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Chapter 1. A-Un, the dragon spy


It is 1868.  The Takahashis are living at the Western castle in Japan.   They have been mates for almost 300 years.  Both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha have been practicing physicians for almost 100 years.   Their opinions are highly valued.  They are consulted frequently from all corners of the realm.  For this reason Sesshomaru has been traveling.   Inuyasha decided that one of them had to stay and work at the clinic in the castle and keep watch over their pups.   Keiko is 14. Kenichi is nearly 11.  Ryuu is eight and one half and Suteiibun is six and one half.  Yuki and Kyo are over two and one half.   Here is a reminder of our timeline to the current date.

Timeline for Ever Us


1500 - Kagome returns to the Feudal era and she and Inuyasha marry

1503- Sesshomaru marries Rin

1560s – Both women die.  Sesshomaru goes to Inuyasha and comforts him.

1570 – Sesshomaru and Inuyasha mate

1770 – Keiko is born   Ever Us—Keiko, the blessing

1792 – The marital fight of the century –Large Tsunami

1793 – Kenichi is born

1808- Ryuu is born

1822 – StevenSuteiibun is born

1850- Kyo and Yuki are born

1868- Robin Hood tale  



Bold—fairy tale

Normal- story


“At the end of the Robin Hood story, I told you that I would tell you the story of how A-Un had become Prince Sesshomaru’s pet.   Well then, this is the story.   It started many years before the Robin Hood adventure when Prince Sesshomaru was five years old or even younger.”


“Father was a little kid like us?” Kyo’s eyes were wide open in amazement.


Just then Sesshomaru walked in the twin’s room and sat next to Inuyasha.   “I was, but we try to keep that a secret,” he winked at the twins as he turned to his mate.   The older dogs rubbed noses and then resumed the bedtime routine.  Lately Sesshomaru had made a point of staying home for longer periods of time.   Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had discussed the situation when he returned from the last trip and both realized they needed each other. 


The key to this mission according to A-Un’s boss was to infiltrate the dog castle and get to know the dog demon and his progeny.   The dragons were considering brokering a treaty with the dogs but previous experiences had them leery.     A-Un ducked as he wandered through the trees on his way to the country side.    “Too bad we don’t have tape to record things in this century,” he said out loud.    “Time travel makes you appreciate so many of the advances that we’ve made.   I could have brought a tape recorder but the last spy left the Velcro and the humans claimed they invented it so…”


The two headed dragon made his way to the castle town and assumed a smaller size.   ‘It’ll be less threatening.’  He thought.



‘How will I get noticed?’ A-Un thought as he shrunk himself to a three foot size.  ‘I could fly but they might try and shoot me down.’  A-Un looked about him and noticed a small farm and a small boy playing in the field.   ‘Maybe he will be my friend.   But will he get me to the prince and the king?’   

A-Un watched the boy for several hours.  The child played by himself.   He talked to himself.   “I wish I had a friend,” he said.


‘That’s my clue,’ the dragon walked forward.   He decided he would cry that way it would seem like he was lost.


It worked.


The boy saw him.


But, instead of coming to him, the boy ran into the house yelling at the top of his lungs for his momma.


‘Bad move!  We’ve got to run!”   A-Un ran fast.


The next farm A-Un found no children so he continued on.  Unfortunately the farmer’s young wife had seen him.  She ran to get her husband in the field.


The next farm A-Un was seen by three preteen children who all started screaming at the top of their lungs.   He ran again.


At the next farm, he watched a farmer and his wife feed the chickens and goats.   His stomach rumbled.  ‘Oh my, I’m hungry.   I’ll just find a field and eat some grass.’ 


Five minutes’ walk from the chickens and the goats A-Un came upon a green grass clearing.   Its first impression was the field was a lush green blanket.   As he got closer he realized that it was tall grass.  In his three foot size the grass came up to his shoulders.    If he lowered his head he would be virtually invisible to anyone chasing him.   A-Un made his way to the center of the green meadow nibbling on grass along the way.   When he arrived at the center he slowly moved around.   He didn’t notice anyone following him so he devoted himself to eating the luscious grass.   Closer to the ground he noticed some sweet clover.   He considered sweet clover as the best treat.


As A-Un put his head down to graze, he didn’t notice the men downwind from him.    They had been following him since the first house and now were going to try and capture him.    Dragons had not seen in the dog kingdom since Sounga was defeated by King Inu Taisho’s grandfather.    If they caught this one and took it to the king they would get prize money.


A-Un ate his fill and lay down to take a nap in the tall grass.   He often slept with one head under the other which gave the image of a one headed animal.


That very same day King Inu Taisho and Prince Sesshomaru had been out in the kingdom practicing changing into their demon forms.    King Inu Taisho was a large dog demon with long white fur.  His true size was larger than an elephant.    Prince Sesshomaru was still very young and had only transformed a few times.   Each time he had transformed in the castle a wall was destroyed so the king had decided to take a field trip.    They had practiced transforming all day and by this time the prince was able to switch to his three foot size with no problems.    They had been working on flying as well and were overhead when they saw the men creeping up on the small animal.   From the sky A-Un looked like a deer and King Inu Taisho decided it would be good to add hunting to today’s lesson.


The prince was a bit worn out from transforming so often but had kept his fatigue from his father, after all royals are not supposed to show weakness, or at least that’s what tutor Jaken had told him.  Still he was becoming more and more tired the more they flew and he couldn’t wait to land. They did not see the peasants.



The royal dog demons landed upwind from the sleeping dragon.   Their scents drifted down wind over the dragon.  He awoke and surveyed the situation.


A peasant rose, nocked an arrow, and let it fly, but his aim was poor.  Instead of aiming for the dragon it overshoot the dragon and it flew toward the prince who was still in his dog form.   A-Un heard the shrill pitch of the arrow in flight and realized it was going to hit the small dog.   He leaped in the path of the arrow, his scales deflecting the arrow and averting the arrow from its stray path. 


The royals looked up when they heard the arrow whizzing through the air but Sesshomaru was too tired to move.  King Inu Taisho was too far from his son to save him.  He started running toward Sesshomaru but realized he wouldn’t make in time when he saw the two headed dragon leap in the air and purposely deflect the arrow.  He watched as the dragon fell back to earth with a thud.   Rushing to the dragon’s side he realized that this creature was sentient and had saved the prince’s life.


The dragon lay on the ground panting.  Although he diverted the arrow from hitting the small dog his ribs were bruised.  ‘Wow, sure messed up this mission.  Just hope I can have a moment alone and I can time travel out of here.   At least that young dog is ok.’


The king transformed to his humanoid form and ordered the peasants to stop their attack.  Then he bent over A-Un and examined the injured animal.


“Steady boys, I mean you no ill will.   I am King Inu Taisho.   You have done me a great service today.  You have saved Prince Sesshomaru from certain death.   You have earned the King’s favor.


A-Un blinked.  They turned their heads and blinked at each other.  They looked back to the king and blinked again.  Raising slowly from the ground the dragon bowed its necks to the king.  It searched for the prince, but was unable to see the young lord as he was napping in the grass where he landed.   You see he was VERY tired.


A-Un tilted both head as though asking a question to the king.   The king observed the dragon and followed where it was looking and suddenly realized it was searching for Prince Sesshomaru.

“Come with me friend dragon.   My prince is over here.  I imagine he is resting.”


Following the king through the green field he stopped to look as the king picked up the sleeping child.  “Can you fly?”


The dragon nodded.


“Then follow me.”


That is how A-Un met King Inu Taisho and Prince Sesshomaru.


Inuyasha stopped the story and looked over his children.   The twins were asleep.   Motioning to the others that it was time to leave Inuyasha and Sesshomaru stood and headed to the door.   Once they were outside the door Ryuu stopped them.


“Dad, is there more to the story?”


Inuyasha’s ears flickered as he moved toward his son.  “I suppose there could be more.   I guess we’ll leave it open.   Perhaps your father can tell you how he really met A-Un.   The story I told tonight was just a tale, a spin-off of the Robin Hood story.”


Sesshomaru grabbed Ryuu’s shoulders and forced him to look into his eyes.  “Why don’t you spend time with A-Un?   I’m sure he has another version of the story.  Then you can tell us a bed time story.”




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