Kagome´s Lovers

BY : Aika
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Kagome´s lovers


The battle against Naraku ended and Inuyasha used the pearl for Kykyo to come back to life again. Kagome resignedly accepted her defeat and left for her world.

Seven years later she decides to return to the Sengoku but now being a beautiful woman of 22 years surprisingly beautiful, with a long black hair, tanned skin and a voluptuous body, a sensual beauty especially in his generous meats of his rear, while his face of hair black reflects serenity and even tenderness. In short, She have become a fetishistic and carnal dream in which She awaken a desire for lust among all men, no matter their age, be they old men, adults or even young teenagers who are beginning to take an interest in the opposite sex. And even more, with that beautiful ass that made them hypnotized and only want one thing: Sodomize the beautiful woman. In short, a sensual and provocative woman with authentic measures of madness 110-60-112.

When arriving at the Sengoku and leaving the well his surprise is great when meeting with Sesshomaru. The lord can not help but be astounded at how beautiful the human had become and decided to invite her to spend the night in his castle, Kagome did not hesitate to accept the invitation of the beautiful demon.

Upon arriving at the castle, his surprise had no limits when he met the monk Miroku who was also surprised to see how beautiful Kagome had become. Then Kagome almost faints to know that Miroku and Sango were not married and each one took different courses. In the end Sango married a prince of the southern lands and Miroku decided to remain in the service of Sesshomaru.

Kagome ignored him but Sesshomaru was planning to make love to her that night., While the lusty monk would be a mute witness watching as she would lose her virginity.

To be continued.................

Hello guys, This is my first attempt in English.

The grammatical structure is bad because I am using the google translator.

I hope to improve in the following chapters.

Greetings from Mexico.

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