The Best Things Come in Two

BY : Azure.Zink
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Large round golden eyes stared at the dirty floor of her father's auto-shop and dealership as she sipped her apple juice. She listened to her father bark orders at his employees as they finished the work on a car that had been in an accident. Something slammed loudly near the pup causing her to drop her juice and began to cry. Her father picked her up and held her close, "You're okay. You're okay baby girl. I'm sorry that scared you." With tear-filled eye's she looked up at her father his matching ears standing at attention. Her father was a hanyou and she was fully InuYouki though she took after her father.

"Inuyasha! She can't fucking be here! She'll end up hurt or worse!" Her father's friend, Kouga shouted.

"Dude, shut up with all that cussing in front of her! I swear if she starts repeating stuff! Besides, she starts school tomorrow. So, don't worry about it." Inuyasha pet his daughter's ears causing her to smile and babel on at him in her mother's language. He responded quickly causing her to giggle and lean over to look at her spilt apple juice. Taking napkins, she helped her father clean up the mess and one of the workers gave her orange juice and a donut. Inuyasha happily watched his daughter devour her snack. She'd always been a good eater and he was happy he didn't have to deal with what most parents did when it came to vegetables.

"You're worried. You only stare at her like that when you're worried." His best friend Kouga noted beside him.

"When I was in school it wasn't flowers and roses. I fought daily." Inuyasha sighed heavily.

"I know that mutt I was there. Don't worry. Times are different. She'll be okay." Kouga reassured his best friend. He and his own mate hadn't had children yet, when they did finally decide to take that leap he wished he could have a daughter much like Inuyasha's. She was fiery just like her father, but still a princess.

They finally closed up shop at around 9pm. The family of two had dinner in the shop and the younger was asleep in her car seat. They drove past the little lady's school on the way home. Inuyasha couldn't believe his daughter got into such a school. With many recommendations from her mother's family, the school was eager to take her, even if her language skills weren't the best. His daughter was bright, picked up any and everything you explained to her right away. She knew more about math from being around him in the shop than the average teenager and that's what sold the school on giving her the scholarship. Carrying her into the house, he put her pj's on and put her to bed. Inuyasha rubbed his neck watching his baby girl sleep. "School starts at 7:30 sharp. Work starts at 8. School ends at 3:30. Aftercare activities end at 5:30. Workday ends at 9pm. I can come get her at 5:30, and we'll be in the shop together for around 3hrs." He sighed. "Ugh, that's no good. She may be young but that's a youki school and they run their students ragged, no matter the age." For the first time in a long time, Inuyasha decided he'd leave work at a reasonable time. He didn't' trust any of the clowns that worked for him to not fuck anything up but he couldn't keep stressing his daughter out. "A 9hr shift'll have to do." He made sure to plug in her bright nightlight and left the door cracked.

"Sir, the plane has landed." A green toad demon stated eyeing the private jet with the country's flag on the side. Stairs were set up and 3 guards exited before being followed by a tiny girl holding a woman's hand. The little girl's hair had beautifully curled locks of stark white hair, and big round doll eyes with lavender on her eyelids. She was by far the cutest kid Jaken had ever seen.

The group approached his boss, and the woman pushed the little girl forward a bit. She back away from the cold eyes watching her and turned to look up at the woman. She gestured her forward and the little girl simply stared at the man that resembled her. The limo was loaded with the girl's things and she was put into the back of the limo.

"Were there any problems?" The man asked in an icy tone.

"U-um, just a few, sir. She is very jumpy and quiet. They say they found her wandering the woods crying and covered in blood. She hasn't spoken a word to anyone." The man eyed the limo where the little girl was, "But! It is often said that when children go through something traumatic they may not wish to speak for a while. I'm sure she'll come around sir. Rin was the same way, remember?" Nodding he dismissed everyone and joined the little girl in the limo. She sat quietly staring out of the window and didn't acknowledge his presence.

"Sairiu." Nothing. Her eyes were darting around the scenery and he could let it slide since it was her first time in the country. Her short curls framed her face as she leaned against the side of the limo.

They eventually made it to his private towers and up to his condo. He'd had a room redone for the young girl but when he walked in he wanted to be sick. His assistant had gone a bit too far. Everything in the room was either light pink, hot pink, or white. While it was very nicely done, he'd never seen so much pink in one place. The small girl followed him into the room where the servants left her things. He watched as she walked around the room, observing everything, but not touching. She eventually turned towards him and they had a staring contest of sorts. He said nothing as the tiny being stared at him. Eventually her things caught her attention as she fiddled with the chests. "This is your room." He knew she didn't understand the language but she would need to learn eventually. The school he was sending her to came highly recommended for children of international relationships. What was he going to do with a child he wondered. His heir. He hadn't even known she'd existed until a week ago, he'd received a call about her and the fact that her mother had been murdered. That was a problem in itself, when considering he was the King of this nation. Her mother had been a noble from another country he saw fit to take to bed. He had thought very highly of her until he learned about his daughter's existence. He could only think her reasons for hiding her was to use the child against him later.

Assuming she might've been hungry, he ordered his chef to make something that a small child could eat. She eventually came out of the room and into the kitchen. He sat reviewing her medical documents and academics, she was smart. Damn near a genius from what he could see but she was still a damaged child. She simply stood and stared at him for around 20 minutes. "Come here." He said in her native language. She seemed a bit shocked but didn't move or say anything. "Do you know who I am?" Nothing. "I am your father." Still no response. In her files, there were pictures of her with her mother, smiling and laughing as a normal child would. She was described by tutors as talkative and happy but what he was seeing now was the exact opposite. He didn't know for sure what she saw but he could tell it haunted her golden eyes. Lack of therapy would be detrimental, she obviously needed it desperately.

She turned around and went back to her room. Organizing the files and placing them in his office he peeked in at her. She was sitting in the middle of the floor sniffling and wiping her face before it stopped and she stared off at a wall and repeated. Having no experience with children he simply watched and called her when her food was ready. As expected, she simply picked around with her food, only eating bits and pieces. He checked his watch, 8:30. He should begin to get her on a schedule. 9pm seemed reasonable enough for a bedtime. He led her back to her room. "Put on pajamas and get ready for bed." He said in her language.

His assistant, Rin, was passing by with towels. She was a woman he respected, loyal to a fault. "So, this is her my lord? She's really adorable. Are you getting her ready for bed?" She asked.

"I'm sure as this age she is capable of doing so alone." He stated simply.

Rin's jaw dropped, "Children this young still need a bit of assistance, my lord. She's only 5." Without saying anything she dug through drawer until she found a soft nightgown but when she approached the little girl with it she ran away with a frown. She grabbed Sesshomaru's pant leg and began to cry as Rin got closer. "I guess she doesn't like me." She smiled a bit, determined to win the little girl over.

Sesshomaru sighed and grabbed the tiny piece of clothing. He helped her out of what she had on and helped her slip into the gown, well it looked like a grown. The bottom was completely closed so her feet stayed warm. He helped her up the steps and watched as she tucked herself in. When he left the room, he turned off the lights and noticed yet another irritating detail his assistant added. The ceiling was painted with glow in the dark paint to look like the night sky and her blanket, of all things, was also glow in the dark. He left the room and went to his own.

Later in the night, he opened his eyes and was staring into Sairiu's. It was creepy. He wanted to shout at her but then he'd have to admit she frightened him. His youkai had accepted the child and that's why she'd been able to get so close while he'd been sleeping. She didn't say anything before she climbed onto the bed, under his blanket, and curled up next to him like the puppy she was. Sesshomaru said nothing and simply went back to sleep until his alarm went off at 6:30am. Waking Sairiu, he began getting her ready for the day himself because she refused to allow any of the servants near her without falling into a fit of tears and panic.

This led to where he was now. In his office, standing and speaking with his advisors, with a tiny pup attached to his leg. She was sitting on his foot with her arms and legs wrapped firmly around his calf so that whenever he walked, she got a ride. She wasn't too bothersome as she was quiet and only listened to him speak in a language she didn't understand. She was adamant that she bring a white doll with her that currently sat in his office chair. Sairiu eventually let go of the lord's leg in favor of tugging on it and doing a bit of a dance. Her face scrunched in discomfort and she let loose a high-pitched whined which gained her father's attention. "What is it?" He asked in her mother's native tongue.

She said nothing and only continued with her dance. A female adviser cleared her throat, "I believe she needs use of a restroom." Having several young children of her own she knew the potty dance when she saw it.

Sesshomaru sighed in annoyance and excused himself so he could take her to the bathroom. "At this age she shouldn't need assistance, correct?" He asked the adviser after he picked her up.

"If the toilet isn't too high then no. Basically, if she can't get herself onto the toilet it's much too big for her and you should help so she doesn't fall in. If it makes you feel better my lord, girls are easier than boys." She chuckled. Sesshomaru sighed once more before he led his daughter into the adjoining bathroom of his office.

He watched her pull her stockings and panties down before trying to get on the toilet then looking at him for assistance. Lifting her on to the toilet he held her still so she wouldn't fall in. Sairiu began to pee and could wipe herself when finished. Sesshomaru lifted her so she could wash and dry her hands before joining his colleagues once more.

Sairiu said nothing as she clung to his leg again, munching on one of the cookies that a servant left for her as a snack. Sesshomaru didn't loath or regret the little girl, he knew full and well he had the means to care for a child but he didn't know it could be so annoying. His advisers, servants, and citizens thought it was adorable how she clung to him. During lunch, he learned quite a bit about the little girl and children in general. She refused to eat anything green or remotely resembling that of a vegetable, except seaweed. She'd cleared everything from her plate except for the few vegetables that she had. She left the plate behind in favor of the doll that was still seated at his desk. The lord planned to let it slide today because she still wasn't use to life here but he refused to have these problems. The little girl was very much like himself, which he didn't know if it was a positive or negative thing. The lord began to make his rounds around the Tower to different parts which housed different branches of the government. Sairiu was firmly glued to his leg, however, this time she was standing. She watched as Sesshomaru worked and conferred with many people quietly. Much to both her father's and her own relief, no one tried to touch or talk to her. Most noticed her clinging to him from afar and commented amongst themselves.

"Looorddd Sessshooooooomaaruuuuuuuuu!" A loud screeching was heard. Jaken was headed towards them quickly, with a large stack of papers. "My lord we have been misinformed!"

"What are you speaking of?" He inquired.

"The school started today, not next week! The young miss has missed her first day!" Jaken squawked loudly.

Sesshomaru pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. This could not be happening. He already had a lot on his plate in regards to renewing treaties with his allies and enemies but the stuff that came with the little girl just hindered everything. He didn't want to care but because she was his first born, she had rights to the throne and needed to be catered to, as he was. It was only Monday, the school couldn't have gotten far. Sairiu was still too frightened of people to go to school the following morning but he really couldn't have her out of school for long, should she her spot be taken. He knew that wouldn't be the case because she is the princess of the lands but he still worried about her falling behind her peers.

Sesshomaru finished his rounds and began to schedule his daughter, the school started at 7:30am and he himself woke at 6:30. She would be in school until 3:30pm. A driver would be sent to get her and bring her to the Tower. She receives a snack then sees a tutor for her language skills then does homework. After homework, she is allowed free time to play but then she must wash for dinner which will be served at 7pm sharp. Afterward, she is allowed more free time before she is bathed and put to bed at 9pm. Sesshomaru handed the handwritten schedule to his assistant who put it into a side by side on his digital calendar so he knew what his daughter was doing during the weekdays if something came up.

He looked at the girl who was munching on a new snack and trying to feed it to her doll before staring off into space again, tearing up, and repeating the process. He sighed, which he'd been doing a lot of, before contacting his assistant to add therapy to his daughter's schedule for 2 hours on Sunday. Youki by nature are usually able to recover well from trauma, but children were very different from adult youki. Their minds and youkai minds were very undeveloped and couldn't process events as an adult would. The spacing out and tearing up worried him the most as it seemed to be like she was stuck in the past, witnessing what she'd seen again.

When they finally made it back into the condo, Sesshomaru was exhausted. He'd be happy when he could finally have her in a routine and get rid of the stress she'd been causing. As he sat on the sofa, they began another staring contest until she seemingly became bored and began to explore her surroundings. "Sairiu. Come here." He said in her native tongue. She came over curiously unlike last time. "Tomorrow you have to go to school." Her face was blank as he explained. "You have to let miss Rin do her job. She'll come get you after school and bring you here. You will have a snack and you can play until I arrive at dinner. Do you understand?" The gentle woman had already met her and was the only person, aside from a few servants and cooks ,allowed in his condo. She was quite young at only 18 having worked here for 3 year's already because of her being an abused orphan and needing money to get by. Sesshomaru gave her a job and gained the human's absolute loyalty. He knew for a fact that she could be trusted with his daughter.

Sairiu said nothing as expected and neither shook her head or nodded. Sesshomaru prayed that he would be able to deal with the damaged child in the coming weeks and prayed that the therapy would assist greatly. Another staring contest ensued and the Lord lost this time. Dinner was served and the two ate quietly, Sairiu still refused to touch her vegetables but he planned to start correcting her behavior after her first therapy session. Her therapist would be his own as he carried the weight of his country on his shoulders with no mate to share the burden.

The first day of school was usually scary but more so when you were the only puppy eared child in the class. Kiki wasn't worried about school, she actually just didn't want to go. Her father dropped her off and she was led into the building while she watched his car pull away from the gate. The students were lined up and given assigned seats. Kiki was sat at a table with 3 youki children. Being the only puppy ear child in school drew a lot of attention, unwanted attention. It started immediately. Children started asking about her ears and tail. Begging to touch them and Kiki smacking their hands away. During a scheduled recess, Kiki sat drawing cars on the ground in chalk, she had on the school uniform which consisted of a white blouse, a navy blue overall dress, and white socks and black shoes. "Your ears are stupid!" An older boy shouted, she didn't understand what he said and only looked at him. "What are you? Stupid?" He mocked. She only tilted her head in question. He was talking like her father did to his workers. The boy ended up scuffing her drawings and pushing her down, before laughing with his friends. Kiki was truly her father's daughter however. She stood up as the boy turned away and dusted off her dress. Grabbing the pail of Crayola chalk by the handle, and quickly, as hard as she could, swung it around catching the boy in the back of the head. He clutched his head and began to cry. He cried loudly until a teacher ran over to see what had happened.

Kiki tilted her head up uncaring, she walked to a different area of the playground with her chalk. After that incident the boy left her alone but he and his group had found another target the next day. A quiet shiro Inu girl. She sat alone on a bench, toying with her small white doll. The girl hadn't spoken to anyone and she was off in a corner, out of view of the teachers. She too wore the standard uniform the boy, grabbed the doll and threw it. She looked up in shock and he pushed her off the bench hard. She hit her head and began to cry.

For weeks, the boys bullied the little girl ruthlessly during recess and at times in the hall. They would yell at and berate her, using their parent's status to make sure other students didn't interfere. She became more quiet and withdrawn each day, to the point where even her therapist wasn't getting anything from her besides a blank stare off into space. Her father was worried but he was busy with the affairs of the country and had no reason to believe those he hired wouldn't be able to solve the issues. For the young girl who already felt alone in the world, life became much harder and she was anxious for the day to end when she could go back to the home of her father.

Kiki, however, was in a different boat. The other kids had been curious about her ears and tail but she had not been amused. Her class was terrified of her. Whenever she was near they went the other way. It didn't bother her though. She didn't need them to have fun. She didn't even want to go to school. One day, during recess, she was shuffling around the toy boxes for something to do, when her ears picked up crying. Her sense of hearing was better than most because they were already transformed. She also heard the voice of the bully, grabbing a small wooden bat from the chest that was used for baseball by the older kids, she followed the sounds. The group of boys that tried to bother her before were there, picking on another girl. Kiki recognized the older girl from her class where they taught her how to talk like her father. Her golden eyes were full of sorrow as the boys pushed her down and threw her cute doll. Kiki tilted her head in consideration. She didn't want to get involved but Kiki was confused about why the girl wouldn't defend herself when she remembered what her dad told her about there being people who get so scared they don't think very well. She also remembered when he told her she should protect the people weaker than her, and so she would. She began to walk over. One of the boys caught sight of her, "Get out of here hanyou!" He shouted as he approached her. She tapped the bat on the ground, trying to think about what her father said was the best way to hit a ball when they played together. Without a word, two tiny hands grasped the bat, pulled back and let the young boy have it. She hit him as hard as he could and from the thud the child made when he hit the ground unmoving, she was successful.

The other boys began to approach her so she started swinging away knocking another unconscious. One managed to get away, but the main bully remained standing. He looked at her with such a pure look of hatred that Kiki peddled back a moment. Her uniform was stained with blood as was the ground but he managed to snatch the bat and throw it away. Kiki readied her fists and claws, she'd never been in an actual physical fight but he dad had been teaching her how to defend herself for a long time and she planned to make him proud. However, there was a breaking sound and the bully fell to the ground. Sairiu stood red faced with tears and blood covering her as well. Quite a few teachers had run over and began to panic at the sight. Several students were down and out for the count and others were covered in blood. They were told the hanyou girl had started hitting the boys with the bat but the other child was the one holding the bloodied bat. Gathering the children and taking them to the infirmary there were a series of calls made to all parents.

The two girls were soon seated in a meeting room where the principle planned to have a large meeting with the parents of all involved. The boys who were bandaged but conscious joined and their parents arrived quickly and began shouting and yelling at the little girls. Sairiu had not stopped crying the entire time and was screaming for her father in her native language, with snot, tears, and blood all over her. Very few people in the room knew her father and if they did they said nothing. Kiki however, was quiet and glaring at all the red-faced youki in the room yelling at the two pups.

Elsewhere, two fathers had been called, there had been a very serious incident at the school involving their daughters. Inuyasha sped away from his job not even wiping the oil from his hands. Inuyasha soon bounded through the door, and when he saw his daughter covered in blood he grabbed her and began checking her over quickly. "What happened!?" He was frantic and Kiki soon began crying too now that her father was there. She cried loudly and it broke his heart to have her like this when usually she never cried unless frightened. Not missing a beat the youki in the room began to scream and shout at Inuyasha about how his daughter was a monster and he had half a mind to kick every one of their collective asses.

"The fuck do you mean?" Inuyasha scrunched his face in anger.

While his daughter had stopped crying, he noticed just how frightened the other little Inu girl was with all the shouting in the room. She clearly needed some comforting and while Inuyasha wouldn't want to freak her parents out by holding her the little girl was on the verge of making herself pass out. "All of you shut the hell up!" He shouted loudly with a pulse of his youki, silencing the room.

With his daughter in his arms he kneeled, "Hey princess, everything is gonna be okay." The tiny girl continued crying and speaking in a language that sounded Korean. "I know you're scared, it's okay to be scared. I promise." Inuyasha was gentle with the small girl, and picked her up with one arm. She flinched a bit but then he let his youki pulse soothingly and she began to calm down. Soon he held the two pups in his arms as they both played with his long locks and watched the wall he had them facing. "Okay now that you all aren't acting like morons. Tell me why my daughter is covered in blood."

"Mr. Setsuna. Your daughter beat 4 boys with a bat. From what we understand as the truth." The principal shortened. "We don't know why she did something like that but considering how she terrorizes her classmates it seemed inevitable"

"Pause and stop. Kiki has never done something like that. She's kind and sweet to those who are kind and sweet to her. She's never been known for hostility and you're not gonna sit here and slander my daughter's name with your nonsense." Inuyasha retorted. As he finished the door opened and all the adult youki in the room dropped to their knees.

"My lord!" One woman praised.

The tall InuYouki king said nothing as his cold gaze zeroed in on the hanyou holding his child. A loud screeching voice was heard as one of his servant squawked, "How dare you touch the princess with your filthy half breed hands!" Inuyasha quirked a brow at the little toad looking creature. He was unable to say anything because the girl began to squirm, when he let her down she began to cry to the youki quite loudly.

"What has happened here?" The Lord asked impatiently as he merely watched as his daughter tugged on him to be held as the hanyou had done. The principle regaled the tale he was able to tell from what the boys had told him. The king's eyes found the hanyou looking pup. "Tell me child. What transpired?"

The 4 year old said nothing and stared at the handsome man. Inuyasha set her down and asked her in her mother's language.

Kiki began speaking rapidly to her father in her native language, pointing at Sairiu then at the boys. She made various gestures, including the motion of swinging a bat before shrugging and finishing what she was saying. "Heh. I did tell you that huh?" He grinned and kissed her cheek, "I'm proud of you but you still shouldn't have beat them like that. Okay? Ugh, we need to get you a bath."

"What did she say?" The lord demanded, earning a glare from the bold hanyou which caused him to quirk an elegant brow.

"The boys Kiki beat up were picking on your daughter. They made her cry and Kiki remembered me telling her to help people who couldn't defend themselves. She told me on the first day they tried picking on her so she hit the main bully upside the head with a bucket of chalk." The adults in the room paled a bit. The story made the most sense thus far.

The king then turned his attention to his own daughter, who had calmed and sat at his feet, clutching his leg. Picking her up to bring her leveled with his face he asked her what happened in her own native tongue. Sairiu's story confirmed that of the hanyou child and Sesshomaru glared at the principle and parents, then the boys who started crying tears of their own. The lord put his daughter on her own feet once more and crossed his arms. "The girls are to be believed. Their stories match, and they add up. Seeing as they do not share a language it is safe to say they had no means of conspiring."

"See, I know my baby girl." Inuyasha sneered at the group.

"Even so sir, we cannot keep her here." The principal sighed. He set Kiki down and she and Sairiu began to stare at each other. Inuyasha didn't know what to say. He knew the school was best for his daughter and she shouldn't be punished for helping someone. He didn't know what to say. Kiki tilting her head at the girl and smiled, it took a moment but the little shiro inu girl smiled back. Her smile was all fang that crushed her eyes together from the force of it.

Sesshomaru's eyes squinted together in annoyance. "Hn. That is unacceptable. Your staff is unacceptable. To allow such things to occur on the grounds, I do not think my daughter or my assets will stay either." The man said coldly. "This establishment need not shut down as I am sure since I will remove my daughter others will follow suit."

"Wait! My lord! I can assure you that your daughter is safe here. The donation you've made has really helped the school tremendously. Please!" The principal said frantically.

"Then the young youki girl stays as well." He gestured to the little girl that had his daughter smiling in front of him for the first time.

"I…I…o-okay sir." The principal gave in, knowing that without the prestige that came with housing the royal heir, his school would fail.

"Hence forth, since yours have proven incompetent, I will place guards to keep her safe so this does not happen again." With that the man turned on his heal, leaving his daughter and servant to follow.

Kiki ran after them and Inuyasha walked behind, watching the little girls interact. They didn't speak to one another, simply smiled and made gestures. "How old is she? If you don't mind my asking."

The toad creature was about to squawk his protest but,"5." Came the short answer from the aloof youki.

"Kiki's 4." He asked Kiki a question her mother's language and she responded back quickly. "Oh, they have their ESL classes together." The older male said nothing and simply took in the oil covered younger male. Not knowing his daughter, she allowed him to hold her which was astonishing. She was fearful of everyone. The small group went to the girls classrooms to retrieve their items before heading towards the front gate, where Inuyasha's SUV and Sesshomaru's limo waited. Putting Kiki on his shoulders, the two made faces, causing the princess to laugh and make faces back. Much to the surprise of the King, his daughter stood on the hanyou males feet as he held her small hands and walked while making faces.

When it was time to part, he crouched down to the princess's level, which he hoped was okay. "Hey little princess, you gotta start fighting for yourself too, okay?" As expected, Sairiu only stared at the man at first, but her eyes found the puppy ears a top his head and he sighed, "Go for it kid." Smiling ear to ear, Sairiu rubbed the soft appendages under the watchful eyes of her lord-father who suppressed a grin at the small interaction. Standing, he and Kiki waved goodbye, and her strapped her into her car seat before pulling off so he could get her cleaned up at home.

The ride back to the condo was uneventful but the lord's mind was preoccupied with thoughts of the puppy eared hanyou male. Logically, there was nothing special about the hanyou and Sesshomaru was unsure as to why he was able to become close to his daughter so quickly. The male must be mated, but the lord was unsure of his status, whether Alpha, Beta, or Omega. It was a bit nerve racking. His daughter seemed to be better and was much more active when they arrived home. She was beaming with happiness as he set his assistant to work on gathering information about the hanyou. Soon, he was brought a full profile on the brash youth. Sesshomaru read the file while Sairiu put a puzzle together. The hanyou was orphaned early on with the death of his mother and absence of his father. He was 213 years old, very young to be a father compared to his own 724. His daughter's mother was a black InuYouki by the name of Hishime. Although, he was very well off. He owned a car dealership and widespread auto repair. Included was a picture of the male. There weren't many shiro inu left in the world and Sesshomaru was curious about who his father was.

"Dude have you ever seen the lord of the west in person?" Inuyasha asked his best friend as he worked on the engine of the car they were fixing.

"No why?" He responded nonchalantly.

"He really helped me out but fuck, I do not want to get on his bad side." Inuyasha replied. Kiki watched from a chair with a juice box and a bag of chips in fresh clothes as her father worked like usual. She'd become use to this routine, there was plenty of things for her to do in the shop but she liked watching her father have fun working on cars and loved it even more when he taught her about the cars he was fixing and let her help. With her uncle Kouga here though, she wouldn't be able to help because it was really important. It wasn't like their garage at home with the really nice looking car her father had been working on. She yawned, showing off her tiny fangs and Inuyasha couldn't help but smile at his cute daughter. "Ready to go home?" She nodded sleepily. "Alright guys, that's it for me. I'll see you half-wits later." Gathering both his and his daughter's things they headed home once more. They watched a kid's movie before bed and Inuyasha tucked his daughter in like usual. She wouldn't be going back to school until the following week, which by then he hoped everything calmed down.

By the following week, both girls were back in school. The months went by quickly and the two became very close and played together every day. Teachers and students alike always expected them to be together. Having someone to be close to also helped with their language skills. Rin was very excited to pick Sairiu up because the two girls would always be standing together holding hands under the watchful eyes of the guards. If Inuyasha arrived before she did he always waited in his car so that they could continue holding hands and she'd do the same if she arrived first. The two were always talking and giggling together as their language skills improved. It was quite obvious the two girls were the best of friends.

Lord Sesshomaru, however, had been hit with another matter. His daughter's presentation. Not many knew he had an heir and it was required that he hold a ball of some sort to allow the nobles to meet his daughter. When she arrived home, he began to explain to her what would happen that Saturday. "Can Kiki come?" She asked quietly, unsure if her father would let her friend come to the important event.

"If that is what you wish." Was his cold answer.

Sairiu was sent to school with an invitation the next day so Kiki could give it to her own father who was surprised. "Crazy how you made friends with the princess, sweetheart."

"Can she go?" She asked.

"Can I go?" He corrected, "Yeah, you can go. We should go talk to Kagome about getting you a new dress. Then we have to find your friend a gift. What do you think she'd like?"

"A doll! Saisai likes dolls! Pretty dolls." Kiki laughed.

"Okay, so let's do that on Thursday." Inuyasha chuckled. So, on Thursday, after school, the two visited one of Inuyasha's good friends Kagome. She was a seamstress who specialized in clothing for children. When she found out Inuyasha was having a daughter she almost popped his eardrums with her squeal of excitement. The two friends caught up as she laid out several dresses that would be appropriate for the event. She allowed Kiki to choose which dress she'd wear and unsurprisingly she chose the white and gold, lace patterned one. It complemented her tanned skin, and golden eyes quite well, and Kagome prayed that any daughter of hers would be just as cute. Inuyasha would be renting a suit to match his daughter so they set off to get a gift after purchasing the dress and shoes.

They found themselves in a small shop and Kiki ran around excitedly looking for the perfect doll. She didn't find one, but found a set of lockets instead. She smiled happily and brought them to her father who knelt. "These instead?" Kiki nodded vigorously. Inuyasha made the purchase and had one wrapped. Soon they were back at home getting ready for bed. Kiki was much too excited to just go to bed. She stayed awake for quite some time after she was put to bed. By Friday she was a ball of energy, excitedly departing from her friend and heading home in anticipation of Saturday.

The night of the event, Kagome came over to assist with Kiki's clothing and hair. She tied her two pony tails and let her bangs hang free. She complimented the young girl's hair with gold and white bows and ribbons that were as long as her hair. In her dress and shoes, the little girl looked like a doll. Inuyasha wore a matching suit, pure white with gold accents. Kagome also helped with his hair and they set off to the event.

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