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Lips parted, letting a gasping moan escaped him. Arching his back, his eyes inwardly closed as pleasure ripped his senses for his neck was assaulted by the devilish tongue while his nipples are abused by those merciless hands. Biting his arm, he tried to stifle his voice, clearly embarrassed by the sounds he was making.


No. Let me hear you.”


The voice above him was so close—too close—as he felt warm breath ghosted his mocking puppy ears. Ears latched flat backwards, he felt his body shuddered with anticipation when such demanding voice spoke to him. How that voice layered with lust and something else he could not fathom, had his heart beating faster, if that was even possible.


He opened his eyes, only to meet with golden, sharp eyes, crimson ringed the other's pupils. He recognized those eyes, he knew them. He felt a strong pull between him and the other once they locked their gazes; he could not turn away. Finally giving in to the magnetic attraction he was experiencing, he leaned up and gave the other one long lick from the chin and up to the lips, earning himself a low approving growl.


You are indeed tempting, Little Brother.”


With one sleek move, the other spread his legs wide and slid in what it felt like hot, pulsing rod into his entrance—and he could do nothing but screamed of immense pleasure.


Inuyasha's eyes snapped open. His breathing was ragged and chest heaving dramatically.




He sat up and grimaced when he felt very sticky liquid spreading across his inner thigh, cursing in the thought of his fire rat robe was stained. The smell of his arousal was still hanging heavily in the air and the half-breed groaned in annoyance. This would be the fourth night he had been getting the same dream with the person he would have never imagined himself fantasizing about, especially this kind of wet dream. For hell's sake, he did not know when this happened and how was it even possible but damn, he was getting tired of this. Tired of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get his sleep back because he was so emotionally disturbed.


Jumping off from the branch he was sleeping on, his feet swiftly landed on the ground and he made his way to the nearby river. Muttering under his breath, he could not hide his annoyance as he took his robe off.


“The fuck is wrong with me. Why that asshole all of people? That asshole for fuck's sake!” He gathered his robe in his arms and went into the river, momentarily appreciating how good the water felt against his skin. Dipping his robe deep into the water, Inuyahsa started washing it, scrubbing as hard as he could to eliminate whatever evidence there was. He wondered, why? He noticed he started to...act different when he saw the Lord of the West in the woods some other weeks ago with that human girl, Rin.


Rin was a human. But she was still yapping that chattering mouth around Sesshomaru. Inuyasha thought she would be dead considering how the bastard hated humans but it seemed that he was wrong. Sesshomaru looked like he quite enjoyed her presence. Enjoyed, maybe not. Tolerate? Yeah, he seemed to tolerate the human girl. Of course, no response from him although Rin talked like crazy Inuyasha was surprised her mouth did not fall off. The teasing she always had on the green kappa did not even annoyed the InuYokai. This kept the half-breed questioning, why Rin? Why not him? Why must he hide for his dear life on his human nights when the girl got a fucking protection from the Lord of the West himself? How come Sesshomaru could let Rin at his side when he would attempt to kill Inuyasha upon sight?


Inuyasha huffed, pushing away his thoughts. He ignored the pain in his heart and got out from the river to dry his fire rat robe on the huge rock. Stark naked, he did not even bother to cover himself since he knew that his friends were sleeping at the camp site. A heavy sigh escaped his lips, mind flew back to the thought of his older brother. For some reason, recently he could not help himself but to keep on thinking about the bastard. Did he ever hated Sesshomaru?




No, Inuyasha did not think so. Come to think of it, he never actually hated the InuYokai but he was angry, furious. Angry because he was thrown away. Angry because he was hurt so badly by his own older brother who was supposed to care for him. Angry because he was not worthy for Sesshomaru to even set eyes upon. Angry because he was a half-breed, if he was not, he would not be a disappointment and disgusting in his brother's eyes. Angry because Sesshomaru would never look at him. Angry because he was feeling sad and stupid enough to expect something more every damn time.


Indeed, he was a foolish half-breed.


* * *


“Where have you been, Inuyasha? We were worried about you!” Greeted Kagome upon seeing InuYasha's appearance at their camp site. Miroku, Sango and Shippo turned their head toward InuYasha and a streak of relief passed across their faces.


Kagoma strode to him and kicked his leg. “We thought you were abducted or killed or something, stupid!” Her shout startled the still sleeping Kirara.


Inuyasha had to roll his eyes at the raven haired girl's over-reacting. “Tch. Ain't got nobody hurting me. I'm perfectly fine, can't you see?” Inuyasha assured his friends. He just overslept at the river, that was all. He did know how on Earth he got himself fell asleep, but he did. Maybe he was truthfully exhausted with his messed up thoughts and emotion wars for his older brother. Even his Yokai was restless inside him and perhaps the soothing aura he felt last night lulled him to sleep. For once, he felt secured. Whatever it was, he thanked the Gods for that.


“Yeah, well. We went searching for you at your usual spot but you were nowhere to be found. And the scent of him was on that particular tree so we thought, he might have done something bad to you.” Sango explained and Shippo nodded vigorously, worry graced their expression.


Frowning, Inuyasha asked, “Hold up. He? Who the hell are you talkin' about? Whose scent?”


His friends looked at each other, somewhat confused by Inuyasha's reaction. “Sesshomaru. His scent was there and...” Shippo said, sniffing over Inuyasha's fire rat robe. “on you...”


Eyes went wide, Inuyasha stepped slightly backwards and sniffed himself. Shit, how? Sesshomaru's smell was obviously all over him. How the hell did this happen? He was fucking sure he was alone last night when he—did his wet dream of the bastard somehow induced Sesshomaru's scent? Stupid, that's not how it works, idiot.


So, HOW? How did he fail to notice that bastard's scent?


“Inuyasha? Are you okay?” Miroku asked, worried upon seeing his friend's tensed posture. “Did Sesshomaru do anything to you? What did he want?”


Not bothering to answer the monk's questions, Inuyasha ran back heading to the tree he slept in last night. Sniffing for evidence, he bit his lower lip when the familiar scent invaded his senses. He jumped on the branch he had a wet dream on and searching for Sesshomaru's scent further. The scent was stronger here. Inuyasha realized, and he it hit him hard, he was covered up with his fire rat robe when he woke up at the river. The last thing he remembered was he was nude as the day he was born while waiting for his robe to dry before fallen asleep.


The scent of his brother engulfed him, making his heart beating rapidly, in a good way. It was somehow a good feeling. Sesshomaru's scent did not agitate him anymore, that he realized some time ago. Inuyasha pressed his forehead on the bark of the tree and tried to calm himself down. His Yokai purred lowly, liking the whiff he was breathing in.


This is the weirdest shit I've ever experience, wet dreams aside.


Still confused as to how he did not sense Sesshomaru's presence last night, Inuyasha chose not to exaggerate about it and keep calm. He did not want his friends to feel weird and start asking questions that—Gods forbid—could lead him admitting he had pleasurable wet dreams about his older brother.


Then, the protective aura he felt last night...could it be?


Fucking stop it. Don't get your hopes up, stupid. Just, stop. Inuyasha growled. Annoyed with himself and how weak he proved himself to be right now. This had to be put to an end. Soon.


* * *


Something was off with Inuyasha, she just knew it. He was unbearably silent and seemed so engrossed with deep thoughts and heavens, since when did Inuyasha used his brain so seriously? Kagome could not avert her gaze from the half-demon walking beside her. She knew he was hiding something the moment he said he wanted to sleep on trees, which was quite a distance from their camp site. She thought he just needed to be alone, maybe to sort things out in that head of his. Or maybe he just wanted a very, peaceful, undisturbed sleep on the trees. But everytime he got back to their camp the next morning, he looked awfully tired and this continued on for almost a week now.


“Hey, Inuyasha. We haven't crossed path with Sesshomaru for quite a time, have we?” Kagome baited, ignoring the confused look she was getting from the others.


Inuyasha gritted his teeth and snapped his head toward the miko beside him. “That bastard can just rot in hell.” It was true, though. It had been long enough since their last encounter and Inuyasha had to admit he missed the bastard; his voice, his piercing look, how his perfectly sculptured body glided on his, calloused hands traveled on his skin, that sinful lips—


Kagome noticed how Inuyasha's face tainted with dusty blush despite his hatred words. And the blush just intensified. Something is really off.


* * *


It was the strong pull that drew the Lord of the West into this particular side of the woods. He knew whose scent he was trailing; Inuyasha. The scent calmed him, everytime without fail. He had paid minimum to no attention at all to the tingling feeling he got when he was in near proximity with his little brother. However, as years passed with too many encounter with that half-breed, he found that he no longer held a strong grip over how he reacted towards Inuyasha; physically and mentally. Inuyasha occupied every corner of his mind and truth to be told, the InuYokai did not mind it at all. He welcomed it, even. He had been traveling away from his Lands, in attempt to not cross path with Inuyasha and his pack. He was not running, no. He was the Lord of the Western Lands and he simply wanted space to clear his thoughts from the images of Inuyasha, to get a hold of what was happening within him. He found his answer, after a long pondering.


His Yokai hummed as he breathe in Inuyasha's scent which got stronger and stronger as he was getting closer to a big tree. Sesshomaru looked upwards, not wanting to wake the half-demon up, he tucked in his scent to himself, hiding his presence. Through his sensitive ears, he could hear Inuyasha's ragged breath and soft moans. Sesshomaru shuddered, clenching his fists as he felt a reaction coming from within him. How a simple sounds from Inuyasha had his composure crumbled down just like that was still a mystery to the Lord.




Gritted his teeth, the InuYokai used a great deal of his strength to push his Yokai down from emerging and lunged towards the aroused sleeping half-breed. He turned away, ignoring his now growling Yokai in demand to get closer to Inuyasha. He found himself behind the trees, staring, at the now awoken little brother and could clearly heard the rapid beating of the other's heart. Arousal and the musky scent of cum were in the air and the Lord watched as Inuyasha strode grumpily towards the river. Refusing to make his presence known, he put a distance but still had a clear vision of his little brother. Loving what he was currently seeing, Inuyasha's bare body was in his view.


A smirk spread across his face, watching Inuyasha frantically cleaning his cum from the red robe. Noting the blush on the other's face, Sesshomaru too did not miss the colorful curse directed to him. He found Inuyasha adorable. Was his little brother feeling as he was? Was Inuyasha's yokai screaming for his attention and claim as how his own Yokai did yearn for Inuyasha's? Sesshomaru's mind was full of his little brother, was it the same for the other? Sesshomaru sensed a pressure of distress coming from Inuyasha, noticing how the other's back was slightly slumped and those white appendages on his head flattened at the side. Sesshomaru desired to know what bothered the half-demon greatly and he wished he could go there and embraced his little brother but he could not. Not now. So he settled down by just letting his Yokai emitting a protective aura throughout the place, soothing the half-breed. His eyes softened as he watched Inuyasha fell asleep, accepting his protection.


Clearly, to the InuYokai, Inuyasha's Yokai was willingly to submit to him for the protection he could provide his little brother with. If only you could realize this and stop running away from me, little brother. Sesshomaru's eyes never took off from the sleeping figure in front of him. He was as confused as he could ever get as to why he was here and watching the other sleep. But if he were to admit, he liked the light feeling of content he was getting by looking at his little brother's peaceful face. Sesshomaru's clawed fingers found their way to Inuyasha's cheek, sliding them up to his silver locks. Knowing that the half-breed's Yokai purred in approval, he thanked it for pulling his little brother deep into sleep for he was not in the mood to handle a feisty, foul mouthed half-breed.


He let his eyes wander down Inuyasha's naked body, taking note of every scars and wounds. His Yokai rumbled with satisfaction; Inuyasha was strong and capable of taking care of himself, simply worthy of Sesshomaru—a perfect mate.




Snapping from his wild thoughts, Sesshomaru looked at the red robe on the rock and took it into his hands. He brought it close to his nose and took a deep breath of Inuyasha's scent, sending his mind foggy. The Lord draped the robe on top of the half-breed's body before he leaned down, slowly inching closer to the other's lips and lick them.




* * *


Upon entering the village, Kagome, Sango and Shippo greeted the old miko, Kaede at her hut with Miroku and Inuyasha trailing behind.


“I see you're still alive, old hag.” Inuyasha grinned earning a low chuckle from said old woman. But then her smile wilted as her serious expression took over.


“There is a matter needs to be discussed. Come.” She beckoned all of them into her hut. Providing them with tea, she sat down and cleared her throat. “There had been rumor about a Yokai hunting around the west regions.”


Inuyasha raised an eyebrow to the statement. “So what about it?”


“The Yokai, hunts for half-breeds.” Kaede stated, eyes never leaving Inuyasha. “We do not know what breed he is, but he is dangerous. Numbers of half-breeds have been hunted down and found dead.”


Yokai hunting for half-breeds?


Kagome rested her hand on Inuyasha's, firmly holding it in hope to help Inuyasha relax. She knew, deep down, Inuyasha was frightened. But of course, he would never show it.


“If that's the case, you should be more careful, Inuyasha.” Miroku said.


“Tch, that Yokai has no chance, monk. I'm not a fucking weakling!”


Objecting what was said by Inuyasha, Sango firmly stated, “But you can't be irresponsible enough by putting your life at risk! Didn't you hear? Half-breeds were found dead and we have no idea who this Yokai is or what his intentions are.”


Everyone in the room silently agreed to Sango's point. Yes, Inuyasha was more than capable of taking care of himself but, they could not take things for granted. They had no idea how strong this Yokai was and what was he capable of.


“Tch. I'll be fine. Stop the yapping for fuck's sake.” Inuyasha muttered under his breath, but did not went unheard by the others.


“Oh, and...” Kaede trailed. “Sesshomaru would like to have a word with us.”


Upon hearing his older brother's name, Inuyasha shuddered down his spine and his body felt warmer. “H-He's coming over?” He mentally cursed for stammering but words had been said. Now, he was receiving suspicious looks from Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo...and he hated it. It was as if they could read him like an open book.


Kaede nodded as she explained. “Aye. He was here a few days back for this Yokai issue. It was surprisingly has become his concern. He demanded for your presence to further discussion.”


Discussion? Since when does that bastard ever discuss about anything? Inuyasha started to fidget restlessly and he swore his heart was gonna fall down to his gut. “Tch. That bastard's gonna taint this place with his irritating scent.” Irritatingly soothing, he added.


“Ah!” Shippo exclaimed. “We smelled Sesshomaru's presence on our way back here but we didn't meet him across the path anywhere.”


Kaede hummed, sinking in the details. “Maybe because he was searching for information on this Yokai, as I was told by the Lord himself,” she said.


Inuyasha's mind went back to the nights before. So he was there?


The Yokai, hunts for half-breeds.”


Was it possible? Was Sesshomaru trying to look out for—


“Inuyahsa! Hey!” Kagome's voice intruded his thoughts as a one hard smack landed on his head.


The half breed winced. “Ow! What the he—” His words stopped halfway as his nose sniffed the air and his ears twitched. Shit, he's here.


Kaede looked at the entrance of her hut and stood up, greeting the figure just outside. “Greetings, my Lord. Everyone here is ready.”






Inuyasha held his gaze down on the wooden plank, glued. He refused to act like a fucking girl but damn it, his body would not even listen to him. His ears twitched as he heard the InuYokai's steps walking on the wooden planks, getting closer and closer and finally it stopped. But then, the pressure he felt at his side had his eyes grew bigger. Shocked beyond words. He looked at his side, staring at Sesshomaru who was now sitting beside him where Kagome was. If that was not enough, the gap between them was too close and he swore Sesshomaru could hear his stupid heartbeat.


“S-Shesshomaru you bastard, move away damn it.” Inuyasha muttered in annoyance and embarrassment.


The Lord of the West simply looked at the half-breed and said apathetically, “Little brother,” before turning his gaze toward the humans before him.


Inuyasha, who could not hold it any longer wanted to build some gap between them or rather, he wanted to freaking run away from that ignorant ass and get a seat beside whoever but not Sesshomaru. But his attempt was frozen when he felt his older brother's mokomoko held firm on his waist, pulling him closer to the InuYokai and caressed his hips.







Inuyasha growled and ready to punch his brother in the face but his jaw was agape upon seeing his older brother's sly smirk.


He did not just do that on purpose did he?


And as if to answer that, Sesshomaru glanced slightly at Inuyasha and his smirk grew slightly wider with an amusement glint in his golden eyes.


Oh, fuck me.


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