I Only Meant To Train Her

BY : TheSlytherinPhoenix
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          A scream tore through the valley. Inuyahsa, Miroku, Sango and Shippo were all in a battle stance a blink later, Kirara however mewed in annoyance. The danger was not in their hidden camp, it was in the mind of the Priestess still asleep in her sleeping bag; Kirara knew this but her human companion did not. She mewed again to cause Sango to look down at her, the still groggy Demon Slayer trying to figure out who was in danger. Whimpers, a soft gasp and a restless body came into focus once the adrenaline faded from her and she rushed to Kagome’s sleeping form. Inuyasha had realized it was a nightmare haunting the young Priestess that had caused all of them to be torn from a much deserved slumber and irritation was threatening to over flow in the worst way ever “OI WEN-” Miroku’s staff was suddenly slammed into his face, causing him to cease the beginning of his self justified rant. Glaring at the Monk, who looked as if he had gotten a full nights sleep, he started to growl but Miroku gestured for the half-demon to follow him out of earshot of the women. 
          He glanced back, watching Sango curl up to the younger woman as well as Kirara and Shippo; it didn’t take long for Kagome to settle back down. He could see her reiki seeping out to probe the energies around her to determine friend or foe and upon realizing it was her chosen family her spiritual powers released a rather warm burst of spiritual energy to coat them all. She was surrounded by the feel of her adopted child and chosen sister and it seemed to soothe her nightmare away for the moment. He knew that they would wake up in a big dog pile, as Kagome called it, in the morning so he was not worried about stealing the grumpy half-demon away for a conversation; Kagome’s subconscious power would not allow harm to come to any of them as they slept.
          “So what’s the deal, Miroku? Why’dya slap me in the face with your damn staff!” The gruff silver dog eared male growled out. Inuyasha was exhausted, they had been traveling for weeks with minimal leads, fought off a rather annoying bear demon that had almost taken a chunk out of Kagome’s side, she had sat him more times than usual since he had been growing more agitated by the day when no leads surfaced. He was starting to believe that they had been sent on a wild goose chase by Naraku to buy him more time to heal and like a fool he had fallen for it and drug his pack along on a fools errand. The Alpha in him was roaring in outrage; he had failed his pack, allowed the enemy to manipulate him, had almost lost a member of his pack and to top it all off the wild life in the area was poor at best so finding adequate food was difficult. He had already decided they were going to head back to Edo and had been going over an excuse as to why he would need to see Kaede  to make it happen without admitting defeat. 
          “It would only earn you a ‘Sit’ from Lady Kagome if you woke her from a nightmare only to scream at her for having it to begin with.” Miroku spoke casually, though a small tinge of agitation was laced in his voice. Before Inuyasha could interrupt him he continued speaking after his brief pause. “I believe I can help Kagome…” This made Inuyasha snap his mouth shut and Miroku smirked. “You see, Inuyasha, I was raised with the knowledge of my holy powers but Lady Kagome was not. I was trained in many ways, and one of the things that I had to master was the voice of power inside me.” He held up a hand to stop the question as it formed in his friends brain. “You see, for you it is a demon that whispers in your mind. For beings such as Kagome and myself it is similar, though it is more like pouring a bucket of water into a drinking glass. We get too much and have to dispel it or else it comes out in other ways and can do harm and massive damage.” 
          Inuyasha processed this for a moment, being rather shocked at the information given to him. He had no idea that the holy healing power that could disintegrate demons could turn on the very person that held the power in them. “So it is her holy power that is causing this every night.” He was chewing on this, never before had a holy being told him this; he wondered if it was a coveted secret much like his night of the new moon being his human night. 
          Miroku nodded, “Mostly her lack of training over that holy power, not the power itself.”
          Inuyasha swiveled his doggy ear towards the sleeping woman briefly. “How would you fix this?”
          “I want to train her.” Miroku stated simply.
          “Kaede is training her and it isn’t helping this shit! What makes ya think you could do better?” the half-demon snapped at the human he considered his best friend. He just wanted to go back to sleep, but he also wanted to stay asleep for a change. Kagome had been having nightmares for months now, she never remembered the coming morning, and was always exhausted and it got on his nerves. He blamed himself for not being able to help her and the rest of his pack so he was grumpy with them all. 
          “Kaede did not train along side demons.” The monk whispered. Inuyasha stiffened. The two stared at each other for a few blinks, “I had to master certain abilities because of this cursed wind tunnel in my hand. I had to learn how to control all of me, all of the time,… even in my sleep. My reiki is so high and potent that it will try to act on its own will when I am sleeping.”
          “If her power is searching for something to protect her from, why is it causing this?” Inuyasha had put aside all anger and was solely focused on the information being fed to him. He was hearing things about his friend he had never known about and each piece of information would help him be there for his pack member.
          “I believe it has something to do with the Sacred Jewel being stored in her body. When she came through it was torn from her, yes. But I believe it left a residue in her, a sort of shadow. It does nothing to taint her pureness, but it does forever have a place in her. I also believe she could house the jewel again, but that is beyond the point for the moment. The jewel was formed during a battle between the purest Priestess to ever live and quite possibly the strongest Demon- though my knowledge of full Demonic lineages and tales is lacking-  and thus making it so the holy light in her tries to destroy the shadow.” Miroku had simplified the explanation, but still fed Inuyasha enough to have him understand that what he was about to propose was necessary. “When she is awake her energy automatically knows that the shadow is not a threat, but when she sleeps Kagome is unaware of the world around her and when the holy source searches for the taint and finds it...” he left the sentence open for a moment then continued, “ She needs to be trained properly Inuyasha. I need to take her to the Temples in the mountains.”
          He had barely finished the words ‘mountains’ when he felt clawed fingers grip his violet robes. “You pervert! You ain’t takin Kagome to no mountains alone! I know better!” His eyes had flashed from the lovely amber in a tigers eyes crystal to a lethal crimson that would normally have the Monk worried. But this time Inuyasha got something he had not expected. His hands, that were shaking with how tightly he was gripping the monk, suddenly started to sting and before he could react he felt all the demonic blood in him nullify. The level of holy energy Miroku had released had caused his human side to emerge fully and now he was staring through black hair at very human hands with the loss of all his senses. His eyes widened because the stinging stopped completely. “WHAT THE HELL?!” He dropped the monk and as swiftly as he had turned human he was once again a half demon. 
          Miroku watched his friend who was still staring at his hands. He had never intended to do that to his him, but he needed to prove to the jealous half-demon that he was not thinking anything inappropriate but merely of training. Granted, what he had just done took a great toll on him and he would need to wait a short time before doing so again, but the dog demon didn’t know that. “The level of control that one needs with power such as Kagome and myself carry needs to be great enough that it can hide you in plain sight. Just as your half brother has learned self control with him and his demon with perfect precision , thus have I.” He stated flatly, straightening his robes. “I am going to train Kagome because if I do not she will purify herself one day.” He turned his back on his friend then, not willing to admit just how hurt he was by Inuyasha’s accusations that he only wanted to to “train” Kagome so he could be a pervert and take advantage of her. 
          Inuyasha was rooted to the spot as his friends words haunted his soul, Kagome could die. His head was spinning, Miroku did not radiate the kind of power he had just used on him without even trying. He didn’t even show that kind of power during battles with Naraku. What in the fuck was going on! He had felt like his demon had just… disappeared. On the night of the new moon he could still feel his demon lurking somewhere deep in his mind; it had always been a comfort to him on those long nights. That his demon was there, waiting. But what Miroku had done had been different, it was as if the demon had never existed in him and that scared him. Miroku’s words echoed in his head softly, “Kaede did not train alongside demons.” Was that how he could isolate just his demon as he did? Could he do this to Naraku and make him human long enough to kill him? A soft whisper in the dark of his soul whispered that the monk could do that to him, but he knew better and ignored it fully. Miroku was his best friend. When he got back to their small campsite the monk was already asleep by the fire, as well as the pile of sleeping bodies that was the rest of his pack.
          He didn’t know what to do. Either let Kagome go with Miroku to the mountains for Gods know how long or have her train with Kaede more so they could keep hunting the Sacred Jewel shards. As the stars faded and the sun began its slow ascension into the morning sky Inuyasha sighed, he had argued with himself for hours but in the end he still did not know what to do. Kaede would know more, not that he didn’t trust Miroku. But now he did not trust himself, and that was because of Miroku. He had never been more wrong about the level of power someone held before, and never more shocked by a friend. Not even Kikyo had stunned him this much, for he knew that she had always been a colder creature, the betrayal once thought upon had been easy to predict because if she had truly known him she wouldn’t have believed the imitation. The sun was in the sky well beyond his normal waking point for his pack but he sat staring into a dying fire, waiting for them to wake. 
          Miroku was the first to fall victim to sunlight, he joined him shortly after and sat in silence with him. He was not at all phased by the suddenly odd behavior of his friend, after all he had gotten a harsh taste of reality hours prior to their silent companionship around the fire pit at that moment. “Can she really accidentally purify herself Miroku?” he wanted, so badly, to smell the lie on his friend. But instead when he confirmed it he didn’t sense any lie or smell arousal that it must have been true.  “We will go to Kaede’s first and that is where we will wait for you two to return. How long will it take?” he glanced at the monk, hearing the girls heart rates begin to rise as they started to wake slowly. 
          “Until she figures it out.” Miroku smiled softly, knowing that his friend was worried. “She will be safe with me Inuyasha. I swear it. And after she is done training she will by far surpass Kikyo and possibly compare to Midoriko herself. Not many require the temples.. But the ones that train there do great things and are known throughout the ages.” 
          “Let’s not bring this up with them until we are with Kaede, I have a feeling she will help aid in defense against Sango and that weapon of hers meeting your skull.” He smirked, trying to force himself to be alright with the situation. Kagome needed this, he kept repeating. “How will you two get there?” 
          Miroku closed his eyes, the weight of the whole situation showing for just a moment. “The journey to the mountain is easy, Kirara can take us, but making it into the Temple is a different story and forbidden to speak of.” 
          Shippo yawned loudly, causing the woman to groan and start stretching. “Wow. The sun is up already.” Kagome’s soft voice floated through the air, making the half-demon feel the ache he knew would only grow with her absence. 
          “We are heading back to Kaede. The trail has gone cold. Get moving.” He went back to normality and snapped at the group like every other morning, making Sango roll her eyes, though Kagome could hear something different in his voice. Something that didn’t quite match the words, it was like he was reciting lines but not putting force behind them. 

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