Forceful Decision

BY : Bayley
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Rating - M

Pairing - Sesshomaru/InuYasha

Summary - InuYasha and Kagome are about to marry however they are forced apart by Lord Sesshomaru. Why?

Disclaimer - I Do Not own anything from the InuYasha fandom in any shape or form. They belong to the great  Rumiko Takahashi. This is purely for fun and I make no money from this

Forceful Decision

Chapter One

The summer breeze was light and the sun was bright and warm; a beautiful day for a wedding. It was two years after Kagome had returned and everyone was excited and happy that InuYasha and Kagome were finally getting married. Although Kagome had returned and had been living with InuYasha as though they were married for a while; Kagome had wanted them to wait till she was accustomed to the feudal era and her new way role as future High Priestess of the village before fully comitting herself to InuYasha. InuYasha of course had agreed. The villagers were not overally pleased however InuYasha had worked hard helping with building work, harvest as well as protecting the village from various demons even though that wasn't much of an issue as most low level demons were too scared to face InuYasha the hanyou who fought against Naraku as well as the fact that Lord Sesshomaru came by regularly enough to visit Rin prevented such attacks. The ceramony was going to be a small one with only Miroku, Sango, Kilala, Shippo, Rin and Kohaku present with Lady Kaede preforming the ceramony. Life was finally going to be perfect for InuYasha.

Sesshomaru growled in anger at the new's of his dirty little brother's wedding to the annoying human wench who was far below his station. As a son of the great Lord Inu no Tashio, InuYasha was a Lord in his own right and for most part had proved his worth to the demon world for his defeat against the vile Naraku and much to the annoyance of Sesshomaru, many others had asked when his younger brother would be returning home or the more annoying of questions were the many requests to mate him which Sesshomaru was disgusted and now the hanyou was planning on marrying that pathetic human who was barely grown herself. He also refused that his half breed brother dilute his powerful blood any further. With a howl that shook the whole building, Sesshomaru fully transformed into the beast and charged in the direction of the human village.

Kagome looked at her reflection as she admired her new kimono. The kimono was beautiful. It was made from cream coloured silk and embroided in intricate patterns in her future hushand's favourite colour red. InuYasha had saved up his share of money gained by working along side Miroku as he exocised the demons while InuYasha destroyed them with his Tessaiga. One reason they had to wait a while before marrying; InuYasha had wanted to prove that he could provide for her and their future family. Kagome turned as Sango entered the small hut that InuYasha had built with the help of Miroku and some of the villagers who claimed to have helped for Lady Kagome's sake. Kagome smiled at the demon slayer.

"You look beautiful Kagome; InuYasha will be speechless" Sango stated confidently knowing full well that their half demon friend was just as excited.

"Thank you Sango where are the children?" she asked speaking of Sango's and Miroku's three young children and Kagome hoped that one she and InuYasha would have children like their's.

"I left them with Rin and Shippo; they've been helping Lady Kaede" answered Sango who was dressed in her usual kimono not wanting to upstage her friend. Kagome bit her lip as the nerves crept in. Sango wrapped her arms around her.

"Don't worry things will go smoothly; you and InuYasha were meant to be and now you can be together and no one can split you apart" Sango said assuringly.

"You're right Sango. Today is going to be perfect and no one is going to take it away from us" Kagome claimed confidently.

In a hut on the otherside of the village InuYasha was preparing himself with the help of Miroku who like Sango was giving his friend whatever support he could. Whether InuYasha listened was another matter altogether. As usual InuYasha wore his fire rat kimono as it was the only thing he was ever comfortable in.

"So did you invite your brother?" Miroku asked. InuYasha grumbled. Although the brother's were a bit more civil to one another due to Rin moving in with Lady Kaede there was still some tension between them.

"Only when Kagome insisted but I don't expect him to show up and to be honest I'd rather he not show up; I don't want him to ruin this for her or for me and I'm sure he would out of spite" replied InuYasha as he grumbled. Miroku rolled his eyes.

"I thought the pair of you had worked things out?" asked Mirkou. InuYasha simply shrugged his shoulders.

"I still don't want him here" he muttered as Miroku shook his head but he supposed InuYasha had a point. The two brothers had fought against each other for so long that it wouldn't simply fix overnight. He decided to not push the issue any further as not to spoil his friends day.

"Well my friend lets enjoy your special day and pray that he doesn't indeed show up" and with that the two friends left the hut and made their way to Goshinboku, the sacred tree that Kikyo had sealed him to for 50 years where the ceramony was about to take place.

InuYasha gazed at the Goshinboku tree that had been a part of his life and now he felt a connection as it had been a place where InuYasha could be alone to think, given him a hiding place and was now going to a part of his and Kagome's special day, when InuYasha was finally going to claim the woman he loved. A dry cough brought him from his thoughts and the hanyou turned to see Lady Kaede approach, a warm, kind hearted smile graced her face. She stopped infront of him and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a hug.

"I am proud of you InuYasha and I wish the very best for both yourself and Kagome. I remember how the pair of you used to fight and all the arguments and now you are about to wed and I feel that all those arguments at the beginning have made this all worthwhile I really do" Kaede stated while InuYasha nodded in agreement.

"True love isn't easy that's for sure and I suppose all the arguments showed how much we truly felt but were too stubborn to admit our true feelings" he guessed. Kaede nodded.

"InuYasha" Rin called as she Shippo and the three young children approached. InuYasha smiled at them but at Rin especially; even as the ward of his elder brother; Rin was simply hard to not adore and InuYasha often found himself looking out for her just as he would for Kagome and he hoped that one day she would have a family of her own one day. She would make a wonderful mother one day he thought to himself. As the rest of them began to gather at the sacred tree the only two that remainedto show up were Sango and Kagome. InuYasha's ears flickered and he lightly sniffed the air at the familiar scent of Kagome; he turned around and his amber eyes widened in amazement at his love standing there in her beautiful kimono. He smiled warmly as she approached with Sango close behind. Kagome soon stood beside InuYasha and Lady Kaede began the cermony that everyone had been waiting for.

Sesshomaru quicken his pace; he refused to all InuYasha's pathetic attempt to marry as he would never accept the human as a sister in law; a miko or not she was still an infuriating girl to the powerful demon.

"We gather here to join these two good souls in marriage. This couple have worked through many trials together and I pray that they are rewarded now as they join in matramony infront of these wittness let's hear their vows that will bind the two together" Lady Kaede proclaimed as InuYasha and Kagome turned to face each other. InuYasha gulped as he was getting nervous; one of the few times he had ever been nervous in his life. His hands were even shaking slightly. Kagome took his clawed hands in hers to try and give him comfort. InuYasha smiled at her grateful for her thoughtfulness and was about to begin his vows when his ears suddenly flattened against his head at the familiar demonic aura that surrounded them. He turned to see Sesshomaru in his true form; his sharp ears picking up on the low growls of his elder brother. He stepped infront of Kagome to shield her from whatever Sesshomaru dished out. He growled back in anger. How dare he try any ruin this day for him and Kagome, he had no right he thought angrily to himself. Sesshomaru who was now in his humanoid form approached them in his usual manner; his sharp cold eyes narrowed and focused on his dirty half breed of a brother who was finally going to learn his place in the grand scheme of things.

"This union will not continue. As my brother's Alpha and Lord I hereby declare that InuYasha will no longer reside in this village and will no longer associate with these humans. This is my decree and will be carried out from this day forth. If you ningen attempt to stop me I will use force" Sesshomaru growled out. Sango and Miroku moved closer to their friends and the small Kilala transformed into her full size in defence of their friend. Lady Kaede took Rin and the young children back to the village for their safety with Rin looking at her father with worry in her eyes. She had never really seen him like this and honestly it scared her and she was worried what they would mean for InuYasha and Lady Kagome whom she had grown attached to.

Once the children were out of the way, the group prepared to fight; although Sesshomaru had other ideas. He formed his light whip and released aiming for InuYasha's neck. Before InuYasha could dodge, the whip connected and wrapped round his neck and with a sharp tug was pulled forwards where he was caught by Sesshomaru's sharp claws around his throat. Kagome rushed to her hut and grabbed her bow and arrows and shot her arrow which flew; his senses sharp and keen managed to easily deflect the arrow; his claws digging in deeper into the hanyou's flesh causing him to yelp in pain.

"If you wish to end his life then continue however it is useless and will only enrage me further. Now I will take my little brother and if you follow I will kill you all where you stand" threatened Sesshomaru; flinging InuYasha over his shoulder before walking off. Sango and Miroku rushed to Kagome's side as she fell to her knee's; tears falling down her face. Sango wrapped her arms around the young miko; allowing her to cry as she glared at the direction Sesshomaru had left in.

"We'll get InuYasha back I promise" Sango and Miroku vowed as the miko continued to cry. They would get him back even if they had to fight to the death.

Authors Note - This came to me and I had to write it. I am trying to keep Sesshomaru quite evil and what I have planned he is more evil than in A Loss and a Gain which I am still working on.

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