silence as Inuyasha studied him. Well, the Brave isn't supposed to come in until tomorrow… He scratched as his cheek. "Fine. One meeting. After that, no more."

Miroku was all teeth. "Deal."


"Attention! Attention please!" Miroku said, clapping his hands lightly. Heads turned towards them. To his surprise, the people at the meeting were not what he was expecting. Definitely not the crowd he expected Miroku to run with. Everyone looked serious. Everyone had beers, but they seemed to be consuming them responsibly. The conversation was also controlled when they entered, not rowdy yelling. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Miroku slapped him on the shoulders, pushing him forward. His grip locked him in place, like he was putting him on displace. "This here is my good friend Inuyasha I've told you about. He's in computer science." Inuyasha lifted his arm and gave a weak wave. "How about we go around the room?"

"Kouga, nuclear engineering," the closest man said, giving him a small wave. There was a fierce look about him, his long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was almost as if the man was sizing him up for a fight.

"Hojo," the next man in line said. "Astrophysics. Nice to meet you." Inuyasha nodded in response. The guy had an oddly innocent look to him. He had some Asian heritage in him, whether that was farther down his ancestry or more recent was unknown.

On the other side of the table was nothing but women. "Kikyo," the one farthest from him said. She sounded distant and cold. Like she cared as much for being here as he did. "Premed."

"I'm Kagome!" the next one said, smiling warmly. Inuyasha almost did a double take. She looked eerily like… What was her name again? He hated trying to remember names. Still, she was a beauty. She let her long black hair cascade down her back. Unlike her doppelganger, her brown eyes were filled with warmth as she looked up at him, head tilted slightly to the side. "I'm in aerospace engineering. It's nice to meet you!"

"And I am Sango! Also in aerospace engineering," the next girl said loudly. Unlike the others, it seemed that she had a few more to drink than average. She tilted her head back to look up at him, her brown hair tied back in a high ponytail. She raised an eyebrow. "Another demon eh? Nice."

"I-" Inuyasha's voice cracked. He cleared his throat. "Actually, I'm a hanyo."

"Oh, nice. Which side was which?" Inuyasha scratched his neck. He wasn't used to someone actually praising his heritage. Demons and humans had a long list of ancient wars. While today they peacefully cohabitated in larger cities, there was still a deep seeded distrust.

"My mom was human."


His eyes fell to the next member who hadn't introduced herself. "Kirara," she said softly, giving a tiny smile. "Premed as well." His eyes were instantly drawn to her black ears, which twitched atop her head. She flattened them against her long white hair. Though she was wearing clothes, she was covered in short fur that was slightly darker than her more human hair. It wasn't often you saw someone so blatantly a demon outside a demon country. Normally they were more humanized, like Kouga or himself. She was clearly a pureblood whose clan hadn't bothered transforming themselves any more than they had to. Just human enough, eh? There were a lot of holdover clans like that. They tended to be isolationist though. There was clearly a story behind her being here so far from home. He could see her tails nervously twitch against the floor.

The last one drew his attention away from the anxious demon. "Ayame," she said, green eyes staring up at him. He noticed where her eyes were and found himself twitching his ears like Kirara had. "I'm in nuclear engineering as well." At the same time, her eyes moved over to Kouga.

Miroku slapped his hands together, giving them a good rub. "Right, now that we've all introduced ourselves…" He gestured for Inuyasha to take a seat across from Kagome. "Let's get this started!" Inuyasha noticed a few of the girls roll their eyes before turning back to what they were doing before. Conversations picked up as Inuyasha settled down. Miroku didn't follow him, instead moving over to squeeze in between Kirara and Sango. He was pouring both of them drinks, smiling as he spoke to them.

"Computer science huh?" Inuyasha looked up to find Kagome smiling over at him.

"That's right," he said as she poured a beer into an empty glass. She pushed it over to him.

"So Miroku brought us a computer nerd. Wonderful."

"Kikyo!" Kagome smiled apologetically at him. "Sorry. My cousins a bit standoffish to new people. She'll warm up once she gets a few more drinks in her." Kikyo just rolled her eyes.

Inuyasha looked down at his drink and scratched at his cheek. He didn't drink beer. Alcohol in general. He had only had it once. That was all it took for him to realize the stuff didn't agree with him. Yet she looks so expectant… Slowly, he brought it up to his lips. Holding his breath, he managed a sip. Yup. Still as disgusting as before. He was going to have to nurse the shit out of this all night.

Kagome took a healthy swig of her drink before looking across the table at him. "In any clubs?"

"Sorry?" he asked, looking up from his drink.

"Clubs? Activities?"

"Oh… No. Nothing like that."

Kagome nodded, giving a polite smile. He knew he was killing the conversation before it could get started. This is why I hate shit like this. He cast an accusing glare over at Miroku who was too preoccupied to notice. His attention turned back to Kagome who was trying not to look bored. Come on, think of something! "So uh… Miroku didn't tell me much…"

Kagome blinked a few times before she realized what he was talking about. "You mean our study group?" Inuyasha nodded. She looked surprised. "Really? Nothing?"

"He just mentioned something about unwinding."

"Ah… right. Yeah." She took another big chunk of beer out of her glass, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. "I guess that's true enough." She smiled. "Don't worry too much about it. Most of the time, it's like this. We just sit around and talk and drink."

"Basically anything but study," Kikyo tossed in. Inuyasha was surprised to find her refilling her glass with another bottle of beer. Maybe I was wrong about the drinking. He noticed that everyone was going through alcohol a lot faster now. As Kikyo took another long sip of her drink, Inuyasha found her attention was on Miroku rather than him or Kagome. She sighed as she set her glass against the table. "Looks like Miroku's going for the double again," she said in a lowered voice.

Kagome glanced to her right, drawing Inuyasha's gaze too. Miroku had his arm around Kirara's shoulders. She looked slightly uncomfortable as she politely smiled up at him. His attention was on Sango though. He was regaling them with a tale from childhood. It was when some bullies ambushed them back in grade school. Outnumbered, they got their asses kicked. Inuyasha still had pictures from the black eye and busted lip. Yet in Miroku's version, they were putting up a heroic stand. Hell, they were winning. Sango didn't seem too impressed however, her attention more on knocking down drinks with Kouga in what appeared to be a silent battle between the two.

"Looks like it," she whispered back, amused.

"Does he ever give up?"

"His persistence is charming in its own way."

Kikyo rolled her eyes. "It's annoying is what it is. Poor Kirara. You know she's going to cave."

"Sango…" Kagome rubbed her chin. "She'll probably pass out in the next hour or so."

"Not before taking Kouga out with her," she huffed.

"Um…" Inuyasha interjected, causing both women to turn their attention to him. "Sorry, I'm not quite following…" His voice drifted off as the two shared a look.

Kikyo stared straight at him. "Really?" She slowly shook her head. "Cute, but dense." Kagome gave a nervous laugh as she tucked in loose strands of hair behind her ear. "Your friend is trying, and failing, to get both Sango and Kirara in bed. Again. That clear enough for you?"

He nodded, feeling his face redden. "That's normal?"

"Wow, he really didn't tell you anything, did he?"

Kagome was quick to step in. Flashing the other woman a warning glare. She smiled at Inuyasha. "It's common. Not uh…" She fumbled for words.

"The threesome," Kikyo finished, nonchalantly looking past Kagome at Miroku.

"R-right. Not that. But uh…"

"Come on Kagome," Kikyo said with a sigh. "We have sex, okay?" Inuyasha's eyes went wide.

"Not all the time!" Kagome cleared her throat. "But… yes. We do it from time to time." She smiled. "Only if you want to, of course. You are more than welcome to just sit in, talk and drink. Plenty of members do that."

Inuyasha looked down at his beer. Anything to avoid looking at the slightly sheepish expression Kagome had. His face felt like it was on fire. He took a big gulp of his beer. He nearly gaged as it burned his throat and nose. God damn Miroku… where the hell did you bring me?


Inuyasha looked through the world through a lens made of alcohol. He had two beers. Or was it three? That was more than enough to have the world spinning. Somewhere inside him, it was embarrassing to be such a lightweight. On the other hand, he hated that he even allowed himself to drink at all knowing how alcohol affected him. Yet it was the only thing he could do to stomach the embarrassment as the night played out. The more beers consumed, the more rowdy the group got.

Sango had claimed victory over Kouga, managing a victory drink before joining him face-first against the table. Miroku had focused his attention entirely on Kirara by that point, her eyes wide and fur standing up as his hand slipped down under her shirt. Yet she never told him to fuck off…

Ayame had been in an engaging conversation with Hojo as she held Kouga's head in her lap. As for Kagome and Kikyo, they bounced between the two groups. Sometimes talking to Kirara and Miroku, then Hojo and Ayame, and finally talking amongst themselves. Inuyasha seemed forgotten. That was fine, because he wanted nothing more than to leave. Once he thought they had truly forgotten about him, he planned to make his escape – an escape that never materialized.

He let out a long breath, closing his eyes. Despite the awful ingestion process, he felt really good. A smile touched his lips. This would probably be the last time he was drunk, so he might as well enjoy it.

"Wow, you're a lot bigger than I thought." His eyes fluttered open at the voice. Confusion slowly filtered through his alcohol infused thoughts. A giggle in the darkness.

"Wha—" he started, lifting his head off the bed. Wait. Bed? He squinted, trying to make out where he was. He was in a room, but the shadows were all wrong.

"Lay back down," the voice ordered. Not sure what was going on, he did what he was told. He was feeling great again. This time, a sound accompanied it. It sounded like slurping.

"Uhhh…" he managed to moan. The world was still spinning. He had the sudden urge to pee. Lifting his head again, he tried to ask the mysterious voice where the bathroom was. Too late. There was a gagging, then coughing noise. He fell back against the bed, looking towards the ceiling as the urge to pee faded. His head spun, body feeling light. So… tired… Closing his eyes, he drifted off.


Eyes snapping open, he found himself staring at a strange ceiling. Sitting up, he looked around the room. It had frugal decorations. A bookcase packed with thick textbooks. A desk with papers and books stacked neatly together. The bed, and a few inspirational posters. The headache hit him like a baseball bat to the face. The world tunneled as pain overtook him. Mother—

Squeezing his temples, a moan caught his attention. At first, he thought it came from him, moaning from the pain. When it happened again, he realized it was coming from next to him. Tangled in the covers was Kikyo. His jaw dropped when he realized she had nothing on. He looked down. I have nothing on! Squeezing his head like a vice, he stared down at the covers hiding his lower body, eyes wide. What happened last night? What the fuck happened last night? He remembered having to pee then… The realization hit him just as hard as the headache. That wasn't me having to pee…

Cautiously, he peeled back the covers. Sure enough, Kikyo was every bit as naked down below as she was above. Swallowing hard, he quickly returned the covers in place. Heart racing, he slid out of bed. He narrowly avoided stepping on a used condom illuminated by the weak sunlight that snuck through the closed blinds. Did we? He blinked, staring down at the green rubber. It was most definitely used, and unless Kikyo had a habit of leaving them lying around… We did. Oh fuck. We totally did. He pushed his bangs up. His nose was plugged. Normally a major annoyance, now a godsend. He had a feeling he wouldn't like the way the room smelled.

As quickly and quietly as he could, Inuyasha gathered his clothes and dressed. Moving to the door, he paused to glance over his shoulder. Kikyo was still asleep, mouth parted slightly as she breathed heavily through it. Inuyasha only had bits and pieces of last night, and none of them explained how this happened. I thought she hated me…

At the door, he opened it, carefully peaking outside. No one was in the hall. He slid outside and began closing the door. He had one last look at Kikyo, sleeping on her bed. I can't believe I lost my virginity and I don't even remember it…

With that, he closed the door with a click.


"Admit it. You had fun."

Inuyasha didn't move, his arm draped across his eyes. So long as he didn't let the evil sun anywhere near his eyes, his headache was manageable. "I fucking hate you."

"I saw you leaving with Kikyo." Inuyasha could feel the grin on his friends face. "Congratulations are in order!"

"I don't remember anything last night…"

He could hear Miroku scratching his chin. "Yeah… I wish I could forget my first time," he muttered. "Maybe that's for the best."

"Whatever," Inuyasha grumbled. "It's done. Over. I expect you to hold up your end of the deal."

Miroku sounded flabbergasted. "What? You're quitting? Things just started getting good!"

"I never joined in the first place."


"Ah! You said no more bugging me."

"Yeah, but I didn't expect you to…" He sighed. "Fine. I won't bug you anymore."

"Good. Now make yourself useful and go find me something for this headache…"


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