Forevermore and Still

BY : Kuronohime
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The crickets serenaded their song to the humid night of the feudal summer. A faded wind swayed the long strands of hay and made the leaves rustle on a grand old parasol tree.

He stirred his eyes open waking up to a gentle quiver.

Shippo remained still, not giving away his state of awake. He stayed curled next to Kagome who was silently sobbing against his side.

The little fox demon blinked his eyes to get a glimpse of his surroundings. The pale light of the moon revealed Miroku and Sango sleeping with Kirara keeping guard between them across their camp side. Inuyasha was nowhere to been seen.

Shippo had witnessed this same scenario far too many times to quickly piece together that the cause for the quiver had to do with something Inuyasha had done. Or rather, had yet again neglected to do.

A faint smell of salt assaulted his nose and he couldn't fall back asleep.

As per usual the object of Shippo's restless night was her old cheery self by the time the sun was high. Even though her small companion was aware that the salty fragrance had lingered well into the hours of dawn.


The girl of the future looked tired. The glow in her chocolate eyes was faint. When she noticed Shippo she mustered a small smile on her face.

"Shippo-chan, could you be a dear and catch some fish while we're gathering kindling?" Kagome rubbed soil from her palms and glanced at the small redhead.

"But we just had fish yesterday! Couldn't we just eat candy instead?" Shippo whined and pouted his lips.

Kagome chuckled.

Shippo knew perfectly well his suggestion would be denied, but it was always worth the try. Just for the sake of her smile.

The little forest creek was perfect for catching small fish. Unfortunately for Shippo, those slippery little buggers were fast. His small hands latched on yet another piece of tangled twigs and moss while the pray happily scurried away into the stream.

The clouds gave away to the sun and the mid-day sun shone hot.

He had been fishing for over an hour, with little to show of his efforts. One tiddler and an eel. He cried out frustrated.

"Damn you, Inuyasha! You should be here taking care of Kagome!" He threw the slimy tangle of twigs back to the river and watched how it drifted downstream. He then looked at his petite paws. Too little to get hold of any of the bigger whoppers.

"I wish I was big enough to take care of her on my own. Then she wouldn't need no stupid dogs."

His hands dropped down with a sigh.


"Ku ku ku kuu."

At his fortress, Naraku was leisurely surveying his enemies through the looking glass held up by his minion, Kanna.

"Ah, it has been a while since my latest greetings to the Inutachi." He pursed his lips into an eerie grin. "How inconsiderate of me." His voice was oozing with malicious pleasure as he talked to no-one particular and caressed the sacred jewel of Shikon no Tama in his slender fingers. His thick and poisonous claw gently sliced through the orb like it was made from charcoal. A tiny fragment was dissected from the jewel. The fragment was pitch black, tainted with his evil reiki.

"Such a pity for his wish to go unheard."


Still at the creek and ready to give up on fishing, Shippo began picking his clothes back up. He had laid them on the bank in an effort to spare them from getting wet. A low grumble erupted from his chest. He glanced at his meek catch. Hopefully Kagome wouldn't think he was a complete failure. He sure already did.

Shippo grabbed his vest and was looping his hands through the arm holes when he felt a painful twinge on his neck. He instinctively swatted his hand against the back of his neck. The perpetrator was squished under his palm and dropped on the ground. It was a large, purple-yellow insect with large red eyes. It twitched its legs a few times on the ground before going motionless.

"Naraku's insect?" Shippo mused and rubbed his throbbing neck. He sniffed the air to scout for other signs of Naraku. He wasn't alarmed by anything out of the ordinary, but he had a relentlessly ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Something's up. I have to tell the others."

Shippo was about to head back camp, but only after a few steps, he collapsed to the ground. It felt like the ground beneath had given away and he was swallowed up by a boghole.

Hot, throbbing pain invaded his every limb, muscle and vein. A slow fire spawned from inside the back of his neck.

He screamed of the terrifying pain that shrouded him.


As soon as Kagome heard the scream she instinctively dropped her kindling. Sango and Miroku were not nearby, but she was sure that the scream she had heard was Shippo's. The little kitsune was in trouble. She didn't loiter and sprung to action.

She grabbed her bow equipment and hurried to the place she knew Shippo was at. The priestess approached the small creek at a running pace. She couldn't waste any time waiting or looking for the others. Whatever was happening to Shippo, it sounded blood-chilling and she had to act fast.

When she could see the area where the trees grew more sparsely, she knew the bank was just sort way ahead.

"Shippo-chan!" She called, trying to scan the ground with her gaze. He didn't reply and she pulled out an arrow from the case on her back.

Kagome tensed the string on her bow and kept examining the bank, ready to pierce a purifying hole in any enemy she would came across.

"Shippo-chan! Are you there?" She called again, more firmly.

Something moved in the corner of her eye and Kagome readily aimed her arrow at the direction of the movement.

A slim figure rose from the gourd, groaning audibly. The sun blinded Kagome and she had to squint her eyes from the backlight.

The figure took a couple of shaky steps, but Kagome couldn't make out what it was.

"Stop!" She screamed at the creature. Her fingertips tingled on the feathery edge of her arrow. She sensed it. The shard.

The creature stopped on her command and looked straight at her. It was a young demon, roughly the same age as Inuyasha. His long red hair coated his body like an intense fire against the sun and his emerald eyes popped out in contrast to his ivory skin.

"Kagome?" The young man's voice spoke hoarsely.

The girl tensed the string on her bow. "Who are you? What have you done to my friend!"

The young fox demon wobbled closer to Kagome, unaware of what had happened to him.

"Kagome-chan?" He took a deep breath, not recognizing his own voice. "It is me, Shippo." The kitsune placed a hand on his throat and tried to cough his voice clear. But the coughing didn't take out the coarseness of his new voice.

"There's something wrong…" Shippo stopped mid-sentence and clutched his throat in a state of shock.

Kagome kept her distance and eyed suspiciously the young man claiming to be Shippo. How could he be? It was ridiculous. It must be a malicious scheme, Kagome thought to herself. ThoughKagome loosened slightly the grip on her bow. That man's aura was peculiarly similar to Shippo's. He also wore a similar style hakama and vest. Albeit, the clothes were torn and strained on him. Almost like he had suddenly grown too large for his attire.

"Don't come any closer!" She warned the demon even if she was hesitant to aim her arrow at him. But no matter how innocent he looked, he was in possession of a shard, that was for sure.

The young man hardly paid attention to her as he was too distraught staring at his hands. Large, wide palms that sprouted lean, long fingers ending with razor sharp tips. He straightened his hand out and marveled his forearm. Where it had but half an hour ago been a scrawny twig, now it boasted toned muscles. Soft fur and paws were replaced by more humanoid extremities. The former petite body had stretched to a stature of a grown man and morphed a scrawny torso to a brawny wide chest that sloped into a tight six-pack of abdominal muscles. A fine ginger hair on his arms and legs as the tell-tale signs of post-puberty.

"Kagome." The young man solemnly spoke to her, not in a threatening tone the slightest, simply as someone very concerned. "Naraku did something to me. I... I..."

When his chest began to rapidly fall and rise in an onset of panic, the young woman finally put her weapon down. A wave of concern washed over her. Even if he was not who he claimed to be, she sensed no maliciousness from him directly. He looked genuinely shaken and in need of help.

"Okay. Fine. You need to come with me." Kagome instructed, still trying to keep her voice cool in case he was up to a scheme of some sort. Kitsune demons were rarely evil but liked to play tricks on humans, especially gullible ones. Maybe this was a stunt gone awry with a lower level demon coming in contact with shikon no tama. It had happened before. Not everyone who used the shikon were evil.

The man looked at her, relieved.


When the twosome arrived at the campsite, the young man immediately headed to the stump Shippo usually claimed as 'his spot'. When the stump was clearly too small for him to sit on it comfortably, he whined miserably and concedingly slumped on the ground next to the stump, resting his arms longingly on the natural stool.

Kagome was placing her equipment back when her older travelling companion, Sango, approached them curiously.

"Kagome-chan! Where is everyone?" She looked at the man sitting on the ground, closing and opening his fists, like he hadn't seen fingers before. Lowering her voice and pointing at the strange man "Who's your new friend over there?"

Kagome nudged Sango further away from "Shippo".

"He claims he's Shippo. And that Naraku somehow transformed him into his full demon form. I sense he has a shard on him. And it seems he doesn't know he has the shard. Or he is a very good liar."

The girls were huddled together and Sango bobbed her head over Kagome's to squint at the foreign man. He sure looked a great deal like Shippo. If she hadn't known better, she could have guessed they were closely related at least. And nothing malicious registered on Sango's radar about him either. But something else did. Sango's cheeks tainted with warmth and she withdrew her neck like a turtle to continue their discussion.

"Okay. We should wait until the others get here before we decide what to do with him. If you feel like you can manage him, I'll go look for Shippo's tracks. Just in case this guy's lying. But I'll leave Kirara with you just as a precaution."

Kagome nodded her head and began moving away, but Sango pulled her back in.

"While I'm gone. For the sake of decency, get him some clothes. I got more than an eyeful of him just now."

The seriousness of the situation diffused slightly as the girls smirked at one another. Kagome knew she could always count on the older woman's rational and quick decision-making.


Kagome brought the man, Shippo, she explored the idea in her head, to a hut Sango and Miroku used in Kaede's village. Even though Miroku always wore monk robes, he did own some civilian attire as well. For disguising and spying on women, Kagome suspected but commented nothing as she reached to a closet on Sango's instructions. She browsed through the dimly lit closed with her hands.

"You need new clothes at least." She commented to Shippo who was standing behind her back watching her go through different types of robes and kimonos until she was satisfied with what her hand came in contact with. A demure pair of hakama and haori. That'll do. Gladly they were not anything too distracting. Kami only knew what sort of extravagant roleplay costumes were hidden in the depths of this closet.

"We can get you shoes from the cobbler nearby if you'd like a pai..."

Kagome's words died on her suddenly frozen lips and deflated into a shocked wheeze that escaped her gaping mouth instead.

Unbeknownst to her, Shippo had been proactive on disregarding his clothes already.

To Shippo it was absolutely nothing peculiar. He practically spent half his time in the nude with Kagome anyway. Lazing in hot springs and frolicking in fresh spring streams. That woman loved to bathe. He even jokingly once said she must have been secretly a mermaid and not a priestess.

But then again Shippo kinda forgot that he was not in a little boy's body now. Or, not that he forgot, how could he, rather, up until this point he had totally disregarded the idea that Kagome could ever see him as anything but a child. But he was not a child. Not mentally, even though he often acted such way. He was three times her age. And way more mature than that bonehead of a inu youkai that actually was older than him. He liked the shtick of acting like a child because he was rewarded more sympathy and treats that way, but he was not stupid.

For the second and a half that it took to Kagome to tear her eyes away from him and turn around, she had gotten a detailed view of this strange Shippo. All of him. Bundles of muscles human men in her time slaved for years in the gym. Slender powerful hips many women undoubtedly would bashfully bite their lower lips for. And that nest of ginger curls that did little to hide the part that separated men from boys. And oh boy, this man was not a boy. The image still as clear behind her tightly closed eyelids – vivid as if she was still staring at it. So long and thick a shaft it was practically vulgar.

"Oh, god, Kagome! I'm sorry! I totally forgot that I'm... Ah..." His low voice pleaded forgiveness behind her.

"I didn't mean to startle you. Kagome please." Shippo's voice was growing more rueful. The girl obviously feared him, thought him still a stranger.

"It's just me. Shippo. You have nothing to be afraid of. Kagome-chan..."

Kagome handed the clothes to him, crooking her hand behind her back, not daring to turn back around.

"Just. Put them on. Please." She said, eyes still shut close, just in case. She felt the clothes being taken away from her hands and she relaxed her tensed shoulders a bit.

"You are such a kind girl, Kagome... I'll always remember when we first met." Shippo reminisced all of a sudden, trying to offer her some comfort. "I was such a horrible jerk for tricking you and Inuyasha out of desperation, trying to avenge for my parents. I thought that the end would justify the means. But you forgave me. Even when I put you in danger. You forgave me and accepted me into your life. For which I'm eternally grateful. Even though ... Inuyasha did deserve those statues on him."

He unconsciously moved a bit closed when he saw she was listening and she wasn't hunching her shoulders in a defensive manner anymore.

"It's been the best time of my life travelling with you. I've seen so much in my lifetime, not many seasoned and older demon can even start to compete with. I know for a fact there is no other being in my day and age who has tasted Pockys or Ramune." His light-hearted tone grew into more solemn and hoarse even when the things he said were just silly.

"My favorites are rock candy. The same as yours."

Kagome could rather feel than hear his voice closer to her neck. The more he spoke, the quieter his voice became. An odd sensation surrounded them. It was like swimming in the deep water her mom always forbid her to swim in where one could not see the bottom. Now she was diving through that water, unable to see the bottom or the surface. Not knowing which way was up and which way was down. It terrified her into immobilization even though there was that one spec of curiousness that riveted in the suspension. The thing that made people walk on a wire with nothing but certain death below.

"You might feel confused about how I look now, but I'm not a stranger. And you are not a stranger to me, Kagome."

He let the clothes drop to the ground. His brain was becoming foggy with something unfamiliar but instinctive. And the fog was not interested in putting clothes on.

'She smells different. So wonderful.'

"When you were 10 years old, your cat, Buyo, was still a kitten and climbed to a tree by your shrine. You got so worried you climbed to rescue Buyo. You didn't know that cats can handle those heights easily and Buyo just hopped down the tree on his feet. You were not so lucky. You twisted your wrist and you got a scar on your chest."

Shippo had moved so close, he was practically pushing Kagome against the closet. He heard a breath hitch in her throat when he placed his hands from behind on her arms that were resting against the door.

His insides had come from a slight simmer to a full boil in matter of few languidly spoken sentences. He felt as if he had just become drunk while breathing her scent in this enclosed little room.

"You can still see the scar." He murmured and took a deep sniff of her hair. Fear. It was fear he could smell.

"Under your breast." He whispered to her neck and experienced the strangest urge to bite her there. He fought the desire because he knew he would ruin the cobweb thin allowance he had just build with the woman.

It was not the type of fear one would feel while facing an enemy. Nor the kind one felt when being awoken from a nightmare. No, it was more the kind of fear you would feel when about to jump from a really big height into a lake. Or the kind of fear you felt while playing hide and seek and waiting in a bush, knowing you'd be found any minute.

She was sure it had to be him. It had to be Shippo. Even if by some miracle Naraku or someone else had seen the scar, they wouldn't know how she had gotten it. She hadn't told that even to Inuyasha or anyone else of their small entourage. And no-one besides their little gang knew she was a time-traveler and could name the candies she brought from the future. It was Shippo and yet, not Shippo. This was an adult, grown-man Shippo. As her fear of being beguiled by an enemy subsided, another terrifying feeling emerged in its place. It intensified when his large, sharp pointed hands gripped her writs within them. It rendered her motionless when his breath tickled the fine hair on her neck.

They stood silent, at an impasse, neither able to move.

Shippo wanted nothing more than to grind his hips into the supple flesh of her ass that was just in front of his groin. The though tempting but all the same time impossible to act on lest he'd be surely sending her screaming away.

Another, more potent and overwhelming thought was to turn her around, hoist her up his lap, rip her expensive school uniform into tatters and ruin her right there. Loop his finger through those ridiculously scanty underpants and move them to the side. Then slid his suddenly engorged throbbing manhood into her awaiting little entrance that by the smell of it, was not unexpecting of that prospect.

As more thoughts of lewd nature entered Shippo's head in varying intensities, he suddenly had a smidgen of sympathy for Miroku. Since Shippo hadn't had experienced the true potency of adult sex hormones, he couldn't have imagined the impairment they had on level-headed logical thinking. But now, as he stood there staring down at his rock hard cock, he understood why horny men acted sometimes like raving drunkards. Disregarding what was decent, appropriate or even safe.

He'd have to take care of this thing now, before Kagome would unintentionally let out a small moan or extrude her ass so that it would make contact with his throbbing and oozing hardness and they would surpass the point of no return.

He closed his eyes and took one last waft of her hair, smelling her natural scent mixed with tropical fruits. Then he released his hold on her hands and quickly picked up the clothes from the floor and exited the hut.

Kagome was still propped against the closet when she heard the door of the small house open and close. A gentle breeze drifting from outside felt like a bucket of cold ice water on her whole body. She hadn't even realized how hot the room was compared to the outdoor air. She shivered and let out a moan.

What the fresh hell just happened!?

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