Kengeki Uta (2018)

BY : Furuichiko
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This has been on my mind lately, especially when listening to this song (or watch this fanmade video: ( [I am not sure of the name of the creator {Irnike} of this video, but I am giving them credit, out of respect].) and honestly, I don't think that it would have left me alone until I wrote it. So I wrote it.

I do not make any monetary gain from this online publication. I am only claiming the rights to the plot and setting, all characters and songs belong to their rightful owners.

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This  story has been on the dusty shelves in the back of my computer (so to speak) for far too long. I am also grateful that you guys and gals still want to read it. I am revisiting this story, and hopefully will be able to fix the time-line and get this reposted as soon as possible. Hopefully, it will be completed (or nearly there) by then. Unfortunately, after posting the second chapter (or sometime thereafter) I realized that the time-line was wacky (or rather something was not fitting right). I intend to have that fixed.

One last thing before I forget, I also have to give credit to Yamane Ayano, for some inspiration; that inspired a particular scene in this chapter. (Though I’m not going to say which one.) Yamane-san is best known for yaoi, in particular, the Viewfinder series. (Check her out, if you're interested).

Titles and the translations:
(I know that I am not being very creative with the titles but hey, they sound a little more interesting in Japanese. ^_^ )
Kangeki Uta, translates to: Inspiring Song.
Kon’ya Nomi translates to: Only Tonight. (If Only For Tonight)


Inspired Song:
If Only For Tonight
When the Smoke Clears
This is the first installment of Kenkegi Uta. Kagome needed a night away from a home that seemed to never be filled with any kind of happiness lately. She meets a male that strikes up a witty conversation with her, who in a way, seemed to be feeling the same way as she was.
Adult Content / Themes, Adult Language, Light Bondage
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Non-Canon: Alternate Universe/Reality
Story Rating:
MA / NC-17 / Adult+
Chapter Title:
Kon’ya Nomi

Kengeki Uta: Kon'ya Nomi

“Get out.” The young raven haired beauty said calmly, though just barely, pointing a slender finger toward the front door. She watched as Inuyasha, a tall broody male, tried to reason with her, begging her for her forgiveness. She, however, would not have any of it. Scowling at the man she once called hers, she growled, “Get! Out!”
“No! I have a right to be here.” Inuyasha intoned, angrily at the small woman before him.
“Inuyasha, I am warning you, you need to leave. Now.”
“No. I’m not leaving. I live here too.” Inuyasha intoned angrily, once more. “I have a right, as much as you do, to be here.”
There was a dark spike in her aura that had the male taking a step back. “The hell you do! Your name is not anywhere on my lease! As far as I am concerned, you can take your shit and go live with that bitch!" Kagome could not help but holler at him.
“Who the hell are you calling a bitch?” Inuyasha nearly shouted at her. Inuyasha could have sworn that her eyes had rolled to the back of her head in her rage.
He was only half right.
In her fury, at his inconsiderate nature and pure stupidity, Kagome’s temper started rising to a new level, one neither had experienced before. She was furious with him, so much so that her body began to burn, the urge to purify all consuming. In her current state, unknown to Kaogme, her eyes began to cloud, so much so that it looked like her eyes had rolled to the back of her head.
“Bitch?” Kagome cocked her head to the side, as if she was actually confused. “Did I say bitch? I meant that whore that you have been fucking behind my back!" Kagome spat. "Now, kindly get the fuck out of my apartment!" She demanded, once more pointing toward the front door; her anger evident.
It took him a moment, his anger rising just like hers; however, in his anger he wanted to throttle her. “Fine.” Inuyasha spat at her. “Stupid bitch!” Inuyasha abruptly turned on his heel and marched toward the door. Withal, after he had opened the door and before he crossed the threshold, he turned to her and said, “But you know something, Kagome. I never loved you. I only used you when Kikyo would not have me.” Inuyasha smirked at her over his shoulder, a smirk that was not in any way amusing; instead it was malicious. “You know something else. Every time I was fucking you, I was fantasizing about Kikyo.” And with that, he slammed the door shut behind him.
That stung.

Kagome just stood there for long moments before silently slipping to the floor; tears welling in the back of her eyes, stinging, threatening to fall.
We should go get that tub of ice cream in the freezer, crawl into bed, gorge until we cannot eat another bite and curl into the fetal position Bawling our eyes out to Sango on the phone until she can get here with chocolate and sappy movies to watch.
For once in your life, Kagome, do not listen to that damned heart of ours! Listen to me! That bastard is not worth the time or energy to wallow in misery! I am telling you, go put on something sexy and revealing and get our ass out there to find someone to make us forget who this bastard is! No time to call Sango, just get dressed, get out and shake what the gods have given us!
Deciding to listen to her mind for once, Kagome got up and went to her bedroom. She spent some minutes going through her closet, she pulled out a few dresses that she forgot she had; she had bought them when she and Sango had gone on vacation together, and Sango had dragged her to go shopping. Ultimately so she looked like she had gone clubbing before and knew how to dress to do so. Holding the dresses in front of her while she looked on in the mirror, she decided on one, after long minutes of debating on how she wanted to look for her night out, by herself.
Tossing the unwanted dresses aside, she started to undress before heading for the bathroom for a quick shower. Some short minutes later, Kagome returned to her bedroom and ruffled through her underwear drawer; after a few moments she felt like she was picking out another dress. She knew that she needed the undergarments, but she did not know which ones. In all honesty, she really was not in the mood for companionship tonight, all she wanted was to be left alone. However, if there was a chance that she had taken someone home, or she had gone home with someone, she wanted to know that she had chosen the right undergarments. With no time to waste, she dug into her drawer, pulling out the first matching set she could find and quickly pulled it on; then pulled on the black form fitting dress.
Giving herself one last look in the mirror, she stopping, tapped a finger to her lips, she could not help but think that there was still something missing from her outfit. Digging through her closet some more, she found a purple half jacket with two buttons. Smiling, as she had found what she was looking for finally completing her outfit, she put it on and modeled herself in front of her mirror. She then found a pair of purple pumps that matched perfectly with her jacket. After a few moments of turning and looking at herself, she smiled triumphantly. Grabbing her car keys and her phone, she headed out the door.

Kengeki Uta: Kon'ya Nomi

Putting her car in park, she turned the keys to shut down the engine, and leaned back into her seat. Sighing, she looked at her phone, pulling up her contact list; scrolling to the S’s. Her finger hovered over a singular name; Sango.
Choking on a sob, she did not know if she should touch the name to call, or just turn the phone off. Moments later, the decision was made for her, as the heat from her finger had pushed against the name, and started dialing the number. Just as she was about to hang up because she did not think that he friend was going to answer, the other line picked up and she could hear her friend’s voice, greeting her cheerfully. “Hey Girly, what are you doin’?
“Sango,” Kagome nearly choked out on another sob.
Hey, hey, now. What’s the matter?” Sango asked, concerned.
Kagome inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, trying to calm herself and even her breathing before answering her friend. “I need a drink, Sango.”
Alight. I will be right over with some—” Sango began but was cut short by Kagome.
“No. Alone. I’m sitting outside a bar right now…” Kagome paused once to breathe in deeply once more. “I just need a night alone. I only called for a little courage.”
Alright. Come on, Kagome, you can do it!?” Sango encouraged, if only half-heartedly. “What’s the trouble, hon? Is there something I can do?
“Nothing, for now. But I might need you later, for a shoulder to cry on, and maybe some ice cream and chocolates. But not now, I need some alcohol in my body.”
What’s bothering you?” Sango inquired, sadness laced in her tone.
“Inuyasha and I broke up…”
“Again? What did the bastard do this time?” Sango asked, exasperated.
“I’ve had it with his cheating.” Was all Kagome said in response to her friend’s inquiry.
Sango was quite, there was nothing to say, really. Though she was glad that Kagome was finally seeing the light beyond Inuyasha. “Go in that bar and get shit-faced drunk, then call me when you are ready to go home and I will come and pick you up and take you home. And I’ll have a bottle of something hard, a gallon of some ice cream and lots of chocolates and a handful of sappy romantic movies. And let’s not forget the box of tissues.
Kagome could not help the small laugh that escaped her lips as she wiped away a tear as she heard Sango talk about what she had planned when she was done with her night out. “Thanks, Sango. You’re the best.”
You know it! Now go do what I said and get smashed, so we can have a late night.” Kagome could just see her friend grinning, which made her smile, at least a little bit.

Kengeki Uta: Kon'ya Nomi

Sitting on a bar stool, at one end of the counter, near the door. Kagome sipped at her whiskey with apple cinnamon chamomile. She had stopped counting how many males, whether they were good looking, or not so good-looking; had approached her thinking they could simply say over used and overly clichéd pick-up lines, in order to get into her panties. Honestly, though, she did not think that any of said males really had what she was looking for. Then again, she did not quite know that herself. However impossible that it had seemed, especially with the night she was having with the opposite sex, she knew that it was inevitable, but still—she could only hope—she just wanted to sit alone and enjoy her drink.
Involuntarily, Kagome wrung her left arm around her body to reach for her purse hanging off the back of the chair before pulling it to the front of her, reaching inside and pulled out her phone. Unlocking her phone, Kagome stared at the picture she had set as her display. It was of her and Inuyasha; smiling as if neither of them had a care in the world. She scowled for a few long moments at the picture before angrily tapping her camera app and going to the gallery. Finding the album quickly, she hit the menu button to delete the pictures, but as she was about to hit the delete button, she had received a text message. Hey Girly, are you shit-faced yet?
Hurriedly, Kagome gulped downed the rest of her drink before sending back a reply. No. I am milking my drink right now. I swear, these guys think I’m here to socialize…it’s starting to get annoying.
Well, let me know when you are ready to be picked up and I’ll be there in a heartbeat, you know that.
Yeah, I know. And…thanks. Kagome then flagged down the barkeep and ordered another drink.
Kagome had been staring into her glass on the counter for some time when she noticed yet another male had managed to squeeze himself up to the bar next to her. However, in that same moment, she had noticed that he had not tried to talk to her.

Hmm, intriguing.
Kagome was watching him from the corner of her eye, he was a tall man with shoulder length platinum blond hair. His skin was fair; on his brow, was a royal blue crescent moon that she could see beneath his bangs, two dark magenta strips on each cheek and a magenta stripe on each eyelid. He had sat in the unoccupied seat next to her with a glass and little liquid, of what she could only guess was scotch on the rocks.
After finishing the liquid off, he called for the barkeeps attention before holding up his glass and shook it gently. From what she could see of him, she could tell that he was a very suave dresser; a dark gray, almost black, a three-piece suit, a black dress shirt and a mahogany neck tie. In a way, he looked so out of place in a bar like this one.
“Barkeep, do you think that if I ask the pretty lady her name, she might indulge me with an answer?” The man asked, his deep and almost dark, yet smooth baritone voice, sounded almost heavenly.
Kagome watched as said barkeep glanced her way then back at him and shrugged. She closed her eyes, as if to try and keep her composure, smirking ever so slightly, but replied, “You can try, but she might not be as inclined as one might think her to be. Hell, she might not even be interested.”
They both watched silently as the barkeep refreshed his drink. Kagome heard a snort like noise once the barkeep was distracted once more by other customers. “Interested? I merely ask to inquire why she is sitting alone in a bar full of other beings. Even turning down countless suiters.”
“What are you, from the dark ages or something?” Kagome laughed, but her tone was anything but humorous, taking another sip of her drink.
“Would you rather I speak like one of these,” he took a moment to make a gesture toward the rest of the patrons of the establishment. “Neanderthals?” the man asked, cocking what looked like a well-manicured eyebrow. However, somehow she knew that his pristine look was anything but professionally maintained.
She watched as he picked up his glass once more, this time with the pads of his fingers. It was as she watched him, that she noticed his lack of nails, but rather talon like claws. ‘I wonder why this creature is interested in a human like me.’ Kagome could not help but think. They seemed to sit in a comfortable silence for some time.
The man was the one to break the silence between them. “So, what did the jackass do?”
As she turned to look at him when he had inquired about something, she noticed, only for the first time, that he had taken his suit jacket off some time before, it lay over the back of the chair, half folded. Kagome then all but glared at him before lifting her glass to her lips before saying, “Please do not assume you know me, or the goings on in my life.” Was her reply before sipping at her drink; evading his question all together.
The corner of his mouth tipped in a slight smirk, as if he found her amusing. “I would never even dream to presume anything.” The man answered, taking a sip of his scotch, finishing it off before placing the empty glass onto the bar before him. “I just thought that you and I could be feeling something similar; or at the very least what brought us both here tonight.”
Oh, this guy was smooth, alright.
“I could not help but notice, that as I was watching you earlier, that it occurred to me that you might be suffering from heartache. Then I wondered if you wanted, or even needed a shoulder to cry on. Physically or metaphorically, that is. Whichever you prefer.” The man waved the barkeep over once more to refill his drink. “And another, for the lady, here.”
She watched as the man behind the counter poured their drinks and walked away before replying to the man next to her. “Personally, I would prefer neither.”
Ouch. Is your bite worse than your bark?” The man inquired, a little shocked and hurt before taking another sip of his newly refreshed drink.
Kagome looked at him sharply, though she could tell as she looked at him, that he was anything but hurt by her previous comment. She leaned in closer to him. “You wanna find out?” She bit out. But as she watched him for a moment longer, as he looked into her eyes that he could see past her bitterly tart remark, and seen the underlining emotion; lust.
“I’ll tell you what, Sweetheart,” he grinned at her as he leaned into her, his grin lascivious. “You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.” The man leaned back, leering at her from the corner of his eyes with a slight tilt of his head, and she could see one of his fangs poking out over his bottom lip from the corner of his mouth.
In that instant, Kagome squirmed, almost uneasily in her seat, crossing her legs as a delightful shiver went down her spine. Then, she looked up at the man sitting in the seat next to her, she watched as the man snorted into his glass, almost if he had known why she was squirming in her seat, before letting a smirk cross his lips.
“Just like you, though for different reasons, I could use a night away from an empty home.” The man said flatly, as if he were starting to become bored; taking another sip of his drink.
Out of nowhere, Kagome finished her drink, all but slamming the glass onto the counter before turning away from the male and getting off of the stool that she had called home since she had arrived in the bar some time ago, before she started walking away. After a moment, probably out of shock that she had just up a left, the man had followed her to the back of the bar, to the restrooms. He then grabbed her upper arm, just enough to make her pause in her step. But she knew that even if she did want to get away from him, she knew that she would have never been able to get away from him; at least, not for long.
“Do you mind.” Kagome growled at him, starting to get irritated. “I have to use the restroom.”
He had not let go of her arm, instead, he had looked a bit surprised when she had growled at him, quite literally. As if humans could not comprehend a simple thing as growling almost inhumanly.
Reaching up with his left hand, the man gently brushed some of her hair out of the way before tenderly wrapping his masculine fingers around her neck and pulled her closer to him, his lips instantly found hers. His right hand was placed on the wall a few inches from her head, as if to brace himself. The kiss lasted mere seconds however, then he pulled away to look at her. Once the shock of what this man had done had sunk into her mind, she started to beat on his chest, to try and push him away from her. But in the back of her mind, she knew that it was useless.
She noticed that as she beat on his chest, it only seemed to encourage him. After a few moments, she looked up at him and seen the slight smirk curling one corner of his lips before he abruptly shoved her against the wall right behind her. Tangling his long slender fingers into her hair before he pulled her head back and pressed his lips against hers once more. Her mouth seemed to have a mind of its own as she opened her mouth willingly to this male’s advances. Moaning into his mouth as he pressed his body against hers.
As her mind and instincts overpowered her sense of right and wrong, Kagome gave up on trying to stop the man, gradually her punches against his rock hard chest seemed to turn into caresses. Her left hand slid up his hard muscles to his neck, while her right slid around his side and up to his shoulder. He pulled his mouth away from hers, trailing kisses down her neck. His right hand moved from the wall, he had cupped his hand over her tight ass, squeezing and pulling her against him, at the same time grazing his fangs over her neck.
She gasped against his ear as he pulled her against him and as his fangs grazed her neck, but that soon turned into a moan. The kiss only lasted a few long moments but it seemed like it was lasting longer than just a few mere moments. When he pulled away, he noticed the dopey-happy expression on her face. And then, it was gone.
Angry, Kagome pushed his body away from her before having the gall to slap him in the face before storming off into the women’s restroom to her left. Once she had shut herself in a stall, Kagome could not help but stand there, frantic about what had just happened. She had her mind set, that she just wanted to be left alone, and not have every male vying for her attention. Yet, here she was, in a bar with countless men doing just this; thankful that she was able dissuade all male prospects. However, this last male…seemed confident enough. She needed to know what to do. She needed to call Sango.
Leaning against the door, Kagome pulled her phone from her purse and called Sango. “Hey girl!” Sango answered, “You ready to come home?
“Sango!” Kagome whined. “You will not believe the night I’ve been having… I mean, I know I only told you the basics…” Kagome blurted into the phone, her more predominant emotion, shock. Especially, all things considered.
Huh, what’s up?” Sango muttered, this time, slightly confused.
By now, Kagome knew that she was drunk, therefore, she felt she could tell her friend what had happened earlier between her and Inuyasha. “You know what that bastard said to be before slamming my door shut?”
What did he say?! What!?” Sango asked, excitedly, as she got into the conversation. Also glad that Kagome was finally telling her what happened to make her want to go out to a bar, alone, and drink.
“Well, first off, I found out today that, even after he had told me that he had stopped seeing his ex, that he still continuously sees her. Because, you know I have spies everywhere.” Kagome joked, though the subject was anything but humorous. “I confronted him earlier tonight about it. And he did not deny it. Then he tried to tell me that he really will stop seeing her, and that he wanted to stay with me and only me. I swear it was the last damn straw!” Kagome took a breath, before continuing, “After I told him to leave, the asshole had the audacity to tell me that he had never really loved me and that he had always loved Kikyo!” Kagome growled angrily at the still fresh memory. “And the whole time that he was fucking me, he was fantasizing about that backstabbing-boyfriend-stealing whore!
That asshole!” Sango intoned angrily herself. “So what made you want to drink alone tonight?
“After watching him leave, I made a decision. I wasn’t going to be that woman that curled up into the fetal position, crying my eyes out, and feel sorry for myself that the boy I liked didn’t like me back. So instead of listening to my broken heart, I decided that I would finally listen to what my mind told me to do.”
What did your heart tell you do to?
“Curl up into the fetal position somewhere and bawl my eyes out and call you.”
And your mind?
“Get dressed and get the hell out.” Kagome breathed out harshly.
Okay, I know that you’re not calling me to come and pick you up, like you promised, so there must be another reason you’re calling me. Spit it out woman.
Oh my gods! Yes!” Kagome exasperated, before going on. “Well, it seemed like every male in the establishment that I had decided to patron devised to line up one after the other, and try to pick me up.” Kagome paused, hearing when her friend made a noise to let her know that she was listening all the while knowing her friend was also nodding her head in agreement. “Unsuccessfully, I might add. Well, after swatting them all away, they all seemed to leave me alone. Then this new guy approaches the bar. Of course the seat next to me is obviously unoccupied, and he squeezes himself in.
“He looked me over, before calling the barkeep over to refill his drink. Then he asked the barkeep if he should try and ask my name. Lord, Sango was his voice sexy; deep and oh so alluring. Gods, Sango is he rock hard!” Kagome could not help but wave her hand in front of her face, trying to get air on her before she fainted; just thinking about his muscles almost did her in.
Sango gasped at her friend. Kagome could just see her friend’s train of thought about her out in public, doing something that one could and would get arrested for, if caught. She also could see her friend raising an eyebrow all the while thinking, Go Kagome! Be the bad self I know you are!
As Kagome could see these things rushing through her friends’ mind, especially at her last comment, she then said, to clarify. “Oh my gods, Sango. Get your mind out of the gutter! I meant his muscles! His muscles!” At that moment, Kagome was glad she had not mentioned the semi-groping session that she had just share with said man.
Well, that is a muscle.” Sango chuckled in amusement at her friend’s obvious shock.
Kagome was shocked, she could not believe Sango! Kagome growled at her friend. “Remind me, again, why I am friends with you?”
Sango laughed at her friend’s obvious rhetorical question; ignoring her friend’s question, she countered with her own. “So what happened with Mr. Rock Hard?” Sango giggled at the disgusted sound that her friend had made at her. “I’m guessing that you would not be in a Lady’s stall calling me for just some guy you thought was rock hard.
“How did you know where I was?” Kagome inquired, confused.
Where else would you be, if you were still at the bar, and not calling me for a ride home.” Sango said, as if starting to get irritated with her friend at beating around the bush about why she was calling. “What the hell happened?
“Well, I had gotten up to go to the restroom, and he followed me! Then he grabbed me and kissed me! So then I started beating on his chest with my fists, which is how I know that he has rock hard muscles. Then he pushed me up against the wall, pulls my head back and deepens the kiss.”
Okay, so how long did the kiss last?” Sango asked, getting back into the conversation at hand, and the reason for her friend calling her.
“Well, it was long enough to qualify for a kiss… I don’t really know; I did not happen to time the kiss.” Kagome retorted with a huff.
Fine, we’ll drop that one.” Sango huffed before continuing, “How about… was it a sloppy kiss or was it one of those filled with passion that you see in the movies?
“Neither…on my part, well maybe there was some type of passion on his part, and maybe me, after I had gotten into it. But it was one of those where your legs shake violently and your toes curl at the same time?” Kagome was the type of person that would get embarrassed easily, especially if she was talking about sex. Though, since she knew she was drunk her inhibitions had gone out the window long ago, the only way to describe how the kiss felt to her, was to describe, in essence, a tow curling orgasm.
Sango was silent for a few moments before she let out a deep breath calmly, saying, “Kagome. You are to end this call as soon as I tell you this, and you better do it. Go find that man, go home and fuck him like the cute little bunny rabbit that I know that you can be. If you have to, do it multiple times tonight. Hell, fuck his brains out all week for all I care... just don’t let that man go home alone, or worse, with someone else. Now. Hang up. And go find him!” And with that Sango was gone.
Kagome took the phone away from her ear and stared at the screen. Sango had hung up on her. And told her to go home with a stranger and screw him.
In that instant, even if it only had been a few minutes ago, she could still feel how his body felt pressed up against hers, and could only speculate on regions that she could or rather did not feel. Then again, as she thought about it, she could feel him there, but she hoped to hell that what she had felt was not his actual size; because would she be very disappointed.
Letting out a sigh, Kagome calmly put her phone away and walked out of the restroom, after only remembering moments later the reason why she went in there in the first place. Then walked back in and finished the business she went in there to do.
As she was about to head back out to her seat, she stopped suddenly, as if frozen. She could not do what her friend told her to do. Pulling out her phone once more she called Sango. When she answered, Kagome nearly cried, “I can’t do it!”
Do what?” Sango inquired quizzically.
“I can’t just leave with someone I know absolutely nothing about, and as you put it, fuck him like a cute little bunny rabbit. First of all, I’m not a bunny rabbit. Second, I’m not a slut.”
Oh, I beg to differ, honey. Well, I mean, I know you’re not, but that does not mean that you cannot go home with some random stranger and fuck him good like a little slut. Don’t forget to use protection!” Sango laughed as she ended the call, prompting Kagome to do what she was told, whether she wanted to or not.
Letting out a defeated sigh, Kagome placed her phone back into her purse once more before leaving the restroom for the final time. Walking back over to where she had made a temporary home for the night, she noticed that the man was once again sitting in the seat he had vacated a few moments after she had when he followed her to the restrooms. However, as she took a few more steps, she noticed that he was not alone.
Her heart sank into the pit of her stomach.
The woman was neatly plastered to his side, while he had his arm wrapped around her waist, her hand was placed ever so gently over his chest, almost in an intimate manner. Kagome watched as the man gripped the other female’s hand. She could not tell what they were conversing about, but whatever it was, it made her heart clench so tight that it was hard for her to breath. Not wishing to witness anymore, Kagome purposefully strode over to the chair where she had left her jacket and picked it up.
Out of the corner of her eyes, Kagome noticed, as she now had a chance to look more closely at the female that was draped over the male she had had a decent conversation with. She was much younger, and in her opinion, was also much prettier than she was. Absentmindedly, she noticed that the man was sitting cross-legged, as if he were trying to shield himself from the other woman. Kagome watched as the younger female leaned into the man and kiss him on his cheek. She watched as the man leaned away from her and pulled out his wallet, all the while shaking his head, and pulled out what looked like a great deal of money before handing it to the young woman.
Probably for services rendered that he intended to make good on at a later date.’ Kagome could not help but think bitterly. The disgust had lodged in her throat. Watching, she found the whole scene to be a little odd, but she realized that it still hurt nonetheless.
Taking this whole debacle as her chance lost, Kagome turned and walked toward the door. Ignoring the fact that the woman had been all over him. Kagome mentally shook her head and sighed. She had no right to be jealous. What he did when she was not with him was his own business; it was not like they were dating or anything. She had met him in a bar, just an hour ago, for fuck’s sake!
Her heart finally completely broken.
Maybe she had been too…something with Mr. Rock Hard, and that was why he was turning his attention onto another, even more so, someone younger. At this she had realized that she had the worse taste in men…no matter how fucking sexy they happen to be. THE. WORST. TASTE. EVER.
Moments later, she heard him call out to her. “Wait, where are you going?” The man inquired, lightly grabbing her right wrist as she was about to walk out of the door.
“I may not have much experience under my belt with dating or anything, but I have enough sense to know when I have clearly lost.” Kagome bit out angrily. Though she had not intended it come out as harshly as it had.
“Lost? Lost what exactly?” The man cocked his head to the side, confused. In a way, the motion of it reminded her of a dog, tilting his head when he did not understand something.
“That woman.” Kagome offered, dejectedly, haphazardly pointing back into the room full of other patrons; at no one in particularly.
“That woman?” The man paused for a moment to think, and then it seemed that something had dawned upon him. “That woman is nothing to me. Well, not nothing, but she has no part in my personal life.”
Kagome all but yanked her arm out of his grasp, breathing out dejectedly, “It doesn’t matter. I’m done. I’m going home.”
That woman as you so called her, is my little sister. She works here part time. I have not seen her in a while and decided to stop by and say hello.” The man sounded almost offended.
“Not that it is really any business of mine, but I am just curious. The money?”
Snorting, he almost sounded disgusted. “You are right. It is none of your business.” He paused for a brief moment before adding, “Though I have nothing to hide, I will tell you anyways. She wanted help buying a gag gift for our parents’ anniversary.”
Her heart could not take much more. It needed to be either completely broken, or not at all. She clutched at her heart, willing it to stop breaking, repairing itself only just to break once again. Granted, the news that the woman she had seen with him was only his little sister. He must have taken her grasping at her breast as a bad thing, because he pulled her against his chest, afraid that she might lose her balance and fall.
“Oh, don’t you dare fall and hurt yourself on me now.” The man said, his tone light but serious. “Now, Sweetheart, where are your wallet and keys?”
“What for?”
“Don’t need you causing car crashes on the way home now. I’ll take you home.”
“That is not necessary.”
“I will rest easier tonight knowing that you’re safe and not harmed. If you wish, I will only take you home, before bowing out graciously and leave,” The man said seriously. “But ever so hopeful that the Lady would grant me to escort her somewhere, properly.”
“Kagome.” Kagome said softly, almost a whisper.
Sighing, Kagome repeated herself, this time louder. “My name is Kagome.”
“Oh, well, My Lady, it is an honor to meet your acquaintance. My name is Sesshomaru.”
Absentmindedly, Kagome had noticed that as they were having this little conversation, that he had not had his suit jacket. Mentally licking her lips as she had watched his muscles bulged under his shirt when he had moved his arms. She had wondered what they would feel like wrapped around her, hoping that she was going to be able to find out later. But for this instance, she could only imagine. As they were walking to her car, Kagome noticed that he had taken his phone out of his pocket and started typing something before sending it and then putting the phone back into his pocket.

Kengeki Uta: Kon'ya Nomi

Sesshomaru finally pulled into a parking space before nearly ripping the door off in his excitement. He paused and uncomfortably pushed himself back into his pants. He then walked over to the other side of the car and nearly doing the same to the other door. “What a pity, here I was enjoying myself too.” Kagome teased him; licking her lips seductively as he helped her out of the car. His first instinct was to push against her hand as she massaged his bound erection, but he decided to pull her hand away then press her against the car. He knew in time, that he would have his time with her, to torture her every which way he could possibly think of.
A few moments later...
Dropping her keys for the second time since they had started walking up the stairs to her apartment, Sesshomaru was starting to think that it was a ploy to get him too look at her ass. For him though, it was not a hard thing to do, as he had not taken his eyes off her derriere since she started walking toward the door that lead into the building. His eyes especially focused in when she started up the stairs. They were forced up the stairs as the elevator was broken; though in all honesty, he really did not mind, because of the view that he had of her round and full backside that he could not wait to sink his fangs into.
“Damn it! I swear, I have the worst case of butter fingers ever.” Kagome intoned, jokingly. However, he could hear the undertone of her statement. Though she was joking, her tone was unconvincing.
Sesshomaru could not take it one more moment; her perfectly plump ass was in his face and she was being deliberate! Growling, he gripped her ankles, placing either foot on the opposite side of the staircase; effectively making her bend forward before burying his nose up her dress and against her almost bare folds. Opening his mouth over her core, he exhaled deeply. Kagome could not stop the delighted shiver she felt go up her spine as she felt his hot breath on her core. Nor could she help but arch her back when she felt his tongue over her core, as if she had no panties on at all. “Two...more...floors...” Kagome stuttered out on a breathy moan.
Somehow, after many minutes of struggling up the stairs, because he wanted her to keep the same position, to teach her a lesson for teasing him in the first place; they had finally made it to her floor. Rushing over to her door, Kagome quickly unlocked it. They both rushed into the apartment. As soon as the door was closed, Sesshomaru shoved her against the door, his right hand went straight to her skin tight fabric clad ass. Squeezing her ass, all the while, gripping her right leg and pulling it around his waist, effectively pressing his arousal against her groin. He rocked against her in a rhythmic tempo and watched as she gently gnawed on her bottom lip as he imitated a motion that he would be preforming soon enough.
Clasping his right hand into her hair at the base of her neck, Sesshomaru pulled her head to the side, baring the right side of her neck to him. Exposing her neck seemed to excite her, he then licked her neck thoroughly. However, it was not until he grazed his fangs against her neck that he had gotten a desired response. A moan escaped her lips and she dug her hands into his hair, pressing his face closer to her neck.
Kagome could feel the all too familiar coil in her lower stomach, trying to hold off her on coming climax.
“Sweetheart...” Sesshomaru growled in a purr like manner as he simultaneously rocked his hips against her, thrusting hard against her, and scrapping his fangs over her sensitive neck “Let go, enjoy the rapture. It will be the first of many.”
Inhaling in deeply, Sesshomaru had very pleasant scents wafting into his sensitive nose; the natural scent of the woman that he was with―a late Spring time sun intertwined with a meadow with a hint of a forest the pleasant spiciness of her arousal. However, there was a lingering scent, though somewhat faint, that was familiar to him, but as he mulled it over, could not place the eluding scent. Putting the matter in the back of his mind, he decided to ponder it later. Pulling them away from the door, Sesshomaru held her tightly, as if she weighed nothing to him, and brought her further into the apartment, to the kitchen doorway.
No.’ She wanted to make it last; however, she did not see how that was going to be possible with the way he had her pinned against the door frame ever so lovingly, and yet so sensually. Before she even realized it, her legs were quivering against his hold.
She heard him snort, before he smiled against her neck. Kagome wanted to yell at him for something, though she could not think of what; she could only open her mouth as the moan escaped her lips, relishing in the sensation that she was feeling as he ground his thick member against her core.
Kagome was displeased when Sesshomaru let her legs down, disappointed that she could no longer feel his arousal against her core. She had managed to slip her hands between their bodies and unfasten the few buttons of his vest before slipping her hands under it and helped him out of it, unceremoniously dropping it to the floor.
Once his vest was on the floor, he pinned her wrists above her head, while his free hand went around her and unfastened the zipper to her dress. Kagome watched the man holding her captive against the door frame that led to her kitchen as he watched intently as her dress slowly slid down her body and pooled at her feet. Sesshomaru loosened his grip on her wrists; pulling his hands away, groaning appealingly as she did not move her hands, and slid his hands down her body.
Her dainty hands wrapping around his thick muscular neck as he seemed to sneer at her before leaning into her and pressing his mouth to hers. Taking possession of her mouth, Kagome felt her lips and mouth move in time with his under his manipulations. Her hands slipped down his chiseled chest and over his sides, she gripped his shirt at his hips, and pulled the dress shirt out of his pants.
Sesshomaru growled against her mouth before digging his left clawed hand into her hair, pulling her head back, and deepening their kiss. All the while pressing his body into hers and pinning her hands, though she seemed to still able to move them. After a few moments, he released his grip on her hair, his long slender digits wrapped around her neck; in a loose hold, while his thumb pressed against her chin, holding her head in a tilted position. Sesshomaru felt as her small lithe fingers worked the buttons on his shirt before slipping her fingers inside; the tips of her fingers teasing as they caressed his chest and abdomen.
He felt as her hand slipped down from his abdomen to his confined member. Instinctively, he growled, while at the same time, bucking his hips against her hand. He leaned his upper body away from her, momentarily, to shimmy out of his shirt; before he leaned down, nuzzling each of her full breasts.
Kagome dug either hand into his hair, tangling her dainty and slender fingers in with his tresses, holding his head against her breasts. She let out a soft moan as she felt his lips against her skin, she pressed him further against her chest, hoping that he gave her what she wanted. Unfortunately, her only response was a chuckle at her expense.
Groaning her displeasure, she pushed him away and walked toward the other side of the kitchen, that opened toward the back of the apartment. One moment, she was on her feet, the next moment she knew, she was on her back, looking up at him, and above him was her kitchen ceiling.
Where do you think you’re going?” He inquired, his voice husky and sensual, a lustful and mischievous smirk on his lips. Gripping her hips, Sesshomaru pulled her against his member; grinding his hips against her, she groaned before wrapping her legs around his hips. He made a tsk-tsk noise and wagged his finger at her, before gripping her hips once more and grinding his hips more forcefully into her, earning him a pleasured groan and a slight arch of the back off the table.
Sesshomaru unwrapped her legs from his waist, placing the heel of either foot on the edge of the table before kneeling in front of her. He barely brushed the tip of his nose against her as he blew a breath against her core, listening to her as she let out a moan. He spread her legs, enough to where he could slip his arms between her legs, if he so choses to, at the same time, to where her lace covered womanhood was on display just for his perusal.
Gingerly, Sesshomaru placed a single stiffened finger against her core, smirking to himself when he heard her sharp intake of breath. He watched as she arched her back when he licked the length of her core. Kagome gripped the edge of the table, as if that was the only thing that she could do to hold herself there.
As he continued to lick at her core, he could feel a more primal need―what he long ago decided to call his primal side; his beast―start to overpower himself. It wanted to taste the bitch that he had chosen to copulate with. Sesshomaru, the rationale side; his more predominant side, thought that this had seemed a tad unusual. Because his beast had never really shown any kind of interest in any female he had decided to bed before, much less a human.
For either side, it had always been about sating the urge to rut. Never had it been what it had seemed to be like with this tiny female. However, the compulsion to rut with the tiny female seemed to overwhelm him and his urge to console her. Ever since he had set his eyes on her earlier that evening, his beast seemed very interested in the female. If he was going to be honest with himself, the small human creature that seemed to baffle him, also intrigued him.
He had wanted to know her. Consume her. Wanted her.
He growled at himself, the beasts’ irritation growing with each passing moment that he could not taste their chosen female. Going against his better judgment, Sesshomaru let his primal side have a minuscule amount of control, afraid that if he had too much control, he, the rationale side, would later regret it.
Kagome had been unaware of his internal musings, because she was too focused on the pleasure she was receiving under the manipulations of his tongue. She had been close when Sesshomaru abruptly stood, gripping the edge of the table on either side of her waist. She watched as he bowed his head, growling lightly while shaking his head from side to side; as if he was having an internal debate with himself.
Kagome could not help but look up at the magnificent creature that was her new lover. The two formally smooth stripe-like marks on either side of his face, now were jagged and fur-like in nature―as if it was in the middle of a transformation. His beautiful ember colored eyes were now crimson while his pupils were a brilliant blue; the only external indications that his primal side had any type of control.
Kagome could not help that when he had not made any movement to pleasure her, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him against her before rubbing up against him. His eyes instantly went to her, his lips curling as he snarled at her. Kagome looked up at him, his bright crimson eyes peering down at her and it sent a shiver down her spine. This time as he snarled at her, he pulled on the table, trying to pull both it and her closer to him as he ground his engorged cock against her, though the table could not move another inch forward.
Somehow, Kagome was able to lean up, brushing the tip of her nose against the underside of his jaw before leaving a little nip in the juncture where his jaw met his neck.
Sesshomaru froze; his beast was now fighting him internally for more control. Does she even realize what she had just done? What she had told his beast? After a few moments of silent stillness, she managed to nip at him once more and lick the underside of his jaw. Does she understand what she just asked him to do? He looked at her as she leaned back onto the table as if sensually confident and sure of herself. The look she was now giving him; told him she knew exactly what she had done.
He all but ripped her lace panties from her core, unfastened his pants, before flipping her over onto her stomach, her legs dangled loosely from the table, encasing his legs between hers. Sesshomaru leaned over her before whispering into her ear. “Either you know exactly what you just asked for or you are one foolhardy bitch. Tell us, which one is it?” he asked, his voice gruff, letting her know that it was a combination of his beast and himself talking to her, before grazing his fangs over her shoulder, sending a delightful shiver down her spine.
Turning her upper body around, semi-intentionally pressing her ass against his cock, Kaogme leaned up nipping at his jaw again before leaving a leisurely lick over the same spot, “Who said that I was foolhardy?” her voice dark and seductive; laden with huskiness, showing her lust for the man behind her.
They stared at each other for a few moments before he positioned himself at her entrance. Kagome let out a low moan as Sesshomaru slid into her at a tortuously slow pace; and continued with his slow pace as he pulled out of her. Sesshomaru persisted on that slow pace repeatedly, until the woman under him was begging for him to increase his pace.
After a few more strokes of her inner walls, Sesshomaru pulled out of her, watching as his cock throbbed in protest. She let out a displeased moan as he leaned over her, his cock pulsating on her ass, at the same time, she pushed back against his cock, pleading in her moan.
You are one devious little bitch,” Sesshomaru growled out his voice anything but vicious.
Kagome pushed herself off the table to turn around to look at him; an innocent look on her features. “No, not devious.” She then walked over to a counter, before hoisting herself onto the counter and looking at him once more. “I am just a female who knows what she wants when she sees it.” She watched as his eyes darkened even more as she opened her legs and beckoned him with her finger.
One moment, she was beckoning him with her finger, the next she was moaning in his ear as she felt his fangs grazing her shoulder, before her breath caught in her throat when he entered her abruptly. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck as she dug her fingers into his hair and holding him tightly against her neck as he continued to slam into her. Wanting, no needing to do something other than hold his head against her neck, Kagome ran her nimble human nails down his back, intent on trying to pull him closer to him.
As she raked her fingers down his back, his thrusting faltered, as he pounded into her more harshly as he had intended; at the same time as he growled against her neck, in a contented manner. Again, she raked her nails over his back, as his thrusting faltered once more, pounding into her almost as if he were in feral mode, breathing into his ear, her tone just above a whisper, between each thrust he had made. “Just. Like. That.
"We still think..." he paused in continuation of forming the sentence in favor of thrusting into her once more, the base of his member growing even further, like water would in a clogged hose, as if it were filling up with his seed before he exploded insisde her; stretching her insides just a bit more. Kagome groaned loudly in his ear as Sesshomaru ground against her. "That you are..." he pased once again. "A deviant bitch..." He ground against her a few more times before pulling her head back, grazing his fangs over her Adams apple and then nipping on the shell of her right ear.
Shuttering beneath him, Kagome could feel as he smiled against her ear, as she wrapped her legs around his waist, using her heels to keep him against her. Kagome felt as her inner walls pulled him even closer to her, holding him to her. Sesshomaru almost instantly started to lick her neck the moment that her climax triggered his. All he could do was stand there, and hold her body to his.
He knew, however, that he was not finished with her. Not even close to being finished with her.

Kengeki Uta: Kon'ya Nomi

Groaning as she had just remembered something, Kagome looked to Sesshomaru with a sheepish smile, before asking, “Can you give me five minutes?”
“Why?” He could not help but to ask.
“Its…well, my room looks like a tornado threw up all my clothes.” A light rosy color tinting her cheeks.
“You wish to clean up your clothes?”
“Um, yeah.”
“Very well.” Sesshomaru pulled away before continuing, “I suppose it will give you enough time to recover as well.”
Kagome could not help the feeling of cautiousness around this man. “Thank you. Help yourself to the fridge, I believe there are still a few bottles of beer in there.”

Kengeki Uta: Kon'ya Nomi

Sesshomaru, boldly and ever so arrogantly, stalked completely naked down the hall, toward the back of the apartment; however, not before he had taken her up on her offer of a beer. As he strode down the hall he could see some clothes being thrown in the direction of what he assumed was the closet before stopping and leaned against the thresh hold of her bedroom door. He watched her rush around her room, throwing various articles of clothing anywhere she could.
Though as he leaned against the door frame, he could not help but admire her antics at her trying to clean her room for her, undoubtedly, unexpected guest. He stood there, watching her bend over for the first time, his eyes watching every move she made, rather stalking in nature, he downed half the bottle in one large gulp. After the fact of him seeing the first of her unintentional flaunting, he stood there, watching her bend over numerous times, leisurely sipping at his, at that point, now unwanted beverage.
He could feel his primal instincts kicking in once more, demanding that they take her, and make her their mate. Of course, Sesshomaru was trying to ignore all the urges that his instincts were telling him to do.
After all, tonight was about one thing and one thing only. Loosing themselves in one another. To take away their shared, if not somewhat similar pain and loneliness; at least for the night.
Sesshomaru’s rationale side was unaware of the tinge of red clouding his eyes as he watched his devious little bitch, unconsciously and unknowingly; because she had no idea he was watching her, would repeatedly bare her perfect round ass for him. Fed up with watching her, he finished off his bottle in a single gulp before pushing himself off the door frame and standing to his full height of five foot ten. Striding into the room and in several simultaneous construed motions he: grabbed her, spun her around and the picked her up effortlessly and tossed her onto the bed, as if she had weighed nothing to him.
Kagome had let out a surprised gasp when she felt him grab her and again gasped she she had landed on the bed, on her back, milliseconds before she felt her mattress sink further when her current lover, Sesshomaru, had pounced on top of her. The bed frame, made of solid red oak, seemed to moan under the weight of Sesshomaru.
Kagome's breathing had became hard and fast, as if she had been running a marathon;  however, it was do to the fact that her lover had surprised her, because she had not expected him to do anything of the sort. She looked up at Sesshomaru, after a few moments, a sly smile crossed her lips as she reached up and gripped a fistful of his hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him toward her.
Instantly, their hungry lips found the other's, at first, he did not mind that she was trying to take a little dominance away from him, however, his beast felt that she was trying to make him submit to her and there was no way that he was going to let that happen. Gently, Sesshomaru made love to her mouth, while she responded to him perfectly.
Kagome involuntarily shivered in her lover's hold when she felt a clawed digit ever so slowly rake over her skin and down her abdomen. Stopping just at above her most intimate place, Kagome moaned against his mouth, announcing her displeasure, which only made Sesshomaru smirk against her lips. 'Fine. If he wants to play that way…' Kagome thought as she pulled away from him in a huff. Using her elbows, she crawled further onto the bed, waiting for him to follow her.
Sure enough, he had done what she thought, he crawled further onto the bed, and leaned over her, a look of slight annoyance on his face. Kagome unknowingly controlled her facial expression, so that he would not discern her next move. She then flipped them over so that he was now underneath her, her hands on his chest while she straddled his hips. Kagome watched as his eyes roamed ever so slowly over her body, as if he were committing her body to memory.
Smiling, Kagome leaned down, her lips clasping around his nipple, while her right hand went and stimulate the other. She thought that she might get some kind of response out of him, however, the only response that she had noticed was his intent stare; what she did not see was the clenching of his teeth. Before continuing, Kagome pulled her hair off to the side, exposing the right side of her neck. Mentally shrugging it off, Kagome lowered herself still, over his body, mentally smirking when she felt his stomach muscles twitch against her lips.
Sesshomaru watched as the little female above him leaned over him and started to manipulate his body, watching intently, wondering what she was going to do next. As he watched her lower herself over his body, he had the urge to just push her head down and shove his cock down her throat. However, he knew that he could not do that, so to keep his hands from preforming such acts, he gripped the bedsheets at his sides. 'Take bitch, make bitch do our will, not bitch's!' Sesshomaru's primal side encouraged.
'I will not. I will not force her.' Sesshomaru mentally told himself.
'Bitch must submit. We are her dominant!' the primal side countered.
'Yes. I am alpha, and should be respected as the dominant being, but just watching her is just as enticing as if she were being forced. Every once in a while taking a submissive part is enthralling.' Sesshomaru explained to his inner-self.
Sesshomaru involuntarily sucked in a breath as he felt his lover's lip encase his member, tightening his grip on the bedsheets. After a few moments, Sesshomaru leaned on his elbows, watching his lover nearly swallowed his entire manhood. Jerking upward instinctively, Sesshomaru thrust further into her mouth. Kagome pulled away suddenly, coughing and sputtering, as her gag reflexes acted out. Something in him snapped then, in a sense, loosing some kind of control, Sesshomaru forcibly shoved her down on his member. Growling in a hiss-like manner when he pulled her off him as she raked her teeth over his cock.
He enjoyed the sensation his body had felt as her dull human teeth grazed over his cock; so much so that he had repeated the action of forcing her on his member. And again, she had retaliated with grazing her teeth over his member as he pulled  her off. This process rehashed for a few minutes before on the last thrush he held her face to the base of his cock, where his body stiffened and he ejaculated his hot seed half way down her throat.
Sesshomaru loosened his grip on her hair and watched as she slowly pulled off of him before licking her lips.

‘'This is definitely not going to be a one night stand. It just can’t be…' Kagome thought as she watched him as she licked her lips. 'And if that is the case, tomorrow I am going out and buying some handcuffs and possibly an enchanted rope or something…'
Breathing in deeply, a few different scents touched his nose; two however stood out to him. One was something familiar, though faint, as if it had not been introduced in the room for some time. He would think about that later; right then he wanted to concentrate on the other scent that dominated his nose. The scent of Kagome's strong arousal. Smirking as he watched as she crawled up his body before straddling his hips, Sesshomaru reached up and wrapped his clawed fingers around her neck and pulled her closer to him.
Kagome allowed him to pull her, his tongue licking at her bottom lip asking her permission, and she willingly gave it. Opening her mouth, she moaned as his tongue tentatively slipped in, as if he was trying to make love to her through her mouth. Kagome felt as he reached down between their bodies, pulling her up, so that she was kneeling over him before using his left hand to reach behind her and play with her clit. Kagome moaned against his mouth and instinctively ground herself against his hand.
"You are completely soaked." Sesshomaru  smiled against her mouth. "Did sucking me off make you wet?"
"Yes." Kagome replied, her voice thick with lust.
Sesshomaru could only chuckle at her, before pulling her back to him and continuing to make love to her mouth. After an intense make-out session, Sesshomaru finally pulled away, first kissing her chin before slowly leaving kisses down her jaw. Whilst the rationale part of him was currently distracted, the more primal side decided to take control and rectify the dominant and submissive situation; he wrapped an arm around her waist to hold them together and rolled over so that their bitch was back in her submissive role and he was back in his dominant role.
Sesshomaru then gripped her legs behind her knees and wrapped her legs around his waist. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck and laced her fingers into his hair. Sesshomaru then pulled her hair off to the side, exposing her neck, as he had done so, she had turned her head to the side exposing her neck even more. He could tell that she had done this on instinct, as her next moves were done purely on a more primal instinct. Kaomge had moved her hips in such a manner that she was rubbing against his hardening member; which in turn made him act on the instinct of grazing his fangs over her neck.
Before either of them had realized what was had happened, Kagome was on her hands and knees, her  legs spread so far that it was a wonder how her ass was still in the air; all the while, Sesshomaru was buried deep within the depths of her womanhood. Sesshomaru pulled out of her at a dangerously slow pace before shoving himself back in to the hilt of his cock; loving the scream that sound off the surrounding four walls.
Reaching under her, Kagome slowly rubbed her fingers over her clit as he pulled his cock out of her and increased the vigor of her movements when he had thrust himself back into her core. When he had noticed this on the second thrust, Sesshomaru promptly slapped her ass, leaving a rosy pink colored hand print, as punishment. However, they had both found it to be even more arousing. After a few more moments, Kagome could feel a coil in her lower belly tighten.
Sesshomaru could tell that he was nearing the breaking point of his release, but he wanted to last longer than he knew he had, though he also knew that he wanted to feel her surround him at the same time. A conundrum indeed.  He also knew that Kagome was nearing her release as well. As he pulled out for the final time, he leaned over her back and whispered seductively in her ear: "Are you already to feel your release?"
"Yes…" Kagome moaned loudly.
Sesshomaru gripped her hips before slamming himself into her, covering himself to the hilt, listening to her as she screamed at the sudden intrusion before nearly ripping himself out again and thrusting back in. This continued over the next few minutes before the coil in Kagome's lower belly snapped and her inner walls convulsed around Sesshomaru's member. The shock of it made him nearly fall on top of her, crushing her into the bed, however, he held himself over her by his forearms. It had been a moment before Sesshomaru could move again.
Sesshomaru unintentionally leaned over her and sank his teeth into her shoulder. Her tight walls was keeping him from being able to slide in or out of her slick core. When he began to move within her once more, his movements seemed to have triggered a secondary climax within Kagome. Once he knew he could move freely, Sesshomaru quickened his pace to a near breakneck speed. As the last droplets spilled into her core, he all but collapsed onto Kagome.
'This is definitely not going to be a one time thing.' Sesshomaru thought as he pulled his teeth from her shoulder.  After a few long moments, he pulled them to the top of the bed before pulling the blankets over them. 'At least one more performance before the ‘night’ is out, I think.' Sesshomaru thought before dozing off, clutching a drowsy Kagome to his side.

Kengeki Uta: Kon'ya Nomi

Opening her eyes, Kagome noticed that her room was still dark. Looking over to her right, she seen in big bright blue numbers: five, five, four. Letting out a some what distraught sigh, she arched her back off the bed in a stretching motion while curling her legs and arms under herself. After a moment, she finished stretching and relaxed her body before deciding to roll over onto her left side to go back to sleep. As she had done so, she smacked her whole body against the wall.
Wall? No… That did not seem right… Her bed was nowhere near the wall... And her wall was warm; the complete opposite of a normal wall… Opening her eyes, she was assaulted with the vision of a muscled male chest. Kagome could not help the blush that seemed to color her cheeks as she started to remember the events from the previous evening that went until the late hours of the night. Looking up at his sleeping face, she could vaguely make out the markings on his face.
Holy shit!’ Kagome thought as she had realized that not only was he a youkai, but a pure-bred youkai; for the second time.
Subconsciously, Kagome placed her hand on his lower abdomen, inching further down as she continued to watch his expression. It had not seemed to change at all during their rutting sessions, and she wanted to see if she could make it change while he was sleeping. ‘Whaa!’ Kagome whined to herself, as she gripped his flaccid member. ‘If his flaccid dick is this big, how the hell did it even fit inside me?!’ she asked herself as she tried touching her index finger with her thumb, but it would not connect.
As Kagome started stroking him, she noticed that he started to growl in a purr-like manner. She smiled to herself. Then a thought came to her. Slowly and careful not to wake the sleeping male, Kagome slipped out of bed and walked out of the room. Going into the closet in the living room, she started rummaging through the contents, looking for her extension cord. “Where the hell is it?” She cried to herself in a low tone. Standing up, she looked at the few boxes on the shelf above her head.
Even though she never really used the closet, one black box seemed out of place to her. Reaching up, she grabbed it and pulled it down. Opening the lid, Kagome could not help but gawk at the contents inside. After a moment a furious expression marred her face. ‘That fucking bastard!’ Kagome growled. ‘He had better not have brought her here!
However, after another moment, she smiled brightly. “Lucky!” Kagome dug her hand into the box and  produced a set of handcuffs. She turned toward the back of her apartment, ‘I wonder…how deeply he sleeps… I wonder if he’ll even let me put them on…
Walking back into her bedroom, Kagome looked over to her bed. Sesshomaru, if she remembered correctly, was still sound asleep, however, his position had changed, slightly. He must have gotten cold after she had taken the blankets off of him, because his lower half was now covered again. What’s more, was now his hands were above his head, his face turned towards the right, facing her window. She could see just a little bit more clearly. His alabaster skin glowing perfectly in the darkness of the room.
Huh? Had her curtains been open this whole time?
Shrugging it off, Kagome silently crept over to the side of her bed and leaned over to see if he had still been sleeping. He was still sleeping. She bent her head and let out a breath, unintentionally breathing on his neck, and watched as his pulse seemed to race a little. After a moment, Kagome wrapped the handcuffs around a pole in the headboard before fastening them on his wrists.
Kagome watched him for a few more moments before going around to the other side of the bed and climbed back in. ‘Now that I think about it, this is all way to convenient. He has to be awake…’ Kagome crawled over to Sesshomaru, tore the blankets off of him before moving to kneel over his legs and leaned down to kiss his chest.
At first there was no reaction, so she moved down a little bit before kissing him again; all the while she was watching his face. She watched as he turned his head so that he was facing the ceiling before turning his head back to where it was previously. ‘Fine, if that is the way he wants to play…’ Kagome thought irritably. She moved down a little more, her tongue teasing his right nipple. This time there was a reaction, though only a slight groan. Irritated, Kagome decided to up ‘the wake up call’. Flicking the tip of her tongue over his hardened nipple for the final time, Kagome then all but chomped down on the aroused flesh.
This made him jerk up, all the while growling at her with a furrowed brow. “If that is how you usually wake up your bed partners, your bedside manner is seriously lacking!”
Kagome huffed, turning her head away, as if snubbing him, while crossing her arms. “I wake up my lovers like then when they intentionally ignore me.”
“Intentionally? Whoever said it was intentional?” Sesshomaru continued to growl at her.
“Whatever.” She continued her snub. “Why don’t you just sit back and come already.”
“How can someone orgasm if they’re being treated like that?!”
“I did, last night.” Kagome countered.
“That was because you were over stimulated. Now, what was the purpose of chaining me to your bed?”
“I was thinking about making you my bitch.” Kagome grinned at him
Which in turn only made him growl, a slight vicious sound indeed. “I assure you, I am no one’s bitch, nor will I be any one’s bitch.”
Kagome only smiled at him before leaning down once more and kissed his chest. After a moment, she reached down and began stroking his member; all the while slowly moving down his body to her destination, at least for the moment. Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru loving the way his skin stretched over his tightened muscles, unconsciously, in her teasing, she grazed her teeth over his skin. Smiling to herself when she felt the muscles in his stomach twitch at her touch.
Moving down even more, Kagome kissed, licked and nibbled at his hips, giving both sides equal attention. Looking up at him once more, he was staring at her intently, as if he were waiting, impatiently for something. She lowered herself once more, licking at the side of Sesshomaru’s erection. Kagome continuously moved toward the base of his cock, all the while leaving methodically placed kisses; smiling against his member when she felt it twitch against her lips.
Kagome heard the sharp intake of breath, along with loud labored breathing coming from her partner, when she used the tip of her tongue to tease his ball sac. She had closed her eyes just before teasing him, because she wanted to just feel, and not see for the moment. Kagome could hear the rattling of the chain cuffs as Sesshomaru moved to try and touch her.
After a moment, Kagome moved away, using the tip of her tongue to tease him a little more as she led a trail from the base of his cock all the way to the top before promptly sucking in the head of his member. She could feel Sesshomaru’s intense gaze upon her, and found it oddly arousing, never thinking about the embarrassment that one should feel at such lewd acts.
The chains rattle even more when she sucked his cock further into her mouth. Gripping his member tighter, Kagome increased her stroking motion, syncing the stroking motion with the bobbing of her head. Kagome groaned around his member when she felt herself become wet, unconsciously moving her hips around eagerly. The minutes seemed to passed like it had been hours since she had first put the handcuffs on her lover.
Kagome pulled herself away, breathing heavily, she crawled up his body before planting her lips on his. Sesshomaru pulled at his restraints once again as she kissed him and he returned it.  After a few moments, she pulled herself away once more, kneeling over him, as she eased herself down on his thick cock, moaning at the feeling of him finally entering her.
Bracing herself on his chest, Kagome began a slow paced rhythm, however, there was something that did not feel right to her. Absentmindedly, Kagome dug her blunt fingers into Sesshomaru’s chest, unknowingly asking him to do something. He gladly obliged her, when she had almost lifted herself off of him, and she was sucking him back into her heat, his hips jerked up suddenly. Kagome let out a loud delighted sound before looking down at him as she pulled herself to the tip of his cock, silently asking him to do it again.
And again, he obliged her whim, knowing that soon he was going to be taking the control back, whether she wanted to give it back or not
Gripping the chain of the handcuffs he pulled at them, unnoticed by Kagome as she had been distracted by his thrusting into her core. These motions continued on for a few more minutes, all the while the only sounds in the room were muffled moans, heavy breathing, panting and the sounds of the metal chains of the handcuffs rattling about.
“Does my cock make you feel good?” asked Sesshomaru, his voice low and seductive.
At first, Kagome could only pant heavily. But then somehow found her voice. “Y-yes!”
“Do you want more?” asked Sesshomaru, the grip on the chains tightening in anticipation of her answer; knowing that it was not going to be much longer.
“More! More deeper. More faster. Just. More…”

Sesshomaru chuckled, a malicious grin set about his face as he pulled at the chains once more, snapping them with ease. All the while thrusting into her for the final time before wrapping his arms about her waist and flipped them so that she was under him. He pulled his legs under himself and arched her back off the bed. Sesshomaru pulled out of her completely before he drove into her with a momentum that only someone like him could use.
Wide eyed, Kagome opened her mouth to scream out, however the loud scream was muffled by Sesshomaru’s hand. Normally he would not have minded hearing the screams of his lovers, but he doubted that since they were at her place, and not his, that her neighbors would not like hearing them so early on a Sunday morning. When he had repeated the motions, her reaction was the same
He repeated the motion once more before her body stiffened in the perfect arched position while her walls started convulsing around his cock and she moaned loudly into his hand. With much difficulty, Sesshomaru pulled out of her before slamming himself back into her tight core a few more times, the base of his member growing once again, filling with his seed, stretching her insides just a bit more. And then his  body stiffened with his release,  as her core convulsed around him; milking every last drop of semen he had at the base of his cock, while he held himself deep within her core, unable to move, even if he had wanted to.
Which he didn't, because there was no place that he would rather be at that moment.
After a few moments, Sesshomaru fell on top of Kagome, his body felt like he had no bone in his body. Unconsciously, he nuzzled her neck while his fangs lengthened. His tongue instinctively lapped at her neck, while she sucked in a painful breath as his venom burnt her flesh. Kagome bit her bottom lip, to keep herself from crying out, when she felt Sesshomaru’s fangs sink deep into her neck.
The room seemed to fall into a silence as the two lovers dozed off. As the silence wore on, Kagome could feel his member pulsate within her core and could not help the moan that passed her lips. At the sound of her moan, Sesshomaru seemed to harden once more, though only slightly, before a second wave shot into her core. Then she heard a loud gulping sound. A moment passed before there was another gulping sound and felt a droplet of blood run to the back of her neck and drip off onto the bed.
What is he doing? Is he really drinking my blood?!’ Kagome asked herself, shocked. “Ne…” she called, tiredly, trying to get his attention, however, he did not move nor made any indication that he had heard her. He only continued to gulp down her blood. “Ne, ne…” she tried again but there was still no movement. “Ne…” Kagome all but moaned, pushing at his shoulder; extending the “e” sound to make the word longer.
At that, Sesshomaru stiffened, ceasing all movement. After a moment, he pulled his fangs from her skin before licking at the marks that he had left upon her flesh, closing the wounds. Sesshomaru then pulled himself out of her, leaned over her, bowing his head to hide his face. “G―o…gomen nasai… Could I use your shower?”
“Uun―.” Kagome confirmed, nodding her head once. All the while, wondering if he was alright.  
Without another word, Sesshomaru got up and headed out of the room and into the bathroom. Kagome turned onto her stomach and watched, sadly, as he left the room.
Absentmindedly, she reached to her neck and gingerly touched where he had bitten her. She heard the water turn on in the bathroom and let out a sigh. For him, merely biting someone had a somewhat significant meaning of intimacy, but with him biting her then drinking from her was a completely different meaning. Something she had learned from when she was with Inuyasha. He himself had never drank from her, but she knew the implications.
They had only met last night, but…
Maybe he did it on instinct…’ she thought, before turning over onto her back once more and looked up at the ceiling. ‘It had to’ve been…I mean, I know we only met last night, but he doesn’t strike me as the type of person that would do that on a whim… And yet…’ Kagome closed her eyes.
Standing under the steaming hot water, Sesshomaru clenched his fists so much so that his  claws dug into his hands. ‘What had that bastard done…?!’ Sesshomaru clenched his teeth and sneered. “Tch!” He wanted to hit something so bad, but he knew if he had done so he would have caused serious damage. ‘What have you done?’ Sesshomaru asked his beast, angrily.
This Sesshomaru only did what was necessary.
Necessary? How dare you condemn either of us! That was not your choice to make!
It matters not anymore, what’s done is done.
Growling viciously, Sesshomaru pushed his primal side back down to where it should have stayed. Sesshomaru stood there, growling to himself. Some time later, he heard the door to the shower open then close, and then felt the tiny woman wrap her arms around his waist and pressed her cheek against his back.
“I won’t pressure you to keep your promise…” whispered Kagome, before adding, speaking more clearly. “Let me wash your back.”
“I cannot let you do that…” Sesshomaru ground out. “That act is far too intimate.”
“Too intimate? Then what do you call what we had just done, or even last night? I consider that act more intimate then anything else.”
“For someone like me, letting you wash me is something only a―”
“Something only an intended mate or mate would do…” Kagome finished. “I understand that…but I’m not asking you to make me your mate.”
Turning around, Sesshomaru curled a finger under her chin and lifted her face, a questioning look on his face.
“My ex…” she paused a moment before continuing. “…is a inu hanyō.” Kagome explained. “Though he never really drank from me, he had explained somethings to me." Kagome paused a moment before adding, "That’s why I don’t expect you to fulfill the promise you just made to me.”
Sesshomaru could only smile at her sadly.

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