La Isla Bonita

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La Isla Bonita

Chapter 1


Original Publish Date ( 4/4/2017
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Just a note: We are gonna go from 0-100 in this story regarding sexual content. I don't think I was clear enough the first time. Lol.


The blazing tropical sun baked through her eyelids, pulling her to consciousness. She couldn't breathe. Abruptly, the woman coughed out the sea water burning her lungs as she pulled herself up to her forearms. Once able to take a few steady breaths, she took in her surroundings. On a white, sandy beach with lush, green plants and palm trees right after the shore, rising to a small mountain that peaked in the middle of the island. There she saw it—the statue of a large dog that stood on its four legs, chest puffed with pride but expression calm, and covered in a suit of armor reminiscent of a samurai.

It was here that she died and lived again.

Rin rose on unsteady legs, scanning the beach for anything... The boat, her friends, but there was evidence of neither. This was not how she wanted to come back here. Tears began to prickle the corner of her eyes, she didn't want to lose anyone else. They must be fine, they had to be fine. She couldn't have been the only one to survive the storm, not again.

Her sundress was torn across her thighs and neckline, leaving her in a less-than-appropriate state of dress. Not there was anyone around to see her. She moved forward, her first intention to get out from under the stinging rays of light. How long had she been out? There was no real way to know. March 29th, 2017. That was the last day she knew. She won't forget it.

She sighed in relief when standing under a large cluster of palms, enjoying the shade and cool sea breeze on her hot skin. Her eyes skimmed the horizon with a sliver of hope, but the sea was empty. Only rolling waves of white and blue that were clear once they hit the shore. Her gaze traveled up the palm and spotted bundles of brown coconuts. It reminded her of her chapped lips, dry mouth, and her rumbling stomach. Without hesitation, she began climbing the crooked tree, and it didn't take her long to shake out three of the hairy fruits, letting them drop to the ground.

Now the task of opening them... Luckily, she noticed the right side of the beach begins to turn rocky. She might be able to figure something out there. With her arms full and carefully watching the ground for her bare feet, she found a spot where she could settle the coconuts and drop a rather, large heavy rock on them to smash them open. Rin never tried this before... but she sincerely hoped that all those survival videos she re-watched in the couple of weeks before sailing had some truth to them.

She grinned when a couple of drops had cracked the fibrous shell of the fruit enough for her to start ripping it out and revealing the small round treasure inside. Finding a rock with a sharp edge, she slammed the coconut down and gasped when it cut through, quickly bringing it up to her mouth to drink the water escaping. Drinking the water in two and leaving one intact for later, she gathered the shells to use for tinder when night falls and decided to eat the fruit's meat back in the shade.

Rin contemplated her next actions. She needed a source of fresh water, and she knew there some further inland but had no idea where. She needed better clothing or some kind of coverage from the sun, her back already burned when she was knocked out on the sand. She needed shelter, something to protect her from the elements and to sleep in... And she needed a weapon. She would not be attacked by the wildlife again with no means to fight. After all, there was no guarantee that her previous savior was still around.

The beautiful, young man with eyes of polished gold. It had been a decade since she last laid eyes on him...

With a burst of determination, she fashioned a spear out of a sharp rock, rope made from coconut fiber, and a sturdy branch before making her way further into the island, listening for any sounds of running water or wildlife. That was when she noticed how eerily quiet it was... No sounds of insects, birds, not even the wind between the trees. Something was wrong.

Would it be wiser to continue or go back? She needed water. It was not an option, it couldn't wait. Without it, she would die within days. She could only hope that whatever hushed the island was not out for her.

How long had she been walking, watching her every step not to crunch dead leaves or snap a twig? She always had a terrible perception of time, it could have been 5 minutes or an hour, and it would have felt the same to her. Then the sound of trickling water hit her senses, and she broke into an excited run, throwing caution to the wind. She pushed aside the last bit of broad leaves to reveal a large open area, complete with a small waterfall falling into a moderate-sized lake... and a man standing on its edge with his back to her, shirtless, and holding a bundle of wet cloth in his hands.

Rin examined the male closely, was this her savior from all those years before? His hair was almost the same shade of shimmering silver but tied up in a blue ribbon, high on his head. His skin seemed more tanned than what she remembered, and she couldn't help but admire the defined muscles rolling down his back-

"It is rude to stare, you know." She gasped in shock at the deep voice as she jumped back into the cover of the bushes. The man turned completely, a polite smile on his face. "You can come out. I don't bite." His eyes... his eyes were so similar to the man from her past, but there was one significant difference. Though both shared that same deep, golden shade, this man's eyes were lively, vibrant as the sun—not the icy fire that began haunting her dreams a few years ago. She stepped into the clearing; her make-shift weapon gripped tightly. "We have not had a visitor in decades... Certainly not one as beautiful as you."

Rin felt her cheeks flush from the compliment... and from the clear view she had of the man's sculpted abdominals, "M-my name is Rin..."

"I am Lord Touga, I reign over this side of the island." He gave her a peculiar look and gestured her to come closer. Reluctantly, she obeyed until she was just within arm's reach. The man let out a curious noise and grabbed her chin gently to pull her face up as he examined her eyes. He had claws, just like him. And striped tattoos on his cheeks, though no moon... "Your eyes... You have been here before."

"Yes." She responded, a wave of relief crashing over her that nearly brought her to tears. How many times... How many times had she told the story of what happened to her and no one believed? The day she woke up back on a beach next to modern civilization, her ordinary brown eyes had a wave of gold splitting the iris like the horizon. The only thing she had that proved her experience wasn't a fantasy or a delusion brought by the shock of her parent's death.

"I don't recall ever seeing you before..." Touga let her face go, "How long has been since you last were here?"

"About 10 years, sir..."

"Hmm..." He rubbed his chin, "How strange... as I am the only one with the power to send anyone back. Tell me, how did you leave the island?"

"I don't... I don't know, I'm sorry. One day I woke and... I was back. The man I was with... He looked like you. I never got his name..."

Touga raised a bushy brow, "My youngest son, maybe? I hadn't realized he had grown in power so much..." The man gave her a quick look over, "Most people here prefer to wear as little as possible due to the environment, but I have a feeling you might have some reservations about that..." Remembering her state of dress, Rin crossed her arms over her exposed chest, nodding in agreement. The man gave a soft chuckle, "Come with me. We'll get you some clothes, some fresh water, maybe some food too? Then I will lead you to my son. We have quite a bit to talk about."

And she followed the tall man through the tropical forest as he asked about her life outside. There was nothing interesting to say. She first explained how she got to the island the first time... A quiet family vacation out on the sea as her father liked when a raging storm formed in seconds, and tore the impressive yacht to nothing but pieces of wood and fiberglass. Rin didn't know what happened from there, only that she woke on the rough side of the beach, bruised and scratched from the rocks and coral, with no indication of a boat crash around her, much like today.

"The way opened, and let you in." Touga muttered mysteriously, "Continue."

"I was alone for days..." And being a sheltered 10-year-old from a well-off family, too young and stupid for survival tactics. She was lucky to find a lake that wasn't tainted as she drank without boiling the water, lucky to find a banana tree and not get bitten by spiders that she never checked for, lucky to find an empty cave that she never went deep enough in to ensure its safety... Her chatter was interrupted as a path was revealed to her, leading into an ancient city bustling with young, gorgeous people of various shades of bronze skin, hair either in silver, blonde, or chestnut, eyes of gold, blue, and black... that looked at her as she watched them.

"This is Carteia." Lord Touga announced, "And you are welcome here for as long as you like."

"Lord Touga! How have you been this fine day?" A merchant in a clothing store beckoned them over. The two exchanged pleasantries as her gaze wandered to the clothing hanging from stall: cropped tops, scrawls, and flowing skirts of white, blue, purple and green, some decorated with sea creatures and waves. The man joked, "And who is this? Almost as fair as the former Lady Izayoi! Have you pulled another out of the sea? How do you keep doing this?"

"I did nothing. It seems the gods had deemed us worthy to be in the presence of her beauty." Did they all talk like this? She was nothing special regarding her appearance. Black hair, brown eyes, lightly-tanned skin, and a build leaning towards more athletic than average due to her constant exploring nature—always hiking, always climbing. All in all, pretty average, especially when put against any person in this crowd... "And she is in need of clothing as you can see. Do you have something that would complement her?"

"Of course, of course—oh, your back is burned! Lady Izayoi had the same problem when in the sun too long. I believe Katsumi has some of that healing gel in stock across the way?" Lord Touga left with a promise to return quickly as the merchant began to pull an orchid-colored skirt decorated with sea turtles, a backless, cropped halter-style top of the same color, a simple pair of sandals, a scrawl to protect her from the sun, a beaded bracelet, a matching neck-

"I'm sorry, this is all too much." Rin interrupted the man as he continued piling on items in her arms. "The clothing is all I need. You don't have to worry yourself about anything else." And that she desperately wanted to change. There wasn't an eye within 20 feet of her that wasn't on her. Some with spiteful lust, others just curious—but all wary and distrusting.

"Ah, alright, alright. You can change right here in the back of stall—oh and there is the Lord with the gel! You should put it on before changing." She couldn't reach every inch of her back, and Lord Touga seemed not to mind helping her at all. Rin moaned when the cooling substance touched her sunburned skin, letting her chin fall to her chest as his hands massaged her back. He was very good at it.

"That should do it." Rin didn't notice the huskiness in his voice and went on to change privately.

Lord Touga, she concluded, was pretty nice for a leader of isolated people. He got her a skewer of smoked boar that was quite possibly the best-roasted meat she ever tore her teeth into—and when she mentioned she would love to explore the island, he said she should not go alone... but then got her: a canteen with a built-in filter, another set of clothes in a different style, a bikini (he seemed to reject the idea of a less-revealing and more practical suit), a first-aid kit with two antidotes of the most common poison encountered, a sharp dagger, and a heavy-duty backpack to put it all in. She didn't understand his kindness and asked him why.

"These things are of no consequence for me to provide to you, but could save your own life... Why would I not provide them?" He then smiled, "That aside, if you caught the attention of Inuyasha enough for him to risk the ritual of sending you back, then you are more than worth it."

Inuyasha? Was that his name?

They climbed the steep steps up the large fortress-like mansion that overlooked the city, and Rin felt nervousness creeping into her mind. Would he remember her? Would he be angry that she returned? It was not as if she meant to return honestly, she couldn't command the sky or sea. She just didn't protest joining her friends, knowing which direction they were heading.

Her friends...

"Lord Touga?"


"I was... I was in a boat that belonged to a couple a few years older than me... Sango and Miroku. I had a friend with me too, about my age, her name was Kagome... Have... Have you seen anyone else?"

The man shook his head, "No, I haven't but don't lose faith. The island is vast and when the way opens, the storm is fierce, but as you know, not always fatal. If my men or I find any sign of your friends, you will be the first to know."

Rin hoped they found something. Anything.

When they entered the mansion, every passing servant bowed deeply in greeting to the tall man who nodded and smiled at each one. Her savior had never smiled, and it felt strange to see his father, with a familiar face, do so. How would he look if he smiled?

"Inuyasha! Come here, my son!" Rin blinked at the shout, thinking they were going to go to a private room... No, he called his son right in the middle of the entrance.

"Ugh! What do you want!?" She heard a man yell. That wasn't him. His voice was something she only heard 3, maybe 4 times in reality, but she heard it enough in her dreams. He didn't speak like that.

"Come down." Lord Touga repeated - this time the mirth was gone from his voice... he almost sounded like him, enough to make her body tremble involuntarily. She ignored the glance he gave her way, noticing someone descending the grand set of stairs to the side. It certainly wasn't her savior. This man was notably younger, his hair was slightly duller gray and untamed, his eyes were large and filled with emotions (mostly annoyance at the moment), and he had...

Dog ears?

"Who the hell is this?" The young man asked rather rudely, which his father did not like one bit.

"Inuyasha, watch your language." Lord Touga warned, "Now, tell me, why did you keep sending this girl back a secret?" She didn't really listen to them, her eyes glued to the ears sitting on top of the boy's fluffy hair, fascinated by every twitch that seemed to mimic the emotion on his face. Why did he have dog ears? In fact, why did everyone in the town seem timeless, all stuck in the ages of their prime or younger? She didn't see any elders, at all.

"I have no idea who this is."

"Nonsense. Now explain yourself."

Could she touch them? Should she ask? What would it hurt? "Can I touch your ears?"

"No." That is unfortunate. She tried not to let her disappointment show, but Rin wasn't good at hiding her emotions at all. Seeing this, the young man sighed in what sounded like defeat, "Fine... But just for a second!" He also warned her to not be too rough. She carefully rubbed the base of the ear up to its tip, marveling at how silky smooth they were.

His eyes were drooping and she giggled, "Are you falling asleep?"

"NO!" He shouted, pulling away with a growl. "And like I said, I don't know who she is."

"Oh, there seems to be a misunderstanding, Lord Touga..." Rin started, wanting to clear the air before the men got further agitated, "This isn't the right man... The one who helped me... His hair was longer, he was a bit older and..." Her fingertips brushed against her cheek, "He had markings on his face like yours... but with a moon between his bangs."

The life in the mansion froze at her words, the two men looked at her in shock for a minute before she was being dragged into a private room. Did she say something wrong?

"Are you sure that is who returned you?"

"Of course, I wouldn't forget him. Without him... I would have been dead. I owe him my life."

The young dog-eared man barked with laughter, "Yeah right. No way Sesshomaru saved your ass.-" Sesshomaru. She committed the name to memory. "-You must have hit your head too hard on the corals on the way down."

Rin sharply inhaled, her blood beginning to boil at Inuyasha's statement. She spent 10 years... 10 years with not a single soul believing her. She'd be damned if she would let someone brush her aside in the very place her experience occurred in, "I know very well who brought me back to life and it sure wasn't such a loud, rude, immature boy like you."

"And I'm telling you are fucking craz—"

"Inuyasha. Leave. I will talk to you later."


"I will not repeat myself."

The last warning was enough, and two were now alone in what appeared to be a study. Lord Touga asked her to finish the story of her first trip here, and there wasn't too much left to say. She found a beautiful man, bleeding profusely as he rested against a tree. He wouldn't wake up, so she doused his head in water - Lord Touga snorted - and he sat up snarling at her, trying to scare her off but it didn't. He didn't seem to care about the blood, but she did, it worried her. When she brought him food of different kinds, he ate nothing. She spent days with him as she had no one else, and he never explicitly sent her away. On one trip back to her cave, wolves had decided to move in during her short absence.

And she ran to him but... She never made it. The wolves jumped on her back, bit into her neck and chewed her limbs to the bone until her mind entered a numb state of nothingness.

Next thing she knew, he was there, watching her carefully as she stood back up... on full, flawless legs. He didn't say anything at all. He just turned and walked away... and she followed, a bit unsure... but he still said nothing. She took it as an okay. "I stayed following him around for a day or two more... then one morning, when I woke up, I was on a beach in Greece, far from Japan."

Lord Touga nodded, "Hmm..." The older man seemed to deep in thought and she waited until he spoke again. "That is interesting. Very, how do you say,... out of character for Sesshomaru. You see, while I cannot provide details on how to send someone back, I can say it is an extremely taxing process. It would have left him weak for days after. It is quite impressive he was able to accomplish such a task." The Lord chuckled, "I'm almost a bit hurt he did not try to come and boast to me about it."

"Is... Is he here?" She tried not to sound too excited.

The man shook his head, "No. My eldest has been banished from my lands for about 40 years now."

"Oh..." Rin frowned, momentarily trying to calculate the age of both her savior and the man in front of her and realized none of that made sense. She put those thoughts aside for now. "May I ask why?"

"Yes, it's quite important... My son killed a second clan member—family member, a distant cousin. Now, the boy did disrespect my son terribly. Had they fought, I would not have blamed him, but kill? Again? No. That was unacceptable. My son, despite my best efforts, does not understand things like family, compassion, love. I cannot have a packmate around that thinks killing clan members is welcomed, even if he is my own boy."

He amended, "Especially because he is my boy. The clan cannot have a leader like that." He sighed, "Then I banished him until he could prove himself worthy of returning. He probably believes that means until he is more powerful than me but I don't doubt for a moment that my son can surpass me in strength. It is the coldness in his heart that I am considered with."

"You are a lovely lady, Rin, and I fear that returning to him might not be in your best interest. I don't know my son's reasons for doing what he did, but I have no reason to believe it was selfless. Since he was a boy, he has always been one for studying, training, working—to make himself stronger, faster, better in any way. Never made time for friends, hobbies outside of training, or even the occasional romp, he believed those things were a waste. Perhaps reviving you was a test of Tenseiga's ability... and sending you back was a test of strength, if anything. I know that might not be what you wish to hear..." It didn't matter to her what he thought, though she didn't voice this. She wanted to see him. "But it is the truth. My son roams in lands that are not mine, and I must stay and care for my own, I cannot take you to him. It is dangerous where he is, more so for an outsider. If he abandons you or simply doesn't wish to protect you even in his company, you will not last very long there."

"Can you point me towards him?" Rin asked, not even acknowledging the older man's warnings.

The Lord scoffed in disbelief, "Are you serious?"

"Yes. Deathly so." She replied with no hint of hesitation. Rin won't allow anyone to stop her now. Not when she was so close, closer than she had ever been in the past decade.

"I can see you will not be swayed..." He smiled at her, something about it seemed... calculating. She briefly wondered what the man was thinking. "Very well. I will get you a few more supplies to make your trip a bit more bearable and I will hear no protest from you about purchasing these items for you." The Lord ordered as he walked back out the mansion with her trailing behind, "Should things not work out as you plan, then you are welcome here. Remember that."

It didn't take long to gather up a sleeping bag, soap, dried meat, a fire starter and other little items here and there. He tried to convince her to stay the night and leave in the morning, but she refused. Rin had a feeling he would spend the night trying to deter her from leaving and, frankly, she didn't want to deal with it. She was grateful for his assistance, and she let him know, not wanting to seem otherwise. "Keep heading east... Once you hit the river, follow it upstream until you reach a great waterfall. That is the last known location of my son... Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. Thank you!" And she ran off before the Lord could say another word. Rin was going to find him finally! She only hoped that meeting him would officially silence the clenching call in her heart that tormented her during the day and those new vivid dreams that burned her body at night.


He felt the island's center tremble beneath his boots and sky darken with a rumble off in the distance. The way opened.

That was days ago and Sesshomaru was left a bit curious if anything had come through. The last time the way opened was nearly ten years ago, after his battle with Ryūkotsusei's son, Raiden, ended in a draw and a little human girl found him and pitied him. She all but demanded he ate something despite how much she was clearly starving, she gave him the little fresh water she was able to procure during the dry spell that damned those months and even made him a little leaned roof so the sun did not bear down on his injured body.

All without saying a word to him.

He didn't know if she a mute by shock or birth or choice, and he didn't really care. By the second day, he demanded she eat what she brought for him instead, that he needed nothing from her. He was tired of watching how sickly the young girl was. It was disgusting. But she smiled, and laughed at his request, why? He did not know, but, in the end, she finally ate and drank regularly.

By the third day, his instinct was entertaining the idea of keeping the girl. His beast did not find her camellia scent revolting despite being marred by her mortality, the smell reminded him of his true homeland, Japan. Her large chocolate eyes were already so trusting when she looked at him, and so in awe of him. He didn't know what caused her trust or her wonder. He had done nothing for her. He was debilitated, still in blood-soaked clothing, not yet able to walk for more than a few steps before he lost his breath. There was nothing impressive or inspiring about his current weak state.

By the morning of the fifth day with the majority of strength returned, he decided he would send her back, much to his beast's protest. His father stripped him of his faithful servant and dragon steed, the only two beings that he accepted as companions. He is an inuyoukai, not meant to travel alone for so long.

How long had it been already? 30 years... But Sesshomaru refused to sate whatever misguided pack instinct he was developing for her, he was not so desperate to take in an outsider human girl.

He would send her back home, away from him.

She couldn't taunt him with her scent or her laugh or her smile on the other side.

By noon of the sixth day, he had gathered everything he needed for the ritual but the girl never returned from foraging. That was when he caught the sharp metallic tang smell of blood on the wind, her blood, and wolves. His beast pushed him to hurry, but he refused, taking the same strides he would as if walking to bathe. He found her dead, torn apart by the wild wolves that belonged to the head of the Northern Wolf Tribe.

How many beings had he cut down in his lifetime? Surely enough to have an army in hell waiting for him. He lived up to his namesake to the tee, much to his father's disappointment. Then why did the sight of the girl chewed up in a pool of her blood disturb him so? How many did he leave others in the same exact state after fighting in his own canine form? His hand gripped Tenseiga, the only thing his father left him for his exile before he knew what he was doing.

It called to him. It willed him to save her soul from hell.

And he heeded the call.

He didn't dwell on what felt like relief wash over him when her eyes opened, full of life as they previously were, staring at him in confusion and amazement. Sesshomaru turned away, and as he suspected, the girl followed. Tenseiga had compelled him to save a human life, an outsider.

This would not do. This was not him.

Tonight he would send her back.

Lost in his memories, he believed it was a trick of his mind when the scent of river water and camellias wafted into his senses until the wind blew harder once more, slathering the smell over him. Impossible. It couldn't be. He sent her back home, or at least, back to the outside world. Nobody his father sent away was able to return unless they took a beacon with them, and he certainly did not provide her one. He switched directions, following his nose to the flowery scent. He was not in a rush, convinced it was nothing... until he smelt the campfire and heard a girl humming softly.

The human immediately stood and turned to face him, as if she sensed his presence. No, this was not the girl. It couldn't possibly be. She wore clothing that he recognized from his father's lands and even caught a whiff of his scent on her. The perverted, old dog would dress her in something so... tight and revealing, he thought as his gaze unconscionably drifted to her cleavage, down her exposed flat stomach, and over her wide hips wrapped tightly in her skirt.

When his eyes returned to her's, she had a light pink flush across her cheeks and she took a few unsure steps forward. Her scent was unmistakable. The girl from the past had very much turned into a woman. He had forgotten how quickly humans aged in comparison to his own kind. "S... Sesshomaru?" So she speaks now.

"What are you doing here?" He didn't hold back the venom in his tone. He sent her back. The ritual left him drained for days. Was the woman so inconsiderate of the sacrifice that he, a powerful daiyoukai, made for her mortal hide that she would trap herself back on the forsaken island? "Why are you here?"

"I don't know. I didn't mean... I didn't mean to return." The woman started, bowing her head. "The sea just... brought me back." Her voice quiet, soft-spoken, pleasant to his sensitive ears. "It kept calling me..." Her brows furrowed as she met his stare, the evident mark of a traitor or voyager (depending who you asked) splitting the color of her gaze. "I started seeing you... every night for the past 3 years." The woman stepped closer, those sparkling eyes already had him snared. "It was torture. When my friends said they were planning a trip to the sea... I said yes. I had to. If there was any chance that I could see you again..."

She was within arm's reach now, and she smiled at him. An honest smile that crinkled the corners of her cocoa eyes, and brightened her features, like before.

No, not like before. She was a girl then. Now... "I'm so happy to finally meet you again. If you will allow it, I wish to travel with you again..." Her last sentence was a whisper, her eagerness to be by his side stirred a dormant desire deep within him, he felt his beast smirking at the woman as if already plotting the things he could do with her.

It was nauseating. "No."

The woman looked crestfallen for a split second, but her smile returned again at full force, "Okay."


"I'll just follow you from a distance. I won't bother you."


"You will return to my father's land." She just shook her head. "I will not repeat myself." He warned, disturbed by the woman's defiance as if she hadn't the slightest idea who she was speaking to. Surely, his father had warned her before she went on this foolish endeavor of... of god knows what. What in the world did she want with him? What was she here to accomplish?

No, he didn't care.

And if she wouldn't leave peacefully of her own volition, then he would convince her.

There was a spark of fire in her eyes, a challenge his beast was all too raring to meet. "You speak like your father... I also told him no."

The woman cried in pain when her back hit the bark of a rubber tree, her soft hands encircled his striped wrist as his fingers encompassed her throat. "You will not defy this Sesshomaru, woman."

The tips of claws pierced just the top layer of her skin and there was fear in her eyes, in her scent. Good. That was the appropriate response. None of th—his nose twitched when another smell mixed in, a musky aroma of—He let go the woman abruptly in shock, and she fell to a graceless heap on the forest floor with her hand around her neck while she took a few deep breaths to fill her starving lungs. Her doe eyes fluttered, and she looked up at him through her thick lashes as she pressed her thighs together. He hadn't imagined it. The woman was aroused... by him?

"Rin." He watched her pink tongue dart out and lick her lips, "My name is Rin."

His eyes narrowed, incredibly suspicious about this human, this... Rin. It was uncommon that a woman looked at him that way, or... reacted that way toward him. It was either fear of his strength coupled with rumors of his violent nature, disinterest towards his lack of humor and emotion, or extreme jealousy due to his unfortunate beauty. And on the rare occasion, a female took interest in him physically, it was disingenuous. They only wished to sink their dirty claws into his wealth, his title, his family and would-be lands. All things he longer had for nearly the past half-century.

Perhaps the only good that came out of the banishment, those horrid women (who also reminded him too much of his mother) no longer held any interest in him and he was far from those moronic men who believed they could take him as their 'pretty' bitch.

"Rin." It was short and quick to say. The woman blinked up at him before rising to her feet, standing at his attention. "Get your things." She grinned at him and nodded before she hurriedly began to gather her items.

He was just curious about her. That's all.

He will keep her around for a few days... Then he'll leave her.

Whether he'd dump her at the border of his father's lands or the middle of disputed territory was up to how she behaved, he certainly wouldn't tolerate any more blatant disrespect from the outsider.

If only he had known how much could transpire in those few days, he would have never taken her with him.

End of Chapter 1

Original A/N: This story isn't going to be that deep. At least, I'm trying to not make it that deep. o_o I'm using this story as kind of a practice for lemons... but I need some plot. Lol "But Sharpie, why didn't you just use the fuedal era/canon setting? Wouldn't that be easier?" It totally would... But I end up getting bored of it rather quickly. I do enjoy reading fanfics set in canon universe, but find writing them more of a chore. ):

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