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"It'll be just a day." An irritated voice recounted a previously bargained deal.

"And you'll stay here for a week after that?" Other, also irritated, voice confirmed.

The former voice belonged to a time-travelling girl from the future who was direly behind her schoolwork. Said girl, Kagome Higurashi, let out an exasperated sigh. Why did this always have to be such an arm wrestle with him.

"Yes! I already promised that!"

The latter voice, belonging to a half-demon dog-eared boy, grunted not so much in satisfaction but in settlement. "Good!" The boy, Inuyasha, almost shouted at her.

They had walked up to an old well. Only that it was not just a well. It was a time portal that connected the different time periods between the boy and the girl.

Kagome tossed her yellow-ish, currently more brown-ish, backpack over her shoulder and swung one leg over the ledge of the well.

"Fine!" She shouted back at him and hopped down the well. Disappearing in a vortex of time and space.

Inuyasha stared at the bright light that engulfed the girl within and dimmed as it disappeared.

'Why has that wench been going back and forth so much recently?'

His dog ears twitched. Kagome had been really absent-minded lately. Just last time she forgot to bring ramen with her. The ears on top of his head perked up in alarm. 'Shit!' He cussed mentally. He had forgot to remind her about the ramen. Better go after her and make sure that the very first thing she does after getting home, is pack the ramen.


Kagome scrambled up the well, dragging along her abused backpack and thinking how she should really ask her mother to buy her a new one. This one was practically torn out of its seams from hauling food, candy, first-aid kits and a rather large wardrobe in it. What? A girl needed her PJ's.

She trotted back to her house and closed the front door just as there was another flash of light from the well-house of the Higurashi shrine.


Kagome removed her shoes at the small entry of the home of her family. She could hear murmurs and laughter from the direction of the kitchen. She looked at the neat row of shoes on the entryway, there was a set of men's shoes that were too big for Souta and definitely too neat for her granpa.

'Oh, crap!' She realized and headed towards the sounds of people talking.

She entered their small kitchen and around the table, there sat her mom, granpa and her younger brother, Souta. And a guest. They all were enjoying a cup of tea and her mom's home-made taiyaki. Everyone fell quiet as Kagome stepped in and dipped her head in a deep bow.

"I'm so sorry, I'm late, Kobayashi-kun!" She slapped her hands together in an apologetic gesture.

The man addressed was Kaito Kobayashi, Kagome's senior in high school who was doing extra credits as a tutor. The time-travelling girl had reached a point at her studies, due to her lack of attendance, where her math teacher had insisted on compulsory tutoring if she wished to graduate. The teacher had initially wanted her to attend cram-school but because of Kagome's.. ailing health, she couldn't commit to daily after studies. They had agreed on getting her a personal tutor she met every Saturday.

Kaito Kobayashi, a boy who was the top of his class, was also an active member of the kendo club. He had a tall and sturdy build, neatly cut dark brunette hair and deep chocolate, almost black eyes.

"At ease, Higurashi-chan. I've quite enjoyed my afternoon." The boy flashed an pearly smile at Mrs. Higurashi. "You know your mother is quite the homemaker. These cakes are delicious!"

Mrs. Higurashi waved her hand modestly and blushed. Giving a meaningful gaze at Kagome how this boy was definitely in the run to become her son-in-law.

"Uh, yes, she's fantastic at cooking. Unlike myself." The younger Higurashi woman smiled uneasily. She coughed and continued "Should we go to my room, Kobayashi-kun?"

"Please, call me Kaito." He said while standing up and revealing more of those pearly pearlies of his.


Kagome was happy that her mother had been far-sighted enough to make her bed and put her laundry away. She had left in such a rush last time, due to one impatient bone-head, that she hadn't had the time to clean up after herself.

Kaito studied the layout of her room and commented out loud how she had such a cute taste.

Kagome blushed and rummaged through the drawers of her desk, desperately searching for her math books.

"Umh, I really haven't decorated in the last few years, so I think it would be more accurate to compliment the tastes of the 12-year-old Kagome." She nervously laughed and Kaito joined her in a chuckle.


Inuyasha was perched on his usual place on the tree outside Kagome's room. He hadn't wanted to barge in and go wait in her room like an impatient child. He should at least allow her to put her things away first and then barge in like an impatient child.

He saw Kagome walking up to her desk. She was talking to someone. Inuyasha didn't quite make out the words since the window was closed and there was a pretty strong wind outside. But he was definitely sure the one answering Kagome was a man. His blood chilled. He tried to point his ears at the window as keenly as he could, but he was saved the trouble when a young man walked next to Kagome.

'THE FUCK!' He almost fell off the tree.

'Who the fuck is that smug-faced asshole!?' He demanded to know and stretched his neck as far out as he could without being seen.

The aforementioned smug-face sat comfortably on Kagome's bed and said something that made Kagome laugh.

'Sitting there like he owns the place.' Inuyasha growled and dug his claws into the bark beneath his palms. The only reason why that guy's head was still attached to his head was because he wasn't allowed to kill civilians. Well, at least not in front of Kagome.

He sat there in the tree. Observing the two humans, ready to bounce before the guy had a chance to lay even a finger on Kagome. Inuyasha waited, not even blinking. Almost wishing the guy to make a funny move just so that he had a reason to craft him into a paper snowflakes with his Tessaiga.

Three hours went by before Kagome finally placed a pencil between a book she had been reading and stretched her arms up in the air. They undoubtedly exchanged some sort of pleasantries before the boy packed up his stuff and the two of them vanished from Inuyasha's view.

Inuyasha's imagination was way too vivid to allow him to sit still. He leaped off his perch to the small ledge outside Kagome's window. There was no-one in the room, but the door was left open, so hopefully Kagome was coming back soon. He crept his way in and sniffed his way around the room. He couldn't smell any pheromones in the air and he released a breath he had been withholding. It seemed no sexy business had been going around, maybe. He walked to the spot on Kagome's bed where that other man had sat.

He had left his smell all over her comforter. It stank up the whole room.



Kagome had seen Kaito downstairs and thanked him.

Now all she wanted to do after an exhausting session of equations and curves, was to go sink into her tub and take a looooong bath. She would soak there until all her fingers and toes become'd pruned.

She walked back to her room, so preoccupied by the fantasy of being soaked in the hot, steamy water, she almost missed the red lump sitting cross-legged on her bed.

"So, I understand now why you're always in such a fucking hurry to get back." A low jeer startled her mind out of the tub and Kagome almost screamed before realizing that it was only her bone-headed hanyou who lurked in the corner of her room.

"For Buddha's sake, you scared me!" Kagome wheezed and held a hand over her chest.

Inuyasha humph'ed and crossed his arms over his chest.

Kagome closed her door and after getting over her initial jump scare, she reeled over Inuyasha's words.

"What did you mean?" She asked and knitted her brows.

"I meant your boyfriend." The hanyoo spat, not even trying to hide his bitterness.

"My..." The young woman was at loss of words. She knew he had a possessive nature and he tented to become jealous over nothing, but this was getting tiresome. She let out a fast huff through her nose.

"He was my tutor. I'm seriously behind in my studies, you know why. School demanded that I need extra lessons on math."

Inuyasha stood up from the bed and walked towards Kagome.

"Looked like ya were having fun." He slanted his eyes suspiciously.

Kagome pressed her hands against on both sides of her head, trying to prevent a head-ache that was sure to come. "Yeah! He was being nice! There's nothing wrong with that!"

"Yeah. Real nice." Inuyasha sneered. Even though the boy was gone, his scent lingered in the room like a fart.

Kagome let out a frustrated growl and rubbed her temples.

"You are one..." She really didn't want to get into a further argument about a non-issue so she didn't finish the sentence. She took a deep breath. "You promised me a day off, alright. We can talk about this tomorrow if it bothers you so much."

"Tsk." Inuyasha snorted. "Like I care." He lied and raised his chin like a child that was too stubborn for his own good.

Kagome glanced past Inuyasha and noticed that something looked odd about her bed.

"Where's my comforter?" She asked.

Inuyasha's chin dropped and he murmured "I tossed it out the window..."

"WHAT?! Why would you do that!?" Kagome bellowed and ran to her window, almost knocking Inuyasha down as she hurried past him. Sure enough, her pale pink comforter, just out of the washer, was in a pile by the roots of the tree outside her room.

Inuyasha saw how Kagome's whole frame began to tremble as she squeezed the window sash with her knuckles going white. He was pretty sure that he was about to make a face first encounter with her floor in matter of seconds. He flattened his ears against his head, closed his eyes and started counting downwards from five.

He heard Kagome turning away from the window and walking up to him. No, maybe not an osuwari. Maybe she's smack him on the head instead, for a change.

He felt his head being tugged downwards as Kagome grabbed him by his bangs.

"Say you're so very sorry and I just might spare your life." Kagome hissed, her tone covered with toxic.

Inuyasha opened his eyes. Say sorry that he didn't want the scent of other males on her bed? On her?

"No." He bravely announced.

Something snapped in Kagome's brain with that single uttered word.

She had had her quota of his jealousy for the rest of her natural life. She pulled his face even closer to hers until his mouth was aligned with hers. Then she slammed her lips to his. Not gently, not even passionately, but more like angrily.

Inuyasha's eyes popped out of his skull and he opened his mouth to gasp. Kagome took advantage of his shock and plunged her tongue into his mouth, challenging him into a duel of tongues. She was that close from osuwari'ng him through the crust of the earth, until he reached the most inner core of the planet Earth. How could that dense mother...being not still realize that he had nothing to fear from no other man.

Inuyasha umphed and whimpered into her orifice, the feeling of relief and incredulity making his head spin. Her brain must be seriously malfunctioning right now. She must have mistook kissing for smacking his ass to a pulp. But he wasn't sorry about that.

After being released by his shock, Inuyasha took more of the reigns. He grabbed the young woman by her waist and squeezed her body to his. Marveling the softness. He twirled them around and began walking Kagome backwards to her bed until her knees came in contact with the edge. They both came tumbling down, Inuyasha landing on top of Kagome.

Their mouths finally separated and both of them halted, breathless, to look at each other.

"What's–" Inuyasha's voice escaped his throat thick and hoarse. Kagome immediately pressed her hand on his mouth, not letting him finish.

"For the love of all that is good and holy, don't speak." She panted. She knew that anything his foot-in-mouth-syndrome was able to produce would just end up irking her.

"Yeah." He nodded and dipped his head down to have more of her lips.

The girl let out a small whimper and threaded her fingers through his silken, silver mane, pulling him in.

He was growing hard and was pretty unsure what to do with his groin. The hanyou didn't want to scare her or make her feel pressured into anything, so he just tried to keep his waist from touching hers. He didn't have long to muse on that dilemma when he heard someone walking up the stairs. His ear twitched to the direction of her door.

'Shit. I don't want to stop.' He grumbled in his mind, but reluctantly removed his mouth from hers.

"Someone's coming." He breathed and the sight of her swollen lips made him want to quickly steal another taste while he could.

Kagome stiffened underneath him and tried to push him off.

"Sssh." She hissed and whispered. "Get under the bed!"

Inuyasha groaned silently but complied just as there was a knock on the door.

"Umm, Kagome-chan. I'm sorry to bother you still." It was Kaito's voice.

Inuyasha's head shot up like that of a mongoose. Kagome squished her palm onto his face and tried to force his head under her bed.

"What the FUCK is that guy–" He snarled quietly but Kagome shouted over his voice, terrified by the realization that she hadn't locked her door.

"Yes, just a sec, Kaito-kun! I'm changing!"

Inuyasha growled more loudly. "Don't tell him something like that!" But Kagome ignored his protests and pulled the covers of her bed over the ledge to prevent anyone seeing under there.

Then she quickly disregarded herself of her seifuku and quickly grabbed the first thing her hand came in contact within her closet.

Inuyasha heard shuffling, her panting and the slam on her closet door. Then hurried steps to open the door to her room.

"I'm sorry you had to wait, Kaito-kun!" She apologized, a little out of breath. "Did you forget something?" The girl tried to attain the most nonchalant tone she could.

"Oh." Inuyasha heard that smug-face gasp a little. Then he smelled it.

His claws dug to the floor underneath him, trying to occupy his hands from making ribbons out of that guy.

He smelled arousal.

"I... Uh..." The one called Kaito tried to recall his business. "I was just going to ask if it's okay that we move our next study meet forward. Is 1 pm okay to you?"

Kagome was silent for a moment. "I think that would be okay." She answered.

"Oh, good." The guy replied, sounding happy.

Inuyasha gritted his teeth.

"I'll see you then!" He said and Inuyasha could hear the door clank close and a dull click on the lock.

He barged out from under the bed, almost flipping the bed around while doing so.

He saw Kagome's hand still on the lock of the door. She was dressed in a flower printed dress that had a low cut on the bust, revealing the top of the valley between her breasts. And he knew she wore that brassiere thingy underneath to squeeze her breasts together to make them appear even larger and more... enticing. Such views were not often offered to him. In the feudal era, she usually wore that skimpy school outfit of hers. Not that it was much better, barely covering her privates, but at least her tits weren't on a silver platter in them.

"I don't want you to see that guy anymore." Inuyasha demanded, tearing his eyes away from her chest. Jealousy burning a hole in his chest.

Kagome's shoulders were drawn up in anger and defense.

"Inuyasha! Stop being ridiculous! He's my tutor!" She tried to reason with him.

But the dog-eared half-demon shook his head.

"I dun care who or what he is. He's after you."

Kagome rubbed a slow, aggravated face palm along her face. How would she ever get this through him.

"It's not like I have a choice of not meeting him!" She continued with a groan. "I wouldn't need a tutor in the first place if you let me come home more often to study!"

Inuyasha rebuked her protest with condescending snort.

"Yeah. I bet it's a real drag to be alone with a guy like that. Like, what does a miko need to study math for anyway?"

"Why are you so... so... Argh!" She screamed and tore at her hair.

She knew why he was jealous. Jealous of Koga, jealous of Hojo, jealous of any man that showed some common courtesy at her, god forbid, even some remote interest in her. He liked her, he wanted her. She had been in denial about it, trying to convince herself that he could never be into her that way. He had said as much. But all of that talk was undermined by how he behaved around her. He was possessive about her, he hated being away from her, he'd risk his life for her. He might bewail and gripe about her wants, but whatever she wanted, he always provided.

She had madly fallen in love with him. In recent months, her feelings had only grown more intense. Taking sensual and physical forms. In some fleeting moments of his bravery and kindness towards all the people and youkai he tried to save from harm, she saw his true self. Strong, resilient and loving. He had a tender, bruised heart and he was petrified of letting someone near it.

He tried to push her away, but by every kind gesture, good deed and smile, he only pulled her nearer.

In the past few months, she had started to see him as something more than a knuckle-headed man-child. She had seen him in battle. His spirit shining bright in his eyes. His strained muscles toned while he wielded his sword. His chiseled chin, those burning amber eyes, his fanged smile that made her swoon.

Often times she had asked for time off to go to her time just to get into her hot bath, fantasize about him until she had made herself cum numerous times reminiscing about the few times she had caught a glimpse of his naked, divine, non-mortal body. That body which was so, oh, so, toned in muscles. What she would do to rake her claws over his sweated back.

Inuyasha looked at Kagome who had grown silent. Half expecting to still be smacked on the head.

But he smelled her. Her usual soapy smell starting to twist and transform into something utterly different. Heated, spicy, aroused.

She wanted to reassure him that there was no-one beside him she had eyes for. But she wanted for him to admit his stubborn feelings for her before that. She wanted him to admit that he liked her as well. But she also wanted him, wanted him so bad it drove her crazy. Cursed be the teenage hormones!

She couldn't contain herself. Not stop herself from wanting. Kagome threw herself once more at him, infuriated with herself. She wrapped her arms around his neck and drowned him into heated kisses. Aggravated heated kisses.

Inuyasha was so very confused by what she said, how she acted and how she smelled. But he was unable to resist her. Her scent drove him to the edge of insanity. That tantalizing, potent heat that oozed off her being. Scent that screamed come-hither at him.

He whimpered as Kagome pushed him against her window frame. She glided her hands over his biceps and his sides. Her smell intensifying. He gathered the courage to touch her back. He wrapped his arms around her and allowed his hands to descend unto her ass. He violently grabbed her cheeks and pulled her hips in, not bothering to hide his own arousal.

Kagome let out a moan and lulled her head back, revealing her arched neck to his now idle mouth.

Inuyasha hungrily latched onto her pulse, sucking the tender skin and earning more of those sweet sounds from her. He grinded his hardness against her, confidently. She wanted him. She wanted him to take her, make her his. He didn't need to hide his excitement from her.

He wasn't the brightest star on the night sky, but even he understood the feminine desires.

"Get out." She murmured into his mouth, kissing him desperately.

Or not.

"Wha-" Inuyasha tried to gasp.

Kagome tore her lips off of his, her breath heavy.

"Get. Out." She repeated, slowly, slamming her window open and pushing Inuyasha out of it.


Just like that, he was banished from her bedroom. Standing below the window with the most confused hard-on of his life.


Kagome took a moment to gather herself before running back downstairs.

"Mom. Could you schedule my gyno on the Friday of next week?"

She had been meaning to get a prescription for a long time now. She had talked it over with her mother already. Of course, her mother thought it was only to regulate her cycle. She had been putting it off for months, not being able to commit to any appointments, but the scheme she had just deviced demanded that bit of security.


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