The Ballad Of A Hanyou

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Running was all the child could do.

So he ran as fast as his adolescent legs would carry him he had no time to slow down or worry about his surroundings he had to get out of sight and he had to do it fast this much he knew.

(Normal P.o.v)

24 hours earlier.

The day was bright and beautiful vibrant with the various colors of spring and the melodies of the Sasanaki

The villagers of Edo Japan were up and about doing their daily chores the hunters were setting out to hunt.

While the women were rushing here and there with their young ones running around there feet laughing and playing.

It was a joyous day for the villagers.

except one person wasn't to joyous.

That person was the son of the villages Kuge.

Hino Yoritake was a handsome man with a chiseled face long black silky hair. With the most beautiful golden brown eyes you've ever seen.

All the women of the village young and old would swoon when he looked or smiled in there direction.

Sadly the nobelmans son could careless about sniffling little bitches and what they wanted for he had no need for women.

He preferred the young not yet mature bodies of children.

Not just any child his favorite victims we very young boys 6 to 11 years old.

He would defile them in the worse ways imaginable and cut open their throats.

Alas his victims didn't get peace even in death for he loved to mutilate and defile there corpses. (AN: This guys an asshole!)

How could such a handsome man who can have any woman he sets his eyes on be such an evil human being?

Well you know that saying?

" The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." let's just say his mother and father are just as bad as him.

They would kidnap children from neighboring villages and torture them for days maybe even months and mercilessly kill them.

The mother would cut the throats of her victims and bathe in the blood of the young for purity, vitality and of course youth.

The father well he has done horrible things to his victim so horrible it can not ever be spoken of again.

You may be asking what does this have to do with how he turned out?

Welll lets just say he was used as a sexual guinea pig during and after by both his mother and father since the age of six.

The reason why Hino was not happy like the rest of the villagers on this fine day was because he had not released his sadistic urges on a poor soul in over a whole moon cycle.

Usually he'd have raped and killed 10 to15 boys by now, but his father has told him that they must stop for atleats 4 whole moon cycles because the newly crowned Lord of the western lands was making his way around the country side checking the lands for disobedient subjects or something to that nature he stopped listening half way through the explanation.

As he lay on his futon thinking about his ungodly urges and how long it's been since he's heard the screams of his young victims as he impaled there virgin bodies he decided he would not wait 4 moons to take the succulent body of a child he was going to do it today the Western Lord be damned no one's gonna stop me were his foolish thoughts as he got ready to make his journey.

(Hino's P.o.v)

I hurry out of my father's small castle and quickly down the path towards the village market.

I walk for at least a mile before a red ball rolls across the path and stops at my feet.

I bend down to pick it up .


I turn my head to the direction the noise came from and see the red clad form of the villages disdain.

"Half-breed is this your ball?" I say while we stare at each other from across the path.

As I study him I soon realize that this filthy yet appealing half-breed creature would be my next victim and I would enjoy raping and then taking the horrid things life!.

" I will not ask again you disgusting halfling" I say harshly.

I chuckle when I see the abomination flinch and look away after the sudden rise of my voice.

Seconds pass before he looks back at me.

He cautiously eyes me for a moment, before nodding his head yes, I look from him to the ball and then back at him thoughtfully.

"Tell me little hanyou what would you do to get this ball back?" I say looking straight into the vile creatures large innocent golden eyes.

He says nothing for a moment.

"Please sir I have to get home soon okasan is sick. She'll worry can I have my ball back please!?" He says in a quite voice eyes downcast head bowed.

I throw my head back and laugh.

" What do I care about your whore of a mother being sick that's what happens when you lay with demons and birth hanyou trash like you" I say after catching my breath.

I must have struck something within the little monstrous thing because next thing I know he was leaping on me and attacking me with his claws.

He slashed at my face and I dropped the ball so I could defend my self as he clawed and kicked at anything he could reach.

"Aaahhh you insolent filthy mongrel!" I yell and force him off of me.

Before I could strike him jumped up grabbed his ball and ran back into the forest.

" You can run you filthy half-demon but I'll find and kill you and your whore of a mother. " I yell at his retreating form.

How dare that filthy thing have the gall to attack me and run as if he got away with it?!

I'll show that filthy hanyou not to mess with the Kuges heir I'll torture his mother slow and painfully before I kill her in front of him.

With that plan in mind I turn and run back up the path towards the castle grounds.

" Guards..Guards help" I yelled at the two samurai as I came near the castle gates.

"Young Hino what has happened to you!?" one asked while rushing up to me. I was out of breath from running back.

" the..the..hanyou.. from out the forest wild and ranting saying he's going to kill us all ...I barely got away."

As I said this the samurai began to get hostile just like I planned.

" That filthy mongrel he will pay for his transgression we should have killed him and his demon loving mother when they first stepped foot into this beautiful village."

I must say I agree with this samurai my father never told us why he let the mongrel and the whore he called his mother live within the outskirts of their honorable village

-That doesn't matter now because they both were going to die!. - I thought while smirking.

" We must gather the villagers and tell them what the mongrel has done to our Kuges son and finally put an end to his horrible life. "

A while later I walked into the village market bandaged and flanked by 20 of the castles best samurai we walked to the center of the market place and came to a complete stop.

By now all 200 villagers were silent not a noise could be heard only the song of Sasanaki.

" Humble villagers of Yoritake I come before you with grave news that the monster that we've allowed to reside only 2 miles from here for more than six years has attacked me and has threatened to kill all of us here today~" cries of outrage could be heard every where.

" how dare he!" One man yelled then a chorus of people voiced there opinion.

"We must kill him before he kills us all!"

"Kill the demon!"

"Kill the demon!" They shouted.

I smirked and extend my hand to the crowd forsilence

-This was going far better than I thought. Humans can be so fickle and easy to manipulate 😈-

" Yes we will kill the demon and his disgusting whore of a mother but we must plan how to kill him for the half-breed is strong and cunning we must be careful for he can kill you before you even scream for help so we must wait for the cover of darkness inorder to successfully kill the mongrel." I say and the villagers erupt into loud cheers and praise for me to kill the half breed.

As night fell upon the village the men and I got ready to take care of the disdain on our village.

We slowly crept through the forest making sure to be silent and mindful of are steps lest we alert predators.

We walked in the darkness of night with only the light from the moon and stars to help us see(👀).

We have torches but those are for when we get closer to the clearing that borders the entrance of our forest and the forest the were planning on entering.

800 feet inside is where the abominations hut lies.

For he and his heathen bitch of a mother live deep in the forest of Aokigahara.

We stopped in the clearing that separates Yoritake from Aokigahara.

I looked to my men and sighed.

I could only get a handful of them to enter this forest.

Most are samurai and two or three are the village men who stuck to the plan , because once the other samurai and villagers discovered we were traveling to the Aokigahara forest they immediately bowed pathetically at my feet and "Honorably Declined" to accompany us to hunt the half demon down.

That left me with 13 men at my disposal.

We lit our torches in the clearing on the outskirts of the forest before entering.

We did this because if you were to enter the "Sea of Trees" without the light of a torch.

Your hair will surely turn white as your soul is sucked from your rapidly decaying body.

So with that bit of knowledge we each carried double headed torches.

After all were lit I give the signal to enter the forest.

As soon as we stepped into the forest I instantly felt shrouded in a cloak of disparity and relentless fear.

It was as if someone was watching our every move , every breath and every godamn step we took.

I started to wonder if this was a good idea.

All was silent not even an animal could be heard or seen frolicking.

You could only hear the wind and our armor and weapons clanking against each other as we walked the worn path.

I looked around our surroundings and noticed that the trees were taller than any other trees I've ever seen.

They were tall enough to block out the sun ,the trees trunks looked old and like something with sharp claws took chunks out of the bark.

We walked for all of two minutes before a strange thick fog started rolling in from the south.

The winds picked up speed and strength and our torches began to flicker under these harsh winds.

" Men protect your flames the light is our only form of protection in this forest, they must not go out.! " I shouted.

At my words the men began to scramble to the ground and huddled close to their torches.

I crouched down to secure my flame as well .


With that clap of thunder two of my men on the left flank jump up from there positions.

Forgetting about their torches for a split second.

That's all that was needed and when realization dawned on them it was already to late.


The wind begins to speed up faster than before it sounds as if a banshee was screeching within our ears I quicky crouch back down to secure my flame.


My head quicly shot up to look upon the samurai or village man who cried out.

What I saw was the dried husk of a body with hair as white as snow and the armor of a samurai.

I looked on shocked I couldn't believe my eyes I looked to the second man without the light of a torch.

His face was deathly pale his eyes as big as saucers.


The villagers sentence was cut short as I looked upon him and his body began to convulse as if he couldn't breath.

I noticed that the roots of his hair began to turn white and his body began to decay before my eyes and within seconds he became an empty white haired husk just like the fallen samurai.

The rest of the men began to panic and flee back towards the clearing.

" You cowardly men where do you think your running to, come back." I yell.

They don't hear to busy acting like cowards they just run blindly towards the clearing without looking back.

One samurai exits the forest and into the clearing.

He tries to run towards the forest of Yoritake.

He was mere inches away from the entrance.

Before he could step foot on to Yoritake grass.

The wind began to howl and the samurai ceased running.

He stood stock still as if he did not want to enter the forest anymore.

He stumbled back as if he were drunk, and fell to the ground dead for his head was cut clean off by an unseen foe.

The men running not far behind the now fallen samurai stopped dead in there tracks "AAAHHH!"

" Oh Kami-Sama what have your humble people ever done to deserve this?" one of the village men shout to the sky as he sunk to his knees with a sob.

I'm too shocked and confused to move from the spot I was in while this whole thing unfolded.

We were only in this cursed forest for two minutes...TWO MINUTES how could this have happened none of my men were supposed to die!

-How did that heathenes bitch and her bastard of a hanyou get passed this forest without dying?!-

My shock quickly turns into white hot rage at a realization that this is the spell of a hanyou.

- The stories I heard as a child were true!- (AN: This guy is mad stupid lol.)

"I've already lost three of my men" I bellow out in rage from my position in the forest.

"You are pathetic creatures sniffling and whining like little bitches. All because of some hanyou magic. All you've witnessed here tonight has been an illusion that the hanyou cast to scare us away and our comrades did not die in this ungodly way. The hanyou has merely stolen them away and we must save them before midnight tonight or all hope will be lost and we suffer by the hands of a filthy half-breed"

As I finish my speech I'm still standing in my spot.

The 10 remaining men begin to get up and walk back in to Aokigahara.

When they are standing in front of me (AN: Two headed torches are still lit.)

I look them in the eye one by one and see the hatred for the hanyou their hostility and thirst to painfully shed the blood of the hanyou and his mother.

They bow at my feet and pledge their loyalty, honor, and lives to me.

I smirk and say nothing and turn from there bowed forms at my feet and walk away.

At the sound of my retreating footsteps they scurry up from there bow and after my retreating back.

(Normal P.o.v.)

It was a dark and chilly night and all was silent for miles around.


A flash of red and white could be seen running through the forest.

If you looked close enough you'd see that the person running was a six year old boy with silvery-moonlight hair and two adorable puppy ears on the top of his head.

He looked heavily malnourished and wounded if the arrow in his shoulder was any indication enough he seemed to be running for his life.

He did not stumble or trip on any tree roots that lay under his bleeding feet as he ran who knows how many miles or hours this poor boy ran for he surely didnt know.

" Get back here you filthy creatin you can't run for long." A cry rang out through the quiet forest they weren't too far be hind him now.

- ** Female Voice** "Inuyasha...INUYASHA you have to run!"-with that thought.

he pushed his six year old malnourished body even more in order to put distance between him and the men that pursued him.

He tried not to cry he tried to be storng for his okasan but to no avail he let the tears that he held back for kami knows how long since he fled from the hut and forest he was raised in since infancy.

He couldn't hold in his anguish so he cried and wailed while he ran because he knew in his heart he wouldn't be able to return to his home or his okasan.

He was ashamed he felt as if he abandoned his mother.

He could still hear her commanding voice loud and clear in his mind before the men that barged into their home and turned his adolescent life into a living hell.

(Inuyasha's P.o.v.)

**low whispering**


** low whine**

" 5 more minutes okasan please?!"

I say while rolling over still sleeping.

**shaking inuyasha**

I whine and roll away from her constant shaking.

**sad sigh**

She roughly but gently sits me up on our makeshift futon.

I groan and rub the sleep from my eyes as she gently pets my ears.


I turn and look at my okasan.

"Inuyasha run." She says in a low voice.

" okasan I dont understand! whats wrong are you hurt? Why do I have to leave okasan dont you love me?!" I say as tears stream down my cheeks.

She leans over and scoops me up in her arms and holds me tight and kisses my forehead.



"shhhh!" She motions for me to keep quite.

Then okasan moves slowly and quietly off the futon and peaks out the window like shes searching for something or someone.

I quietly get off the futon and make my way towards her.

I stand beside her and look out the window.


" AAAHHHH" my okasan screams.

"Kami-Sama please help us!" She cries out and rushed to my side with tear stained cheeks.

"Are you ok" She ask I look at her worried face so confused.

I didnt understand why okasan asked if I was ok.

Until I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder as she tried to pull it out.

"OWWWW" I started to sway my head was spinning I saw black dots playing behind my eyes I swayed some more before I felt my legs go out.

I fall in the arms of my okasan before I could hit the ground.

"OKASAN IT HURTS" I scream into her chest.

"INUYASHA I need you to listen to your okasan ok I understand your in pain my aisoku but I need you to listen."

She says while rocking me in her arms I nod my head Ok and try to listen to what she'll say.

" Aisoku you must flee you must get far far away from here my child and remember no matter what anyone says or tries do to you in this kami forsaken world you have an okasan and otousan who loved you and would gladly give their lives to see you grow up strong, compassoniate , brave and proud."

She tilts my chin up so I'm looking straight into he violet eyes.

" Be proud to be a half-demon Iuyasha don't ever hold your head down and dont ever let anyone tell you that what you are is a disgrace because it's not true you are the most beautiful sweetest child that kami could ever bestow upon me don't ever let anyone tell you to be ashamed because I'm not ashamed for loving your otousan and giving birth to you."

She inhales deeply and sighs.

"I've never wanted to tell you this but"

She paused and gave my hand a squeeze with her free one.

" I died the night of your birth I was killed by my body guard to be frank his name was Takemaru he shoved a spear through my chest I had just enough strength to bring you into this world I died soon after hearing your loud wails, but your otousan brought me back to the world of the living and gave his life to save yours and mine."

She pauses and sighs sadly

"I'm telling you this because my beloved I'm going to die tonight~"


**loud sobs😭😭**

"NO okasan don't say that I'll be a good boy I promise please okasan you can't die I'll be so lonely with out you!"


* * choked sobs* *

She laughs and it was a sound I knew I wound never hear again.

" O silly child of mine you won't be alone I'll always be there with you where ever you go for I'm part of you just as you are a part of me. " She says and hugs me close to her heart.

"Your otousan is wi~ "

* *BOOM* *

She jumps up and pulls me even tighter against her bosom to the point of pain from all the pressure she's putting on my injured shoulder with an arrow still embedded there.

" You filthy Half-breed whore!" Yells a man as he breaks down our door.

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