What Lies on the Other Side

BY : Azure.Zink
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Inuyasha walked through the shopping square, as he window shopped. There were many people here but to him, there were even more. His mother’s family had been blessed and cursed. For all those who hold the blood of Setsuna their eyes were open to the other side. The world beyond human perception. Inuyasha had become use to seeing the beings from a young age, his mother telling him to never acknowledge them or there was the chance they would become attached. The beings were invisible to the human eye but there were many people who had just the smallest bit of blood of his family. After all, the curse was thousands of years old, but he was a little different. He wasn’t all human…only half. His father was a being from the other side so not only could he see and hear them, he could touch them and cross to the other side. In his human form, he had the dark violet hair of his mother and her deep chocolate eyes. For the other descendants, the ones with fainter blood, they would maybe catch a glimpse, or hear one of the beings whisper in their ear, trying to talk to them. A quick call of their name, causing the human to flinch and look around in confusion.

From what he understood, their interactions with humans was more like watching a TV show. They lived forever and would pick a human to follow around and observe to keep themselves entertained. He didn’t really understand why but maybe they were bored with their everyday lives. He walked around looking at the familiar faces of the various beings as they followed their familiar humans around. From the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of something different. There was a dirty little barefooted girl being yelled at by a shop owner. Was she homeless? He thought to himself. From her tattered clothing he assumed so. The thing that really caught his eye was the being that crouched down next to her and began whispering in her ear. White hair, white clothing, and beautiful golden eyes. Inuyasha’s breath caught in his throat. The being was beautiful, in his other world form he had similar features so he assumed the being was similar to his father, who he’d never met but had seen a painting of. He’d always wanted to meet his father and find out why he left his mother alone.

He approached, intent on helping the little girl…and maybe getting a closer look at the being. “Do not cry Rin. It will be okay.” The being said in a deep voice that sent a chill up Inuyasha’s spin.

“Okay Lord Sesshomaru…” The tearful girl whispered back, Inuyasha heard from the distance with his inhuman hearing. It caused his eyes widened. She could hear him clearly? That meant her blood wasn’t very diluted. Inuyasha stepped between the shop owner and the little girl, earning surprised glances from both.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing old man!?” He shouted loudly in the man’s face. “She’s just a hungry little kid obviously! If she had any other option other than stealing don’t you think she would be doing that!? What kind of heartless bastard won’t even try to help a homeless child!” He shouted loudly. The people around began to berate the man too. Usually all it took was one bold person to get the ball rolling. Inuyasha turned to the surprised little girl and crouched to her level. He could feel the intense burning gaze of the being on him. “Hey sweetheart…are you hungry…?”

She stiffened and backed away a bit. “It’s okay Rin. I am here.” The being stated calmly.

Her stomach answered for her very loudly. “Maa, I know I’m a stranger and you’re probably really scared, but I saw you here and I’m worried. Do you have anyone I can call for you?” Inuyasha frowned at the silent girl. Up close it was clear she’d been on the streets for quite some time. Her hair was filthy, her body covered in grim, and he could see how hollowed her cheeks had become. Poor child. “If you don’t want to come with me…can I give you money and my phone number so you can call me…or the police maybe.” He didn’t know her circumstances, maybe she was a run away from an abusive family?

“H…gr..y..” She whispered.

“Allow him to help you Rin.” The being stated firmly.

Tears overflowed from the little girls eyes as she wailed, “Rin is hungry! Rin is all alone!” The girl crumbled then, “Please! Rin is so hungry!”

Inuyasha felt his heart thump, he looked around and could see quite a few people who berated the man with tears in their eyes. The shop owner looked very guilty as well. Inuyasha took his jacket off and put it over her shoulders before lifting the young girl into his arms and patted her back. He tried not to make it seem like he was looking at the lord observing them. The being was staring at his face as he comforted the crying girl. “It’s okay to cry, it’s okay. Let’s go get some food.”

An hour or so later and they were sitting in a restaurant with a moderate amount of food in front of them. The young girl looked hesitant to touch anything. Many of the strangers gave him a few bucks for the little girl. He bought her new clothes and shoes, and a jacket she desperately needed. The being had been with them the entire time, but his focus was on Inuyasha. It made him a bit uncomfortable and it was difficult trying not to bump into him.

Rin seemed hesitant to touch anything. “Rin, its okay to eat. It’s for you.”

“Eat Rin.” The being, Sesshomaru, stated.

“Yes Lord Sesshomaru.” Was whispered very quietly. Inuyasha noted that she couldn’t see him at all, but knew she couldn’t talk to him out loud. Smart girl. The being seemed to genuinely have her best interests at heart. She began eating the food and crying again. Inuyasha simply watched quietly as she ate. He was going to take her to his great aunts. She would be able to take care of her like she did many homeless children, she had even been talking care of him since his mother died. When she stopped eating with a satisfied sigh Inuyasha packed the rest in a to-go box and put it into a bag.

Outside the restaurant he began to walk but noticed there were no tiny footfalls beside him. He looked back to see Rin standing with teary eyes, clutching the leftover food with the beautiful being next to her. “Rin, are you coming?” He asked. Her eyes widened and she dashed to him quickly but stopped short.

“C-can Rin...really?” She asked with a tiny voice.

“Yes, I’ll take you to my aunt. She’s a really nice woman and will help you no matter what.” He responded with a smile.

“Go Rin.” Sesshomaru stated firmly.

She joined Inuyasha and held his hand as they walked. The being followed behind as they made their way through the streets until they made it to a large home at the end of the residential area. Inuyasha unlocked the door and stepped in with Rin before closing it. Sesshomaru simply walked through the door. “Yaya is that you?”

“Yeah it’s me!”

““““INUYASHA!”””” chorused several voices as a train of steps could be heard. Soon several children were bounding towards them happily. Rin hid behind Inuyasha’s legs and backed away as the children bombarded him.

“Hey everyone!” Inuyasha greeting kindly.

An old woman rounded the corner, “Who might that be Inuyasha?”

“This is Rin, I found her on my way home. Rin this is my aunt Kaede.” Inuyasha explained.

“Alright come now child, let’s get you a bath.” Kaede held out her hand but the child said nothing and remained where she was.

“It’s okay Rin, you can trust her.” Inuyasha said.

One of the kids, Sakura, approached Rin slowly, “I know it’s scary, I was scared too when Inuyasha-niisan helped me but Kaede is really kind and now I get to stay here with all of my friends. Do you wanna be our friend too?” She held her hand out to Rin who hesitated.

“It is alright Rin. You are safe here.” The lord stated. A smile split Rin’s face as she grabbed Sakura’s hand and was led away by her and the rest of the curious children.

Inuyasha noted that the being didn’t follow after her and instead stood staring at him. “Inuyasha my boy, you do have a knack for finding unfortunate souls.”

“Yeah, I just…felt so bad seeing her being yelled at for being a hungry child. Ugh, I wanted to hit the man. But hey, I held myself back and didn’t beat the life out of him.”

Kaede caressed his face, “Aye that is good. How is school?”

“Everything’s going great. I’m gonna head home now though. Can you tell Rin I’ll be back tomorrow to check on her?” Inuyasha began gearing up to leave.  Kaede nodded and kissed him on the cheek before he left. His aunt ran a very well-funded orphanage. It was barely that as the children were not up for adoption. His aunt was unable to have children of her own and adopted a few, and then she began taking in children from various backgrounds that needed her. Those very many kids that she raised went on to college and are now funding her. The previous orphans and he himself are all grateful for everything Kaede had done for them especially with the type of hell they put her through. When he graduated with his degree, he planned on funding them as well. He hoped to be making enough money to send the kids to the universities of their choice as his adopted siblings handled all bills, clothes, and food expenses thus far. One even gives each of the children a weekly allowance. He really wanted to give back as well.

He sighed as he walked. It became a bit colder and he shivered. He stopped for a moment because he felt eyes on him. He glanced around and caught sight of Sesshomaru following him a few feet behind. He made sure his eyes didn’t linger and continued on his way. Why was he being followed? He would think that the being wanted to stay with Rin after all. He quickened his pace through the streets, wanting to get home and take a long bath.

He entered his apartment and locked the door. Sesshomaru joined a moment later. It had been a long day and he was ready to unwind. He started the bath and ate a bag of potato chips as he waited for it all under Sesshomaru’s intense gaze. He’d been followed around before but usually they’d stop when they realized that there was nothing interesting about them and that he’d never acknowledge them. “What a strange human.” He heard the lord mutter. Inuyasha’s eyebrows knit together. ‘I’m strange? What makes me strange?’ He thought to himself. He stripped out of his clothing down to his boxers and stretched a bit excited for his bath. He didn’t mind the audience because like he said, it’d happened before. It’s necessary to behave as normally as possible if you don’t want them to know.

“Ahhh~!” Inuyasha sighed as he relaxed in the hot bath.

Sesshomaru’s eye twitched, “Why am I following this one around?” He thought to himself. The lord thought it strange how kind the human had been to his ward as he called her. Many people scorned the child for no other reason than she was of no blood relation to them. It was disgusting the way humans conducted themselves. Disgraceful really. However, he saw no hesitation from the young man before him when defending her and it surprised him. He was quite attractive as well. Sesshomaru let his eyes roam over all the human had to offer. “Exquisite.” He stated aloud. Inuyasha’s body held none of the typical flaws humans had like beauty marks, birth marks and the like. Tanned skin was pulled tautly over a muscular frame. “He would be better as youki.” Sesshomaru hummed as he watched the human relax.

Little did he know, Inuyasha was having a crisis in his mind? Usually when he was naked or something, the being would just zone out or leave. Why was this one studying him? It made him blush and he felt the need to cover himself. Opening his eyes, he decided to leave the bath and get ready for bed. He worked on a little bit of his homework before finally crawling into bed.

Sesshomaru glided over to where he lay. “How intriguing.” Was all that was heard before Sesshomaru bounced back into his own realm.

               Inuyasha opened his eyes and sat up when he felt the lord leave. “Why me!?” He shouted to no one in particular.


               Inuyasha wasn’t perfect and he knew this more than anyone. He’d made a mistake more than once with youki a long time ago and had been regretting it ever since. Although, he did tend to learn a lot about them, the youki. As he walked he made eye contact with once such mistake, who grinned and began following him as he made his way home after class. When securely in the apartment the being sighed and plopped down on his sofa, “Long time no see mutt face!”

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. From this youki, he was able to learn that youki had their own societies and were even broken down into various animal based races. He was a wolf youki prince by the name of Kouga. Inuyasha had accidentally bumped into him and apologized without knowing he was from the other world, and since then the youki saw fit to pester him. When Inuyasha cut himself by accident, the wolf learned of his connection to the other world through his blood, and promptly began calling him a mutt since he was mixed breed. They got along to an extent but he realized the wolf was a bit handsy. The wolf explained it as curiosity about the human beings they watched, the wolf was surprised that their bodies and functions were so similar especially when he caught Inuyasha having sex different lovers.

“Why do you keep coming to bother me?” Inuyasha scowled.

“Because you can talk to me.” Kouga responded simply.

“Why not go back to the other world and talk to people there??” Inuyasha glared.

“Ehh…there’s a lot going on over there right now. Human’s here lead much more interesting simpler lives.” Kouga shrugged from his position.

Inuyasha had learned that there were human beings residing in the other world as well, and that he and his family more than likely crossed over somehow. He knew he could do it consciously since he had but then again he’d nearly been eaten by something wandering the forest because he was trapped there as a child, after his mother died. He stayed there for what felt like a hundred years, only to come back and find out merely 5 years had passed. In his time there, he’d only ever run into wild youki, never the cognitive ones or humans. He often wondered why. Kouga had explained that he probably went to the realm of his ancestors who might be extinct as he knew of only a few living dog youki. The beings were able to cut their realm off from visitors and Inuyasha’s ancestors probably left it that way for eons, which is why no humans had migrated there.

Inuyasha sighed, “So how’s life?” They’d developed a set of ground rules in their time together. Rule one was that Kouga was not allowed to speak to or touch him outside of his apartment. He was never to do anything that might let other youki know that he could see them. Basically, anything that would disrupt his way of life was against the rules. Inuyasha explained many things to the youki about modern human society. Why they did certain things, why they didn’t do others. The youki was so enthralled it weirded the half-youki out.

“Inuyasha, we should have sex.” Kouga stated after a moment.

Inuyasha bit his tongue and sputtered, “What the fuck?”

“Hear me out! I just wanna see if you’re as sensitive as humans look. I got into an argument with Hakkaku and Ginta about it.” He explained.

“How would us having sex, prove anything?”

“It’d let me learn a lot.” Kouga stated simply.

“No. Not a chance in hell.” Inuyasha glared.

“Come on it’s not like you have a problem with men like humans do. I’ve seen you already so it shouldn’t matter, it’s just sex.” Kouga stated nonchalantly.

Inuyasha’s face burned as well as the tips of his ears. Kouga had seen him with a few partners and confirmed that his sexual preferences were typical of youki. One particular time he’d been folded on his back moaning like a slut as his ex-boyfriend pounded into him ruthlessly with his legs around the man’s shoulders. He’d been so embarrassed because he made eye contact with the observing wolf just as he came. He ignored him for a month after that. “Oh shut the fuck up, it’s different here.”

“But you have casual sex all the time.” Kouga complained.

“Yeah, with people from my world.” Inuyasha exclaimed.

“But you’re from my world too.” Kouga countered. Inuyasha faltered there.

“You’re my friend okay!? We don’t have sex with friends!” Inuyasha bellowed, “That’d just make our relationship weird!”

Kouga sighed, “Fine then, sheesh.” As he looked away, a little blush on his dark skin. He was happy Inuyasha considered them friends. “So, what have you been up to then?”

“Nothing, but I saw a new youki the other day.” He hadn’t seen the youki since the night in his apartment and it had been a week since then. He wasn’t even hanging around Rin.

“Yeah, what’s so different about him?” Kouga asked, as he laid down on the sofa.

“White hair, golden eyes. He had really pale skin too, with a moon on his forehead….he was gorgeous…” Inuyasha thought about the handsome youki’s features, not even noticing when Kouga sat up abruptly.

“That sounds like Lord Sesshomaru…!” Kouga nearly shouted. The lord ruled over the western lands, where his clan resided. “You saw one of the most powerful youki in existence! What happened!?”

“He was following a little orphan girl around, guiding her. Then he followed me around after I took her to my aunt’s home. He called me exquisite, and said I’d be better as youki.” Inuyasha explained.

Kouga’s jaw dropped, “Wow…I would have never thought the lord would be interested in this world. How strange.”

Inuyasha and Kouga stiffened when they felt the air change. Inuyasha could tell what happened and immediately began meandering around his home and cleaning. When he turned he could see Kouga and the lord staring at each other. He watched Kouga jump up and bow to the lord immediately, “Nice to make your acquaintance my lord.” It was odd seeing the wolf so formal, but Inuyasha made sure he didn’t laugh or linger.

Eventually he sat at the low table next to them so he could listen to their conversation while pretending to do his homework. “How long have you been observing this one?” Sesshomaru asked, looking down at the seated human.

“A few years I believe. He’s pretty typical I would say, but in a nice way.” Kouga explained.

“Leave.” The lord stated coldly.

Inuyasha was surprised when Kouga did just that. He dropped his pencil, the noise gaining the lords attention. He slowly picked it up and sighed. He actually wanted to talk to Kouga a bit more today. The lord took a seat across from him and Inuyasha began to actually study as the lord watched. “Why do I feel the need to be around you human?” He questioned knowing Inuyasha was unable to see or hear him. After about an hour or so of studying under the lords gaze Inuyasha set his pencil down and stared at the lord who bristled. Inuyasha made his eyes stare in a way that made it seem as though he was daydreaming, but he really just wanted a good look at the lord. Inuyasha felt his breath catch a bit. The man was so very handsome. More beautiful than any youki he’d ever seen, definitely his type. He thought about the lord’s deep voice and how powerful he looked. The lord seemed unnerved by his staring and swayed back and forth. Inuyasha made sure his eyes remained fixed ahead before finally standing and packing his study materials back where they belonged.

The lord watched him for the remainder of the night and left when he was seemingly asleep. Inuyasha sighed, “How annoying.”


Inuyasha had never been watched so closely in his entire life. The lord was there from the moment he woke until he went to bed, religiously. The half-youki felt trapped. He couldn’t even masturbate or have sex because the lord was always there and it had been months. It was getting on his last nerve. He walked quickly to his aunts as he promised to visit the children today.

When he walked in the first person to greet him was Rin. She looked much healthier than she had when he’d first come across her. Kaede learned she was in the foster care system, with abusive foster parents. Kaede was allowed to adopt her and the paperwork is still going through, it’d be a few months to a year before it was official. Sesshomaru was behind him as he gave the small girl a hug and a peck on the cheek. “How are you Rin?”

“Rin is good! Rin is having fun at school too!” She exclaimed. It was nice to see her so happy. She was sent to cram facility in order to catch up to the proper grade. She’d be tested to see if she was able to enter the proper grade afterward, but Kaede said she was doing great in the classes.

“Hello Rin.” He heard behind him, Rin’s eyes opened wide and an even larger grin split her face.

“Hello Lord Sesshomaru!” She stated loudly before covering her mouth and looking at Inuyasha with a terrified look.

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. “Who is Lord Sesshomaru?” He needed to play along and acknowledge what she said or it’d be weird.

      Sesshomaru’s heart thumped. It was a strange reaction to hearing his name on the human’s tongue. “Um…” She began shaking and fidgeting terribly. “Um…!” Inuyasha could see her panicking.

     “Rin it’s okay, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. It’s okay. Calm down.” Inuyasha did a breathing exercise with her to help. She seemed better but still a bit distraught. Kaede had learned from her medical records that she had been on several types of medicine and taken to a facility regularly for shock therapy for what looked like schizophrenia. She wasn’t schizophrenic though, he knew this, but to other people it would be clear. Maybe that’s why she ran away. He held her hand and led her back inside.

   The children were elated to see him once again and it was nice to hang out with them all on a more personal level. He adored children and couldn’t wait to have a few of his own. He wanted to adopt them as well. He hung out with them all day before heading home. He received an invite from one of his exes and had to turn them down because of Sesshomaru. He wanted to shout at the lord and tell him to piss off. When he was in bed his gaze was fixed ahead so he could see the lord. He was currently looking at all of the books on his shelves, a history book catching his attention the most. “Lord Sesshomaru.” He stated out loud. The being flinched just the tiniest of bit before looking over at him. “What kind of name is that even?”

The lord scowled at him, “I could say the same about your name, Inuyasha.”

         Inuyasha almost laughed at the comeback, instead it came out as a snort. “I guess it would work for someone beautiful.” He said, indirectly telling the lord he was beautiful to see his reaction. He could see the faintest of red dust the lord’s cheeks. “Still a dumb name though.” At that the lord glared and popped away. Inuyasha laughed then, wondering if he’d hurt the lord’s feelings or something.

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