An Unimpressive Ending

BY : Sarafeenuh
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In the end, the end itself was rather anticlimactic. At least in Kagome’s opinion.

Naraku was defeated by a combined attack between herself and the sons of Inu no Taisho. The jewel was complete, purified, and wished out of existence in order to make Kikyo whole again. InuYasha pledged to follow Kikyo anywhere, albeit grateful hell was no longer her destination. Shippo was off to learn at the kitsune school. Miroku and Sango planned to wed and rebuild the slayer village.

Weeks later, once all her friends’ stories reached their happy endings Kagome returned to the well. She braced herself and jumped. She felt the freefall and realized instantly that there was no magic coming to catch her before she landed with a thud on the ground, a slight “Oof,” escaping her lips. While on some level she knew the Shikon itself helped to power the timeslip, she had also assumed she would be allowed to return because she didn’t belong in this time.

There was no one around to witness her failure to return home. She had bid everyone goodbye and insisted she wanted to make the return journey alone. It would be easier that way. So it was that there was no group of friends to give shocked gasps in the realization that Kagome was trapped in the past. No point in trying to jump again, no need to make a show or a fuss. Nothing to be done and no exciting big finish for the miko at the bottom of the well. It really was an unimpressive ending.

Kagome sank to the ground and leaned against the wall of the well shaft. She supposed she would need to climb back up and head towards the village and see Kaede. She supposed InuYasha and Kikyo would still be there. She supposed someone would make an offer to take her in. A boring, agrarian life seemed to drag out before her. She could train to be the village miko and replace Kaede. Spending her days gathering herbs and aiding the sick. She would age and die alone but with honor. Or, she could hope to find some man to marry her, bear him sons, age and die alone but remembered. Two options, seemingly the only two available for a woman in this era. Neither seemed appealing, both gave her an itchy sense of frustrating exhaustion. The weight of losing the freedoms of being a modern woman made her lethargic and loathe to climb out of the well.

She sighed as she contemplated the seemingly short list of possible endings for her own story. Distantly her mind whispered she could join her sister and help rebuild her home, but she knew that would feel like an intrusion. It wasn’t like she had many more options left back in her own time. Five years of travel had left her with only a high school diploma and no means of supporting herself back home. She would be living at the shrine and attempting to carve a life out of broken pieces there as well. She would have had her family though. The thought brought a hitch to her breath and a thick lump formed in her throat. Kagome knew she was going to have an emotional fit at some point. This sort of thing definitely lent itself to full-fledged breakdowns. Even that seemed too exhausting an exercise at the moment. So, she heaved another sigh and dropped her head back against the cool wood of what was once a portal between worlds.



Kagome did eventually extract herself from the well and return to the village. She was thankful that Kaede was alone when she entered the hut.

“You cannot return.”


“I was concerned that might be the case,” the old miko stated matter-of-factly.

Kagome drew a hand through her hair and asked, “May I stay here tonight?”

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