The Whispers of Demons

BY : La Bruja Alistrina
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Disclaimer: I do not own INUYASHA or any of the CHARACTERS in the series. I do not make money off the stories that I write with these characters. I am simply a fan playing out a fantasy involving them in my head that I thought others might like to read

          Sango had pulled every string she had in her arsenal to get Kagome the job they were both currently late for. “I told you to be ready to go at 6!!” Her bare foot pressed to the gas pedal with purpose and sent them hurtling into traffic that had Kagome almost screaming while Sango smoked a cigarette and continued to lecture her on the importance of being on time, and how it was especially rude when someone was giving said late person a ride. Kagome had missed her first alarm so had been thirty minutes behind schedule when Sango honked her horn from the street.

          “I said I was sorry Sango!” the end of her sentence was higher pitched since her best friend had decided to run a red light “Watch the road, not me!!” Kagome was positive she was going to die before she could ever make it to her first day as an assistant at the law offices Miroku had started before he married Sango. She had been the maid of honor at the wedding a few years ago and had loved every aspect of Miroku until she rode in a vehicle with him; it appeared her friend had picked up the same driving habits that aged her by ten years each trip.

          “I bet you will be on time tomorrow.” Sango smirked as she hit the brakes quickly to actually stop for one of the lights.

          “I'm taking the train!” the light wasn't red for long and Kagome was pressed back into her seat once more as her friend laughed.

          Since Sango had decided to break the sound barrier Kagome was only five minutes late and falling out of the car in a hurry to get away from her possessed friend. “If there were such things as a kind of Speed Demon I think it would be you!” she huffed but smiled as Sango shrugged, “Thanks for the job.” She turned around and ran up the steps, three-inch heels dangling from her hand while her purse swung in the other. Her phone started to ring as she reached the doors, she dropped her purse on the ground with her shoes and as she was stepping into the black pumps she was digging for the phone. “Hello?” she almost tripped but steadied herself on the brick wall.

          “Hey! good luck on your first day.” her stomach tightened when she heard Hojo's voice, she had been friends with him since before she graduated and over the years she noticed he was in love with her but she did not feel the same way and he was starting to annoy her. She hid it very well most days, but when she wasn't having to put on the mask she wore all the time it was painfully obvious she wasn't happy with how much he pushed for more than a friendship.

          “Thanks, I'm literally walking in the door right now. Sango is taking me out for a congrats-you-made-it-through-the-first-day evening with the girls after work so I don't know when I will talk to you some other time. Bye.” she hung up quickly, knowing he would either be slightly irritated at her for going out after work when he couldn't go or hanging up on him without him getting to say goodbye, but now she was putting the phone on silent and walking into the building with her mask perfectly in place.

          When she entered the building it was quiet, she hadn't expected that. It was also much like a maze she discovered as she walked down the halls towards the office Miroku had; she imagined it was to help with the illusion of a more private meeting with clients. Her heels clicked on the marble floors, she would have thought white when marble came to mind but this was black with a deep purple marbling. It was beautiful, and somehow it suited her best friend's husband perfectly. When she reached his door it was open and the short dark messy hair she was used to seeing was even worse than normal, it appeared she wasn't the only one that was late. “And here I thought you would be as evil as your wife when it came to the rising sun.” She teased her friend lightly, testing the waters at her job for where the line would be drawn.

          “Are you kidding, that woman is a beast in the morning. I am pretty much sleep walking her routine and normally get at least one more hour of sleep here she doesn't know about.” He looked like a zombie and Kagome took pity on him, shutting his blinds as she told him she would make coffee. He smiled, “You are getting a raise.” he mumbled before his head was on his desk and soft snores were heard.

          Kagome giggled and took her heels off since no one was due in for another hour and her boss was catching up on sleep she could relax and figure out the office. She found the small room with a vending machine for food and drinks and the coffee bar; she made the brew strong. While she was waiting she eyed the food in the machine. Sango had been in such a hurry that she hadn't been able to eat before leaving so she wanted food with her coffee. When she saw the selection she frowned, it was almost all candy, chips, gum, or cigarette slots. She only saw one thing that could go with the coffee and it looked like it probably didn't taste too good but she was limited and not in a position to be picky. She fed the machine the money and punched in the numbers, the metal spiral spun and then the granola bar got caught by the corner of its wrapper. “Shit.” she mumbled and started the routine any person knows if they went to public school. Kick, hit, shake, repeat.

          She was starting to get frustrated when a pair of claw-tipped hands came into view over her, caging her in between the machine and the stranger distorted in the reflection. She gasped and stepped back into him as his hands shoved the machine at just the right spot apparently because the bar fell free. She was standing right up against him for a moment, eyes blinking too fast as his hands slowly pulled back from her. The claws seemed to catch every bit of artificial light and her heart began to beat faster out of instinct. Kagome was a Miko. In the feudal era priestesses had been in abundance and most of them truly had the gift, but in modern times not many had the real gifts of a Miko; Kagome did and worked very hard to keep it under control and concealed since she did not have a problem with demons and did not want to be put on some registry like the others were.

          She took in a small breath and calmed herself down, her reiki was trying to sliver out to coat her in a layer of protection because the demon at her back was stronger than the ones she knew. Her friends were the only ones she could compare him to, and only one of them felt close to him and that was Kouga. “Thank you.” she said softly, Kagome was very still since she was still focusing on controlling herself and keeping her priestess powers hidden under her veil.

          “The machine always sticks.” His voice was wild in a way, but it was also smooth. “Do you work here?” She moved away from him once she felt her legs again, something about the sudden surge of power in her this time had caused everything to go fuzzy with her body. He was asking her a question and she went into work mode, turning to face him with a smile as the reiki just under her skin slithered around like smoke in her veins. She was about to answer him when her eyes widened and she was struck dumb once more.

          The man that had rescued her breakfast was almost a foot taller than her, had silver hair that hung down to his lower back, his eyes were the color of melted gold and his smile revealed fangs. But that wasn't why she was standing rooted to the spot gawking, oh no. Atop his head was a pair of silver dog ears that were absolutely cute and pointed at the tops. She wanted to touch them, she needed to touch them, she was going to touch them..... She realized she was actually touching them when she felt them twitch in her gentle grasp, watched him shiver from the bottom of his spine up into his neck, and felt his hands grasp her wrists firmly yet not hard enough to hurt her. Her mouth fell into an 'o' shape as he inhaled sharply. What had possessed her to do such a thing!?

          Kagome's pulse was quickening and she could hear her breathing increasing. It was all so sudden and confusing. Her spiritual powers were silent inside her, which should have been the opposite since he was touching her without invitation, as his eyes locked with her own chocolate orbs. “I- I'm sorry.” She breathed out, unable to raise her voice above a whisper. “I didn't mean to it just-” she was cut off by the rumble of a soft growl in his chest and she felt her eyes widen.

          “Those are mine.” He spoke in a low voice, stepping towards her as she felt the vending machine press to her back, “It's only fair that I return the favor.” He was holding her wrists against the vending machine on either side of her head now, firm enough to keep her there but loose enough that if she pushed she could break free without blinking. Something about his smile was boyish, but nothing about the look in his eyes were.

          She was confused and stunned by this, she had not been this close to a man in so long, and even then she had ended the date when the man had pressed for more than a kiss and now she was suddenly being overwhelmed with a new sensation, her one date had tried to seduce her, but nothing with such force and tenderness all at once, no hunger written across golden eyes for sure! “What-” she realized what he meant as she started to ask him when his face moved closer to her then darted to the side and his lips sucked her earlobe into his mouth. She gasped almost silently, her body arching involuntarily as a whole new kind of arousal sky rocketed in her petite frame. She was shivering and cringing with delight ever so slightly, and her breast were pressed against him so tightly as she began to breathe heavy that her nipples hardened from the sensation of the friction against her bra and his chest.

          After a few moments he pulled away from her, looking up at him she could only imagine how wanton she looked right then because his smirk practically oozed with pride. “Now you know what it feels like when you massage my ears.”

          “Oh.” she squeaked out before the hands that would now haunt her dreams released her and she closed her eyes tightly. “I'm.. I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to.. I just.. they are so cute and... I... you... i've never...” she was holding her ear with her fingertips softly, trying to find her mind once more.

          “Been so rude?” he questioned with a smile before adding, “Or been so aroused by a stranger before?” he was rewarded with her squeak as her hands covered her mouth.

          Kagome was turning bright red, she knew that demons had heightened senses and now she was almost one hundred percent positive they were standing in a fog of her scent that was tainted with high school girl nerves and grown ass woman arousal. Inuyasha was laughing slightly, “I see you have met Kagome, she is my new assistant.” Miroku chimed in from the hall as he walked towards them.

          “I see that, she startles so easy.” he gave her a knowing grin, his eyes promising to keep the secret. “I came by like you wanted at this ungodly hour. What was so important?”

          Miroku smiled sheepishly, “Well. You see Inuyasha. I knew Kagome was coming in, and in all honesty I didn't know if I would remember to leave the office unlocked and I know you have a key so I figured if you showed up and she was stuck outside you could let her in and if you showed up and it was open I would buy breakfast.” He rubbed the back of his head as he waited for it.

          “You mean to tell me I had to get up early as all hell and race down here because you are lazy in the mornings?” Inuyasha was shocked, this girl was the Kagome he had heard so much about, his best friend was a lazy pussy whipped fool, and the smell from the woman he had teased without thought was still muddling his senses deliciously.

          Kagome was also shocked but she recovered much more quickly. “You mean to tell me that you didn't even know if your zombie-sleep lacking-unable-to-tell-Sango-no-in-bed ass thought you might lock me out front! SO YOU SENT A STRANGER TO LET ME IN!” she huffed a bit, but said stranger moved his gaze back to her when she balled up her fists and the reiki that had been itching to come out slipped free. She didn't notice what his gaze was drawn to, all she saw were his eyes and she felt that heat rise once more to her cheeks. She pushed passed them both quickly and headed for the bathroom, the only safe place where men couldn't go.

          “Well. I think I upset her a bit, don't you think Inuyasha?” Miroku looked at his bewildered friend. “By the way, her temper can rival yours my friend.”

“She's a Miko...” was all Inuyasha could say at first. “A real one” he whispered after.

          “Mhmm. And a very high powered one when the situation calls for it,” Miroku hesitated for a moment before speaking next, “She could rival your brother when provoked.” This had Inuyasha snapping his gaze from his oldest friend to the direction she had gone off into.

          “Their hasn't been a Miko that powerful since Midoriko.. Pops knew her.” he was starting to walk in the direction of the newly interesting Kagome.

          “Don't do it my friend.” Inuyasha growled a bit, insisting that wasn't what he was doing but Miroku began to talk about food and the silver haired dog demon was distracted temporarily.

          But it didn't take long for him to pry more information out of Miroku as they looked over a menu. “How could someone with that classification of holy powers be unregistered?”

          “She is the only one in her bloodline for at least five hundred years, the only ancestor to have had miko powers was briefly mentioned in old text but never named. Most scholars and record keepers assumed it was due to minimal strength in the bloodline so they never looked into female births after so many years with none produced.” Miroku had tried to not say too much, but Inuyasha stared at him with an unyielding look that made the human sigh. “Her father was murdered when she was a small child, around four years old. But she was with him, it had been a rogue demon, before the councils had banned together.”

          Inuyasha cringed, he knew how bad things had been before his brother took control over the council. “That still doesn't explain how she has hidden herself. Had I not been looking when I was, I wouldn't have even known.” He looked towards the office door, which was closed, and narrowed his eyes, he could still smell her.

          “When the demon had attacked it was later discovered to be Mistress Centipede. “ this had Inuyasha's attention once more, “She had been raving about the Sacred Jewel. -Yes that one, the one of legends that was lost to both demons and humans. Yes. - Her father was trying to protect her when he was killed, she was so terrified that when demon went to grab her she exploded with holy energy. A nearby priestess happened to be in the vicinity and ran to her, seeing the child was unconscious she told the police that she had destroyed the demon to save the child but was too late to save the father. The priestess was Kaede.” Inuyasha was silent for a long time, Miroku took the opportunity to place the order for food.

          Kagome had hidden in the bathroom for what seemed like ages, between Inuyasha and Miroku she was scattered like she had never been before. She refused to think of the moment at the vending machine because if she did she would never be able to face Inuyasha again. Miroku, well, she planned on getting her revenge. And she knew she would enjoy dragging it out. She ran her fingers through her raven hair and watched it slightly curl in certain areas where it fell down to the bottom of her ribs. “Fuck it.” She whispered to the mirror and went to make a cup of coffee.

          She was tapping against Miroku's door a few minutes later, a perfect Kagome smile plastered to her face. The door opened and it was Inuyasha, she played off the shock as if nothing had happened and even managed to control her heart rate too, “Morning.” She said softly as she brushed passed him and into the office to look down at her boss who was still sitting at his desk.

          “Kagome! You are amazing! You brought me coffee!” he was ecstatic, watching her reach over to hand it to him but at the last minute she pulled it back and took a sip while staring at him.

          “Oh. I forgot.” his face fell even more, and Inuyasha almost fell over laughing at her words.

          “You wound me Kagome! I sent Inuyasha just in case!” he was heartbroken over not getting his coffee apparently.

          “Maybe I should send Sango in here one morning with your coffee.” Kagome sipped her hot drink with a winning gleam in her eye.

          Miroku gasped, “You wouldn't.”

          “I would.” She whispered.

          “But.. my nap..” he was appalled.

          “Would no longer exist. I want a key.” she held her hand out, no compromise willing to be taken.

          Miroku was mumbling about evil women and not enough sleep as he handed her over a key to the building. She smiled at him, all innocent and beautiful. “Thank you.” She reached outside the door and pulled a second cup of coffee off the small decorative table, his eyes lit up. But she killed him once more. “I need your car key too.” he sighed and knew she would need it to go get the breakfast he had just ordered and dug that key out as well.

          Inuyasha stared in shock and awe as Kagome placed it on his desk. Praise followed her out of the room as she laughed softly and Miroku sat there in defeat but sipping perfect coffee. “What just happened?”

          “Kagome just happened.” the now rather relaxed man said from his desk. “You will get used to it.” he shrugged his shoulders, glancing at his demonic friend with a smirk. “What really happened at the vending machine today Inuyasha?”

          A silver ear flicked slightly as the accused man looked in the direction of the captivating miko he could still feel in the building. “Nothing. Granola bar got stuck like everything else does, so I hit the stupid thing harder than she was. Scared her. It was funny.” He played it off perfect, not a hitch in his speech or movement to say it was a lie.

          “She didn't try to touch your ears?” Miroku asked, knowing full and well Kagome would have. “Because the past has shown that she does that. She has a friend named Kouga, a wolf, he has a tail and she just pet it one day randomly.” Miroku was trying not to laugh when he said all this because he could clearly remember her reanimating how outraged he had been. “Plus she has a boy she babysits, a full blooded fox demon but he hasn't grown out of the demonic form stage yet. She truly doesn't see a difference when it comes to how she treats anyone, she doesn't see demon, half demon, or human; she sees a soul.”

          Inuyasha had never heard of a Miko who thought like that, but then again he had also never heard of a demonic figure seducing a priestess either and that had happened just earlier; even if he hadn't realized it until after.”You walked up right as she was looking at them.” The phone began to ring then, signaling the day was starting.

          Kagome had broken the record getting food and bringing it back, she was only gone fifteen minutes versus the usual thirty. Miroku concluded that she was just a god send for him. Coffee, quick food. It was amazing. Inuyasha, however, was with a client already when she had returned, Miroku didn't wait for his friend to eat. “You are so rude.” she teased with a scolding voice which made the man sheepishly grin.

          “Inuyasha wouldn't wait for me.” Kagome shrugged, she didn't know him so she couldn't argue.

          “Thank you so much Mr. Taisho.” Was heard from down the hall, the last name caught her attention. “I will see you next week with updates.” An old man came walking out of his office, an almost bald head with a single short ponytail atop it seemed to be bobbing to music only he could hear as the door closed behind him automatically.

          “Taisho? As in..” Kagome looked to her friend in shock.

          Miroku was nodding. “That is Sesshomaru's younger brother.” He watched the girl gulp slightly.

          “He is nothing like his brother.” She whispered, remembering when she had first met Sesshomaru Taisho. She was still in high school then.. she drew her mind away from the unpleasant memory. “I should probably take him his breakfast then get to my desk.” She smiled at Miroku and walked away, hearing the door close.

          Kagome stopped outside the door, Sesshomaru knew her secret but was sworn to secrecy that honor bound him to protect. Inuyasha.... well. She worked so hard to keep her reiki under control so no one would find out. But it was bound to happen eventually, she just hoped it wasn't going to cause problems. A lot of demons hated her the moment they realized what she was. She knocked on the door, not waiting for him to answer as she walked in, holding the to go bag with his food in it. “Inuyasha?” She bit her lip as golden eyes rose from paperwork to her own chocolate ones.

          “Kagome.” He didn't say much more, her scent was intoxicating but he could smell all of her emotions right now. She was nervous, scared, excited, weary, and above all curious. It made it hard to focus.

          “Um- I brought your food.” She set it down on the desk gently, watching how his ears flicked towards the noise of the plastic bag settling. Her eyes widen a bit as she nibbled her lower lip. Must. Not. Touch. Her fingers even began to fidget slightly. “If.. If there is anything else you need. Just ask.” She was so distracted by his damn ears she turned around, forgetting the stupid doors closed automatically and ran right into it. She had braced her hands up just in time to keep her face from smashing against it but now her fingers were curling against the smoothness of the door and she was laying her forehead against it. Stupid woman. She kept repeating this in her head.

          “Kagome... You ok?” he had been trying to reach for her when he saw she was going to turn into the door but failed. He was up and around the desk in no time, his hand frozen in mid air debating whether or not to touch her. Her reiki was going nuts once more, it stung a little.

          “Your damn ears distracted me again.” she mumbled, closing her eyes tightly.

          Inuyasha frowned, it was his fault she had run into the door? “I would open the door for you, but you are kind of leaning against it. And I think your reiki would bite me at this point if I tried to touch you.” he tried to be gentle about knowing her secret, but she needed to realize she was losing control of it before more people came in for meetings or to work.

          Kagome's eyes widened and she slowly turned to look up at him, eyes full of tears threatening to fall. “Please don't tell anyone.” She swallowed hard, “I don't know whats wrong with me today. Must be first day jitters.” she backed away from him, but he pulled out a client chair for her to sit in which she automatically did.

          “I saw it earlier at the vending machines. You do know this is mainly a demonic firm, right?” he was looking down at the small woman, feeling her reiki start to settle as she took slow calm breathes.

          “Mhm. I don't have a problem with demons. It is usually them that have a problem with me.” She shrugged, smiling up at him. “The only problem I have is not touching tails and ears. Shippo hates it when I grab his cute little fluffy tail.” She giggled a bit, missing the fox child. Inuyasha knew it must have been the kid Miroku mentioned, but made a unknowing look to cover his friend just in case. “A fox demon boy I babysit.”

          Inuyasha sat down on his side of the desk now, finally able to breathe in the office. He wondered if she realized that she had been so potent with her energy that he had been having a hard time breathing. “Can I give you some advice?” He began to open his bag of food as she nodded. “Since you have to spend so much of your focus on concealing your reiki, perhaps you should create a talisman that does it for you. Then you won't have as many moments like what happened today. Cause I gotta say,” he took a bite of omelet, “The little bit I felt was enough to make me second guess upsetting you legitimately.”

          Kagome felt dumb, why hadn't she thought of that? “Thanks. I just might do that.” she stood then, clapping her hands together softly. “Well. I better go get set up at my desk. Enjoy your breakfast.” She smiled before reaching over and snagging a piece of the bacon from the box, she nibbled on it as she opened the door and left.

          Inuyasha looked at his meal, blinking a few times. “My bacon...”

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