Safe with Wolves

BY : Red-Eyed-Duelist
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Author's Note: SORRY I haven't written anything for this, just been busy with life and writers block. Sorry if this one seems insenificant, I just wanted to put something out there!

Three weeks.

That's how long Shippo and Inuyasha stayed so far. To be honest, it wasn't half bad- well, despite the demons who didn't like a half-demon being there but Inuyasha could careless. Especually since Shippo had made friends with some of the pups.

That's where the little kit was now, playing with his new friends in the 'pupping' cave as Inuyasha liked to call it and the said half-demon was getting his last check up fron the healer with Ginta waiting.

"Your wounds have fully healed." stated Iyashino. "Though  I can't do anything about your scars."

"Feh, it's fine." He muttered as he sat up, tugging his clothing into its propper place before he stood up and headed out, nodding his head to the old demoness in thanks iwth Ginta in toe. He ignored all the looks he was getting and, instead, glanced over at the horizon and saw the sun slowly setting. He wondered if the wolves wouuld be hunting tonight with no light of the moon-

"Inuyasha, you okay?" asked Ginta when the half-demon suddenly stopped.

"Is tonight the night where the moon's dark?"

"Well, yes. Why?"

"I have to go and get Shippo." Inuyasha stated instead of answering his question and bolted, paying Ginta's calls no mind. He got to the cave in no time, hastily thanked the on duty wolf demon, grab shippo and bolted to Kouga's cave.

"Papa?" Shippo questioned once Inuyasha set him down on the bed of furs.

"New moon." Inuyasha told him, making the kit's eyes widen.


Inuyasha nodded before diving under some of the furs and hiding himself. He breathed in, unconsiously taking in Kouga's scent. His clinging scent was of the caves, other wolves, meat and the woods.

"Don't worry papa, I'll make sure no one will see you like this." He heard shippo state and everything went quiet within the den. Before long, He could feel the transformation taking hold. His claws shortened and turned into regular human fingernails, ears dissapeared and normal ears took their place, his fangs shrank and his hair turned black.

It was close to midnight when Inuyasha finally heard Kouga trudging into the den and over to the bed of furs. The now-human didn't hear anything from Shippo, signifying that he had fallen itno a deep sleep. "What the hell you doing, burried under the furs like that?"

"None of your business, wolf." Inuyasha grumbled.

"It is my business." Kouga grabbed some of the furs and tugged them to the side. Inuyasha tried to grab them but it was too late. Inuyasha stared up at Kouga while the wolf stared back in confusion and shock.

"Surprise," Inuyasha said sarcastically. "Now you know what happens to half-demons during a certain time."

"You're a..." Kouga gapped, taking Inuyasha in.

"A human, yes, thanks for you for that wonderful observation." Inuyasha deadpans. He scooped up a sleeping Shippo that was at the foot od the fur bed. "It happens once a month, when the moon is dark. My demon blood receeds and I'm left as a human. Now, I'd like to sleep."

He laid down closest to the cave wall, back towards the wolf. It was quiet for a moment before he heard russling and furs were laid over him and Shippo. He heard Kouga lay down and everything was still. 

Inuyasha tried to get to sleep but the night grew cold and was seeping into the furs, making him shift and shake ever so slightly. He heard a sigh and an arm suddenly came around him and pulled him back against a warm chest.

Inuyasha wanted to snap at Kouga but the tribe leader didn't give him a chance. He swung a leg over Inuyasha's, pulling him even closer.

Inuyasha decided to just go to sleep, there was no sense of snapping and probably losing the only source of warmth he had. So, he pulled Shippo closer to his chest and let his eyes shut, falling into a rather peaceful sleep.

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