The Fall into Our Darkness

BY : Kuronohime
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I want to stay with you, Inuyasha.“

With those words long ago, Kagome had promised to stay by the half demon’s side bearing the knowledge that his love belonged to Kikyo and to Kikyo only. The bond between them was unselfish, sacrificing and above all - unconditional. The strength of their love carried them beyond life, beyond death. He had vowed to follow the love of his life into the deepest depths of hell. Kagome was in no position deny him his decision even when her heart had been broken by it. But even while bleeding, her heart could not stop beating for him. She had stayed by his side and with horror awaited the day he was to redeem his vow.

Finally the day came when Kikyo’s worldly journey came to an end. It was like for a moment the earth ceased from revolving and everything stood still. At that time, his world had collapsed. Kagome could still feel the bitter lump in her throat as she bethought the vision of Inuyasha holding a fragile body in his arms against the pale shine of twilight. For hours he didn’t move, just remained in the same position holding her gently to his chest, caressing her hair ever so softly. In the final minutes of her life, she reached for his crying face and smiled. Inuyasha bent down and pressed his lips against hers in a kiss that was full of love, ache and regret. He was enveloped in a bright light and she was finally gone, to eternal rest.

Kikyo’s passing had had a deep impact on Inuyasha. For a long time, he was depressed and secluding, only his vindictiveness towards Naraku gave his existence a meaning.

But even during the darkest of his hours and in the deepest of his grief, there shimmered a hope. His burden was lifted; Inuyasha was finally free to love Kagome. He was freed from his duty to Kikyo and he was free to be with Kagome.

That is if only faith hadn't decided differently.


After the defeat of Naraku, Inuyasha’s heavy duty laid upon unshackling the worlds from the darkness of the Shikon no Tama. In his final moments of existence, Naraku had managed to do his last deed of malevolence. He confined Kagome inside the cursed jewel before he departed this life.

The roar that echoed through the jewel’s core was heard all over the netherworld. Inuyasha had brought down the darkness, but with a heavy price. Tessaiga was shattered and Inuyasha so badly hurt that his half-human body was unable to repair itself. But perhaps the greatest loss was to his humanity. Moments before he had gathered all his remaining strength to destroy the jewel with his demonic blow, Inuyasha’s demon side surfaced. The fact that it had was probably the only reason keeping him from the gates of afterlife. His true demon strength allowed him to hang on to the threads of life long enough for Kagome to help him return to Sengoku Jidai.

And that is where this story begins.


Inuyasha had been unconscious for days, perhaps a week by then. Kagome dutifully remained by his side. The first thing the young priestess had attempted to do on the battlefield, where she discovered Inuyasha maimed body, was to try and heal his wounds with her powers. She had held her trembling hand on his body, but where it should have healed him, it only inflicted more damage. Later, Kaede had suspected that it was because Kagome’s powers consisted of the purest form of reiki whereas Inuyasha had been succumbed to the darkness of his demonic side. His darkness could not take in her light and she was unable to heal him.

Kaede had also done all she could to help him. Even the rest of Inuyasha’s friends did everything they could. Miroku prayed for his revival and Sango was travelling all of Japan to find anything to help him heal. Still Inuyasha showed no signs of recovery. During the span of days, his wounds had barely healed and the only thing providing solace to Kagome was his shallow breathing. As long as he breathed Kagome would refuse to think of the worse. But she feared if Inuyasha did not wake up soon, his body wouldn’t survive without nourishment for much longer in that condition. Only thing that kept him going was his demon strength and the little bit of water Kagome managed to get pass his lips now and then.


Once again Kaede found Kagome asleep by Inuyasha’s sickbed when she entered the little hut where Inuyasha had been carried to from the battlefield. He hadn’t been moved since and the air in the room was heavy and reeked of blood and rot.

Kaede lowered a little bowl of food on the floor next to Kagome. She hoped that despite the recent loss of the young woman’s appetite she would still manage to eat something. Her broken heart was evident on her withering face and figure. Kaede feared what would become of young Kagome if Inuyasha lost the battle over his life.

The old priestess sighed and leaned to press her hand on Inuyasha’s forehead. The fever had gone down which either was a good or a very bad sign. For Kagome’s sake, she hoped that the hanyou boy was finally pulling through.

It was on one of the long nights when Kagome could not sleep and instead spent her waking hours by Inuyasha’s bed. She didn’t find the strength to face her friends anymore. Couldn’t take the pitying looks they gave her. As if they were all expecting her to start mourning Inuyasha, accepting his inevitable demise. But his body wasn’t cold yet. So she spent all her time by the injured man.

Inuyasha was in a deep sleep and Kagome watched as his eyes moved behind the closed lids. She knew that he would wake up as soon as his body had recovered enough. His head hadn’t suffered any grave injuries and his brain was clearly behaving normal since he could still dream. There was nothing that kept him from waking neurologically.

Kagome traced the long, magenta stripes on his cheeks with her finger. The demon in him would be able heal him, she assured herself. She would not lose him. She could not lose him.

“You know, Inuyasha”, Kagome whispered tentatively to him, “It’s been pretty boring here without you.”

Kagome wiped a lonely stray of his hair away from his face and continued, “Everything’s so quiet now. I still have a hard time adjusting to the thought that we will not be going on shard hunts anymore. Every morning I wake up, I still expect to hear your voice telling me to drag my sorry ass to God knows where to h-hunt after s-shards...”

Kagome swallowed and tried to stop her voice from breaking. She carefully reached for Inuyasha’s hand and lifted it up. She nudged her face against his palm. She closed her eyes and deeply breathed in his scent. She could still sense his fragrance under the darker tones of blood and dirt. He smelled of deep forest and grass after the rain.

She squeezed his hand tightly. “You are a real pain in the ass for making everyone worry over you. You big brat. Who’s going to give me a hard tim-“

She couldn’t continue. Tears flowed down her face to her chin and to Inuyasha’s hand. It was the first time she had allowed herself to cry since the last battle with Naraku. She cradled herself against Inuyasha’s lifeless hand and gave gentle kisses on his clammy skin.

She wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Not like this.

Not like this.


Warmness surrounded Inuyasha in a place far away. It was summer there. Pleasantly fragrant breezes caressed his hair, rivers gushed nearby and tree branches swayed above him. He had never been in this place, but it still felt so comforting and familiar. But something made his ears twitch. A soft voice. It called out to him beyond a field of flowers. He wanted to stay there where everything was so peaceful. He felt no misery of his past life burden him. All his memories of past hardships were gone. But the voice, heartbroken, called for him. Inuyasha looked at the field. He wanted to stay, but…There was someone he wanted to see again.

He approached the sound. It was there, at the edge of the field. A woman. She was waiting for him.

Inuyasha reached out his hand, trying to graze the apparition. So beautiful, so sad. Something stopped him, pulled him back. He tried to fight his way to her, but a power, sinister power, grabbed a hold of him. It filled the air around him, constricted his chest and distorted his vision.

The girl midst the flowers turned to look at him. Wide brown eyes stared at him.

Then everything turned black.


His eyes flashed open. But where there should have been two amber eyes, in the dimness of the dawn, there glistened a pair of crimson orbs. The orbs dashed from left to right, trying to make out a picture of where he was. Everything was foreign and hazy to his senses. Head splitting pain rummaged through his brain and obscured his vision. He could only hear the din of his pulse in his ears. Not much besides the sickening pain was he able to feel. But somehow through his state of haze he could sense a heartbeat that was not his own.

Kagome weakly petted Inuyasha’s hand and turned her tired eyes to him. When Kagome noticed that he had finally regained consciousness she wasn’t able to believe it first. She had been without sleep for so long that it could have been just her exhausted mind beguiling her to see wistful dreams. But after a few moments of disbelieving blinking it sank into her realization. He was awake! She was so overjoyed with happiness that she blindly grabbed his hand and held it to her cheek, oblivious of the transformation.

Kagome closed her eyes and whispered incoherent chants of gratitude while failing to see how the demon’s other hand clenched close. The red orbs slowly registered his surroundings and his gaze focused on the offensive intruder that had the nerve to touch him. The claws on the demon’s hands grew longer, oozing sickly green acid, as he languidly opened his fist. He was waiting for the human to move closer so he could slash her face open since he had not enough strength to reach out so far. As the demon was patiently waiting, something wet trickled down the back of his hand which was caressed by that woman. Tears glistened on her face and the demon could finally make out a full sentence in between her unintelligible mumbling.

“I knew you would come back to me.”

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